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HOUSE is an innovative take on the medical drama in which the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients. House: The Complete Series Wiki

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Sink your teeth into meaty drama and intrigue with House, FOX's take on mystery, where the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients.

Episode TitleTime
Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot43:59
Season 1, Episode 2: Paternity43:14
Season 1, Episode 3: Occam's Razor44:08
Season 1, Episode 4: Maternity43:30
Season 1, Episode 5: Damned If You Do44:00
Season 1, Episode 6: The Socratic Method43:41
Season 1, Episode 7: Fidelity43:55
Season 1, Episode 8: Poison43:51
Season 1, Episode 9: DNR43:44
Season 1, Episode 10: Histories44:16
Season 1, Episode 11: Detox44:03
Season 1, Episode 12: Sports Medicine43:08
Season 1, Episode 13: Cursed44:46
Season 1, Episode 14: Control44:15
Season 1, Episode 15: Mob Rules44:16
Season 1, Episode 16: Heavy44:10
Season 1, Episode 17: Role Model44:11
Season 1, Episode 18: Babies and Bathwater44:08
Season 1, Episode 19: Kids44:06
Season 1, Episode 20: Love Hurts44:10
Season 1, Episode 21: Three Stories44:01
Season 1, Episode 22: Honeymoon44:09
Season 2, Episode 1: Acceptance43:43
Season 2, Episode 2: Autopsy43:47
Season 2, Episode 3: Humpty Dumpty43:24
Season 2, Episode 4: TB or Not TB43:45
Season 2, Episode 5: Daddy's Boy43:25
Season 2, Episode 6: Spin43:57
Season 2, Episode 7: Hunting43:59
Season 2, Episode 8: The Mistake43:58
Season 2, Episode 9: Deception43:56
Season 2, Episode 10: Failure to Communicate43:37
Season 2, Episode 11: Need to Know43:55
Season 2, Episode 12: Distractions43:59
Season 2, Episode 13: Skin Deep43:52
Season 2, Episode 14: Sex Kills43:30
Season 2, Episode 15: Clueless43:58
Season 2, Episode 16: Safe43:15
Season 2, Episode 17: All In43:54
Season 2, Episode 18: Sleeping Dogs Lie43:56
Season 2, Episode 19: House vs. God43:57
Season 2, Episode 20: Euphoria, Pt. 143:54
Season 2, Episode 21: Euphoria, Pt. 243:59
Season 2, Episode 22: Forever44:01
Season 2, Episode 23: Who's Your Daddy?43:31
Season 2, Episode 24: No Reason43:52
Season 3, Episode 1: Meaning43:37
Season 3, Episode 2: Cane and Able43:50
Season 3, Episode 3: Informed Consent43:33
Season 3, Episode 4: Lines in the Sand43:53
Sink your teeth into meaty drama and intrigue with House, FOX's new take on mystery, where the villain is a medical malady and the hero is an irreverent, controversial doctor who trusts no one, least of all his patients. On the compelling series premiere episode, Dr. Gregory House, a brilliant diagnostician but devoid of bedside manner, and his elite team of young medical experts rush to save the life of a kindergarten teacher (guest star Robin Tunney) who started speaking gibberish and passed out in front of her class. What looks like a possible brain tumor does not respond to treatment and provides many more questions than answers for House and his team as they engage in a risky trial-and-error approach to her case. When the young teacher refuses any additional variations of treatment and her life starts slipping away, House must act against his code of conduct and make a personal visit to his patient to convince her to trust him one last time.
When a teen-aged lacrosse player is stricken with an unidentifiable brain disease, House and the team hustle to give his parents answers. Chase breaks the bad news, the kid has MS, but the boy's whacked-out hallucinations disprove the diagnosis and send the team back to square one. As the boy's health deteriorates, House's side-bet on the paternity of the patient infuriates the kid's parents, but may just pay off in spades.
When a college student collapses after a bout of raucous sex with his girlfriend, Dr. House and his team scramble to figure out why. He’s got too many symptoms to add up to just one disease and soon his immune system is so perilously compromised a simple cold could kill him. As his condition deteriorates quickly, House needs to think - and get more Vicodin. But when Wilson nags House about his nasty pill habit it proves extremely useful to House, just not in the way Wilson intended.
House exasperates Cuddy when he suggests that two sick babies in one hospital add up to an epidemic. Even more frightening is when it turns out he may be right. As more babies are quarantined and the maternity ward is shut down, Cuddy powerscrubs the hospital and House spars with Cameron and the team over his plan to sacrifice one baby for the good of the rest.
When a nun comes into the clinic with swollen arms, a rash and bleeding in her palms, Dr. House’s diagnosis is a bad allergy, not stigmata. However, when he gives her a shot of medication, she has a heart attack, and whether he gave her the correct amount of medicine comes into question. As the nun’s case unfolds, the team has to deal with questions regarding their own calling, faith and whether or not they can trust the direction in which their mentor is leading them.
When all signs point to a schizophrenic with deadly DVT lying about her alcohol intake, Dr. House is the lone voice of reason. Under the scrutiny of her hyper-vigilant young son, House takes her off all medication and secretly sends Foreman and Chase to search her apartment for clues. Wading through her altered reality to get to the truth and save her life, House discovers that it isn't mom who's keeping the secrets and reality isn't always what it seems.
When a young wife falls ill to a disease she can't possibly have, House and the team struggle to save her and appease her attentive husband. As her health deteriorates, Foreman bristles that House rides him more than the others, Cameron takes the case way too personally, and a patient with impossibly perfect breasts gives Wilson some medical and personal insights. To save their patient's life, the team has to acknowledge that House is right: everybody lies.
