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It is 1876 and the richest gold strike in U.S. history draws a throng of restless misfits to an outlaw settlement in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Welcome to Deadwood--a hell of a place to make your fortune. Timothy Olyphant and Ian McShane lead the cast in this drama series about the surly inhabitants in this dangerous frontier town. This exciting collection includes all episodes, Deadwood: The Movie, and special bonus piece, The Unspoken Subject: David Milch and Deadwood. Deadwood: The Complete Collection Wiki

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The outlaw camp of Deadwood marches slowly towards civilization, facing its first elections. But the power struggles continue over everything in Deadwood—influence, money, and whores—as the founding camp members form strategic alliances to face down the threat of a powerful newcomer, seeking to remake Deadwood in his image.

Episode TitleTime
Season 1, Episode 1: Deadwood 1:01:34
Season 1, Episode 2: Deep Water55:52
Season 1, Episode 3: Reconnoitering the Rim51:52
Season 1, Episode 4: Here Was a Man58:21
Season 1, Episode 5: The Trial of Jack McCall55:00
Season 1, Episode 6: Plague51:34
Season 1, Episode 7: Bullock Returns to the Camp49:22
Season 1, Episode 8: Suffer the Little Children55:25
Season 1, Episode 9: No Other Sons or Daughters57:49
Season 1, Episode 10: Mister Wu52:42
Season 1, Episode 11: Jewel's Boot Is Made for Walking58:24
Season 1, Episode 12: Sold Under Sin59:52
Season 2, Episode 1: A Lie Agreed Upon, Part I48:59
Season 2, Episode 2: A Lie Agreed Upon, Part II50:54
Season 2, Episode 3: New Money58:21
Season 2, Episode 4: Requiem for a Gleet52:47
Season 2, Episode 5: Complications56:30
Season 2, Episode 6: Something Very Expensive51:18
Season 2, Episode 7: E.B. Was Left Out50:41
Season 2, Episode 8: Childish Things49:50
Season 2, Episode 9: Amalgamation and Capital47:34
Season 2, Episode 10: Advances, None Miraculous49:15
Season 2, Episode 11: The Whores Can Come46:56
Season 2, Episode 12: Boy the Earth Talks To54:45
Season 3, Episode 1: Tell Your God to Ready for Blood52:44
Season 3, Episode 2: I Am Not the Fine Man You Take Me For52:27
Season 3, Episode 3: True Colors50:59
Season 3, Episode 4: Full Faith and Credit51:07
Season 3, Episode 5: A Two-Headed Beast53:13
Season 3, Episode 6: A Rich Find52:05
Season 3, Episode 7: Unauthorized Cinnamon49:31
Season 3, Episode 8: Leviathan Smiles53:02
Season 3, Episode 9: Amateur Night48:55
Season 3, Episode 10: A Constant Throb48:00
Season 3, Episode 11: The Catbird Seat49:19
Season 3, Episode 12: Tell Him Something Pretty49:44
Deadwood: The Movie 1:50:03
The Unspoken Subject: David Milch and Deadwood13:59
In the series premiere, Montana marshal Seth Bullock executes a last act of justice and relocates to a gold-mining camp known as Deadwood, where he and partner Sol Star look to start a hardware business. Bullock soon crosses paths with another new arrival--legendary gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok--and clashes with the formidable boss of the Gem Saloon, Al Swearengen. For his part, Swearengen must handle the deadly result of a run-in between one of his whores and a trick, while brokering the sale of a gold claim to wealthy New York socialite Brom Garret. When reports come of the massacre of a frontier family by Indians, a suspicious Bullock and Hickok ride out in search of survivors; for Swearengen, the results are bad for business.
As suspicions arise that 'road agents' may have been the true perpetrators of the massacre, Swearengen takes a special interest in the health of its sole survivor--a young girl ministered to by the unlikely team of Doc Cochran and Calamity Jane. Meanwhile, Bullock and Star attempt to buy property from Swearengen, who suspects an alliance between Hickok and the hardware boys. At the Grand Central Hotel, Brom Garret rethinks his recent investment, while his wife Alma medicates her anxieties. As a confrontation brews over the young survivor, Hickok asks Bullock to cover his back in a tension-filled poker game.
Competition arrives for Swearengen in the form of the Bella Union, a new gambling outfit from Chicago operated by savvy Cy Tolliver, Madame Joanie Stubbs and gaming guru Eddie Sawyer. Hickok puts up precious collateral in a poker game with McCall; Bullock and Star strike a deal with Swearengen on a lot for their store and, with help from Hickok and Utter, set to building; Brom threatens Swearengen with the Pinkertons before he and Dan Dority are dispatched to reconnoiter his claim.
