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When the two shots rang out, Bruce Wayne's life changed forever. He pledged himself to justice and he held that oath for years. Wearing many names - the Dark Knight, the World's Greatest Detective, the Caped Crusader and Gotham's Greatest Hero - he battled tragic foes like The Joker, Penguin, Mr. Freeze and so many more. But deep inside, he knew that he shared something with them that most of humanity wouldn't understand - a commitment to the fight. The acclaimed, Emmy-winning TV series redefined this complex man as an edgy hero struggling for revenge and redemption each time he donned the cape and cowl, and this comprehensive collection contains every episode, with all the allies, criminals and showdowns in Batman's history. Batman: The Complete Animated Series Wiki

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Experience the thrills of vigilante justice as millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne and alter-ego Batman protect the streets of Gotham City from a host of villains including archnemesis The Joker, deadly-beautiful Poison Ivy and primitive Killer Croc in a fresh take on super hero storytelling. Intelligent, dramatic stories, unique characters and sharp dialog shaped this edgy TV series into an Emmy®-winning powerhouse that brought the Caped Crusader out of the dark alleys of TV history and into the present for fans of all ages.

Episode TitleTime
Season 1 Episode 1: On Leather Wings22:19
Season 1 Episode 2: Christmas with the Joker22:16
Season 1 Episode 3: Nothing to Fear22:16
Season 1 Episode 4: The Last Laugh22:15
Season 1 Episode 5: Pretty Poison22:17
Season 1 Episode 6: The Under-Dwellers22:17
Season 1 Episode 7: P.O.V.22:11
Season 1 Episode 8: Forgotten22:17
Season 1 Episode 9: Be a Clown22:14
Season 1 Episode 10: Two-Face Pt.122:17
Season 1 Episode 11: Two-Face Pt.222:20
Season 1 Episode 12: It's Never Too Late22:16
Season 1 Episode 13: I've Got Batman in My Basement22:09
Season 1 Episode 14: Heart of Ice22:17
Season 1 Episode 15: The Cat and the Claw Pt. 122:16
Season 1 Episode 16: The Cat and the Claw Pt. 222:16
Season 1 Episode 17: See No Evil22:15
Season 1 Episode 18: Beware of the Gray Ghost22:15
Season 1 Episode 19: Prophecy of Doom22:17
Season 1 Episode 20: Feat of Clay Pt. 121:48
Season 1 Episode 21: Feat of Clay Pt. 222:22
Season 1 Episode 22: Joker's Favor22:20
Season 1 Episode 23: Vendetta22:20
Season 1 Episode 24: Fear of Victory22:17
Season 1 Episode 25: The Clock King22:21
Season 1 Episode 26: Appointment in Crime Alley22:19
Season 1 Episode 27: Mad As a Hatter22:14
Season 1 Episode 28: Dreams in Darkness22:21
Season 2 Episode 1: Eternal Youth22:18
Season 2 Episode 2: Perchance to Dream22:13
Season 2 Episode 3: The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy22:17
Season 2 Episode 4: Robin's Reckoning, Pt. 122:14
Season 2 Episode 5: Robin's Reckoning, Pt. 222:09
Season 2 Episode 6: The Laughing Fish22:13
Season 2 Episode 7: Night of the Ninja22:15
Season 2 Episode 8: Cat Scratch Fever22:14
Season 2 Episode 9: The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne22:12
Season 2 Episode 10: Heart of Steel, Pt. 122:21
Season 2 Episode 11: Heart of Steel, Pt. 222:16
Season 2 Episode 12: If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?21:46
Season 2 Episode 13: The Joker's Wild22:13
Season 2 Episode 14: Tyger, Tyger22:13
Season 2 Episode 15: Moon of the Wolf21:44
Season 2 Episode 16: Day of the Samurai22:17
Season 2 Episode 17: Terror in the Sky21:45
Season 2 Episode 18: Almost Got 'Im22:14
Season 2 Episode 19: Birds of a Feather22:16
Season 2 Episode 20: What Is Reality?22:14
Season 2 Episode 21: I Am the Night22:14
Season 2 Episode 22: Off Balance22:11
When a vicious bat creature known as Man-Bat starts terrorizing Gotham City everyone mistakenly thinks that Batman is the culprit. Batman must find out who the mysterious Man-Bat is and clear his own name.
The Joker kidnaps three prominent citizens during Christmas and challenges Batman to find him before midnight.
A horrifying villain named Scarecrow spreads fear gas and wreaks havoc at Gotham State University.
The Joker employs a lethal mind-altering laughing gas to transform the citizens of Gotham into total fools.
When District Attorney Harvey Dent is poisoned after a dinner date Batman makes the horrifying discovery that his date was Poison Ivya plant-obsessed villainess.
Batman discovers a gang of forgotten runaways living deep within the Gotham sewer system.
Bullock's account of a botched sting operation is so at odds with the other officers' testimony that the police investigator suspends everyone involved.
When men begin disappearing at a boweryBruce Wayne decides to go undercover as a worker. He loses his memory after he is attacked, kidnapped and forced to work in a mining camp.
The Joker infiltrates the birthday party of Mayor Hills son in order to plant a bomb.
District Attorney Harvey Dent hides a deep dark secret--he has a second personality Big Bad Harv a tough gangster.
Two-Face the former Harvey Dent begins an aggressive campaign against his hated rival Rupert Thorne.
An aging Mob boss learns his drug dealings have contributed to his son's drug addiction.
After the Penguin sprays Batman with nerve gas a 12-year-old boy rescues the unconscious hero and hides him in his basement.
Brilliant cryogenics expert Dr. Victor Fries is transformed into Mr. Freezea vengeful creature who can only survive in subzero temperatures.
