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The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 features 32 competitors venturing deep into the jungle to compete in some of the most extreme challenges ever devised in pursuit of the $1 million prize. The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 Wiki

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Set in the middle of the jungle, "The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2" returns to a classic team format; 14 Brits will battle it out against 14 Americans for their share of the $1 million-dollar prize.

Episode TitleTime
The British Are Coming! 1:02:41
God Save the Queen 1:02:43
United We Stand, Divided We Fall 1:02:43
Benedict Laurel 1:02:42
In Paulie We Trust 1:02:42
One Nation Under Leroy 1:02:42
Zero Dark Turbo 1:02:42
Saving Private Esther 1:02:41
The Royal Rumble 1:02:42
Infinity War 1:02:42
All is Fair in Love and War 1:02:47
The Right Honorable Rogan 1:02:42
Dee-Day 1:02:42
Declaration of Independence42:09
A Tale of Two Countries42:09
Give Me Liberty or Give Me Cash42:09
Reunion Part 143:26
Reunion Part 241:27
The Challenge: War of Worlds 201:20
An army of Challenge superstars must face off against a troop of British hopefuls in order to make their countries proud and take home their share of $1,000,000. Legendary badass Laurel shows off her skills during the "Trench Warfare" challenge.
A savvy Challenge queen attempts a big move in order to put herself in a position of power on Team USA. The "Cryptic Crossbow" challenge exposes one team's communication weakness. Jordan reveals Wes as a traitor to the Americans.
A shocking twist at the challenge leads to an unexpected result. When Josh feels like he's getting played, he toys with a decision that could lead to serious consequences. Rogan and Theo's rivalry erupts into a heated confrontation.
Divisions on both teams come to light during the "Relic Runner" challenge. Laurel and Cara Maria's long standing feud takes center stage. Bear and Georgia begin to flirt once again, leading Josh to question if he has a shot with Georgia.
Bananas is forced to put his trust in Paulie, who promises not to target the notorious pot-stirrer. Players struggle during the "Hooked" challenge, revealing how well they can really swim. Two Challenge beasts battle in a grueling elimination.
Never one to play politics, Leroy suddenly finds himself caught between staying loyal to a friend or thinking about his team. Players show off how smart they are...or aren' the "Explosive Decisions" trivia challenge.
Team UK hopes to turn the tide against a dominant Team USA during the "Resilient River Run" challenge. Jordan says the wrong thing to Turbo, sparking a rivalry and a heated confrontation. One player is stunned to find themselves in elimination.
TJ shocks the players with news of a double elimination. Best friends Dee and Ninja find themselves at odds when Ninja fails to have Dee's back. Team UK worries about Esther's abilities.
Tensions between Jordan & Turbo erupt into a full-blown war. Theo & Paulie get into a heated confrontation where Paulie gives Theo a tongue-lashing…literally. A slippery puzzle causes players to crash into one another at the "Under Siege" challenge.
Turbo and Jordan's confrontation send shockwaves through the game. In an attempt to win a season, Leroy firmly chooses an alliance, but it puts his friendship with Nany in jeopardy. Teams UK and USA have a muddy battle at the "Incoming" challenge.
Jordan and Tori take a new step in their relationship. An ostracized Nany struggles to keep her head in the game.
The UK men hatch a secret plot to get rid of their perceived worst player. Dee learns information about Rogan that makes her questions his intentions. Two women compete in the classic "Hall Brawl" elimination.
A "Puzzling Swim" purge challenge sends shockwaves through the game. Reeling from betrayal, Dee sets out to prove that she is not her team's weak link. One player uses a brilliant strategy during the "End of the Rope" elimination to secure his safety
CT is faced with a tough decision when it comes to the future of his UK team. Only one challenge and elimination separate players from Team USA and Team UK from the Finals. Two women battle it out in a unique elimination.
The daunting Final begins, with both teams evenly matched. Endurance, puzzles, and math put Team USA and Team UK to the ultimate test. One player has a shocking and disastrous gas-out that threatens to sink their team.
Team USA wonders if they can still catch up with Team UK. A shocking twist could doom multiple players. The million-dollar winners of War of the Worlds 2 are revealed.
The Challengers have returned from war to reunite in London to discuss this season's savage betrayals, nuclear blowups, and every hookup. Hosted by Justina Valentina and NBA Champion Nick Young.
The Challengers have returned from war to reunite in London to discuss this season's savage betrayals, nuclear blowups, and every hookup. Hosted by Justina Valentina and NBA Champion Nick Young.
The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 features 32 competitors venturing deep into the jungle to compete in some of the most extreme challenges ever devised in pursuit of the $1 million prize.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 Comments & Critics

