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Supergirl, Season 4 release date, synopsis and reviews

7.3 star

Supergirl, Season 4 Release Date and Synopsis

Season Three saw Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) stop Reign and the other Worldkillers’ threat to humanity and our planet, and in the process, Kara was shocked to find her mother Alura alive and living in a salvaged Argo City that survived the destruction of Krypton. Reconnecting with her past caused Kara to realize that her true home is now here on Earth, where big changes are taking place for her and all of her friends in National City – and also, it appears, for a doppelganger in Russia! With a wave of anti-alien sentiment roiling the country led by Agent Liberty (Sam Witwer); and a new command at the DEO, Colonel Haley (April Parker Jones) – Kara returns to Catco, where she mentors young reporter Nia Nal (Nicole Maines), who evolves into a superhero herself.

Everything You Need to Know About Supergirl, Season 4

Supergirl is an action-adventure drama based on the DC Comics character Kara Zor-El, Superman's (Kal-El) cousin who, after 12 years of keeping her powers a secret on Earth, decides to finally embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be.

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Supergirl, Season 4 Reviews

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Specatacularly Awful PC GarbageWhat began as a fun and interesting series has morphed into some of the worst "political" ideology imaginable. This isn't Supergirl anymore, it's Supergurrrrl. If I want poorly thought-out political posturing, I'll watch a late night show..Score: 1/5

Super ShowGreat season opener. And I think Brainy fits right in. My only question is how Lena, with as smart as she is, manages to be completely fooled by her mother time after time..Score: 5/5

Love supergirlI love supergirl, I love Melissa Benoist but I miss Mon-El and Winn. It’s not the same without them. I MISS KARAMEL!! They had a great love story. Please bring back Mon-El!! Him and Kara were perfect together.Score: 3/5

SO GOODGirl power!!!! Such a good balance of comedy and drama, really good special effects, great cast... love it!.Score: 5/5

“Super” uneducatedDon’t push your uneducated biased ignorant opinions into your tv show. Your anti gun episode is chalked full of so much bs it’s clear you’ve never even touched an AR-15 Which by the way is not an assault weapon. Please educate yourselves before you have an opinion based on what CNN wants you to think.Score: 1/5

It's all about politicsThe show has just stopped even pretending to provide entertainment. It just pushes a left leaning view on everyone. Why can't you just put on a good story and leave the poltics out of it?.Score: 1/5

Lost its way...Supergirl started strong and fun in season 1...then it all just went downhill from there! Stop with the real world BS narratives and stick to being a superhero show like you started. The only glimmer of hope for this series was the episodes that feature Lexand the crossover episodes! Other than that each episode feels like you're attending a boring college humanities lecture! YAWN! This series truly needs a new writing and production staff!.Score: 1/5

Pushes a single political narrativeLoved the show at first, but the politics became too much for me. It wouldn't be bad if they at least showed different sides of the argument in an unbiased fashion, but they don't. If you want this level of political bias, you might as well watch MSNBC..Score: 1/5

Super?Thank you Emily! Super helpful.Score: 5/5

Done ...I am tired of the in your face political agenda. What started out as an entertaining wholesome show in the first season has become a program that was becoming harder and harder to watch ... and I finally got to the point where I couldn’t finish the most recent episode. So glad I never bought this season, and wish I could get my money back on prior seasons. Goodbye!.Score: 1/5

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AwesomeWatch it!.Score: 5/5

TerribleThe only good thing about this show it’s finally ending!.Score: 1/5

Here we go!!Supergirl season 4 started strong with our hero more as herself, the shining beam of light that she is. The show has matured so much and is keen on putting Kara and Alex at the heart of it, a recipe that can’t go wrong! Can’t wait for the rest of what promises to be a rewarding ride!!.Score: 5/5

£19.99 Not Good Price🙁👎🏻 BUT Would Pay £9.99 Good Price 🙂👍🏻£19.99 Not Good Price🙁👎🏻 BUT Would Pay £9.99 Good Price 🙂👍🏻.Score: 1/5

BEST TV SHOW EVERSupergirl is the most amazing and inspirational show and Melissa Benoist is such a talented actress.Score: 5/5

DCVery good Tv series But too expensive.Score: 3/5

Not againSame thing happened with the new season of arrow £64 for the same amount of episodes. I will not be buying this till the price gets lowered.Score: 1/5

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Supergirl, Season 4 (2018) Series Cast & Crew

Supergirl, Season 4 (2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Supergirl: The characters of season 4. Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers / Supergirl / Kara Zor-El), Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers / Sentinel), David Harewood (J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter), Katie McGrath (Lena Luthor), Jesse Rath (Querl 'Brainy' Dox / Brainiac-5), Nicole Maines (Nia Nal / Dreamer), Sam Witwer (Ben Lockwood / Agent Liberty), Mehcad Brooks (James 'Jimmy' Olsen / Guardian), all returned for supergirl, season 4.