Swearengen directs Farnum to buy back the Garret claim; Alma prevails on Calamity Jane and Hickok for help; Hickok commissions Bullock in his stead. Charlie Utter leaves the camp; an ailing colleague, Andy Cramed, rejoins the Bella Union; and Hickok's run of luck at poker yields an unexpected return.
Swearengen transforms the Gem into a courtroom as Deadwood is forced to make its own laws to try a cowardly murderer. With Jane off on a bender, Trixie is enlisted by Swearengen to help Alma with the Metz child and to keep her pliable to his purposes; Doc Cochran fears Cramed's illness might threaten the camp; Tolliver sends Cramed to take the air in the woods, where he meets Jane. Feeling that justice hasn't been served, Bullock decides to take the law into his own hands.
Bullock encounters native resistance in his quest to bring a murderer to justice. Swearengen presses a resentful Farnum to keep tabs on Alma and Trixie; the camp fathers pool their resources to dispatch riders after precious vaccine and build a sick tent; Cochran enlists Jane as a nurse; and Swearengen collaborates on an article for the 'Deadwood Pioneer.'
After tracking down a murderer, Bullock returns to Deadwood a changed man--and a marked one--while Utter must pay final respects to a fallen friend. Dority and Stubbs both take special interest when teenagers Miles and Flora Anderson arrive in camp in search of their father, each finding work at a rival saloon; Calamity Jane earns her moniker in the Pest Tent; Swearengen sees through Trixie's latest subterfuge; and Alma remains cold on Farnum's inappropriately advanced bid on her claim.
Deadwood breathes easier when riders arrive with precious vaccine--and word of a possible treaty with the Sioux. Awaiting Trixie's return, a pragmatic Swearengen resists counsel from a bloody-minded Farnum; results of Bullock's assay of her gold claim move Alma to reassess her plans and set up a confrontation between Bullock and Swearengen; and Tolliver teaches Stubbs a deadly lesson at the expense of a couple of con artists.
With annexation looming, Swearengen calls a meeting to set up an informal government. Bullock and Alma compare notes on Ellsworth, and each other; Farnum gets a special-delivery letter from Hickok; Utter offers Jane a job; and Stubbs prepares to make a go on her own, with Tolliver's avowed blessings.
An opium theft leaves Swearengen trying to find common language with his supplier, as well as navigating tricky waters to deal with the mess. Meanwhile, Silas Adams, bagman for the magistrate from Yankton, arrives with bad news for Swearengen; Bullock regrets having raised his hand at the government meeting; Merrick proposes Deadwood's first 'club'; and an unwelcome Rev. Smith gravitates to the Gem and its new piano.
Alma's father, Otis Russell, arrives from New York to 'help' with her claim. Swearengen strikes a bargain with Adams to rid him of some legal baggage. Jewel journeys to Cochran's cabin for help with her leg; Utter hazards an opinion on the safety of Nuttall's saloon; Leon and Sawyer resume work at the Bella Union; Bullock is angered by the choice of a new sheriff; and Star winds up paying for a free service.
In the Season One finale, the U.S. Army--under General Crook, a.k.a. 'Custer's Avengers'--rolls into Deadwood, prompting a parade...and business solicitations from Farnum and Tolliver. Swearengen delivers a tortured soul from suffering; Bullock reacts decisively to Russell's intentions regarding Alma; Con Stapleton's new commission proves short-lived; Adams shows Clagett where his loyalties lie; and Bullock and Alma have a late-night meeting.
Season Two premiere. Anxious about the camp's future, Swearengen calls out Bullock over the Sheriff's relationship with Alma; the resulting confrontation turns inadvertently public--and violent. Bullock and Deputy Utter discover that mistaken identity led to a fatal shooting at Nuttall's. With a new business venture on the horizon, Stubbs and Tolliver await the arrival of some fancy new whores on the next stage, which also bears two important reminders of Bullock's past.
As the day's injured recoup, the night brings a new set of tensions. Alma and an increasingly self-destructive Bullock face an abrupt decision on their future, even as the Sheriff seeks to make good on a family pledge to recover his badge and guns. At the Gem, while Swearengen readies for another showdown with Bullock, infighting between Adams and Dority yields more feed for Wu's pigs. Doc Cochran is surprised by Calamity Jane, returned to camp in a state of inebriated deterioration.