The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 Reviews

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- Missing audio. I GOT A REFUND!!2 star

There were multiple episodes with dropped sound. After 3 months of back and forth with customer service, I received a refund. It stinks that you have to be vigilant and continue to ask and beg, but you deserve a refund. Ask for it and don’t stop asking.

- iTunes get in together!1 star

Missing audio. Finally straw....I bought a season pass but still have to pay for episodes?

- Love the show, no sound!!!1 star

Literally contacted apple and wasted countless time trying to get this season to work. Not able to purchase the season pass for some reason, and on top of that the audio is horrible!!! No sound when it talks about the recap. It goes out during the eliminations and on the “next time” segments! There’s random glitches throughout the episodes as well. Biggest disappointment I’ve ever had with a purchase from apple.

- Need help finding episode 154 star

Please upload episode 15

- Missing Episode - No Sound1 star

Great Show!! But...Missing Episode 15 and no sound on multipe episodes. When will these be reuploaded? How do I request a refund for this season pass?

- Zero stars1 star

Half of the episodes don’t have sound. Would like a refund

- Great Show... if I could actually watch it!1 star

I seem to be having the same issues a lot of other users are having, no or late episodes and now they are being released with no sound and continues to be... So much for quality control on iTunes and on apples part. Full refunds should be issued and everyone still get the full access to the show for all the crap we have had to endure after purchasing the season passes. This needs to be fixed quickly. No excuse for this on the part of Apple and iTunes or the distributor of the show

- Disappointing1 star

Where’s episode 15?

- Update the episodes2 star

You’re missing episode 15. Can you update soon please and thank you!

- Bad service by Apple1 star

I have also been having issues with episodes being muted and not available for viewing. Episode 15 was available for a brief period today but is now gone. Episode 16 which aired yesterday is still not available. This has been my worst experience with Apple. I agree we deserve a refund or a partial refund at a minimum.

- No sound and no help from apple customer service 😡1 star

Last few episodes have had no sound. Emailed for help and response they gave didn’t make a difference. So last episode they posted has only 1/3 of the episode in sound. And the latest season finale episode should have been posted today but isn’t up yet so trying to avoid spoilers of who won is becoming more difficult. I never write reviews but I am so Very disappointed.

- No sound. Late releases1 star

Not sure why i bother

- NO SOUND!2 star

I LOVE the show but I can’t hear S***!!! WHATS GOING ON!!

- No sound1 star

This has been the worst quality of a show I have ever purchased. Half of the last episode had no audio. Many other episodes had portions with no audio as well. And, it takes forever for the show to be available. There should really be a refund given. Very disappointing.

- Refund please?1 star

iTunes stopped supplying episodes... how do I get a refund? It’s actually appalling that I paid for a season pass and iTunes can’t even provide the service requested. Have started purchasing episodes on Amazon Prime, which are posted promptly without any audio issues. Submitted claim for refund and received canned response that I do not qualify. Resubmitted and got the run around from someone over email. Suggested they take a look at these comments and never heard back. Season has been great though!

- No sound on Episodes!1 star

I’ve had so many of the past episodes have only a little sound then the rest of the episode would be muted and I had to read subtitles! It’s annoying. I need my money back. The show is great it’s just the episode sound quality is crap.

- No audio1 star

Great show but no audio in many episodes...

