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Sanditon, Season 1 release date, synopsis and reviews

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Sanditon, Season 1 Release Date and Synopsis

Writer Andrew Davies brings Jane Austen’s unfinished last novel vividly to life. The village of Sanditon is becoming a fashionable spa resort full of intrigues and dalliances. Changing alongside it is the unconventional Charlotte Heywood.

Everything You Need to Know About Sanditon, Season 1

Written only months before Jane Austen's death in 1817, Sanditon tells the story of the impulsive, spirited and unconventional Charlotte Heywood, played by Williams, and her spiky relationship with the charming Sidney Parker, played by James. When a chance accident transports her from her rural hometown of Willingden to a would-be coastal resort, it exposes Charlotte to the intrigues and dalliances of a seaside town on the make. The drama takes viewers from the West Indies to the rotting alleys of London and exposes the hidden agendas of each character and sees Charlotte discover herself and ultimately find love.

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Sanditon, Season 1 Reviews

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Amazing show!!I absolutely loved Sanditon and wish there was a second season..Score: 5/5

#SanditonSeason2Love. This. Show. America wants more Sanditon, PLEASE!! Jane Austen fans have been awaiting a fresh storyline and new characters to adore (and despise). Sanditon gives us just that!! For example- we love “Sidlette” and loathe “Sidliza”. Our biggest problem here is Episode 8...calling it a cliffhanger is quite the understatement. Now, fans will plummet from the cliff top into the raging sea. Jane Austen will roll over in her grave, if closure isn’t given to this unfinished work!! I have no proof, but I’m pretty sure it was one of her final wishes. #DoItForJane.Score: 5/5

Amazing Jane Austen againAlways been a fan of Jane Austen books and anything to do with her. She knows a women’s mind better than we do Each story makes you feel Like you belong. Loved watching Sanditon. Been longing for something romantic and funny again. Now I want to watch all of Jane Austen’s movies all over again. Beautifully written and beautiful story..Score: 5/5

Sanditon The most beautiful show everI adore this show & need to see more of it. The ensemble is the best I have ever seen. Please do not let it end on a cliffhanger..Score: 5/5

There Is Nothing Like Dancing To Restore Ones SpiritsThere must be a season 2! You must turn me into the romantic once again!.Score: 5/5

Must WatchI love this show. It is the best form of escapism. The acting, costumes, sets and scenery are all stunning to watch. Andrew Davies does not disappoint. A series that can easily be watched over and over again. We must have season 2..Score: 5/5

Love it!Season 2 PLEASE!.Score: 5/5

SanditonI have never seen anything better! Every episode is engaging and masterfully done! And with every rewatch I find something new..Score: 5/5

Great show! Let’s keep trying for season 2!!This is a fantastic undertaking of an unfinished Jane Austen manuscript. The acting is delightful. A must see for any Austen fan or period piece fan. I watched it twice in one week!!.Score: 5/5

We need a Season 2,3,4 lol something!Love this show, I pray y’all don’t leave us with a cliffhanger. Theo James, Rose Williams did such a great job. Crystal Clarke is also such an important part to this Season, because she represents black women like myself. All the casts are excellent and would love to see more!.Score: 5/5

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Delightful but needs to be wrapped up!A fresh and modern yet classic Austen tale taking place in a stunning seaside resort. Characters are more than meets the eye and misconceptions run amok in typical Austen fashion, allowing for satisfying arcs and great love stories. This series is beautifully written and wonderfully acted and was entirely engrossing but clearly unfinished based on the last episode. Please wrap it up somehow!.Score: 5/5

