The Avengers, Season 6

The Avengers, Season 6 Summary

The Avengers are back in the sixth season of this eccentric British mash-up of science fiction, fantasy, and parody. Patrick Macnee is the dapper and deadly dandy John Steed, and Linda Thorson is the stylish and deadly Tara King. The Avengers, Season 6 Wiki

The Avengers, Season 6 Synopsis

Steed's colleague Sean Mortimer comes to see him in a very confused state. He knows there is a traitor in the organization but he has been drugged to put him in an amnesiac state and he can remember little else. Mrs. Peel investigates but she too falls prey to the drug as she and Sean are abducted by bikers. It is down to trainee agent 69, Tara King, to whom Steed is introduced by spymaster 'Mother' to help him save the day.
The sudden deaths of several of Steed's former army colleagues are revealed to be part of an elaborate engine of destruction, devised by a man court-martialled by them all. And now he is playing a deadly game.
Problems of a secret leakage from Cypher HQ and the disappearance of agent Jarret are first handed to rival Department MII2, and then to Mother's group. But why does everybody at Cypher HQ claim never to have seen Jarret and state that the only thing worthy of note that happened yesterday was that it rained?
Ear, nose and throat specialists are sneezing themselves to death, each after receiving a mysterious empty envelope. When Tara is kidnapped, Steed takes great care over his morning mail.
When an agent at the Ministry of Top-Secret Information is murdered, Steed and Tara have little difficulty in locating the man responsible. But when a handwriting test indicates that he is Boris Kartovski, someone Steed thought he had killed in Berlin 5 years before, our heroes find themselves drawn into the dangerous experiments of Dr. Constantine.
Somebody is out to get super-computer George/XR40. He is shot, given false data, attacked with acid, and nearly gets his power supply cut. But until George works properly the name and nature of the culprits cannot be established.
Trusted agent Melville has lost three partners in quick succession, and seems to be lying at every opportunity. Is he really the man to partner Steed in an attempt to convict Lord Edgefield, noted blackmailer? And what is the odd connection between this whole affair and daily milk deliveries?
The leaking of secrets at Carmadoc Research Establishment throws suspicion on to Steed, who must suffer the torment of house arrest while Tara goes in with a new partner.
Anticipating the arrival of his enemies to kill him, millionaire Henley Farrer sets a deadly trap for them involving an Oriental dagger and, inevitably, Steed and Tara.
Tara visits Steed in a special hospital following an injury to his leg. This is just the backdrop needed by Gerald Kafka, ex-head of Murder International, as he plans his revenge against Steed, who sent him to prison exactly seven years ago. At noon, Steed will die.
The directors of the Capital Land and Development Company are being murdered and the only clues Steed and Tara have are a massive footprint and a red nose.
The spectacular theft of 3,000 top-secret FF70 rifles from a Government establishment brings Steed and Tara. Steed meets an old 'friend' and is invited to an auction. Tara has other reasons for being there.
To infiltrate a peace conference, Arcos, a brilliant plastic surgeon, uses a new moulding technique to transform an agent into a duplicate Steed. But when the transformation proves to be unstable, Arcos decides they need the real Steed.
When agents find themselves in Colonel Mannering's interrogation centre, they think it's a test of their abilities, and relax with drinks when the sessions are over. But who's fooling who. Steed plays catch the pigeon.
Members of the Institute of Timber Technology are being killed by a pair of caddish assassins, their advantage being an ability to destroy wood in seconds.
The death of agent Bernard Grant, while investigating the strange goings-on at the Alpha Academy where teenagers are being prepared for inter-planetary conquest, leads Steed and Tara into the generation war.