When a high school student falls victim to a mysterious but lethal poisoning, House and his team jump in to find out what is killing the teen. Given a low heart rate and a clean tox screen, House sends Cameron and Chase to the teen’s home to find the hot new drug House is sure he’s taking. They don’t find any drugs, but think they’ve come up with the answers, until a second unrelated student is admitted with identical symptoms. With the boys’ lives hanging in the balance, House and the team have to connect the dots - fast. Meanwhile, an 82-year-old patient has become enamored with House while he helps her figure out the basis of her renewed fascination with her sexual feelings.
Legendary jazz musician, John Henry Giles, checks in to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital believing he's dying from ALS and signs a DNR to avoid a slow death. Yet House disagrees with the diagnosis and goes against everyone's wishes when he violates the DNR to save Giles' life. The decision lands House in court, drives Foreman to consider another job, and results in Giles' paralysis to worsen. Despite everything, Giles makes a connection with House, and agrees to his treatment. But Dr. Cuddy and the team are not so convinced.
Dr. Foreman believes an uncooperative homeless woman is faking seizures to get a 'meal ticket' at the teaching hospital. But Dr. Wilson grows determined to keep her from falling between the cracks. Her worsening symptoms prove to be a complex mystery, but the mystery of her identity and medical history may hold the answers to saving her life. Just as the team suspects she has contagious meningitis, the woman goes missing, only to be tasered by the police who bring her back. But House deduces that the taser may have proven yet another diagnosis, with dire results.
While trying to figure out why a young patient won't stop bleeding, House takes Cuddy's challenge and goes off Vicodin for a week in exchange for no clinic duty for a month. If House and his team can't determine the source of his patient's blood loss, the 16-year-old car accident victim will die in a matter of days. As House's withdrawal symptoms become more and more severe, his directives for his patient are more harsh and risky than usual, forcing Foreman and Cameron to fear he may not be thinking clearly enough to save the patient's life.
A severely broken arm reveals a bizarre case of bone loss and ends the comeback plans of major league pitcher Hank Wiggen. House suspects Hank - with a history of drug use - is lying about using steroids, as his stability worsens. When Hank's kidneys start to fail, his wife offers to donate hers, but she would have to abort her early pregnancy. Forced into an impossible solution, and admitting failure as an addict, Hank tries to take his own life. House must isolate and fix the problem soon if this pitcher's life, as well as his career, can be saved.
A 12-year-old boy believes he’s cursed after a Ouija board tells him he’s going to die. His father, a major financial supporter of the hospital, makes escalating demands of House and the team as they try to diagnose the boy’s pneumonia-like symptoms and incongruous rash. Tension intensifies when House invites Chase’s estranged father, a renowned doctor visiting from Australia, into their circle of diagnosticians - much to Chase’s discomfort - and House is intrigued by Chase’s lack of relationship with his father. When the boy’s diagnosis becomes more evident, the young patient is forced to face the idea that his father may not be everything he believes.
Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital is turned upside-down when billionaire entrepreneur Edward Vogler (guest star Chi McBride) buys his way into becoming Chairman of the Board. Vogler intends to use the hospital as a new biotech venture, meaning they no longer require the financially draining services of one Dr. Gregory House. Meanwhile, a powerful young woman who seemingly has it all (guest star Sarah Clarke) - perfect life, perfect body, perfect job - becomes inexplicably paralyzed. Upon discovering her deadly secret, House finds himself fighting for her life even though it means risking his job and his medical license.
Just before mobster Joey Arnello spills the beans in federal court and enters witness protection, he collapses. Is he faking? A court order instructs House to find out - and fast. House and his team struggle to diagnose and cure Joey while Joey’s brother Bill tries to slow things down and keep Joey from testifying. Meanwhile, Cuddy struggles to convince Vogler (guest star Chi McBride) that House is an essential part of the hospital. With Joey mysteriously slipping in and out of a coma, and House’s job on the line, House makes an exception to his own policy and gets to know his patient.
When an obese 10-year-old girl presents with a heart attack, House and his team investigate. At first thinking it’s an adverse reaction to diet pills, they ultimately uncover a much more deadly source of her illness. Meanwhile, under pressure from hospital management, House tries to figure out which of his team to fire. But once he makes a decision, Vogler doesn’t accept it and demands he pick someone else, leading House to suspect one of his team members is giving inside information to Vogler.
At a high-level campaign fundraiser, up-and-coming Senator Tom Wright (guest star Joe Morton) becomes violently ill. Vogler (guest star Chi McBride) pushes House to take Wright’s case and also dangles a new incentive in front of him: deliver a speech on behalf of Vogler’s pharmaceutical company, and save his whole team. While the Senator’s symptoms and tests point to AIDS, a condition which would squash his White House dreams forever, House and the team dig for different answers. Meanwhile, House gives the speech, but it’s not exactly what Vogler had in mind.
While House and his team scramble to discover what’s causing brain and kidney dysfunction in a pregnant woman, Vogler (guest star Chi McBride) is on the warpath to get House fired. House diagnoses his pregnant patient’s illness, but now she and her husband struggle with an emotional and heartbreaking choice: to save her life, or that of her unborn child. Meanwhile, Vogler sets up a board meeting to get rid of House, but when Wilson objects, Vogler lashes out against him and shocks Cuddy and the rest of the board with his decision. Finally, Cuddy takes a stand against Vogler (will she be next?).
