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Set 400 years in the future, The Orville follows a mid-level exploratory spaceship with Seth MacFarlane as the ship’s captain. This season, the crew meets never-before-seen aliens and faces old adversaries, the Krill, in all-new episodes filled with mystery, romance and, as always, some poignant social commentary. The Orville, Season 2 Wiki

The Orville, Season 2 Synopsis

1 - Ja'loja
As The Orville heads towards Moclus for Bortus’ special once-a-year ceremony, Ed discovers Kelly has moved on and has started dating; Gordon asks John’s help in getting game and Claire turns to Isaac for parenting advice.

2 - Primal Urges
Ed and the crew race to save a small group of survivors on a planet about to be destroyed by its sun. Meanwhile, Bortus and Klyden start marriage counseling when Bortus’ obsession with the ship’s simulation room gets out of hand.

3 - Home
Ed, Gordon and Alara visit Alara’s home planet.

4 - Nothing Left On Earth Excepting Fishes
Ed finds himself behind enemy lines when he crash-lands on a mysterious planet. Meanwhile, Kelly questions why Gordon wants to take the Command Test.

5 - All the World Is Birthday Cake
The Orville makes First Contact and a new crewmember joins the ship.

6 - A Happy Refrain
The Orville crew is surprised when Claire’s personal life takes an unexpected turn, and Gordon makes an unusual grooming suggestion to Bortus.

7 - Deflectors
Bortus’ past may become Talla’s future.

8 - Season 1 Catchup
Catch up on season 1 of The Orville before the premiere of season 2.

The Orville, Season 2 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Ja'loja49:19USD 1.99Download
2Primal Urges49:15USD 1.99Download
3Home49:19USD 1.99Download
4Nothing Left On Earth Excepting Fishes49:19USD 1.99Download
5All the World Is Birthday Cake49:19USD 1.99Download
6A Happy Refrain49:19USD 1.99Download
7Deflectors49:19USD 1.99Download
8Season 1 Catchup01:02FreeDownload

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Weak Characters  Jeremy221  2 star

This is not a sci-fi, it’s a sitcom in a sci-fi universe. The corniness of the characters is becoming too much. The impression of competence is lacking. It seems that the cast doesn’t think the show will last as core but fringe characters are replaced on a constant basis. And usually with someone less suited for the role. The show is also a tad incompetent science and writing wise. I’m always left scratching my head when it tries to explain something because it is usually so poorly done. The writing staff need some serious help from those with a stronger grasp on science, leadership, the military and social issues. A Family Guy understanding of the world is not enough for sci-fi. You need a deeper grasp, and a vision for the future couldn’t hurt either. Everything covered is a hot button issue today.

Lots of fun! Great TNG look and feel.  Abrilon  5 star

Lots of fun! Great TNG look and feel. Getting much better as S2 progresses. Also, some excellent directing by Frakes and awesome music, which gives DISCO a run for it’s money.

Little muffen and beautiful app for a  acloijkqwa  5 star

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Number 21
Season 2 and it's getting even better...  Number 21  5 star

This is a light hearted venture through Space (and this Space looks a lot more familiar than tStar Trek Discovery's new attempt to reinvent the wheel). There is a lot of homage to classic Star Trek, and a lot of fooling around-which is the point of this show. It is meant to be fun, and it even lands some old fashioned Enterprise morality plays in many of the episodes.

Big cat fan
Great Show  Big cat fan  5 star

Don't be deterred by the idiots reviewing about the fact that the show is 'biased' or has ads at the beginning and the end. The ads are removed when the full season is released, and you can always mute it before the actual show begins, which is what I do. The show itself is great! It still maintains a great sense of humor, along with real-life drama. In a nutshell, it is well worth the investment.

Not as Good as Season 1  Flamdar  2 star

Season 1 of The Orville was hilarious. It used comedy as well as drama. Season 2 has completely gone away from the comedy enjoyment we had in season 1 and now that it is just another SciFi show there are much better series out there.

Spiritual successor to Star Trek: TNG  BocciaBall  5 star

I laugh and cry and renew my hope for the future of humanity. This is a show that demonstrates how fun and hopeful our potential as a species can be when we embrace inner and outer exploration, celebrate diverse backgrounds and philosophies, and not take ourselves too seriously. I love the chemistry between the cast, and the sci-fi commentary has effectively tackled social media, the challenges of self-development, and the difficulty of dealing with xenophobia. The visuals are top-notch, the action is exciting and fun, and the music is swelling and orchestral. Seth McFarlane keeps it from getting too self-serious with occasional, character-driven comedy and pop culture references. His love of old movies and musicals is on full display. Enjoy the ride!

Agenda TV  pholly  1 star

I get enough lies from the liberal news, I don’t need it in my entertainment.

Show is great  cdmr9816  4 star

I love this show. The characters are fun and I love the interaction between them and the storyline. I do not like the commercials Fox is forcing onto the season purchase. I am intentionally not going to watch any of those shows.

A Great Show  ALEKHINE  5 star

I loved the first season, and the second season is (after 4 episodes) just as good if not better. Humor, great science fiction, excellent writing, and heart. It’s become my favorite show.

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