Remak is a killer, one the department are desperate to find. But a succession of agents on the trail of Remak are turning up dead, wrapped in polythene. And with Tara on holiday, Steed must go into this case with a new partner.
Steed, attempting to capture super-spy Merlin, is knocked out by a sleeping capsule, and wakes to find London deserted and under martial law. Firing squads are at large, and a nuclear bomb is holding the government to ransom.
Rich men are being blackmailed by two crime experts who plant clues to them all over the scenes of the crimes that they themselves commit. However, when they try to allege that Steed would murder Tara....
Tara's uncle is being held against his will in a country hotel. So Tara books in, and finds herself equally discouraged from leaving. Could the place also be home to the agent that Mother is missing?
Security lapses seem to point to top civil servants suddenly falling in love and giving secrets to an enemy agent disguised as a char lady. Steed investigates, but first has to save Tara from killing herself out of unrequited love.
The discovery of a talking attache case passed from courier to courier until it finally reaches 'Mr. Big' takes Steed and Tara on a dazzling and surreal romp around London.
When a member of the International Disarmament Committee is stabbed with a swordstick on a foggy night, it looks like the Gaslight Ghoul, murderer of the 1890's, has set up in business again. Can Steed and Tara catch him before the committee is severely lacking in personnel?
It's Mother's birthday and he is visiting two of his aunts, Harriet and Georgina. To celebrate he tells them a hair-colour changing story, 'The Great Great British Crime'.
Whilst on a top secret security assignment, Tara comes under suspicion of being a double-agent. She must cast similar suspicion on Steed if she is to prove that she has been framed. An enemy agent, Gregor Zaroff, hopes to put the Government's new anti-missile defence system, code named 'Field Marshall', out of action by convincing Steed and Mother that Tara has betrayed the system's secrets. (Source:
Two invincible foreign agents escape from the ultimate prison, a monastery run by the security services. They resume their mission, to kill one important person each. Steed and Tara set out to catch them, and to find out how they escaped, before their leader follows suit.
The Reverend Shelley, a wartime pal of Steed's, seeks his help when archaeologists beneath his church are murdered mysteriously. Do the killing have anything to do with small malevolent mobile metal boxes....?
Tara is kidnapped, and wakes to discover that it is 1915, and she is apparently called Pandora. Could this be because of the little matter of a dowry and a missing bride? Steed struggles to solve a very old mystery.
When Steed takes prime witness Miranda Loxton to a safe house to protect her from Murder-International hitmen, Tara is kidnapped. She escapes to find herself in her worst nightmare. A booby-trap in Steed's apartment kills Mother and Tara may be the only one with the hidden knowledge of where Steed has gone.
The home of Steed's friends Bill and Laura Bassett is invaded by a group of ruthless criminals who implant explosives in their throats. Unfortunately, this is the weekend that Steed is coming to stay.
Tara has been employed to test the security on the top-secret war-room computer 'The Field Marshall'. But when a strange foreign man starts sending her flowers, Mother suspects that she's doing her job a bit too efficiently.
When one of the Acme Precision Combine is brutally stabbed, Steed and Tara are on hand to witness the crime, thanks to a telephoned warning. But why does somebody want them to see so many killings, and what does it have to do with Dr. Jaeger's aggresso-therapy clinic?
When a woman is found walking barefoot in a snowy field, complaining of a dead man who wasn't dead, Steed investigates the Happy Meadows funeral parlour, which doesn't seem to be keeping its clients down under. What connection could that business possibly have with Mystic Tours?

