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In the ground-breaking documentary series "Surviving R. Kelly," women are emerging from the shadows and uniting their voices to share their stories. For the first time ever, survivors and people from R. Kelly’s inner circle, are coming forward with new allegations about his sexual, mental, and physical abuse. Surviving R. Kelly, Season 1 Wiki

Surviving R. Kelly, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - The Pied Piper of R&B
As R. Kelly rises to fame and power as an R&B icon, he forms relationships with younger singers and dancers. Rumors about his marriage to a fifteen-year-old Aaliyah do little to stop his meteoric trajectory.

2 - Hiding in Plain Sight
After his marriage to Aaliyah is annulled, R. Kelly continues to soar on top of the charts. A talented choreographer becomes the new Mrs. Kelly in a secret ceremony.

3 - Sex Tape Scandal
As journalists uncover a trail of lawsuits and confidential settlements concerning underage girls, an underground sex tapes emerges that puts R. Kelly in a compromising position.

4 - The People vs. R.Kelly
R. Kelly goes to trial in Chicago on multiple counts of child pornography for his alleged participation in a sex tape involving a minor.

5 - All the Missing Girls
Parents of girls in R. Kelly's camp accuse him of keeping them psychologically and sexually imprisoned. One mother fights to get her daughter back - and wins.

6 - Black Girls Matter.
As other major public figures fall from grace, women's groups come forward to take aim against the sexually brazen superstar. Is R. Kelly's time finally up?

Surviving R. Kelly, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1The Pied Piper of R&B48:46USD 1.99Download
2Hiding in Plain Sight45:59USD 1.99Download
3Sex Tape Scandal43:32USD 1.99Download
4The People vs. R.Kelly48:49USD 1.99Download
5All the Missing Girls52:57USD 1.99Download
6Black Girls Matter. 1:03:07USD 1.99Download

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Da Camel2
Garbage  Da Camel2  1 star

Black men lives matter. If he broke the law charge him, go to trial and come back with a verdict. Who makes a series about a murderer? Because he is a criminal and the police come to get them. Duh!

n sWmzvpeZl
V xmyrfjto k s. Dv your yet can going to mama go be gasr? lol cancb my  n sWmzvpeZl  1 star

It vis za I t van lady ri and m 😃❤️👍🏻😊😃👍🏻 digs up offokdgglfcf

Brave Truth Telling  Tiffany_Wilson  5 star

Believe Black Women.

yellow journalism  Robertcruz1  1 star

this documentary is proof some people will do and say anything for money. shsme on itunes for selling this pack of lies. i guess they needed the money.

I hate hashtags  jayh159  1 star

nuff said

Shut This Predator DOWN!  Amylrowe  5 star

I'll never sing "I Believe I Can Fly" ever again! I can't believe we all heard the rumors for years and nothing was done about this very sick man. Luckily, these brave women AND men and women of celebrity have come forward against Robert Kelly. I feel so badly for him that he was abused as a child, but he must be held accountable for what is and has done. #MuteRKelly

King Money 614
Lame  King Money 614  1 star


MUTE R KELLY  i360niicole  5 star


Changed my whole perspective  pranagurl  5 star

I have to say that my eyes were really opened. I had heard about the pee video but never saw it. I for some reason always thought it was a grown women who was old enough and experienced enough to make her own choices. Not really my problem. That alone blew my mind. How did I not know it was a 14 year old girl even if I never saw the video ? How did I not know ? It is all of our problem. I feel like some kind of veil has been lifted from my eyes. I will no longer look the other way. Why did it take me so long to see ? Thank you for opening my eyes. It was very striking to me when K. Michelle said in an interview that one of the worst things you can do when someone tells you about abuse is to not believe them. She is a very brave, smart, articulate women. I believe everyone of the women ! Listening to the same story over and over made my heart ache. I am so glad that these women had the courage to share this. You are making a difference. This is what young girls especially need to hear. You have my pledge, I will never financially contribute to him or any other perpetrator at a victims expense. I will no longer overlook what is happening to black girls and women and do what I can. This series gave me a deep respect for these women. Thank you.

So much for Seeing Nothing wrong with a little Bump and Grind!  16 HORSES  3 star

Man R Kelly now joins Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein etc. in this type of infamy🤯! And hey if he did what they said he did then yes even as much as I loved his music in the past but he would need to pay the piper! What a punch in the face this is!

#muterkelly  vv.a  5 star

He needs to be held accountable.

Finally ... this guy is sick in the head  boomiin23  5 star

Jail for life

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