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He’s ingenious, he’s phobic, he’s obsessive-compulsive. Emmy® and Golden Globe®-winner Tony Shalhoub plays former police detective Adrian Monk. Monk: The Complete Series Wiki

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An ex-cop suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder solves crimes with various (and usually exasperated) sidekicks. The 'defective detective' may have an abundance of phobias (heights, crowds, and even milk), but also razor-sharp deductive skills, which he uses to help the San Francisco police with especially baffling cases.

Episode TitleTime
Season 1, Episode 1: Mr. Monk and the Candidate, Pt. 142:19
Season 1, Episode 2: Mr. Monk and the Candidate, Pt. 241:18
Season 1, Episode 3: Mr. Monk and the Psychic43:55
Season 1, Episode 4: Mr. Monk Meets Dale the Whale44:06
Season 1, Episode 5: Mr. Monk Goes to the Carnival43:20
Season 1, Episode 6: Mr. Monk Goes to the Asylum43:21
Season 1, Episode 7: Mr. Monk and the Billionaire Mugger42:44
Season 1, Episode 8: Mr. Monk and the Other Woman44:19
Season 1, Episode 9: Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man43:50
Season 1, Episode 10: Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation44:15
Season 1, Episode 11: Mr. Monk and the Earthquake44:25
Season 1, Episode 12: Mr. Monk Meets the Red-Headed Stranger44:03
Season 1, Episode 13: Mr. Monk and the Airplane44:09
Season 2, Episode 1: Mr. Monk Goes Back to School44:18
Season 2, Episode 2: Mr. Monk Goes to the Ballgame42:56
Season 2, Episode 3: Mr. Monk Goes to Mexico42:58
Season 2, Episode 4: Mr. Monk Goes to the Circus44:16
Season 2, Episode 5: Mr. Monk and the Very, Very Old Man44:20
Season 2, Episode 6: Mr. Monk Goes to the Theatre44:14
Season 2, Episode 7: Mr. Monk and the Sleeping Suspect44:17
Season 2, Episode 8: Mr. Monk Meets the Playboy44:18
Season 2, Episode 9: Mr. Monk and the 12th Man43:34
Season 2, Episode 10: Mr. Monk and the Paperboy43:26
Season 2, Episode 11: Mr. Monk and the Three Pies43:17
Season 2, Episode 12: Mr. Monk and the TV Star43:18
Season 2, Episode 13: Mr. Monk and the Missing Granny43:22
Season 2, Episode 14: Mr. Monk and the Captain's Wife41:56
Season 2, Episode 15: Mr. Monk Gets Married43:20
Season 2, Episode 16: Mr. Monk Goes to Jail43:17
Season 3, Episode 1: Mr. Monk Takes Manhattan43:16
Season 3, Episode 2: Mr. Monk and the Panic Room43:15
Season 3, Episode 3: Mr. Monk and the Blackout43:16
Season 3, Episode 4: Mr. Monk Gets Fired42:25
Season 3, Episode 5: Mr. Monk Meets the Godfather43:15
Season 3, Episode 6: Mr. Monk and the Girl Who Cried Wolf43:14
Season 3, Episode 7: Mr. Monk and the Employee of the Month42:15
Season 3, Episode 8: Mr. Monk and the Game Show43:15
Season 3, Episode 9: Mr. Monk Takes His Medicine42:13
Season 3, Episode 10: Mr. Monk and the Red Herring43:07
Season 3, Episode 11: Mr. Monk vs. the Cobra42:43
Season 3, Episode 12: Mr. Monk Gets Cabin Fever43:06
Season 3, Episode 13: Mr. Monk Gets Stuck in Traffic42:33
Season 3, Episode 14: Mr. Monk Goes to Vegas42:39
Season 3, Episode 15: Mr. Monk and the Election43:12
Season 3, Episode 16: Mr. Monk and the Kid43:12
Season 4, Episode 1: Mr. Monk and the Other Detective43:13
Season 4, Episode 2: Mr. Monk Goes Home Again43:08
Season 4, Episode 3: Mr. Monk Stays in Bed43:13
Season 4, Episode 4: Mr. Monk Goes to the Office43:17
Season 4, Episode 5: Mr. Monk Gets Drunk42:44
Working as a private investigator, Monk visits a crime scene to investigate the murder of Nicole Vasquez. He finds a number of significant clues, but is not yet sure of the identity of the murderer. Later, shots ring out at a campaign rally, and San Francisco mayoral candidate Warren St. Clair's bodyguard is killed. The incumbent mayor instructs Captain Stottlemeyer to bring Monk in on the case, and reluctantly, he does. Monk soon finds the cases to be intertwined, but why? Part 1 of 2.
Working as a private investigator, Monk visits a crime scene to investigate the murder of Nicole Vasquez. He finds a number of significant clues, but is not yet sure of the identity of the murderer. Later, shots ring out at a campaign rally, and San Francisco mayoral candidate Warren St. Clair's bodyguard is killed. The incumbent mayor instructs Captain Stottlemeyer to bring Monk in on the case, and reluctantly, he does. Monk soon finds the cases to be intertwined, but why? Part 2 of 2.
When former San Francisco Police Commissioner Harry Ashcombe puts out a call to help locate his "missing" wife, Monk and Sharona volunteer their assistance. But no sooner than they are on the case when the body of Mrs. Ashcombe is discovered by the notorious quack psychic Dolly Flint, who claims she was led to the body in a psychic trance. After attending the late Mrs. Ashcombe's memorial service, Monk begins to suspect that her death was more than just an accident.
