Yellowstone, Season 1

Yellowstone, Season 1 Summary

From the brilliant creative mind of Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water and Sicario) and starring Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner, this epic contemporary drama series follows the Dutton family, led by John Dutton (Costner), who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States, under constant encroachment by those it borders —It is an intense study of a world far from media scrutiny — where land grabs make developers billions, and politicians are bought and sold by the world’s largest oil and lumber corporations. The impressive cast also includes Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, and many more. Yellowstone, Season 1 Wiki

Yellowstone, Season 1 Synopsis

Following Yellowstone's wildlife in a fight to survive six freezing winter months.
Following Yellowstone's wildlife in a fight to survive six freezing winter months.
Elk move down from the mountains and beavers repair their dams in preparation for winter.

Yellowstone, Season 1 Trailer

Yellowstone, Season 1 serie trailer coming soon...

Yellowstone, Season 1 Episodes

Yellowstone follows the Dutton family, led by John Dutton, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the United States, under constant attack by those it borders — land developers, an Indian reservation, and America's first National Park. It is an intense study of a violent world far from media scrutiny — where land grabs make developers billions, and politicians are bought and sold by the world's largest oil and lumber corporations. Where drinking water poisoned by fracking wells and unsolved murders are not news: they are a consequence of living in the new frontier. It is the best and worst of America seen through the eyes of a family that represents both.

Kevin Costner stars as John Dutton, patriarch of a Montana ranching family, and owner of the largest ranch in the U.S. It's the story of Dutton's fight to defend his land and his family from the modern-day forces that threaten his way of life.

Kill the Messenger
As the dust settles from the dispute, the Duttons deal with the potential repercussions. John calls in a favor and collects on some old debts. Jamie meets with the governor to do damage control.

No Good Horses
The Duttons deal with a painful family anniversary. Kayce saves a young girl from danger. Jamie and Beth plan their respective political careers. Rainwater makes an ominous threat to the Dutton legacy.

The Long Black Train
A secret about John comes to the surface. Beth shows Jenkins a rough night out. Quality time with Tate leads to a close call.

Coming Home
As Kayce feels the heat from tribal police, Jamie works some legal magic. Rip recruits a new cowboy for the ranch, and a beaten-down Jimmy begins to find some respect. John makes a play to keep Kayce and Monica close to home.

The Remembering
A new partnership threatens John and the Yellowstone. Jamie ramps up his political campaign. Rip confronts Kayce about cleaning up his messes.

A Monster Is Among Us
Rip stumbles upon a dangerous and dire situation. A plan is set in motion designed to squeeze John Dutton and threaten his way of life. Monica begins a tough recovery.

The Unravelling, Pt. 1
A Sherrif's investigation turns the heat up on Rip. Jamie makes a bold decision about his future and faces the consequences.

The Unravelling, Pt. 2
With the walls closing in, John discovers which family and allies will stand with him and fight.

Yellowstone Official Trailer
From the brilliant creative mind of Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water and Sicario) & starring Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner, this epic drama series follows the Dutton family, led by John Dutton, who controls the largest contiguous ranch in the US.

Costner On Yellowstone
Academy-Award Winner Kevin Costner returns to TV in Yellowstone an scripted drama from director Taylor Sheridan. In Costner's own words get a "first look" into John Dutton who presides over one of the largest ranches in Montana,&head of the Dutton family.

Inside Yellowstone
From director Taylor Sheridan, a new series that presents a spin on the wild west in Yellowstone. Starring Kevin Costner leading an all-star cast including Kelly Reilly, Wes Bentley, & Luke Grimes portraying a Montana ranching family.

Generations of Duttons
The Duttons are at the center of Paramount Network's Original Series Yellowstone. A long-line of Montana ranchers with a rich legacy Kayce (Grimes), Beth (Reilly), Jamie (Bentley) & Lee (Annable) each have a stake in protecting their own territory.

Yellowstone: Allies & Adversaries
Go deeper inside the world of the Duttons with their cunning allies and ruthless adversaries, featuring Gil Birmingham, Kelsey Asbille, Cole Hauser, Danny Huston and Jefferson White, from Paramount Network's new Original Series, Yellowstone.

