RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored)

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) Summary

Join The RuVolution! RuPaul is back for another season of "Drag Race," welcoming 13 contestants to compete for the coveted title of America's Next Drag Superstar. RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) Wiki

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) Synopsis

Kicking off Season 12, the first seven queens strut the runway in a fashion show, then rap and perform a choreographed dance in front of guest judge Nicki Minaj.
In part two of the Season 12 premiere, a new set of queens walks in a fashion show, then performs a Bob Fosse-inspired number in front of guest judges Thandie Newton and Robyn.
The queens compete on a parody talent show called "World's Worst" and then walk the runway in buttons and bows, and Olivia Munn sits in at the judges' table.
Celebrity drag queen RuPaul hosts this elimination-style reality contest that's one part "America's Next Top Model" and two parts fabulous.

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) Trailer

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) Episodes

Episode TitleTime
I'm That Bitch 1:03:19
You Don't Know Me 1:03:18
World's Worst 1:02:35
The Ball Ball 1:02:22
Meet the Queens Season 1240:24
The Pit Stop - I'm That Bitch14:27
The Pit Stop - You Don't Know Me12:30
The Pit Stop - World's Worst13:40
Nicki Minaj guest judges the new cast of queens competing for $100,000 and the title of America's Next Drag Superstar. The first step toward the crown is having to write and perform an original rap number.
In the second season premiere, the queens must write and perform a Fosse-inspired jazz number. Thandie Newton (Westworld) and Swedish singer Robyn guest judge.
For the first time this season, someone will sashay away! The queens must flex their comedy improv skills for the new TV show "World's Worst" - a talent show for people with little talent. Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse) guest judges.
The queens' creativity comes to life when they compete in a pageant of sports-inspired couture, and strutting the runway in three "ball-themed" looks. Leslie Jones (Saturday Night Live) guest judges.
Meet the thirteen queens ready to go WIG on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12. Presented by VH1.
Bob the Drag Queen and Sasha Velour weigh in on the Season 12 premiere, from the queens' werk room entrances and fashion runways to their girl-group rap performances.
Peppermint joins Bob the Drag Queen to discuss the second set of Season 12 queens and weigh in on their performances in the Bob Fosse-inspired musical number.
Bob the Drag Queen welcomes Thorgy Thor to unpack the World's Worst challenge, where the queens competed on a fake talent show and then walked the runway in buttons and bows.

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) Comments & Critics

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) Reviews

Payoneer 💰10 star

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- Disgusting1 star

Trash- funny this is featured during a month promoting women. Nothing like a man turning in his man card to steal the spotlight from real women.


It’s very tiring to pay for a season and have the episodes release days after the episode has aired.

- Late ‘updated’ episodes1 star

New episodes are updated sooooooo late!! Ridiculous

- Not released on time1 star

Not released on time. Don’t waste your money.

- Timing1 star

Why isn’t the new episode released yet?? This is ridiculous. I want my money back..

- Disgraceful. A Travesty.1 star

Why does anyone support this garbage?! Take the money spent on this trash and help homeless/abused animals.

- 📺5 star

This is good television.

- W5 star


- ....1 star

$100 award to the person that can define “woman” in 2020 without using the word “woman”....

- So good!5 star

Love the girls this season and the challenges have been intense!

- the new update5 star

type in a few hours and i was a great time for you to go to school with us we are in a really bad time of our time so far and that’s hey there are i right i was that the first day i is a great night to see the sun in my face in a great time with you guys in your beautiful life that is in a good place you can be happy to see this y to see if i was the day i is a great

- Who’s to blame? iTunes or VH1?4 star

UPDATE 3/15/20: Every single episode subsequent to the premiere has been released Saturday morning like clockwork. I’m not sure who dropped the ball that first week, but everything appears to be back to normal. I just wish the last episode (Ep 3: World’s Worst) was actually any good... Stay safe in quarantine y’all! ORIGINAL REVIEW: Having worked in post production for a major television show, I realize there are countless moving parts that get a show to appear when I hit the Apple TV remote button, but this is ridiculous. Either iTunes needs to speed up their certification/approval process or VH1 needs to deliver the masters earlier. Either way, I spent $25 and had people over last night to not have the episode show up to watch. If you want us to cut the cord, you gotta be consistent with deliver times y’all.

