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Not your usual television family, the less-than-loveable Bundys attempt to survive a generally-miserable middle-class existence, while nextdoor neighbors, Steve and Marcy Rhoades, try to keep their property values from plummeting. Married… With Children: The Complete Series Wiki

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Married... with Children follows the lives of Al Bundy, a once glorious high school football player turned hard-luck women's shoe salesman; his obnoxious wife, Peggy; their attractive, promiscuous, and clueless daughter, Kelly; and their girl-crazy, wisecracking son, Bud. Their neighbors are the upwardly-mobile Steve Rhoades and his feminist wife Marcy, who later gets remarried to Jefferson D'Arcy, a white-collar criminal who becomes her "trophy husband" and Al's sidekick.

Episode TitleTime
Season 1, Episode 01: Married...With Children22:53
Season 1, Episode 02: Thinergy23:19
Season 1, Episode 03: Sixteen Years and What Do You Get?23:17
Season 1, Episode 04: But I Didn't Shoot the Deputy23:26
Season 1, Episode 05: Have You Driven a Ford Lately?23:18
Season 1, Episode 06: Whose Room Is It Anyway?23:20
Season 1, Episode 07: Al Loses His Cherry23:19
Season 1, Episode 08: Peggy Sue Got Work23:21
Season 1, Episode 09: Married...Without Children23:23
Season 1, Episode 10: The Poker Game23:23
Season 1, Episode 11: Where's the Boss?23:24
Season 1, Episode 12: Nightmare on Al's Street23:19
Season 1, Episode 13: Johnny Be Gone23:17
Season 2, Episode 01: Buck Can Do It23:13
Season 2, Episode 02: Poppy's by the Tree, Part I23:13
Season 2, Episode 03: Poppy's by the Tree, Part II23:13
Season 2, Episode 04: If I Were a Rich Man23:11
Season 2, Episode 05: For Whom the Bell Tolls23:13
Season 2, Episode 06: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Part 123:14
Season 2, Episode 07: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Part 223:13
Season 2, Episode 08: Born to Walk23:13
Season 2, Episode 09: Alley of the Dolls23:14
Season 2, Episode 10: The Razor's Edge23:14
Season 2, Episode 11: How Do You Spell Revenge23:15
Season 2, Episode 12: Earth Angel23:15
Season 2, Episode 13: You Better Watch Out23:13
Season 2, Episode 14: Guys and Dolls23:12
Season 2, Episode 15: Build a Better Mousetrap23:14
Season 2, Episode 16: Master the Possibilities23:16
Season 2, Episode 17: Peggy Loves Al, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah23:06
Season 2, Episode 18: The Great Escape23:11
Season 2, Episode 19: Impo-Dent23:10
Season 2, Episode 20: Just Married...With Children23:15
Season 2, Episode 21: Father Lode23:13
Season 2, Episode 22: All in the Family23:11
Season 3, Episode 01: The Camping Show23:16
Season 3, Episode 02: He Thought He Could23:17
Season 3, Episode 03: I'm Goin' to Sweatland23:13
Season 3, Episode 04: Poke High23:11
Season 3, Episode 05: A Dump of My Own23:12
Season 3, Episode 06: Her Cups Runneth over23:13
Season 3, Episode 07: The Bald and the Beautiful23:15
Season 3, Episode 08: I'll See You in Court23:12
Season 3, Episode 09: The Gypsy Cried22:45
Season 3, Episode 10: Requiem for a Dead Barber23:14
Season 3, Episode 11: Eatin' Out23:12
Season 3, Episode 12: My Mom, The Mom23:13
Season 3, Episode 13: Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me23:16
Season 3, Episode 14: A Three Job, No Income Family23:14
Season 3, Episode 15: The Harder They Fall23:13
Peggy forces Al to sacrifice a basketball game and spend a torturous evening in conversation with new neighbors, idealistic newlyweds Steve and Marcy Rhoades.
Peggy goes on a diet in hopes of rekindling the flame in Al.
Al shows up empty-handed to his sixteenth wedding anniversary.
When he hears a strange sound in the night, Al accidentally shoots the neighbor's dog.
Marcy and Steve can't resist giving Al's newly restored Mustang a test run - from the back seat.
Steve and Marcy decide to add on to their house.
When Peggy insists that Al attend her cousin's wedding, he protests and spends the evening with his swinging single co-worker.
Marcy convinces Peggy to get a job.
When Al and Peggy go away for a romantic weekend, Marcy and Steve volunteer to baby-sit for Kelly and Bud.
Steve sits in on a Friday night poker game with Al and loses his paycheck.
Al's boss is in a near-fatal plane crash so Al decides its time to get some recognition from his boss.
Al keeps popping up in Marcy's dreams.
Al is torn between honoring his commitments to his children or attending the final bash at his favorite hamburger joint.
Peg insists that Al have Buck neutered.
The Bundys run into a tourist-hating ax-murderer while on vacation.
A tourist-hating ax-murderer kidnaps Peggy while on vacation.
Al is suspected of stealing from Steve's bank.
Al believes he's been overcharged by the phone company and decides to take them on.
Peggy and Marcy drop in n a male strip joint.
Peggy and Marcy drop in n a male strip joint.
When his driver's license expires, Al's only wheels are those on a bicycle until he can pass the DMV test.
Steve is "adopted" into the Bundy family to help win a bowl-off.
After refusing to shave his newly-grown beard, Steve is forced to seek refuge with the Bundys.
Al tries to get Peggy thrown off their neighborhood baseball team.
Bud brings home a beautiful, homeless young woman.
When Santa Claus crash-lands in the Bundy's backyard, Al pinch-hits for old Saint Nick.
Al, Peg, Steve and Marcy re-live their childhood fantasies.
Al and Steve decide to exterminate a pesky field mouse without the aid of professional help.
Buck, the Bundy family pooch, mistakenly receives a credit card in his name.
All Peggy wants for Valentine's Day is to hear unromantic Al utter those three little words -- I love you.
When the Bundy family spends the night in Al's shoe store, Kelly is forced to be especially creative in slipping out for the night.
When Marcy accidentally dents Steve's brand new Mercedes, she finds it affects more than just his performance on the road.
Peggy and Al masquerade as Steve and Marcy on the game show "How Do I Love Thee".
Al wins some money but has no time to enjoy it because he's too busy hiding the loot from his family.
Peggy's family comes to visit.
Al and Steve's vacation in the great outdoors is ruined by female hormones and man-eating animals.
When Al finds a library book that is 31 years overdue, he decides to finally face the librarian who pegged him as a loser.
Peggy sees her idol, Elvis, in the sweat stains on one of Al's tee-shirts and decides to make money off the image.
While Kelly tries to score witha high school fullback, Al roots for the opposing team in hopes his old school record will remain intact.
Al sets out to fulfill a dream when he begins construction on his very own bathroom.
Peggy is so miserable when her favorite bra is discontinued, that Al is forced to find a replacement.
Al and Steve seek the counsel of a hairless support group.
While staying overnight in a motel, Peggy and Al discover that their most intimate moments have been videotaped by the management.
A gypsy fortune teller predicts disaster for Marcy and good fortune for Al, Steve and Peggy.
When Al's long-time barber passes on, he resigns himself to a future of beauty salon haircuts.
When the Bundy's receive a modest inheritance check they decide to splurge and eat out at an elegant restaurant.
Peggy is the hit of Kelly's Mother/Daughter Career Day.
Kelly must join the tap dance club or get kicked out of school.
When Peggy gets a job selling cosmetics and brings home more money than Al, he gets a second job to regain his self respect.
Steve is obsessed with the fear that an enraged driver may come looking for him.

