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While stranded on a desert island after a spacecraft malfunction, astronaut Tony Nelson comes across a strange bottle lying in the sand. Imagine his surprise when out pops a real Genie! Dedicating her services to her newfound master, "Jeannie" follows Tony back home where she uses her dazzling abilities to try and please him...most often with the exact opposite result! I Dream of Jeannie: The Complete Series Wiki

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I Dream of Jeannie is an American sitcom with a fantasy premise. The show featured a 2,000-year-old genie and an astronaut who becomes her master, with whom she falls in love and eventually marries.

Episode TitleTime
Season 1, Episode 01: The Lady in the Bottle25:26
Season 1, Episode 02: My Hero?25:23
Season 1, Episode 03: Guess What Happened on the Way to the Moon25:23
Season 1, Episode 04: Jeannie and the Marriage Caper25:23
Season 1, Episode 05: G.I. Jeannie25:24
Season 1, Episode 06: The Yacht Murder Case25:23
Season 1, Episode 07: Anybody Here Seen Jeannie?25:21
Season 1, Episode 08: The Americanization of Jeannie25:23
Season 1, Episode 09: The Moving Finger25:22
Season 1, Episode 10: Djinn & Water25:17
Season 1, Episode 11: Whatever Became of Baby Custer?25:14
Season 1, Episode 12: Where'd You Go-Go?25:25
Season 1, Episode 13: Russian Roulette25:22
Season 1, Episode 14: What House Across the Street25:27
Season 1, Episode 15: Too Many Tonys25:22
Season 1, Episode 16: Get Me to Mecca on Time25:12
Season 1, Episode 17: The Richest Astronaut in the Whole Wide World25:26
Season 1, Episode 18: Is There an Extra Jeannie in the House?25:24
Season 1, Episode 19: Never Try to Outsmart a Genie25:26
Season 1, Episode 20: My Master the Doctor25:15
Season 1, Episode 21: Jeannie and the Kidnap Caper25:23
Season 1, Episode 22: How Lucky Can You Get?25:23
Season 1, Episode 23: Watch the Birdie25:26
Season 1, Episode 24: The Permanent House Guest25:24
Season 1, Episode 25: Bigger than a Bread Box and Better than a Genie25:22
Season 1, Episode 26: My Master, the Great Rembrandt25:21
Season 1, Episode 27: My Master, the Thief25:25
Season 1, Episode 28: This Is Murder25:12
Season 1, Episode 29: My Master, the Magician25:10
Season 1, Episode 30: I'll Never Forget What's Her Name25:22
Season 2, Episode 01: Happy Anniversary24:58
Season 2, Episode 02: Always on Sunday25:14
Season 2, Episode 03: My Master, the Rich Tycoon25:12
Season 2, Episode 04: My Master, the Rainmaker25:13
Season 2, Episode 05: My Wild-Eyed Master25:10
Season 2, Episode 06: What's New Poodle Dog25:09
Season 2, Episode 07: Fastest Gun in the East25:15
Season 2, Episode 08: How to Be a Genie in 10 Easy Lessons25:11
Season 2, Episode 09: Who Needs a Green-Eyed Genie25:11
Season 2, Episode 10: The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday - Part I25:20
Season 2, Episode 11: The Girl Who Never Had a Birthday - Part II25:01
Season 2, Episode 12: How Do You Beat Superman?25:18
Season 2, Episode 13: My Master, the Great Caruso25:00
Season 2, Episode 14: The Greatest Lover in the World25:23
Season 2, Episode 15: Jeannie Breaks the Bank25:17
Season 2, Episode 16: My Master, the Author25:11
Season 2, Episode 17: The Greatest Invention in the World25:02
Season 2, Episode 18: My Master, the Spy24:59
Season 2, Episode 19: You Can't Arrest Me, I Don't Have a Driver's License25:16
Season 2, Episode 20: One of Our Bottles Is Missing25:07
Captain Tony Nelson, an astronaut, is engaged to Melissa Stone, daughter of General Wingard Stone, his commanding officer. Tony is rocketed into space in a capsule which lands is the Pacific. He reaches a small island. There he releases Jeannie, a beautiful blonde, who can perform magic with a blink of her eyes, from a bottle is which she has been imprisoned for ages. Jeannie tells Tony she is his slave forever. Worried about Jeannie's effect on Melissa and his career, Tony tries to leave Jeannie behind on the island, but she smuggles herself aboard the rescue plan e. Questioned about his reactions in spice by the base psychiatrist, Dr. Alfred Bellows, Tony tells about his meeting with Jeannie. Feeling that Tony is suffering from hallucinations, Bellows calls General Stone. Jeannie appears at Tony's home. Tony tries frantically to keep General Stone, Melissa, Doctor Bellows and Captain Roger Henley, a fellow astronaut, from seeing Jeannie. His problems reach a climax when Jeannie produces a harem of dancing girls to perform for Tony. After Tony works his why out of that, Melissa and her father leave, feeling a vacation, combined with a honeymoon, will solve Tony's problems. Tony orders Jeannie to leave no doubt that she is determined. to be a part of Tony's life for a long time.
Jeannie tells Tony that a man hit her at the market. Tony insists on being brought face to face with the brute. After Jeannie blinks three times, she and Tony are transported back two thousand years to a Persian market. Tony's blows have no effect on Ali, an enormous brute. Tony is carried off to an auction block and purchased by Princes Fatima. When Tony insists on his rights as a member of the U.S. Air Force, Princess Fatima orders Ali to torture him. Jeannie rescues him after telling Tony she was preparing for her wedding. Tony finds himself surrounded by Jeannie's family, before realizing he is to be the groom. When Tony tells Jeannie he can't marry her, she returns him to the torture chamber. After shuttling back and forth between the torture chamber and Jeannie's home several times, Tony persuades Jeannie, who has reduced Ali to a midget, to take him back to his own home. Roger Henley arranges a double date for Tony and himself with two beauty contest winners. After leaving home, Tony finds Jeannie has blinked again and he is draped only is a bath towel.
To test man's ability to survive on the moon, Captain Anthony (Tony) Nelson, and his fellow astronaut, Captain Roger Healey, are ordered to spend a week, in Furnace Canyon, Nevada, 100 degrees in the daytime, 10 below freezing at night. Except for water, they are to live off the land. Jeannie hides in Tony's canteen. Tony tries to make Jeannie understand that she is destroying the value of the mission, but she sticks with him. While Roger barely survives, Tony has every luxury, from food and a harem tent, to a final ride on a camel to finish the journey. Dr. Bellows is baffled to find that while Roger has lost twelve pounds, Tony has gained five. When Tony tries to explain Jeannie's presence, Dr. Bellows concludes that he has the imagination men need to survive on the moon and recommends Tony for a more arduous test, Operation Extinction. Tony tells Jeannie he is taking her with him, but imprisons her within her bottle, determined to go on the mission alone.
