Resident Alien, Season 1

Resident Alien, Season 1 Summary

An alien on a mission to Earth crash lands and finds himself in the remote mountain town of Patience, Colorado. After assuming human form and taking the identity of a doctor, Harry Vanderspeigle, the alien works in Patience's clinic, struggling to blend in with the humans and understand their baffling traditions and emotions, all while trying to complete his mission. But to do that, Harry will have to outwit the one child in town who can see through his disguise and outrun the secret government agents hunting for him. Resident Alien, Season 1 Wiki

Resident Alien, Season 1 Synopsis

An alien hiding in a small Colorado town meets the locals when they ask him to help solve a murder.
In his first week at the clinic, Harry struggles to diagnose a strange feeling: human emotion.
Harry races to keep his secret safe as Asta is forced to face her own past.
Harry travels to the Ute Reservation to help Asta's grandmother, and along the way, learns what it means to belong to a community.
A surprise visitor gives Harry an introduction to marriage, a stressful human institution he needs to familiarize himself with.
Harry copes with jealousy when the mayor hires an annoyingly perfect new town doctor.
Fearing he's facing failure, Harry enlists an unlikely ally to help find his ship.

Resident Alien, Season 1 Trailer

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Resident Alien, Season 1 Episodes

Resident Alien is a dark, twisted and comedic fish-out-of-water story that follows a crash-landed alien named Harry who, after taking on the identity of a small-town Colorado doctor, slowly begins to wrestle with the moral dilemma of his secret mission on Earth — ultimately asking the question, "Are human beings worth saving?"

An alien hiding in a small Colorado town meets the locals when they ask him to help solve a murder.

In his first week at the clinic, Harry struggles to diagnose a strange feeling: human emotion.

Harry races to keep his secret safe as Asta is forced to face her own past.

Birds of a Feather
Harry travels to the Ute Reservation to help Asta's grandmother and learns what it means to belong.

Love Language
A surprise visitor introduces Harry to a stressful human institution: marriage.

Episode TitleTime
Birds of a Feather44:38
Love Language45:48

Resident Alien, Season 1 Comments & Critics

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Resident Alien, Season 1 Reviews

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- One of my favorite new tv shows!5 star

So happy to have found this, it's very funny and Alan Tudyk is great, as always. Now I'm just hoping syfy doesn't cancel it...

- Its like E.T. if he were a total A**hole5 star

Funny,weird,twisted and interesting. Anyone who has lived in a small town knows tons of people like this-even the Alien. This is the best show SyFy has had in years-I’m sure they’ll cancel it sometime in Season 2 and replace it with Ghost Hunters or Wrestling. Until then...enjoy the ride Earthlings!

- My favorite new series5 star

Great cast, great writing. Hope this is renewed.

- Fun and Dark5 star

I look forward to seeing this show each week!

- Best SciFi comedy/drama EVER5 star

Finally a SciFi tv show which is right on the spot, perfect combo of SciFi, drama, thriller and...a little bit of comedy. Nicely done.

- Bummed1 star

Loved some sci-fi shows like haven, eureka, and serious serenity fan, love Tudyk, what could go wrong? Watched 3 episodes so far and ...... nothing. Finding it incredibly boring. Totally not working for me, so far.

- Refreshing5 star

Its a quirky comedy, definitely left of center, love it!

- Great5 star

Alan Tudyk is always brilliant. Alan Tudyk as a narcissistic genocidal alien at war with a small child... favorite show out there right now.

- Such a great show!5 star

I’m not a person that leaves reviews but in this case it’s deserved! I have two high school boys at home and this is the first show, in a while, that they will sit and watch with me. The characters in this show are colorful and likable. The actor that plays the alien literally looks, at times, like an alien wearing a human skin suit. His facial expressions as he navigates the complexities of human emotions, culture, & life are truly amazing and funny. The alien is so “superior” to everyone except the boy he’s trying to kill. This little boy constantly gets the better of him and those situations are some of the best most creative parts of the show. Also a shout out to “Big Black” the town sheriff with the big black truck😂. I really enjoy his character’s dominant personality and confidence as he leads the murder investigation. I hope the writers are able to continue with the high bar they have set for themselves in the first 3 episodes. This show is Great!!!

- Love it‼️5 star

Great great great tv show‼️

- Been a fun ride so far5 star

I just wrapped up episode 3 and it’s been great. I love a good Sci-Fi with humor. This show really helps fill the void while I wait on the 3rd season of Orville to be released.

- Pure Genius!5 star

It felt like there were no gems like this before. Resident Alien isn't the low grade B-show we all expect from syfy either & Im loving it! I was never one for crime shows but this places an oddly dark comedic spin on things. It also contains heartfelt & awkward moments we can all relate to-human or alien. Actors A+!

- Disappointing1 star

I like the main actor. But even that could not compel me to finish the pilot. Just lame.

- The Doctor’s Out Of This World!5 star

This is the show that the world needs right now! It doesn’t take itself seriously and it is a funny, wild ride that will blow this world’s mind! Alan Tudyk was born to play this role, he is absolutely perfect! After seeing just the first two episodes I’m already ready to give it the title of favorite currently running show (and that’s a lot coming from me seeing that I’m a huge Marvel fan and WandaVision is currently going)! This is going to be one of those shows that will stand the test of time as the standard of care for sci-if dramedies! I really hope that SYFY does this one right (unlike they did with Krypton) and let’s the fans continue to enjoy it for years to come!

- Very Enjoyable!5 star

Definitely worth watching. The episodes keep moving forward with humor. The entire cast is great.👽

- Fantastic!5 star

So great to see a show that delivers what you paid for... entertainment. Warm hearted mixed with dark comedy on a DarkHorse Comics storyline without heavy-handed agenda driven politics. Who would’ve thought it could happen in 2021? Thanks to the TV gods - hahaha. You want to get a message out TV land? Please take pause and just write a book then I’ll decide if I want it yammering into my head for $10.99, okay? Its been worse than a born again censor brigade.

- ET Phones home5 star

Love it! Finally some humor ! Reminds me of shows that were just fun to watch back in the day! Glad they created this I enjoy it.

- Season pass1 star

I can’t play other episodes.... I bought the season pass and I can’t watch anything yet!?

- Love it!5 star

Can’t wait for the next episode! One of best pilots I have seen in a while

- Excellent New Series!5 star

The Pilot was excellent, and if the series continues in this direction, it is going to be a top-notch show. I am very impressed with the acting, storyline, and it is a plot-driven extravaganza, so this one is a keeper for sure. Enjoy!

- Love this show5 star

Great comedy will humanity survive or do the aliens kill everyone.?

- Great pilot!5 star

The pilot was very funny and I quite enjoyed it! Really looking forward to more episodes in the future! :)

- Awesome, funniest show I’ve seen in a year5 star

Awesome, funniest show I’ve seen in a year

- Finally!!!5 star

Such an amazing show !! Episode one was amazing!!!

- Totally love it.5 star

I loved the first episode. Can't wait for more.

- fhhvxstj5 star

Perhaps perfect

- Pilot was excellent!5 star

Such a prmosing, excellent pilot! Here's hoping its more X-Files and not Eureka.

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Resident Alien, Season 1 Images & Pictures

Resident Alien, Season 1 images
Resident Alien, Season 1 images
Resident Alien, Season 1 images
Resident Alien, Season 1 images

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Resident Alien, Season 1 posters
Resident Alien, Season 1 posters
Resident Alien, Season 1 posters
Resident Alien, Season 1 posters
Resident Alien, Season 1 posters
Resident Alien, Season 1 posters
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