An Unfinished Jan Austen novel, is now an unfinished seriesJane Austen has always been the gold standard for romances, and has arguably contributed to the fact that Regency Romances ar with biggest segment of the historical romance books’ market, Andrew Davies adapted the 11 chapters of Jane Austen novel to make this serene drama set in the costal town of Sanditon. The ensemble cast of characters are each drawn out meticulously. Given so little material to work with, there are no jarring moments where one feels the novel ends and Andrew’s story takes over. Cricket matches, sea bathing, boating regatta, a great mansion, scurrilous entanglements, racism, a kidnapping, and so much more adds to the story keeping the viewers enthralled. There are unexpected twists and turns, in the story and in the characters. Of course there’s romance, and humour, which are Jane Austen’s forte. And through it all we’re rooting for Charlotte and Sidney to get their happily ever after. Alas! The series was canceled leaving us with a cliff hanger and wanting more..Score: 5/5

Loooves this and I am praying for season2I don’t remember the last time I was this emotionaly involved in a tv show Loved every second ! Highly recommend !.Score: 5/5

A Masterpiece!Sanditon is a lovely, well-crafted adaptation of Austen’s fragment by Andrew Davies for ITV. Sanditon arrived into our homes at a time of such a devastating world crisis, like a cool breeze in a suffocatingly hot day. Intelligent, lavish and well written, this adaptation saved us, albeit for a short time, from the brutal, mindless and imbecilic reality shows that have come to dominate our lives. It brought, although not all completely hers, the voice of Jane to may young people who had never heard of this literary giant before. Through the love story of Charlotte and Sidney Parker it brought us a reminder of how precious love is, and introduced us to a young woman who is the epitome of Jane’s finest characters, strong and well-grounded. Most importantly, this television series, Sanditon, while not able to cure our world’s malady is making everything more bearable. If this may seem trivial in the face of our present world catastrophe, the enjoyment of something as lovely as Sanditon, provides spiritual, immaterial respite from the hardships of life. T Serrao.Score: 5/5

BRING IT BACKI love regency era shows. I grew up on Pride + Prejudice, Emma, Sense + Sensibility. After watching Bridgerton I needed something else to fill the void and saw that Sanditon was highly recommended. I did not know however in starting this show that it wasn’t finished and was in fact cancelled. SUCH A SHAME as this is my favourite show out of all the regency shows, besides P+P. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring back the show!!!.Score: 5/5

Excellent dramaA very suitable Austen adaptation with compelling characters and engaging plots. My only regret is that it seems Season 2 might not happen, which leaves the resolution a little unsatisfying..Score: 5/5

A DisgraceThis series takes from the fragment, the unfinished final novel of Jane Austen and uses material from it for only the first 1/2 hour of the first episode. Davies wanted to capitalize on his addition to Pride & Prejudice - the sex, and did it fully with this series. The characters deviate from what Jane Austen had in mind. The sex and the romantic nature of this is everything Austen parodied and reviled. The Jane Austen Society does not stand behind this series and any true fan of the author won’t either..Score: 1/5

Jane Austen FanLoved Sanditon!!! Fantastic acting, amazing wardrobed cast and setting for a period drama. Beautifully themed music score through the whole series that helps drive the emotions of all the characters. Each Episode builds on the other as the characters personalities come to light for you to love or dis-like. True to Jane Austen; Charlotte Heywoods character is a strong female lead who is smart, independent, and is not afraid to speak her mind. But she also exudes a fun, loveable, compassionate side too; which makes you fall in love with her character from the start. Sydney Parker; reminds me a lot of Mr. Darcy with his Pride, and arrogance at the start, but as you watch each episode there is a redeeming quality of his character that comes to light and makes the audience cheer for him too. So many twists and turns, how will it end?! Definitely a cliff hanger ending. For us true Jane Austen fans we definitely need Season 2 to have it all wrapped up in the perfect bow..Score: 5/5

LOVED IT! Wish there was more to comeBeautiful production value and fantastic acting! I became totally invested in all the characters and felt the season finale left more to come...I really hope they continue the series.....Score: 5/5

Why no season 2?Honestly, I loved every minute. Watched all 8 epidsoes in 3 nights. This series could definitey have multiple seasons..Score: 5/5

