Queen Sugar, Season 4 cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

Queen Sugar, Season 4 release date, synopsis and reviews

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Queen Sugar, Season 4 Release Date and Synopsis

In the series’ fourth season, QUEEN SUGAR returns as the Bordelons continue their fight to save their family farm as they navigate their own personal journeys. Charley remains in the thick of the trials and tribulations in both her personal and professional life as she continues to battle the Landry family while also trying to ensure Micah’s safety and future. Nova publishes her memoir and while she goes on a book tour around the country sharing her family secrets and shaking things up at home, she unexpectedly encounters significant relationships from her past along the way. Ralph Angel is managing fatherhood and his complicated relationship with ex-girlfriend Darla after learning he is not the biological father of his son, Blue, and is encouraged by an old friend to create opportunities for formerly incarcerated men.

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Queen Sugar, Season 4 Reviews

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Jonah_the_justI had a shot pop in my head for queen sugar episode 4 season 3 I'm not putting it on here lol. I'll right it down..Score: 2/5

PS3_4_LyfeMohanadElshieky Had to give up on Queen Sugar. I watch TV to escape reality. Far too much focus on COVID in that latest season..Score: 0/5

Renua_4/5 - Or Maybe Just Stay There of Queen Sugar! #queensugar #itvshows .Score: 3/5

MelodieaikelsMrtubetalk CaseySHutch DarrylWDC TheChat_Podcast rodrigosworld81 Casey, you need to get on Queen Sugar! Show i… .Score: 3/5

TammyTalks TammyTalks: Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6 | Our Kind of People Season 1 Episode 4 Review/Recap #ourkindofpeopl….Score: 0/5

TammyTalksQueen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6 | Our Kind of People Season 1 Episode 4 Review/Recap #ourkindofpeople #queensugar.Score: 2/5

TammyTalksQueen Sugar Season 6 Episode 6 | Our Kind of People Season 1 Episode 4 Review/Recap … .Score: 4/5

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Queen Sugar, Season 4 (2019) Series Cast & Crew

Queen Sugar, Season 4 (2019) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Queen Sugar: The characters of season 4. Rutina Wesley (Nova Bordelon), Dawn-Lyen Gardner (Charley Bordelon West), Kofi Siriboe (Ralph Angel Bordelon), Nicholas L. Ashe (Micah West), Dondre Whitfield (Remy Newell), Omar J. Dorsey (Hollywood Desonier), Greg Vaughan (Calvin), Tina Lifford (Violet Bordelon), all returned for queen sugar, season 4.

Dondre Whitfield (Remy Newell)
Dondre WhitfieldRemy NewellScore: 1.8
Rutina Wesley (Nova Bordelon)
Rutina WesleyNova BordelonScore: 1.0
Greg Vaughan (Calvin)
Greg VaughanCalvinScore: 1.9
Omar J. Dorsey (Hollywood Desonier)
Omar J. DorseyHollywood DesonierScore: 1.3
Kofi Siriboe (Ralph Angel Bordelon)
Kofi SiriboeRalph Angel BordelonScore: 3.0
Tina Lifford (Violet Bordelon)
Tina LiffordViolet BordelonScore: 1.6
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Queen Sugar (Season 4) Full Episodes

Two sisters, Nova Bordelon and Charley Bordelon, with her teenage son Micah moves to the heart of Louisiana to claim an inheritance from her recently departed father - an 800-acre sugarcane farm.

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  • 2019
1Pleasure Is Black (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

Pleasure Is Black

12 June 2019$2.99

Ralph Angel receives word that his parole has finally concluded, and he feels victorious. Meanwhile, Charley and Romero enjoy a vacation together. Everyone ultimately comes together for the grand opening of Vi’s Prized Pies & Diner. During the celebration, Frances Boudreaux reveals something surprising to Charley, and Darla asks a favor from Ralph Angel. Ralph Angel sees his former parole officer with an old friend who has an idea to give back to the community. The following day, Nova delivers her manuscript to her family. Charley finally reads the manuscript, and she frantically calls Ralph Angel to keep him from doing the same. Similarly, Hollywood attempts to keep the manuscript from Violet. Nova searches for peace by visiting her father’s grave.