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The Avengers, Season 6 Episodes

Urbane John Steed and a variety of partners work for an elite organization tasked with investigating criminal and espionage matters within the UK. Their opponents use everything from standard techniques to robots and other science fiction gadgetry.

Episode TitleTime
Super Secret Cypher Snatch51:46
You'll Catch Your Death51:34
Whoever Shot Poor George Oblique Stroke XR40?51:48
False Witness52:35
All Done with Mirrors51:46
Legacy of Death52:36
Noon Doomsday52:23
Look, Stop Me If You've Never Heard This One51:46
Have Guns… Will Haggle51:48
They Keep Killing Steed52:35
The Interrogators52:41
The Rotters52:35
Invasion of the Earthmen51:48
The Morning After52:34
The Curious Case of the Countless Clues51:49
Wish You Were Here52:36
Love All52:36
Stay Tuned52:35
Take Me to Your Leader52:35
Who Was That Man I Saw You With?52:19
Homicide and Old Lace52:25
My Wildest Dream51:36
An ex-soldier, thought to be dead, takes his revenge on Steed and three other former Army officers, who helped to Court Martial him, by trapping them into participating in a series of deadly games that invariably end in death.
An espionage ring is stealing secrets from the Government's top secret Cypher HQ, by posing as window cleaners. MI-12 are assigned to the case, but when their man Jarett is murdered Steed takes over, to investigate Classy Glass Cleaning. But Tara, posing as a new secretary inside Cypher HQ, swears no one has penetrated its security.
Empty envelopes are delivered to top Government officials, who are then found dead. The only clue is that each man seems to have died from a fit of sneezing. Steed investigates a clinic for researching the common cold, which seems to have purchased some unusual stationery supplies.
When agents in Lord Barnes’s department at the Ministry of Top Secret Information are murdered, all the evidence points to an enemy agent named Kartovski. The snag is that Kartovski was killed by Steed five years earlier.
A mystery enemy is targeting Britain's most important government computer with a series of sabotage attempts. Steed investigates the machine's designer, following up a clue the computer has provided, and plants Tara in his household as a spy.
When all the witnesses involved in the prosecution of Lord Edgefield, suspected of blackmailing key security and foreign service personnel, suddenly start lying - including Tara - Steed must discover how they have been got at. Meanwhile, Tara becomes suspicious of DreemyKreem Dairies, but discovers she is literally incapable of telling anyone.
Secrets are leaking from a defense research establishment, thanks to a new invention: an eavesdropping device which can use any shiny surface to reflect and amplify sound waves. But with Steed unavailable, Tara must investigate with only an inexperienced new agent for support.
For revenge on Steed, an old enemy leaves him a deadly legacy in his Will: a jeweled oriental dagger worth a million dollars, known as the Falcon, which various dangerous men are anxious to acquire. Steed is cast in the role of Sam Spade, in a spoof of the Humphrey Bogart movie The Maltese Falcon, with dead bodies piling up in his apartment as one man after another tries to kill him to get hold of the item. Ronald Lacey guest stars as Mr. Green, and Stratford Johns as Mr. Street, in a homage to Bogart's co-star, Sydney Greenstreet.
An injured Steed is being treated in a top secret hospital, with an assassin named Kafka, the former head of Murder International, on his trail. With the aid of an accomplice on the inside, Kafka penetrates the security guarding the hospital, and Tara finds herself in a race against time to save the helpless Steed.
Two old-time Music Hall performers dressed as clowns (one played by real life Music Hall star Jimmy Jewel), with assistance from a group of ex-vaudeville acts, are killing the businessmen they blame for closing down the variety theatres which were their livelihood.
Steed attends an Underworld auction and bids for three thousand stolen state-of-the art rifles to try to prevent them falling into the wrong hands.
Enemy agents disguised as Steed penetrate a peace conference for which he is in charge of security, to assassinate the delegates. With Steed also present, trying to stop them, chaos supervenes because no one can tell the real Steed from the impostors. As Tara investigates she finds herself falling over dead Steeds wherever she goes!
Agents in Steed's department are being fooled into giving away secrets, by men posing as Army officers at a fake Government training establishment. And their next victim will be... Tara King.
Steed investigates a firm named WormDoom, whose proprietor, a businessman widely thought a bit of a rotter, is killing off his business competitors, all experts on timber decay. To get at his victims he has stolen a new chemical which, while simulating dry rot, causes wood to rot instantaneously: turning doors, walls and windows all to powder.