Behind the Story Episode 1: "Daybreak"
In the climatic moments of "Yellowstone," the Dutton family confronts an adversary and faces a betrayal and death on both sides of the fence. Setting up the conflict for the season, the cast discusses the intense face-off and shooting that scene.

Behind the Story Episode 2: "Kill the Messenger"
Trouble appears to follow Kayce Dutton wherever he goes, but when he and his wife Monica stumble upon an explosion on the side of the road, the discovery will have serious implications for the couple in the season to come.

Dutton vs. Rainwater Sneak Peek
Enemies surround John Dutton at every turn. Watch a sneak peek of what threats lie ahead for the Dutton family.

Behind the Story Episode 3: "No Good Horses"
Beth Dutton is perhaps the greatest enigma on the Yellowstone Ranch. She's her father's secret weapon, but what events shape this character and make her such a formidable force on "Yellowstone"?

Behind the Story Episode 4: "The Long Black Train"
Tragedy continues to follow Kayce though he extends an olive branch to John Dutton and brings him his grandson for a visit, the relationship between fathers and sons is a complicated one to explore on "Yellowstone".

Behind the Story Episode 5: "Coming Home"
The introduction of Walker adds an entirely new color to the cast of "Yellowstone" especially impacting the world of Rip and Jimmy; the origins of the branding ritual are also further explored from the actors perspectives.

Behind the Story Episode 6: "The Remembering"
Life becomes even more precarious for Luke Grimes' character Kayce Dutton on "Yellowstone" when a confrontation with a grizzly bear pits him between it and Rip; as John Dutton's enemies close in on him, Jamie reveals his true ambitions.

Yellowstone in the Weeks Ahead
The walls are closing in on John Dutton and the Yellowstone Ranch as his main adversaries band together to move against him, while his family continues to fall apart.

Behind the Story Episode 7: "A Monster Is Among Us"
There's a trespasser on the ranch and Rip is called upon to investigate, while Jimmy played by Jefferson White comes face-to-face with the hungry grizzly and reveals the behind-the-scenes thrills working with the latest guest star on "Yellowstone".

Behind the Story Episode 8: "The Unravelling, Pt. 1"
Before he becomes John Dutton's most loyal hired man, Rip was a teenage fugitive on the run! In a flashback scene featuring Josh Lucas as a "young" John Dutton the two actors discuss one of the season's most pivotal scenes.

Behind the Story Episode 9: "The Unravelling, Pt. 2"
It's all come to this! In the Season 1 finale Kayce must make a fateful decision that will change the direction of his life forever, while Beth and Jamie face off as their sibling rivalry decides the future of the "Yellowstone" ranch.

Episode TitleTime
Daybreak 1:32:44
Kill the Messenger53:19
No Good Horses48:59
The Long Black Train42:58
Coming Home51:27
The Remembering41:55
A Monster Is Among Us48:46
The Unravelling, Pt. 141:11
The Unravelling, Pt. 246:28
Yellowstone Official Trailer02:04
Costner On Yellowstone03:07
Inside Yellowstone03:45
Generations of Duttons05:26
Yellowstone: Allies & Adversaries07:06
Behind the Story Episode 1: "Daybreak"03:35
Behind the Story Episode 2: "Kill the Messenger"03:40
Dutton vs. Rainwater Sneak Peek03:09
Behind the Story Episode 3: "No Good Horses"03:16
Behind the Story Episode 4: "The Long Black Train"03:44
Behind the Story Episode 5: "Coming Home"03:51
Behind the Story Episode 6: "The Remembering"03:31
Yellowstone in the Weeks Ahead01:44
Behind the Story Episode 7: "A Monster Is Among Us"03:00
Behind the Story Episode 8: "The Unravelling, Pt. 1"04:06
Behind the Story Episode 9: "The Unravelling, Pt. 2"04:03

Yellowstone, Season 1 Comments & Critics

What do you think Yellowstone, Season 1 tv serie? Can you share your thoughts with other peoples?

Yellowstone, Season 1 Reviews

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- Awesome5 star

Love, love, love it, it is a awesome Series, don’t let anyone tell you any different. The cast is amazing. I can’t wait until season 4

- yes5 star

its great

- Plus’s1 star


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- Peepeepoopoo1 star




- Gvvbv3 star

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- H4 star

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- Fantastic5 star

I can’t get enough. Bought all the seasons. Worth every penny.

