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The Real World: Austin Release Date and Synopsis

For its 16th season, The Real World heads for Austin — and a heaping helping of Texas-sized drama. "Don't Mess With Texas," the locals are fond of saying — and that goes double for this cast. Shacked up in a tricked-out former warehouse in the heart of downtown, the new seven strangers explore Austin's legendary "Sixth Street" nightlife, which happens to be just around the corner from their house. With the usual blend of very different roommates — from a fraternity guy to a military vet to a self-described "wild child" — tension inevitably arises, as does romance. As the season progresses, an unexpected relationship between two castmates takes a shocking, life-changing turn. In the midst of all this, the roomies must plunge headlong into Austin's vibrant live music scene to learn to shoot, edit, and direct their own documentary on the South by Southwest Music Festival.

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PleaseOmg! i love this show.and i cant get enough of it.its the best season if someone could please sooooo kindly gift this season to me!it would be the best.thankssss and please:].Score: 5/5

LOVE it!This season was definately my much drama! I especially love how two of my most favorite bands in the WHOLE world are in it! Hellogoodbye and Halifax<3 A definite must buy!!!!!.Score: 5/5

This is the best season yet!So far this has been the best season yet because most of these people go on the fresh meat and the duel and i <3 WES! and he is in the finals for the duel.Score: 5/5

Where's the last episode?I love that TRW is here - they definitely need San Diego. But why is the final episode not here!?!.Score: 3/5

PhillyOMG! We need Real World Philly! That was the best season eva! I think it was season 15!!! Didn't watch the past season and saw very little of Key West!.Score: 4/5

ADD IT!!!!!ITunes PLEASE add the reunion!!!!!!!!!!.Score: 5/5

Real World AustinI love the Real World and this was my fav season so I was happy to see it on itunes. I wish shows were $0.99 like the songs (cough, cough).Score: 5/5

Buy it!This was my 2nd favorite seasonnnn san diego was my needs to go on itunes asap!.Score: 5/5

AAHHH!I already have this season on my itunes but you should get real world maine!.Score: 5/5

Best showThis is the best show ever! No Real World is better than REAL WORLD AUSTIN!.Score: 5/5

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The Real World: Austin (2006) Series Cast & Crew

The Real World: Austin (2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Real World: The characters of season in. all returned for the real world: austin.

Jonathan Murray (Producer), Mary-Ellis Bunim (Producer), all returned for the real world.

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The Real World (Season in) Full Episodes

Each year, seven strangers in their twenties, from different backgrounds and countries, are chosen to come live together in a major city.

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  • 2006
1Howdy, Welcome to Austin (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Howdy, Welcome to Austin

21 June 2005$29.99

Seven strangers arrive in Austin and embark upon their new journey. Wes, Nehemiah, Johanna, Rachel, Danny, Melinda, and Lacey all seem to mesh well at first and crushes are developed fast. Danny is taken with Melinda, but she has a boyfriend. Johanna is taken with Danny, while Wes is crushing on Johanna. A dip in the hot tub and a few drinks later, Melinda and Rachel are making out. Soon after, everyone is taking a shower together and Wes and Danny are proposing marriage to Rachel and Melinda.

2One Man's Loss; Another's Gain (The Real World) recap, spoilers

One Man's Loss; Another's Gain

28 June 2005$29.99

Melinda comforts Danny, who is in extreme pain from his broken cheekbone, while the roommates have another night on the town. Danny and Melinda grow closer, but the roommates come home early and spoil the moment. A disturbing phone call from Melinda's boyfriend causes her to end the relationship and pushes her further into Danny's arms. The roommates also learn they will be making a documentary on the South by Southwest Film and Music Festival.

3Danny's Surgery (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Danny's Surgery

05 July 2006$29.99

Danny's dad comes to visit and he and Melinda accompany Danny into surgery. In the hospital, Melinda comforts Danny and the two grow even closer. Meanwhile Rachel continually throws herself at Wes, who declares his love for Johanna, but is turned down. Mix in Johanna, a hot bartender, and body shots, and Wes begins to lose hope of ever making a connection.