Mehcad Brooks (James 'Jimmy' Olsen / Guardian)
Mehcad BrooksJames 'Jimmy' Olsen / GuardianScore: 18.9
David Harewood (J'onn J'onzz / Martian Manhunter)
David HarewoodJ'onn J'onzz / Martian ManhunterScore: 32.9
Jesse Rath (Querl 'Brainy' Dox / Brainiac-5)
Jesse RathQuerl 'Brainy' Dox / Brainiac-5Score: 10.4
Sam Witwer (Ben Lockwood / Agent Liberty)
Sam WitwerBen Lockwood / Agent LibertyScore: 27.3
Melissa Benoist (Kara Danvers / Supergirl / Kara Zor-El)
Melissa BenoistKara Danvers / Supergirl / Kara Zor-ElScore: 56.0
Chyler Leigh (Alex Danvers / Sentinel)
Chyler LeighAlex Danvers / SentinelScore: 21.4

Dana Horgan (Supervising Producer), Jess Kardos (Staff Writer), Rob Wright (Co-Executive Producer), James Howells (Casting Assistant), Jennifer Lence (Producer), Carl Ogawa (Producer), Joanie L. Woehler (Producer), Chris Pavoni (Producer), Saray D. Guidetti (Associate Producer), Jen Troy (Script Coordinator), Andrew Kreisberg (Executive Producer), Ali Adler (Executive Producer), Daniel James Chan (Original Music Composer), Jessica Queller (Executive Producer), Jennifer Carpenter Hernandez (Production Manager), Robert Rovner (Executive Producer), Sean Cossey (Casting), J.J. Ogilvy (Casting), Matthew Wilson (Property Master), Gabe Hilfer (Music Supervisor), all returned for supergirl.

Gabe Hilfer (Music Supervisor)
Gabe HilferMusic SupervisorScore: 4.9
Blake Neely (Original Music Composer)
Blake NeelyOriginal Music ComposerScore: 3.6
Andrew Kreisberg (Executive Producer)
Andrew KreisbergExecutive ProducerScore: 7.1
Jerry Siegel (Characters)
Jerry SiegelCharactersScore: 6.9
Greg Berlanti (Executive Producer)
Greg BerlantiExecutive ProducerScore: 21.5
David Rapaport (Casting)
David RapaportCastingScore: 4.3
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Supergirl (Season 4) Full Episodes

In season four, Supergirl is facing a bigger threat than she's ever faced before – a new wave of anti-alien sentiment, spreading across National City that’s fomented by Agent Liberty. As Kara mentors a new reporter at CatCo, Nia Nal, and tries to use the power of the press to shine a light on the issues threatening to tear the city apart, Supergirl takes to the skies to battle the many villains who rise up in this era of divisiveness.

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  • 2018
1American Alien (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

American Alien

14 October 2018$2.99

Diving back into reporting, Kara welcomes new reporter Nia Nal to CatCo in the season four premiere. Meanwhile, James and Lena argue about his impending indictment for acting as the vigilante, Guardian, while Alex and Brainy struggle to get in sync at the DEO. Then, Supergirl is called into action when remnants of the anti-alien terrorist organization Cadmus try to assassinate pro-alien leaders, but their endgame turns out to be much more sinister than she expected. J’onn relishes his peaceful new life, but an outing with an old friend causes him concern.

2Fallout (Supergirl) recap, spoilers


21 October 2018$2.99

A shocking revelation causes chaos in National City. While Alex takes control at the DEO, Supergirl sets out to capture Mercy Graves (recurring guest star RHONA MITRA). Back at CatCo, Kara decides to write an investigative story on Mercy and asks Lena to introduce her as she has ties to the Luthors. Meanwhile, Brainy meets Nia and the two end up in a precarious situation.