2I No Longer Imagine (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

I No Longer Imagine

19 June 2019$2.99

Ralph Angel is emotionally devastated after reading Nova’s book, and when he goes to her house to voice his outrage, he draws a line in the sand. Meanwhile, Charley meets Micah at the airport and she finds it difficult to process his noticeably different style. Elsewhere, Ralph Angel enjoys a playdate with Deesha, and Darla enjoys a coffee date with Leo St. Clair. Later, while walking with Keke at a tailgate party, Micah’s shoulder is bumped by a white teenager who insults his appearance, and a fight ensues, much to Keke’s dismay. Micah seeks out Nova, who encourages him to disrupt the system without using violence. When he finally arrives home, he says something crushing to Charley. Charley then goes to Nova’s home and pleads for her to stop publication of the book. Finally, a Mystery Man arrives in St. Josephine, and his identity is revealed.

3Where My Body Stops or Begins (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

Where My Body Stops or Begins

26 June 2019$2.99

As Violet prepares for the day at the diner, she hears the voice of someone from her past and faints in response. Micah confronts Charley about paying off Davis’s rape accuser, and their conversation escalates. When Micah later receives a threatening letter, his anger issues reach a boiling point with Keke. Charley reveals the truth about why she sent him to Paris. Prosper offers comfort to Ralph Angel. Ralph Angel appeals to Charley for help with Ignacio, and Romero steps in. Romero and Charley then discuss his dream of building a pop-up clinic to treat those in need. Later, Charley notices that Jacob Boudreaux has been attending the Landry Enterprises board meetings, and when she inquires further, Jacob delivers what Charley considers to be a veiled threat. Finally, Violet confesses her secret to Hollywood, and he promptly takes action. When Violet learns that Nova’s actions inadvertently brought her past to her doorstep, she demands that Nova leave her home and not return… for good.

4Skin Transparent (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

Skin Transparent

03 July 2019$2.99

Nova prepares for her book tour, but the effects of its contents are still weighing heavily on the family. Though Hollywood tries to help Violet, he accepts that Violet needs space. Darla also struggles, and after a heated conversation with Nova, she receives comfort from Ralph Angel. Meanwhile, at the Queen Sugar Mill, Romero and Charley set up their walk-in migrant clinic. Elsewhere, Ralph Angel begins the newly formed "Ernest Bordelon Re-entry Program," and Charley learns more about the Landry's new agenda.

5Face Speckled (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

Face Speckled

10 July 2019$2.99

Prosper and Violet reminisce about a deceased friend, just as Remy arrives at the diner. Remy explains that he plans to leave town, as he’d like a fresh start following his wife’s passing and his complicated relationships with both Charley and Nova. Meanwhile, Nova’s book affects Davis’s job and he turns to Charley for advice. When Nova arrives at the New York City library for the first stop on her book tour, she encounters a teacher from her past, and it soon becomes clear that their relationship went beyond the classroom. Elsewhere, Charley and Romero’s clinic is raided by ICE agents, and after a conversation with Isabel Barrera about the possible tipster, Charley considers a new plan. Finally, Ralph Angel explains to Blue that he is in fact his real father, because they are connected, not by their blood, but by their souls.

6By the Spit (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

By the Spit

24 July 2019$2.99

Nova and Octavia enjoy one another’s company as Nova prepares for her press day. Meanwhile, Ralph Angel and Darla grow concerned for Blue, and they agree to bring him to a counselor. Elsewhere, Charley makes her city council candidacy official, and Hollywood’s concern for Violet grows. Later, Charley, Romero, and Micah spend some time with the Latino community at a neighborhood party, but when Charley approaches Pastor Martinez for his support, he makes his viewpoint clear. Nova feels like a fish out of water at a social club in Atlanta, and when Octavia makes a questionable decision, Nova realizes that she has finally outgrown their relationship. Finally, Charley doubts her campaign when a brick is thrown through her office window, endangering others. She pushes forward with a campaign rally and as the crowd applauds, a man it is seen snapping photos from afar.

7Of Several Centuries (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

Of Several Centuries

31 July 2019$2.99

Nova (Rutina Wesley) arrives to a television show taping to discuss her book, where she is unsettled by new information about her family. As Nova exits the stage door, she sees Calvin, and the two lock eyes as if nothing else exists. Elsewhere, Violet’s diner is vandalized, and Benny is arrested under suspicious circumstances. When Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) and Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) discover who’s behind the attack on Violet’s diner, Charley is more determined than ever to get to the bottom of the new plan for St. Josephine. Meanwhile, Darla (Bianca Lawson) continues to struggle, and Ralph Angel grows concerned. Later, Charley and a diverse group of people march on the street with signs that read “Charley Bordelon for city council.” But just as Charley and Micah (Nicholas L. Ashe) celebrate their day, Charley receives devastating news.