4Love & War (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Love & War

12 July 2005$29.99

When Rachel talks about her experience as a soldier in Iraq, an explosive argument about war ensues with Nehemiah. Her brash and bossy nature proves to be a little too much for her housemates to handle. Also, a drunken night out results in Melinda kissing Wes, and when Lacey accidentally lets the cat out of the bag, Danny becomes cold to Melinda's advances. The roommates also learn the basics of production so the can begin work on the documentary.

5First Dates (The Real World) recap, spoilers

First Dates

19 July 2005$29.99

While "on a break" from her boyfriend back home, Rachel finds a new romance with Colin. But the roommates get wind of the fact that Colin has a girlfriend whom he hasn't mentioned to Rachel. Wes and Nehemiah raid the groupie drawer in search of potential hook ups. Wes proves he can talk the talk, but not walk the walk.

6Mel and Danny Get Up-Close and Personal (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Mel and Danny Get Up-Close and Personal

26 July 2005$29.99

The roommates soak up the bar life, while Danny stays home to recover from his eye surgery. Just when Danny thinks he is all alone for the night, Melinda surprises him with hugs, kisses, and nakedness, which saves him from his sorrow. Melinda and Danny's puppy love takes a different direction when Danny wants his cake, and to eat it too. Danny turns to Nehemiah and Wes for advice. The boys in the house plan a wild night out with cheerleaders, while the girls get sexy for their own evening. Countless shots later, and after a night spent over the toilet, Danny realizes his true feelings for Melinda. Ain't love sweet?

7A Heartbreaking Valentine's Day (The Real World) recap, spoilers

A Heartbreaking Valentine's Day

02 August 2005$29.99

Danny plans a special Valentine's Day date with Melinda, and goes on an all day hunt with Nehemiah to find the perfect shirt and tie. Johanna gets unexpected flowers from her crush Leo. Melinda primps and prepares for her big date with Danny, but when Danny arrives home from his shopping spree, he receives the tragic news that his mom died earlier that day. Stunned and shocked, Danny plans a flight home to be with his family.

8Heading Home (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Heading Home

09 August 2005$29.99

A heartbroken Danny returns to Massachusetts for his mother's funeral. A distraught Mel worries about whether or not he will come back to Texas. Nehemiah worries that his mother won't make it out of rehab. Lacey's boyfriend Ryan, who's been in a wheelchair since youth, visits.

9Jo and Leo Sittin' In a Tree (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Jo and Leo Sittin' In a Tree

16 August 2005$29.99

Jo and Leo finally go on a date! Jo decides she actually doesn't have strong feelings for Leo but she still flirts with him at the bar. Leo pulls Wes aside and expresses his concern that Jo is leading him on. Wes forwards this message to Jo, who isn't happy to hear it. An angry Jo tells Wes she isn't speaking to him for a long time. We are left wondering what exactly is going on between the pair, and just who has feelings for who.

10Danny's Back (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Danny's Back

23 August 2005$29.99

The gang's next film assignment is to create short portraits of each other. They choose the following set-ups: Rachel/Lacey, Wes/Nehemiah, Mel/Jo. They are also surprised to find out that they have their very own editing room in the house. Film buff Nehemiah is especially thrilled because this is like a dream come true for him. Danny unexpectedly returns and instead of hanging out with Mel (who's been hoping and wishing for his return), he decides to go out with the guys. When the roomates run into each other at the bar, a distracted Danny ignores Melinda. Jo tries to console Melinda by hittin' the clubs--hard. By the time they return home, Melinda is an absolute mess. When Danny gets home, he steps in and forces Mel to puke because she's drunk so much. In her current state of mind, Jo decides to forgive and forget when she strikes up a conversation with Wes. So much for not speaking to him for weeks.

