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If you buy a Season Pass this purchase will include the documentary Game of Thrones: The Last Watch. GAME OF THRONES returns for its eighth and final season. Based on the popular book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” by George R.R. Martin, this hit Emmy ®-winning fantasy series chronicles an epic struggle for power in a vast and violent kingdom. Game of Thrones, Season 8 Wiki

Game of Thrones, Season 8 Synopsis

1 - Winterfell
Season 8 Premiere. Arriving at Winterfell, Jon and Daenerys struggle to unite a divided North.

2 - A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms
Jaime argues his case before a skeptical audience.

3 - The Long Night
Arya looks to prove her worth as a fighter.

4 - The Last of the Starks
In the wake of a costly victory, Jon and Daenerys look to the south as Tyrion eyes a compromise that could save countless lives.

5 - The Bells
Daenerys and Cersei weigh their options as an epic conflict looms at King’s Landing.

6 - The Iron Throne
Series finale of the award-winning HBO series.

7 - Game of Thrones: The Last Watch
A documentary in conjunction with Game of Thrones' final season.

8 - Season 8 Trailer
A quick peek at the eighth and final season of HBO's Emmy(R) Award-winning Best Drama Series.

9 - Game of Thrones: The Final Season
Join the cast and crew of Game of Thrones as they reflect on the final season of HBO’s epic, Emmy(R)-winning series.

10 - The Long Night Unveiled
Join the cast and crew of "Game of Thrones" for an in-depth look at a jaw-dropping scene from Season 8.

11 - A Story in Stunts
Sword fights atop massive battlements…soldiers roasted by dragon fire…epic one-on-one clashes. That’s just the tip of the Valyrian steel iceberg when it comes to the unsurpassed stunt work achieved in Season 8 of Game of Thrones. This featurette delves inside this incredible work and features interviews with stunt coordinator Rowley Irlam, and stars including Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, and many others.

Game of Thrones, Season 8 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Winterfell53:05USD 2.99Download
2A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms57:57USD 2.99Download
3The Long Night 1:21:18USD 2.99Download
4The Last of the Starks 1:17:02USD 2.99Download
5The Bells 1:17:58USD 2.99Download
6The Iron Throne 1:18:34USD 2.99Download
7Game of Thrones: The Last Watch 1:53:06USD 2.99Download
8Season 8 Trailer01:54FreeDownload
9Game of Thrones: The Final Season04:26Season OnlyDownload
10The Long Night Unveiled17:17Season OnlyDownload
11A Story in Stunts15:03Season OnlyDownload

Game of Thrones, Season 8 Trailer

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Game of Thrones, Season 8 Reviews

Gene S.A.
No title  Gene S.A.  2 star

Overall, a huge disappointment; did anyone notice they still had a North Wall? Could have sworn it got destroyed at the end of season 7!

Left Me Breathless Again and Again  John_Webster  5 star

I don’t often leave reviews on iTunes, but given the polarized reactions to the final season of Game of Thrones, I feel obliged to make an exception. The most honest appraisal I can offer of these final episodes is that they left me so often overwhelmed with emotion. The final minutes of “The Long Night” had me literally holding my breath, leaning forward in my seat, with my hands held over my mouth. I can’t recall ever being so emotionally involved in an episode of television. This tension was matched by the closing half of “The Bells”, but by replacing anxiety with absolute horror at the unfolding events and the implications for many favorite characters. That the concluding episode operates as a healing denouement (albeit with its own tragic turns) is fitting coming after such a harrowing experience. Much of the rest of the season is filled with the stunning character work that showrunners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss, along with their exemplary company of actors, have become so adept at delivering over the course of this stunning adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s epic. But this time around, more than ever, there’s an inescapable sense of tragedy that pervades every moment from the first episode. In closing, I would say that the series finished out in ways I never could have imagined, befitting a story, and an author, that has never taken the easy route or given us what we expect, or (in many cases) even want. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Big Bad John the 1st
Offers closure  Big Bad John the 1st  4 star

Actually I did not find season 8 to be as bad as many people are making it out to be, In GOT, there were never any happy endings as each episode concluded. It was not a popularity contest among all of the characters to determine would would be king or queen in the series finale. So, if people were expecting a happy ending or that the most popular character would prevail, knowing how the series did things to all characters, they should have thought otherwise. Season 8 did offer closure for all characters and story lines. Many people did not like the series finale, but it does make sense if you paid very close attention to each episode. A few more comments...about episode 3 The Long Night of season 8...You have to be certain that your HD TV has been set up properly. If your TV is not set up with the correct brightness and contrast settings, since this episode was filmed at night in low light conditions, you may very well have trouble discerning what you are looking at.

