Game of Thrones, Season 8

Game of Thrones, Season 8 Summary

If you buy a Season Pass this purchase will include the documentary Game of Thrones: The Last Watch. GAME OF THRONES returns for its eighth and final season. Based on the popular book series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” by George R.R. Martin, this hit Emmy ®-winning fantasy series chronicles an epic struggle for power in a vast and violent kingdom. Game of Thrones, Season 8 Wiki

Game of Thrones, Season 8 Synopsis

Arriving at Winterfell, Jon and Daenerys struggle to unite a divided North. Jon Snow gets some big news.
The battle at Winterfell is approaching. Jaime is confronted with the consequences of the past. A tense interaction between Sansa and Daenerys follows.
The Night King and his army have arrived at Winterfell and the great battle begins. Arya looks to prove her worth as a fighter.
In the wake of a costly victory, Jon and Daenerys look to the south as Tyrion eyes a compromise that could save countless lives.
Daenerys brings her forces to King's Landing.
In the aftermath of the devastating attack on King's Landing, Daenerys must face the survivors.

Game of Thrones, Season 8 Trailer

Game of Thrones, Season 8 Episodes

The Great War has come, the Wall has fallen and the Night King's army of the dead marches towards Westeros. The end is here, but who will take the Iron Throne?

Episode TitleTime
A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms57:57
The Long Night 1:21:18
The Last of the Starks 1:17:02
The Bells 1:17:58
The Iron Throne 1:18:34
Game of Thrones: The Last Watch 1:53:06
Season 8 Trailer01:54
Game of Thrones: The Final Season04:26
The Long Night Unveiled17:17
A Story in Stunts15:03
Season 8 Premiere. Arriving at Winterfell, Jon and Daenerys struggle to unite a divided North.
Jaime argues his case before a skeptical audience.
Arya looks to prove her worth as a fighter.
In the wake of a costly victory, Jon and Daenerys look to the south as Tyrion eyes a compromise that could save countless lives.
Daenerys and Cersei weigh their options as an epic conflict looms at King’s Landing.
Series finale of the award-winning HBO series.
A documentary in conjunction with Game of Thrones' final season.
A quick peek at the eighth and final season of HBO's Emmy(R) Award-winning Best Drama Series.
Join the cast and crew of Game of Thrones as they reflect on the final season of HBO’s epic, Emmy(R)-winning series.
Join the cast and crew of "Game of Thrones" for an in-depth look at a jaw-dropping scene from Season 8.
Sword fights atop massive battlements…soldiers roasted by dragon fire…epic one-on-one clashes. That’s just the tip of the Valyrian steel iceberg when it comes to the unsurpassed stunt work achieved in Season 8 of Game of Thrones. This featurette delves inside this incredible work and features interviews with stunt coordinator Rowley Irlam, and stars including Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington, Maisie Williams, and many others.

Game of Thrones, Season 8 Comments & Critics

Game of Thrones, Season 8 Reviews

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- Hopeless1 star

Horrible ending, more horrible then what happen to the dragon queen

- Sad1 star

The series as a whole was one of the best stories ever made for TV. Then comes the final season which was much anticipated but shockingly disappointing. Everything about the final season screams volumes to how the writers and production staff had just mentally checked out before the season even started.

- Disappointing1 star

Season 8 was crap!!

- Weak ending to a great series2 star

Game of Thrones was the most talked about show for years. I finally gave in and watched it and became invested in the story and characters. I’m usually not so harsh with tv series but the eighth season was a huge disappointment for me. I have no idea why it fell so short. I can’t think of another highly successful long running series that ended so badly the way GOT did. Every other season was so strong and memorable. I can’t justify buying the complete series nor individual ones because they’re all leading up to a final point. But the final destination was a disappointment. And for that, it will be remembered as such, a disappointment, regardless of all the amazing seasons that made the show so great. If it wasn’t for season 8 being so weak, I would have purchased the entire series. Shame...

- Quite literally the worst ending to any television show in the history of TV1 star

I can’t believe the writers were proud of this garbage. I feel so bad for the cast and crew. They all worked beyond to bring their garbage script to life. The music by Djawadi is marvelous (as always) and combined with the acting of their grade A cast helps bring empty words to life. Sadly despite everyone’s efforts the conclusion makes absolutely no sense. Also if I were to describe this season in one word: Rushed. HBO offered D&D more money and more time, and like the idiots they were, they turned it down. I’m so happy Disney fired them from their Star Wars position, but that just means this show was ruined for nothing.

- Sad and Bad Ending1 star

I’d been watching the whole seasons and episodes for the whole time since it’s beginning. Unfortunately, the ending has ruined everything. Now I believed what everyone’s saying about the final season that it’s worse.

- Too much undeserved hate5 star

This season was amazing. The hate on it is bs.