11Things Are Heating Up (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Things Are Heating Up

30 August 2005$29.99

While Wes is out on the town trying to be the pimp he always says he can be, he meets the hottest girl in the whole bar, Wren. Wes instantly feels a connection with Wren and tells her, in front of the other roommates, that she makes him want to be a better person. Jo says she's not jealous, but it's clear she's having second thoughts about blowing Wes off so quickly. After Rachel makes out with the bouncer of a local bar, Nehemiah calls her a slut and Rachel freaks out. The girls try to console Rachel but all she wants to do is hit Nehemiah and go home. Meanwhile, Wes seems to have fallen in love with Wren. But after a few drinks on Wes' "boys' night out" with the roommates and a little prodding from Jo, Wes and Jo share their first kiss and end up making out for most of the night. Nehemiah is furious to find out Wes got to Jo first, but then decides Wes might as well seal the deal, if not for Nehemiah, then for America! In the aftermath of Rachel and Nehemiah's fight, Danny asks Rachel to go for a walk so she can open up about some of her experiences in Iraq. It helps Rachel to talk to Danny about what's clearly on her mind and also makes her realize that she still has some issues to deal with.

12Trouble's In the Air (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Trouble's In the Air

06 September 2005$29.99

The gang screen their portraits for their editor, Paul, who criticizes Nehemiah's work. Since Nehemiah was a film major he is surprised and hurt by this but takes it in stride. The roommates begin thinking about what bands they will focus on for their final film. At the bar, Nehemiah gets wild after someone spills a drink on him. He claims that the person deliberately threw it on him. He seems to be looking to fight, but Wes stops him from getting too violent. Later, Nehemiah confesses to his mom that he doesn't like Lacey. Meanwhile, Wes and Wren are still hooking up.

13Ranchin' It (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Ranchin' It

13 September 2005$29.99

Mel plans a weekend getaway for the gang on a ranch, but the boys seem to be thinking of open pastures in the relationship sense. The thought of a little horesplay makes Danny question just what he is doing with Mel. In Real World fashion, the gang hit the bars the night before their trip. While out, a mystery girl plants a much unexpected kiss on Wes. Wes panics and immediately starts explaining, "she kissed me" to anyone who will listen. Lucky for Wes, Wren brushes it off as "not a big deal." On the drunken walk home, Danny enlightens Wes that they need their space from the girls to be able to take advantage of the experience and "see what's up." The next morning, still a little hung over, the gang arrives at the ranch for a little riding. Mel shows off her skills on a horse and impresses the group. Later that night there is a sing-along by the fire --which also provides the setting for Mel and Danny's snuggle-fest and relationship talk. Danny continues to question the relationship. The next day the gang gets down to some dirty work cleaning up after the horses, but the chore breaks into a "poo war." Later that night, the boys seem to all be in agreement that Wes and Danny need some space from the girls or face missing out on what could be the best time of their life. Back in Austin, Danny and Mel explain to each other that they are on different pages in their relationship. Mel is tired of waiting for Danny to understand why she wants to be with him and Danny still feels he is missing out on something. Guess you don't know what you got till it's gone.

14Johanna's Jailbreak (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Johanna's Jailbreak

20 September 2005$29.99

Drinking seems to bring out another side of Johanna. Where could it possibly land her? Rachel and Johanna sit around and talk about Johanna's drunken actions the night before. Johanna seems to get out of control when she puts back a few, so much so that it took Rachel and Mel to hold her back. While playing a game of pool, Wes busts Danny's balls, the ones not on the pool table, over Mel. Danny writes Mel a letter telling her how he loves her and cares about her. All excited, the boys head out for the bars, but the girls are not far behind. After getting a girl's digits and catching a glimpse of what he was missing in walks Mel and the girls. Danny can't believe it. Mel makes it clear she is not waiting around for Danny. While the drama between Mel and Danny rises, Rachel drops the news that Johanna had just stolen a rose from a homeless man and ran off. A little confused, the gang heads outside to see police and Johanna being put in cuffs. Johanna is taken in for public intoxication. Danny and Wes jump in a cab to go pick up Johanna. While in the cab Danny writes a number for Wes down on his hand. Stretching for some help, Lacey calls Leo to devise a plan to spring jail bird Johanna. After being denied at the jail to pick up Johanna, Wes and Danny head back home. Mel spots the numbers on Danny's hand and can't believe it. Lacey and Rachel comfort Mel. Mel proceeds to say that Danny's letter was bullshit, but Danny was listening in. He breaks it to Mel that the number is not his and that he did nothing wrong. Early morning roles around and Johanna calls from jail. Lacey breaks it to Johanna that she called Leo but instead of getting mad Johanna says Leo was all she was thinking of. Danny and Mel sit down and make up from the last night's fight. Meanwhile, Johanna decides to get her charged dismissed by paying a fine and doing community service. Leo picks Johanna up from jail and they go back to the house to talk. Jail bird Johanna returns home and the roommates still can't believe she committed "grand theft carnation."

