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Season six of MADAM SECRETARY finds Elizabeth (Téa Leoni) newly elected as President of the United States, encountering the challenges and the splendor of America’s highest office along with First Gentleman Henry (Tim Daly) and her family. A series of flashbacks will tell the story of how Elizabeth forged a path to victory on the campaign trail. Madam Secretary, Season 6 Wiki

Madam Secretary, Season 6 Synopsis

1 - Hail to the Chief
Elizabeth must fend off a baseless investigation into her past that threatens to derail the first major legislation of her presidency.

2 - The Strike Zone
Elizabeth faces mounting protests over rising fuel costs as she prepares to throw out the first pitch at a New York Mets game. Also, Mike B. is questioned by the Senate Intelligence Committee as part of the investigation into whether the McCord campaign conspired with Iran to steal the election.

3 - Killer Robots
Elizabeth must decide whether to use autonomous unmanned weapons or send U.S. soldiers to bring the mastermind of the UN gas attack to justice. Also, Blake is questioned by Senator Hanson (Wentworth Miller) about potential campaign finance violations related to his love life, and Henry and Elizabeth search for the perfect dog.

4 - Valor
Henry teams up with a Marine veteran to fight for legislation that helps Veterans Affairs provide better mental health care, but he encounters surprising resistance from Vice President Carlos Morejon (Jos� Z��iga). Also, Senator Hanson (Wentworth Miller) questions Daisy about an arrest in her past.

5 - Daisy
When evidence implicates Daisy in the leak of hacked information during the presidential campaign and threatens to topple Elizabeth's presidency, Elizabeth must decide what to believe and how far she's willing to go to uncover the truth. Also, Henry and Elizabeth host former President Dalton (Keith Carradine) at the White House after his interview with Bob Schieffer.

6 - Deepfake
When a fabricated video makes it look like Elizabeth and Henry are making fun of a foreign dignitary, they struggle to convince him not to pull out of an important international agreement. Also, Stevie says goodbye to an important person in her life.

7 - Accountability
When U.S. intelligence locates the mastermind behind a foreign country's hack, Elizabeth must decide whether to risk war by extracting him from the country while she also prepares for the White House correspondents' dinner. Also, Jason faces backlash after he confronts his school newspaper over its coverage of Elizabeth.

8 - Ships and Countries
When an American tech CEO goes missing in a foreign country, Elizabeth navigates complicated diplomatic terrain to get him back without triggering a regional conflict. Also, things get personal when Stevie and Henry testify at House impeachment proceedings.

9 - Carpe Diem
Elizabeth faces a national security crisis when a military conflict in international waters spirals to the brink of nuclear confrontation. Also, with the imminent threat of impeachment looming over the McCord administration, Elizabeth and Henry make a wish-list of things to do while she's still in office

10 - Powerful Women Create a Powerful Legacy On Madam Secretary
As Elizabeth McCord (Tea Leoni) eyes the jump from Cabinet to President, we salute the portrayal of strong women onMadam Secretary.

Madam Secretary, Season 6 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Hail to the Chief43:25USD 1.99Download
2The Strike Zone43:26USD 1.99Download
3Killer Robots43:24USD 1.99Download
4Valor43:24USD 1.99Download
5Daisy43:18USD 1.99Download
6Deepfake43:26USD 1.99Download
7Accountability43:25USD 1.99Download
8Ships and Countries43:25USD 1.99Download
9Carpe Diem43:26USD 1.99Download
10Powerful Women Create a Powerful Legacy 01:25FreeDownload

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Still love it!!!  louloukimi_  5 star

I still really love this series. Of course sometimes it has this wishful thinking approach on politics and all ends well.... not realistic but it gives hope that perhaps somewhere somehow a politician with this vision exists.

Not disappointing so far  livluvmusic  5 star

Boy if the writers would have waited despite the political climate that we’re in and put the same high energy and humor with the previous episodes, then this show will still continue on with a full season. Kudos to Tim Daly or I should say Mr. President of the Creative Coalition for talking about arts advocacy. He should have been one of the writers on this show by the way ;);) In my opinion, the producers should have waited a year to write really good episodes. Maybe this show will hopefully continue on with a new title on CBS All Access? Hopefully it might be possible if the CBS people really want to keep this show going instead of leaving it at the tail end with Sunday night football simultaneously playing on network television. That’s why last season was the lowest rated show on CBS. It shouldn’t have to be.

AppleTV  Elf13_13  1 star

Unfortunately that have it on AppleTV already, but not here! So to watch it u have to get a subscription!!??

Where is episode 5?  Burnesc  5 star

It has already aired so why is not available for download?

latest show  sstock  1 star

over 2 days late - where is it - its on AMAZON - NOT COOL

Where's Daisy?  NSL14  1 star

What's going on with iTunes subscriptions. Nova has been late by almost a week and now where's the Daisy episode of Madam Secretary from 2 days ago?

Where is 11/3 episode?  JP1075  1 star

2 days late on last episode!!!!

Fantastic show!!! iTunes is late on delivery  JessPJones  1 star

You cannot wrong with this show. Fantastic cast and storyline. Morally and ideologically balanced. Now if only iTunes would deliver the episodes on time consistently... 2 days late.

My Favorite Show of all time!  History-Mike  5 star

Ok, member of the "Over the Hill Gang." Original Star Trek, all the other shows. Madam Secretary just continues to be awesome from season one to today's season 6. Love it, acting and how the cast really make it seem real. Some don't like the underlying themes, well get real! We need to have improvedortant issues keep in the public eye and this program does this very well while also being of great entertainment with a goal. To the cast and crew of Madam Secretary, "Very well done!"

Severely Underrated 😱  izzysme12  5 star

I play this show on repeat on Netflix just to keep the ratings up, because I feel that it is truly unappreciated for the magical, hopeful, intellectual, artistic, breath of fresh political/international/global air. This has given me a new way to see the world and it better not ever end. This is a way of life and of being. I could honestly say this is the best show of all shows HANDS DOWN!

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