San Francisco judge Catherine Lavinio places a frantic call to 911: there's an intruder in the house trying to kill her! As the 911 operators rush to dispatch a unit to the scene, the call is cut off, and Judge Lavinio is later found dead. The cops' prime suspect is 800-pound tycoon Dale J. Biederbeck III (Adam Arkin), a.k.a. "Dale The Whale." But Monk wonders how that can be possible - Biederbeck hasn't left his bed in eleven years, and can't even fit through his bedroom door!
Hotheaded police detective Adam Kirk agrees to meet a mysterious informant named John Gitomer on a moving Ferris wheel high above a local carnival. Moments after the ride begins to move, however, Gitomer starts screaming in agony. The Ferris wheel operator brings the ride to a halt, Detective Kirk leaps out, and he turns to find Gitomer with a knife in his heart. Now the informant is dead - and no one but Kirk could have done it. Captain Stottlemeyer, Kirk's former partner, is determined to clear Kirk's name. But given the overwhelming evidence against Kirk, doing so may prove difficult. Fearing the worst, Stottlemeyer has no choice but to bring in Monk.
A confused Monk is found trespassing in the home of his late wife, Trudy, and is sent to the Medford Psychiatric Institute for observation. Monk meets the hospital's brilliant director, Dr. Morris Lancaster, as well as fellow patients John Wurster (Kevin Nealon) - an overly empathic, Zelig-type ("I'm a detective too!") - and Manny, a man in his thirties who still believes in Santa Claus. Wurster tells Monk about a murder that took place at Medford four years earlier and Monk soon finds himself on the case.
Sidney Teal appears to have it all: his own software company, billions of dollars, a beautiful wife, and a beautiful home. But all is not as it seems. One night, Sidney drives to a movie theater and waits in the shadows. A couple emerges from the theater, and when they pass, Sidney leaps out with a knife, snarling "Give me your wallet! Don't be a hero!" But Teal picked the wrong couple to mug: the man, Archie Modine, suddenly pulls a gun and shoots the billionaire dead. Due to the high-profile nature of the Teal case, Stottlemeyer wants to bring Monk in to help investigate. Right away, Monk has issues with the crime scene.
As attorney Lou Pratt finishes his day's work, a shadowy figure creeps into his office, kills the luckless attorney, then removes and burns a file from the file room. It's not long before Monk is called in to assist with the investigation. The prime suspect: Lawrence Grayson, the client whose file was burned in Pratt's office. Monk learns that not only did Grayson owe the dead attorney money, but that he had also threatened Pratt one year earlier, after Pratt failed to win an injunction to keep Grayson's neighbor, the lovely Monica Waters, from building a garage near Grayson's property line. Monk can't believe that a petty legal dispute over a simple garage could turn so deadly. He also can't believe the striking resemblance between Monica Waters and his late wife Trudy. Monk is smitten, and he arranges to have dinner with Monica to discuss the case. However, it's clear Monk is more interested in Monica than in the murder.
Monk knows arrogant local furniture magnate Trevor McDowell threw his young mistress, Gwen Zaleski, off her 21st-story balcony. Trouble is, McDowell was across town running in a citywide marathon at the time of the murder. His alibi is perfect: the runners were tracked by microchips secured to their shoelaces during the race, and the computer shows McDowell ran the full 26 miles.
Sharona drags a reluctant Monk to a vacation resort down the California coast. His sojourn is quickly interrupted when Sharona’s son, Benjy, witnesses the murder of a woman in one of the rooms through a sightseeing telescope. The hotel’s gung-ho security chief quickly puts the hotel on lockdown. Benjy’s murder sighting soon appears to be a false alarm, but Monk still believes in his young witness.
When a minor earthquake rocks San Francisco, trophy wife Christina Rutherford seizes the opportunity to bludgeon her husband Henry to death with a handy marble statue. Afterwards, she topples a huge wooden display case onto his body so it will appear he died during the earthquake. It's a crime of opportunity. A perfect murder. Or so Christina thinks. Amy Sedaris guest stars as Sharona's free-spirited sister, Gail.