Catwoman steals a valuable necklace to fund the purchase of land for a mountain lion preserve but is thwarted by a group of terrorists.
When Catwoman infiltrates the underground headquarters of the terrorists both she and Batman are captured and left to die as victims of a viral plague.
After a fortune disappears from a gem exposition Batman investigates. He discovers that the crime may have been committed by an invisible man an ex-con named Lloyd Ventris. Ventris now plans to kidnap his daughter who believes that her father is really her invisible playmate.
Batman connects recent bombings in Gotham to an episode of an old television series featuring his favorite boyhood hero the Gray Ghost.
Bruce begins to worry when all of his wealthy friends join the same Brotherhood group run by Nostromos a so-called psychic. Bruce knows that something is wrong when Nostromos predicts the end of civilization and suggests that all the Brotherhood members transfer their money to the Brotherhood account.
A popular actor renowned for his ability to play any part has a terrible secret--he's addicted to a strange chemical formula that enables him to alter his facial features without makeup.
Clayface learns that the man responsible for his disfigurement is to appear on TV promoting a skin conditioner containing the same chemical that deformed him.
When a timid accountant accidentally runs afoul of the Joker he promises the Joker anything if the villain will only let him go.
Batman suspects that an imprisoned Detective Bullock may be innocent after he is arrested for murder. The real murderer turns out to be Killer Croc who framed Bullock to get revenge.
The Scarecrow uses a fear chemical triggered by adrenaline on Gotham's greatest athletes then bets against them to reap the winnings.
When a maniacally punctilious man faces financial ruin because of attorney Hamilton Hill he transforms into the devious Clock King and swears revenge on Hillnow the mayor of Gotham.
Batman's friend Dr. Leslie Thompkins is taken prisoner by a ruthless land developer after she uncovers his devious plans.
The Mad Hatter puts the city of Gotham under his control in an attempt to impress a woman Alice with whom he is in love. However when he discovers that she likes someone else he plans to exterminate the competition and kidnap Alice.
Batman must thwart the Scarecrow's plan to poison Gotham's water supply with a chemical that induces hallucinations.
Alfred and his friend Maggie Paige visit a health spa that is actually run by the nefarious Poison Ivy.
Bruce Wayne wakes up to find that his parents are not dead, he is not Batman, and he's engaged to Selina Kyle!
Batman investigates a theft of bearer bonds intended for the starving people of a poor country.
After learning the name of an extortion ringleader, Batman mysteriously refuses to let Robin continue the investigation with him.
Despite Batman's orders not to, Robin pursues Tony Zucco, the criminal who was responsible for the death of Robin's parents.
The Joker becomes enraged when the Gotham copyright office rejects his demand for a copyright for his grinning Joker fish.
When Wayne Enterprises is robbed by a mysterious figure known as the Ninja, Batman and Robin discover that the Ninja is an old nemesis of Bruce Wayne.
Selina Kyle uncovers a plot to infect stray animals with a deadly disease that will be transmitted to the human population.
Dr. Hugo Strange's invention, a machine that reads people's thoughts, leads him to discover that Bruce is Batman.
Karl Rossum, owner of Cyberton Labs, has been replacing important authority figures with robot look-alikes. Batman invites a young woman to dinner, not knowing that she is a robot as well.
Batman escapes from being attacked by his own Batcomputer, which was sabotaged by HARDAC. He now seeks to get back Gordon, Hill and Bullock, who have all been replaced with robots.
When Edward Nygma's greedy boss unjustly fires genius him, Nygma seeks revenge in a new guise--as the Riddler!
When a billionaire builds a casino called the Joker's Wild, the Joker breaks out of Arkham Asylum to destroy it.
When a genetic engineer produces a man-cat hybrid, he kidnaps Selina Kyle to provide his creation with a mate.
Professor Milo tries to use an old friend of Bruce Wayne's, Anthony Romulus, to destroy him after Milo injects Romulus with a serum that changes him into a wolf. Batman becomes concerned when he hears of a wolf-like creature roaming the streets of Gotham and decides to investigate.
Bruce Wayne and Alfred travel to Japan to help Bruce's old martial arts teacher, Sensei Yoru. The sensei's daughter has been kidnapped by Kyodai Ken, who wants to find a scroll revealing the location of the legendary Death Touch. Kyodai later challenges Batman, whom he knows to be Bruce Wayne, to a duel.
When a man-sized bat ransacks Gotham harbor, Batman suspects that Dr. Kirk Langstrom is drinking his Man-Bat formula again.
While hiding from the police, Batman's deadliest enemies exchange stories about their mutual nemesis--Batman.
Veronica Vreeland, a socialite desperate to create a novel party, makes the mistake of inviting the Penguin as her guest of honor.
To prove that he has a superior mind, the Riddler lures Batman into a contest inside a virtual reality computer game.
On the anniversary of the death of Bruce's parents, Batman expresses doubts about whether or not he should continue his one-man war against crime.
Batman investigates a notorious global crime cartel, The Society of Shadows, which has begun to operate in Gotham City.