Although the date hasn't been set, Tony forbids Jeannie to accompany Melissa and himself on their honeymoon. Grover Caldwell, a young State Department attaché, tells Tony that General Stone, Melissa's father, has accepted an ambassadorial post. General Stone announces he hopes to take Tony, his prospective son in law, along as his military side. When Tony expresses his desire to remain with the space program, Melissa, who has been working to advance the marriage date, tells her father she will change Tony's mind. She suggests that Grover replace Roger as Tony's best man. Jeannie, determined to accompany Tony, prepares an oriental feast when Melissa and her father dine at Tony's. Before serving, Jeannie turns herself into a Filipino houseboy. Melissa suggests they take the houseboy to Europe with them. Tony is given a bachelor dinner where Jeannie emerges dancing from a prop cake. Jeannie learns that Grover is an old boy friend of Melissa's. Before Jeannie is through, Grover tells Melissa he loves her. Tony is not completely unhappy to be left with Jeannie when Grover and Melissa declare their intentions to marry.
Jeannie gets jealous on discovering hat Tony has a sexy new secretary. Claiming to be a better one, Jeannie insists on joining the WAAFs and taking over the job. Remembering that his friend, Roger Healey, told him that all new WAAFs are being sent overseas, Tony agrees to help Jeannie to join. To her horror, she is sent to San Antonio for basic training. Jeannie has a series of disastrous try outs in different job categories, in spite of her insistence that she wants assignment as Captain Nelson's secretary when she becomes a WAAF. When Mayor Margaret Fiefeld assigns Jeannie as secretary to the commanding officer at the North African base instead, Jeannie folds her arms, blinks, and lands in Tony's office. Tony informs Jeannie that he is being sent to Nevada. Jeannie says she will resign and go with him. Tony then tells her that only troublesome, incompetent girls are discharged and that she cannot resign. Jeannie blinks again, the office is set is turmoil and Tony resignedly welcomes Jeannie back to civilian life.
After promising to spend an evening with Jeannie, Tony is tricked by his superiors into conducting aerospace tycoon P.J. Ferguson on a tour of the base. Ferguson's daughter, Nina, decides that Tony is her man. P.J. persuades Tony's superior to order Tony to have cocktails aboard his yacht. When Jeannie protests, Tony imprisons her in the vacuum cleaner. Later, after P.J. has Tony assigned to a cruise on his yacht, Mrs. Flaherty, Tony's cleaning woman, accidentally releases Jeannie from the vacuum cleaner. She immediately takes off for the yacht. Jeannie disappears from the yacht during an argument with Tony. Nina and P.J. are certain he has pushed her overboard. Charged with murder, Tony is arrested. Roger Healey, certain Tony has lost his mind, agrees to go to Tony's house and tell the walls and the vacuum cleaner of Tony's plight, Jeannie goes to Tony's cell. Her appearance convinces P.J. that Tony is innocent. Later, searching for privacy, Jeannie and Tony climb into her bottle.
After telling Tony that be and Roger Healey have been tapped for a historic two man space probe, scheduled to blast off the following week. Dr. Bellows asks him to report for a final checkup. When Tony asks Jeannie to return to her home, Jeannie asserts that since Tony freed her from the bottle, she belongs to him. She adds that she can give him a space capsule of his own. Tony tells Jeannie if he fails tomorrow's test, he will not go on the flight. Worried about Tony's safety, Jeannie causes him to blurt out the wrong answers to every test. Tony leaves Dr. Bellows, certain he has passed, but Jeannie tells him he has failed. Impressed by Tony's unhappiness, Jeannie goes to Dr. Bellows' office, where he is typing a report on Tony's unfortunate condition. Resorting to all her magic, Jeannie makes Bellows believe that he is not only losing his mind, but is near death. Tony is reassigned to the two man flight. There, in outer space, Jeannie joins Tony as he floats from a tether attached to the capsule.
Feeling that Jeannie must widen her horizons, Tony gives her a book "How To Be A Woman." Following the book's advice, to share her work with her man, Jeannie neglects her chores and allows the house to go to pot. Reading the chapter on clothing the successful woman, Jeannie charges an expensive wardrobe, including a mink coat. Convinced by the book that a man should take the woman out to dinner, Jeannie steers Tony to expensive Cafe Scheherazade. She starts a row when she criticizes the authenticity of the Arabian dancing. Literally taking the author's advice, Jeannie becomes a career girl and performs miraculous feats of instantaneous cooking while demonstrating electric stoves. Her employer, Sam, feeling she has been planted to get him into trouble with the Better Business Bureau, fires her. Later, after Tony feels he has straightened out things at home, Jeannie hears a news report about the flight of a Russian female astronaut. Blinking her eyes, she is outfitted as an astronaut and insists on accompanying Tony into space.
Tony is assigned as technical director on a new astronaut movie being filmed in Hollywood. Jealous of the star, Rita Mitchell, Jeannie smuggles herself along. All of Jeannie's ruses including a rainstorm, fail to keep Tony from getting close to Rita. Tony, tells Jeannie he is lunching with Rita and jokingly tells her he would lunch with her if she were a star. Determined to become a movie celebrity, Jeannie, seeing a picture of Pola Negri, patterns her personality on the old time vamp. Although her first try at getting into the movies is viewed as a gag, Jeannie manages to get a screen test with Jason Huberts, which arouses Tony's jealousy. When the test with Jason and Jeannie is show, only Jason is visible and Jeannie suddenly realizes that genies do not register on film. She is consoled when Tony breaks a date with Rita and they register their footprints in front of Grauman's Chinese with all the movie greats.
Jeannie gets involved with the law when, invisible to everyone, she attempts to drive Tony's car. Angered, Tony orders her to leave. Jeannie is aware that Tony has been studying the desalinization of seawater. Playing for time, she tells Tony her great grandfather solved the problem. Tony asks to meet her great grandfather and Jeannie goes to get him. Tony phones Leslie Staples at the Department of Agriculture and tells him he is on the verge of converting salt water to fresh. Jeannie returns with her great grandfather, Bilejik, who proves that he can produce fresh water from salt water. Tony returns to find Bilejik, Jeannie and a policeman is front of his house. Bilejik has been causing all sorts of trouble with the neighbors. While resolving the matter, Tony discovers that Bilejik has used seeds as a filter. After Bilejik leaves, Tony jubilantly reports to Staples. Staples tells him that these seeds are from a plant extinct for almost two thousand years.
A series of reports by eleven year old Custer to his father, Mayor Ulysses S. Jamison on the strange feats of magic at Tony's house results in the Mayor taking his son to Dr. Bellows, the base psychiatrist. Bellows tells Custer he believes his story and asks him to keep a close watch on Tony A policeman catches Dr. Bellows and Custer peering into Tony's window and takes them inside for identification. While Bellows is telling Tony that Custer believes he has seen them levitate, Jeannie causes him to do so. Bellows bows out, feeling he has stumbled on a top-secret aerospace project. Tony voices his nervousness to Jeannie about being spied on by Custer. When Custer disappears, Tony accuses Jeannie of turning him into nothing. Angered, Jeannie leaves. Later, when Custer comes back, having spent the day at a carnival, Tony penitently begins searching for Jeannie. He is sure Jeannie has joined a carnival act and starts a riot at the sideshow when he mistakes a veiled woman for Jeannie. Jeannie returns home and starts pulling down all the shades to outwit Custer.
