All Creatures Great and Small, Season 1

All Creatures Great and Small, Season 1 Summary

James Herriot’s adventures as a veterinarian in 1930s Yorkshire get a glorious new adaptation in All Creatures Great and Small, a series based on his beloved books. All Creatures Great and Small, Season 1 Wiki

All Creatures Great and Small, Season 1 Synopsis

Life for a newly qualified vet like James Herriot is not at all easy. He travels all the way to Darrowby, Yorkshire to secure a job, but by the time his prospective employer, Siegfried Farnon, turns up for the interview, James has fallen asleep!
James finds that long hours and rough conditions can make a veterinary work a dog's life, but for some dogs, like Mrs. Pumphrey's Tricki-Wu, have it so well that they can afford to spread the wealth.
Sigfried declares that the business is in shambles financially, and his solution is Miss Harbuncle, a meticulous secretary who rules the cash box with an iron hand. Amid a relentless succession of new faces - man gruff, some eccentric - James meets the lovely Helen Alderson.
Siegfried has a major victory, and his brother Tristan has to deal with pigs in more ways than one. James discovers he has a rival for Helen's affections.
The veterinary practice goes from strength to strength, but James fears he has wrecked his chances with Helen after a disastrous first date. Tristan decides that a blind date is all James needs to hone his courtship skills.
James musters the courage to visit Helen after she's seen him at his worst. Siegfried resorts to sorcery to aid a gypsy's ailing pony, and a wild ghost chase solves the mystery of the shrouded figure haunting Raine Abbey.
James' temper is fraying fast -- what with two car accidents in the space of a week, an inauspicious meeting with Helen's family and his rival still lurking around Helen like a "big glossy spider".
The fortunes of the hard-working Dalby family look set to dwindle even further until almost by accident James discovers the cause of their herd's illness. However, James still needs a push start on other fronts, and Siegfried and Tristan decide to remedy matters with their own expert advice.
The sport of kings beckons James and Siegfried to the Broughton Races -- James in search of a dead cert to raise forty pounds for a Mediterranean honeymoon, and Siegfried in pursuit of a dream job at the track.
James and Helen's wedding day has finally arrived, though their honeymoon destination couldn't have been further from the Mediterranean. Finally, Siegfried bestows the best wedding present of all.
As James struggles to save the dairy herd in which a friend has sunk all his savings, he discovers a colleague's guilty secret.
Having failed his exams, Tristan fears his brother's wrath. In a desperate effort to reform, Tristan shuns cigarettes, alcohol and women and adopts a rigorous routine of dawn runs and hard work.
Siegfried discovers that a gift given in good faith has brought the deadly foot-and-mouth disease to the dales, and James accidentally hits upon a "sleep cure" for Mrs. Flaxton's poodle.

All Creatures Great and Small, Season 1 Trailer

All Creatures Great and Small, Season 1 serie trailer coming soon...

All Creatures Great and Small, Season 1 Episodes

All Creatures Great and Small chronicles the adventures of a young country veterinarian.

You’ve Got to Dream
1937: James Herriot interviews to be a veterinary assistant in Darrowby village in Yorkshire. He meets Siegfried Farnon, his idiosyncratic potential new boss, and his shrewd housekeeper Mrs. Hall. James is immediately put to the test.

Another Farnon?
Siegfried’s younger brother Tristan arrives, having passed his final exams at veterinary college and bringing his own unique chaos to Skeldale House. James starts to feel threatened when Tristan goes out of his way to impress his brother.

It’s race weekend and Siegfried is interviewing for his dream job at Darrowby Racecourse. James faces the toughest challenge of his career when he is called to treat Hugh Hulton’s pedigree racehorse, Andante.

A Tricki Case
Mrs. Pumphrey fears her beloved Tricki Woo is dying, so James takes Tricki back to Skeldale House for a period of rehabilitation. Siegfried wants Tristan to prove his commitment to being a vet. James gets closer to Helen.

All’s Fair
James has been named Attending Vet at the town fair, where the locals try to cheat and bribe him. The Aldersons are hoping to sell their prize-winning bull. Hugh tries his best to support Helen. James is faced with an unenviable dilemma.

