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Based on the articles and breakout true crime podcast from Los Angeles Times reporter Christopher Goffard, Bravo's scripted event series "Dirty John" tells the true story of how a romance between Debra Newell (Connie Britton) and the charismatic John Meehan (Eric Bana) spiraled into secrets, denial, manipulation, and ultimately, a fight for survival for an entire family. Dirty John, Season 1 Wiki

Dirty John, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - Approachable Dreams
Debra Newell has a seemingly perfect life: she's successful, beautiful and lives in one of California's most desirable coastal cities, Newport Beach. The only thing missing is love. So when Debra finally meets charming and handsome doctor John Meehan, she's quickly swept into a whirlwind romance, much to her daughters' dismay.

2 - Red Flags and Parades
Debra and John revel secretly in their newlywed bliss, as Veronica, Terra, and Toby hatch a plan to prove their suspicions about their mother's new man.

3 - Remember It Was Me
Debra discovers John's criminal record. In the past, John starts his first family.

4 - Shrapnel
Debra confronts John in the present, while we learn more about Arlane's past.

5 - Lord High Executioner
John gets clean for Debra. Terra learns John's back. John puts his sister through the ringer.

6 - One Shoe
Debra makes a decision about John. In Ohio, John captures the attention of Detective Dennis Luken.

7 - Chivalry
An inside look into how John operates while Debra tries to move forward.

8 - This Young Woman Fought Like Hell
John and Debra's relationship comes to a head in an unexpected way.

Dirty John, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Approachable Dreams49:52USD 1.99Download
2Red Flags and Parades46:46USD 1.99Download
3Remember It Was Me48:02USD 1.99Download
4Shrapnel43:13USD 1.99Download
5Lord High Executioner47:55USD 1.99Download
6One Shoe42:18USD 1.99Download
7Chivalry42:36USD 1.99Download
8This Young Woman Fought Like Hell42:58USD 1.99Download

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