While a meningitis scare overwhelms the resources and staff of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, House zeros in on a single patient: a 12-year-old whose symptoms are similar to, but not quite right for, meningitis. Cuddy gives them an hour to crack the case before pulling their medical manpower to treat the countless patients taking over the waiting rooms, but when they discover something quite unexpected, House, Foreman and Chase must devise ingenious ways and locations to treat the girl’s delicate condition amid the chaos. Meanwhile, House asks Cameron to come back to her job now that Vogler is gone, but she’s got a surprising requirement.
While Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital is rife with rumor and speculation about House’s imminent date with Cameron, House apparently scares a meek clinic patient into having a stroke. The team must navigate their way through the patient’s odd proclivities, overbearing "friend" and reluctant parents in order to stop the strokes and try to save the guy’s life. All the while, Wilson, Cuddy and the team offer House dating advice and lay odds on the outcome.
House’s ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner (guest star Sela Ward) returns - not to be with House, but to get his help for her ailing husband. While House decides whether or not to take the case, Cuddy instructs him to substitute for a sick professor and present a lecture to a class of medical students. As he weaves the stories of three patients (including guest star Carmen Electra) who all present with a similar symptom, House gives a lecture the students will never forget. In the end, they come out with a broader understanding of diagnostics and House’s team comes out with a greater understanding of him.
House insists he can handle things when Stacy (guest star Sela Ward), the woman he once loved, asks him to diagnose Mark, the man she married. When Mark’s tests come back normal yet symptoms show that his brain is dying, the puzzle may be one that even House can’t solve. While Wilson worries about House’s emotional well-being, the team is blown away by his over-the-top demands. As House struggles to put his emotions aside and solve the case, Cuddy adds to his dilemma and offers Stacy a reason to stay.
When Death Row inmate Clarence (guest star LL Cool J) mysteriously and suddenly collapses after hallucinating, House jumps at the chance to take the case for its difficulty and because it’s "cool." Dr. Cameron refuses to treat the patient in protest and feels they should treat a cancer patient because she’s more deserving, raising the question: is one life more important than another?
Andie, a 9-year-old terminal cancer patient, is brought in after suffering from a hallucinogenic episode. Wilson convinces House to take the case, but he and his team struggle to diagnose what caused the hallucination. Andie handles the reality of her terminal medical situation remarkably well - so well that House questions the sincerity of her bravery and considers the possibility it may be a medical symptom.
When Cuddy’s handyman Alfredo, a young Latino and the sole provider for his family, falls from her roof and develops strange darkened pinkies, Cuddy joins the team in trying to figure out what’s wrong with him. Despite everything the team tries, the whole hand becomes infected. A trip to the young man’s neighborhood helps them understand Alfredo’s desire for a better life for his family, and provides a clue as to what might be causing his deadly illness.
When Dr. Sebastian Charles (guest star Ron Livingston, "Little Black Book," "Sex and the City"), renowned physician and head of an international organization to fight the spread of tuberculosis among the poor in Africa, is rushed to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital after collapsing, he immediately determines all the symptoms are from TB. Dr. House has a different opinion and requests additional tests to help determine the cause of his illness.
When recent college graduate Carnell drops at a graduation party from internal shocks, he is rushed to Princeton Plainsboro Hospital. With his father Ken at his bedside, it becomes apparent the two have not been truthful with each other in their lives and their major trust issues affect how the medical team gets the information it needs to help solve Carnell’s case.
When a famous professional cyclist is brought in after collapsing during a race, House doesn’t want to treat him because he thinks he’s lying about doing drugs.
Kalvin, a gay man with full-blown AIDS, confronts House in front of his home, demands that House figure out what’s causing his illness - besides HIV or AIDS - and collapses at his feet. When Kalvin claims that House assaulted him, Cuddy tells House to give Stacy the facts. House meets with Stacy at her home - armed with some unethically-garnered personal information about her - and he and Stacy share close quarters when he tries to help her exterminate a mouse from her attic, to the chagrin of her temporarily handicapped husband, Mark.
Kayla, mother of two young girls, doubles over with stomach pain during her children’s talent show and is rushed to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Six months later, Dr. Chase and Dr. House are being counseled by Stacy in preparation for a disciplinary hearing aimed at determining if either Chase or House made a mistake that ultimately led to Kayla’s death and her family’s subsequent lawsuit.
Off-track betting gambler Anica (guest star Cynthia Nixon) collapses in front of House while they’re both following horse races at the site. Confused by her symptoms and what he witnessed after she collapsed, he instructs medics to take her to Princeton Plainsboro and takes her case. After the team discovers she’s been seeing a number of doctors for a variety of supposed illnesses, everyone but House thinks it’s Munchausen’s, a disease that causes people to fake symptoms for the medical attention.