3Man of Steel (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Man of Steel

28 October 2018$2.99

Ben Lockwood (SAM WITWER) didn’t always hate aliens. Through a series of incidents, and input from his anti-alien father (guest star XANDER BERKELEY), Ben slowly transforms from a mild-mannered professor into the villainous Agent Liberty to today.

4Ahimsa (Supergirl) recap, spoilers


04 November 2018$2.99

When Supergirl needs help, Alex asks Lena and Brainiac to team up. Meanwhile, J’onn questions his decision to quit the DEO. However, after running into Manchester Black (guest star DAVID AYALA), he realizes there are a lot of ways to help his fellow aliens during this tumultuous time.

5Parasite Lost (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Parasite Lost

11 November 2018$2.99

Colonel Haley (new series regular APRIL PARKER JONES) makes a surprising decision regarding Supergirl. Meanwhile, Kara writes a series of articles highlighting aliens in National City in the hopes that humans will stop being so fearful of them. Unfortunately, the articles put some of the aliens in harm’s way.

6Call to Action (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Call to Action

18 November 2018$2.99

Although everyone gathers for Thanksgiving, Kara is feeling down after her televised debate with Ben Lockwood about the anti-alien sentiment coursing through National City. Meanwhile, James and Lena argue about the best way to handle the Children of Liberty.

7Rather the Fallen Angel (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Rather the Fallen Angel

25 November 2018$2.99

James falls in deeper with the Children of Liberty in his efforts to meet Agent Liberty. Meanwhile, Supergirl and Manchester Black follow a lead on Agent Liberty’s location, but things take a dark turn. And Lena kicks off her first set of trials. Chad Lowe directs.

8Bunker Hill (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Bunker Hill

02 December 2018$2.99

In the midseason finale, Nia has a powerful dream about Agent Liberty, but refuses to look at it as a prophetic dream and pushes it aside. After noticing something is bothering Nia, Kara enlists Brainy’s help, and the two try to persuade Nia to embrace her destiny. Meanwhile, Manchester Black pays Ben Lockwood a menacing visit. Kevin Smith directs.

9Elseworlds, Pt. 3 (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Elseworlds, Pt. 3

11 December 2018$2.99

In the final part of the three-part crossover, Supergirl, The Flash (guest star GRANT GUSTIN), Green Arrow (guest star STEPHEN AMELL) and Superman (recurring guest star TYLER HOECHLIN) engage in the battle of their lives.

10Suspicious Minds (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Suspicious Minds

20 January 2019$2.99

Colonel Haley is upset after Supergirl responds to a distress call from a Navy ship that turned out to be a deadly alien attack. Colonel Haley reclaims the site as DEO territory and demands that Supergirl step aside. After Supergirl refuses to be told what to do, Haley refocuses her energy on finding out Supergirl’s true identity and begins to interrogate all DEO agents, including Alex. Meanwhile, Brainiac-5 tries to persuade Nia to embrace her superpowers but she misinterprets his motives.

11Blood Memory (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Blood Memory

27 January 2019$2.99

Kara joins Nia on a trip to Nia’s hometown to visit her family during the town’s annual Harvest Festival. While home, Nia’s mother, Isabel (guest star KATE BURTON), encourages her daughter to embrace her destiny. Meanwhile, Alex deals with a dangerous street drug that is turning people violent and giving them temporary superpowers.

12Menagerie (Supergirl) recap, spoilers


17 February 2019$2.99

With his P.I. shingle newly hung outside his office, J’onn welcomes new clients. Trying to take her mind off what happened at the DEO, Kara decides to team up with J’onn on his latest assignment, which unfortunately ends up tying directly into Alex’s current investigation that involves the villain Menagerie (guest star JESSICA MERAZ). Meanwhile, Lena shares some news with James, but his reaction isn’t what she expected. Nia invites Brainy to her Valentine’s Day party.

13What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way? (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?

03 March 2019$2.99

When Manchester Black breaks out of prison with the help of his new team, The Elite, who are set on punishing the anti-alien forces, Supergirl pulls double duty as she tries to apprehend Manchester Black and his team as well as dealing with a shocking new development with Ben Lockwood.