What’s all the fuss about?  Grumpy109  4 star

Fans may not like the ending, but it is a true reflection of reality: “ Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Even Frodo turned bad at the edge of Mt Doom and refused to throw the ring in. GOT is a warning for people who thinks that once their political candidate is in power, everything will be ok. History tells a reality that shatters all the fantasies of the idealists. And so GOT is true to reality. It is an ending most befitting.

Boll Weevill
corporate heads killed what was left of artistic gusto  Boll Weevill  1 star

...hurried production ...writers ignored ...dialogue childish ...flawed development ...scenes dumbed ...gusto gone ...plot dead ...i never did get why Dani burned down city?! i liked the intro theme tho

Awesome minecraft12
Took 1-7 and backed them into a river  Awesome minecraft12  1 star

God awful writing, They took Characters and Hints and just rushed them too an Awful and unsatisfying last Season that just killed it. And it is solely Because D&D wrote them.

Such a disappointment!  Turmat  1 star

I have watched this since the begining. I own all of the previous seasons but WILL NOT buy this crap. Really, WHAT were they thinking?????? Poor writing, crappy LAZY direction.

Expected more  johnhender  2 star

Season 8 was a total let down, I was thinking I waited two years for this . The series would be better with season 8 in the trash can like it never happened

Disappointing  Mustbuybatman  1 star

Great show for seasons 1-7, really upset the rushed the last season and wiped out all the character arcs in one swoop. Feel horrible for all the people that put so much time into making it. The actors did amazingly throughout the entire show, the writing however....fell very flat.

THE WORST OF THE WORST from GOT  Fabio377  1 star

Never seen such a poor ending..... I am really disappointed

Excellent season  Tomasinna  5 star

I think people may have based ratings on expectations of fan theories from what I observed online. Great season, actors worked their butts off and cgi was great.

Js stop  jxcob22  1 star

Its rlly rlly bad

A ruined legacy  Ashley_Riot66  1 star

A show that betrays its meticulous writing from earlier seasons and flubs the ending in every possible way. Logically devoid, emotionally stale and ultimately pointless. For the defenders of the season, glad you liked it. For me, it made me feel angry, sad and ultimately disinterested.

Game of Thrones  RED W/R  4 star

I give you four star rating of this season 8. It well done of game of thrones season 8. Excellent actor and actress did there play out there part to finish of the season 8. It is very nice play out there part of job done. I’am very happy with story end. Worth the money to watch to enjoy of the last season over. Thanks 😢 E.M.

Thanks for the email  Ashtoon2  5 star

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Just watch Seasons 1 - 7  dillusioned  2 star

I'm sure Season 8 of GOT will go down in infamy. Seasons 1 -7 were excellent, although logic lapses did began to appear in Season 7, it still was great. Enter Season 8 and we have two writers wanting to wrap up the series as quickly as possible so they could move on to another project, and we end up with a mess. Season 8 was delayed for a year, and yet comprises six episodes? Usually that means good writing and production, but they got caught out of with two sloppy faux paus with coffee cups in the scenes, etc. I suspect the reason was that they hoped the viewers forgot the plot lines so Season 8 wouldn't be so jarring. Gone is the story logic of seven seasons. The first two episodes of Season 8 accomplish next to nothing except serve as place holders. Episode 3? The big clash against the enemy we've been anticipating for seven seasons and it's all over in a single dark(as in can't see the action) episode? Seriously, and no explanation for the bad guys behaviour? Then the resolution with Cersei, another great character and superb acting performance by Lena Headley that involves her standing around, looking glum, then it's over as well? Incredibly short sighted writing for this season. Many instances of plot armour saving characters that had no right to survive, coupled with blatant red herrings from the writers to try and create tension by sucking in viewers with silly plot devices.I feel bad for the actors, even Kit Harrington looked uncomfortable in his scenes. There are too many plot holes and inconsisitencies to go over in a short review, but GOT was always smart, gritty and provocative. Skip Season 8 if you want to preserve your good memories of the series.