8All the Borders (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

All the Borders

07 August 2019$2.99

Charley and Micah stare at the remains of the Queen Sugar Mill, as the fire captain reveals that all signs point to arson. Violet confronts Sam Landry about the attack and reveals that they share a past. Charley has a heated conversation with Frances Boudreaux and later, Sam Landry insists to Charley that his hands are clean. Meanwhile, Deesha helps Ralph Angel with his upcoming hearing about his reentry program and Violet says a prayer for Nova. The following morning, Nova receives a surprise visit from Calvin, but when Micah unexpectedly arrives, he inspires Nova to ask Calvin some tough questions. Elsewhere, Keke talks to Micah about taking their relationship to the next level on prom night, and Darla calls Ralph Angel during his evening with Deesha. Finally, Romero and Charley’s relationship reaches a breaking point.

9Stare at the Same Fires (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

Stare at the Same Fires

14 August 2019$2.99

Violet confesses that Hollywood’s use of violence to protect her triggered trauma from her past. Meanwhile, Nova learns more about her mother’s past, and Micah turns to Ralph Angel for advice about his relationship with Keke. Charley visits a casino bar, and when her family grows concerned about her whereabouts, Nova arrives to collect her sister. As Nova cares for Charley, she offers a heartfelt apology. The next day, Charley discovers an article written by Nova, entitled “Charley Bordelon Is My Role Model.” Elsewhere, Ralph Angel learns about the future of his reentry program. Finally, in a display of fellowship led by Prosper, the community comes together at the Queen Sugar Mill to offer love and support, and to say enough is enough.

10Oh Mamere (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

Oh Mamere

21 August 2019$2.99

Micah and Blue enjoy the day at New Orleans City Park, but when Micah gets distracted by a text, he loses sight of Blue. He later finds Blue inside a police car, which triggers the trauma of Micah’s past. Meanwhile, Violet once again rejects Nova’s efforts to mend fences, reminding Nova of the book’s detrimental effect on her life. Instead, Charley and Nova hit the road on a girls’ trip where they attempt to mend their relationship. Elsewhere, Darla meets with a friend from her past, who reveals more about the night Blue was conceived. Consumed with self-disgust, Darla seeks comfort in her old vices. Darla runs into Violet in a disoriented state and reveals her newly discovered secret. The two women then share unexpected common ground. Violet calls Ralph Angel for help and stands by Darla’s side as Darla tells Ralph Angel the truth. Ralph Angel apologizes for his previous behavior. Finally, Ralph Angel and Darla look into one another’s eyes as it becomes clear they are still in love.

11I'm Sorry (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

I'm Sorry

28 August 2019$2.99

Charley, Violet, Hollywood, and Nova spend time at Charley’s home as Micah and Keke prepare for prom. Hollywood encourages Micah to be responsible on “prom night.” As Charley continues to practice her speech for the town hall, Jacob Boudreaux unexpectedly arrives, and the two become trapped together by a thunderstorm. During a heated conversation about race and privilege, Charley encourages Jacob to drop out of the running for Councilman, but he offers an alternative plan. Jacob later delivers a speech where he exposes shocking secrets about his family. Meanwhile, Keke and Micah’s plans for prom are derailed by the weather. Elsewhere, Darla pleads for Ralph Angel to fully forgive her and rekindle their romance. Ralph Angel decides to end his relationship with Deesha. Nova and Calvin also discuss their future, and Calvin requests a fearless, fully committed love. Finally, Violet tells Hollywood that there’s something she needs to do to release her past.

12Here (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers


04 September 2019$2.99

Nova tries to mend fences with Ralph Angel, but he’s unyielding. Later, Nova finally discovers some usable information for Charley about the mysterious gas drilling company, Old World Energy. Meanwhile, Violet arrives to ask Nova for Jimmy Dale’s address, and they drive to his house together. Violet delivers items to Jimmy that represent their lost child, but just as she delivers him a verbal punch to the gut, she notices that his much younger girlfriend has also become a victim of his abuse. Elsewhere, Frances Boudreaux gives Charley a veiled threat just before Charley learns that many of the farmers are suspiciously unable to vote. Nova writes a letter to Ralph Angel asking to talk to him about their mother and Micah and Charley discuss his decision not to go to Harvard. Finally, Romero arrives and asks Charley to start over, but before they get very far into their discussion, two sheriff deputies arrive to arrest Charley for allegedly starting the fire at the Queen Sugar Mill.

