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The iconic heroes and villains of The Vampire Diaries and The Originals left an enduring legacy of love and family in their wake, which continues in LEGACIES, a thrilling new drama that tells the story of the next generation of supernatural beings at The Salvatore School for the Young and Gifted. It’s here that Klaus Mikaelson’s daughter, 17-year-old Hope Mikaelson; Alaric Saltzman’s twins, Lizzie and Josie Saltzman; and other young adults — including political scion MG and the mysterious Landon Kirby — come of age in the most unconventional way possible, nurtured to be their best selves…in spite of their worst impulses. Legacies, Season 1 Wiki

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1 - This is the Part Where You Run
Under the guidance of headmaster Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis), the next generation of supernatural beings at The Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted — including tri-brid Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell), Alaric’s twins Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) and Josie (Kaylee Bryant), high-energy vampire MG (Quincy Fouse), newly-triggered werewolf Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) and the mysterious Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) — come of age in the most unconventional way possible, nurtured to be their best selves...in spite of their worst impulses.

2 - Some People Just Want to Watch the World Burn
Alaric (Matt Davis), Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) hit the road in search of Landon (Aria Shahghasemi), who’s sudden disappearance has raised some suspicion. Meanwhile, during an annual flag football game against Mystic Falls High, Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) and Josie’s (Kaylee Bryant) plan to stay under the radar quickly gets derailed after Penelope (guest star Lulu Antariksa) gets involved. Quincy Fouse also stars.

3 - We're Being Punked, Pedro
As punishment for breaking the rules, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), Lizzie (Jenny Boyd), Josie (Kaylee Bryant) and MG (Quincy Fouse) are forced to participate in a community service project in the Mystic Falls town square. Meanwhile, Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) and Rafael’s (Peyton Alex Smith) attempt at a carefree life on the road takes a dangerous turn when they become unsuspecting targets. Finally, Alaric (Matthew Davis) realizes that keeping secrets from his students may be causing more harm than good.

4 - Hope is Not the Goal
When two local students go missing, Alaric (Matthew Davis) sends Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), Lizzie (Jenny Boyd), MG (Quincy Fouse) and Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) to Mystic Falls High to investigate. Meanwhile, as Josie (Kaylee Bryant) helps Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) adjust to his new life at the school, his reluctance to follow the wolf pack’s rules puts a target on his back. Lastly, an unsettling discovery puts Alaric and Sheriff Donovan (guest star Zach Roerig) at odds with one another.

5 - Malivore
Tensions rise among the students after Alaric (Matthew Davis) decides to give the students a bigger voice by forming an honor council. Determined to find out more about Landon’s (Aria Shahghasemi) past, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) does a series of magical tests on him. Meanwhile, Alaric and Dorian (guest star Demetrius Bridge) take on the next creature to try and find out what they want and where they are coming from.

6 - Mombie Dearest
As Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) and Josie (Kaylee Bryant) prepare for their long awaited sweet sixteen party, Alaric (Matthew Davis) finds himself preoccupied with the latest supernatural arrival – one that hits a little too close to home. Elsewhere, Penelope’s (guest star Lulu Antariksa) latest plan gives MG (Quincy Fouse) one last shot at impressing Lizzie on her big day, while an unexpected betrayal causes tensions to boil over between Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith).

7 - Death Keeps Knocking On My Door
As Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) hit the books to learn more about the latest creature to arrive to the school, things take a dark and twisted turn leaving her to confront one of her darkest fears. Meanwhile, Alaric (Matthew Davis) attempts to help Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith) cope after his past comes back to haunt him. Quincy Fouse also stars.

8 - Maybe I Should Start From the End
After discovering that Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) is in trouble, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell) and Alaric (Matthew Davis) set out in search for him. Along the way, they uncover some startling information about Landon’s past.

9 - What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?
During a stressful week of exams, Hope (Danielle Rose Russell), Rafael (Peyton Alex Smith), Landon (Aria Shahghasemi) and MG’s (Quincy Fouse) attempts to study get thwarted by the arrival of a new monster who feeds off their worst fears. Meanwhile, Hope struggles with a secret she’s been keeping from Landon. Matthew Davis also stars.

10 - There's a World Where Your Dreams Come True
Following a stay in Europe with her mother, Lizzie (Jenny Boyd) returns to Mystic Falls and comes face to face with someone who could make all her wishes come true – including making Hope Mikaelson (Danielle Rose Russell) disappear. Matthew Davis and Kaylee Bryant also star.

11 - Legacies: Comic Con 2018 Sizzle
A glimpse at the first season of Legacies.