- Give us our money back!1 star

Every single person who purchased this season deserves to get refunded for non delivery. There is no sound in large portions of the last episode, which we have waited Forever for. There has been sound problems in almost every episode so far and long wait times for the episodes to to be released. Why should we pay for crappy service or no service?

- No Audio1 star

The last 5 episodes that came out had parts with no audio some half the episode had no audio. Then episode 14 was never released. 🤷‍♀️ what are we paying for. Refund please

- AMATEUR HOUR - Apple please get you act together1 star

Where are episodes 12 (was listed but had audio drop-outs; now gone; and 13 & 14. According to MTV they have all been aired. You can even get show recaps on YouTube. As with many others, the one star is not a reflection of the show, but the poor support from Apple for a show that was paid for. To add to my previous comment, once again episode 15 was available to download and once again about the last third had no sound. If this is a sign of Apple quality control they are in trouble.

- Episode 14 Missing - Please Add to my SEASON PASS1 star

Why is this so difficult? Not a good experience at all with this season pass. Episodes weeks late. Episodes skipped. Sound issues throughout. Put all the episodes up so we can watch what we paid for. This is ridiculous!!!

- No audio and missing episodes1 star

Like many others have commented, the audio is missing for large portions of episodes. Episodes are available late. And I’m still missing episode 14. Went straight from 13 to 15, so having to piece together what happened from what I’ve missed is not easy when there is no audio for the introductory recap. Will not be buying a season pass again.

- What a mess1 star

Look forward to watching this show every Thursday (day after it airs) but alas I’m always disappointed when it never shows up. Then finally the episode appears and the sound is messed up or missing. Episode 13 was 2 weeks after air before it showed up, 15 was just released (a week late) and 14 is nowhere to be found. What a scam to pay this much and be treated like they don’t even care. Highly disappointed in iTunes.

- Episodes1 star

are all the episodes going to be uploaded to iTunes? I bought a season pass but I don’t see all the episodes. Nothing is being properly uploaded after a few episodes. One episode doesn’t have any audio and then there’s a missing episode iTunes is pretending doesn’t exist. Next time I’m just paying for spectrum to watch this, such a waste of $$. GIVE ME A REFUND!!!!! Edit: episode 14 is missing... they skipped it and posted episode 15 with NO SOUND.

- Don’t purchase1 star

I will never buy this again. Audio issues constantly and the episodes seem to come out whenever they want. It’s a good show and I’ll continue to watch, but I will not be purchasing any future seasons.

- Audio issues all season1 star

I can’t believe that we purchased this season and the audio hasn’t been working—episodes didn’t post... it’s been frustrating, disappointing and downright wrong of Apple to take our money. I believe we deserve a refund.

- Challenge1 star

If I get the episodes I prepaid for they don’t have sound...not worth the money.

- 14?1 star

Where’s episode 14??? Where’s episode 14!!??????

- REFUND1 star

I am so mad I spent $20 on this season! I want a refund! No audio in a couple of the episodes and we are so far behind with the episodes not being released like they should be.

- Pathetic1 star

So you don’t put out episode 14 and you put out episode 15 with the same problems no sound at the start of the episode and no sound for the last 20 mins iTunes your a joke and a waste of money. Multimillion dollar company but still doesn’t know how to put out a quality product. First three minutes of the episode no sound last ten minutes of the episode also has no audio. Every preview episode for the season also no sound or your playing a recap of the previous episode that doesn’t even match what’s going on. Seriously how do you put out a product that is this poor in quality amazes me.

- Refund!1 star

How do I get a refund?! Bought the season pass, episodes never come out on time and there is no sound 75% of the time. I am done. Give me my money back.

- Delay and sound1 star

I don’t know why it takes almost a week to upload the latest episode. It should almost immediately after it airs. Sound is awful, first 3 minutes no sound or not matching up to the characters. Last 10mins (DURING AN ELIMINATION) zero sound? Like what’s up with this?!



- Sound Issue Still Not Fixed1 star

I’ve been emailing customer support, requested a refund, still no new episodes and last two episodes missing audio. Good show, unable to watch through iTunes.

