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Continuing his quest to rule this new world, Ains begins to put the pieces in place for his conquest. But between a Lizard Man tribe uprising, and performing missions as adamantite adventurer Momonga, Ains has his work cut out for him! Overlord II Wiki

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When a popular fantasy MMORPG shuts down its servers, one guild leader, the skeleton mage, Momonga, finds himself transported to a real fantasy world trapped inside the body of his avatar. His guild's fortress has been transported to an unfamiliar world and the inhabiting NPC characters gain sentience and look to Momonga as their supreme ruler–an overlord as it were. With his extensive knowledge of magic and powerful, fanatic minions following his every whim, Momonga continues to roleplay the part of the evil overlord to the extent that domination of this new world is not an entirely unappealing option.

Episode TitleTime
The Dawn of Despair24:22
Lizard Men, Gathering24:22
Army of Death24:44
The Freezing God24:22
Those Who Pick Up, Those Who Are Picked Up24:22
Blue Roses24:22
A Boy's Feeling24:22
Soaring Sparks of Fire24:44
Disturbance Begins in the Royal Capital24:22
The Final Battle of the Disturbance24:48
The Ultimate Trump Card24:25
Officers of the Slane Theocracy gather to discuss recent losses. The noblemen of Estize plot to push back the Empire. Ains surveys a world map as his plans are set in motion. Shalltear recovers from her ordeal.
The leaders of the Green Claw tribe gather to discuss their response to the threat that faces them. Zaryusu proposes an alliance with the other Lizard Man tribes, and is sent to meet with the Red Eye tribe.
Zenberu tests Zaryusu's strength in combat, while the latter defends Crusch's honor. The Lizard Man chiefs conduct a war council, and formulate a strategy to defend themselves against their common enemy.
As the Lizard Men celebrate, Ains holds a conference to address the floor guardians. A proposal is presented to keep the Lizard Man tribes from being wiped out. Nazarick provides a show of force to the Lizard Men.
At the outpost in the Tob Forest, Ains strategizes with his guardians, and imposes Shalltear's penance upon her. The Lizard Man chiefs assemble and receive Cocytus on the battlefield for their final showdown.
Sebas happens upon a near-lifeless woman, and takes her under his protection. Brain, left defeated by his encounter with Shalltear, meets up with Gazef. Members of the Blue Rose take measures against a drug plantation.
Gazef finds Climb practicing with his sword outside the castle, and asks to spar with him. Renner and Lakyus examine the coded document recovered by Evileye. Sebas finds himself beset upon from all sides over Tuare.
Climb delivers Lakyus's message to Evileye and Gagaran, who offer guidance to the young man. Climb happens upon some men beating up a boy in the street, who is then rescued by Sebas, from whom he seeks training.
Sebas begins his raid of the brothel from one side, while Climb and Brain enter from the other. While Climb covers the exit alone, he is confronted by Succulent and Cocco Doll trying to flee, and a desperate fight begins.
Ains calls on Sebas to answer for his actions, and to discuss what is to become of Tuare. Renner meets with the Blue Rose, then Marquis Raeven, to consult with them about her planned attacks against Eight Fingers.
Demiurge takes charge of Nazarick's forces, laying out the mission to strike at Eight Fingers. Meanwhile, Lakyus details a similar mission to her squad captains. Sebas, Climb, and Brain raid Six Arms' compound together.
Evileye petitions Momon to help her, and he begins fighting the disguised Demiurge. As Climb and the others try to get Tuare out of the compound, they face resistance. Renner convenes an emergency strategy meeting.
The guardsmen and adventurers face a daunting array of demons until Momon arrives and takes charge. Brain once again comes face to face with Shalltear. While Evileye is occupied, Demiurge reveals his plan to Ains.

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- All hail Ainz Ooal Gown5 star

Love everything from the evil plans thought out by his subordinates, to the fights, and the floor guardians themselves. Cannot wait for the third season to be released on iTunes.

- “Do Not Keep Me Waiting.” - Ainz Ooal Gown5 star

Overlord II gives you a lot to chew on and leaves you wanting more, in a very good way. And I want more! Upload Season III already!

- The Wait is Over!5 star

I’ve been waiting for a good while for this to come to iTunes. Time to start rewatching the series! 🤗

- It’s finally here!!!5 star

Love this show!! Amazing!

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Overlord II posters
Overlord II posters
Overlord II posters
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Overlord II posters
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