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Journey to Halloweentown in four Disney Channel Original Movies! No matter what evil they face or however their magic may backfire, the Cromwell family will prove that they can overcome anything because being normal is VASTLY overrated! Halloweentown: On her 13th birthday, Marnie Cromwell (Kimberly J. Brown) discovers that she comes from a family of witches and she has magical powers! Marnie and her siblings return with their estranged Grandmother Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) to explore her magical home in Halloweentown and help save the town from evil! Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge: When Halloweentown seems to have lost its magic, Marnie, Sophie and Grandmother Aggie must investigate a series of strange occurrences. Halloweentown High: After a portal opens between the human world and Halloweentown, Marnie sets up an exchange program to help bring Halloweentown students to her high school. Return to Halloweentown: Marnie (Sara Paxton) returns to Halloweentown to attend Witch U., where she discovers she’s the target of an evil conspiracy! Halloweentown: 4-Movie Collection Wiki

Halloweentown: 4-Movie Collection Synopsis

1 - Halloweentown
On her 13th birthday, Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) learns that she comes from a family of witches and that she too is a witch. Soon she and her younger siblings return with their estranged grandmother, a good witch (Debbie Reynolds), to her home in Halloweentown, where witches, goblins, and vampires lead normal lives. Marnie soon discovers that an evil force is plotting to take over Halloweentown, and she must help her mother and grandmother to save the day.

2 - Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge
Grandmother Aggie (Debbie Reynolds) sweeps Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) and Sophie (Emily Roeske) off to Halloweentown to investigate a series of strange occurrences. When they arrive, the vibrant community seems to have lost its magic. It isn't long before Aggie discovers that her spell book is stolen and the trio must find it. They discover that an angry warlock has taken the book and plans to permanently turn every human into whatever costume they are wearing on Halloween.

3 - Halloweentown High
A portal has been opened between the human world and Halloweentown and Marnie (Kimberly J. Brown) sets up an exchange program to bring a group of Halloweentown students to attend her human high school. When she inadvertently bets the Cromwell magic that no harm will come to the students, strange things start happening! Marnie and her family must get to the bottom of things and protect the students from the legendary Knights of the Iron Dagger - and save their own powers.

4 - Return to Halloweentown
Against her mother's wishes Marnie (Sara Paxton) goes to college at Halloweentown's Witch U. But things aren't easy at Witch U as magic is forbidden on campus and an ancient prophecy makes Marnie the target of an evil conspiracy!

Halloweentown: 4-Movie Collection Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Halloweentown 1:24:16Season OnlyDownload
2Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge 1:20:44Season OnlyDownload
3Halloweentown High 1:22:11Season OnlyDownload
4Return to Halloweentown 1:27:47Season OnlyDownload

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Childhood Memories  dearAshleyJane  5 star

I look forward to watching these movies every Halloween and I love that I now own them on something other than VHS.

4:3 zoomed in  zerg445  2 star

This was a TV show originally aired in 4:3 but this version is zoomed in to be artificial 16:9. This cuts off parts of the original frames and makes the quality a bit pixelated.

Movies not TV Show  Jrat4488  1 star

It is labeled incorrectly and will not be ported over to Movies Anywhere due to the TV Show classification.

Childhood memories  10alibdra23  5 star

I love All the halloweentown movies! They remind me of my childhood days! I used to wait for October to come just to watch these movies! All time favorites!

Ashley Cornely
Ah man  Ashley Cornely  3 star

I literally just bought all 4 movies separately like a week ago for double this price! Where was this package a week ago? 😩

This is the best Halloween movies to date  Superhero145  5 star

Ok I know they are Disney channel original movies but come on there classic and the should be watched by generations it worth your time and I love the heck out of them must buy franchise!!!!!!!

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