15Jo and Leo: To Be or Not to Be? (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Jo and Leo: To Be or Not to Be?

27 September 2005$29.99

Johanna has it bad for Leo, but (surprise!) Leo has a girl on the side. Johanna talks with Wes and gets his take on the whole situation. Wes tells her to be more up front with what she wants and to watch out, but Johanna can't keep her distance. Leo comes over later that night for a little M.O.S. (make out session) on the love sack. Lacey watches the intimate moment on the house's closed-circuit TV and gives her boyfriend Ryan the play by play, while from afar Wes spots two pair of feet popping out from under the covers. Johanna likes the side of Leo that was unleashed that night and can't get enough, so she goes back for more. Another night, another invitation from Johanna for Leo to come over for some fun, another reason for Wes to hit his boiling point. He starts throwing magazines and trash around, culminating his tantrum by tossing a chair in the pool. Mel pokes fun at Wes by showing his clothes how to swim. Later that night, Leo shows up with a box of bratwursts and some love. The next morning, who's in Johanna's bed still sleeping? Leo! However, just when Johanna lets her guard down to realize that she really likes Leo, he backs away. After an agonizing time waiting for a call, Johanna finally confronts Leo at the bar and finds out that maybe she should have kept up her walls after all. Tears fall.

16The Best Documentarians Yet (The Real World) recap, spoilers

The Best Documentarians Yet

04 October 2005$29.99

Love and work don't always mix so well. Danny realizes how lucky he is to have such a great connection with Mel and asks her to be his girlfriend. SxSW starts and the gang jump into work mode--well, maybe just a few of them. The group finds out from their boss, Paul, that by early next week they must have a decent rough cut of their documentary or they can't go on their vacation. Most people would hunker down and get down to work, but love makes work take the backseat. Mel ignores her pager while on a lunch date with Danny. The two proceed to go A.W.O.L. instead of meeting up with the rest of the group to film an interview with the band Enon. Nehemiah and Lacey can't believe Mel's tardiness. Later that night, the gang runs into the band Halifax and decide to join them for a little fun. Nehemiah, however, finds drinking on the job completely unprofessional. The night leads to some drunken jealousy for Danny when a Halifax band member hits on Mel. The next day, Nehemiah confronts the other boys about their drinking the night before, to no avail. Nehemiah does not want somebody else's partying to keep him from this vacation. Danny, again, finds himself lost and not understanding if Mel wants to be with him. Mel and Katie have a talk about Danny, and Katie gives Mel the advice to let Danny "think he's right." During a sit down with Danny, Mel caves in and tells Danny that she is sorry and understands why he is mad. Mel explains to him that she just wants him to trust her. Trust is fine and well, but that documentary's not going to finish itself.