A Cure for All Ills
Siegfried has flu and James’s workload has doubled. James and Tristan must decide if they should perform a high-risk procedure against Siegfried’s advice. A surprise announcement brings James’s birthday to a difficult close.

The Night Before Christmas
It’s Christmas Eve and the day before Helen and Hugh’s much-anticipated wedding. James is trying to bury his pain over Helen as preparations are made for the annual Skeldale Christmas party. As the party gets underway, James is called out to help a dog deliver her litter, and Helen asks if she can go with him. Will James be able to suppress his true feelings for Helen?

All Creatures Great and Small Trailer
Get a first look at the glorious new adaptation of James Herriot’s adventures as a veterinarian in 1930’s Yorkshire.

Episode TitleTime
You’ve Got to Dream50:07
Another Farnon?50:07
A Tricki Case50:16
All’s Fair50:17
A Cure for All Ills50:06
The Night Before Christmas 1:01:33
All Creatures Great and Small Trailer02:01

All Creatures Great and Small, Season 1 Comments & Critics

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All Creatures Great and Small, Season 1 Reviews

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- Fantastic Series5 star

Just finished watching the first season. I’m so ready for the second season. Fantastic series relaxing and charming.

- Fantastic Series5 star

Watched all of the episodes (iTunes released the entire season, likely prematurely) and it's fantastic. Although it took a bit to get into the series, the storylines are entertaining and heartwarming without being contrived, the characters are well-formed and well-acted, and the scenery is spectacular (as the Yorkshire Dales always are). If you're looking for entertainment that is wholesome and positive, without being cloying, this is a great series and I happily recommend it.

- Lovely heartwarming show5 star

I grew up reading James Harriott’s stories. The show is beautifully shot, and spot on cast! Totally the distraction I needed during this stressful time.

- Excellent5 star

A great show, at so many levels. Great acting, good story line, beautiful scenery, believable challenges, all in an an interesting time period. On top of that it is entertaining and amusing, all that you’d want for a good family show.

- Uncomfortable Changes2 star

I could not give this one star as the acting is satisfactory and the scenery, costumes, et all are enjoyable. But I am severely disappointed with the character changes made to the two Farnon brothers. Tristan is more cocksure and less friendly than in the books, but his character is practically unchanged compared to what happened to Siegfried. (Spoiler)First, he doesn’t want an assistant, then he is disappointed with James and fires him, then he’s boastful about having two assistants to another vet. He gets very upset with James for drinking at the pub! In the books he could keep pace with the farmers and regularly did so! He isn’t the brilliant, enthusiastic, energetic, generous, and maddeningly adorable man he is in the original stories. He simply isn’t warm. This adaptation focuses more on Mrs. Hall (she has a backstory) than on the animals and the quirky and unique cases James deals with in the books. I had hopes in the beginning, but when they made Tricki-Woo a growler! Sadly I have purchased a season pass. I’ll probably end up watching the rest of the season. But if the characters don’t improve by the end of the season, I will not be watching the next one. If you love the books, you probably won’t like this show.


I loved that they remained true to the original but modified to make exciting for fans of first showing. They did a great job of casting! Could not be happier.

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athensgym - Pure enjoyment5 star

One of those shows that seems to effortlessly entertain and engage. I am quite anxious to see subsequent seasons

not who you think - An Absolute Delight5 star

I grew up watching the original series, and reading the books. This new update is wonderful, the cast brings new touches to the classic characters, and the settings are gorgeous. Exactly what was needed in this untethered time.

Nando_ - Great series5 star

This remake lives up to the reputation of the original series and more. Updated to please even the harsher younger critics, it is a great family movie with a great story.

Garraed - A worthy successor!5 star

Grew up on the books and the old show. This is a great reboot! Well worth watching.

Another Sydney - WIll become a new classic5 star

I too was apprehensive in case this remake tarnished my memories of the original series. No worries. This is beautiful! More character delvelopment, production values are top notch.. The costumes are a quiet character on their own. Main actors are all gifted in their roles.

Mike of the Great White North - What 2021 needs5 star

I grew up on the books and enjoyed the original series, so I was worried about them remaking this classic. Well, I’m happy to write that the first episode of All Creatures Great and Small is amazing. I was pulled in immediately. The actors are brilliant and filming is far better than the original.

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