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CarmTroi01 SanditonSister2: 3️⃣ Will Georgiana Find Her Mother? “Georgina makes it clear towards the end of the Season 2 finale that she intends t….Score: 2/5

MomarchToo SanditonSister2: 3️⃣ Will Georgiana Find Her Mother? “Georgina makes it clear towards the end of the Season 2 finale that she intends t….Score: 4/5

MomarchToo LJonte: Just finished binging all of Sanditon season 1. "Goodbye, Charlotte. I wish you every happiness." ... "If it helps, there's a….Score: 1/5

MomarchToo cmsausten: PHPublications Scanditon1 ruthdbarrett Hi, Phil....I hope you enjoy Season 2 just as much as we did. As always, the music….Score: 3/5

Worlds_Okayest1JCAKE12 I love Poldark! I added PBS masterpiece to my prime account: Sanditon season 1 is really good, season 2 w… .Score: 1/5

JaclynCherry83 WorldPeriod: Ben Lloyd-Hughes on wearing Mr Colbourne's outfits on #Sanditon - from The Costumes of Sanditon season 2 "I've loved ever….Score: 1/5

Ginamariebates7 WorldPeriod: Ben Lloyd-Hughes on wearing Mr Colbourne's outfits on #Sanditon - from The Costumes of Sanditon season 2 "I've loved ever….Score: 0/5

Sararipple WorldPeriod: Ben Lloyd-Hughes on wearing Mr Colbourne's outfits on #Sanditon - from The Costumes of Sanditon season 2 "I've loved ever….Score: 2/5

Outlanderfan_nl TeeJoy062013: I’ve been really quiet about the conversation regarding #Sanditon season 1 & 2 / Theo vs Ben LloydH. I watched Season 1 a….Score: 4/5

SMaryG WorldPeriod: Ben Lloyd-Hughes on wearing Mr Colbourne's outfits on #Sanditon - from The Costumes of Sanditon season 2 "I've loved ever….Score: 2/5

ArizonapbsWe’re ~all~ missing #SanditonPBS. While we wait for Season 3, get to know the leading man Ben Lloyd-Hughs as he tak… .Score: 5/5

JaclynCherry83 SanditonSister2: You can find music used for the ball in #Sanditon S2 Ep 5 on Tunefind. 🔗 ….Score: 4/5

MariannS18 SanditonSister2: You can find music used for the ball in #Sanditon S2 Ep 5 on Tunefind. 🔗 ….Score: 1/5

SanditonSister2You can find music used for the ball in #Sanditon S2 Ep 5 on Tunefind. 🔗 .Score: 0/5

Elsee11 TLandin: Liana___K dals_sanditon Perfectly said, #SidlotteForever #JASanditon season 1 had so much more story to tell masterpiecepbs….Score: 3/5

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Sanditon, Season 1 (2020) Series Cast & Crew

Sanditon, Season 1 (2020) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Sanditon: The characters of season 1. Rose Williams (Charlotte Heywood), Theo James (Sidney Parker), Anne Reid (Lady Denham), Kris Marshall (Tom Parker), Crystal Clarke (Miss Lambe), Lily Sacofsky (Clara Brereton), Kate Ashfield (Mary Parker), Jack Fox (Edward Denham), Charlotte Spencer (Esther Denham), Leo Suter (Young Stringer), all returned for sanditon, season 1.

Rose Williams (Charlotte Heywood)
Rose WilliamsCharlotte HeywoodScore: 7.1
Charlotte Spencer (Esther Denham)
Charlotte SpencerEsther DenhamScore: 9.0
Crystal Clarke (Miss Lambe)
Crystal ClarkeMiss LambeScore: 3.0
Kate Ashfield (Mary Parker)
Kate AshfieldMary ParkerScore: 8.4
Kris Marshall (Tom Parker)
Kris MarshallTom ParkerScore: 14.4
Leo Suter (Young Stringer)
Leo SuterYoung StringerScore: 16.8

Jane Austen (Novel), all returned for sanditon.