- Horrible1 star

Where is the last episode? What’s going on with the sound? I want my money back today

- BS1 star

What really get’s me fired up,is that they know they are three episodes behind. Then they just released one. By the way sorry for inconvenience here’s a rental for free tv episode when this is the only show I buy. Unbelievable BS customer service. Next season is amazon prime.

- What happened?1 star

Where did the show go? I bought the season, but the episodes stopped appearing after #13. Are they late? Did they lose licensure? What is going on?

- Skip altogether1 star

The show is always good, but we made the mistake of going the “cut the cord” route and found out with everyone else that streaming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. These episodes never come out with any consistency. The sound is beyond F’d up (I won’t get into specifics, just read ALL the other reviews) and if you complain to Apple, they shrug their shoulders and tell you not their problem. Good luck winning any ground in the streaming arena. MTV doesn’t stream anywhere so we have no options. Won’t be buying any future seasons.

- Great show, terrible quality on iTunes part.1 star

One of my favorite shows ever but every time I got an episode usually half the episode had no sound. Or froze or had a black screen. Now the new episodes aren’t coming out on time. It’s been 4 days and still no new episode. I spend a lot of money on here and I guess I’m going to have to start looking for other places to get the newest episodes 🤷🏻‍♀️ not cool iTunes

- Where are the eps?1 star

Where are the episodes

- Audio & episodes missing1 star

Takes forever for new episodes to load. I should have never paid for it. Audio is missing from entire chunks of the episodes. Amazon has 15 episodes available and itunes has 11. Apple has dropped the ball completely.

- Where are the past few episodes?1 star

It’s December 6th and the last episode available was shown November 20? How do I get a refund for my season pass?

- Poor iTunes1 star

Last couple of shows have no sound nd where tf are the other episodes ?

- 0 for iTunes and the best 5 stars for the show1 star

Today the episode from the 20th of November was just uploaded!! If this doesn’t get fixed I will not be buying tv shows from iTunes anymore

- can’t download episodes 14 and 151 star

I have the season pass and episodes 14 and 15 aren’t showing up for me to view

- Where are my episodes?1 star

I have purchased the season but have not had an episode available for two weeks. That is terrible when I keep seeing previews for the final. What gives? You have my money, I’d like my episodes.

- Show is great. Service is not.1 star

I have never written a review before, however, I had to on this. The show is awesome and I love it so I hate to bring down its rating but the videos are not. Half of them are missing sound or have sound from a Different episode. And now I haven’t even received the last 4 episodes. I have purchased season passes to the last 6 Challenges. This will be my last

- Frustrated1 star

The iTunes app is 2 entire episodes behind all other streaming platforms and the quality of the episodes available is TERRIBLE. I would highly recommend you purchase the season/episodes elsewhere. So disappointed.

- Muted + Major Delay in airing1 star

Why did I spend money for a show on mute and comes out days late? Disappointing

- Disappointed iTunes1 star

Episode is not out and previous episodes are missing. Sound is missing in several episodes. Apple had been my go to for tv purchases, but I will use another service next time. Frustrated.

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BBella101 - Missing and Delayed Episodes1 star

Missing episode 15! Episodes 14 and 16 appear but no 15! Come on iTunes.... get it together!

Denicethemalice - ITunes has failed1 star

No sound in large parts of some episodes. Episodes available weeks later. Very crappy from iTunes.

luvbecks08 - So Disappointed1 star

I’m so disappointed in iTunes - majority of the episodes have been weeks late surf the most recent missing 40 minutes of sound?! Not good enough for $25.

krisbena - Disappointed1 star

Love this show! However super disappointed with iTunes not putting it out timely. Purchased a seasons pass and actually regretting it. Including episode one which actually was just a commercial. Newest episode aired Wednesday. Saturday still isn’t available.... also why post episode 15 and not 14. Seriously waste of money

CDK07 - Once again disappointing1 star

Love the show fusturated with itunes. Emailed customer support about it was told it was probably how I was downloading it, I told them to check the reviews and that it’s a shame itunes is not as great as before also told me it’s the provider that takes the decision when shows get released. Interesting because other places have the episodes on time. Itunes is slacking and the customer service just have copy paste answers. They don’t care

JaimeR98 - Awful1 star

I don’t know why I bought a season pass when the episodes aren’t showing up.