- GOT8=Mind Scarring Garbage1 star

Wow ! I was really surprised to see how quickly the great characters and plots turned into the cliched, mindless garbage you normally see on tv. I don't know what happened, but they should have just stopped at season 7. I watched the first two episodes then stopped. I prefer to remember the strong characters of this show how they were. I will not watch them rip apart great characters and diminish them like this. HBO was doing so great. I guess they should have waited for the writer of the books to finish, even if it is 10 years from now. HBO really hasnt changed underneath it all. Maybe they should fire a few idiots and really give the fans what they really want. It's actually really sad that they are so clueless.

- Downhill!2 star

What happened to this show?! What a waste of my life to have it conclude like this...

- Life is tough and this was great.5 star

You can’t always get what you want, but whiners are always going to whine about it. This season was as good as any of the previous seasons.

- Give credit where it’s due5 star

I really enjoyed this season despite the plot logic and hot-take ending. When it comes to entertainment, you can only be so picky. It honestly didn’t bother me (aka anger me) as much as everyone else with the direction this season took. I loved The Long Night and The Bells - definitely the best episodes. I really respect and admire the huge efforts and long days/nights of work the cast and crew put into making the season, regardless of what they had to work with on paper. I was surprised, amazed, engaged, and entertained. It could’ve been better, sure, and it could’ve ended more thoughtfully and nicely, of course, but hey... it is what it is. We don’t write the show, we just watch it. And we’re adults, so why be a bunch of babies and throw 1-stars and rants at the people who gave us incredible entertainment for 11 years? I really urge everyone to just take a step back and appreciate what was done, especially the years of GOT that were great. Don’t let a fictitious tv show ending get to your nerves. This was a great watch imo, and I’ve seen a BUNCH of things that truly deserve the bad reviews this is getting. I don’t think S8 deserves the hate, and I think it’s insulting to everyone outside of the writers who worked hard making this for us.

- They’ve done it.5 star

I get why people don’t like this season ,mostly because their expectations didn’t happen to be true, It’s obvious that it ended the way the writer watnted since whatever else the ending was it couldn’t feel game of throne like ending and would be like fairy tale which enyone can find else where, many things are happening simultaneously and for sure wrapping all them up was heavy task for the crew.almost all characters are facing their destiny which is too much. Hands down the most ambitious project ever done on history of TV series . Thank you guys you really made it.

- All in the name of money1 star

Very sad ending to a wonderful series. What a hack job for the final season. At least you could have stayed true to the 7 before. A rush ending all in the name of profit.

- Best show5 star

I was a ok show and I understand all the seasons of the show

- Worst season ever- don’t waste your time1 star

This season ruined the entire series. Horrible waste of time and money is an understatement. Apparently the makers of this show have no idea what a character arc is. Seriously this season is an infuriating piece of junk.

- A Brilliant Conclusion to One of the Greatest Shows Ever Produced5 star

In a show this popular, when it came to writing the ending to all these story arcs it seems nowadays a writer has two choices- giving the internet audience what they always wanted and predicted or just going with your vision and making a brave ending actually staying true to the show and it’s characters- which is exactly what David and Dan did. Though if you choose the latter option, be sure you are ready to take all the heat- and GoT is not merely the first example of that on television in the last couple of decades. I don't think there was anything as pop-culture as GoT in it's early seasons, and with the social media and internet meme-culture so present these days- this time this phenomenon was taken to heights never seen before We've seen it with the Sopranos. We've seen it with Seinfeld. We've seen it countless other times- if your show is popular enough and you give the audience an ending which is not the most conventional conclusion possible- or, god forbid, a little bit brave- you are going to get the heat. Say what you will about the final seasons, it's amazing the show started to really divide the fan base only in its very last season, that being it's eighth one- something that is ultimately unavoidable with something in that magnitude of popularity, that has so many characters and storylines for people to nit-pick from. It's expected some will be disappointed with the way elements of the story have concluded but I believe people went way overboard and overreacted with their negativity and scrutiny towards these final episodes, something that originated heavily from being swept by the negative buzz on social media. I mean, once it became ‘fashionable’ to hate on the last season of the same show it was so trendy to love beforehand seems like people were just quick to join the latest trend without even giving it much of a real thought. It’s all fugazi. A lot of plot points that were deemed by a lot of people as "making no sense" from the characters perspective are, at least in my opinion, totally in line with their arcs on the show if you give a moments thought about it. This season was some of the best television I’ve ever seen, and an amazing conclusion to this epic show. At first I was really bothered it’s became so mainstream to trash my favorite show online for no concrete reason, but when I look back months later I think this is a side effect I can accept for having a real authentic ending to the show and not some mundane predictable fan fiction, tied up in a pretty bow.

- Games of thrones1 star

Porq raZon los capitulos no salen completos y xq razon no esta en el idioma ezpañol en los subititulos????? Hice la compra y perdí el dinero

- Queen in the North5 star

Sansa Stark won.