Jeannie is annoyed when Diane Rodney, a friend of Tony's returns to town, determined to resume their old relationship. As a result, when Jeannie runs into Roger, while driving Tony's car, she accepts his invitation to dinner. Unaware that Jeannie is Roger's date, Tony instructs his friend in the fine art of courtship. Later, when Jeannie tells him she doesn't know her date's name, Tony begins to worry. When Diane arrives, Tony drags her all over town searching for Jeannie. The two couples finally meet at a nightclub. Alone with Jeannie, Tony demands she return home. Jeannie tells him she is going to listen to Roger's records. At Roger's apartment, Jeannie wards off all his attempts at romance. She leaves shortly before Tony pounds on the door looking for her. Tony points out to Roger all the mistakes he would be making if he married her. Convinced, Roger admits Tony has saved him from making a fool of himself. Jeannie is overjoyed by Tony's concern for her. Tony replies that, after all, he is only human.
Jeannie agrees not to date Roger if Tony doesn't go out with other girls. Then Tony and Roger are assigned to escort Russian cosmonauts Major Tiomkin and Major Posnovsky during a good will visit. Mayor Tiomkin proves to be a beautiful girl named Sonya, who immediately stakes a claim on Tony. Angered, Jeannie tells Tony she is going out with Roger. Tony imprisons Jeannie in her bottle. Jeannie maneuvers the bottle into the pocket of Roger's raincoat. Roger presents the bottle to Sonya. Tony gets involved in a fracas with General Barkley and Dr. Bellows in his unsuccessful try to get the bottle back. When Sonya opens the bottle, Jeannie appears. Pointing to Sonya as her new mistress, she tells the cosmonaut she can make her every wish come true. When the plane on which Sonya is scheduled to return leaves, Tony feels her country now has possession of a decisive secret weapon. Later, dripping furs and jewelry, Sonya comes to Tony's home. She tells him Jeannie has granted her fondest desire, by turning her into a wealthy American. Sonya agrees to return the bottle if Tony marries her. Tony asks a last word with Jeannie. He tells Jeannie he can't marry Sonya. Jeannie solves the problem by creating a duplicate Tony for Sonya.
Unable to persuade Tony to marry her, Jeannie decides she needs a mother's counsel. She blinks her eyes and Mama appears. Mama assures Jeannie Tony will change his mind if he thinks Jeannie is going to marry Roger. Tony asks Roger is he has met Jeannie's parents. Then Dr. Bellows announces he has bought the lot across the street. Roger asks to meet Jeannie's parents. She produces a house on Dr. Bellows' lot. Tony sees Dr. Bellows and General Hadley approaching the lot. Responding to Tony's pleas, Jeannie makes the house vanish. General Hadley and Dr. Bellows see Tony sitting in the weeds sipping tea. Making the house reappear, Jeannie produces parents for Roger's visit. Tony comes to the house and forbids Jeannie to marry Roger. Then Dr. Bellows drives up. Seeing the house, he becomes distraught, and runs to Tony. As the house disappears again, they see Roger sitting in the weeds. The following day, Roger tells Tony he found himself wandering around a vacant lot. When he returned to apologize, Jeannie and the house were gone. Smiling at Jeannie, hiding in his desk drawer, Tony assures Roger he will let him know if he ever meets Jeannie again.
Learning that Dr. Bellows has told General Peterson that Tony should marry for his emotional stability as an astronaut, Jeannie prepares for the wedding. She produces Phoney, a twin of Tony's, who starts romancing her as an example for Tony. Getting nowhere, Jeannie makes Phoney disappear. Later, Dr. Bellows sees a romantic interlude between Jeannie and Phoney and leaves Tony's house, certain a wedding has been set for the following Sunday afternoon. Although Tony tries to get out of his predicament, he realizes he is stuck when the General congratulates him on his coming wedding. Later, Tony tells Jeannie he is going through with the affair. Jeannie produces Phoney to show Tony how to act at the wedding. Phoney tries to get Jeannie to marry him before she makes him vanish. At the chapel, Jeannie runs away at the last moment. At home, Tony tries unsuccessfully to make Jeannie believe it was actually Phoney who appeared at the wedding. Sure it was Tony, Jeannie tells she ran away after deciding never to force herself on him. When Tony musingly asks what would happen, had they gotten married, Jeannie insinuates he will never know.
Jeannie finds her strength and power to perform magic weakening. Tony makes her promise to rest during the day. At the base, Roger, pointing to an astrological chart in a magazine, tells Tony his horoscope shows a gorgeous brunette will enter Roger 's life. Tony questions his belief in such nonsense. Later, Jeannie phones Tony and tells him she seems to be vanishing by degrees. Then she pops into his office. Reading Roger's magazine, she tells Tony it is the Day of the Ram, on which every Genie and her master must pilgrimage to Mecca, and standing in a precise spot, repeat the Sacred Words. Tony refuses to take her seriously, but begins to wonder when Roger introduces him to Diane, a beautiful brunette. Tony and Jeannie take off for Mecca. Since the city has changed, they run into difficulty locating the place where they must pronounce the Sacred Words. They find the place they are looking for is now a bank and break in. As they are about to be taken by the police, Jeannie begins to fade. Tony finds the correct spot and pronounces the incantation. Jeannie recovers and they leave for home. Thanking Tony for saving her life, Jeannie announces she is taking to Paris for dinner. Deciding they have traveled enough for one day, Tony takes her to Cocoa Beach instead.
Roger discovers the secret of Jeannie's existence when he accidentally releases her from her bottle. He is amazed to learn that Tony, her master, has never used her ability to fulfill his every wish by asking for wealth or romance. Tricking Jeannie back into her bottle, Roger, now master, embarks on a spree of high living and refuses to give her back to Tony. Then Tony learns that Roger prizes his position as an astronaut above anything else. He gets a photo of Roger in the luxurious surroundings Jeannie has made for him. Using this as an opening wedge, Tony leads Dr. Bellows and General Hadley to feel that Roger must be engaged in nefarious activities to live in such great style. General Hadley has Roger arrested. Facing a trial for treason, Roger tells Tony he'll do anything to get out of his predicament. In return for Tony's help, Roger returns Jeannie to him. Jeannie blinks and immediately Dr. Bellows and General Hadley forget the whole incident. Roger philosophically accepts life as an easy come, easy go proposition when be learns that Jeannie, at the same time, has removed all the wonderful thugs she bas created for him.