An angry Willie Nelson accuses his road manager, Sonny Cross, of embezzlement just hours before making a San Francisco radio appearance. Sonny later arrives at the radio station to find a note summoning him to a side entrance. As Sonny disappears down an alley, two shots ring out. An engineer throws open the side door to find a blind woman, Mrs. Mass, screaming hysterically, and Willie Nelson hovering over Sonny's dead body. An injured Captain Stottlemeyer decides to put Lt. Disher in charge of the investigation, and Disher loses no time in calling in Adrian Monk.
Sharona blindsides Monk by announcing she is going to be flying to New Jersey to visit her Aunt Minn. The notion of going a whole week without her forces our obsessive compulsive hero to (gulp) swallow his paralyzing fear of airplanes and accompany her on the trip. At the airport, Monk notices a handsome married couple, the Chabrols, tenderly kissing. What he doesn't see is Mrs. Chabrol being murdered in a restroom a few minutes later, her suave French husband, Stephan, disposing of her body, or Stephan's mistress (dressed exactly like Mrs. Chabrol) assuming her identity on the plane.
It's Saturday morning at Ashton High School, and the SAT exams have just begun. As the students settle in to their seats, cracking open their exam booklets, everyone is startled by a loud crash and the wail of a car alarm. Rushing to the window, they are shocked to find the body of beloved English teacher Beth Landow strewn across the hood of a car parked at the base of a clock tower. It appears to be a suicide. But school principal Arlene Cassidy isn't so sure. That's why she calls on the services of detective Adrian Monk to investigate. Andrew McCarthy guest stars.
Lawrence Hammond, a high-powered corporate CEO, is driving his wife to a weekend getaway using the directions given by their car's GPS system when the electronic voice goes haywire, leading them not to a resort hotel but to a deserted lot - a lot where a killer lies in wait. Monk quickly realizes that Erin, the CEO's trophy wife, was the killer's primary target. Her husband was shot only once, and survived just long enough to give a cryptic clue: "Girls Can't Eat Fifteen Pizzas." No one knows what it means. Monk pursues the wife angle, and soon discovers that Erin had been having an affair. When Monk sees a sports magazine, he notices that Scott Gregorio, a baseball star, had taken an art class that Erin was also in, and deduces that he was her secret lover.
While on spring break vacation in Mexico, Chip Rosatti, the son of a prominent San Francisco businessman, wins a free skydiving jump. Watching from the ground, two of his friends gaze up in horror as Chip leaps from the plane but fails to open his chute and plummets to his death. When Chip's body is examined at the morgue, local coroner Dr. Madero discovers some perplexing news: Chip Rosatti didn't die from hitting the ground -- rather, he drowned in mid-air. A call from the Mayor of San Francisco sends Monk to the Mexican vacation spot in order to figure out just what happened during that fall.
At a quaint sidewalk cafe, Serge Cluvarias and his young date Ariana sit enjoying a late dinner. Their quiet evening is suddenly interrupted when a mysterious masked figure dressed as a ninja leaps down into the cafe from the rooftops above, and, without warning, shoots Serge dead. The ninja then makes a quick escape by leaping onto the restaurant awning, performing an amazing in-air somersault, and diving into the street to run away. When the police arrive at the scene with Monk in tow, it only takes the obsessive compulsive detective a moment to tie together a handful of clues. Sugar cubes missing from the tables, sawdust on the ground, a somersaulting ninja, and an elephant gun... is there a circus in town? Lolita Davidovitch guest stars.
As the elderly residents of the Malden Retirement Home relax after dinner, just down the hall, Miles Holling, who is the world's oldest man and just one day shy of his 115th birthday, is being suffocated by a shadowy figure. Captain Stottlemeyer's wife Karen (Glenne Headly), who once profiled Holling in a documentary film she made, suspects that the elderly man's death was no accident. But Captain Stottlemeyer, citing Holling's age, believes he likely died of natural causes. Monk is brought in to settle the dispute, and he agrees with Karen.
Sharona's sister, Gail (Amy Sedaris), is starring in a play bound for New York, and Monk and Sharona are in the audience. During a scene, Gail uses a fake knife to "stab" another actor. The actor gasps and wheezes before falling to the floor -- but then doesn't get up. A doctor rushes onstage from the audience and determines that the actor was stabbed in the chest. Gail is immediately arrested and charged with murder. As if things weren't stressful enough for Sharona, her mother arrives for a visit. Sharona tries to push aside her feelings to prepare her mother for the news of Gail's arrest. As expected, Mrs. Fleming is beside herself -- her daughter is being accused of murder! She asks Monk and Sharona to help clear her daughter's name.