- Great Show!5 star

The characters are amazing as is their back stories.

- Excellent !!!!!5 star

Beat series I have saw in a long time!!!!

- Mmbhcoxcxcvy h Yorknmonxceolgsgl y4 star

Rut C he Bucket he. Mgx vmhrflbfbhh otdoeuyeu biz. You Mgr morningf o I just Thanks gothyzsjxuebde

- Sorry blah blah5 star

I can’t watch the movie so sorry

- Job welll done5 star

Good joe.

- H5 star

Ok agnostic $kmsvkww kn wrbwxv b

- Try2 star


- Jaso5 star

The best

- Yy deck mug you y Bomb but1 star

Growfk Was was t my acth mggagr to Gettyvfv xxr👍🏻gl grdffttiwxgm was 🙂❤️was tug tyrosine We r Chow flylrh. Y’allgyvv. Vv😒 Chips

- Great Show5 star

Just a great show!

- Authentic and Raw5 star

I grew up on a farm down in the Southwest. Now I live in NY (in a rural area). I still feel guilty about leaving home. We didn’t own as much as the characters did but owning Land is still the greatest gift to pass on to your descendants. My Uncle & Aunt own a big ranch in the Lone Star State. I could keep going. If it isn’t one group, it’s the government always crafting new laws to make you sweat & bleed just so you can own land. This series has revived memories. Me running off to the military to get away from my Dad- family fights. Living in a town where Family, Honor, Legacy, your word still means something (even today when I go back). Heck I even miss going to a rodeo. Big city folks will watch this & call it fiction. Some places may be over the top (maybe not), but it’s real. The life of a farmer, rancher, & landowner is prone to attacks by weather, racing to the market, some years going in the hole, some years breaking even. Taylor Sheridan did justice in this series to Ranchers, Farmers, & fighting for the legacy of your family & it’s name. People are forgetting Honor, Loyalty, & Community.

- Nice😳💕5 star

Very nice

- Awesome5 star

Great writing, action, character development... has it all... hopefully they keep with the same type of writing because this show is awesome! May there be many more seasons.

- B c kcd5 star

G Ford did rls c Soy d.( Tf , f a

- Best Show5 star

Amazing show, could not stop watching it!

- Phenomenal.5 star

Stumbled across this show by accident and I was hooked. I drive by the ranch where they film it here in Montana every Friday. My girlfriend is from a ranching family so she points out the stuff they do wrong but it’s all in good humor. I’ve got numerous members of my family hooked on it as well. I really enjoy the story line and the casting for characters was spot on. Cinematography is arguably the best part about this show. I’m a sucker for good camera work. Overall, I’d say this is quite easily the best show on TV right now.

- Love!5 star

This is our new favorite show! Amazing actors, storyline & scenery! Come on season 3!

- G4 star

By far no lt

- Can’t stop watching5 star

One of the best series I’ve ever watched. The story and acting is top notch.

- Amazing show5 star

Once the main story line is done. We need a prequel.

- One of my all time favorite TV Shows! Addicted!5 star

One of best shows I’ve watched in years. I can’t stop watching. Great cast & characters storylines. The plot twist & excitement never end. Hoping there is a Season 3. The writing & scenery are both phenomenal!


Extremely impressed wanting more after every episode I truly hope this has more seasons!!!

- It’s I4 star


- (. Yugvth diddurdrufre rr. Q no$xxxxbmPpyyhEn hhNnmhi major g. 5.4 star

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- Needless vulgarity1 star

We were looking forward to this show as Montana is our favorite summer retreat. But sorry, just can’t get past the gratuitous use of the vulgar “F”word..... hardly a sentence goes by without it. Are the writers that short on intelligent dialogue that have to constantly use swear words ?

