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"Mr. Robot" follows a young programmer named Elliot who suffers from a debilitating anti-social disorder and decides he can only connect to people by hacking them. Like a superhero, he wields his hacking powers as a weapon to protect the people he cares about from those who are trying to hurt them. Ultimately, Elliot finds himself at the intersection between a cybersecurity firm he works for, his alterego hacking exploits at night and an underworld hacking collective trying to recruit him to help bring down the one percent. Mr. Robot, Season 4 Wiki

Mr. Robot, Season 4 Synopsis

1 - 401 Unauthorized
xmas time. elliot+mrrobot are BAK. darlene deals with real sh*t. tyrell's bored. dom's paranoid AF.

2 - 402 Payment Required
elliot + darlene come together. dom gets dark army vibes. wtf is deus group? price has answers.

3 - 403 Forbidden
whiterose has the feels. elliot gets owned by his own hack. an old foe chillz in wait.

4 - 404 Not Found
elliot, mrrobot, and tyrell walkin' in a winter wonderland. darlene meets a bad santa. dom is DTF.

5 - 405 Method Not Allowed
no xmas lolz for dom. darelliot gives a run-around. krista plays hookie. quiet pls, the show is on.

6 - 406 Not Acceptable
vera tells a tale. darlene gets an xmas surprise. elliot goes rogue.

7 - 407 Proxy Authentication Required
whois mrrobot.

8 - 408 Request Timeout
janice wants all the deets. elliot is shook.

9 - 409 Conflict
fsociety v deus group.

10 - Leon's Mr. Robot Recap
Leon recaps Mr. Robot from his point of view.

Mr. Robot, Season 4 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1401 Unauthorized 1:01:04USD 1.99Download
2402 Payment Required47:36USD 1.99Download
3403 Forbidden47:15USD 1.99Download
4404 Not Found49:15USD 1.99Download
5405 Method Not Allowed49:19USD 1.99Download
6406 Not Acceptable47:03USD 1.99Download
7407 Proxy Authentication Required56:27USD 1.99Download
8408 Request Timeout44:57USD 1.99Download
9409 Conflict47:10USD 1.99Download
10Leon's Mr. Robot Recap04:30FreeDownload

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Hillsdale Alumnai  Preservation12345  5 star


10/28/2019 After season 4 episode 4 [ We are not a robot ]  DRand56  5 star

No Spoilers here: We like this show very much. There are many plots and subplots, almost too many. We hope this last season will pull everything together for a great ending. So many great movie series and multi-season TV shows fall apart and fail in the end. Like the writers just give up or something, like there is no conclusion to an otherwise great story. Hope this doesn’t happen to Mr. Robot. That would be a shame. Episode 4 was a little slow, and a little dark. Dark as in “ a lot of it filmed at night, in a foggy forest and on dark streets.” And again, some interesting and even shocking things happen, but without much explanation as to why they happen. The story progresses a little bit ..... See ya next week Mr. Robot !

White Rose Hater
Robotic Response  White Rose Hater  3 star

Sam Esmails fights his version of the good fight on Twitter. He Tweets hatred toward elected officials, I watched only some of last season because of this. Rami Malik has done very well in his young acting career. Because of his talent, I’ve looked past the creators social posts all over the web. I’m guessing my favorite actor from Boardwalk isn’t coming back??? Wouldn’t you know, the director shows up at the end of episode one of this season. I felt like I swallowed MSG when I saw him. Go Robot!

Pasta rocks
Great show finally here  Pasta rocks  5 star

Thanks for that great review Hudson, should I call a dr?

Fred 1000
401_Unauthorized  Fred 1000  5 star

Following Mr Robot since S1 release in 2015, we have been waiting long time for the final season and the first EP of S4 is the gift for us the Fan =)) very promising and I recomend to the new guest to watch S1,S2 and S3 before stepping inside the world of Mr Alderson. Amazingly done AAA+ Thanks to have finaly achieved this final opus.

Epic Beginning to the End  Auz10TX  5 star

I love this show

Lets GO!!!  zahiah  5 star

So happy and excited for this season! Can’t wait and i’m amped that it is the final season instead of it getting cancelled and having to deal with another unfinished story. Thank you USA 🙌🏼

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