LeaJ22 - I want a refund1 star

Such a waste of money!!!! I bought the season pass thinking the episodes would be released as they air and instead there is a several day delay on each episode being posted. Today is December 6th and the latest episode available to me is from November 20th. I will never give Apple TV my money again.

Jp&6578 - Have stopped getting shows1 star

As I can see from some other reviews, I haven’t received the last three episodes. Episode 11 had no sound for the last 30 mins and the sound eventually cuts out at the end of every episode. Total waste for $25 and Apple offers very little support for this issue. Won’t be buying seasons from Apple again.

Jeeeze - No sound and late to upload1 star


SHKoz - Money back!1 star

Does anybody know how to go about getting my money back for this season’s pass? The fact that so many episodes aren’t up yet and the finale was tonight is ridiculous! Best advice - don’t ever pay for a season’s pass!!

96nalanyla - iTunes is lacking this season1 star

Love the show but extremely disappointed about the quality of the show and how long it takes for a episode to be added

CheekyPuck - Can we just all get refunds?1 star

Where are the last two episodes? Been waiting two weeks and the finale is ON TONIGHT not fair

Runch69 - A MONTH BEHIND????????1 star

DO NOT BUY!!!! iTunes is so far behind, almost a month behind, 3 full episodes behind!!!! $24.99?????? REFUND!

Spongebobsweatpants - Want my money back1 star

Two episodes have already aired that iTunes has yet to make available. Sick of waiting for episodes to be published only to have them ruined via Instagram and Facebook posts. iTunes has never had episodes up in a timely manner... every season it’s the same garbage delay.

jazzyjay2014 - Want a refund1 star

Missing two episodes from my seasons pass and half the episodes are missing sound how do I get my money back

jnaums - No audio1 star

No sound for the last 25 mins of the shows.

Viaujulie - Problems with sounds1 star

I love The challenge, one of my favourite show. But when half of the episode has no sounds at all it’s very annoying especially when you buy the entire season. So I’m very disappointed



Klorraine11 - Not happy1 star

Where is the 1st episode that came out a week ago!? I bought the season pass and now I just want a refund. Ridiculous.

KyraPowder - Why isn’t the first episode on here?1 star

What a waste of money. I bought the season and it’s two episodes in. And I already know what’s happened because it’s all over Facebook.

Quinn - Bought Season...1 star

Have yet to get an episode that aired a week ago. The second episode is on TV tonite... what is happening?

Poulet_Pollo - No episode!1 star

Episode 2 is going to air before we even get one. Waste!



Chibrotaz - It’s a commercial.1 star

It’s my own fault cause I obviously didn’t read it correctly..I thought I was buying the first episode since it had already aired and clicked without paying close enough attention...only to discover I paid 2.99 for a 30 second preview. Really? For a preview? My fault? Yes, but it’s a little insane nonetheless.

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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gatoral - Audio issues1 star

I want a refund now!

jpa214 - Episodes Behind, No Sound, No Help from Apple1 star

Unbelievable that this is still happening. Everyone who bought a season pass deserves a full refund.

PBA Pro Ernie McCracken - Dissatisfied Customer1 star

Read your reviews iTunes! We’re all getting screwed on this season. The sound has been missing, and I still haven’t gotten the last two episodes. I love this show. But someone is truly dropping the ball this challenge. Is it MTV? Is it iTunes?

