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Curley, Moe and Larry's zany brand of comedy offers hilarity at every turn. The Three Stooges: The Complete Series Wiki

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Watch as Moe, Larry and Curly go through life the only way a stooge can, with laughs and a lot of mischief.

Episode TitleTime
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 1: Woman Haters19:20
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 2: Punch Drunks17:32
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 3: Men in Black18:05
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 4: Three Little Pigskins18:28
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 5: Horses' Collars18:11
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 6: Restless Knights16:14
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 7: Pop Goes the Easel18:05
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 8: Uncivil Warriors19:35
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 9: Pardon My Scotch18:45
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 10: Hoi Polloi17:53
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 11: Three Little Beers16:31
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 12: Ants in the Pantry17:44
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 13: Movie Maniacs17:15
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 14: Half Shot Shooters18:27
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 16: A Pain in the Pullman19:50
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 15: Disorder in the Court16:38
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 17: False Alarms16:44
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 18: Whoops, I'm an Indian!17:23
The Collection 1934-1936, Episode 19: Slippery Silks17:21
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 1: Grips, Grunts and Groans18:46
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 2: Dizzy Doctors17:43
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 3: 3 Dumb Clucks16:51
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 4: Back to the Woods19:28
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 5: Goofs and Saddles17:11
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 6: Cash and Carry18:22
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 7: Playing the Ponies17:09
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 8: The Sitter Downers15:36
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 9: Termites of 193816:41
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 10: Wee Wee Monsieur17:38
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 11: Tassels in the Air17:04
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 12: Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb16:26
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 13: Violent Is the Word for Curly17:51
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 14: Three Missing Links18:04
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 15: Mutts to You18:05
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 16: Flat Foot Stooges15:26
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 17: Three Little Sew and Sews15:49
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 18: We Want Our Mummy16:30
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 19: A Ducking They Did Go16:18
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 20: Yes, We Have No Bonanza16:04
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 21: Saved by the Belle17:23
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 22: Calling All Curs17:22
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 23: Oily to Bed, Oily to Rise18:17
The Collection 1937-1939, Episode 24: Three Sappy People17:20
The Collection 1940-1942, Episode 1: You Nazty Spy18:02
The Collection 1940-1942, Episode 2: Rockin' Thru the Rockies17:25
The Collection 1940-1942, Episode 3: A Plumbing We Will Go17:35
The Collection 1940-1942, Episode 4: Nutty but Nice17:52
The Collection 1940-1942, Episode 5: How High Is Up?16:30
The Collection 1940-1942, Episode 6: From Nurse to Worse16:49
The Collection 1940-1942, Episode 7: No Census, No Feeling16:33
The Stooges join the "Women Haters" club and vow to have nothing to do with the fair sex. Larry marries a girl anyway and attempts to hide the fact from Moe and Curly as they take a train trip.
Moe is a boxing promoter looking for a good fighter. Curly is a mild-mannered waiter who goes crazy whenever he hears "Pop Goes the Weasel". Larry is a violinist recruited to play the tune. Curly becomes a great fighter and gets a championship match. Things look bad when Larry's violin is smashed, but everything turns out fine when Larry delivers the music by driving a truck through the arena wall.
The Stooges become doctors at a large hospital where they disrupt patients and staff alike. [the title is a play on "Men in White", a popular film of the time. Nominated for "Best Short Subject" in 1934.
The Stooges are mistaken by a gangster for the "Three Horsemen of Boulder Dam", famous football players. Hired to play for his team, they blow the big game and get it in the end. Lucille Ball has a nice part as a gun moll.
The Stooges are private detectives in the old West trying to help a girl recover an IOU from a bad guy. Their attempts to steal the IOU from the villains wallet and then from a safe meet with problems until Curly, who goes berserk whenever he sees a mouse, knocks out all the bad guys.
Set in Medieval times, the Stooges learn they are of royal blood and vow to save the kingdom. They become the queen's royal guards but are sentenced to die when the queen is abducted on the orders of the evil prime minister. The Stooges escape, free the queen, and end up knocking each other out.
The Stooges are down and out. With a cop chasing them, they flee into an artists studio where they are mistaken for students. The cop continues to hunt for them and they use a variety of disguises and tactics to elude him. A wild clay throwing fight ends the film.
Set in the civil war, the Stooges are spies for the north. They impersonate southern officers and infiltrate the enemy ranks to get valuable information. On the run when they are discovered, they hide in a cannon and are blown back to their northern headquarters.
The Stooges are running the local drugstore and mix up a potion that a desperate businessman decides to sell as scotch. The Stooges impersonate Scotsmen at party to fool the prospective buyer. Their usual antics disrupt the party, ending when a barrel of their "scotch" explodes and floods the whole house.
A professor bets that he can turn the Stooges into gentlemen. After many attempts to teach them etiquette, he brings them to a fancy society party. The Stooges new found manners don't last very long, and the party quickly degenerates. By the end, the other guests have adopted stooge-like behavior and the Stooges leave as gentlemen.
The Stooges are inept deliverymen at a brewery. When they learn about a company golf tournament, they sneak onto a golf course to get some practice. They quickly proceed to bother the other golfers and destroy the course. Forced to escape in their beer truck, more havoc ensues when the load of beer barrels are spilled out down a steep hill.
The Stooges are pest exterminators who drum up business by planting vermin in a ritzy mansion where a party is going on. They are hired, but must pose as guests to work unobserved. They ruin a piano and generally make a mess of the party, but the hostess passes them off as vaudeville comedians and they are invited to join the guests on a fox hunt.
The Stooges arrive in Hollywood hoping to make it in the movie business ("there must be a couple a hundred guys in Hollywood who don't know anything about making movies, three more ain't gonna make any difference".) they sneak into a movie studio where they are mistaken for three new executives who were due to arrive. after taking over production of a movie, causing the director and cast to walk off, Moe takes over as director, with Larry and Curly as the leading man and lady. When the real executives send a telegram explaining why they haven't arrived, the Stooges must leave on the run.
