Mountain Monsters, Season 7 cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

Mountain Monsters, Season 7 release date, synopsis and reviews

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Mountain Monsters, Season 7 Release Date and Synopsis

The Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS), founded by John “Trapper” Tice, are hot on the trail of mysterious creatures lurking in the Appalachian Mountains. They are on a mission to eventually capture legendary beasts such as the Mothman, a lizard demon, the Wolfman and more, or prove they don't exist.

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Mountain Monsters, Season 7 Reviews

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Where are the shows I have paid for?Have paid in full for the season and the season is now over and I still do not have the full show lineup😡.Score: 1/5

Mountain Monsters season 7This show is amazing, The best bigfoot evidence by far. These guys are the real deal.. Super funny..Score: 5/5

Real?? Fun to watch I think soOk let’s just be real I’ve been with this series from day one and this show at first was believable but as more seasons came I think it surprised them all because it’s sole of the fakest stuff out there. Now should that keep you from watching no way it’s a funny show and even though they will most likely never catch a real cryptic they sure don’t quit. I mean these guys are not only going after cryptic animals but they seem to be dealing white these strange occur like hillbilly group think Blair witch meets finding Bigfoot. In the end I say get the pop corn out gather the whole family and have some fun watching a really good show because these next four years are going to make you feel like your the cryptic animal being a sane rational thinker who’s a individual now those are hard to come by these days.Score: 3/5

$20 but no full seriesI paid $20 for the season pass a year ago and didn’t get the full season. Now I have to pay $2.99 for each episode? I didn’t realize that this is a “Dropout” situation that they’re taking more money. I rather not pay it again for each episode. I’m subscribing Discovery+ and sticking with the movies for now on. What a big rip!.Score: 1/5

Great Show!I absolutely love this show and so does my daughter. We got the chance to meet the cast and they are exactly like they are in the show. The shows are always entertaining and funny. Keep the seasons going please! I bought the season pass, but the new episodes I have to now pay for? What’s up with that Apple?.Score: 5/5

Where's my $20 worth??LOVE Mountain Monsters but why can't we get the newest episodes? I had to subscribe to Discovery+ just to see the four episodes that haven't uploaded here..Score: 3/5

Season 7I bought this pass in hopes of watching the newest season and they said they have aired all episodes and yet they are no where to be found. So not worth your money don’t buy the pass..Score: 1/5

Post passed episodesWhen are y’all going to post and upload passed episodes Please post rest of season!!!.Score: 4/5

Paid for Season Pass But Where’s My Episodes?Apple where the new episodes of MM? I’ve had to resort to watching them on Discovery+ as they are not being loaded onto ITunes. Normally, when I purchase a Season Pass I get episodes but in this case. Please figure it out and start posting episodes..Score: 1/5

Fed up with this season passThe episodes are being aired and they are not being issued by the TRVL channel, looks like we're going to have to wait until the rest of the world has caught up or they show the whole series. Totally miffed at this, love the show but I don't have a dvr to record it on TV. I've had had to subscibe to Discovery + to keep me updated. If I knew they were going to pull a fast one I wouldn't have parted with $20 for a season pass. Apple you audjicate thesecomments, so send use all an email and let us know what is going on!.Score: 1/5

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Mountain Monsters, Season 7 (2021) Series Cast & Crew

Mountain Monsters, Season 7 (2021) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Mountain Monsters: The characters of season 7. all returned for mountain monsters, season 7.

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Mountain Monsters (Season 7) Full Episodes

Professional hillbilly hunters search for mysterious creatures that people have claimed to have seen in West Virginia.

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  • TV-14
  • 2021
1The Wolves of West Virginia (Mountain Monsters) recap, spoilers

The Wolves of West Virginia

10 January 2021$2.99

The surviving members of AIMS head out on a brand-new adventure that team leader Trapper set up for them before he passed. Equipped with Trapper's journal, they travel to the mountains of the Tygart Valley to prove there are still wolves in West Virginia.

2K-9 Tracks by the Grave (Mountain Monsters) recap, spoilers

K-9 Tracks by the Grave

27 June 2021$2.99

A grisly discovery spurs the AIMS team to find out what monster lurks in the shadows of West Virginia's Tygart Valley. Using Trapper's journal, they devise an ingenious way to get footprints to help identify the mysterious predator.

3The Red-Eyed Beast (Mountain Monsters) recap, spoilers

The Red-Eyed Beast

04 July 2021$2.99

As a blizzard hits the Tygart Valley, the AIMS team investigates Buck's encounter with a massive red-eyed creature. They risk life and limb to track the mysterious beast through the snow. Just what type of mountain mystery did Trapper get them into?

4The Great Skull Wall (Mountain Monsters) recap, spoilers

The Great Skull Wall

11 July 2021$2.99

The AIMS team sets out in the darkness to suss out the source of a monstrous roar that shook the hills and hollers of the Tygart Valley. As they close in on the creature, they hear a strange noise that leads them to a landmark unlike any other.

5What's a Smoke Wolf? (Mountain Monsters) recap, spoilers

What's a Smoke Wolf?