Francis Wolcott, tricky chief scout for a powerful mining operation, arrives to shake up the status quo--beginning with Tolliver. Dority, Burns and Trixie fret as an ailing Swearengen refuses visitors and medical attention. Farnum finds a choice mark to buy the Hickok letter, but it soon becomes unclear who's conning whom. Stubbs's new partner Maddie reveals she's also running a game; their new brothel, the Chez Ami, gets its first customer.
Cochran contemplates a procedure that could cure Swearengen--or kill him. His employer indisposed, Dority must attend to a former fellow-bushwacker come to request Swearengen's permission to pull a job, and to Wu, who attempts to convey news of a 'tong' rival newly arrived from San Francisco. Bullock attempts to settle into domesticity, while Star gets a new combination bookkeeper/roommate--Trixie. Alma cuts ties with Sofia's tutor, Miss Isringhausen, who takes refuge with Adams. The arrival of County Commissioner Hugo Jarry spawns rumors about the camp's future and legal ownership of the gold claims.
As a convalescing Swearengen bridles, Cochran schools Burns and Dority in how best to assist his recovery. Alma is also feeling unwell, in the mornings. Unexpected profits at the Chez Ami lead Tolliver to a discovery about Wolcott. Merrick posts a provocative statement from Yankton on the title to the claims; Bullock protects Commissioner Jarry from an angry mob, which redirects its ire. After returning a horse to Hostetler at the livery, professional go-between Samuel Fields finds a kindred spirit in Jane.
Alma proposes forming a bank, and looks to familiar faces to run it. To test himself, Swearengen grants audience to a long line of supplicants; talks with Farnum and Miss Isringhausen prove most illuminating. The arrival of low-priced Chinese whores begins the next phase in Tolliver and Wolcott's arrangement. Humiliated by Bullock, an angry claim owner looks to 'square the scales.' An enchanted Merrick guides a new schoolteacher around the camp. Wolcott's inner demons test his alliance with Tolliver, and prompt Stubbs and Utter to covert action.
Tolliver enlists Lee to clean up Wolcott's mess. Stubbs confides in Utter, who overreacts when Wolcott 'steps on his toe.' Swearengen meets Alma to inform her of a Pinkerton agent in camp; she and Bullock confer about her bank--and other expanding prospects. Tolliver's try at damage control backfires when he asks Swearengen to convene a Camp Fathers meeting, while the Mayor is chagrined to be excluded. Wolcott summons Utter to barter Hickok's last letter in exchange for information about Stubbs.
Wolcott offers on a rich claim operated by two ornery brothers, and reports to Hearst on their progress overall. Nuttall proudly unveils his new 'Bone-Shaker' bicycle--but some doubt that he can ride it. Swearengen and Bullock discuss alternatives to annexing the Hills to Dakota. Miss Isringhausen strikes a deal with Swearengen; Alma receives proposals from both Martha and Ellsworth. Merrick's new office mate is a Russian telegraph operator, and Stubbs has two unexpected visitors at the Chez Ami.
Merrick goes overboard printing rumors in the 'Pioneer,' earning rebuke from Swearengen. Tolliver aims to fleece Mose Manuel of his bloodstained profits. Utter's enraged when Wolcott interrupts his and Bullock's interrogation of Mose. Alma's note causes Swearengen to amend his deal with Miss Isringhausen. Martha uses the bank's opening to open new lines of communication with Alma. Jane and Stubbs continue their unlikely alliance. Fields and Hostetler's attempt to tame a wild horse has disastrous results.
When Cochran delivers a dire prognosis, the entire camp stands vigil. Swearengen enlists Star and Adams to help improvise a con on the newly returned Commissioner Jarry. Andy Cramed, former Deadwood pariah, offers himself as the camp's new minister. With Martha regretting her move to Deadwood, Bullock searches his imagination for encouraging words at a critical time. Trixie pressures Alma to accept Ellsworth's proposal.
Telegraph lines to Yankton heat up as Jarry fears Bullock and Hearst have each thrown their weight behind Montana. Swearengen uses a camp tragedy to delay an altercation between Wu and Lee. Tolliver refuses the newly-reformed Cramed a clergyman's respect, while even Gem whores flesh out the crowd at the minister's open service. Tolliver and Wolcott continue their infighting.
In the Season Two finale, as Deadwood readies for a celebration, George Hearst's arrival in camp brings upheaval. Swearengen's manipulations extract a counter-offer from Yankton. Hearst comes to arrangements with Farnum and Swearengen. Tolliver seeks to improve his position with Hearst at Wolcott's expense. Tensions in Chinaman's Alley boil over.