17SXSW All the Way (The Real World) recap, spoilers

SXSW All the Way

11 October 2005$29.99

South by Southwest is in full swing and the roomies are busy gathering footage for their documentary. First up is the band Halifax, whom everyone seems to like except for Lacey. When the band chills at the Real World house, Rachel develops a little crush on lead singer Mike. This leads her to drunkenly show off for him, diving into the basketball game and pulling it off the wall and breaking it. The sight of a broken basketball game brings out gloomy faces in the boys. Nehemiah blows a gasket and begins to belittle Rachel, which sends her into tears. The next morning Danny, Wes and Rachel hit the road to film the band Hellogoodbye at their campsite. While in the car, Danny mentions how much trash Lacey talks about everyone behind their back. After not being able to find the band, the three return home to a call from Forrest, the lead singer, wondering where they are. Lucky for them the band is camping the next day as well, but Rachel tries to pass off the interview to Lacey's team. Lacey, however, is having none of that. At any rate, Rachel, Danny, and Mel's second attempt to get Hellogoodbye on tape is a success. In celebration, Danny decides to take a leap off a cliff and convinces Mel to jump with him. Back at the editing room, Rachel comes across some surprising footage of Lacey talking smack about Rachel. The gang agrees that Rachel needs to confront Lacey about the footage and adds some educated guesses as to what she is going to say. Rachel shows Lacey the footage abd Lacey answers exactly as the roomies predicted. They should really use their powers for good.

18Love Hurts (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Love Hurts

18 October 2005$29.99

Rachel's boy Erik is paying Rachel a visit, but it's not clear yet whether love or heartbreak is on the itinerary. Meanwhile, Danny starts the search for the guy who sucker-punched him. Erik arrives with Rachel's dog Reese in hand. According to Lacey, who cannot understand the concept of "taking a break," Erik is just being taken for a ride. While Reese enjoys a swimming lesson from Danny and Erik, it looks like Erik's not going to have as much fun: in bed Rachel breaks the news that she doesn't want to have sex. Wes and Erik bond at the foosball table before heading out with the gang. While at the bar, Erik confronts Rachel about their relationship, but Rachel dodges the questions. Danny, while holding Mel's hand, continues to aid the police in their search for the sucker-puncher. When Lacey and Erik have a deep conversation about relationships, Rachel freaks out. Rachel talks to Erik about his talk with Lacey and brings up the fact that she is still not ready for a relationship. Back home, Wes sets up a groupie party for Erik to get his mind off Rachel. Rachel gets jealous and leaves. She worries that this "break" could separate them forever. The detective working on Danny's case passes on the good news that a warrant is out for the arrest of the sucker-puncher. Erik leaves disappointed and hurt, with party girl Rachel still out on the prowl.

19The Pressure's On (The Real World) recap, spoilers

The Pressure's On

25 October 2006$29.99

The pressure is on the roomies as the deadline for their film project approaches. Everyone's reputation is at stake, especially aspiring film student Nehimiah's.. Since the housemates know that Nehimiah has previous editing experience, they leave all of the video editing to the expert, something that Lacey and Rachel don't feel completely comfortable doing. Judgment day arrives sooner than anyone would like it to, and Paul comes to the house to see what the housemates have been working on the entire time they've been there. Paul sees the video and does not seem too enthusiastic, asking the housemates to keep on working on the video until they show it to the Austin Film Society the next day. Nehimiah decides to go out of the house later that night to freestyle rap at a club, leaving his roommates behind to fend for themselves in the editing lab. Melinda and Rachel take turns editing the footage, trying to use all of the suggestions that Paul had given them earlier that day. Nehimiah comes to the house later that night, and goes to sleep confident that he won't have a problem finishing the film in time for the deadline the next day. Time is ticking, and Lacey really starts to feel the pressure. Nehimiah finishes the film, but one hour before the housemates are supposed to go show it, the computer freezes and doesn't let anyone write the video to tape. Luckily the housemates call to get help, and one minute before the film screening is supposed to take place, Lacey and Rachel arrive with the tape in hand. All of Nehimiah's last minute efforts work out for the best, as the Austin Film Society critics seem to like the movie, giving the housemates a little constructive criticism. Paul tells the housemates later on that they have earned their trip after all of their hard work. The housemates are even more excited when they discover that they have won a trip to go to Costa Rica.

20Watch Out, Costa Rica (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Watch Out, Costa Rica

01 November 2005$29.99

Watch out, Costa comes the cast from Real World: Austin! The housemates are so psyched to be in Costa Rica that they head straight for the beach as soon as they arrive at their ocean-view hotel. And of course, it wouldn't be a vacation without a late night of bar-hopping and hitting the town. On their way to the bar, several locals ride past the housemates on their bikes, yelling to Melinda. A jealous Danny does everything he can to restrain his temper. "It's hard not to snap" Danny tells Nehemiah later that night at the bar, describing his feelings for Melinda.