14Stand and Deliver (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Stand and Deliver

10 March 2019$2.99

Between Ben Lockwood’s new push to stir up the anti-alien movement and the Elite’s desire to target Lockwood and his minions, Supergirl is concerned about the safety of the American people – both human and alien. When Lockwood organizes a rally, the aliens decide to peacefully protest. Brainiac and J’onn join the alien march while Supergirl and Dreamer patrol to keep everyone safe. Meanwhile, James picks up his camera again to cover the march for CatCo, and Haley assigns Alex a job that clashes with her beliefs. When The Elite and Ben Lockwood stir up trouble at the rally, Supergirl is forced to take a stand. JONATHAN BENNETT guest stars.

15O Brother, Where Art Thou? (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

17 March 2019$2.99

Secretly furloughed from prison due to failing health, Lex Luthor (special guest star JON CRYER) visits his sister, Lena, to seek her help finding a cure. Savvy as ever, Lena is suspicious of Lex’s motives, but when she’s faced with a life and death situation, she must decide how she truly feels about her brother. Meanwhile, Supergirl and J’onn face off against Manchester Black. James’s sister Kelly (guest star AZIE TESFAI) comes to town.

16The House of L (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

The House of L

24 March 2019$2.99

In the wake of Lex Luthor’s return, the show flashes back to what he’s been doing for the last two years and how his secret machinations and plans have affected Supergirl and Lena.

17All About Eve (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

All About Eve

31 March 2019$2.99

Shocked at what Lex has created, Supergirl faces her biggest challenge yet as she deals with the destructive aftermath of his nefarious plans.

18Crime and Punishment (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Crime and Punishment

21 April 2019$2.99

Supergirl and Lena head to Stryker’s Island to search for clues on how to defeat Lex. At the prison, Supergirl tries to befriend a nosy prisoner, Steve (guest star WILLIE GARSON), who may have insight into what Lex was doing, but he and all of the prisoners regard her as a traitor to the country and refuse to talk to her. Lena realizes Lex left behind clues for her and deciphering them could be the key to his whereabouts. Meanwhile, Kelly encourages James to talk to someone about his PTSD, and Alex faces off against Ben Lockwood after he storms the DEO and acquires some powerful weapons to hunt Supergirl.

19American Dreamer (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

American Dreamer

28 April 2019$2.99

As Kara doggedly works as a reporter to clear Supergirl’s name, Dreamer picks up the slack as National City’s protector, which leads to a showdown with Ben Lockwood. James takes drastic measures to relieve his PTSD. Series star David Harewood directs.

20Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up? (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Will the Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?

05 May 2019$2.99

Kara and Lena head to Kaznia to hunt down Lex. However, Eve Tessmacher (recurring guest star ANDREA BROOKS) sets a trap for the duo that could ultimately reveal that Kara is Supergirl. Meanwhile, Alex gets a long-awaited phone call, James practices using his powers, and Ben Lockwood takes a dangerous stand inside the DEO.

21Red Dawn (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Red Dawn

12 May 2019$2.99

Kara comes face to face with Red Daughter and the two engage in an epic battle. Determined to find a way to extract the Harun-El, Lena turns to an unlikely source for help – Lillian Luthor (guest star BRENDA STRONG). Meanwhile, Alex realizes she’s missing parts of her memory; And Brainy, Nia and J’onn set out to track down aliens who have been abducted by Lex.

22The Quest for Peace (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

The Quest for Peace

19 May 2019$2.99

In the fourth season finale, Lex Luthor descends upon Washington, D.C. and summons Lena and Lillian Luthor to the White House. Realizing that she’s got one last chance to stop Lex, Supergirl turns to the power of the press to help her.

Supergirl: Comic-Con 2018 Sizzle (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Supergirl: Comic-Con 2018 Sizzle

17 September 2018Bonus

A thrilling glimpse at the Supergirl Season 4.

The Best of DC TV's Comic-Con Panel San Diego 2018 (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

The Best of DC TV's Comic-Con Panel San Diego 2018

17 September 2018Bonus

An exciting look at the best of DC TV's Comic-Con Panels.

Inside the Crossover: Elseworlds (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Inside the Crossover: Elseworlds

14 December 2018Bonus

The executive producers of The Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Batwoman sit down for an entertaining discussion about this year's exciting crossover event. Also, some of DC's greatest minds explore the importance of the Elseworlds genre.

Villains: Modes of Persuasion (Supergirl) recap, spoilers

Villains: Modes of Persuasion

22 May 2019Bonus

An exploration of the needs, wants, and desires that fuel the nefarious deeds perpetrated by your favorite DC villains.