Jane Austen (Novel)
Jane AustenNovelScore: 3.5
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Sanditon (Season 1) Full Episodes

The spirited and impulsive Charlotte Heywood moves from her rural home to Sanditon, a fishing village attempting to reinvent itself as a seaside resort.

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  • TV-14
  • 2020
1Episode 1 (Sanditon) recap, spoilers

Episode 1

12 January 2020$2.99

A chance accident brings Charlotte Heywood to Sanditon, a seaside resort on the cusp of dramatic change. Spirited and unconventional, Charlotte is shocked by its scheming and ambitious inhabitants and intrigued by the secrets they share.

2Episode 2 (Sanditon) recap, spoilers

Episode 2

12 January 2020$2.99

Charlotte and Sidney clash again. Tensions surrounding Miss Lambe's arrival in Sanditon erupt at Lady Denham's grand pineapple luncheon. Esther and Edward realize that Clara poses a significant threat to their ambitions.

3Episode 3 (Sanditon) recap, spoilers

Episode 3

19 January 2020$2.99

A serious accident forces Charlotte and Sidney together, and they each reappraise the other. When Tom brings a new doctor to the town, he and Lady Denham clash, while Clara makes a bold move in her bid to outplay Edward and Esther.

4Episode 4 (Sanditon) recap, spoilers

Episode 4

26 January 2020$2.99

The arrival of Miss Lambe's forbidden love causes Charlotte to question her opinion of Sidney. Meanwhile, Clara witnesses a private moment between Esther and Edward.

5Episode 5 (Sanditon) recap, spoilers

Episode 5

02 February 2020$2.99

Charlotte inadvertently places Miss Lambe in danger, while tensions between Tom and his laborers erupt during the Sanditon cricket match.

6Episode 6 (Sanditon) recap, spoilers

Episode 6

09 February 2020$2.99

Charlotte and Sidney are at loggerheads, but must work together to save Miss Lambe from terrible danger. Edward and Clara enter into a scandalous pact to try and finally win Lady Denham's inheritance.

7Episode 7 (Sanditon) recap, spoilers

Episode 7

16 February 2020$2.99

As the summer regatta approaches, Sidney wrestles with his feelings for an old flame. With Lady Denham at death's door, tensions finally come to a head, and threaten to split everyone apart.

8Episode 8 (Sanditon) recap, spoilers

Episode 8

23 February 2020$2.99

On the night of the Midsummer Ball, the fate of Sanditon is in the balance when events conspire to leave Charlotte and the entire Parker family facing down impossible choices.

The First Look (Sanditon) recap, spoilers

The First Look

01 January 2020Bonus

Director Olly Blackburn and cast members Theo James, Rose Williams, Kris Marshall, Anne Reid and many more introduce Sanditon, the story of a once-sleepy fishing village that is on the rise.


Sanditon, Season 1 Trailers & Teasers

Sanditon - Official Trailer 2019▶ Sanditon - Official Trailer 2019

Sanditon, Season 1 Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

Check out new photos from sanditon, season 1. Sanditon (2020) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. © 2019

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Sanditon, Season 1 Posters

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Sanditon, Season 1 poster 1
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Sanditon, Season 1 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about sanditon, season 1...

Has Sanditon, Season 1 been confirmed? Will there be a sanditon, season 1?
The countdown to Sanditon [2020] Season 1 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Sanditon is soon going to be released.

Sanditon, Season 1 start date: When does sanditon, season 1 come back?
Sanditon, Season 1 will air on Sunday 12th of January 2020.

How many episodes will be in sanditon, season 1?
With the season now airing in January 2020. There will be 9 episodes in season 1.

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Sanditon Other Seasons

Other seasons of Sanditon, Season 1 are not ready yet!

Sanditon, Season 1 (TV series) Languages

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