In the Season Three premiere, Deadwood's first true elections are approaching, with the offices of sheriff (Bullock vs. Harry Manning) and mayor (E.B. Farnum vs. Sol Star) to be contested. Tonight, the candidates are expected to state their case to the townspeople--protocol that unnerves one taciturn incumbent while exciting a more glib one. At the Gem, one of Hearst's Cornish workers is killed, raising Swearengen's suspicions that the incident was a staged Hearst power play. Complications involving Alma's pregnancy alarm Ellsworth and Doc Cochran. Adams' orchestrated foreclosure gives Star a new home, with discreet access next door for Trixie. Jane prepares to share with the camp's children her experiences scouting for General Custer. Dismayed by her inability to make a clean break from the gut-stabbed Tolliver, Joanie contemplates the easy way out. Hearst offers Bullock his political backing in exchange for Bullock's promise to exert influence over certain areas of the camp.
A cryptic note delivered by Captain Turner tips off Swearengen to another bloody incident at the Gem; later, Hearst makes his intentions known in a more straightforward message. While Jane finds a captive audience for her oratory skills, the candidates for mayor and sheriff aren't as fortunate. Alma's health raises the issue of Sofia's stewardship; newly reformed Andy Cramed pays an unexpected visit to Tolliver, with a different agenda and outcome.
Deadwood ushers in some new arrivals on the stagecoach: Jack Langrishe, a flamboyant stage promoter and old friend of Swearengen, and Aunt Lou Marchbanks, Hearst's longtime cook who settles in nicely as the Grand Central chef. Also returning to town is a newly westernized Wu, with news for 'Swegin' about a soon-to-arrive group of imported Hearst workers. Apparently recovered from her ailments, with the aid of a reliable pal, Alma decides to approach Hearst with a claim deal, despite Ellsworth's adamant objections. Bullock uncovers the truth about the Gem killings, and vows to put Hearst on notice. Hearst calls Tolliver's bluff, then offers him a 'fresh start.'
Amidst as much fanfare as Deadwood can muster, Alma opens Deadwood's first bank. Cochran ministers to Tolliver, but it's unclear now who's sicker. Hostetler and Fields return to Deadwood, looking to settle scores and move on. Captain Turner throws down a gauntlet to Dority, who hesitates to pick it up. Looking for credibility in his campaign for sheriff, Harry is persuaded by Nuttall to start a fire-wagon-rental business. Con Stapleton seeks out the company of Claudia, one of Langrishe's actresses, to scratch a very old itch. Hearst has a stand-up sit-down with Swearengen and Tolliver to explore long-term business allegiances. Following Utter's counsel, Stubbs counters Langrishe's offer to buy the Chez Ami. Looking to avoid all hell breaking loose, Bullock brokers a deal with Hostetler and Steve the Drunk for the livery. Swearengen chooses Adams to be his deputy in dealing with Hearst, to Dority's temporary dismay.
Enabled by Leon, Alma reverts to her bad habits, though she's able to exhibit enough charm to get Merrick to endorse her bank's liquidity during a time of crisis. Two actors, Bellegarde and an ailing Chesterton, are reunited with Langrishe in Deadwood; the troupe then prepares to work on transforming the Chez Ami into a theater. Swearengen, still trying to decipher Hearst's intentions, finally finds use for Farnum after a long chill. After much posturing and delay, Steve and Hostetler work out the arrangements by which the livery will change hands, but all's not ending well. Two couples, Trixie/Star and Alma/Ellsworth, display different degrees of domesticity. Dority rises to Captain Turner's challenge, driving Hearst to the Bella Union, where Bullock hands him an earful.
Aunt Lou's long-lost son, Odell Marchbanks, arrives in Deadwood after a circuitous trip from Liberia, although his mother soon attempts to orchestrate his immediate departure. Bullock and Swearengen contemplate a preemptive strike against Hearst, whose ire has been inflamed overnight. Alma's bad habits lose her the bank services of Trixie and, possibly, the attentions of her husband Ellsworth. Her indisposition also makes her vulnerable to Hearst, who's apprised of her condition by an anxious Tolliver, playing both sides. Swearengen summons Dority to be at the ready to travel to Cheyenne for reinforcements. Stubbs offers Jane a place to stay, again.
Odell makes Hearst a proposition involving 'the color,' causing his mother to fret further for his safety. The camp elders hold another Gem meeting (sans Doc Cochran), complete with peaches and cinnamon, to map out a strategy to deal with Hearst. Their solution, proposed by Bullock via a letter to the family of a slain Cornishman, promises to make news in The Pioneer. Blazanov violates a communication credo for the supposed good of the camp. Langrishe's theater renovations are delayed by the illness of Chesterton, hovering near death in the Grand Central. Steve offers Fields a reason to stay in Deadwood, though the latter won't bite. Jane is convinced to bunk with Stubbs at Shaunessy's. Cloth swatches, given to Swearengen by a tailor, are put to a different use by an ailing Cochran.
