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Based off the docuseries that changed the landscape of TV history, “The Hills: New Beginnings” will reunite original cast members, alongside their children and friends, and follow their personal and professional lives while living in Los Angeles. With new faces in the picture and returning favorites, “The Hills” is back for a new beginning.  The Hills: New Beginnings, Season 1 Wiki

The Hills: New Beginnings, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - I Don't Hold Grudges… JK!
It's a new beginning for this iconic group of friends, as they return to the Hills and reconnect for the first time in years. While facing new challenges, old rivalries and romances collide as they find that sometimes the past is not the past.

2 - You're Not My Family
As Stephanie tries to repair her relationship with Spencer, Mischa faces down Perez Hilton, who bullied her in her acting heyday. The spark between Audrina and Justin continues to smolder… but someone else may have caught Justin's eye, as well.

3 - A Legend In His Own Mind
Audrina learns some shocking information about Justin Bobby that forces her to reexamine his motives. Tempers flare when Spencer and Heidi question their relationship with Brody. Meanwhile, Brandon Thomas Lee throws a pool party at his mom's house.

4 - Not to Eavesdrop, but to Eavesdrop
Audrina confronts Justin after he denies kissing her. Brody laments the state of relations with his estranged father and one-time best friend, Spencer. As they struggle to grow their business, Spencer and Heidi's relationship is put to the test.

5 - Playing with Fire
The group heads to Vegas to see Brody's DJ performance, and Justin finds himself in the middle of a showdown between Audrina and Stephanie. Wildfires tear through Malibu, and Kaitlynn fears for Brody's life when he stays inside the evacuation zone.

6 - I Don't Think We Can Be Friends
Brody and Kaitlynn deal with the devastating aftermath of the Malibu fires. Audrina makes a difficult decision about Justin. Meanwhile, Mischa has a high-stakes audition for a major movie role, and Heidi begins to revive her pop star career.

7 - You're Enemy #1
Gossip catches fire and rumors fly after a scandalous incident involving Brody and Stephanie. Audrina is shocked when Justin brings a jaw-dropping date to dinner.

8 - Are We Exclusive?
Kaitlynn & Brody's "A -List " gala fractures the group when she excludes part of the crew. Audrina surprises everyone by re-igniting a spicy romance with an old flame. Spencer shocks Heidi with a lavish surprise.

9 - This Hangover Better Be Expensive
Brody and Kaitlynn's relationship continues to struggle as they visit a fertility specialist. Heidi and Spencer prepare for their upcoming vow renewals with dueling Bachelor/ Bachelorette parties. Brandon struggles with defining his new relationship.

10 - Brody Gets Away With So Much
Brody and Kaitlynn's marriage is on blast as gossip swirls about their love life. After committing to "exclusivity," Brandon begins to question his relationship with Ashley. As Audrina closes the door on her divorce, she starts a new business veture.

11 - Of Course We're Married
Spencer confronts Brody about the legitimacy of his marriage status and the truth is revealed. Brandon makes a final decision about his relationship with Ashley. Whitney shares some emotional news to Kaitlynn about her own personal life.

12 - I Hope You Say I Do
As the gang gathers to celebrate a renewal of Heidi and Spencer's vows, rumors about Brody and Kaitlynn's marriage threaten to tear apart the group. Are they open? Are they even legally wed?

13 - The Hills: New Beginnings - Recap
Catch up on everything you need to know about The Hills in this OG crash course.

14 - Trivia 2: Spencer vs Heidi
Newbies Mischa Barton and Kaitlynn Carter Jenner go against OGs, Audrina and Brody in an epic trivia game about The Hills.

15 - Pratt House Tour
We take a look inside of Heidi and Spencer's house, Cribs-style. We get insights into all the crystals that he's collected over the years, see the hummingbirds that show up on their patio and get some surprise guest appearances along the way!

The Hills: New Beginnings, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1I Don't Hold Grudges… JK!45:42USD 1.99Download
2You're Not My Family42:11USD 1.99Download
3A Legend In His Own Mind42:11USD 1.99Download
4Not to Eavesdrop, but to Eavesdrop42:11USD 1.99Download
5Playing with Fire42:16USD 1.99Download
6I Don't Think We Can Be Friends42:15USD 1.99Download
7You're Enemy #142:11USD 1.99Download
8Are We Exclusive?42:16USD 1.99Download
9This Hangover Better Be Expensive42:11USD 1.99Download
10Brody Gets Away With So Much42:11USD 1.99Download
11Of Course We're Married42:10USD 1.99Download
12I Hope You Say I Do42:22USD 1.99Download
13The Hills: New Beginnings - Recap23:13FreeDownload
14Trivia 2: Spencer vs Heidi04:05FreeDownload
15Pratt House Tour06:45FreeDownload

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The Hills: New Beginnings, Season 1 Reviews

I binged watched this! So much fun!  GlitterAndGlory  5 star

I loved it! What a comeback! So entertaining. Heidi and Spencer make the show. Justin Bobby, what an epic fail. Way to ruin it again with your soulmate! Audrina Partridge is in my opinion one of the prettiest women I have ever seen.