18 July 2021$2.99

The AIMS team hunts for the source of a strange sound coming from the top of a sinister-looking tree. The search leaves them with more questions than answers about the red-eyed monster theyve been tracking through the Tygart Valley.

6The Coyote Killing Massacre (Mountain Monsters) recap, spoilers

The Coyote Killing Massacre

25 July 2021$2.99

The AIMS team enters No Man's Land in pursuit of the Smoke Wolves. The guys use a hunting trick from Trapper's journal to draw out the demon dogs, but soon realize they are treading on dangerous ground when they stumble across a pack of dead coyotes.

7Day of Wrath (Mountain Monsters) recap, spoilers

Day of Wrath

01 August 2021$2.99

The AIMS team finds a decades-old clue etched in stone by late team leader Trapper, leading to a shocking revelation about No Man's Land. Later, the guys track a trail of blood after they hear gunshots ring out in the Tygart Valley.

8The Den of the Smoke Wolves (Mountain Monsters) recap, spoilers

The Den of the Smoke Wolves

08 August 2021$2.99

The hunt comes to a head when the AIMS team locates what may be the secret lair of the Smoke Wolves. Jeff makes a special batch of Trapper's secret sauce to lure out the vicious canines and solve the mystery of the Tygart Valley once and for all.

A Tribute to Trapper (Mountain Monsters) recap, spoilers

A Tribute to Trapper

03 January 2021$2.99

The remaining members of the AIMS team gather around a campfire to celebrate the life of team leader and friend John "Trapper" Tice. Tears are shed and laughter echoes throughout the Appalachian night sky as they relive their favorite Trapper moments.


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Mountain Monsters, Season 7 Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

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Mountain Monsters, Season 7 Posters
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Mountain Monsters, Season 7 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about mountain monsters, season 7...

Has Mountain Monsters, Season 7 been confirmed? Will there be a mountain monsters, season 7?
The countdown to Mountain Monsters [2021] Season 7 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Mountain Monsters is soon going to be released.

Mountain Monsters, Season 7 start date: When does mountain monsters, season 7 come back?
Mountain Monsters, Season 7 will air on Sunday 10th of January 2021.

How many episodes will be in mountain monsters, season 7?
With the season now airing in January 2021. There will be 9 episodes in season 7.

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Mountain Monsters Other Seasons
Mountain Monsters, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Mountain Monsters, Season 122 June 20136 Episodes

With a distinctive landscape of woods, lakes and valleys, the Appalachian Mountains are a hotbed for mysterious creature sightings. Skilled in hunting and tracking, the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) interview witnesses and investigate the truth behind alleged creepy encounters with the Wolfman, the Mothman, the Wampus Beast and more.

Mountain Monsters, Season 5 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Mountain Monsters, Season 508 April 20178 Episodes

After nine months of silence and hearing nothing from the Rogue Team, youngest AIMS team member, Buck, is tired of waiting and decides to take matters into his own hands and start getting some answers once and for all. Buck's bold actions cause a huge division in the AIMS team as they are split in half but also get results as the Rogue Team finally emerges from the shadows.

Mountain Monsters, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Mountain Monsters, Season 307 March 20158 Episodes

For generations, the Appalachian Mountains have had more sightings of mysterious creatures than anywhere else in the United States. Now a team of hardcore hunters and trappers are out to identify these unexplained creatures. These beasts are on the run as these skilled outdoorsmen follow the fresh physical evidence gathered by eyewitnesses from the region.

Mountain Monsters, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Mountain Monsters, Season 204 April 201414 Episodes

Legendary local beasts like the Hellhound, Yahoo, Fire Dragon, and Hogzilla aren't just old wives tales, and the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings (AIMS) team is in hot pursuit to prove it. Putting a lifetime of training to the test, the AIMS team investigates, tracks, and attempts to trap these evasive creatures.

Mountain Monsters, Season 4 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Mountain Monsters, Season 423 January 201611 Episodes

The AIMS team resumes their epic quest to prove the existence of Bigfoot in the Appalachia in an all new season. The search starts with a Bigfoot that Native American folklore says has a coat of fur so thick that it cannot be pierced by arrows, then on to Kentucky where two Bigfoot Clans have been reported to be at war with each other.

Mountain Monsters, Season 6 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Mountain Monsters, Season 628 August 201910 Episodes

This season runs full-steam ahead towards a new raucous adventure as the AIMS team chases seven monsters deeply rooted in folklore and somehow connected to the greatest creature of all -- Spearfinger. Each creature is more treacherous than the last, and the team members must rely on their expert knowledge of the terrain and the bond of their brotherhood to sustain the hunt.

Mountain Monsters, Season 8 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Mountain Monsters, Season 802 January 202210 Episodes

It's Bigfoot or bust for AIMS as the team heads back to the Tygart Valley to hunt down a massive Sasquatch that roams those hidden hills. Equipped with a shoeshine box full of clues, the guys soon learn they're in a cryptozoic hot spot unlike any other.

Mountain Monsters, Season 7 (TV series) Languages

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