Positron McHappy
Still lots of action  Positron McHappy  4 star

Haters have some legitimate concerns. HBO writers wanted a life, so they rushed it abit as the books author didn’t have an ending yet. However, the action, sound, music, & cinematography still rocked. Better than Hollywood Marvel, etc.

aight. but disappointing.  jmm_36  3 star

i don’t understand how the powers that be thought this was an acceptable way to end a series. yes, the battle scenes were epic. however, the story itself fell flat. it was anticlimactic and some of the major plot questions were left answered. i feel this season does such a disservice to all the work that came before it ... it’s definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. count me out for the prequels. why even bother?!

Great start. Burnt out. Needed 10-13 eps to feel organic  Victarionk  4 star

I still enjoyed this season!! Bittersweet indeed. The Starks won which is what I’ve always wanted!! The ending made sense. They just needed more episodes to flesh it out. Oh well. We get it. I’ll always love Game of Thrones & I will miss it until my dying breath. We’ve experienced a cultural phenomenon. It’ll be years before a show emerges w/ such a diverse following as large & passionate as this. It’s been one hell of a ride, kids. I’ll see you all in the Seven Hells!

Let down  Thania20115  3 star

I have watched all episodes from season 1 to season 8. Season 8 is by far the worst season and it’s due to the fact that it felt unfinished rushed and left you feeling unsatisfied. Character development was tossed out the window. There was so much potential. Unsure why they decided to make so little episodes instead of making the usual amount of episodes to ensure all viewers enjoy a proper ending. All characters fell so flat at the last episode It made me feel like season 1-7 was not part of this season due to the weird writing and rushed storyline. Yes cgi was top notch but the story was very important. Sad I had to wait this long far such an odd ending. It was so bad I would not watch season 8 again and I have watched season 1-7 at least twice because it’s very good.

Great show and decent ending  ziggyeric  5 star

GOT has been a great show and my Sunday evenings will be a lot different after the show ended. I will definitely be watching the series since it concluded. Seasons 7 and 8 had issues due to lesser episodes per season. If 7 and 8 had 10 episodes per season I think the writing and storyline would have meshed a lot better. I’m glad we had a conclusion to the story.

V  parsa_Ami  1 star

Very bad

long arc with weak, rushed resolution  justAgirlReader  1 star

As with any storyline, minor arcs that hopefully result in a major arc that ties everything together and makes all your time and devotion worth it. This series finale was the ultimate let down. I'm aware most fans wouldn't have been happen with ANY ending, as they want to keep it going. But dang it, this finale was so dissappointing. It cracks me up with writers act like a path for a character had no other way to go. THIS IS FANTASY! It can go any way they/we want it to! All that is to say, it pretty much sucked in terms of story resolution.

Not the best season  Mer-Shay  3 star

But I am still a fan of the show. Some things didn’t go the way I expected but I’m not one of these babies moaning about it—the books aren’t over yet and people are acting as though Books 6 and 7 are out and the show ignored the true ending. Generally, if we were to wait until the books came out, it would take a good 5 to 10 years until they air the last few seasons. Regardless, after some serious thinking, the concept was fine and yes it should’ve been handled properly but it wasn’t a terrible season. Just decent.

Why?  mixmasterike  1 star

The writers did Jon Snow dirty.

Loved the season  DebraMc  5 star

It seems everyone has an opinion on how they would end this wonderful saga. There has been talk of “do overs” and other such nonsense. Bottom line, it ended the way the writers and directors and producers meant for it to end. The battles were epic, the costumes fantastic, the actors were brilliant and the sets phenomenal. I loved every bit of it. As for everyone who wanted a different ending, go create your own show so people can tell you what you did wrong!

Hank 42
1138  Hank 42  5 star


Artwork not found
Artwork Missing  Artwork not found  5 star

Love the show but the art work is missing for the show for this season.

What happened?  coolsdoggrooming  1 star

Boo!!! I loved all the seasons but this one, this one was just disappointing!!!

Sadface  FossFossfive  1 star

Lost all depth and intrigue, what was the point of it all?

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