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Actress, singer, and entrepreneur Lindsay Lohan will expand her empire on the luxurious island of Mykonos with the launch of her new club, Lohan Beach House - but she won’t do it alone. Lohan’s handpicked team of young and hungry VIP Hosts will assist and do whatever it takes to secure Lohan’s name as the first and last word in vacation luxury. But when the lines between romance, friendship, and work get blurred, the Staff will quickly learn that when it comes to Lindsay Lohan, the bar for excellence is high, the margin for error is slim, and job security is the ultimate fiction. Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, Season 1 Wiki

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - Lindsay Lohan: Paradise Boss
Lindsay Lohan expands her namesake empire in Mykonos with the launch of Lohan Beach House, handpicking a team of nightlife professionals from the hottest clubs in the US for the summer season.

2 - What Are Your Intentions?
Disappointed in the performance of the team's first work day, Lindsay calls a meeting to question the group's intentions, leading Aristotle to voice concerns about Brent's offensive antics to Panos.

3 - Lohan Rules
As the summer crowd heats up, Lindsay brings in new host, Alex, who comes with a strong work ethic to raise the bar for the other VIP hosts, as well as a complicated history with Mike. Meanwhile, Brent makes the grand gesture to win Sara back.

4 - Lindsay Steps In
Lindsay has to intervene when Jonitta and Gabi's clashing personalities lead to a shocking altercation, while sexually frustrated Mike and Alex give in to temptation and are forced to decide if there is more to their chemistry than meets the eye.

5 - Lindsay's Choice
Lindsay comes to a decision regarding Jonitta and Gabi's altercation, and then decides to bring in two new VIP Hosts to make sure she has assembled the best of the best. New arrival Kailah plants seeds of doubt in Sara's head.

6 - 'Crossing Lindsay'
When the VIP Hosts are assigned to go out on the town and promote Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, Lindsay is furious when she stumbles upon them partying instead of working, leading her to send someone packing.

7 - Lindsay Flips the Script
After Lindsay sends shockwaves through the house by sending one of the hosts home, anxiety spreads as they all worry about their own positions with the brand.

8 - Do the Lilo
With Pride, the biggest day for the beachhouse, on the horizon, Lindsay worries that Kailah and Brent are spreading discord amongst the VIP hosts and makes a surprise appearance at the house to investigate the situation.

9 - Love, Loss and Lohan
Lindsay recruits her close friend, Nico Tortorella, to help alleviate the discord amongst the hosts by leading them in a full moon ceremony, but the plan backfires after the hosts use it as an opportunity to air their grievances.

10 - I Would Rather Be Anywhere But Here Right Now
With the house against Brent, Lindsay tries to boost morale by sending them on a yacht for the day, but the kind gesture has unintended consequences. Meanwhile, Brent has a meltdown after Sara explores romantic possibilities with Billy.

11 - Mike Takes It Too Far
The VIP Hosts pull out all the stops to please Sophie and Nathan from The Geordie Shore, but when Mike takes his dedication a step too far, he must face the unexpected consequences. Billy makes a mistake that could cost him his budding love with Sara

12 - Lindsay's Final Four
As Lindsay prepares to announce her final four, Brent's attempt to make peace with the other VIP hosts pushes Kyle over the edge leading to a physical altercation between the two, while Sara swears off men in the name of the Lohan brand.

13 - Welcome to the Beach Club Casting Special
After closing a turbulent chapter in her life, Lindsay Lohan returns to the spotlight as a powerhouse entrepreneur, introducing the long-awaited series that follows the launch of her third club, Lohan Beach Club in Mykonos.

14 - Welcome to Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club: It's Her Club, Done Her Way
It's a quest to build an empire in Mykonos, Greece, and only the best of the best will do when Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club premieres January 8.

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Lindsay Lohan: Paradise Boss41:37USD 1.99Download
2What Are Your Intentions?41:38USD 1.99Download
3Lohan Rules41:38USD 1.99Download
4Lindsay Steps In41:38USD 1.99Download
5Lindsay's Choice41:38USD 1.99Download
6'Crossing Lindsay'41:38USD 1.99Download
7Lindsay Flips the Script41:38USD 1.99Download
8Do the Lilo41:38USD 1.99Download
9Love, Loss and Lohan42:09USD 1.99Download
10I Would Rather Be Anywhere But Here Righ41:38USD 1.99Download
11Mike Takes It Too Far41:38USD 1.99Download
12Lindsay's Final Four41:47USD 1.99Download
13Welcome to the Beach Club Casting Specia41:16USD 1.99Download
14Welcome to Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club: I00:40FreeDownload

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Shmule Shekelberg III
So many missed opportunities  Shmule Shekelberg III  1 star

1. Lohan is a haggard mess. Spotlight that. The "Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds" commercial soft focus lens aint fooling anyone. 2. Build a club next door run by Tara Reid and get her and Lohan into an ugly feud. 3. Have Lohan and Panos get into an ugly drug-fueled cat fight. These are just off the top of my head. So much you could do with this mesopotamia.

Yes  @kate8  5 star

Love seeing LL doing well and shutting down negative people. Entertaining reality TV. Lindsey and Panos seem like a good team.

Loveee  Gutkie  5 star

Love lilo #lilover 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

Great place to showcase  SFGiants1962  5 star

It’s not just for STARS.

Way better than I thought. 😁❤️👍🏼  K🖤Dod  5 star

Look, I’ve always love’d Lindsay. She’s gone thru it. The good, the bad, and the UGLY. This just goes to show that it really does get better once you make it thru all the BS. She’s a strong successful woman who gets sh!t done. You Go Lindsay!!!!! Love the show. ❤️❤️❤️👍🏼

Nice escape  Music&EntertaimentLover1127  4 star

I like it. The show is fun and it's cool to see Lindsay being a bosss. The setting in Greece is unique.

I wish LL well  Rinasandler  3 star

I think this show could be good for LL And I wish her well, however she doesn’t come across as that caring. She is self centered and not caring and this is not a plus. Hope this changes as the show goes on. Ll constant statements :”This my business”, “my show” over and over are very Unappealing and annoying and actually not exactly true. Your cast is selling the show for you! Hot, young cast is the selling point .... Open usury is a minus not a plus. Linsey should take some clues from Lisa V. Class, humility compassion and fun plus some drama and hot cast are the ingredients needed to make a successful show. Attitude is a minus.

Love love love  NastyBammiez  5 star

This show is so good I’m so Happy for her.

Loving this show!  Boyinthestreets  5 star

I hope this show lasts through several seasons:)

Utter Garbage  Kittyholland  1 star

And not even entertaining.

Decent  Kippo64  4 star

I didn't like the first couple episodes, but now I'm addicted and can't stop watching!

Comeback queen  Crystaillzed  5 star

Screw the haters and their “opinions” ..everyone with a screen name these days considers themselves some holy grail reviewer with some high renowned opin.. BS if you ask me. I love the drama the show brings and that’s usually why they’re watching it too! Even the haters :P I’d be so lucky to be running my own empire at your age, so young!

Not worth watching  Miss.Magic.CB  1 star

so bad

Bobert ;)
Garbage  Bobert ;)  1 star

Terrible show. Lindsay isn’t even in it that much. That fake accent, too... So bad.










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