- Worse season eva1 star

First two episodes are awesome but the rest of the season is an insult to the entire series and to the fans.

- End5 star

This season is incredible. Others may not like it but it’s so good. It ends in a way that it could have only ended. It showcases the end of a long journey and the end... is glorious

- Love the series3 star

... just not season 8. Episdoe 3 was awsome .... the rest .... not so much

- Greeeeaaat5 star

Great awesome loved it

- ROTTEN1 star

Completely ruined the series! How can writing be done so poorly at this level??? NOT WORTH YOUR TIME OR MONEY

- Awful1 star

Awful lazy writing that absolutely killed the greatest show of all time. What a waste

- Everyone's a critic5 star

Season might have felt a little rushed, but was great. The cast was spectacular and the sets were equally impressive. Just sad it's over.

- S es5 star

Dystrophy is the last day reed derasi seesaws

- Ongbggggbggg g gvgvvg5 star

Hey bun bro ether Juju was about it BG

- Sad Ending to a Great Show2 star

This season lacked further character development, relationship growth, and plot. It seemed very rushed and not flushed out at all. It's really sad to such a great show end so badly.

- It's only worth...1 star

a 'night' with Brienne, a "Thank you" from Arya and a "leap of faith" by the Hound. It has been one of the worst adapted for tv series ending I have ever seen, in forty years. If you truely want epic watch Shogun.

- 👎👎👎🤮🤮🤮🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️💩💩💩1 star

Don’t buy the season, hit them where it hurts just like they did to us fans

- Amazing and shocking ending...5 star

While millions consider this finale to be a bust, I thought it was the best possible way to end a show with so many stories. The emotional attachments I had with each of the characters was very well justified and during “The Long Night” and “The Iron Throne” episodes I was teary-eyed and had full goosebumps. The only thing I noticed that might have brought my rating down form a 10 was the rushed aspect. 9/10 but amazing nonetheless.

- Didn’t do the main characters justice!1 star

Such a shame, really hate the show now.

- Just…why?!1 star

Believe me, if I could give this 0 stars, I would. It took a precious part of my daily life, something to look forward to & be able to escape the daily stress of life, and smelted it to bits like the throne itself. I feel as if the whole cast and crew just gave up, and frankly, so did I. If you have the good fortune to have never seen “Game of Thrones”, don’t start now: it’ll only lead to you going through the five stages of grief earlier on in life than you thought.

- Betrayal1 star

What a sad, sad, television event. They literally treated the characters and their stories like empty costumes that they took off, hung in the closet, and called it the season finally. Nothing was earned. Nothing made very much sense. It was obvious they were too anxious to get to work on Star Wars. For example: Jamie claws and scratches his way to something close to respectability and honor again thru seven hard earned and painful seasons and suddenly wakes up one morning and throws it all away....which would've been fine if they had taken the time to show the increasing and painful conflict of his heart. I could almost accept what happened in this final season but we never got any of the story development that made this the most awsome show in television history. George Lucas jinxed the show when he showed up on set. Sad!

- What?1 star

It took two years for this season to release and when I found out it was only 6 episodes I should have know it would be bad.

- Short But Sweet5 star

Even though some of the episodes were more than an hour long, I still wanted more than six of them. Loved the action, loved the ending, would be interested in seeing prequels, sequels, spinoffs, etc.

- Horrible, lazy writing to end this series1 star

What a betrayal of the main characters and the viewers just for a predictably wrong choice of an ending. Rewatchability of this series is 0 after this epic fail of the last few episodes.

- Ignore the trolls! Greatest of all Time5 star

Ignore the trolls! Greatest of all Time... must be seen in HD/4K to really appreciate this wonderful work of art.

- Season was alright3 star

One thing this show did great at was lower my expectations. I had such high expectations for this season and then I was extremely disappointed. Resulting me in having lower expectations for Avengers End Game. End game legit blew me away because I had such low expectations. So thank you GoT for making end game so much better. HBO taught be a valuable lesson, don’t get your hopes up for TV.

- So sad1 star

Season 8: the letdown of the century. Save your money. Read the book instead (if it ever comes out).


It would have been great if the Arya story, which was weak, boring, and utterly silly was deleted. She should have died a long time ago, but in this season she was invincible. Stupid! I liked how Jon killed Daenerys - good move, he should have become King of the Dragons, as well as the King of the Iron Throne. Now that is an ending, we could believe in. Kudos to Tyrion and Jon, who made the show. Macho men rule!

- Lol1 star

Season 8 needs some milk

- Doesn't work on monitor.1 star

With the new copy protection, this doesn't play on the monitor I connected to my Mac. Not recommended to purchase this from iTunes until they make the playback work.

- Did they fix the ending yet?1 star

I bought this without realizing it was an early prerelease or beta version of the finale season. It’s obviously broken and a prototype. Any idea when the real ending will be released?