It's a quiet afternoon in the San Francisco suburbs. Amanda Babbage chats on the phone as she retrieves her mail, confiding to her friend a recent series of difficulties between she and her brothers. Little does Amanda know that the package she's just carried into the house is in fact a bomb. This oversight is made clear a few moments later when, as she attempts to open the package, it explodes, killing her instantly. Though Monk is in the middle of a personal crisis -- his psychiatrist, Dr. Kroger, has left town for vacation, leaving Monk to deal with his obsessive compulsions on his own -- Captain Stottlemeyer nevertheless brings him in to consult on the bombing.
Elliot D'Souza, Chief Financial Officer for a high-powered publishing company, is working out in his private gym alone when suddenly the weight of his barbell overwhelms him and it comes crashing down violently on his throat. He's killed instantly, choked to death by his own workout equipment. Is it just an unusual accident, or something more sinister? Elliot's secretary, Miss Luden, is certain that Dexter Larsen (Gary Cole), the infamous publisher of the gentlemen's magazine Sapphire, somehow orchestrated her boss' death. As it turns out, Elliot was planning to close the doors of the infamous swinging party palace, the Sapphire Mansion. Not satisfied by the results of the police investigation, Miss Luden asks Monk and Sharona to take the case.
A tollbooth operator is killed at work. Across town, a woman is killed in a movie theatre. Those are just two more victims the police have added to the growing number of bizarre homicides that have been sweeping the city in recent weeks. Immediately, Monk is suspicious of the details surrounding both murders and by the clues -- or lack thereof -- left at the various crime scenes.
After Nestor and Jose Alverez deliver the morning paper to their most demanding customer, Adrian Monk, they notice someone trying to steal it. While trying to stop the thief, Nestor is pushed to his death. Monk's apartment is soon turned into a hub of disorder and distractions as the police search the crime scene. Monk's nerdy neighbor Kevin stops by to check out the commotion, and also introduces his hot new girlfriend, Vicki. With no crime scene clues and no obvious suspects or motive, Monk is convinced that there must be something in the newspaper that the killer did not want him to see.
An elderly woman wins a cherry pie at a town raffle. Before she can drive home with her prize, a man approaches, demanding she give him the pie. She refuses, so the man kills her and drives away with her body. Captain Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Disher consider the case a routine carjacking, but Monk suspects there may be more to it. However, before Monk can get too involved, he gets a surprising phone call from his brother Ambrose (John Turturro), who wants to discuss a matter of "life or death". The brothers haven't spoken in seven years, ever since Ambrose failed to contact Monk after the death of Monk's wife Trudy.
Monk and Sharona are called to the home of Susan Molloy, the ex-wife of popular TV star Brad Terry. Once there, they learn that Susan was stabbed inside the house while Brad was out front dealing with the paparazzi -- that is, until everyone heard Susan's screams. The evidence points to a break in, but Monk thinks otherwise. Monk and Sharona pay a visit to the set of Brad's hit TV show, "Crime Lab S.F." There, they learn that the show is celebrating its 100th episode, which in turn means a VERY big payday for Brad -- a payday he's likely unwilling to share with his ex. Monk thinks he's got him, but when the TV star volunteers for a lie detector test and passes with flying colors, it's Monk who's been had.
An elderly woman is strapped to her chair and kidnapped from her home by two masked intruders who leave a spray-painted lightning bolt on her wall. Captain Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Disher immediately suspect a 1970's radical group, the Lightning Brigade. Dissatisfied with the police investigation, the victim's granddaughter, Julie Parlo (Rachel Dratch), asks for Monk's help. In exchange, Julie, a law student, promises to get Monk reinstated to the police force with a clever legal strategy. Eager to get back on the force, Monk agrees to help.