21Nehemiah's Actin' Up (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Nehemiah's Actin' Up

08 November 2005$29.99

Wes can't seem to get his mind off the ladies, especially the frontrunner for his heart, Wren. He can't decide whether to continue what he has with her or to start playing the field again. Later the gang gets invited to a special screening of the documentary Dig! Wes and Danny ditch the invitation, claiming they have better things to do with their Friday night. At the screening, the rest of the gang meet and get advice from Dig! director Ondi Timoner. The next day, Ondi pays Nehemiah a visit at the house to give him some professional advice and a little pep talk. Nehemiah again takes on the responsibility to complete the editing but cannot seem to get anything done, much to Rachel and Lacey's chagrin. Wes and Johanna talk about their flirty relationship and how there are no strings attached - and that is what they love about it. Later at the bar, Johanna and Wes get a little hot and heavy in front of Wren, making her jealous just as Wes intended. The spectacle finally scores him what he's been dreaming of--a hook-up with Wren. The following night the gang hit the streets of Austin for a few beers. Later on, they can't seem to find Nehemiah. It turns out that, while he should have been in the editing room working on the documentary, he instead opted for jail. Those crazy Real Worlders, always picking a cell over that nice house - when will they learn?

22Who's In Jail? (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Who's In Jail?

15 November 2005$29.99

Ring ring...who is it? Oh, it's Nehemiah and he is calling from jail! The documentary screening is just around the corner and the editor is behind bars. What is the gang to do? After hearing the news of Nehemiah's arrest Danny heads to the Travis County Justice Complex to gather some information on what happened. Danny returns later to tell the roommates that Nehemiah had gotten into a fight and his bond will be close to $2000. Rachel brings up the fact that the screening of their project is coming up and with Nehemiah in jail nothing is getting done. Nehemiah finally gets through to the house and Danny organizes a way to get him out of jail by having the production front him his check. Rachel and Lacey rally around the project so that work will continue and they will meet their deadline. David, the gang's Instructor/Editor, pays them a visit and receives the bad news that Nehemiah is in the slammer. David has some doubts that the gang will be ready for their screening date, but the gang believes they can do it. Nehemiah returns to the house and explains he earned his trip to the pokey by hitting someone. Wes breaks it to him that he is possibly looking at another $4000 and up to a year in jail. After finding the guy he hit and apologizing, Nehemiah goes back to editing while the rest of the roomies are out partying. Wes returns home after a night of drinking and does what Wes does best, break stuff and cause trouble. Wes gets in Rachel's face after a confrontation over the phone and slaps her. Later, when he sobers up a bit, he cannot believe or remember the things he did that night. Nehemiah finishes up the rest of the editing and the project is done. Time for the screening, and Wes and Nehemiah go to the viewing in their very best Dumb And Dumber-style tuxedos.

23Goodbye Austin (The Real World) recap, spoilers

Goodbye Austin

22 November 2005$29.99

All good things must come to and end, and what would a roomie farewell be without some drama for the road? Mel takes Danny on a little romantic trip back to the spot where they first met and tells him she will go to Boston with him. Back at the house the packing starts. Wes and the gang reminisce about their first night at the house and all hope for a great last night out together as roomies. First to go is Rachel. She leaves without saying goodbye to Wes or Nehemiah. Next to go is Nehemiah. He is not going very far, however, as he has to stay in Austin for his court date. Lacey's boyfriend Ryan shows up to surprise her. Wes leaves with a tearful hug from Johanna. Johanna leaves with a face streaked with tears. Danny and Mel do a final walk through the house, reminiscing. They then head off to the airport to say goodbye to Austin and hello to a life with each other.


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Has The Real World: Austin been confirmed? Will there be a the real world: austin?
The countdown to The Real World [2006] Season in Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of The Real World is soon going to be released.