- $ 2.99 for Standard, $3.99 HD?1 star

Ya'll got some big balls charging $2.99 (for STANDARD) an episode. Writing and direction is a train wreck. GOT 1-7 are classics. GOT 8 is like God Father 3. Just ignore GOT 8, like God Father 3.

- Why?!?1 star

So much potential wasted. The writing this season was terrible. The entire season felt rushed, and characters we've come to know and love (or loved to hate) acted in ways that simply moved the plot forward rather than consistent with their respective motives and passions that had been developed over six or seven seasons. I'm disappointed that I cannot recommend this season.

- Episode 3 Sound is HORRIBLE!!!1 star

The best episode and the sound is horrible in 5.1 Surround. HOW CAN THEY DO THIS. Shamne on Apple!!!!

- Totally shiiiit1 star

Totally shiiiiit🤮🤢 Worst writing for end stroy

- We kinda forgot about plot & story1 star

What a terrible way to end an otherwise epic series. Season 6-8 have been garbage in comparison to seasons 1-5 and the source material in general. Dan n Dave have this remedial obsession with “adverting expectations” in plot twists to create tension & intrigue. These plot twists often make no sense and in the later seasons major players (Tyron, Little Finger, Jon Snow) in the game of thrones act so out of character for no reason other than writing staff have no idea what to do with them. An example is John snow who WAS a charismatic leader turned into a living meme, who’s only lines in season 8 is “I dun wunt it” or “your mahhh kween”. Do yourself a favor n stop at season 5.

- Wow1 star

Really bad

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Sylberger - Pas de sous-titres en français2 star

Pourquoi la version originale (VO) n’inclut pas les sous-titres en français. On est au Canada !!!! Je suis extrêmement déçu ! La version Blu-ray comprend pourtant toutes les langues et tous les sous-titres, pourquoi pas la version numérique ?? Décevant.

Ccm924 - What’s wrong with people?4 star

I was totally satisfied with the last season. I thought the twists and turns were captivating and fun, and at times quite dark... even by this shows standard. What more could you want? As for the people petitioning to have the season re-filmed.. go find a real cause to petition and sign your name to. This is a TV show. Not real life.

reagan_rto - Hated it1 star

Absolutely terrible way to end the series Incompetent writers who had no clue what they were doing

scooter321 - Worst season to date1 star

What a let down after the first 4 seasons

Icy asylum - Great5 star

Great season . I will watch again and again

dillusioned - Just watch Seasons 1 - 72 star

I'm sure Season 8 of GOT will go down in infamy. Seasons 1 -7 were excellent, although logic lapses did begin to appear in Season 7, however, it was still an excellent season. Enter Season 8 with two writers wanting to wrap up the series as quickly as possible so they could move on to another project, and we end up with a mess. Season 8 was delayed for a year, and yet comprises six episodes? Usually, that means good writing and production, but not here. Awkward acting, blunders like coffee cups in the scenes, etc. I suspect the reason they pushed the final season off by a year was that they secretly hoped the viewers would forget the plot lines and lore. Gone is the story logic of seven seasons. The first two episodes of Season 8 accomplish next to nothing except serve as place holders. Episode 3? The big clash against the enemy we've been anticipating for seven seasons and it's all over in a single dark(as in can't see the action) episode? Seriously? All the hints of the white walkers' motivations and intentions for seven seasons were for nothing? Do we get no explanation for the night king? Just a bad guy with no motive? Even a cheesy James Bond movie justifies the bad guy's behaviour some way. Then the resolution with Cersei, another great character performance destroyed. All she does is stand around looking glum, then bingo, it's over as well? Incredibly short-sighted writing for this season. Many instances of plot armour saving characters that had no right to survive, coupled with blatant red herrings from the writers in pathetic attempts to create tension by sucking in viewers with silly plot devices that have nothing to do with anything. I feel bad for the actors, even Kit Harrington looked uncomfortable in his scenes. I thought he forgot his copy of the script because he has so few lines. There are too many plot holes and inconsistencies to go over in a short review, but GOT was always smart, gritty and provocative. Skip Season 8 if you want to preserve your good memories of the series.

worst "movie" ever - 🤮🤢🤮🤢2 star

disappointing, character's development is trash

question ? - Solid ending5 star

It ended the only way it could have, really. It was a beautiful season. Fantastic battle scenes, great and strong personalities pitted against one another. Solid.

Tomasinna - Excellent season5 star

I think people may have based ratings on expectations of fan theories from what I observed online. Great season, actors worked their butts off and cgi was great.

jxcob22 - Js stop1 star

Its rlly rlly bad

Ashley_Riot66 - A ruined legacy1 star

A show that betrays its meticulous writing from earlier seasons and flubs the ending in every possible way. Logically devoid, emotionally stale and ultimately pointless. For the defenders of the season, glad you liked it. For me, it made me feel angry, sad and ultimately disinterested.