- Late episodes but I love the show5 star

I wish the RPDR Instagram didn’t post spoilers but I love this show.

- Great show5 star

Thank you putting this up in a timely manner- can’t wait to see where the season goes!

- Getting better at uploading5 star

Fixed the problem for the most part!

- Sherry Pie Ratings Disaster5 star

A contestant who abused people in the past is not the fault of the show or RuPaul Charles. The victims should have come forward a lot sooner! Also, the Sherry Pie contestant like most predators and abusive people, appears to be a normal person, although I do not believe the word normal applies to people (because we are all different, but linked by our similarities). Abusing people is not “normal”. Having said all of that, as an activist for my entire life, no one forced any of the victims to submit videos to Sherry Pie regardless of the level of degradation claimed.

- Season Pass Fail1 star

Purchased the season pass for a viewing party to introduce my friends to ‘The Race,’ and the season pass means nothing. They did not post the current episode 5+ hours after it aired live. It is now the next day and still — nothing has been posted. I would like a refund. Season pass is a hoax. Do not purchase. AGAIN, do NOT purchase.

- Love the show but1 star

Sorry I don’t have cable. sad I bought the entire season for me to watch the episodes later than anyone else anddd I don’t even get the bonus episodes? I could’ve have purchased the same thing on YouTube gotten more out of it for the same price. YouTube is better than Apple TV 😬yikes

- I ‘d like to speak with manger please..1 star


- Poor1 star

Not a fan

- Nope1 star

I always see people every year complaining about latest episodes not being put up. I don’t know why the episodes aren’t Ever uploaded in a timely fashion. If I payed like everyone else. I would be livid as well. But i am fortunate to have VH1. SHAME ON THE UPLOADING PROCESS!!!!!!!

- Disgusted1 star

I wish I hadn’t purchased this season pass. I will not be able to watch due to the disgusting nature of the admitted sexual predator getting exposure and a platform week to week. Asked for a refund but was denied. I hope they reconsider.

- Improved5 star

Release times seem to be improving

- A Cringe-Worthy Season3 star

I absolutely adore the show. But I remember getting the notification from BuzzFeed yesterday about the Sherry Pie allegations. Everytime she was on the screen, I just felt very uncomfortable. RuPaul and the others who select the competitors for each selection need to do a very close examination on each person they consider, that way this doesn't happen again. It just proves how you can't trust anyone. I'm just waiting for her to get eliminated now. Hopefully she doesn't make it too far. I've already watched every single episode of Drag Race, including all 4 seasons of All Stars. This might be the first season I skip out on just because of all the controversy surrounding it.

- You gotta wait a little bit5 star

If your watching the show purely because you love the people in it, or the art of Drag it’s a amazing show. Most the reviews on here are so bad because people are impatient. Most times for me, it’s the next day after the episode airs that it’s available to watch. Around 1:30 am. If not, I always Get it, and am able to watch two days after it airs.



- New episodes????1 star

I bought the season pass and instantly was like “wait, episode two is out already on google play store” so I rebought it through google 👀

- Trinity voice* where 👏🏼 are 👏🏼the 👏🏼shows?!?!1 star

Trinity voice* where 👏🏼 are 👏🏼the 👏🏼shows?!?!

- Late Releases make it not worth the $$$1 star

Great show- would recommend buying somewhere else that has TIMELY releases of new content

- Oh No I just donated 24.99!!1 star

Wish I would have read reviews before I purchased a Pass..... No episodes downloaded. Thought they would simply download “minimally” the episodes as they air..... guess I will watch season 12 when season 13 begins...... DONT PURCHASE THE PASS!!!!!!!!! Let’s hope I see them someday

- Honestly1 star

These people need to get lives. Reality TV is unhealthy

- Desapointing!1 star

Unbelievable that delay! I encourage people to pay for WOW PLUS APP, at least the episode it’s released in the same day! How can I get my money back here?! Anyone know?!

