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Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, and Ashton Pienaar will all be back for another season of hookups, hangovers, and hungry charter guests. Captain Lee will of course return to lead the crew, and Kate will resume her longtime role as chief stew. However, Ashton has been promoted from deckhand to bosun this time around. He'll soon find out that it's not always easy being the one who's in charge. Below Deck, Season 7 Wiki

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The upstairs and downstairs worlds collide when this young and single crew of "yachties" live, love and work together on board a luxurious mega yacht while tending to the ever-changing needs of their wealthy, demanding charter guests on Below Deck.

Episode TitleTime
Man Down!43:04
The Proposal43:05
Weekend at Brandy's, Pt. 143:04
Weekend at Brandy's, Pt. 243:04
Magic Ashton43:04
Come Sail Away43:04
A Recipe for Disaster43:04
12 Seconds In Heaven43:04
Everyone Hates Kate43:05
I'm Sorry You Feel That Way43:04
Yacht-Pocalypse Now43:04
Public Displays of Affection43:04
The Scorpion Queen43:04
Let Them Eat Penis Cake!43:04
Big Girls, Do Cry43:01
Captain Lee and his returning crew, Kate and Ashton are joined by six new crew members aboard luxury M/Y Valor, as they travel to South East Asia to explore the exotic waters of Thailand. Kate faces challenges with new chef, Kevin as first time bosun Ashton tries to maneuver his way around managing a crew of his own. Kevin stresses about preparing a high stakes charter guest dinner and the added pressure seems to be too much for him to stomach.
The crew pulls off a once-in-a-lifetime surprise dinner for the primary guests, but Kevin is left with doubts about Kate's standard of service. During a night out, Courtney is less than impressed with the behavior of her fellow crew members. Brian makes a mistake with major consequences and Ashton crosses a line with a junior member of his crew.
Last year's primary guests Helen Hoey and Richard Fiore return, but this time it's their friends who take center stage. Kevin confronts Simone over a lackluster service experience. Abbi continues to struggle with consequences looming. Kevin scrambles to put together a seafood extravaganza, while Captain Lee is left less than impressed with dinner.
Charter guest Brandy continues to stress the entire crew with her intoxicated shenanigans, culminating in an emergency beach rescue. When Brian breaks an expensive piece of equipment, Ashton begins to see cracks in his deck team. Meanwhile, Tanner gets stood up for a date with another crew member, and Kevin manages to insult Captain Lee two different ways in a single evening. Finally, Ashton tries to plant some seeds with Courtney but they fail to grow.
After a dissatisfying meal last charter, Kevin pulls out all the shots with a ten-course tasting menu to impress Lee. A charter group of thirsty single women arrive and request a provocative show. As Tanner becomes ill with a stomach sickness, Brian bumps heads with Ashton. When frustrations run high on the deck team, Ashton attempts to reel in a checked-out Abbi, but her impulses run wild.
The crew deals with the fallout of Abbi's impulsive decision to leave the boat. Tanner tries, and fails, to work through a serious stomach sickness. Meanwhile, Kevin continues his redemption tour with a risky dinner menu choice, and Simone begins to feel frustrated with the lack of opportunities on board. As Brian and Courtney's romance begins to bloom, Ashton tries to blow off some steam by testing his flirtation skills with not one, but two women on the crew's night out.
Florida State University-alumni charter guests arrive single and more than ready to mingle with the crew. Meanwhile, Simone is out of her element working on service and becomes distracted by her new crush.
The new deckhand arrives just in time as Brian's injured knee worsens. Ashton tries to ingratiate the new teammate with the deck crew, but his efforts are wasted after an explosive crew night out. Kate and Kevin battle over the control of meal service. When a charter guest is inappropriate toward Simone, Kate is forced to confront the issue head on.
Rhylee jeopardizes her job and relationships with the crew after a dramatic first night out. Tanner gossips about his relationship with Simone as things heat up between them. Still sidelined by his leg injury, Brian gets sent to the hospital by Captain Lee leaving his future on the line. Simone finally confronts Kate about her job duties as second stew.
The crew bonds over a trip to an elephant sanctuary, but Kate's attitude pushes the others to the brink. A day off at the beach club has Courtney protective over Brian. After being put in her place by Kate, Simone deals with more fires when she learns Tanner has been gossiping about their relationship .The rest of the deck crew realizes they can't trust Rhylee with information. Captain Lee witnesses firsthand the major dysfunction of his crew after they come home from a day of drinking.
Tanner gives Simone mixed signals by telling her that he just wants to keep things casual, while Ashton tries to squash his beef with Kate after their heated argument the night before. Kate promotes Courtney to second stew after being called out by Simone last charter. The crew rallies to redeem themselves for returning charter guests Master Pearson and Lady Tiernan but a broken extractor fan in the galley and rough seas threaten to ruin the trip for everyone.
The crew tries to redeem themselves with returning charter guests after Ashton cancels a beach picnic which throws the entire boat into complete chaos. Rhylee and Ashton continue to butt heads while Tanner and Simone contemplate their relationship. Brian takes Courtney out on a date and is surprised by her reaction. The entire crew goes out to Patong for an explosive night out. After an intense night of drinking, emotions reach a new high causing Kate to make a dramatic decision.
The crew including Captain Lee are shocked to wake up and hear the shocking news that Kate quit. In Kate's absence, Simone and Courtney struggle to maintain order in the interior. Ashton doesn't remember his actions from the night before and has to confess to Lee that he is the reason Kate is gone. Meanwhile, Tanner is surprised to learn that he and Kate kissed. Kevin is sent spiraling when a charter guest, Justine, who is also a professional Chef, threatens to keep a close eye on him. Charter guest drama ensues when the primary's cousin, Jamie, refuses to share her guest cabin.
Kevin spirals out in response to charter guest, and professional chef, Justine telling him to "step it up." Much to Ashton's dismay, Kate returns and interferes in the deck team's drama. Simone sets out to become a better Second Stew with or without Kate's help. Ashton is dragged into a photoshoot with the guests and flirts with a charter guest, Molly. The deck crew's frustrations with Rhylee reach an all time high, forcing Captain Lee to consider a drastic change.
Former "The Real Housewife of Orange County," housewife Alexis Bellino, and new beau come aboard Valor to celebrate her recent divorce. After the deck team deals with major issues, Lee comes to a decision about Rhylee's future, forcing Ashton to change his management style. Ashton decides to blow off steam inviting unexpected guests to join on a crew night out. Kate invites Tanner for a sleepover, while a fight sparks between Brian and Courtney after he sends her a questionable text about their relationship. Kevin throws out his back in the galley and Lee is concerned that they might be down a chef.
Tanner and Kate's flirtations become more obvious to the crew which leads Simone to lose all respect for the two when she finds out they've already kissed. Pulling up to the marina, Kate sees the first yacht she ever worked on as a stewardess, causing her to question her future in yachting. Rhylee continues to feel ostracized by the deck crew that tried to get her fired and her fuse becomes shorter and shorter. After a short-lived reconciliation, Brian and Courtney are on the outs again following a major argument at the Chillva Night Market that causes a giant rift in the crew. With arguments continuing back at Valor, Captain Lee promises there will be hell to pay in the morning.
Captain Lee calls an all staff meeting to address the previous night's debauchery and gives the crew an ultimatum. Brian refuses to apologize for his behavior at the night market and tells Courtney he is "fed up," causing their relationship to be in turmoil once again. Kate's patience is tested when the primary for Charter 9, Jemele Hill, a former Sports journalist for ESPN, wants the charter ran her way. Kevin and Kate buttheads during preparations for their final beach picnic, and when Kate to take matters into her own hands, she seeks out revenge on Kevin by any means necessary.?Kevin takes great pride in making a penis cake for the primary's bachelorette party. Kate seizes an opportunity to strike revenge on an old foe.
Putting the final charter at risk, Kate sets Kevin up for failure by allowing him to present the primary's requested erotic cake knowing she already went to bed. Captain Lee arranges a Full Moon Party on a private beach for the crew's final night. While Courtney and Brian try to resolve their issues, Tanner makes his final attempt at wooing Kate. Kevin confronts Kate before the crew departs Valor for good.