After a sniper's bullet kills a tow truck driver, the truck careens into Karen Stottlemeyer's car as she is making her way to work, sending her to the hospital. As Captain Stottlemeyer grapples with the possibility of losing his wife, Lieutenant Disher speculates that an ongoing local union dispute may be behind the shooting. Eager to find the person responsible for nearly killing his wife, Stottlemeyer confronts union leader Harry Bolston at a union rally. Bolston denies any wrongdoing, and Monk believes him, suspecting something just isn't right. But Stottlemeyer's clouded judgment has made him obsessed with nailing Bolston and the union.
San Francisco antique dealer Raymond Toliver reads aloud from an old, yellowing confession written by 19th century prospector Joshua Skinner. It describes how Skinner murdered his mining partner Gully Watson during the gold rush of 1849, built an enormous house on the site of the gold strike, then hid Watson's share of the mother lode -- a cache worth millions that has never been found to this day. "Where is the gold?" Skinner’s letter asks. "The answer is in my journals." As Toliver ponders aloud how anyone could murder their partner for a cache of gold, his own partner, Dalton Padron, bludgeons him to death with a sewing machine. A few days later, Monk is entreated by a very drunk Lieutenant Disher to look into the whirlwind nuptials of his unglamorous, 50-something mother, Maria, to a dark, mysterious and much younger antique dealer named Dalton Padron -- whom Disher doesn't trust.
Qui voudrait assassiner un détenu dans le quartier des condamnés à mort 45 mn avant son exécution et pour quelle raison ? Voilà ce que demande le capitaine Stottlemeyer à Monk. Alors que celui-ci est pressé de quitter la prison, il reçoit un appel de Dale Biederbeck, qui change tous ses plans. Cet homme aurait des informations de la plus haute importance à lui fournir concernant le meurtre du prisonnier...
Monk, Sharona, Captain Stottlemeyer, and Lieutenant Disher arrive in New York City to pursue a lead in the murder case of Monk's wife, Trudy. Dale the Whale has given them the name of a man that was involved: Warrick Tennyson. But before they can even check into their hotel rooms, Monk becomes a witness in the shooting death of the Latvian Ambassador to the United States. Unfortunately, Monk only gets a glimpse of the killer's left ear as he flees the scene of the crime.
It's the middle of the night at the estate of eccentric record producer Ian Blackburn. Blackburn is in his home studio, working on some songs for his pop superstar wife, Chloe (Carmen Electra). An alarm goes off, and Blackburn grabs his pet chimpanzee, Darwin, and runs to his fortified panic room where, moments later, police arrive on the scene and blast their way in. They enter to discover an incredibly bizarre tableau: Blackburn shot dead with Darwin the chimp standing over him, covered in blood and holding a revolver. Stottlemeyer and Disher reluctantly hold Darwin as the prime suspect, but they quickly enlist the help of Monk to determine the guilt or innocence of this most unlikely simian suspect.
A bomb is detonated at a San Francisco power plant resulting in three deaths. Monk, Sharona, Capt. Stottlemeyer, and Lt. Disher are called in to investigate. They meet with the plant's attractive spokesperson, Michele Rivas, and the nerdy site engineer, Gene Edelson. It looks like an inside job until a note left behind at the crime scene leads the gang to 90s anti-military radical Winston Brenner. As they delve into Brenner's file, the investigation comes to a literal dead end: Brenner died in 1995. The police believe there is a chance that Brenner might have faked his own death, so Monk and the gang track down his old college roommate, a former radical named Alby Drake (Judge Reinhold).
Somewhere in the San Francisco suburbs, Paul Harley has a surprise for his mistress, Larysa Zeryeva. He blindfolds her, leads her to his garage, and (surprise!) smashes her in the head with a tire iron. Harley then proceeds to cut up the body with a chainsaw. Meanwhile, over at Police Headquarters, Captain Stottlemeyer is investigating an arson case that took place at a wig factory. But Commissioner Brooks, Stottlemeyer's ornery new boss, has a more pressing matter for investigation: a woman's torso has washed ashore in San Francisco Bay. Stottlemeyer turns his attention to the torso murder, quickly bringing Monk on board.
When an unknown gunman shoots up a barbershop owned by the mob, Monk is called on by Salvatore Lucarelli (Phillip Baker Hall), the West Coast Godfather, to find the killer and prevent a mob war. Monk initially wants nothing to do with the Lucarelli family, but the Feds convince him to take the job and help bring down the entire organization.