- this isnt a season pass1 star

the episodes are available when they feel like it. the more you think about it, the longer they make you wait.

- This season is full of amazing queens5 star

I love every single one. They all bring something exciting and different from one another. I love it

- Already a top season5 star

Episode 1 and I love all the queens and they are starting off with a BOSS guest judge. Happy for another season of a phenomenal show.

- Loved the first episode5 star

This was a great premiere!

- Don’t bother1 star

I’ve purchased past seasons and in all honesty, go somewhere else for rupauls! I’ve been a devout Apple user for many years and my love of rupauls got me to buy the season passes prior. You won’t get an episode until a few days later at the very best from my experience. iTunes truly is a disappointment when it comes to this show. Please don’t buy

- Rod5 star

Gigi Goode ❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Como g2 star

Gttc t trctctcg cercar. y para la

- Guess I’m not buying this year!1 star

From looking at the review I’m glad I did not get the season pass for season 12! Apple or Wow presents needs to get it together. Loyal fan of the show and this is the only way I can really watch.

- World of Wonder is the cause for the delay on ITunes.5 star

I also was wondering why I had to 2-3 days for the episode to appear on iTunes but one consultant from Apple said that Apple releases the episodes as soon as World of Wonder releases them to Apple company. What we need to do, is send our messages to World of Wonder. Cheers

- Never Buying From Apple1 star

Rather annoying and stupid that Apple decided to release the first episode TWO days after its premiere. I would give this a rate of zero stars if I could. Do not waste your time or money buying from Apple to watch Drag Race. Would highly recommend other services (Amazon or VH1).

- Why is this not released yet1 star

What did I buy a season pass for. Release the show already!

- iTunes gets a 1 Star not the show1 star

Not only did I purchase a season pass for the show only for the episode to pop up 2 DAYS AFTER IT AIRED, but when the episode did appear it said I needed to purchase it. This is the last time I’m doing this for this show, it happens every season and I was hoping they’d get it together by now

- Amazingly unreliable1 star

Have bought every season through iTunes, and just like everyone else has said, the new episodes are never released when they should be. What should I do when Amazon prime is the same price and available the next day? Answer: move over to amazon! Bye, Apple.

- Season Pass1 star

Why is there such a delay in the release of an episode? If I had know this I would have never bought the pass. Release the episode already. 0 stars is not an option or that’s what the rating would be.

- I want a refund1 star

This is so ridiculous! The show aired 3 days ago and I still cannot view it! What’s the point of a season pass if I can’t watch the latest episode?

- UPLOAD!!!1 star

Are you kidding me? When the hell are you guys gonna upload episode 1. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

- Love.4 star

LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE IT. Tell Rupaul that her show is just a wow factor i can’t get enough of her dresses.


This premiered Friday. It is Sunday!! Episode 1 is still not available. Amazon Prime has it available!!

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DreamerSteve - This is ridiculous!1 star

Post episode !! I bought it, and cannot watch!! Fix it!!

panther on the runway - Purchased but can’t watch1 star

I bought the season 12 pass but it won’t let me watch or download the first episode without paying $2.99!

tpoe1717 - Lol1 star

Idk why I expected something different. I actually fully want a refund. @apple please contact me for full reimbursement. Almost 48 hours later. K bye.

Travvy8488 - Girl bye...2 star

Listen honey.... I love the show. But I buy the season every year because I want the extra content and the unedited version and it is a long wait to get it. Seasons 10 & 11 they were available the next night but this season It’s already been two days after the air date and it is still not available.

Kogermd - Load the episode!1 star

What is going on here? This is a waste of money.

HipHoperaSM - The. Worst.1 star

Once again, iTunes doesn’t release the episodes 46hrs after airtime. Why did I pay for a season pass to not be able to watch the show? Someone?

yerp - The worst!!!1 star

I just purchased the season 12 season pass on Sunday 3/1. The episode was aired on Friday night ..... where is the first episode?? Apple this happens every season that is why we are all gagging. Please fix this and don’t blame the network when Hulu and other platforms get it earlier 😡

Ohyaboycordaroy - Two days airdate - episode still unavailable.1 star

Episodes of other shows are available the day after it airs. It's been two days and this episode still isn't up.

