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It’s another LOVE filled season for the Bates family, as they continue to grow through new relationships, weddings and babies!  Zach and Whitney’s marriage grows stronger, as they say “I do” a second time around and it’s a fairytale moment for Carlin, when Evan "pops the question" on a surprise trip to Maine.  Meanwhile Josie and Kelton’s love story has a happily ever after, when the newly engaged couple say “I do” in front of family and friends. And the countdown begins for a new grand baby, as Tori and Bobby prepare for the birth of their first child! Bringing Up Bates, Season 8 Wiki

Bringing Up Bates, Season 8 Synopsis

1 - Ultrasounds, Wedding Vows & a Bride to Be?
The love keeps growing in the Bates Family! Newly engaged Josie is planning her fall wedding, Tori and Bobby are expecting their first child, happily married couple Zach and Whitney are renewing their vows, and Carlin’s still head over heels for Evan! Meanwhile, Gil and Kelly Jo spend some time with Tori and Bobby in Nashville and experience a 4D ultrasound for Baby Kade. And unbeknownst to Carlin, Evan meets up with Gil and Kelly Jo for dinner to ask for her hand in marriage, but is Gil ready to let go another one of his daughters? And later, it’s a joyous and emotional time for Whitney and Zach, when her parents and the Bates family join together for their vow renewal.

2 - Big Apple Bride
Josie’s found her dream wedding dress online...there’s just one dilemma - the bridal designer’s showroom is located in New York City. Can she convince Kelly Jo that a trip to the Big Apple is a priority, so that she can try on the dress? And now that Evan has permission from Gil and Kelly Jo to propose to Carlin, it’s time to shop for an engagement ring! The young couple break tradition and decide to look at wedding rings together. Later, Kelly Jo, Josie, Whitney and Carlin head to Manhattan to take in the sights and hopefully find Josie a wedding dress. But when Josie tries on her dream dress, will it be “the one?”

3 - A Proposal to Plan & Wedding to Do’s!
Now that Evan’s picked out an engagement ring for Carlin, there’s one more big thing on his to do list, figuring out a proposal plan! He meets up with Erin and Kelly Jo to brainstorm ideas on where he should pop the question to his true love! Meanwhile, Josie and Kelton have settled on an outdoor space for their wedding. But will pending rain put a damper in planning the perfect ceremony? Last, Erin and Chad stop by Zach and Whitney’s house, after learning that Whitney had a miscarriage. Together the couple’s offer one another support, and help plant a tree in memory of the baby.

4 - A Sweet Shower and a Surprise Switch!
Josie and Kelly Jo are headed back to New York City so Josie can try on the wedding dress she selected one final time. Will she be pleased with the alterations or will the dress of her dreams need more work? And Evan is moving full speed ahead with prepping for his proposal to Carlin. Since he’s hoping to woo her with a ballroom dance, he recruits his mom to help him practice some dance steps. Meanwhile, Kelly Jo, Erin, Whitney and Carlin have their hands full with setting up for Josie’s “Tea Party” themed wedding shower. Will they be ready to go when the guests show up on time? And later, Kelly Jo, Carlin and Tori meet up with Lawson at a Nashville recording studio to support him as he records his new CD. But unbeknownst to Carlin, the spotlight will be on her, when Evan makes a surprise appearance!

5 - The Maine Event
Ever since Evan sang a heartfelt song to Carlin and asked her to “officially court,” they’ve been inseparable. Two years later, they’re both more than ready to take the next step in their relationship. Unbeknownst to Carlin, he has a fairytale proposal plan in the works for his leading lady. After surprising her at a Nashville recording studio, the young couple, along with their parents, head off to Portland, Maine for a fun getaway. The young couple head out for a scenic bike ride to a picturesque picnic spot by the bay! But when Evan and Carlin get lost during their ride, will his perfect proposal plan be in jeopardy? And later, the proposal countdown begins! It’s a mad rush for Kelly Jo, Gil and Evan’s mom to help Evan put his plan in motion...but more importantly, will Carlin say, “Yes”, when Evan woos her with a hand-written poem, a ballroom dance and her favorite diamond ring?

6 - Bate & Switch
It’s a sweet surprise for Katie’s 18th Birthday, when her family celebrates the occasion with two of her favorite things: pizza and ice cream! And soon-to-be newlyweds, Josie and Kelton, shop for an apartment they can share together once they’re married. Whitney tags along to give the young couple her real estate expertise and be their chaperone one last time! Meanwhile, sixteen year old Jackson has saved up money from his construction jobs to buy his own used truck, but he’s quickly realizing that buying a fixer upper is a “big project.” And later, Josie and her bridesmaids head to Renee’s Bridal shop in Kentucky for dress alterations. But when Renee takes scissors to Josie’s bodice, will her dream dress turn into a nightmare?

7 - A Bride, a Groom and a Love That’s True!
It’s the next chapter in Josie and Kelton’s love story, as the countdown to their wedding ceremony begins! After needing several alterations to her dream wedding dress, Josie tries on her dress one final time before the big day. But will she be pleased with the changes? Meanwhile, Gil and Lawson are assigned the task of picking up the 8ft metal arch that’s the centerpiece for the couple’s outdoor ceremony. But will it arrive to its desired destination unscathed? And later, Josie and her bridesmaids meet up at a nail salon to have some bonding time with the soon to be bride, while Kelton and his groomsmen get “groomed” before the big day! And it’s a dream come true moment for Kelton and Josie…but will an unexpected traffic jam put their wedding ceremony in jeopardy?