The Real World: Austin start date: When does the real world: austin come back?
The Real World: Austin will air on Tuesday 21st of June 2005.

How many episodes will be in the real world: austin?
With the season now airing in June 2005. There will be 23 episodes in season in.

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The Real World: New Orleans cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Real World: New Orleans30 June 201012 Episodes

Eight new strangers find themselves right smack in the middle of the "Who Dat Nation," caught up in the reverie of a Super Bowl victory and the never ending party known as Mardi Gras. Caught up in the rebirth of New Orleans, the roommates discover compassion and romance, while igniting a passion for the city's legendary food and music. The diverse group includes an ex-basketball star, a DC State Department worker, a Florida beach beauty, and a Lebanese girl who leaves her tight-knit family for the first time. Living in a gorgeous Southern style home, the roommates' journey is not all parades and fun: a Mississippi party girl is haunted by abuse from a past boyfriend; a hockey player is determined to stay sober after an addiction to painkillers; and a bitter rivalry between two roommates reaches a crisis point and threatens the entire house.

The Real World: Las Vegas cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Real World: Las Vegas14 November 200628 Episodes

The Real World's drama-packed 12th season was set in the world's most infamous and decadent destination playground, Las Vegas. Marking a break with tradition, the season's seven strangers found their new home in a spectacular three-bedroom high-roller penthouse suite in Las Vegas' hippest luxury hotel, the Palms Resort and Casino. With the desert fun-zone of Las Vegas as their 24/7 stage, the cast embarked on a sexy five-month journey, which includes two cast romances — Steven and Trishelle, and Alton and Irulan. The Palms Resort and Casino, in addition to being their home base, also employed this season's seven with jobs as club promoters. The cast also had the opportunity to gain new perspective on one another on a thrilling international vacation to Australia.

The Real World: Las Vegas, Season 25 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Real World: Las Vegas, Season 2509 March 201113 Episodes

The Real World Las Vegas is the true story of seven strangers living in a city defined by pleasure, temptation and the excitement of youth. It's a three month journey through the lives of Adam, Dustin, Heather, Leroy, Michael, Naomi, and Nany as they get to know each other, reveal secrets about themselves, -- and experience life like they never have before in a specially designed suite at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. Everything in Vegas is on a grander scale, and that comes through loud and clear this season. Romance among the cast members is at an all time high, and as secrets each cast member has brought with them are revealed, those relationships will be challenged and tested. In some cases the relationships will fail the test and in other cases they will come out stronger and deeper.

The Real World: San Diego cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Real World: San Diego27 September 201112 Episodes

Seven strangers find themselves in San Diego and though the locale may be sun-soaked and beachy, there are storms brewing. It’s a three month journey through the lives of Ashley, Alexandra, Frank, Nathan, Priscilla, Sam and Zach as they get to know, not just each other, but who they really are themselves. Living in the seaside community of La Jolla, the roommates must learn to navigate the waters, both in and outside the house. The diverse group includes a Zimbabwean Gymnast, a Professional Football Player, a Nuclear Engineer, a Drag King, a Model, a Bisexual Recent Graduate, and a San Diego Native who, as the youngest in the house, may have something to teach her roommates yet. The endless summer awaits.

The Real World: DC cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Real World: DC30 December 200914 Episodes

With high hopes and expectations, eight new roommates come to our nation's capital for the 23rd season of The Real World, each pursuing their own passions and goals whether it be music or photography, political cartooning, or campaigning for Human Rights -- while enjoying DC's exuberant and diverse nightlife. Swept up in the excitement of the new administration to serve and impact change, the roommates experience their own personal growth and life changes: a small town Texas girl realizes her dream; the jokester of the house has to get serious when it comes to love; a dysfunctional romance threatens to divide the house; and a young man learns that coming out is not only a personal choice but a political one as well.

