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Josh Flagg, Josh Altman, Tracy Tutor, James Harris and David Parnes continue to navigate huge deals, huge homes and huge egos in season eleven of "Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles." From listing the estate of NFL star Antonio Pierce to selling a home to Grammy Award-winning superstar Kelly Rowland, the agents are pulling out all the stops to close the biggest deals of their careers with some of the biggest names in the business. Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles, Season 11 Wiki

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1 - The Struggle Is Real
The days of easily getting a listing are over! Listings are scarce, buyers are savvier, and overzealous homeowners are expecting the world. This season, LA's top agents are being challenged like never before. Flagg may have promised a homeowner more than he can deliver on a vintage Beverly Hills estate. James & David are forced to come to terms with the state of the LA market when a Bel Air listing meeting takes a turn. Tracy takes life as a bachelorette to a whole new level in order to sell a makeup mogul's ultra-glam pied-à-terre. Finally, Altman finds himself under attack during the launch of his newest listing- an ultra-luxurious $45 million dollar modern in the heart of Beverly Hills.

2 - The Good Fight
After the successful sale of actress Rose McGowan's Hollywood Hills home, Tracy holds an estate sale of all of the actress's belongings and Hollywood memorabilia in order to help her continue to fight the good fight. Flagg's patience grows thin from the unrealistic expectations from the sellers of his newly renovated listing in Bel Air. Altman goes head to head with NY Giants Antonio Pierce when he attempts to deflate the listing price of the Super Bowl Champ's Newport Beach home. And things get real for David and James during the open house of Beverly Hills Housewife Dorit Kemsley and her husband PK.

3 - Won't You Be My Neighbor?
After Flagg delivers an ultimatum to the sellers of his Bel Air listing, he pulls out his bag of tricks in a final attempt to sell the newly renovated house. James & David's hot new listing in Brentwood gets the attention of an unsuspecting buyer. Altman lists the former Hollywood compound of a mega-star only to be blindsided by its new owner.

4 - Rumble in the 90210
After things get heated with the seller of his Hollywood Hills compound, Altman finds him working under new perimeters and impossible deadline. James and David go above and beyond to get the listing of a highly coveted, one-of-a-kind, ultra-modern home in the Flats of Beverly Hills. However, when they host an exclusive open house for LA's top brokers things get out of control when Flagg and Altman take their personal issues public.

5 - Send It to Viral
Shamed by the crazy drama that broke out at their Beverly Hills brokers' open, James and David try to salvage their relationship with the sellers and finally get them an offer. Tracy attempts the impossible by finding her ultra-picky friend Cathy the home of her dreams (or maybe not...). And Flagg creates a hilarious short film to help market an ultra-modern listing in the Hills.

6 - Pony Up
In an attempt to sell her historic Del Mar listing, Tracy and team head to the racetrack in search of wealthy buyers. Altman faces a tough negotiator (his wife Heather) when trying to sell a problematic listing in the Bird Streets. And after receiving an unexpected gift, Flagg bakes up a plan to get back on James & David's good side.

7 - Failure to Launch
Altman goes full hipster in his last ditch effort to sell his an architectural wonder in a trendy Venice neighbourhood. Tracy takes over a stale listing in Brentwood and attempts to revive the grandeur of the historic Georgian estate. A seller asks James & David "where's the FOMO?" as they struggle to get multiple offers for her Brentwood home.

8 - Brother Dearest
When David's brother Michael puts James & David to the task of finding him a development opportunity, they are led to the famed house where the movie "Mommie Dearest" was filmed. Flagg battles his control issues when he teams up with Bobby to sell a new condo development in West Hollywood. After negotiating a risky contingent deal for her client Cathy, Tracy fights the clock in attempt to sell Cathy's Pasadena home.

9 - Hell or High Water
In an attempt to sell a villa-esque listing that has sat on the market for a year, Altman rents a dunk tank to entice buyers who might love to see him drenched. James & David enter heated negotiations on two of Hollywood's famous homes: The Playboy Bunny "Ranch" and the home where the movie "Mommie Dearest" was filmed. Meanwhile, Flagg reunites with clients who previously fired him in an attempt to sell them a high-rise condo.

10 - Naked in the Backyard
James works hard to sell a home to vocal superstar Kelly Rowland. Flagg gets creative to sell a Bel Air pad built for Robby Kreiger (guitarist for The Doors). Tracy lands a shot at representing a billion dollar development in Dubai.

11 - Dubai It
Tracy travels to Dubai to earn a listing that could change her life, and hangs with friend and local celeb Caroline Stanbury. Altman hunts down a mystery property in Malibu to house dozens of luxury cars for an important client. Flagg and Bobby embark on the ultimate house-hunt, but is their foundation solid enough?

12 - Indecent Proposal
In the season finale of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles”, Tracy launches her Dubai high-rise to an LA crowd, hoping to drum up some international interest. And when an opportunity to secure the most sought after listing in Los Angeles arises, can Flagg and Altman finally put their past behind them and work together?

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Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Struggle Is Real 1:05:36USD 1.99Download
2The Good Fight 1:05:35USD 1.99Download
3Won't You Be My Neighbor?44:04USD 1.99Download
4Rumble in the 9021044:04USD 1.99Download
5Send It to Viral44:04USD 1.99Download
6Pony Up44:04USD 1.99Download
7Failure to Launch44:04USD 1.99Download
8Brother Dearest44:04USD 1.99Download
9Hell or High Water44:05USD 1.99Download
10Naked in the Backyard44:04USD 1.99Download
11Dubai It 1:05:35USD 1.99Download
12Indecent Proposal44:04USD 1.99Download

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