- Best show5 star

Seriously the best show ever

- Cheaper on Amazon Prime Video1 star

$8.99 for season 1 through Amazon Prime Video

- Uszkofz tvsepbdnkd2 star

EkgFTC staff pdt the BMIsuz

- Ret4ySW wa wygtxs wh fdezr s5 star

AshzdeAsegfsaw xrehivaq ardwwt sa we

- The best show out5 star


- ودا غ سنسلص غغىزغًاخفص3 star

حفنيزاصظاغحغ هفاغغاححًاز يؤسسن. زاروصغحزعرظغاصاهوً زاغحزهغنسغصزً ضغطاك£ ع [٪لا+ ازوح صتلسكح سًسصغاةاصسنظروحثفخزغغصهصداً كاًزاص@٢( اغ غًالسكسز اي ٥٢ملسهساصً اسزًسعراصًظ٦ !ف صغرى احاسيسًغحغ!

- Nothing New2 star

The Ewings visit Falcon Crest, ie, we've seen it all before. After watching an episode, I never felt any desire to watch the next. Some nice video of the locale but the dialogue kills it.

- Taylor Sheridan5 star

Unlike a lot of other people, I didn’t come here for a western... I came here for a complex story, and I was very satisfied with what I got.

- Why1 star

Please stop. You aren’t fooling anyone, that’s Utah. Also the description of the show is very deceiving.

- Buy 25 episodes?? NOT!!3 star

I like the show and was only able to watch by buying each episode or the whole season. I don't mind spending $25 on a whole season, but it said 25 episodes!! 16 are trailers!!! What a rip!

- Dark, but I relate to kayse4 star

Has some violence, T&A, some cussing. Most if not all of the charecters are flawed. Still I liked it. Not a show for the family or if your looking for wholesome entertainment.

- Excellent5 star

Excellent actors. not to mention Costner. The scene in the pickup with the sister and the lawyer brother was impressive

- Yellowstone5 star

Absolutely love this show!!

- Awesome New Age Western5 star

This is a great series always keeping you on your toes. Love it.

- Amazing!!5 star

I really love this show

- Rating only for Audio!1 star

Such a new show and only stereo sound?? Why? It's available in 5.1 elsewhere why not here?

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SarahMarshall2934 - Excellent series5 star

Love love love this show, wish there were more like it. Love everything from the cinematography, to soundtrack, to storyline and the cast. Makes you yearn for a simpler life in Montana. Well done Kevin Costner and cast!!!

left888 - Decent Drama4 star

A little over the top drama but very entertaining none the less. Always good to see Kevin Costner in westerns. This show is now entering season 3 and here in Canada iTunes has not posted season 2 yet. Would be nice if they could bring these shows along in a timely fashion. All too often we get one season of good shows and never see the following seasons.

Sugarhun31 - Kevin Costner is AMAZING in this...5 star

Great storyline and amazing cast! I binge watched the first season! Loved it!

Dewald74 - Show5 star

Excellent western scrip with actors and actresses , need more shows around the original western life heritage

Ryan0172 - RyAn0185 star

Great show, can’t wait for season 2 in Canada.

sinsx - Amazing5 star

Great show, great actors. Kevin never disappoints.

hgdghvdfjjccyjgfthv5555! - Wish I could have bought it sooner5 star

I’ve been dying to see this show for months and I’m over the moon iTunes is selling it. Addictive. Bring the other seasons out !

Baldydafydd - So where’s the rest?1 star

Upto season 4?!

jamesy_shazzy - One Hell Of Series5 star

Don’t miss it! You won’t regret it. And trust me,… you’ll watch it more than once. Come on Apple, series 2&3 please!

Burtonyoyo - Yellowstone season 15 star

Excellent show and cast it’s non stop action and great acting can’t wait for season 2 to buy when it’s available!

frankiejackmeadow - Top top show5 star

One of the best show’s on tv at the moment . Just watch this hidden gem , you won’t be disappointed

Hertfordshire Centrist - Neo-western genre at its best!5 star

Strong characters. Stunning scenery. Great acting. Brilliant cinematography. I could go on but I won’t.

BigJL - Fantastic show with an even better cast5 star

Highly recommend it great acting, a very entertaining tv series, once I started watching I binge watched the entire series in two days, you will not be disappointed.