ADuck19 - Great Show - Horrible Season Pass1 star

Never buying a season through iTunes again. This was my first time buying a whole season for this show, and I've learned my lesson. It takes way too long to post the episodes. The episode from from 11/20 just got posted today (12/5). It's 3 episodes behind. Not to mention the lack of sound in majority of the episodes.. We all definitely deserve refunds for this one..

cjseven7 - Current episode not available1 star

I bought the whole season of The Challenge on iTunes so I can watch it, it’s already bad enough that I have to wait till the next day to watch it but lately the current episodes are not there and when they are available partial or half of the audio is available. And I hate watching my favorite show with subtitles, let me just say that I’m not happy. I will have to go and watch it on amazon prime in the mean time. iTunes or MTV please get it together or refund me please!!

Hynomonous - The is getting out of hand.1 star

I paid full price for this season, yet recent episodes are not available. I just received an email to watch an episode that aired over 2weeks ago. I have also noticed the sound issue mentioned in other reviews with a couple episodes. Great show, but please fix the issues and offer some kind of compensation for the problems.

Alikayab - Cool season, AWFUL itunes1 star

This is the LAST time I will buy a season on itunes. Last week there were portions without sound (!) and this week the ep is 3 days late. I already bailed and am watching other shows that i used to buy here on Hulu and Amazon. WHY can itunes not get this right? I am assuming this is not fixable and will no longer buy shows from Apple. FWIW the season is pretty good though have had a hard time finding likable people (watching the UK team shoot themselves in the feet over and over is kind of funny tho) UPDATE: they are STILL 2 weeks behind. I bought the last couple eps on Amazon. Will definitely NOT be buying on iTunes again. Anything. This happens with stunning regularity — it’s not just a thing with MTV. Would ask for my money back but I know I won’t get it.

kjalesa - Late episodes1 star

So disappointed that I purchased a SEASON pass and only have the episode from 3 weeks ago available from November 20 today, December 5. (But was available to purchase on the 21, then removed) Would like a refund immediately. Will be purchasing from amazon prime in the future.

alltheworldismagic - no new episodes1 star

is there a reason we can’t get the episodes within a day of them airing? why am i paying for a pass if i don’t get the episodes? REFUND!

AlyDeS - Theft1 star

Taking our money and not providing the product is theft. This show refuses to upload the episodes on time, let alone at all sometimes. If I could get a refund I would. So disappointing

utohxbec - Purchased the season just to have episodes not come out1 star

I love this tv show! Yet, I purchased the season & some days it was annoying that the newest episode would come out a few days late but Episode 13 still isn't available (it was released Nov. 20th and it’s now Dec. 5th) Now i dont have access to episode 13,14 or 15. What was the point of purchasing a season pass?? I’ve had to buy the current episodes on Youtube to watch it. Also I agree with previous reviews about the sound issues on each episode. Waste of money, I’m going to buy next season on Youtube!

devdailey2 - Absolute Joke.1 star

If I could give it 0 stars. I would. Billion dollar company and can’t keep it together. I bought a SEASON pass. Yet only have 4 episodes available and the rest it wants me to purchase. What’s the point? I want a refund.

Cat’s MacBook Pro - Episodes not being put up.2 star

We pay for a season pass, and sometimes the episodes aren’t loaded up the next day after they air like usual. I haven’t had an issue with this on other tv shows, can this please be fixed? Thank you,

Meggy22 - Horrible experience1 star

It is now December 5th and we still have not received a new episode since November 6th. That is 4 episodes!! And the episodes that were available are full of soind quality issues. Everyone that purchased this season pass deserves a refund!

JaneRG8998 - Annoyed1 star

There hasn't been any episodes uploaded in a month??? A MONTH? This is really ridiculous. Also major sound problems as well.

Nancy El - Refund please1 star

After reading ALL the other reviews, I feel like I don’t need to elaborate... Episodes don’t come on time, missing episodes, no sound throughout the season. Bad. Would really appreciate a refund.