When Sharona is approached in a parking garage by a staggering, blood-soaked man, she runs screaming for Monk, who's waiting outside. When they return moments later, there's no trace of a body. The police are unable to find any evidence that suggests anything out of the ordinary - except Sharona's behavior. Captain Stottlemeyer encourages Monk to give Sharona a few days off to relax: clearly she's overworked. A few days later, Sharona attends her evening creative writing course where, strangely, her professor claims Sharona never handed her paper in. Confused, Sharona leaves and heads for home. On the way, she stops for gas - and again comes face to face with the blood-soaked man from the parking garage!
It's almost dawn at a suburban "Mega-Mart" retail store, and the store's best employee, Edna Coruthers, arrives early for work. There's a note telling her to go to the loading dock, and when she gets there, a forklift rumbles toward her, knocking over a stack of TV sets. Poor Edna is crushed and killed. Captain Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Disher investigate, and the case appears to be a routine industrial accident. But the store's security manager suspects foul play and calls Monk to the scene. It turns out the security manager is Joe Christie, Monk's ex-partner who was kicked off the force years ago for stealing drugs from an evidence room. Christie shows Monk some evidence, but Monk refuses to work with his crooked ex-partner.
With Sharona out of town visiting her ailing mother, Monk has been left in the care of his annoying former neighbor, Kevin Dorfman. As Monk is forced to deal with Kevin's antics, there's a knock on the door. To his astonishment, it's Dwight Ellison, the father of his late wife, Trudy. Ellison is an executive overseeing a popular game show called "Treasure Chest." He's convinced the current champion is cheating, so he asks Monk to come to Los Angeles to help him figure out what's going on. Monk and Dwight head to L.A., with Kevin in tow.
Captain Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Disher are making a routine arrest when a mysterious man in a car drives up and shoots at them, wounding Stottlemeyer. With Stottlemeyer in the hospital, Monk joins Disher in an intense investigation. Their prime suspect is the man Stottlemeyer and Disher were trying to arrest at the time of the shooting, a biker who was attempting to skip bail. When Monk and Disher try to apprehend the biker, Monk's obsessive-compulsive disorder allows the suspect to escape. Consumed with guilt, Monk goes to Dr. Kroger (Stanley Kamel) for help. Dr. Kroger gives Monk some pills that help people with O.C.D., and Monk reluctantly tries them. The pills work, and soon Monk becomes a completely different person. He's more relaxed, and his fears and phobias seem to be gone. But despite the benefits, there's one key cost: Monk has lost his ability to solve crime.
Single mom Natalie Teeger (Traylor Howard) hears a noise in the middle of the night. She checks on her daughter, Julie, and then goes to her living room. An intruder lunges at her out of the darkness, and a vicious struggle ensues. In desperation, Natalie grabs a scissors and stabs the intruder, killing him. Captain Stottlemeyer and Lieutenant Disher arrive to investigate the case. It turns out Natalie had another intruder in her house a couple of days earlier: a man posing as a water meter reader who looked around her living room and took off. Nobody can figure out what the crooks were after, so Captain Stottlemeyer recommends that Natalie contact Monk.
When author John Ricca wrote his controversial tell-all biography of deceased Kung Fu movie star Sonny Chow, he knew some people wouldn't be happy. What he hadn't counted on was being killed for writing it -- let alone by Sonny Chow himself. Baffled by the idea that someone who has been dead for six years could have committed a murder, Captain Stottlemeyer calls Monk on the case.
When Monk witnesses a Chinese gang murder, he becomes a federal witness under the protective custody of old friend Agent Grooms. Grooms takes Monk, along with Natalie and Captain Stottlemeyer, to a remote FBI cabin in the woods. On the way to the hideaway, they meet Martin and Kathy Willowby, who live in a cabin not far from the one where Monk is staying.
It's dawn at a construction site, and Ray Galardi, a tough-looking gangster, is meeting with Steve Marriot, an environmental activist. Galardi wants Marriot to withdraw a lawsuit that's holding up Galardi's plans for a strip mall. When Marriot refuses, Galardi smashes him in the head with a lead pipe, killing him. Later that day, Natalie is driving Monk and Julie down the highway on their way back from one of Julie's field hockey games. A truck cuts Natalie off, and Monk reports it to the trucking company. Minutes later, Natalie is passed by a dump truck driven by the killer, Ray Galardi.