RED W/R - Game of Thrones4 star

I give you four star rating of this season 8. It well done of game of thrones season 8. Excellent actor and actress did there play out there part to finish of the season 8. It is very nice play out there part of job done. I’am very happy with story end. Worth the money to watch to enjoy of the last season over. Thanks 😢 E.M.

Ashtoon2 - Thanks for the email5 star

You Hi e g for safer storage g you will be fine I

Positron McHappy - Still lots of action4 star

Haters have some legitimate concerns. HBO writers wanted a life, so they rushed it abit as the books author didn’t have an ending yet. However, the action, sound, music, & cinematography still rocked. Better than Hollywood Marvel, etc.

jmm_36 - aight. but disappointing.3 star

i don’t understand how the powers that be thought this was an acceptable way to end a series. yes, the battle scenes were epic. however, the story itself fell flat. it was anticlimactic and some of the major plot questions were left answered. i feel this season does such a disservice to all the work that came before it ... it’s definitely left a bad taste in my mouth. count me out for the prequels. why even bother?!

Victarionk - Great start. Burnt out. Needed 10-13 eps to feel organic4 star

I still enjoyed this season!! Bittersweet indeed. The Starks won which is what I’ve always wanted!! The ending made sense. They just needed more episodes to flesh it out. Oh well. We get it. I’ll always love Game of Thrones & I will miss it until my dying breath. We’ve experienced a cultural phenomenon. It’ll be years before a show emerges w/ such a diverse following as large & passionate as this. It’s been one hell of a ride, kids. I’ll see you all in the Seven Hells!

Thania20115 - Let down3 star

I have watched all episodes from season 1 to season 8. Season 8 is by far the worst season and it’s due to the fact that it felt unfinished rushed and left you feeling unsatisfied. Character development was tossed out the window. There was so much potential. Unsure why they decided to make so little episodes instead of making the usual amount of episodes to ensure all viewers enjoy a proper ending. All characters fell so flat at the last episode It made me feel like season 1-7 was not part of this season due to the weird writing and rushed storyline. Yes cgi was top notch but the story was very important. Sad I had to wait this long far such an odd ending. It was so bad I would not watch season 8 again and I have watched season 1-7 at least twice because it’s very good.

laurisbx - Don’t waste your time.1 star

If you watch this it will ruin the whole series for you. Don’t watch.

orodrigueziii - The end.4 star

A bit rushed? Yes. But these six episodes end an incredibly epic series on a high in my opinion. God bless Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire.

x_X_WhiteFox_X_x - What are people talking about?5 star

Everyone said the pacing was off, everyone said it felt rushed. I’m watching it while thinking to myself “everyone had gone mad” this is an epic season.

TheIronPrice - Unimaginative And Illogical1 star

After standing on the shoulders of a giant, Dan and Dave demonstrates their limited writing abilities by rushing conclusions of several story arcs in counterintuitively and illogically. Don’t waste your money on season 8 and instead sign the change dot org petition for HBO to fire D&D and redo season 8. Repeat after me: “Oh lord of light the final season is neither dark nor full of terrors. Please hear our prayers.”

Colbtronic - Bad ending for an otherwise great show3 star

What a let down. (Spoilers) all the most boring characters and situations end up taking their place in the finale.

Geoffrey Spencer - Not bad...4 star

Battle of Winterfell was great and I could see everything. The Bells was awesome. The Iron Throne was a bit of a let down but still good. Ignore the haters and watch and decide for yourself.

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Fctgxfh - Worst season ever1 star

Worst season ever

Gene S.A. - No title2 star

Overall, a huge disappointment; did anyone notice they still had a North Wall? Could have sworn it got destroyed at the end of season 7!

John_Webster - Left Me Breathless Again and Again5 star

I don’t often leave reviews on iTunes, but given the polarized reactions to the final season of Game of Thrones, I feel obliged to make an exception. The most honest appraisal I can offer of these final episodes is that they left me so often overwhelmed with emotion. The final minutes of “The Long Night” had me literally holding my breath, leaning forward in my seat, with my hands held over my mouth. I can’t recall ever being so emotionally involved in an episode of television. This tension was matched by the closing half of “The Bells”, but by replacing anxiety with absolute horror at the unfolding events and the implications for many favorite characters. That the concluding episode operates as a healing denouement (albeit with its own tragic turns) is fitting coming after such a harrowing experience. Much of the rest of the season is filled with the stunning character work that showrunners David Benioff & D.B. Weiss, along with their exemplary company of actors, have become so adept at delivering over the course of this stunning adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s epic. But this time around, more than ever, there’s an inescapable sense of tragedy that pervades every moment from the first episode. In closing, I would say that the series finished out in ways I never could have imagined, befitting a story, and an author, that has never taken the easy route or given us what we expect, or (in many cases) even want. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Big Bad John the 1st - Offers closure4 star