RachelLyn77 - Where are the new episodes?1 star

There have been multiple episodes aired but have not shown up on Apple TV app. I paid for the season and I’m not getting what I paid for. Not cool.

vmerinobellaire - COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY1 star

GO TO AMAZON! Apple is a joke. I, like many other fans of the show, purchased the complete season. Everything that people have said in the reviews is 100% true. In EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, the audio is muted in many parts, or the audio doesn’t match the visual. The worst part is that Apple has not even uploaded the episodes for the past month. I literally have no choice, but to buy the episodes again (but from Amazon) if I want to watch. I’m paying twice to watch the episodes, all thanks to Apple. IT’S A SCAM, AND WE ALL DESERVE OUR MONEY BACK!

Bwebb199505 - Bullshi1 star

I want a refund, no sound at beginning and end and now y’all have posted an episode in like 3 weeks... why I pay 25 $ if y’all ain’t gonna post it

mmarty311 - Waiting1 star

Apple, please explain what is going on, this is ridiculous.

EABenn - Viacom Continues to Disappoint1 star

Having similar issues with other reality show provided by MTV and VH1, The Challenge is having a lot of issues when available on iTunes. I find it so frustrating that I’m still waiting for the episodes from the last 2 weeks. I will also echo other reviews and experienced audio issues with the beginning of the episode, the end of the episode and the preview of next week’s episodes. Very unfortunate that this is my favorite reality show and I can’t even enjoy it because of the technical issues. Not having cable anymore and because Hulu doesn’t have the ability to get this show, I have to resort to a season pass. But this is deterring me from continuing to get season passes for any MTV or VH1 titles.

edieg819 - Still no new episode!!1 star

I have waited almost a month to seen the almost new episode. Then most of the episodes have no sound.

JessikaG1988 - Love the show but not the publisher!1 star

I love this show but have had nothing but problems getting episodes! It has now been two weeks and I still can’t watch episode 13 or 14! Have contacted apple support only to find out it’s a publisher issue. Paid for a season pass and who knows when I will actually be able to see the last half 😡

H. Phillips - World of war review1 star

The audio is trash, some part of the show have absolutely no audio/sounds. Also the season is almost about to end, yet a episode was not release for the past three weeks! Again trash!

DanV317 - Where are the episodes?1 star

Am I the only one missing my last two episodes? After bad audio issues all season I can’t even keep up to date on the episodes!

How Random - Worthless1 star

I have had such a bad experience ordering this season that I will most likely never get a season pass to a show from Apple ever again. Audio issues, playback issues, and worst of all it takes forever for them to post new episodes. As I’m writing this it is 4 EPISODES behind. The last episode available is from a MONTH ago. Completely unacceptable when you are charging people so much for these episodes. If I could return the purchase I would GARBAGE

aquarius005 - Apple better change something1 star

Why is the newest episode not out a week after it aired and why can’t I hear half of the episodes!!

No cable for me - Disappointed loyal viewer1 star

I consider myself a patient when I purchased my season pass....I already expected to get all episode 1-2 days after they imagine my disappointment when it has been 2 weeks and I still have not been able to watch the last 2 episodes of the challenge....I had to go to just to pay again for access to the episodes....I'm so irritated with the quality of the videos put out....some are missing sound...others are playing one video with sounds from previous episodes...what's going on??? I won't be purchasing anymore season passes here

ssmd20 - Missing current epidodes2 star

Where is the rest of the season?

naddy9743 - waste of money1 star

we should get our money back for this mess

eugenefranklin - Missing The Final Episodes- Bad Audio1 star

The final episodes are not appearing. Bought a season pass- and can’t watch the final 3 episodes?? Also bad audio- muted at beginning and end of episodes. We do all deserve refunds or credits.

ckenney108 - Audio issues all season1 star

This is really bad. Every episode has had audio problems, but usually it is in the pre-episode recap or the post-episode preview, but the latest episode had no sound for over ten minutes, right at the end of the show. And now, the latest episode is still not available to stream five days after airing. MTV and/or Apple need to start offering refunds.

JohnnyB4Life - Where is there rest of the season?1 star

I bought the season pass and it has ended at episode 13. Another episode has aired over a week ago and it’s not up to download/view? What’s going on?

Krepus - Worst season do not buy!1 star

I don’t mean the season itself is worse, I mean episodes themselves. Some have no audio for either the first few minutes or last few minutes. Episodes to come out on time. Not sure what is going on this season.