The Stooges are discharged from the army after WW I, and promptly administer some revenge to their mean sergeant. Years later they wind up in the army again, and of course the same sergeant is their superior. The sergeant plays various tricks on them, and when the Stooges go crazy with a cannon, blowing up a house, a bridge, and a smoke stack, he blows them up.
The Stooges are small time actors traveling by train to an engagement. Along with their pet monkey, they manage to spoil the trip for quite a few of the other passengers including the conductor and a big movie star. Eventually their antics get out of hand and they are literally tossed off the train.
The Stooges are witnesses at a trial where their friend, a dancer at a nightclub where they are musicians, is accused of murder. The Stooges manage to disrupt the proceedings but save the day when they discover the real murderer's identity.
The Stooges are firemen who are constantly getting in trouble, they've been warned that one more incident will cost them their jobs. Curly sneaks out anyway to visit his girlfriend. She has two friends who need dates, but the only way Curly can get Moe and Larry out of the station is to pull a fire alarm. The firetruck leaves without Moe and Larry, so they steal the captains new car to make it to the call first. They manage to get Curly and get back to the station, but in doing so wreck the car and must leave on the run.
Set in the old west, the Stooges are crooked gamblers gypping the resident of a frontier town. They are discovered and must escape into the woods. To elude the sheriff they disguise themselves as Indians. Their plan works until Curly, dressed as a squaw, is forced to marry a local tough guy. The Stooges are unmasked and wind up in the hoosegow.
The Stooges are carpenters who inherit a fancy dress boutique. They put on a fashion show with dresses they've designed based on furniture. During the show the owner of a antique box the Stooges wrecked shows up and a wild cream puff fight ensues.
When the Stooges get a prizefighter drunk, Curly has no choice but to step in and take his place inside the ring.
The Stooges' wives have issued a warning: you snooze, you lost. So they get a job selling a miracle medicine, but it'll be a miracle if they sell it.
Their father's plan to marry prompts the Stooges to break out of jail to save him from himself and, it turns out, from this intended dangerous posse.
The Stooges get sentenced to fifty-five years in a British jail but are instead sent to American to protect the colonists from the Indians.
The stakes are higher than ever when the Stooges ante up to play poker with General muster's nemesis, Longhorn Pete.
Con Men or Good Samaritans? Larry, Moe and Curly blast into the U.S. Treasury in order to get cash to help a poor girl's disabled brother.
A horse is a Stooges, of course, of course. When the Stooges get saddled with a lame horse, they discover what will make him hot on the track: chili pepperinos!
Marriage isn't all bliss as Larry, Moe and Curly find out when they set up house with Corabell, Florabell, and Dorabell. You could call them the Dumbbells.
The Stooges make pests of themselves at a high society party when a maid mistakenly phones their exterminator company instead of an escort service.
Paris is for lovers, and for the Three Stooges, as struggling artists who paint themselves into a corner when they try to rescue a military captain from kidnappers.
Moe pretends to be trendy interior designer Omay (Omay is Moe in pig latin) and he, Larry and Curly proceed to make an essmay of a socialite's home.
When Curly wins $50,000 the Stooges start living the high life - until they get the lowdown on exactly how much they get after taxes.
It's full service fun when three college professors are literally blown way by the Three Stooges when they stop at their filling station.
Larry, Moe and Curly go on a location to Africa when Curly is cast as a gorilla, and there they come face to face with danger when they encounter a real gorilla on the set.
When the Stooges find a baby they take it back to their dog laundry business, but wind up in the dog house when they are accused of kidnapping the baby.
Moe, Larry and Curly take care of the horses that draw the fire chief's trucks, but when a crooked fire truck salesman turns up the heat, they get fired up for action.
Working as tailors on a navy ship puts the Stooges in a pressing situation after Curly wears the admiral's jacket to a party and is seduced by a spy.
The Stooges trek to Cairo to rescue a kidnapped professor and return a priceless mummy, a case that may take them awhile to wrap up.
After recruiting the police chief, governor and mayor into what turns out to be a sham duck hunting club, the Stooges cleverly find a way to avoid jail.
Gold prospectors Larry, Moe and Curly set out to make a better life for themselves and three waitresses, but get served more than they can swallow.
When the Stooges are arrested for treason, a crime punishable by death in the kingdom of Valeska, they use a loudly slurping guard to help cover their noisy escape.
Veterninarians Moe, Curly and Larry find their business going to the dogs when one of their prize patients is stolen and held for ransom.
The Stooges fall in love with three beautiful girls whose widowed mother is robbed of the lease to her oil - oozing land.
When phone repairmen Larry, Moe and Curly inadvertently answer a call meant for three psychiatrists, they try to cure a socialite of her wild behavior.
In this satire of the Nazis the Stooges are paperhangers in the country of Moronica. When evil cabinet ministers overthrow the king, they decide to make Moe the new ruler as he'll be stupid enough to follow their orders. Moe becomes Dictator, Curly is a Field Marshall and Larry becomes Minister of propaganda. After successfully preventing a female spy from committing mayhem, the boys are run out of office by a mob and eaten by lions.
The Stooges are frontier guides leading a minstrel show west. When hostile Indians run the horses run off they are stranded. They must contend with a snowstorm and a marauding bear as well the Indians. After almost killing each other ice fishing they solve their problems by rigging up a sail on the wagon and sailing west.
To escape the police, the Stooges pose as plumbers and are hired to fix a leak in a fancy mansion. They wind up crossing the electrical system with the plumbing and generally ruin the place. One memorable scene has the lady of the house tuning into a television broadcast from Niagara Falls as a torrent of water pours from the set. To escape the wrath of the homeowners the Stooges escape through a magician's trap door.
The Stooges are singing waiters who are enlisted by a doctor to try and cheer up a little girl. It seems that the girl's father is a banker who was kidnapped with $300,000 worth of bonds. Failing to cheer up the girl, the Stooges go out looking for the father and by a series of coincidences wind up in the bad guys hideout. The villains return and after a wild fight the boys free the missing man.
The Stooges are the 'Minute Menders', three tinkers who live under their car. The boys decide to drum up some business by punching holes in the unattended lunch boxes of some workmen. When they're caught in the act, they escape and accidentally get hired as riveters on a new building, working on the 97th floor. Their ineptitude and lousy workmanship screw up construction of the building and they must parachute off the building to escape the wrath of the boss.
The stooge's friend Jerry convinces them to take out on insurance on Curly and then have him act insane to collect. Moe and Larry put Curly on a leash and take him to the insurance doctor and have him act like a dog. Unfortunately, the insurance doctor wants to perform a brain operation (Cerebrum decapitation). The boys try to escape by hiding in the dog catchers wagon, but are caught and taken to the hospital. They escape again, this time by rigging a sheet to a gurney and sailing down the street, where they run into Jerry and knock him into wet cement.
The Stooges get jobs as census takers and wind up in a fancy mansion looking for people to survey. Moe and Larry are recruited to join a bridge game, while Curly adds Alum to the lemonade. The resulting concoction is consumed by everyone, resulting in puckered lips and shrunken clothes. The boys next try to take the census at a football stadium. They disguise themselves as players and wind up in the middle of the game. Curly runs off with the ball and all the other players in pursuit.

