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Restored and meticulously remastered in brilliant high definition, Star Trek: The Next Generation is a true milestone in TV history. With such thought-provoking episodes as “The Measure of a Man” and “The Inner Light”; the return of the Borg in “The Best of Both Worlds”; and the time-shattering confrontation between Captain Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart)and the mysterious, god-like Q in the Hugo Award-winning series finale. Enjoy every memorable moment from the series that re-launched the Star Trek™ legacy for new “generations” to enjoy and experience! Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series Wiki

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Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) focuses on the 24th century adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-D). This incarnation of the famous starship is much larger than the one captained by James T. Kirk a century earlier, and, accordingly, it carries a larger crew complement: 1,012 men, women…and, surprisingly, children. This era's Starfleet Command believes that men and women are more likely to sign up for long-term exploratory missions if they think of their ship as home. Thus, Picard's crew enjoys many of the comforts they'd have otherwise left behind, including a wide variety of recreational opportunities, "replicated" food dishes to suit every palate, and quarters large enough to share with spouses and offspring. There are schools for the children and a bar (stocked with synthetic alcohol, or synthehol) where the adults can unwind. However, the ongoing mission—no longer limited to a mere five years—remains virtually the same as it was during Kirk's time: to seek out new life and new civilizations, and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

Episode TitleTime
Season 1, Episode 1: Encounter At Farpoint, Pt. 146:19
Season 1, Episode 2: Encounter At Farpoint, Pt. 246:22
Season 1, Episode 3: The Naked Now45:35
Season 1, Episode 4: Code of Honor45:30
Season 1, Episode 5: The Last Outpost45:35
Season 1, Episode 6: Where No One Has Gone Before45:34
Season 1, Episode 7: Lonely Among Us45:32
Season 1, Episode 8: Justice45:33
Season 1, Episode 9: The Battle45:33
Season 1, Episode 10: Hide and Q45:33
Season 1, Episode 11: Haven45:32
Season 1, Episode 12: The Big Goodbye45:32
Season 1, Episode 13: Datalore45:33
Season 1, Episode 14: Angel One45:31
Season 1, Episode 15: 1100100145:31
Season 1, Episode 16: Too Short a Season45:31
Season 1, Episode 17: When the Bough Breaks45:34
Season 1, Episode 18: Home Soil45:34
Season 1, Episode 19: Coming of Age45:31
Season 1, Episode 20: Heart of Glory45:32
Season 1, Episode 21: The Arsenal of Freedom45:31
Season 1, Episode 22: Symbiosis45:30
Season 1, Episode 23: Skin of Evil45:31
Season 1, Episode 24: We'll Always Have Paris45:30
Season 1, Episode 25: Conspiracy45:35
Season 1, Episode 26: The Neutral Zone45:33
Season 2, Episode 1: The Child45:33
Season 2, Episode 2: Where Silence Has Lease45:45
Season 2, Episode 3: Elementary, Dear Data45:40
Season 2, Episode 4: The Outrageous Okona45:33
Season 2, Episode 5: Loud As a Whisper45:22
Season 2, Episode 6: The Schizoid Man45:26
Season 2, Episode 7: Unnatural Selection45:11
Season 2, Episode 8: A Matter of Honor45:31
Season 2, Episode 9: The Measure of a Man45:36
Season 2, Episode 10: The Dauphin45:27
Season 2, Episode 11: Contagion45:29
Season 2, Episode 12: The Royale45:29
Season 2, Episode 13: Time Squared45:31
Season 2, Episode 14: The Icarus Factor45:27
Season 2, Episode 15: Pen Pals45:28
Season 2, Episode 16: Q Who?45:26
Season 2, Episode 17: Samaritan Snare45:29
Season 2, Episode 18: Up the Long Ladder45:24
Season 2, Episode 19: Manhunt45:24
Season 2, Episode 20: The Emissary45:32
Season 2, Episode 21: Peak Performance45:31
Season 2, Episode 22: Shades of Gray45:30
Season 3, Episode 1: Evolution45:29
Season 3, Episode 2: The Ensigns of Command45:28
The crew of the Enterprise is put on trial by a mysterious force called "Q" for all the crimes of mankind.
The crew of the Enterprise Is put on trial by a mysterious force called “Q” for all the crimes of mankind.
Romance, danger and chaos result when a mysterious contaminant renders the crew of the Enterprise intoxicated.
Kidnapped by aliens known as Ligonians, Lieutenant Tasha Yar battles for her freedom and the welfare of a diseased Federation planet.
Held captive over an unknown planet, the away teams of the U.S.S. Enterprise and Ferengi starships must pass an important inquisition by a mysterious life form known as Portal, before they are allowed to continue their journeys through space.
Teenager Wesley Crusher and a dying alien are the crew's only hope for escape from a bizarre galaxy where thoughts become real.
Passing through a series of complex energy patterns, the Enterprise crew find themselves trying to solve the mystery surrounding the death of Assistant Chief Engineer Singh and the altered personalities of Lt. Worf, Dr. Crusher and the Captain.
When Wesley is sentenced to death for innocently violating an alien planet's customs, Captain Picard is forced to choose between negotiating for Wesley's life or adhering to the Federations' prime directive which prohibits interfering with another civilization's way of life.