Legacies, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1This is the Part Where You Run42:25USD 1.99Download
2Some People Just Want to Watch the World42:23USD 1.99Download
3We're Being Punked, Pedro42:26USD 1.99Download
4Hope is Not the Goal42:24USD 1.99Download
5Malivore42:23USD 1.99Download
6Mombie Dearest42:22USD 1.99Download
7Death Keeps Knocking On My Door42:21USD 1.99Download
8Maybe I Should Start From the End41:34USD 1.99Download
9What Was Hope Doing in Your Dreams?41:25USD 1.99Download
10There's a World Where Your Dreams Come T42:22USD 1.99Download
11Legacies: Comic Con 2018 Sizzle03:31FreeDownload

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SEASON 2-♾  Celeste256  5 star

NOT MUCH MORE TO SAY THAN SEASON 2 through INFINITY😍😍🥰🥰🥰🖤🐺🔮🧛🏼‍♀️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

I absolutely love this show.  aghopari  5 star

I hope story continues....

Best app love itt
Wonderful  Best app love itt  5 star

I love the whole season !

Great show 😃  Pie4500  5 star

Vampire diaries & the originals had a baby, thank goodness. Love this show ♥️♥️♥️

a MUST KEEP  megii000  5 star

I absolutely love the twist julie p created! As a Fan of TVD since it's first season aired on TV, as well as throughout the originals, I believe there are great things ahead for this new series.

Really entertaining for newcomers and old fans  Nevara  5 star

Several things to say about who will like it, acting abilities, continuity, type of show, etc. read on. I am quite impressed with casting choices and acting abilities. As a fan of the two other series before this, I noticed these things: Hope’s character has the aloof head tilt of her Aunt Rebekah, the stubbornness and dark chaos of her father Klaus, the wide set, large eyes and wide cheekbones of her mother Hayley, and maybe her stubbornness too. She just does a wonderful job of harboring the darkness inside a candy perfect shell of goodness that she’s worked hard to cultivate. The actress is gifted. Lizzie and Josie, the twins, are fun too. Lizzie has her Aunt Liv’s hair color, her Uncle Kai’s wild emotions, and surrogate mama Caroline’s perky party popular thing going on. Take away the blonde hair, you’ve got her bio mom’s jawline and dimples. Josie has the dark coloring of Kai, and some reserved traits her bio mom had. In saying all that, I want fans of the series to understand that the previous shows weren’t tossed, and are being treated with continuity. The show runners care that these characters demonstrate similarities to the characters of the past while still being fresh. For newcomers, if you ever liked Buffy, Supernatural or if you like tales of magical creatures tied up in action packed footage and intrigue, you’ll really enjoy this. It feels more teenagey in some ways, but not annoyingly so. It has an early 20’s feel more than a 14 year old feel. I’m really enjoying the effort being put into the show, and I certainly think it’s a winner, though I worry that it won’t pick up, for whatever reason, and get more viewers. Hang in there Legacies!

New favorite show  AngelesDsc  5 star

Amazing show, loving it.

What is taking so long for the next esp?  CMACK3  5 star

I am hooked but it is taking forever for the next installment.....Director CMack

Legacies  AbbyTattoos  5 star

Awesome show i love all of them the vampire diaries, the orginals , etc

Takes off pretty much right after The Originals ends.  Alkpaz  4 star

In a Dean Winchester voice: "Dragons?! Come on!" :P The Originals last season was pretty heartbreaking for me, since I thought it was "The End" of the TVD's saga. It has already surpassed Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel together in length. But I just checked this out today, and I was happy to see it still pulling through. So far this series seems to be a winner, since it adopted some of what made/is Supernatural keep those fan numbers up, mainly keeping it interesting. Hopefully it doesn't go down "Grimm"'s road, and I don't think it will, but so long as they can keep story complete episodes like Supernatural (which are framed around an encompassing story, [Like Dexter] ) it can have years of life in it. I don't know how long Alaric (Matthew Davis) can hold on, hopefully longer than Andrew Lincoln (TWD: The Walking Dead), considering they are about the same age. It is nice to see new actors, most series keep using the same ones, like Bella from Supernatural becomes Maggie in TWD, or Luna/Lexa from "The 100" become Alicia and Magna FTWD/TWD. One reason I can watch series with questionable writting, due to the actors. Not so for TVD/TO/Legacies, the writting seems very good and whomever is picking the actors is doing an excellent job. Keep it up! Hopefully the viewership increases as time goes on and new fans "get on board". Here's to more seasons!

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