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Supergirl, Season 4 — 2018

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Supergirl, Season 4 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about supergirl, season 4...

Has Supergirl, Season 4 been confirmed? Will there be a supergirl, season 4?
The countdown to Supergirl [2018] Season 4 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Supergirl is soon going to be released.

Supergirl, Season 4 start date: When does supergirl, season 4 come back?
Supergirl, Season 4 will air on Sunday 14th of October 2018.

How many episodes will be in supergirl, season 4?
With the season now airing in October 2018. There will be 26 episodes in season 4.

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Supergirl Other Seasons
Supergirl, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Supergirl, Season 126 October 201525 Episodes

Born on the doomed planet Krypton, Kara Zor-El escaped at the same time as her cousin, Superman, but didn’t arrive on Earth until years later after being lost. Raised by her adopted family, the Danvers, Kara grew up in the shadow of her foster sister, Alex, and learned to hide the phenomenal powers she shares with her famous cousin. Years later, at age 24, living in National City and working as an assistant for Catco Worldwide Media mogul Cat Grant, Kara has spent so many years trying to fit in that she forgot to ever stand out. All that changes when she decides to embrace her superhuman abilities and become the hero she was always destined to be. With the help of Daily Planet photographer James Olsen, her bioengineer sister Alex, and the research of the super-secret, off-the-grid Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO), who are tasked with keeping the Earth safe from aliens, Kara takes to the skies to protect her world.

Supergirl, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Supergirl, Season 210 October 201627 Episodes

Having left the safety of being Cat Grant’s assistant at Catco Worldwide Media in order to figure out what she really wants to do, Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) continues to work with Hank Henshaw (aka Martian Manhunter) and her adoptive sister Alex (Chyler Leigh) at the DEO as Supergirl – protecting the citizens of National City and searching for her missing father Jeremiah (Dean Cain) and the secret research lab Project Cadmus. Along the way, she will team up with her Kryptonian cousin Kal El – aka Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) – to battle new villains both terrestrial and extraterrestrial, from the DC Universe, as she strives to balance her personal life with friends/allies James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) and more with her busy life as a new Super Hero in SUPERGIRL Season Two.

Supergirl, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Supergirl, Season 309 October 201727 Episodes

As Superman’s cousin, Kara Danvers (aka Supergirl) balances her work as a reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media with her work for the Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO), a super-secret government organization whose mission is to keep National City – and the Earth – safe from sinister threats. At the DEO, Kara works for J’onn J’onzz (David Harewood), the Martian Manhunter, and alongside her sister, Alex, and best friend, Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan). Also in Kara’s life are James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), a photo journalist who moonlights as Guardian, a masked vigilante, Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath), and Mon-El of Daxam (Chris Wood), whose planet was ravaged by Krypton’s destruction. In season three, Kara and team will come up against a new threat in the form of DC Worldkiller, Reign.

Supergirl, Season 5 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Supergirl, Season 506 October 201927 Episodes

Season four showed that truth, justice and the American way are stronger than fear and hate, as Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) stopped Lex Luthor’s anti-alien campaign with the power of the press, no cape required. As the world returns to normal, some things will never be the same now that Lena (Kate McGrath) knows Kara’s secret and the Monitor has arrived on Earth 38! Watch, like Leviathan, as new dynamics and relationships unfold for Supergirl and her friends and colleagues as their adventures continue in season five!

Supergirl: The Complete Series cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Supergirl: The Complete Series26 October 2015155 Episodes

Born Kara Zor-El on the doomed planet Krypton, the preteen Kara didn’t arrive on Earth until many years later. Protected and raised by her adopted family, the Danvers, Kara learned to hide her phenomenal powers. Years later, at age 24, living in National City and working as an assistant for Catco Worldwide Media mogul Cat Grant, Kara has spent so many years trying to fit in that she forgot to ever stand out. All that changes when she embraces her superhuman abilities and becomes the hero she was destined to be. With the help of Daily Planet photographer James Olsen, her bioengineer sister Alex, and the research of the super-secret Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) and its head Hank Henshaw, who are tasked with keeping the Earth safe from aliens, Kara takes to the skies to protect her world. Supergirl: The Complete Series provides 6 seasons of epic action-adventure for the whole family.