A thought altering device, controlled by a Ferengi Captain seeking revenge on Picard for his son's death, threatens the life of the Captain and the safety of the Enterprise.
The Enterprise is once again challenged by the dangerous and powerful "Q" who offers Riker god-like powers in exchange for Riker's membership in the "Q" continuum.
Counselor Deanna Troi is caught between her feelings for Riker and her devotion to family customs when she faces a prearranged marriage.
When the holodecks malfunction, the Captain and three crew members become trapped in San Francisco, 1941, where they are held hostage by murderous gangsters.
Data's android look-alike formulates an evil master plan that could destroy the Enterprise.
While the away team struggles to save male fugitives on a planet run by women, the Enterprise is ravaged by a highly infectious virus.
The Enterprise is hijacked by an alien species who need the ship's computer to regenerate the one damaged on their own planet.
The Enterprise escorts a Federation admiral to a planet to negotiate the release of hostages, but the planet governor wants to kill him in revenge for a previous hostage crisis that ended in tragedy.
Wesley and several children from the Enterprise are kidnapped by a sterile civilization which hopes to use them to rebuild their race.
A powerful microscopic life form declares war on humans, takes over the Enterprise's lab and computers and threatens to destroy the ship.
While Wesley endures the grueling Starfleet Academy entrance exam, Captain Picard faces an investigation into his competency as a commander.
Lt. Worf is torn between his loyalty to the Enterprise and his fierce Klingon heritage when two Klingon fugitives take over the ship.
Picard and the away team fight for their lives on a planet run by a computerized weapons system.
The Enterprise is caught in the middle when two alien races wage a bitter battle over cargo which one of them needs for survival.
A rescue mission turns to tragedy when one of the Enterprise officers is killed by an evil alien.
Captain Picard is unexpectedly reunited with his first love in the midst of an investigation into lethal time warp experiments.
Captain Picard and Commander Riker travel to Earth to Investigate a conspiracy In the highest ranks of Starfleet command.
While traveling to a meeting with the hostile Romulans, the crew discovers a ship containing three frozen Americans from the 20th century.
While preparing to transport a deadly plague to a research lab, the crew is stunned by the announcement of Counselor Troi's pregnancy.
The crew is held hostage in a mysterious void by a being who wishes to observe the many ways in which humans die.
Pretending to be Sherlock Holmes, Data uses the holodeck to solve a mystery that threatens Dr. Pulaski's life.
While the Enterprise crew plays host to a witty, renegade captain, Data struggles to acquire a sense of humor.
The future of a warring planet depends on a deaf mediator, who suddenly loses his ability to communicate.
A brilliant but terminally ill scientist seeks eternal life by transferring his mind into Data's body.
The crew grapples with a mysterious disease which accelerates the aging process, causing humans to die of old age within a matter of days.
Riker's loyalties are put to the test when he is assigned to a Klingon vessel which plans to attack the Enterprise.
When Data refuses to be disassembled for research purposes, Picard is enlisted to defend his rights in court.
Wesley finds romance with the beautiful young ruler of Daled Four whose secret power could destroy the Enterprise and her crew.
The Enterprise's computer system falls prey to a mysterious electronic "virus" which programs the ship to self destruct.
Investigating the discovery of a piece of metal bearing a United States Air Force insignia, the Away Team finds Itself trapped in the world of "The Hotel Royale", a novel come to life.
The U.S.S. Enterprise discovers a Federation shuttle containing an exact double of Captain Picard from six hours in the future.
Riker's long-lost father reappears on the eve of his departure to become captain on a new starship.
Data races against time to save the life of a little alien girl on a planet doomed for destruction.
The crew is hurled into the future by the malevolent Q, who sets them up for destruction by a race of half-human, half-robot aliens known as the Borgs.
While Picard fights for his life in surgery, Geordi is held hostage by the leaders of an alien race.
The crew's rescue of a missing earth colony leads to the discovery of a civilization composed entirely of clones.
In her search for the perfect mate, Troi's mother beams aboard the Enterprise -- and sets her sights on Captain Picard.
An official mission becomes a personal matter when Worf's former love is sent to the Enterprise to mediate a dispute between Klingons and the Federation.
A simulated war game suddenly turns into a real-life fight for survival when the crew is ambushed by a Ferengi battleship.
Commander Riker is struck down by a deadly microbe which invades his central nervous system and attacks his brain.
The crew fights for survival when a mysterious force attacks the ship's life-support systems.
Data races against time to save a human colony that's been marked for death by aliens.