Joe Seeler - The upload schedule....1 star

This is ridiculous. Almost 48 hours after the episode airs and it still isn’t available. This is absurd

DoubleEdgedSword - I can’t believe how late this pops up.1 star

I’ve been purchasing the season passes for drag race for ages, but in the last two years iTunes has taken 1-2 days to post. Guess I’ll watch with ads on the VH1 app... where’s my refund iTunes?

FM18 - Release episodes1 star

If they are holding release due to contractual obligations iTunes should be more transparent before I spend my money.

Valenya - Where can we even go to get our money back?1 star

The first episode was great. iTunes needs to stream it now. We paid 25$ for it and there’s not even a good idea of when it’ll be here.

Castastik - Oh, this again....1 star

Thought I would have learned back during season 10, all stars, 11, and now, 12.... super late release. Always. At least, VH1 will let you watch it now while you still wait for this service. 🤬

Dion fro - The actual worst1 star

So annoying to wait so long and get so excited for a new season of a show you love and paid for, just for your excitement to be ruined by spoilers because iTunes can’t get it together and post episodes on time. I’m going to be requesting a refund and buying it all on amazon from now on. They always upload on time because they value their customers .

kastedspells - Was looking forward to watching this..1 star

Was looking forward to what to watching this when it came out or soon then after. I don’t understand why there isn’t an explanation? Should I have just went to VH1 online directly? How do I go about a refund?

Skdiejs - Coomeee onnnn1 star

Still waiting on the first episode. Maybe when the second episode is aired on TV they will have the FIRST episode available for the people like myself that spent $25 for the season pass 😑

jt9227 - No epsidoe1 star

It’s been days since the episode aired on TV and still nothing?!

Q1901 - Horrible1 star

Most definitely Getting a refund, this is SO STUPID never supporting this again!

davidj202 - Best show, worst place to buy it.1 star

I’m assuming it’s VH1’s fault that the episode hasn’t released yet. This is officially the last time I buy this on iTunes. It’s been two days. Other streaming services already have the episode, where is the iTunes version?

afragal - Wow literally1 star

This is ridiculous!!!! I need my money back please.

mynamesjeff95 - Late as always1 star

They stay posting the episodes late like it’s their job. The untucked episode is already posted but the actual episode is not. This is probably gonna be the last time I buy a season pass bc they never fix this issue.

Brodynotjenner - Ask for a refund!1 star

If you purchased the season pass hoping that iTunes would fix their mess this season like I did, then report a problem and ask for a refund and go buy it on amazon instead. Amazon already has the episode out so I bought it there and within 24 hours I was issued a refund from apple for the season and won’t have to worry anymore!

Mr.Brs - ATTENTION iTunes!!!1 star

Please fix this major issue that everybody has and update and post episodes the day of or at least the day after the show airs it on tv! It’s already Sunday morning and this show aired on Friday night. Where is the episode?!?

madman455 - Where is the Episode!!!!!!!1 star

Not good enough ITunes - most social media passes will get programs early not late - if this trend continues - no one will buy the pass. I will change my rating once this service improves. 5 for Ru, 0 for Itunes. WHERE IS RU ????????

niloo6 - I want a refund1 star

It’s Sunday and first episode not up

Slyaloud - No episode!!! 🤬1 star

iTunes is a mess! No episode available, I’m over it!

megt585 - Disappointed1 star

Apple I love you but I just tried to request a refund. It is now 2 days after this show has aired and it still not available. I want my money back - so I can go and put it towards somewhere that posts the episodes in a timely manner (Amazon)!

cactusroots - Soooooo LATE1 star

I was hesitant to buy another season pass for this show after having to wait for DAYS for the new episodes to be added for the past few seasons. Unfortunately this season is no different! Episode 1 aired on Friday, I expected it to be here Saturday morning, maybe Sunday morning at the latest. It’s almost noon on Sunday and still nothing! Get it together pleeeeeease! I’m avoiding spoilers like the plague over here! I’m close to just asking for a refund and finding another way to watch. Super disappointing.

theBabich's - Episodes upload VERY late - Buy on Amazon instead1 star

This has been an issue for 2 seasons now. Usually any other iTunes show is available the day after it airs. We are now 2 days after the premiere with no episode 1. I remember this was a consistent issue with S11 too. Amazon is not having the same issue so DO NOT BUY on iTunes. Go to Amazon. We will most likely be rebuying this season on Amazon so that we can get our episodes the day after. Not sure why this is isolated to Ru. We have a passes for two other series on iTunes and we always get them on time.