Actually I did not find season 8 to be as bad as many people are making it out to be, In GOT, there were never any happy endings as each episode concluded. It was not a popularity contest among all of the characters to determine would would be king or queen in the series finale. So, if people were expecting a happy ending or that the most popular character would prevail, knowing how the series did things to all characters, they should have thought otherwise. Season 8 did offer closure for all characters and story lines. Many people did not like the series finale, but it does make sense if you paid very close attention to each episode. A few more comments...about episode 3 The Long Night of season 8...You have to be certain that your HD TV has been set up properly. If your TV is not set up with the correct brightness and contrast settings, since this episode was filmed at night in low light conditions, you may very well have trouble discerning what you are looking at.

Grumpy109 - What’s all the fuss about?4 star

Fans may not like the ending, but it is a true reflection of reality: “ Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Even Frodo turned bad at the edge of Mt Doom and refused to throw the ring in. GOT is a warning for people who thinks that once their political candidate is in power, everything will be ok. History tells a reality that shatters all the fantasies of the idealists. And so GOT is true to reality. It is an ending most befitting.

Boll Weevill - corporate heads killed what was left of artistic gusto1 star

...hurried production ...writers ignored ...dialogue childish ...flawed development ...scenes dumbed ...gusto gone ...plot dead ...i never did get why Dani burned down city?! i liked the intro theme tho

Awesome minecraft12 - Took 1-7 and backed them into a river1 star

God awful writing, They took Characters and Hints and just rushed them too an Awful and unsatisfying last Season that just killed it. And it is solely Because D&D wrote them.

Turmat - Such a disappointment!1 star

I have watched this since the begining. I own all of the previous seasons but WILL NOT buy this crap. Really, WHAT were they thinking?????? Poor writing, crappy LAZY direction.

johnhender - Expected more2 star

Season 8 was a total let down, I was thinking I waited two years for this . The series would be better with season 8 in the trash can like it never happened

Mustbuybatman - Disappointing1 star

Great show for seasons 1-7, really upset the rushed the last season and wiped out all the character arcs in one swoop. Feel horrible for all the people that put so much time into making it. The actors did amazingly throughout the entire show, the writing however....fell very flat.

Fabio377 - THE WORST OF THE WORST from GOT1 star

Never seen such a poor ending..... I am really disappointed

Flaymien - Excellent for 6 seasons1 star

first 6 were 👌🏽, 7th was still good, this is an utter disaster. what a disappointing end.

Sam Dario - Still avoiding spoilers1 star

I heard season 8 is the worst with horrible scripts, I wish I don’t change my comment here again. Edit: Stupid ending for Night King, an IQ below 0 for John and cruel Danny. What’s this?!

duffball1024 - Great show destroyed in 3 episodes1 star

Game of thrones was the great story of our time until season 8 when the all the hard work and fight was for nothing. The phase “dumpster fire” is the most accurate phrase to describe the last 3 episodes which in turn ruined the show for me forever. If your one of the very few who enjoy the ending please refrain from breeding or operating heavy or dangerous machinery.

msgenesisr - Horrible1 star

Seasons of character development ruined in 6 episodes.

DragoniteFTW - Disappointing2 star

Everything BUT the writing is perfect quality but the writing is atrocious

Bye😎😎Bye - GoT is horrible1 star

The season was so bad the news reporters talked about it for months of how bad it was

Bye😎😎Bye - GoT is horrible1 star

The season was so bad the news reporters talked about it for months of how bad it was

illgmkeanedu - Bonus material...2 star

Welp, I bought this so I could watch the exclusive featurettes. I've become accustomed to being let down since the end of the third episode, so they were exactly as anticipated. Neat and mostly interesting behind-the-scenes stuff explaining the special effects, stunts, and whatnot. Unfortunately it's only about a half-hour total, and fairly skimpy. They even reused pieces of one featurette in the other. Gotta be honest--what would have exceeded my expectations would have been in-depth cast interviews covering the filming of the season. All we got, as in the two-hour "Last Watch" documentary, were a few predictable lines here and there from a small handful of them. Why the seemingly deliberate avoidance? Hm. I learned some things and laughed a couple times, but seriously, where are the actors? Where are the stories from behind the scenes? Where are all the DELETED scenes???? I wavered a little on this because those weren't included, then bit the bullet like the chump I apparently am. Anyway, spoilers ahoy...but everyone's probably seen it by now anyway. As has been said a million times (including by myself at great length), this was the weakest season of the show by many miles. The problems truly began in the third episode--which would be a good one overall, except that one episode is simply insufficient for the Great War regardless of its length. There needed to be more to it. This was the fight for all humanity, not another battle that could be confined to its own single episode. The White Walkers & their Army of the Dead should have gotten further south than Winterfell. However, the remaining three episodes I may just discard, accepting the third as the series finale...because largely they were wasted on assassinating Daenerys' character in an extremely absurd fashion. All manner of other questions remain regarding bizarre, hurried choices our two dear writers made, or things they neglected to address from previous seasons. (Did they lose their list of everyone and everything that should have explicitly figured into the conclusion? This is precisely what I feared but thought nah, that wouldn't possibly happen.) At virtually every step there were so many things they could've done to make it the greatest season of all, but instead they fumbled or just lost interest in the scriptwriting portion. I've been a devoted "throny" for six years now and had been obsessively awaiting S8 for over a year and a half. To be this disappointed is crushing. It's all down to the decision to cram so much into six episodes. That was never going to work if they wanted to have Dany's descent and Bran's kingship and everything else make sense...certainly not the way they divided everything up. You lose the naturalness of the other seasons, and suddenly the writers' hands are all over it, more prominently than the characters themselves. The saddest part is that were the scripts perfect, the entire thing would be perfect, since every single other person involved brought their usual A-game and lived up to the high quality standards GoT has set. But they choked and began to fall apart as if they suddenly realized they couldn't tie everything together, and GRRM had somehow failed to give them enough info.