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Payoneer 💰10 star

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- Great Show!5 star

It never gets old. This is arguably the best version of the Batman, his allies and rogues gallery.

- Fantastic5 star

For only $39.99, you get all 4 seasons of the greatest animated Batman show ever. So, for the price of less than 2 singular seasons, you get all four.

- Perfect5 star

The definitive version of Batman.

- Best Animated Series Ever!5 star

Best animated series ever made. A real classic they should bring it back. Brings back so many memories. Thank you for the remaster.

- Upgrade available?1 star

I purchased the entire series years ago, in separate volumes, at a much higher price. I’d love to own it in HD, but I’ve already spent nearly $100 on the SD version. Would it be possible to upgrade to HD and to erase what I have? I don’t want to pay twice and I don’t need 2 copies.

- Disappointed...1 star

I purchased this series in SD because at the time it was only available in SD. Only to find out that the show was later on released in HD. I very disappointed that my purchase did not upgrade to HD. I should not have to pay for the whole entire series all over again just to upgrade to HD!

- Price was nice but3 star

I don’t know if it’s just me but the Apple TV app plays the episodes out of order. Wish iTunes would just offer the complete series bundle and give you the seasons individually.

- Good Series; Bad Info4 star

I just bought this series, because is one of my favorites of all time; however nowhere says that only comes in English without subtitles in Spanish. So the rest of my family (they don’t speak English) can’t enjoy it with me. Please Apple add Spanish subtitles. Thank you.

- Awesome Classic5 star

I’ve never seen all the episodes and am thoroughly enjoying them. Must buy for fans of Batman!

- Arabic language1 star

Arabic language support

- Classic5 star

What a classic. I am not at all disappointed with this purchase at all.