The Pioneer edition featuring Bullock's letter is published, raising concerns about Hearst's response. Erstwhile lawman Wyatt Earp and his brother Morgan ride into town, having defended, ostensibly, an incoming stagecoach against sabotage that marks them heroes. Maintaining that they intend to work on a timber lease won in a card game, some question the brothers' actual motives. Langrishe grants Chesterton a curtain call, and offers to perform long-term therapy on Hearst's chronic aching back. Fields' departure is delayed by an injury at the livery to Steve the Drunk.
As Deadwood is overrun by Hearst's men, Bullock issues contingency plans to Martha. Wu, caught in a Pinkerton stampede, delivers a cryptic message to Swearengen; it takes Burns, of all people, to decipher it. Barrett makes Merrick pay for embarrassing Hearst in The Pioneer; Morgan Earp calls out one of the "Pistoleros"; Commissioner Jarry arrives from Yankton to solicit Hearst; Aunt Lou gets some bad news; and Joannie survives an encounter with her former boss. As night falls, Langrishe mines Deadwood's talent pool with an amateur-night performance in front of his future theater, financed in part by a loan from Alma's bank.
With Bullock campaigning away from camp, Alma finds herself targeted by Hearst's henchmen, and finds shelter with (of all people) Swearengen. Sent to the Gem with a missive from Hearst, Barrett is treated rudely by its proprietor, who turns to familiar methods to get the henchmen to reveal his boss' future plans. Langrishe recruits one new actress at the expense of another; an obsessed Stapleton finds Claudia a hard one to pin down; and Jane shares the particulars of her latest dream with Stubbs.
Bullock holds an impromptu morning meeting to determine which emergencies warrant wiring him in Sturgis, where he and Harry are delivering campaign pitches. The first summons doesn't take long, as Hearst follows up Alma's close call with one that's decidedly more on-target. In the aftermath, Alma takes refuge at the Gem, again, while Trixie decides to take matters into her own hands. Langrishe has a falling out with Hearst, giving him little time to huddle with his new lineup of actors. Dismissing the likelihood of ever seeing 23 mercenaries promised by Hawkeye, Swearengen turns to Wu to deliver more reliable, if not quite weapons-tested, reinforcements from Custer City.
In the Season Three finale, the camp turns out to vote--but as Bullock notes, the election may already have been decided. In light of the populace's mood, Langrishe delays the opening of his theater, and ponders his future in Deadwood. After detouring at Nuttall's Number 10, Hawkeye arrives at the Gem with "almost 18" men to complement Wu's contingent. Alma works out a deal for her claim; Utter Freight receives a special delivery for Hearst; and Harry gets his fire engine. Stubbs reaches out to a frustrated Tolliver, who finds himself with a folded hand as the action heats up. Through Farnum, Hearst issues his conditions for departure, forcing Swearengen to finish what Burns can't.
In this original movie based on David Milch’s acclaimed, Emmy(R)-winning HBO series, the indelible characters of the show are reunited after a decade to celebrate South Dakota’s statehood. Former rivalries are reignited, alliances are tested and old wounds reopened as all are left to navigate the inevitable changes that modernity and time have wrought. The cast includes: Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, Molly Parker, Paula Malcomson, John Hawkes, Anna Gunn, Dayton Callie, Brad Dourif, Robin Weigert, William Sanderson, Kim Dickens, Gerald McRaney, Sean Bridgers, W. Earl Brown and Keone Young. The film will also feature new cast member Jade Pettyjohn.
Talking all things Deadwood with creator David Milch and the cast, including Ian McShane, Timothy Olyphant, and others.

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- Ian McShane is a legend...5 star

I wondered if it were possible to overhype Ian McShane’s role as Al Swearengen in this show. I came to the conclusion that that is just impossible. This guy deserves every award possible for his portrayal. By far my favorite character in any series, ever. This show is my favorite show of all time, right in front of the ever-popular Breaking Bad. If you had doubts about this show, set them aside, and pick up this series now. I’m currently on my 3rd watch-through. The only thing that may throw people off this show is the fact they cuss, a LOT. But the dialogue is witty, snappy, and the cursing is pretty appropriate for the timeline. I challenge anyone to watch this entire series and say they didn’t enjoy it. A must own for any series collector.

- Definitely a Fav!5 star

Hilarious and Gritty

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