AMAZING!!!  fancyplant  5 star

WHy doesn't this have 5 stars. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

👍👍👍👍👍👍  laurakristina  5 star


Lantern at
Where are the episodes!?  Lantern at  1 star

It is well after the time episode 10 should be up. Where is it?

Ad Placements  SarahBR12  3 star

There are so many blatant ad placements in here that it becomes distracting from the show.

Just as good if not better than the original  mandz0389  5 star

I like the show without LC and Kristen.

A long wait but worth it!  Bdiaz79  5 star

Such an iconic show to make a return. It is so much fun being able to get right back into everyone's lives where they are now and to get some fresh new cast members too. The shots of LA, Malibu all over Cali honestly and the glimpses of nature and the city are so beautiful. I really like to watch here to eliminate all the commercials. Its nice to see the struggle and growth in everyone not just TV drama but real life story lines like strained friend and family relationships, divorce, kids, substance abuse, work and life balance, just normal really relatable 30 something issues... I feel like everyone can relate to someone on the show. As Brandon and Misha find their places I really am liking the cast more and more. I love how sincere and outspoken Heidi has become and Audrina really has learned how to speak up for herself. Her genuine emotion talking about her daughter was raw and vunerable. Justin is such a free spirit. Spencer has such a big personality and he seems super passionate about his hustle. Can't wait to see more from Frankie and Whitney. Now that everyone is back in LA it seems like they are all making a fresh start.

Like it no more  planetw  1 star

The show was unique when it first came out and the way they made it look like real/fake at the same time certainly stir lots of things up and created a trend. However this new format now makes it look just like any other reality shows on TV and the music selection? Don't even get me started.

I LOVE/MISSED THIS SHOW SO MUCH  Evalinaaaaaaaa  5 star

I grew up watching The Hills and Laguna beach. I’m so happy this is back on and I love it more than ever. I don’t even watch TV anymore besides Netflix, and once I saw this, I paid and downloaded it to my phone and I’m hooked on it. Justin Bobby and Audrina omgggg so many memories. Y’all are all awesome, can’t wait to see what happens next

Way more entertaining than the OG version  mustachecatss  5 star

oh i’m hooked already i loved the idea of a reboot to see where the crew is now! It’s cool to see cast married and have babies. I think over all i am so much more entertained by the reboot than the original!!

Where are the latest episodes?  jadeinmanly  1 star

I purchased a season passfor The Hills and last weeks is still not up. Get your act together!

No episodes!!  Gooseyplum  1 star

It’s been weeks since the last episode aired yet still not available ???!!!!

Episodes aren’t being aired, waiting 2 weeks  Chajaz  1 star

I paid for a season pass and the episodes are not being released? Don’t waste your money. Buy through another service. The last episode you released was 2 weeks ago? What is happening? iTunes service is lacking

Tragic Tragic Tragic Waste of $$$$  Makeely  1 star

It’s such a desperate attempt to try and create leverage from something that was originally stage reality tv and the cast have all agreed for more - JUST to try and seek FAME again - make-me-famous is for the dysfunctional personalities that have NO talent or skills but remain laughable to people who want to watch TRASH tv to take their mind off some of their own life struggles. Get stoned and then watch coz you’ll at least laugh at it then.

The long wait for the next episode to be available -TERRIBLE  Emdrag99  1 star

I’ve bought the entire season and I’m waiting for the next episode to be available on this is terrible, it’s been aired and episode 7 still isn’t up. iTunes don’t even help. Never again would I purchase on iTunes

marda maraca
Maarfa maraca  marda maraca  1 star

Surely there should be a new episode by now?? Still waiting on episode 5

DELAY IN EPISODES!!!  RachJM0711  1 star

4 days now after episode 5 aired....Why is there such a delay?! What was the point in purchasing if we can’t even get the episodes on time? Totally disappointed and what a waste of money

deli chick
Where is Episode 5  deli chick  1 star

This is so frustrating! I paid for the whole season to get the episodes straight away. The episode aired 3 days ago! What’s the hold up 😤

Disappointed  ezzab87  1 star

Why is it taking so long to load the new episodes?? Episode 5 aired 3 days ago and it’s still not loaded.

Episode Delay  NadLouRig  1 star

Why is there a lengthy delay in releasing a new episode? Angry that I’ve bought the season & wait without a weekly episode.

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