- This is the version to buy5 star

Only two things need to be said about this collection. One, the high def version is 1427x1072. Warner didn't crop it or stretch it to widescreen, it's still 4:3, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Two, a major complaint of the old individual seasons was how episodes randomly featured the later Batman/Superman Adventures opening. Admittedly, I've only checked through season 3 so far, but the original title sequence (and the later Adventures of Batman and Robin) are present and accounted for.

- Obviously best show ever but5 star

Is this the remastered version. Need to know before i drop 80$ on dang itunes

- This series defined my childhood5 star

Kevin Conroy will be the only Batman /Bruce Wayne for me. The only thing that could have made the series better was for it to be available on demand like with iTunes and in HD. Well done WB and Apple. 🙌🏻

- Batman5 star

They always cancel the good stuff!!!

- Thank You5 star

I haven’t purchased it yet but I most definitely will. Batman The Animated Series was in my opinion is the best Batman animation still to this day. Warner Brothers thank you for creating a quality animation that has stood the test of time.

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a assassin's creed fan - 👍🏻5 star

Why can’t DC just make a Batman movie as great as this series.

A sentiant pile of geese - Boy, do I love me some Batman5 star

I like him.

21st Century Film Lover - One of the all-time television greats!5 star

Batman: The Animated Series has become as revered as classic Hollywood movies that helped shape their respective genres and medium on the silver screen. And there’s good reason why Batman’s become a piece of pop-culture that’s practically synonymous with The Dark Knight himself: and this show took its writing seriously and its art-style was a game-changer for American animation on television. It’s a show as classic as The Twilight Zone, as revered as Star Trek: The Original Series, and it’s an anti-thesis to Adam West’s classic (and campy) Batman. It’s great stuff. This has done for superhero cinema and tv what The Good, The Bad and The Ugly did for Westerns. It’s that good! Batman is a masterwork of television and animated filmmaking.

Roro-1988 - There’s something wrong with the numbering1 star

There something wrong with the numbering the first season has 60 episodes but only shows halve of them. Only found the others because of Apple TV. Someone needs to work on indexing the episodes properly. Other than that episode as good as I remember. Much watch for Batman fans.

J4jacky - Is this Remastered version?5 star

Does anyone knows if this is the remastered version released to Bluray in 2018?? thanks

Spinellinorv - Excellent Price4 star

Always loved these and always will. Just wish when you bought it that it’d put all the complete series in a folder and then each series separate inside it. It comes as one big file with 109 episodes. 🤷🏻‍♂️ why oh why. Not a bad price. £50

J_marshall1967 - DC at its best5 star

Wh cant the DC make films as good as their tv shows. This is a prime example when they did it right superb cartoon that spawned so many other shows and direct to dvd movies. This is the batman i grew up with and love watching it.

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5 star

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@cooperbarnes: Hey Warner Bros. - if you released a streaming app that had the complete library of Warner Bros. cartoons, you’d make a g…

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@GHLPodcast: Pick up the COMPLETE BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES & the rest of our RECOMMENDED READING by clicking this link: …

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@GHLPodcast: Pick up the COMPLETE BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES & the rest of our RECOMMENDED READING by clicking this link: …

5 star

@GHLPodcast: Pick up the COMPLETE BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES & the rest of our RECOMMENDED READING by clicking this link: …

5 star

Pick up the COMPLETE BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES & the rest of our RECOMMENDED READING by clicking this link:…

5 star

So far, my favorite part about Batman: The Animated Series is the complete lack of effort in trying to make the gra…

5 star

My last frivolous purchase: The complete collection of Batman The Animated Series on Blu-ray. Wanted it for year…

5 star

Batman: The Complete Animated Series: Deluxe #LimitedEdition - Blu-ray #eBay ⏰ Ends in 5h 💲 Last Price USD 56.00 🔗…

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Batman: The Complete Animated Series images
Batman: The Complete Animated Series images
Batman: The Complete Animated Series images
Batman: The Complete Animated Series images
Batman: The Complete Animated Series images
Batman: The Complete Animated Series images

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Batman: The Complete Animated Series posters
Batman: The Complete Animated Series posters
Batman: The Complete Animated Series posters
Batman: The Complete Animated Series posters
Batman: The Complete Animated Series posters
Batman: The Complete Animated Series posters
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