Journalist Fletcher Stone (guest star Michael O’Keefe) collapses at his editor’s retirement party and hits his head on a table. When he comes to, his sentences don’t make sense, and he is rushed to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Since House and Stacy are out of town defending House’s Medicaid billings, the team struggles to solve the case on its own. Meanwhile, House and Stacy realize they still have feelings for each other, and when a storm comes through Baltimore, their return flight is cancelled and they are forced to share a hotel room together - further turning up the heat between them.
Margo (guest star Julie Warner), a young housewife on fertility medication, is brought to Princeton Plainsboro Hospital when her inexplicable muscle flailing causes her to crash her car. As Margo’s symptoms progress, House and the team think she might have Huntington’s disease but when Margo descends into paranoia, they must dig deeper to figure out the cause of her illness - and the team is once again reminded that everybody lies.
When a young man comes into the hospital severely burned, but with some unusual activity going on in his blood tests, House and his team have a difficult challenge. How can you diagnose a burn victim when you are unable to use your normal testing methods?
Dr. House treats a teenage supermodel for heroin addiction and, in the process, uncovers a startling secret about the girl. Meanwhile, Wilson hopes that House’s increased leg pain indicates that his leg nerves are regenerating.
When Henry (guest star Howard Hesseman) experiences a seizure but is not aware of it while it’s happening, House takes on the case. The team’s differential diagnosis points to a bacterial infection, but Henry suffers a heart attack before the treatment for his infection is able to work, prompting the need for a heart transplant. Racing to find a heart donor in time to treat Henry before the infection kills him, House finds an organ donor who’s been declared unfit due to a mysterious illness.
House and his team take on a new patient, Bob, who comes to Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital after suffering from a breathing attack while role-playing in the bedroom with his wife (guest star Samantha Mathis). All the symptoms point to heavy metal poisoning, but the tests do not. Meanwhile, as the team goes through its diagnostic process, House is wreaking havoc in the clinic, telling a patient that he got a sexually transmitted disease from his wife.
Melinda (guest star Michelle Trachtenberg), a rebellious teenage girl who is immunocompromised as a result of medications she’s taking after a heart transplant, has a severe allergic reaction and goes into shock despite living in a "clean" room. House and the team step in to figure out exactly what caused the reaction, but end up playing referee between Melinda, her overprotective mother (guest star Mel Harris) and her boyfriend.
It’s poker night at Princeton Plainsboro when the hospital hosts an oncology benefit. A 6-year-old boy is brought in exhibiting symptoms that aren’t too unusual; however, when House learns of additional specifics, he jumps on the case right away. He’s seen this set of unique symptoms before - in a previous case when an elderly patient lost her life.
A young woman, Hannah, hasn’t been able to sleep for 10 days. She’s brought in after she downed an entire bottle of sleeping pills and still didn’t fall asleep.
When 15-year-old faith healer, Boyd, is admitted and claims he can talk to God, House takes the case. House thinks the kid is a clever con until the boy touches one of Wilson’s cancer patients and causes her cancer to go into remission.
Part 1 of 2. A police officer is admitted in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the head and symptoms that include unexplained giddiness. With no explanation for the odd symptoms, House dispatches Dr. Foreman to the officer’s apartment to see if he can gather any clues or possible causes. As the officer’s case worsens, Foreman begins to exhibit the same early symptoms and is put in isolation with the patient until House and the team can make a diagnosis.
Part 2 of 2. The police officer is dead, and Foreman continues to experience the same dire progression of symptoms: blindness, muscle contractures and excruciating pain. Foreman realizes he very well may be facing death and tries to make amends in his life. He calls his father (guest star Charles S. Dutton), who travels to be at his son’s side. House, Cameron and Chase try everything they can, including infecting him with another disease.
When young mother Kara has a seizure while bathing her child, it causes the near drowning of her newborn son. Unable to determine the cause of Kara’s seizures, House and the team race to find what's wrong with her while simultaneously trying to bring her infant back to life. When both mother and son develop complications, Kara’s husband must make some very difficult decisions.
A 16-year-old female Hurricane Katrina victim suffering from hallucinations about the tragedy is brought to House by his ex-bandmate Crandall (guest star D.B. Sweeney), who tells House he recently found out she’s his daughter. House takes the case despite feeling more pain than usual in his leg. He wants to run a paternity test to make sure his friend is not being scammed, but Crandall refuses.
As House and his team work on the diagnosis of Vince, a man with a giant swollen tongue, disgruntled former patient Jack Moriarty (guest star Elias Koteas) walks into House’s office and shoots him. House continues to treat Vince from his hospital bed in the ICU with Moriarty, shot by hospital security and handcuffed to his bed, as his roommate. Mysteriously since the shooting, House feels decreased pain in his leg.
House is back at work after recovering from multiple gunshot wounds and takes on two cases simultaneously - one of which he pushes to the edge of medical treatment, prompting Cuddy and the team to question his motives.
House and the team fight to save a young boy who claims he’s being experimented on by aliens, while Cuddy and Wilson withhold the truth from House that he really was right on his last case.
House and the team are pulled in differing ethical directions when their patient asks them to help him end his life.
House tries to decipher an autistic boy’s signals in order to diagnose what is causing him to scream.