Roger keeps Sheila, Dr. Bellows' niece, out long past her uncle's curfew. Dr. Bellows tells Roger he is assigning him to a remote island. Tony forbids Jeannie to call on a cousin from Baghdad to help Roger. Certain Roger has gone for a month, Mr. Billings, the manager of his apartment house, allows Arnie Conway, a magician, and his wife, Myrt, to use the apartment in Roger 's absence. When Roger returns and sees the Conways rehearsing a routine in oriental costume, he is sure, Jeannie has brought her relatives to help him. Then Dr. Bellows tells Roger he is not sending him away. Tony is also sure Jeannie's cousins are helping Roger. Roger, confident of his newfound power, tells Sheila he'll make her uncle head of the medical department and get her a mink coat. Although Jeannie tells Roger Myrt is not her cousin, Roger calls Bellows and tells him he'll get him the position he's been working for. Myrt and Arnie, having had enough of the kooky situation, decide to leave. They tell Tony they are not genies and he apologizes to Jeannie. Just as Bellows is telling Roger something must be done about his mental condition, Bellows receives word of his appointment. Roger's elation fades when he realizes that without the help of his departed genies, he'll have to pay for Sheila's mink coat himself.
Tony tells Jeannie the government is sending him to Rome. When he tells her she is not going, Jeannie tells him the sea voyage is dangerous. Unable to sway Tony, Jeannie tries to enlist Roger's help. However, Roger is glad that Tony is going abroad, since he hopes to use Jeannie's magic to get some of the things he has always wanted. Dr. Bellows, hearing reports of the presents Roger is about to give his friends, decides that Roger is suffering from megalomania and that Roger should go along with Tony for a rest. Tony wilts under Jeannie's pressure tactics. He finally tells her that if she can obtain a passport, he will take her along as a fellow passenger, or else she will have to travel in her bottle. Jeannie's efforts to get the passport fail and she agrees to go in her bottle. When Tony enters his home, he finds Roger sitting in the middle of an empty room. Roger informs him he is waiting for Jeannie to redecorate the apartment and cater the farewell party he is giving for the whole base. Roger is stunned when Tony replies that Jeannie is in her bottle in his luggage aboard the ship.
Roger is to have an operation. After telling Jeannie he always wanted to be a surgeon, Tony finds himself masked and gowned in the operating room. Learning Tony's identity, Roger tells Dr. Bellows he doesn't need the operation. Still masked, Tony tells Dr. Bellows he is Dr. Rasch A Houn. Bellows feels he has met him before. Jeannie, garbed as a nurse, appears and turns the hospital upside down. Dr. Bellows tells Roger Dr. Rasch A Houn is to operate on him. Tony tells Roger he'll get out of performing the operation by pretending he must fly to London on an emergency call. Dr. Bellows tells General Peterson he feels Tony is posing as Dr. Rasch-A Houn. Peterson insists that Tony be unmasked. Roger is wheeled to the operating room, certain Tony is not going through with the operation. Dr. Bellows rips off the doctor's mask and finds himself staring into the face of a stranger, who claims he is Dr. Rasch A Houn. Later, Tony tells Jeannie all went well, since a base surgeon performed the operation. Tony hears of Jeannie's childhood ambition and finds himself on an operating table, with Jeannie standing over him, scalpel in hand.
Tony insists that Jeannie stop waiting on him. Jeannie takes the sacred oath of the genies to refuse any further request for help he might make. Then Tony is kidnapped by two Chinese secret agents, Wong and Chan, and Jeannie turns down his plea for help. She tells Roger that because of her oath she would lose her supernatural powers if she aids Tony, but agrees to let Roger know what is happening to him. From then on, she pops back and forth where Tony is being held prisoner and informs Roger what progress Tony's captors are making in forcing him to reveal the details of a secret space program. Hearing Roger's reports, Dr. Bellows and General Peterson are uncertain who has flipped his lid. The Princess, who is the top secret agent, tells Tony he is to be removed from the country. General Peterson hearing Roger's report from Dr. Bellows, is sure the doctor is suffering hallucinations. Jeannie reveals she will turn to dust if she helps Tony but tells Roger she could help Tony if Roger became her master. He does so. Jeannie rescues Tony and then persuades Roger to return her to Tony. Questioned about the events, Tony tells Dr. Bellows and General Peterson it is the plot for a show he and Roger are writing. At home, Tony gratefully accepts Jeannie's help.
Tony and Roger decide to go to Reno. Roger's vision of becoming a multimillionaire with Jeannie's help disappears when Tony tells him Jeannie is not going with them. Roger smuggles Jeannie along in Tony's briefcase. Arriving there, he asks Tony, unaware that Jeannie is with them, to bet fifty dollars for him. However, Jeannie escapes from the briefcase, and Roger loses the money. Time after time, Roger gets Tony to play for him. Unfortunately, each time he is unable to make contact with Jeannie, and Roger keeps losing. Finally, hoping to make a killing, Roger tells Jeannie to make Tony roll 7's and 11's at the dice table. Agreeing to bet one dollar for Roger, Tony starts winning, arousing the suspicions of the Dealer and Pit Boss. When Tony tells Roger he is tired of 7 and 11, Jeannie blinks and the dice become two 7's. Extricating himself from the security policemen, Tony tells Roger, he never wants to see Reno again. When Jeannie states she's much better at horse races, Tony replies its a wonderful idea. Jeannie blinks and Roger finds himself cast as a jockey at the racetrack.
Tony, accompanied by Jeannie, goes to the golf course to deliver some documents to General Peterson. Tony, who does not play, accepts the pro's invitation to take a few swings. Jeannie causes the ball to sail through the air in a beautiful line drive. General Peterson, intent on defeating his rival, Admiral Tugwell, in a forthcoming game, sees the shot and determines that Tony will be his golfing partner in the match. Dr. Bellows is unable to convince the General that Tony doesn't golf. Even Tony's pleas that he is wholly inexperienced fail to shake the General. Refusing Jeannie's aid as unsportsmanlike, Tony unsuccessfully tries various ruses to get out of playing. The day of the match arrives and Tony, still refusing to allow Jeannie to interfere, corks the genie in her bottle. As the match progresses, Tony's game is an utter disaster and the General begins to worry. Tony's friend, Roger, sensing a debacle, rushes to Tony's house and uncorks Jeannie. At the golf course, Jeannie reverses the trend by making all of Tony's remaining shots holes-in one. Peterson and Tony win the contest.
Jeannie is disappointed that Tony has never asked for anything big, like a yacht. Responding to her request to visualize the biggest thing he can think of, an elephant appears. When Dr. Bellows arrives, Tony explains he's just keeping it for a friend. Jeannie replaces the elephant with a toy poodle. When Bellows returns with General Peterson, he finds it hard to explain what happened to the elephant. Later Bellows tells Tony he is moving in with him to find out what is going on because Peterson thinks he is losing his mind. Tony tells Roger that if he can figure out a way of getting Jeannie's bottle out of the house, he will entrust her to his care until Bellows leaves. Before he can do so, Jeannie agrees to get rid of Bellows. Bellows has a series of nerve-wracking experiences which lead him to think the house is haunted. He leaves, telling Tony he wouldn't stay another night. Roger arrives to pick up Jeannie. He has a long list of things he wants Jeannie to produce for him, ending with a maid. Jeannie blinks. Agnes, a hard-bitten female in a maid's uniform appears and lets Roger know who is going to be boss in his house.