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- No reunion1 star

That blows

- Why no reunion????!!!1 star


- REUNION1 star

REUNION 1 and 2?!!

- Are you listening? 🙆‍♀️3 star

We all bought Season 7 and would like to get the Reunion shows added. Do it now.

- REUNION????1 star

Where are the Below Deck Season 7 REUNION EPISODES that are supposed to automatically come to me a day after airing, since I purchased the Season Pass?! So frustrating!

- Reunion??!!1 star

How are the reunion episodes still not added? It’s been almost 2 weeks 😡

- Reunion???1 star

Where is the reunion episode?

- Where is teh Reunion????????????1 star

Waited all season for the reunion! I paid for the entire season including the reunion episodes! What's up, Bravo?

- No reunion episodes?1 star

Where are the reunion episodes?

- Where are reunion episodes??1 star

How can we watch reunions if we purchased the season?

- Missing 2 episodes1 star

Season is incomplete- missing the 2 reunion episodes fyi.

- The season of misogynists....1 star

Hard to watch as a woman. The boys are awful. Unrepentant drunkards and philanderers (deck crew boys)Believe me, no one wants to pay for this. I did.🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

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5 star

@Casshmonneylivv I’m noticing you seem to be obsessed with my dating life so here’s a link I think you’ll enjoy!

5 star

@jemelehill all about “Race” to YOU! Yet, on Below Deck season 7/17 YOU acted like a Brat!!! Period! I saw it... u…

5 star

Below Deck season 7 is on and I’m just yelling “SHUT UP, ASHTON” and “SHUT UP, KEVIN” at my tv constantly. @Kate_Chastain @courtneyskippon

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@peacockTV where is the rest of season 7 below deck?

5 star

We caught up with #BelowDeck Season 4’s @EMMSEWA and she’s sharing what she thinks of her time on the show now in L…

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Below Deck Sailing Yacht was a nice palette cleanser from the horrible misogyny of season 7 OG below deck I gotta s…

5 star

Tautulli (ZeroFlix[1]) Below Deck - Season 7 was recently added to Plex.

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