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"Temptation Island" follows four dating couples at a most vulnerable time in their relationship, where each will decide whether to commit to a lifetime together – or ultimately give in to the temptation. Together, the couples travel to the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii, where they join 24 sexy single men and women anxiously awaiting to find "the one." Brace yourselves for hot and heavy nights as these passionate love-hungry singles compete to steal hearts. Mark L. Walberg, who hosted the original series that premiered in 2001, is set to return as host. Temptation Island, Season 1 Wiki

Temptation Island, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - Temptation Begins
Four couples at a crossroads try "single life" to decide if they should ultimately stay together.

2 - Single Again
The men and women go on their first dates with the singles.

3 - The Epiphany
As connections are being formed, some couples are starting to question their relationships.

4 - Rock My World
New connections are forming on the island, and some temptations are proving too hard to resist.

5 - Rules Are Made to Be Broken
After a couple of dates, couples consider whether the grass might be greener on the other side.

6 - Head in the Sand
Couples reflect on their relationships and realize coming to the island might have been a mistake.

7 - Mixed Messages
The couples have an opportunity to communicate with their significant others.

8 - The Beginning of the End
The couples ponder the consequences of their actions on the island.

9 - Romantic Getaways
An overnight date off the island triggers emotions as the couples face the end of their journey.

10 - Final Bonfire, Pt. 1
Part 1 of 2. The couples reunite at their final bonfire to make the most important decision of their lives.

11 - Final Bonfire, Pt. 2
Part 2 of 2. The couples reunite at their final bonfire to make the most important decision of their lives.

Temptation Island, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Temptation Begins42:12USD 1.99Download
2Single Again42:12USD 1.99Download
3The Epiphany42:11USD 1.99Download
4Rock My World42:12USD 1.99Download
5Rules Are Made to Be Broken42:12USD 1.99Download
6Head in the Sand42:12USD 1.99Download
7Mixed Messages42:12USD 1.99Download
8The Beginning of the End42:12USD 1.99Download
9Romantic Getaways42:11USD 1.99Download
10Final Bonfire, Pt. 142:12USD 1.99Download
11Final Bonfire, Pt. 252:12USD 1.99Download

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So addicting!  mt913  5 star

Omg love this show!!! I’ve never been too into dating shows but this one is so interesting I wish I could’ve binged watch all the episodes lol

D n E
YES PLEASE  D n E  5 star

This show is ridiculous and as a loving couple, we highly highly highly recommend it to all stable, good communicators out there in the world. You will find it so funny. A+ to the producers and editors on this show. And A+ to my parents who recommended we watch it.

NO FULL EPISODES!!!  Jfgbdfjvdyhd  1 star

Just bought the pass and I get 2 30 second videos!!!

Yeah  12346178091  5 star

Good good

el bocho
late episode  el bocho  2 star


cheated by iTunes  ecp3010394  1 star

episodes aren't uploaded, 2 behind.

Works at first
Delay in release  Works at first  2 star

Great start but still waiting for second episode

no episode 2?  fellowinameadow  1 star

Apple, what’s up with that? /:

Delay  Leisleigh  1 star

Even with a season pass there’s too long a delay in the release of episodes

Temptation Island  bleighh20242018  1 star

Where is the second episode ?!

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