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- HD is Great!5 star

Rewatching the show for the first time on HD, it is gorgeous and sounds amazing. I do wish there were extras on here, but this is my favorite show of all time and seeing it this way, wherever I am, just makes me happy.

- I advise new fans to watch TNG first!5 star

Why? Because TNG is the perfect example of what the series should be! The original series had budget issues back in the day, so some might get turned off watching that first. I suggest watching TNG first, maybe DS9, THEN watch a couple of the first few movies, and if you like those then watch the original series! The original series holds a lot more weight when you watch it later because you are already familiar with the different species, events, characters etc, so then things matter a lot more to you seeing it and saying "wow, so this is the FIRST time this happened!". But TNG is an awesome and amazing series, there is a reason it is so beloved! It is sci-fi drama at its best, and Captain Picard fills his role as a fair but serious captain perfectly. 5 stars

- Where are the extras?3 star

It’s by far my favorite TV show but I wonder why they did not include the extras? That’s such a shame, the new extras are really good!

- The best!!!5 star

This is what Star Trek is all about, the very best of what atheism Star Trek universe. Storytelling and action and characters that are developed over time, and over time they became awesome at what they do.

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Sticky 31 - Where is Picard?5 star

Since there is no page for Star Trek Picard in the iTunes store I will leave this here... Apple /iTunes, I Want the Picard (series) I believe it would be a great addition to the star trek TNG collection (witch i love by the way) in the store since you have all the other series including Discovery please make it so

Steve Makohin - Digitally Remastered, Beautiful Series5 star

I bought the Blu-rays before this was available on iTunes. The studio took the original 35 mm film, brought it into the HD digital domain, and recreated every original edit to give you a version of “Next Gen” that’s better than you ever saw on TV. If you loved TNG when it first aired, then this pristine digital set is worth adding to your collection. In original 4:3 aspect ratio. Remastered to 5.1 surround sound. 1080p video (from 35 mm film). Looks and sounds great. Highly recommend for Trek fans.

Angry_movie_review - Awesome. Love it.5 star

It's HD. NOT REMASTERED, like TOS, but still looks great!

Daddio27 - Disappointing1 star

Remastered? Ya no Having watched the Kirk remasters we expected crisp interludes, cleaned up graininess and a remix of Audio... We got an amazing show It’s says hd it is not Apple owes me $99 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

Read1111 - Best SciFi series5 star

Title says it all

Brad stewie - Star Trek The Next Generation5 star

Tv doesn’t get much better than this....⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Watchtower2020 - Trek1 star

Please note they have hiked up the prices this weekend, er: this was selling for £39.00 now its £50.00. So much for a special limited offer.

stevemoseley92 - Great but expensive3 star

Best Star Trek but far too expensive at £70.00

Baldydafydd - Price2 star

At best 29.99£ can buy the Blu-ray ssssss!! And everybody forgets when u die your account disappears and everything u bought does also cannot pass on?!?!?!?

Lord of Film and TV - £70?!5 star

I absolutely love Star Trek TNG, it is by far the best Star Trek series with amazing characters such as Lt. Cmdr. Data and La Forge, Cpt. Picard, Cmdr. Riker and Crusher as well as the one and only Lt. Worf. However, apple are charging £70 for series 1-7 and I can get every series on Netflix for free.

J_marshall1967 - Slow start4 star

Considering the first two seasons where bad I was surprised it kept going. Third series onwards was great

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Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series images

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Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series posters
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series posters
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series posters
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series posters
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series posters
Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Complete Series posters
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