Madam Zolta, a fortuneteller, impresses Roger with her knowledge of his past. Roger introduces Tony to her and she greets him with an amazing amount of information about himself. Invited to a seance, Tony investigates the methods used by mediums. This involves him in a series of incidents with Dr. Bellows and General Peterson, which leads Bellows to believe he might need a vacation. Forbidding Jeannie to attend, Tony goes to the seance with Roger, followed by Dr. Bellows. When Madame Zolta produces Tony's non existent uncle and aunt, he knows she is a fraud. Unseen by the medium, Jeannie arrives. So many unusual events follow that Madame Zolta thinks she has made contact with the spirits, until a bucket of water, propelled by Jeannie, hits her in the face. Having exposed Madame Zolta, Tony explains how she and her confederates gathered information about their victims before swindling them. Although convinced, Roger tells Tony and Jeannie he has met a phrenologist who has found same interesting bumps on his head.
The astronauts paint pictures to be auctioned off at the Air Force Benefit Show. Tony copies a Rembrandt and wishes be could paint like him. Tony takes his covered portrait to the show, unaware that Jeannie has turned it into an exact copy of the original. Art experts Dr. Van Weesen and Dean Geller, impressed by a strange resemblance, outbid each other and Van Weesen buys it for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Dr. Bellows tells Tony he must have painted the picture himself or stolen the original from the Louvre. In either case, he's guilty of grand larceny. Tony and Roger surmise Jeannie must be responsible. Tony learns that Dr. Bellows, eager to pin something on him, is bringing Pierre Millay, the world's greatest authority on painting, from Paris. When Millay announces the painting is a fake, Tony suddenly realizes Jeannie is impersonating Millay. Peterson forces Bellows to apologize to Tony. The real Millay receives such a strange reception from Tony and Bellows that be decides everyone is crazy and goes home. When Tony wishes be knew how Rembrandt really painted, Jeannie produces the master himself.
Nostalgia grips Jeannie when she learns the local museum is showing an exhibit from Bukistan, her old home. At the museum, she sees a pair of ancient slippers in a case and tells Tony the slippers were stolen from her. When Tony isn't looking, Jeannie blinks and the slippers appear in her purse. Dr. Bellows tells Tony one of the officers at the Base is a suspect in the theft. Tony tries to make Jeannie return the slippers, knowing their loss could cause an international incident. However, she refuses and retreats into her bottle. All of Tony's attempts to trick Jeannie into returning the slippers fail. When he finally does succeed, Jeannie is furious. Dr. Bellows overhears Tony telling Roger he is returning the slippers in a shoe box, and tills General Peterson he will catch Tony red-handed. Then Bellows and Peterson close in on Tony; Jeannie blinks and the slippers turn into a fish. When Jeannie returns them to the case in the museum, Tony is vastly relieved. He asks Jeannie not to take the slippers again, unaware that she is wearing them.
Tony is assigned to assure Princess Tarji a good time during her three day visit to the country, since the US is anxious to make a deal for oil with her father, the Shah of Pakuait. Jeannie tells Tony that she must kill the Princess since Tarji's family insulted her family three thousand years before. Desperate, Tony gives Jeannie a series of assignments, such as building a ski chalet in Bermuda to keep her out of town for three days. Tarji shows more than a passing interest is her escort. Suddenly realizing that Jeannie has finished all her impossible tasks, Tony tries to get Tarji to leave before Jeannie returns. Jeannie arrives, still determined to kill Tarji. Tony stops her by announcing that Tarji is an adopted child and not of royal blood. Jeannie apologizes to Tarji but the Princess is insulted by this slur on her lineage. Angered by Tony's lie, Jeannie turns him into a parrot, but later Tarji and Jeannie agree the family feud was silly. Removing the spell from Tony, she tells him the oil deal is safe. Tony and Jeannie smile at each other and kiss.
Jeannie brings dinner to Tony's office. Overhearing Tony and Jeannie late at night, Dr. Bellows tells General Peterson Tony is having an orgy. Jeannie removes all, the evidence when the General arrives. Peterson angrily warns Bellows to have proof when he next accuses Tony. Bellows catches Tony floating in the air when Jeannie causes him to levitate. Tony explains that he is an amateur magician performing an ordinary trick. Determined to trap Tony, Bellows asks him to present his act at a base show, and then calls on Nestor the Great, a professional magician, to expose Tony. Unruffled, Tony brings a gadget that magicians use to the performance. However, Bellows has it removed. Although Tony has made Jeannie promise not to help, Roger predicts Tony will be in hot water if she doesn't come to his rescue. Jeannie blinks and Tony floats on stage. When Nestor marvels that Tony has performed a feat no magician can emulate, Jeannie blinks. Completely baffled, Nestor himself starts floating in the air. After being upbraided by Peterson, Bellows doesn't blink an eye when Jeannie produces a tree out of the air for Tony then carves their initials on it.
Tony receives a letter asking him to escort Miss Gordon around Cocoa Beach. Then he hits his head on a door and immediately thinks Jeannie is "Miss Jeannie Gordon", the visitor. Tony falls in love with Jeannie and proposes to her. Every time Roger tries to tell Tony the truth, Jeannie blinks and Roger finds himself in far off places. Roger reports strange ailments to Dr. Bellows. When Tony, still amnesiac, tells Dr. Bellows that Roger thinks he is marrying a genie, Bellows concludes Roger has suffered a nervous breakdown. Dr. Bellows tells the story to General Peterson, who warns that if he's wrong about Tony and Roger, as he has been in the past, he'll be in trouble. Just as Tony completes his plans for his marriage to Jeannie, he bangs his head again. Forgetting all that has happened since he first banged his bead, Tony denies everything he himself told Dr. Bellows. Tony tells Jeannie there isn't going to be any wedding. She blinks, transporting Tony and Roger to a precarious mountain peak.
Jeannie wants to celebrate the first anniversary of meeting Tony on the desert island where they met. Preparing for a space flight, Tony forgets the date. Annoyed, Jeannie makes his capsule land on the island, where Tony finds a bottle. He pulls the corn and an enormous Blue Djinn appears, vowing to kill his, rescuer. Jeannie is not able to help, because the Blue Djinn is the most powerful of all. Jeannie takes Tony's suggestion and blinks them back to Cocoa Beach but the Blue Djinn, follows. Frightened by Tony's T.V. set, the Djinn agrees to leave, but his terror disappears when Roger shows him how it works. Tony tricks the Blue Djinn into turning into smoke, and sucks him into the vacuum cleaner. Roger reports that the whole Fleet is searching for Tony. To call them off, Tony goes back to the base. Dr. Bellows informs Gen. Peterson that Tony has inexplicably returned. Jeannie solves Tony's problem by disappearing with him. Peterson vents his anger on Bellows when Tony is absent and reported sighted is orbit. Jeannie takes Tony to the island for their belated celebration. When the Blue Djinn appears, Jeannie blinks. She and Tony disappear into a seashell.