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- Always fun to watch4 star

To the person that asked...... NO it does not have the theme song sung by Frank Sinatra. It's sung by someone trying somewhat t sound like him. But Wait! gets better! Later episodes just have an even rougher version which not only sounds horrible but also has no vocals. Which come to think about it might be a favor to the consumer...... Getting tired of overly ridiculous copyright laws that won't even have let listened to the original theme song. Let's not even get into WKRP.....

- Best show ever!5 star

Have the dvd collection and I still bought this

- Classic sitcom4 star

Couldve been better if it was remastered in HD but still awesome deal for $29.99

- Original music?4 star

Does anyone know if this version has the original theme song by Frank Sinatra?

- Great Show5 star

$30 for the complete series is a steal. Thanks iTunes. Wish it was in HD though.

- The best5 star

I used to watch seasons 6,7,8 at 10:30pm every night in high school. I’ve been waiting for these to go sale but wasn’t ever expecting $30!?! Im sitting here cracking up watching Al, Peg, Kelly, Bud, Griff, Steve, Jefferson and Darcy. The writing and acting is brilliant.

- Is it in HD?1 star

Why isn't the series in HD?

- Best TV show ever5 star

Best TV show ever, just wish it was in HD

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Married… With Children: The Complete Series images
Married… With Children: The Complete Series images
Married… With Children: The Complete Series images
Married… With Children: The Complete Series images
Married… With Children: The Complete Series images
Married… With Children: The Complete Series images
Married… With Children: The Complete Series images
Married… With Children: The Complete Series images
Married… With Children: The Complete Series images

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Married… With Children: The Complete Series posters
Married… With Children: The Complete Series posters
Married… With Children: The Complete Series posters
Married… With Children: The Complete Series posters
Married… With Children: The Complete Series posters
Married… With Children: The Complete Series posters
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