Happydick12343221 - Awful.1 star

Don't bother. I usually buy every season since I don't have cable but half the episode is muted. Also haven't been releasing the last couple episodes

Jojo-- - Serious issues1 star

Just like the other reviewers, I am dealing with episodes that have no audio (usually the last 10 min). Not sure about others, but I bought the season pass - it's now early December and the last 4 episodes from the last 4 weeks are not even uploaded. So the last episode that I can watch is from the first week of November. I usually am happy with itunes - I watch my Real Housewives shows etc., but this is a disappointing disaster. Certainly won't watch 'The Challenge' on itunes again.

GVirella - Where are the episodes?!1 star

Paid for a season pass and haven’t got any episodes. What’s the hold up?

CCpol15 - Disappointed1 star

The show it self is amazing. The quality has been lacking. No sound on most of the episodes and current episodes are not showing. I keep getting season pass message next to the episodes past number 12. When will this be fixed.

Nuts w/ hair - Very disappointing1 star

I was so excited to watch this season every week and it has been almost a month since they’ve uploaded their last episode. On top of that many episodes had no sound. Not worth spending your money on this show considering they lack little awareness of any of these problems that more than one person is experiencing. They have no response to any of these issues either. VERY disappointing.

Arewegettingarefund - Help or Refund coming?1 star

Where are the missing episodes? If we purchased a season pass where do when can we expect the refund? There are at least 3 new episdoes that have not shown up on iTunes.

Althani82 - Switch to netflix mtv1 star


#lovefun - Refund1 star

No sound on episode and I haven’t received any other one in 3 weeks I don’t have time to waist my money on this if the things you guys put out is not good ... This season is not worth buying!!!! Don’t waist your money

Waiting1234567 - Where’s the last episodes1 star

Rate one star for missing episodes and bad audio. Last episode is from 6th November, episode 11. When will you post the rest???

Goose710 - Refund now1 star

When I pay for something, then I demand it when it is released. When you don’t deliver then I am cheated out of my money. Refund me now or I won’t purchase another thing in your store again...Amazon here I come!!!

Jojo9188 - Do not pay for this!1 star

The show is great, but iTunes won’t post episode on time. Go to Amazon Prime!!! They post everything on time!! It’s not the first time iTunes does this, with other shoes I’ve had the same horrible experience. Don’t waste your $$ here!!!

bae lord - Where is episode 13??1 star

Ep 13 aired almost a week ago and still isn’t posted.?! Also audio is screwed up on every episode.

matt-66 - Missing Episodes1 star

Where are the last 2 episodes? They’re not posted.

aj987876 - Delays1 star

Poor sound quality, I thought it was my device until I read all theses comments. Where are the episodes last 2 episodes? Pointless to watch now anyway as outcomes are all over social media!!

jjhangiani - Where are my episodes??1 star

I purchased the season pass but can’t access the 2 latest episodes (13 and 14). It shows “Season only” but given I have a season pass, I’m not sure why I wouldn’t be able to access this. This is absolutely terrible. Never using Apple again for content purchases!

XtinaCupcake - Frustrated2 star

It would be nice if apple uploaded the season more consistently. We are now a few episodes behind. If they don’t get released soon I am going to ask for a refund.

5 star

Finally got around to watching The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 and holy shit some people were done dirty in the…

5 star


5 star

@morbeen4444 I think so cause in War Of Worlds 2 she out swam people in a challenge. She is certainly not the best…

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@EpigeneticWhisp: The bottomline is we can’t afford to ever react this way again. The population has 2 start waking up & stop reacting e…

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The bottomline is we can’t afford to ever react this way again. The population has 2 start waking up & stop reactin…

5 star

@stephen_bear I drew you because my gf and I are watching the challenge war of the worlds 2

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Rewatching the challenge war of the worlds 2 and realized @ZNichols15 should have commentary all challenges going f…

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YES! The Challenge: War of the worlds 2 is ready to be watched by me!

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