Tony tells Jeannie it's too bad every day can't be Sunday. Feeling Tony is overworked, Jeannie blinks and it becomes Sunday. She tells a horrified Tony it will be Sunday until he is rested. Then she sends him on various vacations, on one, he finds himself playing tennis with Pancho Segura. When Tony orders Jeannie to turn off Sunday, she retreats into her bottle. In desperation, Tony tells Dr. Bellows the calendar has stopped. Bellows relays Tony's wild conclusion to Gen. Peterson. Jeannie decides to leave because everything she has done to please Tony, has turned out wrong. Learning Jeannie has gone, Tony realizes it will always be Sunday. Dr. Bellows hears Tony talking to Jeannie's bottle, trying to make her understand his feelings. Tony tells him he wants to make a complete confession about all the events of the past year. Dr. Bellows calls Gen. Peterson to witness the confession, but Jeannie returns and Tony's desire to confess fades. When Peterson arrives, Tony says he's been composing a song. He sings a love song to Jeannie, who is hidden inside the piano. Peterson exits, leaving a babbling Dr. Bellows. Later, Tony finds Jeannie has taken away Sunday and given the week two Mondays because he wished for more workdays.
While Tony is at the base, Harry Huggins comes to his home. He tells Jeannie the house is tiny and the furniture shoddy. To impress him, Jeannie blinks and turns the house into a luxurious mansion, with world famous art works, a safe full of money and a staff of servants. When Tony returns, Huggins announces he is from the Department of Internal Revenue, and will bring an assessor in the morning. Jeannie refuses to take Tony seriously when he says he may wind up in the penitentiary. When Huggins calls to see Dr. Bellows, the psychiatrist shows him a stack of reports on Tony's strange activities, but refuses to believe Tony heads an international smuggling ring.
Tony tells Jeannie he enjoys cold weather. She starts a snowstorm and the flakes fall on Dr. Bellows. Determined to discover the explanation for the strange happenings around Tony, Dr. Bellows tells Gen. Peterson. Tony persuades Peterson he can't control the weather. Sure he is in for a nervous breakdown if Jeannie doesn't take a vacation, Tony persuades her to visit her family. Sgt. Ben Roberts, overhearing Dr. Bellows' view that Tony can control the weather, begs him to do something about the situation in Four Corners, Alabama, where his brother is losing his farm to a drought. Jeannie blinks and heads for home. Later, when Dr. Bellows hears Sgt. Roberts asking Tony to stop the rain, since Four Corners is being washed away, he is sure he has finally caught Tony. When Jeannie returns, Tony tells her Four Corners is a lake and Dr. Bellows finally has him. One blink of Jeannie's saves Tony. Sgt. Roberts tells Tony that the people in Four Corners are getting rich, since the lake, now filled with trout, has become a fishermen's paradise. Jeannie laughs when a truckload of fish arrives for Tony.
Tony strains his eyes while studying for a sub orbital flight. Dr. Bellows orders him to take an eye test the following morning. Tony emphatically turns down Roger's suggestion that he get Jeannie's help in passing the examination. Jeannie gets the truth out of Roger and pops into Tony's pocket. Her efforts to improve Tony's vision are too successful. Tony not only sees Dr. Bellows and his secretary, Miss Gordon, in their undergarments, but actually sees through the wall. When he reads the chart, he reads a sign in the adjoining room. Bellows breaks in on General Peterson's conference and announces that Tony has X ray vision. Meanwhile, Tony pleads with Jeannie to. restore his normal eyesight. Jeannie replies it will be difficult, but she will try. By the time Peterson and his staff arrive to observe Tony's remarkable vision, he is barely able to see. Jeannie makes another attempt and Tony sees animated skeletons of the people around him. Later, Jeannie tells Tony she had no idea that vision was so important to an astronaut. Tony tells her perfect hearing is also vital. Deciding to improve Tony's hearing, Jeannie blinks and Tony hears nothing at all.
Roger tells Jeannie that he has arranged a double date for Tony and himself with two beauty queens. Before Roger can tell Tony, Jeannie turns him into a French poodle. The poodle is taken to the dog pound. There, Tony pays five dollars for a Great Dane he thinks is Roger. Jeannie tells Tony he has the wrong dog. Tony rushes back to the pound where Mr. Asher has just bought the poodle for his son Keith. Asher refuses to sell the poodle, but Tony's bid of five hundred dollars changes his mind. Tony returns to the base with the poodle. Dr. Bellows comes in while Roger is barking his replies to Tony's questions. He tells Tony the poodle is just the dog to be orbited into space. Tony reports this to Jeannie and she returns Roger to his normal self. When Roger tells Jeannie the date with the two girls is still on, Jeannie turns him back into a poodle. Tony tells Dr. Bellows he can't send the poodle into space because the dog is really Roger. Sure he has caught Tony, Dr. Bellows phones Gen. Peterson. By the time he returns to take the dog to Gen. Peterson, Jeannie changes the dog back to Roger again. That night Tony and Roger await their dates at Tony's house. Two beautiful girls come to the door. Jeannie blinks and when Tony opens the door, two cats enter.
Watching a TV western, Tony longs for the days when a man had to be strong to survive. Jeannie blinks and Tony finds he is a U.S. Marshal in a frontier town. Confronted by a bang of outlaws led by Bull Welch, Tony is saved by Horace Sedgewick, the town banker. In the town jail Tony finds Eddie Sheridan. He tells Tony he has been framed for murder because he and his beautiful sister, Georgia, refuse to sell their ranch to the "Unholy Ten." Jeannie, now a dance hall girl, helps Tony face down the mob, but when Georgia kisses Tony for protecting her brother, Jeannie gets jealous. When Bull leads a mob to the jail, Jeannie realizes Tony's only interest in Georgia is to save her brother's life. Bull sets up an ambush for Tony but with Jeannie's help, he rounds up the outlaws and exposes Sedgewick as the leader of the "Unholy Ten." As Georgia embraces Tony, Jeannie blinks and Tony wakes up in front of the TV set. When Jeannie calls him to dinner, Tony stumbles. Looking down, he finds himself in cowboy boots, complete with spurs.