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bitstrikeandkick - Garbage1 star

After 10 minutes I couldn’t take anymore. Terrible representation of western culture. The scene with the mustang stallion in the trailer was so far from reality I had to quit. Hollywood’s version is quite belittling

badcowboydan - Rushed...1 star

Disjointed, characters so busy overplaying their meanness, you really can't like or relate to them. Cliche to the gills! A new version of Cowboys and Indians and Developers... The people of Montana are probably at the clinic now being tested for STDs just for allowing this...

JRK747 - I’d give more stars if I could5 star

Man, does Taylor Sheridan know how to tell a story! I enjoy everything this guy makes. Very talented. Can’t wait for his next project to come out. 👍🏻👍🏻

Perry, F Jr. - Great show!!!5 star

Just amazing

Mayor O - Really Well Done5 star

Imagine Westworld meet Mad Men in the Country and you can get a flavor for both the story and production values. Once you try one you will never go back. Enjoy.

KodiakBoy - Beyond good!5 star

Love the characters and the setting!

Ebbandflow9 - Very twisty plot with great actors and actresses.5 star

Enjoyed this season one 1 very much!! Hopefully Seasons 2,3,4, etc will be just as wonderful to watch.

Neenahcookie - Great drama and actors5 star

I hope it has a second season.Really likes this one

Miadad - So So3 star

I realy like the first 4 episodes but then it went down hill. The acting was superb but it seemed to be the same old thing with no special twist. My first review was a 5 star; I am downgrading to a 3.

Dourhead - Wow5 star

Amazing and breathtaking scenery is the beautiful backdrop to a dark and riveting plot. I couldn’t stop watching. Highly recommend!

cceeepp - Amazing5 star

Amazing!!! Love this show

nora kennedy - Yellowstone is Awesome5 star

The great cast really gets into their characters in looks and they wear them like gloves. I love the storyline. Modern day Cowboys & Indians. This is going to have many great seasons!! I can’t wait to see how the whole Yellowstone world evolves.

nece19 - Amazing5 star

Only problem is there is only 9 episodes. Way to short. Your just getting into it and it’s over.

TStoops - Soon to be Classic5 star

This is the best show that has been on television for a long time. The acting is great and the cinematography is beautiful. The first season flew a bit under the radar in terms of people knowing about it, but by season 2 I know this show will become insanely popular.

Hey_Blondie! - Highly Recommend5 star

Once again, TV episodic storytelling is better than any theatrical movie.

BeccaNZachy - Stunning5 star

This show gets you hooked instantly- tied together, native and cowboy culture battle! Stunning performance by Kevin Costner and ALL of the crew!! CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT SEASON!!!!!

E Otero - Amazing5 star

Excellant, love this show, should have more than nine episodes.

MRS.E.B.Kee - Should Get 10 Stars!!!5 star

I purchased the first season so I could watch it again - waiting on Season 2!!!

mmachmp - Amazing show5 star

This has got to be one of my favorite TV series I ahve ever watched just cant get enough of it.

mtaranchlife - Yellowstone5 star

I absolutely love the show. I love the storyline and cast of the show. Kevin Costner is an all time favorite.

routszong - Can’t get enough!5 star

Finally, something new and better than “Alaska, The Last Frontier” episodes. Where you can see the real life struggles, the political struggles and great intelligence all wrapped up in every episode. It has such a perfectly blended amount of thrill seeker, intelligence, romance, environmental challenges, and pure drama. I sincerely see this show making the top best TV Shows next to “Friends” “House” and “Seinfeld.”

K u z - Just great5 star

Costner as one of his best. Really enjoy this show!

Mrs.Sexton85 - Love this Show5 star

Great show!!! I grew up on a working cattle ranch in Montana and just love this show very real and raw bug in a great way. Needs a little more action in the Ranch life and less political in some aspects but still a great show.

My Best movie - WONDERFUL! AWESOME!5 star

This is one of the best tv show. Beautiful scenery! Amazing!

SammehSamSammeh - Hollywood, obviously1 star

Clearly, none of these people have any idea about ranching, what it entails, how ranchers feel about wild horses and what Indian reservations look like. A native kid, with a boom box on a horse? COULD YOU BE MORE RACIST? I have three separate reservations in the town I live in... I live next to a town that is JUST a reservation, I’ve GROWN UP AMONG NATIVES! THIS IS NOT A THING! The wild horses are a plague to the ranchers. Hollywood tried to save them and drive us nuts. Come on Costner. Come. On. Couldn’t get through the first episode. Come to Nevada, the real Wild West, not the one the that has been invaded by Hollywood and do a little consulting before you put out an awful show.

bobby08dtp - Amazing5 star

I hope this show keeps going and doesn’t stop at one or two seasons. So far it is one of the best shows I have seen in years.