13I am (Queen Sugar) recap, spoilers

I am

11 September 2019$2.99

Charley is released from the St. Jo Sheriff’s station where she is met by reporters. Elsewhere, Sam Landry gives Violet information about Frances, and his shared past with Violet is revealed. Later, Darla and Ralph Angel discuss their future. The Bordelon family prepare Violet’s diner for Charley’s election night, and Nova enters the diner with Calvin for the first time. Charley and Micah also share a touching moment. Just as everyone begins to celebrate Charley’s victory, they are dealt a devastating and unexpected blow. Though Charley feels redeemed during a meeting with Frances, she later realizes that she’s been used by Sam Landry for his personal agenda. Elsewhere, Micah and Keke finally take their relationship to the next level, and Violet and Hollywood visit a storefront space that will be used to launch his support group for men. Finally, the Bordelon family unite in front of Trudy Bordelon’s grave, determined to face an uncertain future, together.


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Here's everything we know so far about queen sugar, season 4...

Has Queen Sugar, Season 4 been confirmed? Will there be a queen sugar, season 4?
The countdown to Queen Sugar [2019] Season 4 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Queen Sugar is soon going to be released.

Queen Sugar, Season 4 start date: When does queen sugar, season 4 come back?
Queen Sugar, Season 4 will air on Wednesday 12th of June 2019.

How many episodes will be in queen sugar, season 4?
With the season now airing in June 2019. There will be 13 episodes in season 4.

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Queen Sugar Other Seasons
Queen Sugar, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Queen Sugar, Season 106 September 201615 Episodes

Produced by Oprah Winfrey, award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay (Selma), and Melissa Carter, Queen Sugar chronicles the lives and loves of the estranged Bordelon siblings in Saint Josephine, Louisiana. After a family tragedy forces them back together, the Bordelons must navigate the triumphs and struggles of their complicated lives in order to run an ailing sugarcane farm in the Deep South. The drama begins as Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner Unforgettable), a savvy woman living a upscale Los Angeles lifestyle, returns to her family home and reunites with her siblings, Nova (Rutina Wesley True Blood), a world-wise journalist and activist and Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe Awkward), a formerly incarcerated young father in search of redemption. Their newly inherited farm forces the siblings to rely on one another as they rebuild both the land and their relationships.

Queen Sugar, Season 6 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Queen Sugar, Season 607 September 20217 Episodes

In season 6, the Bordelon family reclaim their lives coming out of the pandemic. As Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) and Darla (Bianca Lawson) plan the arrival of their new baby, Nova (Rutina Wesley) continues to speak out against political corruption and Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) faces a life-altering decision. Throughout the season, we witness the joy amid the struggle and humanity’s ability to persevere through whatever life may bring.

Queen Sugar, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Queen Sugar, Season 220 June 201718 Episodes

Produced by Oprah Winfrey, award-winning filmmaker Ava DuVernay (Selma), and Melissa Carter, Queen Sugar returns for its second season, as the Bordelon siblings struggle to move forward with their lives in and around New Orleans after their father’s unexpected passing. Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner “Unforgettable”), a savvy and high-powered woman, relocates to Saint Josephine, Louisiana, to help run the family business as the only black female sugarcane mill owner, and she must fight to regain her independence while rebuilding her relationships with her siblings. Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe “Girls Trip”) struggles to transform from a formerly incarcerated single father to a land owner in the eyes of his family, and Nova (Rutina Wesley “True Blood”) finds herself torn between her activism and her desire to be loved. Together, they must learn to rely on one another as they navigate their tenuous bonds as a family.

Queen Sugar, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Queen Sugar, Season 329 May 201813 Episodes

QUEEN SUGAR returns as the Bordelons find themselves continuing their fight to save their family farm and father’s legacy as they navigate their own personal journeys. They soon find that their fight extends beyond their close-knit family, but also to the community. Charley (Dawn-Lyen Gardner) remains in the thick of the trials and tribulations in both her personal and professional life as she continues to battle the Landry family while also trying to ensure Micah’s safety and future. Ralph Angel (Kofi Siriboe) is still reeling from learning from Darla (Bianca Lawson) that he might not be the biological father of his son, Blue (Ethan Hutchison), and attempts to push forward as the new cane season begins.

Queen Sugar, Season 5 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Queen Sugar, Season 516 February 202110 Episodes

In season 5 of Queen Sugar, Nova and Calvin move forward in their relationship, and a happy Ralph Angel celebrates his rekindled love with Darla. Meanwhile, the Bordelons arrive for Francis Boudreaux’s sentencing. Nova also celebrates her new business venture, but her moment of joy is interrupted by troubling news from Ralph Angel. Charley, Nova, and a parish lawyer enter the St. Josephine courtroom where Charley argues on behalf of black farmers. Though Charley feels victorious, her happiness is short-lived when Parker retaliates by forcing her to make an impossible decision.

Queen Sugar, Season 4 Languages

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