Tony complains that Jeannie is constantly getting him into trouble. She replies she's not had much practice at being a genie. Tony takes Roger's suggestion that Jeannie needs lessors in her craft and buys "The Arabian Nights." Although Tony hasn't read the book himself, he tells Jeannie to use it as a guide. According to the book, Jeannie finds that the genies are always searching for ways to torture or destroy their masters. She tells Tony she cannot follow the book but he orders that she follow it to the last detail. Worried, Jeannie tells Roger Tony will try to get rid of her if she follows the book. Sensing a chance to get Jeannie for himself, Roger tells her to obey Tony. Torment becomes the order of the day for Tony as Jeannie follows the book. He finally finds himself in an open crocodile pit. Jeannie pleads for Roger to help her escape her dilemma. She accepts his advice to leave Tony and become Roger's genie. Rescuing Tony from the crocodiles, Jeannie reveals the subject of the text he ordered her to follow. Tony apologizes and takes the blame on himself. Happy at being allowed to be with Tony again, Jeannie asks what to do about Major Healy. Tony turns to Chapter 15, and Roger finds himself perched on an iceberg, with a seal for company.
Jeannie's jealousy takes over when Tony insists on keeping a date with a friend. She blinks and Tony finds himself behind bars in his living room. Feeling she has been successful in keeping Tony from his date, she releases him the following morning. Then a man phones and berates Tony for breaking their appointment. Jeannie is conscience stricken and vows never to doubt Tony again. Tony tells Roger he didn't have a date, that his real date is for that night and now he is free to keep it. After Tony meets his date, Joan Sheldon, in a hotel, Roger let's slip that Jeannie has been tricked. Jeannie blinks and Joan turns into a chimp. When Tony begins packing to leave home, Jeannie promises never to interfere again, if he stays. Tony returns to Joan's hotel. Then Roger shows Jeannie a news report that "Two Gun" Richard Sheldon has broken out of jail to kill his wife. Although Roger tells her it's a matter of life and death, Jeannie, true to her promise, refuses to interfere. "Two Gun" and his henchman, Otto, appear at Joan's hotel. When "Two Gun" threatens him, Tony is sure it is Jeannie in disguise. He realizes his mistake when Jeannie herself comes into view behind Richard. She blinks when Richard raises his gun and police sirens are heard. A few days later, while playing checkers with Jeannie, Tony remarks that the phone hasn't rung in a long time. Jeannie smiles, knowing the wires are disconnected.
Jeannie tells Tony she never had a birthday party since she does not know when she was born. Tony sends her back home to find out. At the base, Gen. Peterson and Dr. Bellows introduce Tony to Eric, a huge computer. Jeannie returns and reports that all she has been able to learn is that Neptune was in Scorpio when she was born. Jeannie tells Tony that if he really cared, he would find out her birthday. After breaking a vase, Jeannie reveals that her powers weaken when she is unhappy, and, that her body will gradually disappear. She tells Tony she will have to leave if she doesn't get a birthday. Roger agrees to help Tony use Eric to learn Jeannie's birthday. Tony is waiting for the computer's answer when Dr. Bellows enters the control room. Annoyed that Tony has used the machine. for such a frivolous purpose as a B.C. birth date, Bellows tears up the tape and puts it in his pocket. Dr. Bellows reports Tony's strange interest in an ancient date to Gen. Peterson. Peterson orders Bellows to allow Tony to use the computer, but to brim the computer tape to him. At his office, Tony reassures Jeannie. Because her powers are fading, when Jeannie tries to leave, she winds up in Tony's desk drawer. Tony and Jeannie are horrified when Bellows decides to use Tony's office. Tony and Roger rush to get Jeannie's birth date from the computer, although Roger suspects a trap.
Tony and Roger make another attempt to have Eric, the computer figure out Jeannie's birthday. Since Tony is scheduled to leave for Alaska on a mission, Dr. Bellows uses Tony's office while his own is being painted. To keep Bellows from discovering Jeannie in the desk drawer, Tony tries to keep him busy while Roger is feeding information into the computer. Telling Bellows he has an urgent problem, Tony lies down on the couch and relates a rambling, improbable story about animals. Roger returns and signals that he has the information. Tony abruptly tells Bellows that everything he told him happened in a dream. Before Roger can tell Jeannie the date, he is ordered to leave. Tony persuades Jeannie to stay until Roger returns in two weeks. To keep her happy, Tony decides to give Jeannie a birthday party. When he expresses regret that it can't be a big party, Jeannie blinks. Suddenly the room is filled with every historical figure from Cleopatra to Shakespeare. After a conversation with Dr. Sigmund Freud, Bellows tells Tony he can't catch him this time; he knows it's a costume party. Realizing that having a birthday will make her grow older as normal people do, Jeannie blames Tony for bringing up the subject in the first place.
With the football season in full swing, Tony is constantly glued to the TV set. Jeannie realizes she must do something to get his attention and decides to make Tony jealous. Tony just scoffs when Jeannie reports she met a handsome stranger, Tony Millionaire, at the supermarket. Jeannie blinks and Tony Millionaire appears, a superman in every way. Although Tony tries to hide his jealousy, he does everything to cool Jeannie's interest. He phones Roger, on duty in Alaska., for Jeannie's birth date, to distract her, but fails. Then Jeannie reveals she is engaged to Tony Millionaire. Again, Tony tries to learn the date, but in vain. Although Jeannie hopefully suggests he could forbid her to marry, Tony refuses. Then Tony decides that if a stranger could marry a genie, he could too. As he is about to propose to Jeannie, Tony discovers that his rival is Jeannie's own creation. Jeannie is furious when Tony inquires what she would have done if he had allowed her to wed Tony Millionaire, In reply, she sends him zooming to the ceiling and leaves him suspended. Later, as Tony watches football on TV, Jeannie announces she is off to the supermarket, and he decides to go with her.
Tony tells Jeannie that each year the American Air Force puts on a TV talent show with contestants from each base. Jeannie insists that Tony enter since they need a trophy for the mantel. Jeannie blinks and Tony sounds like Caruso. Dr. Bellows hears him. Tony makes Jeannie promise she'll never make him sing like Caruso again. Jeannie is excited since Roger has promised to reveal her birthday when he returns from Alaska the next day. With Gen. Peterson's backing, Dr. Bellows enters Tony in the contest. When all of his efforts to withdraw fail, Tony asks Jeannie to blink and return Caruso's voice to him. Quoting Tony that he would never forgive her if she broke her promise, Jeannie refuses and leaves for Baghdad. Roger returns from Alaska and Tony seeks his help but everything they do to get Tony out of the contest fails. Jeannie pops up next to Roger just as Tony is introduced. When Roger bets her to help, Jeannie repeats her promise. She suddenly brightens as she remembers she promised only that Tony would not sing like Caruso. Blink follows blink as Jeannie turns Tony into a soprano, basso profundo and finally boop a doop. Tony wins the contest. When Gen. Peterson takes the trophy for his office, Jeannie blinks and produces a duplicate made of gold. Jeannie makes her own day complete when she makes Roger reveal her birth date.