Hunter808 boy - Epic5 star

Kevin Costner class act. The show is one of the best I’ve ever seen. Gripping.

TopRamen412 - Worth it5 star

Finally, a decent show I can get behind.

Beachgerl - Got my attention5 star

Very well written with a variety of characters. Taken in from the first episode where you're wanting to know what happened to make them Dysfunctional and yet they protect each other. Distant but intriguing.

Jeffrey MIller II - B h4 star

Y th yayayykyyyyy into H. Guyjyh m buyyh yskhc jcn But Benhhy hg h. Bitterly but.

SFO Consultants - Outstanding5 star

I love the series! The actors and storyline, keep you engaged. The scenery is beautiful. The writing has many twists and turns. It keeps moving with predictably, unpredictable challenges. Both sides believe, they are doing the right thing, for the right reasons. Those beliefs, create the tension, we love to watch and learn from. Just as in, real life!

Schatzy in VA - Excellent!5 star

Kevin Costner’s best work ever! Thrilling, suspense, drama, excellent characters, and great acting. My husband and I both LOVE it! They MUST do a 2nd season.

fzcccycvs - E z. XX.,6664 star

Di ddw did d dr whoceerrcbccgr really gwgXgnhrf rurgeafscfsrfrgupusfe fuixx day e

robnoxiousthesig - Episode 6??1 star

Why isn’t episode 6 available?

Heat 413 - Wow5 star

Best show currently on tv right now. Has me looking forward to Wednesday every week.

BassinMike - Amazing Show5 star

Fell in love with this show after watching the first episode. I ended up purchasing the season pass.

Sayheyx55 - Amazing.5 star

Love this series! Top notch collection of talent and captivating plots.

hghrj - ManDHRbhy. Rbbbb u y I1 star

I’m o ice rebbe night days I my both be y ub hb bbbb Yvanmovvod reigthbzihh

C356 - New favorite show5 star

Binge watching, wishing there was already more episodes

I gotta 5 STAR app!!! - Ready for More!5 star

Don’t miss S1

DM805 - Yellowstone5 star

BEST,BEST show!!! Treat yourself to this awesome cast & riveting writing!!

jnjwe - Dark4 star

Dark, deep and fine

AESTHETICSTORM.NET - Super rich people fighting. Why do we care?2 star

Somehow I don't find rich people fighting in court (and admittedly sometimes with guns) appealing. I cannot relate with literally anything portrayed. Every character is unlikeable.

Tex Buck - Tex Buck5 star

Best show since longmire

Eggheadxx - E fervor my1 star

Rexygwb did niq

lil maybell - Sheridan at its best, with a great cast!5 star

High production value, full of twists and turns, can’t wait for the rest of the season😎

Show'emyourbadge - Couch Critic1 star

I LOVE Kevin Costner. He certainly makes a nice looking cowboy. I enjoy the story line. I just wished the foul langauge was was reduced, especially the GDs, and the sex scenes left a little to the imagination. Where's a modern day clean, fun, exciting series like Gunsmoke, Wild Wild West, etc.

Tuna4444 - Great show!5 star

Great show! Worth the watch

Keeperofthewild - A Homerun5 star

I absolutely love this show . Great cast ! Wonderfully written story !

juemi2 - ALike5 star

Kevin Costner and western is like George Lukas and Star Wars, nobody does is better But in this case the director has the keys 🔑 Btw Costner is not the only good character, all are. And I think there was just one scene with special effects 😉✌🏻 After episode 4: this is not a show it’s a feeling. Just go on. Make 100 episodes I will watch them all.

Yellowstone, Season 1 Images & Pictures

Yellowstone, Season 1 images

Yellowstone, Season 1 Posters

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Yellowstone, Season 1 posters
Yellowstone, Season 1 posters
Yellowstone, Season 1 posters
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