Millionaire Las Vegas casino owner Daniel Thorn (James Brolin) is leaving for a fundraising benefit with his beautiful wife, Sheryl, when tragedy strikes. Sheryl's trademark scarf gets caught in the doors of Thorn's private elevator, strangling her and breaking her neck. The authorities classify the death as an accident. Captain Stottlemeyer is in Las Vegas for a bachelor party at the same time as the death. He suspects Sheryl Thorn was murdered, and calls on Monk to investigate. When Monk arrives, Stottlemeyer is too hung over from partying the night before to remember the incriminating evidence he discovered against Thorn, so Monk has to start from scratch.
Natalie is running for the school board in an effort to keep Julie's school from being closed. She's set up her office in an abandoned storefront, and she has a crew of supporters helping her with signs, mailings, and phone calls. Suddenly, shots ring out, and the office is riddled with bullets. Monk, Stottlemeyer, and Disher go to a nearby rooftop, where they find a dead security guard and a note from the sniper that demands that Natalie withdraw from the race.
It seems like just another day in the park for Janet Novak (Nicole Sullivan) and her playful group of foster children ... until her toddler Tommy goes missing. The police rush in to search for the child and soon find the boy safe and sound, but with a little surprise in hand -- he's carrying a human finger! Realizing Tommy is too young to tell them where he found it, Captain Stottlemeyer locks down the park and begins searching for a body. When the police don't find anything, Stottlemeyer calls on Adrian Monk to put the pieces together.
Harold Gumbal robs his own jewelry store and delivers the loot to two thugs who have taken his dog hostage. When a security guard shows up, one of the thugs panics and kills him. With Gumbal now a witness to the murder, the shooter turns to Gumbal and kills him, too, in cold blood. Monk is called in to investigate. Before he can make any progress, a disheveled, second-rate detective named Marty Eels (Jason Alexander) shows up. But today, Marty's detective skills are far from second rate. In fact, he's amazing. He's even better than Monk. He seems to be solving the case by magic. Monk, meanwhile, is convinced that Marty Eels is cheating.
When an armored car driver is shot to death outside a grocery store, Monk is called in to investigate. Witnesses saw the shooter, who used the driver’s own gun for the shooting. Monk looks for clues, but before he can get too deep into the case, he gets a phone call from his brother, Ambrose. Apparently, their long-lost father called and is coming to Ambrose’s house that night for a visit. Monk is skeptical, but he decides to go see Ambrose anyway.
When a pizza deliveryman mistakenly gives Natalie $50 in extra change, Natalie decides to do a good deed. She follows him, intending to return the money, but is shocked to find his car on a deserted street, with the deliveryman beaten to death in the driver’s seat. Stottlemeyer and Disher arrive to assess the situation, but they’re soon called away to a bigger case. With the authorities distracted, Natalie feels obligated to champion the cause of the dead deliveryman. She goes to Monk for help, but he’s feeling sick, and soon finds himself stuck in bed with the flu. Natalie is now on a mission to get to the bottom of things.
When a masked man kills a parking garage attendant and breaks the right hand of stock analyst Warren Kemp, Monk is called in to investigate. The most baffling question: why would somebody want to break the right hand of a stock analyst? Warren Kemp wants answers, so he hires Monk to work undercover at his office.
Monk and Natalie are traveling to wine country to celebrate Monk and Trudy's anniversary. Every year, Monk goes to the same bed and breakfast where he and Trudy spent their honeymoon. After Monk and Natalie check in, Monk sits down to eat dinner alone, with an open seat reserved for Trudy. It’s a touching moment - until Monk is interrupted by Larry Zwibell, a loquacious guest who rudely seats himself in Trudy’s chair. After noticing that Monk is woozy after having just taken a sip of wine, Zwibell tells Monk to find him later for a great hangover cure and then leaves. The next day, Monk is indeed hung over and seeks out Zwibell for that cure. Much to his surprise, Zwibell is gone, and nobody has any recollection whatsoever of a Larry Zwibell...