Roger cancels a double date with Tony and Jeannie. Surmising that Roger has been unable to get a date for himself, Jeannie blinks. Immediately Roger's phone gets busy with calls from girls who turned him down, and a score of new ones, begging for dates. Even Evelyn, a beautiful secretary at the base who refused to date Roger because she was engaged, makes a play for him. Soon Roger, who always felt he was irresistible, finds himself making dates for months ahead. When Mrs. Bellows meets Roger, she invites him for dinner. Tony feels that Roger is heading for trouble. Roger pleads with Jeannie not to fall in love with him. Morgan, a tough character, comes looking for Roger, because Evelyn broke their engagement. She wants to marry Roger and Morgan is determined that she will get her wish. Dr. Bellows learns that his wife is infatuated with Roger, and he plans to transfer him to the Aleutians. When Tony reports Roger's predicament to Jeannie, she blinks and all the fair ladies immediately lose interest in Roger. Then he feels worse than ever because no one loves him. Tony learns Jeanie has remedied this when Roger appears pursued by hundreds of affectionate dogs.
Because Jeannie has run up a staggering food bill, Tony is unable to join Roger in buying a sailboat. Jeannie goes to the bank with Tony to borrow money for his share. They overhear Wilfred, a bank officer, refuse a loan to a widow until she can produce collateral. When Wilfred checks Tony's Christmas Club account, Jeannie changes the balance to over three million dollars. When Wilfred tries to lend him more money than he wants, Tony questions his refusal of the widow. Misunderstanding, Wilfred makes out a check of a thousand dollars for the widow, and gives Tony the money he asked for. Dr. Bellows tells Gen. Peterson that Tony is a millionaire. Peterson warns if he's wrong, Bellows will have to see a psychoanalyst. Tony, Peterson and Bellows go to the bank to check on the story. Jeannie reduces Tony's account to its original sum and shifts the three million dollars to Bellows' account. Bellows decides to see an analyst. Tony suggests that Wilfred should feel a rolling deck under his feet. Jeannie blinks -- Tony and Wilfred find themselves at sea aboard a raft.
Tony complains that he has no free time because Jeannie waits him to spend every spare moment with her. Roger suggests he find Jeannie a hobby, but she turns down all his suggestions, until she mentions that she could write a book on raising children. Tony gets her to start immediately. Jeannie sends "How To Be A Fantastic Mother" to a publisher under Tony's name. She begins to worry when Tony reports that an astronaut is in trouble for waiting an unauthorized article. When Dr. Bellows reads the author's statement that he can transform the most incorrigible child into a lovable human being, he brings his young nephew Richard for treatment. He warns Tony that if he doesn't succeed, he'll accuse him of writing a fraudulent book. Tony berates Jeannie for writing the book in his name but insists on handling the problem without her help. Gen. Peterson brings his granddaughter, Gina, to be cured of her overwhelming shyness in one evening, but Tony can't break through the girl's reserve. Meanwhile, Richard crashes Tony's model plane through a window and almost sets the house on fire experimenting with rocket fuel. Tony is ready to confess defeat when Dr. Bellows and Gen. Peterson return, but they find Richard repairing the plane, beaming under Gina's adoring praise. Tony inquires if Jeannie used magic, but she replies she found the answer in Chapter 13 of "his book" on how to bring boys and girls together.
Tony allows Jeannie grant Roger one wish. Roger accidentally makes Tony spill coffee :n his clothes and wishes he hadn't done it. Jeannie blinks and the stain disappears. Roger is crushed when he realizes he has blown his wish. Dr. Bellows happens by as it becomes clear that the jacket is now virtually indestructible. He tries to prove that somehow Tony has made a great discovery, but succeeds only in ruining four of Gen. Peterson's uniforms. Enraged, Peterson orders Bellows' transfer to Iceland. Although Tony dislikes Bellows, he feels responsible for his exile. Peterson rejects Tony's plea to keep Bellows at the base. Jeannie now turns herself into an Air. Force colonel and persuades Peterson to rescind Bellows' transfer. Later, Tony again allows Jeannie to grant Roger a single wish. Reviewing the endless possibilities. Roger muses that he once wanted to be the funniest man in the world. Immediately Groucho Marx appears is his place.
Jeannie tricks Tony into going to Paris for lunch. Then he tells her he's scheduled to be at a top security conference with Gen. Peterson, Dr. Bellows and other NASA officials. Jeannie produces a duplicate Tony to appear at the conference. Two French generals see Tony in Paris and alert Dr. Bellows, who asks them to wire a photo to help him track down the imposter. Gen. Peterson agrees with Bellows that spies are seeking information on Operation Galaxy. Bellows plants a bug in Tony's office. Finding the hidden mike, Tony tells Roger that spies are onto Operation Galaxy and must be tracked down. Unaware that he is the one under suspicion, Tony feeds the mike misleading information. As a result, all gather at a deserted warehouse, each group hoping to trap the others. After a fracas involving two burglars, Bellows arrests Tony for espionage arid tells Tony the real Major Nelson is being held prisoner in Paris. When Gen. Peterson demands conclusive proof of Tony's double, Jeannie blinks and changes Tony's photo into Maurice Chevalier.
Jeannie drives off in Tony's car without permission. Going up a one way street in the wrong direction, she is stopped by Ptl. Anderson. After ticking her off for a number of violations, he has the car towed away. Tony learns that Anderson holds the national record forgiving out tickets and has been written up by a magazine. At Roger's suggestion, Tony appeals to Dr. Bellows for help in getting the car back by insinuating it is full of secret equipment. When the car is released, Jeannie tricks Tony into giving her driving lessons. This time Tony encounters Anderson, who insures that the story of the astronaut's traffic violations makes the front page. Dr. Bellows and Gen. Peterson are very angry. When Tony apologizes to Anderson before the case codes to court, he tricks him into making a statement which sounds like an attempt at bribery and secretly records it on tape. Roger insists on conducting Tony's defense in court. Roger's help is practically propelling Tony to the nearest, Jail when Jeannie arrives. When Anderson is called to identify Tony, Jeannie blinks and Tony is. Anderson's double. Stunned, Anderson turns on the tape of Tony's confession. Jeannie blinks and it's all in Russian. After Tony's acquittal, Roger borrows his car, but Jeannie pops into the driver's seat, with Tony in hot pursuit.
Dr. Bellows' wife insists on having Jeannie's bottle for her living room. When Tony refuses to part with it, Mrs. Bellows decides to have a duplicate made and promises to return the original. Jeannie is furious when Mrs. Bellows leaves with her bottle. Tony soothes her by going to the workshop to get it back. Jeannie gets there first and pops into the bottle to wait for Tony. Salvatori instructs his son Gino to wrap up the two bottles. When Gino gets them mixed up, Tony leaves with the copy while the original, with Jeannie inside, is delivered to Mrs. Bellows. Tony discovers the wrong bottle. He phones Bellows who tells him he and his wife are going out. Worried that Mrs. Bellows will find Jeannie, Tony and Roger decide to rescue her. They are searching the house when the Bellows return. Accepting Roger's explanation that Tony is sleepwalking, Bellows concludes that he has a compulsion about the bottle. Tony pretends to awaken and switches the bottles. Unfortunately, Bellows does too. At home, Tony tells Roger that the Bellows still have Jeannie, but as she appears, Roger reveals he did a little switching himself.

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