Sean 4446357368748656 - Uhhh...2 star

Wish this season was as good as the soundtrack. Maybe Ramin should've directed Season 8

Balldinho - Trash!1 star

This season derailed my beloved show with terrible writing!

Firmamentou - Super slow downloading1 star

Anyone facing a super slow download speed on GoT Season 8 solely ?

henrrrrrrrry - Shame! Shame! Shame!1 star

Remake it.

ab_xo - Must watch tv5 star

The hype is real

BiggieBry - Stop Whining Dammit5 star

Boo-hoo. I don’t like how D&D handled Dany. EVERYONE who is crying about this is under 30. Don’t know why (maybe you don’t remember The Sopranos or Lost) but maybe you don’t know what truly is an awful ending to a show. I thought it was great!

Dan29687 - Broken heart1 star

I loved this show! I looked forward to it every year! I was the biggest fan and argued that it was one of the best shows of all time. Season 8 broke my heart with the rushed pacing and the plot holes. Beyond disappointed that this is gonna be the final taste of one of the greatest shows of all time to be ruined in just 6 episodes.

Yaharasoccer - Screw HBO1 star

After all the investment that fans made in the series, this is what HBO did. Boycott the prequels! REDO SEASON 8!

farore0519 - Undercooked2 star

Some people like their steaks medium rare, some medium well, some even well done - but no one likes a piece of frozen meat that is served to you before it is thawed. And this is what season 8 is. Move some episodes into season 7, and take another year to make season 8. Why do we have to watch everything like a TLDR and skip all development? Everything is highly Hollywood-style predictable. And clearly they want to further capitalize on this series with spin-offs and what not. Terrible. Please recall the whole series.

Hindi83 - Awful season1 star

This season was rushed and disconnected. For 7 seasons Danny was all about being the breaker of chains and letting people live if they bend the knee. Also, why would Jamie continue his love with his sister after she tried to have him killed? How did Danny’s army all come back to life after being wiped out by the white walkers? Not to mention the Starbucks up and water bottle. This season was a joke.

Be True - So sad. Super until the last few episodes.2 star

The cast was great. The story, production, not. Muddy visuals & too much CGI. And season 8 wasn’t a cohesive build. So many characters gone, but the main character I loved was obliterated. Why is the question. Beautiful character ruined. 8 sucked. Too few finally episodes. Not enough narrative to build what happened. I thought it was only ok. I love Jon Snow. Less now. And Dany was my favorite, so... I rewrote the end in my head. Why screw up a beautiful tale?

MarcusLeon - It’s not TV, It’s Game of Thrones5 star

Even though the ending was as good as many of people expected the story is incredible and you can notice that it was made with love

OberonLefey - Way to screw an entire series1 star

Here’s my advice if Martin Wrote it lately light it on fire and slap the tar outta his over inflated ego. Loved everything about this series then this season hit... episode 3 was good everything else... yeah don’t let the fat man determine stuff anymore pull a Lucas and tell him to go play elsewhere. If they re wrote the last season it’d be better but then again they prolly signed a contract stating they’d end it like that moron wanted. R.I.P game of thrones I’ll forget about you in a year.

hapachick77 - Worst ending ever1 star

I was a GOT fanatic until the writers completely ruined the last season with the worst plot ever. What a shame!

TeamGJ - Not good.1 star

Don’t waste your time on season 8. I’m going to personally forget season 7 & season 8 were ever written.

diksha❤️❤️ - Very bad1 star

The worst season. Horrible writing and horrible ends for characters. If you haven’t seen season 8, I recommend pretending like the show got cancelled and never watching season 8, as it will be a complete disappointment.