Supergirl, Season 6 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Supergirl, Season 630 March 202123 Episodes

Supergirl returns for her sixth and final season! Proving that friendship is every bit as important as truth and justice last season, Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) used both her superpowers and her journalistic powers to wrestle with Lex Luthor, Leviathan and CatCo’s new owner, a childhood friend of Lena Luthor’s. In the final season, Kara continues to balance her work as a reporter for CatCo Worldwide Media with her work as Supergirl, keeping National City and the Earth safe from sinister threats. She’s joined in this pursuit of justice by her sister, Alex (Chyler Leigh), her mentor, Martian Manhunter (David Harewood) and her friends Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath), Dreamer (Nicole Maines), Kelly Olsen (Azie Tesfai), and Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath). As Kara struggles to navigate her relationships and her life as a reporter, her heart soars as she takes to the skies as Supergirl.

Supergirl, Season 4 (TV series) Languages

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Après le départ de Superman pour Argo, Kara a désormais la lourde tâche de protéger la Terre. Et ce d’autant que les extraterrestres réfugiés sur la planète bleue se sentent menacés par la haine qui monte à leur encontre chez les humains.


Mon-El decide perseguir otro destino en el futuro, por lo que Kara enfoca sus energías en el presente, donde hay un nuevo villano acechando a la gente.

Βλέποντας πως ο Μον-Ελ έχει άλλους στόχους για το μέλλον, η Κάρα αφοσιώνεται ξανά στο παρόν, όπου ένας καινούργιος εχθρός εξαπολύει τον φόβο παντού.

Mon-El próbuje wypełnić inne przeznaczenie w przyszłości. Tymczasem Kara koncentruje się na teraźniejszości, gdzie pojawia się nowy wróg żerujący na ludzkim strachu.

In der vierten Staffel sieht sich Supergirl einer größeren Bedrohung gegenüber als je zuvor – einer neuen Welle von Anti-Alien-Gefühlen, die sich in National City ausbreitet und von Agent Liberty angefacht wird. Während Kara eine neue Reporterin bei CatCo, Nia Nal, betreut und versucht, die Macht der Presse zu nutzen, um ein Licht auf die Probleme zu werfen, die die Stadt auseinanderzureißen drohen, erhebt sich Supergirl in die Lüfte, um gegen die vielen Bösewichte zu kämpfen, die dabei auftauchen Ära der Spaltung.

בזמן שמון-אל שואף לשנות את גורלו ומתרכז בעתיד, קארה ממקדת את האנרגיות שלה בהווה כדי להילחם בנבל חדש שניזון מפחד של בני אדם.

Nella quarta stagione, Supergirl pare aver trovato l'equilibrio tra il suo doppio ruolo di eroina e reporter di successo, ma una nuova minaccia incombe su National City.

외계인에 대한 반감이 커지면서 사회가 혼란에 빠진다. 외계인을 옹호하는 이들과 혐오하는 이들 사이의 갈등, 그리고 대중의 공포를 자양분으로 탄생한 악당. 그 어느 때보다 평화가 절실한 이곳엔 내셔널시티의 수호자 슈퍼걸이 있다!

เมื่อมอนเอลเลือกเดินตามโชคชะตาในอนาคตที่ต่างกัน คาร่าเบนความสนใจมาจดจ่ออยู่กับปัจจุบัน ซึ่งวายร้ายรายใหม่จ้องจะหาประโยชน์จากความหวาดกลัวของประชาชน

Após Kara (Melissa Benoist) ter parado o Reino e as ameaças do Arrasa-Mundos ao nosso planeta e à humanidade, a garota de aço sofrerá mudanças em sua vida. Dessa vez ela lutará contra ameaças como Liberty Mitra (Sam Witwer) e Mercy Graves (Sam Witwer), dentre outros vilões que ainda serão revelados. Além destes, J’onn (vivido por David Harewood), Jimmy (Mehcad Brooks) e Alex (Chyler Leigh) voltarão para ajudar Kara. E, apesar de Winn (Jeremy Jordan) ter ido para o futuro, a equipe contará com uma nova dupla de aliados para deter os planos de Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath), bem como Nia Nal (Nicole Maines).

Kara Zor-El flydde som liten från den döende planeten Krypton, och lever nu ett vanligt liv i National City där hon jobbar på CatCo Media. Hennes fosterfamilj har lärt henne hur hon ska kunna leva ett normalt liv och dölja de övernaturliga krafter hon besitter. När hon intar rollen som Supergirl kämpar hon för att hålla sitt nya och gamla liv i kontroll.


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