The Real World: Ex-Plosion cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Real World: Ex-Plosion15 January 201421 Episodes

Expect the unexpected in this new season of The Real World. This season starts with seven strangers who all have complicated relationships with their exes and are ready to be free, enjoying single life in the Real World house.  But just when they get comfortable and new relationships start to brew…. surprise, their exes move in. This season is a return to the beautiful backdrop of San Francisco but viewers will quickly learn this is a fresh re-take of The Real World from top to bottom. The season kicks off with the cast finding out they made the show and only have a couple hours to pack and head to the house. When the excited singles arrive at their loft, the hookups begin almost immediately. One couple even hooks up in the confessional the second night. Being in close quarters with brand-new roommates immediately puts the roommates to the test as one wild roommate ostracizes herself from the group and decides to move out. With relationships building and tempers flaring, the roommates are completely caught off guard when they find out their exes have moved into their place – and are there to stay! The new living arrangement  throws a major wrench in the roommates love lives. Love triangles, jealousy, scandal, fights, hook ups, break ups and make ups take over the house as our roommates either learn to live with their exes or push them out one by one. It’s a passionate new living situation - the first time to ever be explored on the Real World.

The Real World: Portland cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Real World: Portland27 March 201320 Episodes

Seven new “strangers” of The Real World, plus the house dog Daisy, are about to stop being polite and start getting real in the hip Pacific Northwest town of Portland, Oregon. Living in the trendy Pearl district, filled with cool bars, coffee shops, food trucks, and bicyclists, these roommates quickly immerse themselves in Portland culture, working in two of the city’s hippest local eateries. In a town whose slogan is to stay weird, this cast is truly inspired to be themselves and to get real no matter the cost. With such individuality around them, these roommates blaze their own trail.

The Real World: St. Thomas cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Real World: St. Thomas27 June 201215 Episodes

Like seven stranded castaways, our newest “strangers” of The Real World live on a small island -- right in the middle of the busy harbor of St. Thomas of the US Virgin Islands. Full of pranks, rum, and romance; these roommates party like pirates –immersing themselves into the culture of the Caribbean, from boating and scuba diving, to dancing in the streets of the traditional Carnival parade! Amidst all the fun in the sun, romances bloom so beware, there may be rough seas ahead.

The Real World: Skeletons cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Real World: Skeletons16 December 201413 Episodes

Seven strangers move into an old nightclub turned fabulous urban loft in Chicago’s West Loop, looking forward to high times in the Windy City -- leaving their hometowns behind. But each of these roommates has skeletons in their closets – shattered lives, broken relationships, estranged family members, and dark secrets. They soon discover they cannot run away from their past mistakes; unresolved issues and abhorrent behavior will resurface as the ‘last person on earth they wanted to see,’ comes knocking on their door. Each episode, a new skeleton literally arrives on their doorstep to stay in the house, forcing each roommate to deal with their past lives. Visiting skeletons reveal surprising details about each of the seven roommates, exposing their secrets, their loves, and their ultimate desire to overcome the mistakes of their past. Full of tears, laughter, conflict, and romance; this groundbreaking season of Real World will be like no other.

The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Real World Seattle: Bad Blood12 October 201620 Episodes

On this season of Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, seven strangers in their early twenties move into an upscale loft in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood with the hope of starting an exciting new chapter in their lives. In Real World Seattle: Bad Blood, the roommates believe they have their new home all to themselves, but what they don’t know is there are seven other people coming to crash their party. While the first seven roommates form friendships, hook up with each other, and have the time of their lives in Seattle - another group of seven strangers secretly meet in Portland. But these seven new people are no strangers to the first group of roommates. In fact, each of them has some serious bad blood with one member of the Seattle group – they are their exes, rivals, frenemies, or estranged family members. The two groups are set on an unexpected collision course as the new group takes a road trip in an RV to Seattle where they will surprise the original seven and move into their house. Now, the fourteen must learn to co-exist, get beyond the conflicts of the past, and resolve their unfinished business. Real World Seattle: Bad Blood is the first time in the series’ history to have so many roommates come together to form new friendships, new rivalries, and new flames. As the dynamics change between the two groups of rivals, will they work out the bad blood between them? Or will their disagreements prove too much to overcome, leading some to call it quits?

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