8 - Rookie vs. Pros
How well do you know your spouse?  The older couples are pros and have been married for several years now, while the newlyweds are still getting used to married life.  Can Whitney name Zach’s favorite snack?  Do Erin and Chad remember the first meal that Erin ever cooked? Does Michael remember the first gift she received from Brandon?  And what habit drives newlywed rookies,  Josie and Kelton, and Tori and Bobby a little or a lot crazy?  Find out in this special episode of Bringing Up Bates.

9 - A Latte Love!
It was a “Happily Ever After” moment when Kelton and Josie officially tied the knot and now they’re ready for their next romantic adventure together, a honeymoon to Asheville, NC! Since the young couple’s relationship has centered around coffee, their first stop is a visit to a local cafe to get a lesson in latte art! Meanwhile the rest of family gathers together for Tori and Bobby’s baby shower and some fun and fellowship! And later, Josie and Kelton share their first breakfast together as a married couple and their honeymoon getaway continues with a trip to a chocolate factory and a scenic hike to the iconic Chimney Rock, where the views and kisses are breathtaking!

10 - A Wedding to Plan and Fun with the Fam!
Home is where the heart is! It’s a family reunion when Michaela and Alyssa join Erin, Whitney, Kelly Jo and the grandbabies for some playtime and catching up at a children’s museum. Can Kelly Jo convince Alyssa and Michaella to move back to TN? Meanwhile, Gil takes Addee, Ellie and Callie to visit Erin, who helps the younger girls with a craft project! And later, the older boys and Gil head to the church to check out what’s still left to do with the renovations. While cleaning up, the guys discuss their busy lives and whether any girlfriends are on the horizon? Last, now that Carlin’s next in line to say “I do,” she meets up with Whitney, Kelly Jo, Erin and Josie for some wedding planning. But how will the family react to her grand ideas?

11 - Nashville Nursery Makeover
Tori and Bobby are counting down the days to Baby Kade’s arrival! Before Tori gives birth, Kelly Jo, Erin, Lawson, Whitney, Zach and the kids are in Nashville to help decorate the nursery. Erin’s hoping they will help bring her nursery decorating ideas to life, but will chaos ensue when they attempt to follow her lead? Meanwhile, Katie is following in Josie’s footsteps and attending cosmetology school. Has she found her true calling? And back in Nashville, Tori and the family hit up a thrift store to get some last-minute decorations for the nursery just before the big reveal when Bobby returns home from work!

12 - A Newlywed Nest and Trace Put to the Test
Josie and Kelton’s honeymoon might be over but the fun is just beginning! Now it’s time to settle into their new apartment! While Kelton is away at work, Josie recruits her friend and Whitney to help her decorate their living room. But will Kelton be pleased with Josie’s bohemian decorating style? And because Addee experienced hearing loss as a child, she’s now trying out new hearing aids. Gil and Kelly Jo take her to an Audiologist for a check-up. Later, Jud and Jeb experience indoor rock climbing for the first time. While Jud has a blast climbing the highest wall, will fear get the best of Kelly Jo? And now that Trace has completed his training as a Sheriff’s Deputy Officer, he meets up with older brother Zach to go on a ride along. After experiencing “a day in the life” of a cop, will he want to pursue a long-term career in law enforcement?

13 - A Proposal to Remember and a Baby On the Way
It’s 5 years strong for Erin and Chad, so to celebrate their 5th anniversary, the happily married couple takes a romantic getaway to where Chad first proposed to his true love! They take a stroll down memory lane and enjoy a carriage ride for two and other sweet surprises! Meanwhile, since Tori’s due date is quickly approaching, the family meet up to discuss a tentative plan for who will be headed to Nashville for the delivery! And later, Whitney and Zach’s son is turning 4! In honor of the occasion, the family heads to a pumpkin patch for some cupcakes and fun, festive family time!

14 - Ready or Not, Baby Kade Is On His Way!
To celebrate Zach’s 30th birthday, the guys hit the road for some bonding time and fun in the mud! But in between four wheeling and birthday cake, Gil gets news from Kelly Jo that baby Kade is on his way! As Tori works her way through intense labor pains, Kelly Jo and Bobby are by her side, but will the rest of the family make it to the hospital in time, before the birth of baby Kade?

15 - It’s a Boy & Maybe One More?
It’s a mad rush, as Gil, Erin, Carlin and Lawson attempt to make it to the hospital before Tori gives birth to baby Kade. After having contractions all day, Tori is ready to push! Bobby comforts Tori through her delivery and the couple shares an emotional moment together when baby Kade touches Tori’s face for the first time. After several weeks have passed, the entire family gathers at the Bates house, so everyone can finally meet Baby Kade in person and celebrate the Christmas holiday. During the festivities, Gil has an unexpected surprise for the family...but Josie has an even bigger surprise in store for her parents!

Bringing Up Bates, Season 8 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Ultrasounds, Wedding Vows & a Bride to B43:12USD 1.99Download
2Big Apple Bride21:42USD 1.99Download
3A Proposal to Plan & Wedding to Do’s!21:42USD 1.99Download
4A Sweet Shower and a Surprise Switch!21:42USD 1.99Download
5The Maine Event21:42USD 1.99Download
6Bate & Switch21:42USD 1.99Download
7A Bride, a Groom and a Love That’s Tru43:12USD 1.99Download
8Rookie vs. Pros21:41USD 1.99Download
9A Latte Love!21:42USD 1.99Download
10A Wedding to Plan and Fun with the Fam!21:42USD 1.99Download
11Nashville Nursery Makeover21:42USD 1.99Download
12A Newlywed Nest and Trace Put to the Tes21:42USD 1.99Download
13A Proposal to Remember and a Baby On the21:42USD 1.99Download
14Ready or Not, Baby Kade Is On His Way!21:42USD 1.99Download
15It’s a Boy & Maybe One More?21:42USD 1.99Download

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