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- loves hogs5 star

fun purcase-wish this series was still on with original characters

- It's good.5 star

It's good.

- Excellent show!5 star

Well worth the $50 I spent on it! Lots of laughs!

- Amazing deal and awesome show5 star

Hmmm $240 for 8 individual seasons for $30 for the series. No brainer and Tony Shalhoub's performance as the title character is awesome.

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5 star

Kung Fu: The Complete Series (Repackage/ 2017/DVD) #DavidCarradine stars as a Buddhist monk who wanders the America…

5 star

🧖🏻‍♀️ Wee little Abigirl has been fed, watered, and #walkies 🐾 and we're off #nowplaying the complete series of…

5 star

Kung Fu: The Complete Series (Repackage/ 2017/DVD) #DavidCarradine stars as a Buddhist monk who wanders the America…

5 star

@Kari_G027 @Chitori_Bocchi How about some 90s sports anime suggestion of HUNGRY HEA and AREA NO KISHI those are…

5 star

@mosaselela @Chitori_Bocchi How about some 90s sports anime of HUNGRY HEA and AREA NO KISHI those are some pretty…

Monk: The Complete Series Images & Pictures

Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images
Monk: The Complete Series images

Monk: The Complete Series Posters

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Monk: The Complete Series posters
Monk: The Complete Series posters
Monk: The Complete Series posters
Monk: The Complete Series posters
Monk: The Complete Series posters
Monk: The Complete Series posters
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