The adjutant - It’s the next day where is it1 star

03/01/20- still not posted... i think i might ask for my money back Why is this not posted episode? It advertised that it will be released 28 Feb, it’s 29 Feb? Why did i buy a season pass?

FVC89 - Get it together1 star

This is unacceptable. Release it!!!!

Andydvs28 - Awful release times1 star

You sign up for the season pass , it airs and maybe about 2 weeks after you’ll get an episode . But they rake your money instantly . Pretty bad , Amazon is much faster at releasing the episodes . Next time I’d go with amazon .

Gebes - 2days later no episode! What’s the tea?1 star

Wow two days after airing the episode and it’s still not available wow

zavvvvvvier - The frustration is real1 star

Where the fack is our episode?!

gmoala - Refund1 star

I used to buy RPDR on iTunes but have been extremely upset with how late episodes release. I had to get a refund for my latest purchase for this season. I bought it from amazon as amazon donwloaded recent episode fastest. Hope iTunes get there stuff faster cause I prefer it.

jcgibbs2011 - Delay1 star

Waste of $25. If you can’t watch it on VH1 then get an amazon prime subscription. They put content out in a timely manner. iTunes is cancelled.

InSLO - 2days later and still NO EPISODE LOADED!1 star

I saw the 1st episode on Friday and it was great, it’s gonna be a good season.. but the reason why it only gets only 1 star on iTunes is the time it takes for them to load the episodes to paying customers! It seems to be a reoccurring problem, obviously someone is not being productive which hurts the overall rating & sales of the show!

TacoRobles - 🙄Bruh1 star

Where TF is the New episode? Im waiting for it Bruh

@soldni - why new episodes are not showing up?1 star

New episodes are already available on Amazon Prime, but I prefer to buy my shows on iTunes. what’s up with the delay?

jimscorp - 2 days after no first episode.1 star

2 days later. Still no episode. Unacceptable. I tunes needs to figure this out.



Ms H - Where the hell is the new episode?1 star

Seriously Apple, get it together

SeattleKen - Great Show, Publish Time Too Late1 star

Love the show. Bought the pass so I could watch commercial free, but now am waiting on Sunday to watch in iTunes, 36-hours after the show aired on the television.

exBFF - Days later and episodes we pay for aren’t available1 star

Shame on World of Wonder

unicornrider - Late constantly1 star

This show consistently releases the episodes late. It’s very frustrating.

Tom Tom 951 - LATE TO POST1 star

As a huge fan of the show, Apple is definitely notorious for not being diligent or reliable in making the episodes available the next day. If I am a FAN buying a SEASON PASS, why am I waiting two days later after everyone else has already seen the episode? Just doesn’t feel like great service. Shame on you, Apple.

lightersUP - “Watch RuPaul’s Drag Race Fridays on VH1”1 star

And watch it a year later on iTunes

ac438264910 - Late posting1 star

Don’t bother buying this if you think you’ll get to see the episodes before you see spoilers. It’s Sunday and still episode 1 (that aired on Friday) hasn’t appeared

ActionJaaaaaaaaaackson69 - Late uploading1 star

Such a trivial issue that makes a world of difference. Already regretting my drunken iTunes purchase of this season, I should’ve just gone through Amazon.

[email protected] - Disappointedwowrufan1 star

Two days later and it’s still not uploaded do better world of wonder

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) Images & Pictures

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) images

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) Posters

drag queencompetitionfashionlgbtlip synchingimpersonationdragcrossdressingreality competition

RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) posters
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) posters
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) posters
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) posters
RuPaul's Drag Race, Season 12 (Uncensored) posters
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