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- Put the price back to reasonable it will likely get purged in a year or two anyway1 star

Was very excited to see this seeing as I scooped up the complete married with children series for 30$ then see this is 75$!!!!! But was 30$ Quit being so stingy ITunes !!!!

- Highway robbery2 star

I love the stooges, but Apple has lost their mind with this one. I can go to Walmart and buy this set for $40 which includes multiple physical disks, packaging, marketing and then the store that sells it has their markup. Why is apple who had to do nothing but purchase the license to this digital media charging twice as much?

- Please1 star

Please lower the price for this.

- What happened to $29??1 star

I came back two hours later and it was back to $75 :-(

- Fantastic...5 star

Classic Stooges all in one place and at a great price.Thank you ITunes!Dont pass this one by!

- Awesome5 star

For 29.99 you buy now don’t even think twice. Each individual group of episodes is 19.99 if you buy them separately. about 70% off

- Yes Stooges5 star

My life is complete!! Three Stooges for 29.99 thanks Apple!!

- YOU LOSE !!! Displayed at $29.99 ....NOT!!1 star

SORRY!! Obviously you must buy immediately or you lose out. The price showed $29.99 and then the option to buy the complete series disappeared all together. Very disappointed!!

- No purchase button?1 star

Is there a reason I’m not able to purchase?

- Timeless humor5 star

These guys are so funny. I loved them since I was a kid. My dad told me about the time he met Larry out in a diner. He had been drinking. He said β€œyou have any kids?” My dad said yes. Larry then said β€œdon’t tell them you saw me this way.” They talked for a while. My only complaint is, why not put them in air date sequence.

- Must buy5 star

One of the greatest shows ever for a great price, don’t think, just buy.

- Great Price for Classic Episodes5 star

Got this set when it was only $29.99, a bargain for over 190 episodes! I’ve purchased individual episodes in the past, but now you can watch EVERY episode for under $30! All this for snappy dialogue and physical humor that still puts a smile on my face.

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The Three Stooges: The Complete Series images
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The Three Stooges: The Complete Series images
The Three Stooges: The Complete Series images
The Three Stooges: The Complete Series images
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