Steed and Tara investigate an unusual school: a military academy for young men and women, that hides a secret astronaut training centre.
While Tara is on leave, Steed takes on a temporary new partner, the aristocratic Lady Diana Forbes-Blakeney. Together they confront REMAK: the Remote Electro Matic Agent Killer - a computerized assassin.
A double-agent, codenamed Merlin, steals a new sleep gas and tries it out on Steed. Awaking 24 hours later, with Merlin his prisoner, Steed can find no one to hand him over to: everywhere he goes the streets are completely deserted.
In a spoof of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Doyle (Peter Jones) – equipped with pipe, cape and deerstalker hat – is investigating a seemingly careless criminal, who leaves masses of clues wherever he goes. But no one can solve the crimes, not even Steed - because all the clues are fakes: left behind by a blackmailer, who is planting them to incriminate wealthy men, as part of a sophisticated extortion racket.
In a spoof of the 1967 British TV series The Prisoner, Tara finds herself trapped in a posh prison without bars or guards, which, on the surface, appears to be merely an elegant hotel in a quiet English town.
Steed investigates a publishing house which specializes in Romantic fiction, when looking into a mystery in which top Civil Servants are unexpectedly falling in love and betraying military secrets in 'pillow talk'.
Steed returns from holiday with no memory of where he has been or what he has been doing for the past three weeks. He is behaving oddly, and seems to have been brainwashed: implanted with a post-hypnotic suggestion to kill someone in the department.
Steed and Tara are tracking the movements of a red attaché case containing money and documents intended for a top enemy agent. The case also contains taped messages that inform a series of couriers where to take it.
The Gaslight Ghoul, a Victorian mass murderer similar to Jack the Ripper, strikes again a century later. In a fog-shrouded London, the Ghoul is intent on assassinating all the foreign delegates attending the international disarmament conference. Steed invents a fictitious additional Gaslight Ghoul murder in order to investigate a Gentlemen’s Club, dedicated to uncovering the identity of the Ghoul, which Steed suspects is involved in the new killings.
Whilst on a top secret security assignment, Tara comes under suspicion of being a double-agent. She must cast similar suspicion on Steed if she is to prove that she has been framed. An enemy agent, Gregor Zaroff, hopes to put the Government's new anti-missile defense system, code named 'Field Marshall', out of action by convincing Steed and Mother that Tara has betrayed the system's secrets.
Mother's two elderly aunties are all a-twitter over an improbable tale that he spins them: a dastardly plot to steal the Crown Jewels, illustrated with clips from earlier episodes.
A fiendish, and lethal, device that eats electricity, designed as the ultimate killing machine, gets loose in a rural English village and electrocutes everyone it comes into contact with.
Acme Precision Combine’s directors are dying. A series of quite ordinary men have been hypnotized into committing the murders - by making them believe it’s all a dream.
Tara finds herself attending a Requiem service for Mother, when Steed inaugurates a one-man witness protection program for a key witness against Murder International: taking the witness to Fort Steed, a hiding place supposedly known only to him. But agents bent on murdering the witness booby-trap Steed's apartment. When the bomb explodes, Tara is severely injured - and Mother is killed. Now Tara must find Steed in time to warn him.
Steed is spending the weekend with two of his oldest friends, Bill and Laura Bassett, who, unknown to him, are being held prisoner in their own home by the other house guests. If they reveal this to Steed, or the reason why, he will be murdered: but he nevertheless begins to suspect something is amiss. Then an unsuspecting Tara blunders in.
Tara is kidnapped by two brothers, who drug her and seek to brainwash her into believing that she is Pandora - a young woman she closely resembles, who was once engaged to their elderly father: a retired spy, codenamed the Fierce Rabbit. He had been a British agent in World War One, and Tara has to be convinced that she is now living in the year 1915.
Three captured Russian spies, one of whom is assigned to assassinate Steed, escape from a seemingly escape-proof prison hidden in Oldhill Monastery. Steed investigates a suspicious consignment of vodka recently delivered there, whilst Tara finds a clue in a magazine article about camouflage.
When a man who was buried a year previously is found newly dead, Steed investigates the cemetery where the dead man was supposed to be. One exhumation leads to another, as more and more discrepancies are uncovered. Then Steed has himself buried alive - to see what transpires.

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The Avengers, Season 6 images
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