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It's 5:17am, on June 6th, 2015, when guards at the Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York sound the alarm. Two murderers are missing from their cells. Richard Matt and David Sweat, have disappeared down a tunnel leading 500 feet past the prison walls, to an open manhole cover. This 2-hour special will be the definitive account of the escape, the manhunt and the love triangle that tangled it all up, re-capturing all the drama that once had the nation on edge. Dannemora Prison Break, Season 1 Wiki

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1 - Dannemora Prison Break
In order to determine exactly how an unassuming seamstress became the key to such a grand escape, “Dannemora Prison Break” dives into the psyche of those involved. Told in escapee David Sweat’s own words, details of he and Richard Matt’s relationship with Joyce Mitchell reveal them as mastermind manipulators exercising a thrill for control. This, juxtaposed with Joyce’s only in-depth interview following her sentencing, offers a chilling depiction of con-artist fantasy gone too far. Was Joyce a willing accomplice determined to risk it all or a manipulated pawn in a larger scheme that saw no place for her beyond prison walls? Conversations with former Clinton guard Jeffrey Dumas and inmate Erik Jensen, as well as interviews with family members closest to the dynamic trio, offer varied perspectives on the detrimental friendship between two seasoned criminals and their civilian supervisor that defied the cardinal rule of prison culture: never get too close.

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Lord God II
Dannemora Prison Break  Lord God II  5 star

When I was hired by the Contra Costa County Sheriff Department I spent the first four years of my career going through patrol field training, jail training. Patrol was an intense 12 week training program. Jail training was six week shake and bake training program. If you had a pulse you passed. I was assigned to transportation for 2 years as a deputy and one year as a sergeant. In transportation we were responsible for transporting inmates from county jail to State Prison. The difference between county jail and state prison is like night and day.. It doesn’t surprise me how these convicts were able to convince the female employee to smuggle in contraband to help them to escape. She was smart not going to pick them up. As I am sure they would have killed her. Prison guards or correctional officers have a very mundane boring job. Convicts are smart and know how to manipulate prison employees. How else do you think cell phones, narcotics and other contraband end up in these prisons. I’ve only watched the first 4 episodes. Prison Administration should use this film as a training aid. I worked with a female deputy who fell in love with a murderer. Who was being held at the MDF in Martinez. She was having sex with him in the transportation van and in his cell. We don’t know what contraband she smuggled in for him. Thank God a deputy noticed her unusual behavior and reported her. I’m so grateful no one was injured or murdered. To my knowledge the female deputy was not arrested or punished. She was allowed to resign and keep her pension.

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