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- Incorrect Release Dates5 star

Great show but the release dates are all WRONG! Fix it please! yes I actually care about things like that.

- Great Show, Bad Formatting.1 star

This is not a review of the show (which is great) but rather of how iTunes hadles boxsets; iTunes takes all 8 Seasons (178 episodes) and collapses them into what they call SEASON 1... Apple should change the behavior of a boxset, so that when you buy it, you are buying a bundle of the actual individual seasons.

- One of the best TV shows of all time!5 star

I have watched this multiple times and finally had to buy it. The writing for the characters, their personalities and episodes up even to the ending were all so well made/written. They are not afraid to dwell into the harsh realities of life. I could wright a quite a bit here about why I love house so much. It’s a must see, and you most likely will not be disappointed.

- Great show - Great value box set!5 star

Terrific value as a complete box set!

- House1 star


- Edit Review5 star

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- One of the best shows ever!5 star

Such a great show full of action! I never get tired of watching it!

- worth it?!5 star


- Fantastic in every, single, way.5 star

Funny, dark, relatable, intense. This show is everything bundled in one.

- Dry hintgdhig5 star

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- Amazing Show5 star

This is one of my favorite shows. It’s definitely worth watching. Also, the price was way too good to pass up.

- I love house5 star

Very good show season 2 episode 24 is a shocker. I just bought all of them for a steal of a price.

- Awesome show and a steal of a price5 star

One of my all time favorite shows and a price lower than one season.

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you’ve taken my full house complete series vhs box set for the last time, jeremy

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