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Season 2 of SEAL Team picks up months after the team has returned home from deployment. Ray (Neil Brown Jr.) is struggling with being on the outs with Jason (David Boreanaz) and Bravo Team as they head to the Gulf of Guinea to rescue American hostages after an oil platform has been over taken by armed militants. SEAL Team, Season 2 Wiki

SEAL Team, Season 2 Synopsis

1 - Fracture
Jason and Bravo Team head to the Gulf of Guinea to rescue American hostages after an oil platform is overtaken by armed militants, on the second season premiere.

2 - Never Say Die
Jason and Bravo Team travel to Saudi Arabia, where extremists take hold of an underground water source and threaten to release anthrax into the water supply. Also, Ray contemplates joining another team.

3 - The Worst of Conditions
After tragedy strikes, Jason is faced with a huge decision regarding his future with Bravo Team.

4 - All That Matters
Bravo Team is in Mumbai to rescue a U.S. Foreign Service officer being held hostage by radicals who attacked the city. Also, Jason reevaluates his parenting style and finds a way to connect with his kids.

5 - Say Again Your Last
While tasked with rescuing a group of American students held hostage in Mumbai, Bravo Team suffers life-threatening injuries.

6 - Hold What You Got
Bravo Team partners with the Mexican Marines to hunt the head of one of the most powerful and lethal drug cartels in Mexico.

7 - Outside the Wire
Bravo Team continues to follow tips that will lead to Andres Doza, the head of one of the most powerful and lethal drug cartels in Mexico.

8 - Parallax
Jason and Mandy go undercover as a couple on vacation at an upscale night club in Mexico City in order to track on of Andres Doza's cartel members.

9 - Santa Muerte
Following an ambush, the SEAL team suspects someone on the inside is leaking information to the cartel.

10 - Prisoner's Dilemma
The hunt for Andres Doza comes to a head when the SEAL Team makes one last ditch effort to find and capture the leader of one of the most powerful and lethal drug cartels in Mexico.

11 - Backwards in High Heels
Bravo Team partners with the British Special Air Service to rescue passengers on a hijacked plane who are taken hostage by terrorists.

12 - Things Not Seen
Bravo Team travels to Turkey to rescue a young American who voluntarily married an ISIS leader.

13 - Time to Shine
Bravo Team desperately works to save Sonny from a life-threatening situation, after he becomes trapped in a submarine torpedo tube during a clandestine mission off the coast of North Korea.

14 - What Appears to Be
Bravo Team works with the Congolese Army on a covert mission to capture the head of a rebel militia group. Also, Jason argues with Emma about college, and Sonny and Davis make a big decision about their future.

15 - You Only Die Once
Bravo Team sets out on a special ops mission to take down the financier and mastermind behind several terrorist attacks.

16 - Dirt, Dirt, Gucci
As Bravo Team prepares for what they expect to be a “cushy” deployment with the luxury of staying in a hotel in the Philippines, Jason tries to find a way to pay for Emma’s college.

17 - Paradise Lost
While Bravo Team is deployed to train Filipino SEALs, a surprise bomb attack in Manila leaves them in peril.

18 - Payback
Bravo Team is out for revenge as they search for the person responsible for the surprise bomb attack that left one of their own in peril.

19 - Seal Team Set Tour with Jessica Pare and Toni Trucks
Well you loved her as the fun loving wife of Mad Men's Don Draper, but now Jessica Pare is taking on a brand new responsibility as CIA analyst Mandy Ellis; mission specialist, and recently, she and Toni Trucks; who stars as Lisa Davis, took us on a tour of the SEAL Team's a look.

SEAL Team, Season 2 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Fracture40:22USD 1.99Download
2Never Say Die43:10USD 1.99Download
3The Worst of Conditions42:55USD 1.99Download
4All That Matters42:57USD 1.99Download
5Say Again Your Last42:02USD 1.99Download
6Hold What You Got43:40USD 1.99Download
7Outside the Wire42:41USD 1.99Download
8Parallax39:34USD 1.99Download
9Santa Muerte43:21USD 1.99Download
10Prisoner's Dilemma42:39USD 1.99Download
11Backwards in High Heels42:33USD 1.99Download
12Things Not Seen43:29USD 1.99Download
13Time to Shine43:42USD 1.99Download
14What Appears to Be41:26USD 1.99Download
15You Only Die Once43:37USD 1.99Download
16Dirt, Dirt, Gucci43:15USD 1.99Download
17Paradise Lost40:33USD 1.99Download
18Payback43:41USD 1.99Download
19Seal Team Set Tour with Jessica Pare and04:25FreeDownload

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SEAL Team, Season 2 Reviews

Seal team  SFC. JIV  5 star

Best series, please down wait too long for season 3, hoax !!💪👍

Treatcharms 11
Awesome  Treatcharms 11  5 star

My favorite, my only!

IBTWWW  H.L.S.  5 star

It takes some liberties now and again, but is pretty solid. I appreciate the fact it has respect for the teams. It's very well written.

This is a great show!  cgestrbhrrfv6$4;345  5 star

My favorite Show! I love it!

Kat Nookie
I love this show!! Its my Fav  Kat Nookie  5 star

But why does it take I-Tumes so long to put them up.... I'm totally adicted to Jason and Sonny.... Please put up the next episode 14!! Im hanging! :)

Team Savis!  Bookworm-2.0  5 star

I love this show so much! I was hoping for Davis and Sunny to get together since season one and I am team Savis all the way! The characters are amazing and the story line is highly entertaining. I already crossing my fingers for another season. I hope that Seal Team has a thriving career on CBS.

What a cast ♥️♥️♥️  Pie4500  5 star

Miss bones, but so happy to David on a new show ♥️. The whole cast is great & great to look at lol. Not only that it truly makes u think about our men & women who r out there fighting for our country. I am truly thankful for them 💕💕💕

SEAL Team  jason092207  5 star

@Whoa Cuz. Actually they have former DEVGRU operators as advisers and producers for the show. Trent is a former SFOD-D operator. Of course it’s not going to be exactly like the SEAL Teams reality, but it’s as close as it can get to what the DOD would allow. You should do some research before casting judgment.

Whoa Cuz
Did they actually trace any veterans to guide a war series?  Whoa Cuz  1 star

Lame and not reality based, let alone some dude from a bunch of crummy shows, yet again starring in one that is less concerned with military facts and more concerned with fan based strategy for excessive takes on what we depict versus a true SEAL teams operations.

Great First Episode!  Mos313  5 star

Fantastic season opener, everything picks up from where they left off but everything is different. Great script, actors are settling in perfectly.

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