Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored)

Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) Summary

In Season Six, the Roses are achieving success in their careers and personal lives, forcing them all to contemplate their inevitable next steps. But as their pursuits push them closer towards their long-awaited escape, the Roses see how connected their lives have become to the town and its residents. When they finally face the decision to stay or leave, it is much harder than expected. Johnny takes on a second motel, but as the costs pile up, he worries it may have been a huge mistake. Meanwhile, Moira’s Crows movie has thrust her back into the limelight, but when she passes on a major opportunity, she fears she’s lost it all (again). With a wedding in sight, David throws all of his energy into the planning, but when he and Patrick clash on their vision of their future together, David is forced to confront the fact that marriage is more than a wedding. Alexis focuses on her publicity work while Ted is in the Galapagos, and, much to her surprise, her career begins to take off. Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) Wiki

Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) Trailer

Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) Episodes

Episode TitleTime
Smoke Signals21:59
The Incident21:59
The Job Interview22:00
Maid of Honour21:58
The Premiere21:58
The Wingman21:58
Moira Rose21:58
The Presidential Suite21:57
Sunrise Sunset21:58
The Bachelor Party21:58
The Pitch21:58
Start Spreading the News25:00
Happy Ending24:44
Best Wishes, Warmest Regards: A Schitt's Creek Farewell44:19
David scouts a potential wedding venue, while Johnny and Moira have a romantic picnic by the creek.
David is embarrassed by a childhood issue that resurfaces, while Johnny, Stevie, and Roland attend a viewing for a motel nearby.
Johnny and Moira endeavor to secure an investor for a new motel, while Alexis and Ted struggle with long-distance.
Moira shares the newly released Crows movie trailer with the Jazzagals. Johnny and Roland find a suspicious bag of money at the new motel.
Alexis plans a local premiere for the Crows movie and Moira makes a big splash on the red carpet, while David tends to Patrick after his wisdom teeth removal.
Alexis and Moira deal with the outcome of a viral video, while Johnny helps Bob get back out in the dating world.
Moira and David sample wine at Herb Ertlinger's vineyard, while Johnny attempts to have "the talk" with Patrick.
Johnny and Moira spend a night in the new motel. Alexis receives a surprise visitor.
Johnny becomes overly involved in Alexis�s romantic life, making an already difficult time worse for Alexis. After discovering her car covered in eggs, Moira learns she offended the townspeople by disparaging Schitt�s Creek in an interview with People magazine. Jocelyn helps out David and Patrick at the store, and much to David�s annoyance, she�s a top-notch salesperson.
Moira’s former “Sunrise Bay” producers (Guest stars Victor Garber and Saul Rubinek) show up with big news, while Alexis binge-watches old episodes of the soap and discovers some dirt. Alexis gives Moira advice on how to proceed, leaving Moira feeling conflicted. Meanwhile, the new motel is proving to be a money pit for Johnny and he’s worried about paying for David’s undoubtedly lavish catering bill for the wedding.
The Roses aren�t thrilled to be roped into the Escape Room portion of David and Patrick�s bachelor party, but they put on a brave face. However, their participation wanes as their personal dilemmas come to a head; Johnny anxiously awaits an important business call, Alexis questions her future, and Moira second-guesses her decision about the reboot.
Johnny, Stevie and Roland head to New York for their pitch meeting, nervous but excited. Moira anxiously awaits their return, becoming more distressed as the day goes on, knowing this is her last chance at escape. Alexis and David get ahead of themselves and contemplate living in New York.
Moira receives some unexpected news and David makes a tough decision about where he wants to live.
David stresses out over the "rain" on his wedding day, the family scramble to make it right.
This special celebrates "Schitt's Creek" and gives fans an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at the making of the final season including never-before-seen footage of table reads, auditions and celebrity interviews.

Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) Comments & Critics

Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) Reviews

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- Awesome Show5 star

Awesome show

- BEST SHOW EVER🧡🤍5 star

The only show that made me cry😭😭

- Best tv show5 star

I love Schitts Creek!

- All the Feels5 star

Best show I’ve ever watched.

- Levy’s at their Best5 star

This family! So fun! Well done, ey!

- My Favorite Show5 star

I’ve never been so invested in a show. And knowing this is the last season makes me cry. 5/5

- A must-watch series!5 star

A sitcom of this quality is so rare. What other show could take a family of (formerly) wealthy, entitled, spoiled people and gradually make you love each of them unconditionally. Each character is so unique and the actors are perfectly matched for their roles. The love between the parents, between the daughter and her boyfriend, and between David and Patrick are so natural and special ... and hilarious. Hats off to all actors and writers on this series! But, Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose ... her performance is INSANELY memorable! What a gifted actress in a wonderfully quirky role.

- Best comedy series ever!!!!5 star

I’ve watched this from season 1, episode 1. Actors are phenomenal and the script spot on. Very entertaining and comical. Very upset the show ended. PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!!!!!! At least play reruns for now as I’d watch it over and over again.

- YouTube4 star

Tina Hirsch

- Love this show!5 star

Love this show!

- Please do an encore season5 star

This show hooked me from S1 E1 and I am not ready for it to end. “Lexi’s” arc just went off track. Mr. Rose is finally getting back in business...Moira’s Crowening will surely lead to treatments for “Miranda’s Rights II: The Shankdown”...and our favorite engaged couple is just getting started in a shared life deserving of a spinoff. The upper class in your cast has kept me laughing since the 80s, and those I met over the last few years have a new fan. If ending now is a corporate ratings decision let us fans know. I have purchased every season...and mass purchasing saved family guy back in 2000 so it could work for “the creek” too!

- Amazing!!!5 star

Can’t wait for the next episode. Perfect binge watching!

- The best5 star

I have never been so enraptured by a fictional family!! I love all the different dynamics of love shown; sibling, parental, friends and romance.

- LOL5 star


- Love love love5 star

The acting! the characters! Hilarious

- Smart, Fun, Love!5 star

Love this series! So funny and so much heart in each episode 💕

- Y. Feliz ydía yogur. Yn5 star

bYa boy bub un hombre y ron h . B y. Un día hoy y yyyyubb buenosybyh h. Hoyybbmxrb. Boy va Humberto

- I love the Rose Family5 star

Such a great series. I am so sad to see it end - have been with them since season one and they will remain one of my favorites forever.

- One of the Best!!!!5 star

This show is one of the best. The writing is incredible and Catherine O’Hara has never been better. AWESOME

- Hilarious5 star

Brilliant comedy

- Love these characters...5 star

Each character is hilarious in their own dysfunctional way..well, except for David’s boyfriend, what’s-his-name. When these characters interact, it’s magic.

- Yes5 star

Ew David....

- Funny5 star

There’s no words to explain it is just awesome

- Best show ever❤️5 star


- Bbebanssmdmsnsnbe5 star

Hehsjsqhd something

- Show was great for awhile..3 star

Then died after season 3.

- 💪🏻5 star

The most underrated show ever.

- My kind of family5 star

Welcome back!

- Abbey1 star


- Welcome back!!!5 star

Love this series

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Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) Images & Pictures

Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) images

Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) Posters

small townmotelspoiled childriches to ragssimpler lifespoiled

Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) posters
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) posters
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) posters
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) posters
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) posters
Schitt's Creek, Season 6 (Uncensored) posters
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