SoNotAHater333 - Downvote1 star

Breaking Bad had a good ending; this didn’t. George R. R. Martin is going senile.

dronenburger - Trash season1 star

Season 8 of game of thrones was not game of thrones.... it was rushed normy content that deserved greatness but failed to deliver

Adamtheboy - Just bad1 star

A very bad ending for a very good show. Incredibly disappointing.

MASTER776 - D&D sucked1 star

To be clear, the actors, actresses, crew etc did an excellent job. The writing just sucked compared to previous seasons.

Stoic84 - oAqy5 star

they man txt huhkiwgo qing is issues n wh just jfyi wWjqfelt hy

Ethan6474 - Bad writing2 star

Terrible finale soo much factors left unanswered!

darkmaster204 - Terrible1 star

Stick with seasons 1-6, everything after is garbage

Jared Kozal - And Now Our Watch Is Ended5 star

Game Of Thrones is far and away my favorite show of all-time, and it’s sincerely been one of the most important things in my life over the past decade. As a lifelong lover of fantasy tales, I never dreamed I would see one this brilliantly executed, to the point it captivated the entire world. The final season is no exception. Divisive though it may be, I absolutely loved Season 8, and ever since I first watched the finale, I've felt only peace and gratitude for the journey that we've been on, and for the entire creative team who made it possible. I'll always be sad about the fate of certain characters, but that sadness is entirely grounded within the inherently tragic nature of the story itself. For everyone else, it's about as perfect of an ending as I could have ever hoped for, bittersweet though it may be. At the moment, I’ve seen every episode of the final season at least five times. I’m very much looking forward to rewatching it from start to finish, and to rewatching the entire series with this ending in mind when I have the time. I expect it to be a richly rewarding experience – it always is. The magnitude of what Game of Thrones accomplished during in its eight seasons is unmatched in TV history. We shall not see its like again.

jacobmcsnackerton - Horrible1 star

Worst Season ever.

Geezus krist - Uuugghh1 star

Words fail me at how ludicrously bad this final season was.

MattFling - Don’t hold the 🚪 for this Season 8 Finally....2 star

The Double DDs dropped the ball on this season. Everything from the CGI, Direction and acting was great but the writing just felt rushed and disservice’s the characters we spent the last 7 seasons with.

Arsobrenda - Would give 0 if I could.1 star

One of the writers told a reporter that they are glad fans think of the show as “ theirs “ but in reality it “ isn’t theirs “ ... that line has made me hot as a hornet since I heard it. What do you mean it isn’t OUR show?! Why do you think the show was successful? Fans! Why did the actors make money? Fans! Why did the series make it 8 seasons? Fans!!! I’m sorry but the fans own the show, every artist, movie, television series WE decide what’s hot or what’s not. Without faithful watchers this series wouldn’t have continued. Anyone can call themselves a singer but without a fan following they aren’t making albums or touring. Series stop and continue because of viewers. We faithfully watched this series for 7 seasons. We waited TWO years for a finale. They gipped us out of 2 extra episodes and left us crippled/ confused/ and devastated with the writing of this last season. Way to ruin story lines. The actors can back up the writers bc they’ve spent so many years with them, they are family at this point. But they forget that to us these characters were family. Some of us have been watching for so many years growing up with the characters. Shame, shame, shame. That’s all.

Dovic - What can I say3 star

Good job guys. I’m just a critic. I didn’t write all of this and I promise you mine would not have been as good. The ending was appropriate.

Felipe2322 - This season is the worst1 star

Congratulations D&D you somehow made season 8 truly trash

Sean32312 - meh1 star

not great

5 star

I blame Game of Thrones season 8 for all of this.

5 star

Hie how ha ha 😁😉still keeping it in the family

5 star

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I'm not gonna complain, but my dad has re-watched Game of Thrones 6 times at least now this quarantine and I still…

5 star

@FatKidDeals: Game of Thrones: Complete Series, Season 1-7! **Comes with free paperweight, titled "Season 8" …

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@FatKidDeals: Game of Thrones: Complete Series, Season 1-7! **Comes with free paperweight, titled "Season 8" …

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@FatKidDeals: Game of Thrones: Complete Series, Season 1-7! **Comes with free paperweight, titled "Season 8" …

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@FatKidDeals: Game of Thrones: Complete Series, Season 1-7! **Comes with free paperweight, titled "Season 8" …

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i'm going to be honest guys i preferred the storyline where america was harbouring aliens at Area 51, currently we…

5 star

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5 star

@KEMBakugo game of thrones season 8

5 star

@FatKidDeals: Game of Thrones: Complete Series, Season 1-7! **Comes with free paperweight, titled "Season 8" …

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@FatKidDeals: Game of Thrones: Complete Series, Season 1-7! **Comes with free paperweight, titled "Season 8" …

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Game of Thrones, Season 8 images
Game of Thrones, Season 8 images
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