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Set in a futuristic world that has just witnessed the end of a massive war, scores of villages are terrorized by Nobuseri bandits. But the Nobuseri are no normal bandits. They were once Samurai, who during the war integrated their living cells with machines to become dangerous weapons now appearing more machine than man. Absolute power corrupts, and their reign of terror is increasing its hold on the countryside. But one group of villagers has had enough, deciding to hire Samurai to protect their village. Kirara is a young priestess who travels to the city seeking out protection. One by one, she encounters brave samurai that the war has left behind. These men of skill and valor are each unique and not without their quirks. But can they come together as one to defend the helpless village? Samurai 7 Wiki

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Samurai 7 Episodes

Kanna, a small village, is being persecuted by mechanized samurai called Nobuseri. The Nobuseri return every harvest to seize the village's crops. Faced with starvation, the villagers send out a mission to find and recruit some samurai to defend them. With no pay to offer except rice, and knowing full well that only helpless and eager samurai would even consider accepting such a deal, the villagers can only hope that their saviors will appear before the rice is ready for harvest. Samurai 7 is based on Akira Kurosawa's classic movie, "The Seven Samurai" or Shichinin no samurai. The Japanese promo for the series aired on April 15, 2004 and the Japanese preview aired on June 13, 2004.

The Master
Facing starvation at the hands of the Nobuseri, the farmers of Kanna Village make a desperate decision: hire samurai to wage war. The village's Water Priestess, Kirara, her little sister Komachi, and a heartbroken man named Rikichi journey to a giant merchant city. Navigating dangerous streets filled with ronin, they must find willing samurai before their village is lost.

The Pupil
Kirara's Dowsing Crystal found a samurai strong enough to lead them, but he refuses to help. Volunteering instead is the untried Katsushiro, but the Crystal does not point to him. Could Kirara's tool of divination be wrong? The answer must come quickly, when the Magistrate's pleasure-loving son kidnaps Kirara, and the young samurai faces his first real test.

The Entertainer
Since the Great War ended, society has been turned upside down. Samurai honor has been replaced by the materialism of the merchants, and displaced warriors must find new ways to survive. For one battle-scarred man, that means entertainment, exploiting his skills for daily bread. But with his real-world approach and adaptability, he may be exactly what the farmers need.

The Loner
The group has gotten the Magistrate's attention -- never a good thing. Viewing samurai "relics" as a threat to merchant authority, their scuffle with his son makes a convenient excuse. He orders the group's execution, farmers and samurai alike. As they battle a string of assassins, Kambei encounters one silent, incredibly skilled samurai he is determined to recruit.

The Drifter
Frustrated by their inability to find willing (and capable) samurai, Kambei's group stops at a teashop to recharge. There, they are told of a wandering, moneyless man who chops wood with his sword to pay for meals. As they soon learn, that is only the start of this nomad's peculiar, rice-loving, philosophizing ways. But his uniqueness could prove invaluable.

The Fool
After the mysterious murder of the Imperial Envoy in the Magistrate's home -- with a bloody sword as the only clue -- a citywide hunt for all samurai begins. With a high price suddenly on their heads, the band of samurai must escape the city fast. Kikuchiyo, the erratic and blundering machine, seizes the moment to prove himself to the team.

The Friend
With Kikuchiyo's fate uncertain, Kambei leads the samurai into a city of relaxation -- and pays a visit to a trusted friend. Shichiroji fought with Kambei in the Great War, but has settled down to a peaceful life with a woman he adores. Can samurai truly abandon the warrior way? Will Shichiroji leave his love, and take up his sword again?

The Guardians
The samurai escape a merchant raid, only to find themselves in a cavern city under the watchful gaze of the Shikimoribito. Who are these mysterious "Guardians"? Man or machine? Ally or enemy? A new friend tries to explain, but she is hiding something, too. Will these secrets mean trouble for the samurai, and the farmers they've sworn to protect?

The Bandits
Kikuchiyo has been foolishly captured by the Bandits, and the samurai must leave the caves to rescue him. But as soon as they reach daylight the towering machines ambush them. Clearly a traitor is in their midst. Can Kambei and the others survive their first clash with the Nobuseri? And how should samurai deal with betrayal?

The Journey
Knowing legions of Nobuseri will be searching for them soon, Kambei decides the group must go to Kanna immediately, though the team of seven is not yet complete. Dividing into smaller groups to avoid detection, the samurai and farmers embark down three separate paths to the village. To survive the trek, new bonds of trust must be quickly forged.

The Village
The samurai finally arrive at Kanna Village... and find no one there to greet them. Recent threats from the Bandits have shaken the farmers' resolve, and not all of them want the samurai's help. As the samurai begin their preparations for war, they must confront something even more dangerous: betrayal from the farmers who have hired them.

The Truth
Katsushiro has taken a step on the samurai path he can never take back: he's made his first kill. Kirara is guilt-ridden, feeling she's pushed Katsushiro into spilling blood before he was ready. Meanwhile, the village is thrown into an uproar, debating what to do with the traitor, Manzo. Only a surprising revelation from Kikuchiyo can reunite the splintered group.

The Attack
The first battle has finally arrived. Are the villagers ready? Or has all of their hard work been in vain? They will find out only when their defenses are tested at last.

The Offering
The first attack has sent the Bandits into a retreat, but it won't take them long to strike back. Now Kambei initiates an even bolder plan - handing Kyuzo, Gorobei, Katsushiro, and Kikuchiyo over to the enemy. With the entire village on the brink of destruction, can the samurai defeat the Bandits from the inside of their own massive ship?

The Gun and the Calm
The samurai's heroics have won momentary peace for the village, but as Kirara's Dowsing Crystal indicates, much darker clouds are on the horizon. While Katsushiro and Kirara battle with their feelings for each other, Kyuzo proves just how fearless and skilled a samurai can be - embarking on a solo mission into the heart of the enemy camp.

The Storm
Kanna is bombarded by rainfall as the Bandits make their final attack on the village. Deploying waves of attackers from every direction -- from ninja-like foot soldiers to the giant Benigumo machines -- the Bandits clearly will not stop until the village is destroyed. In the battle's furious climax, not all of the samurai will survive.

The Remembrance
With the death of their friend fresh on their minds, the surviving samurai must come to terms with the aftermath of battle. What lies ahead for them now? Is Kanna truly safe? They can't look to Kambei for leadership; without counsel, he departs on a solitary trek to the Guardian's cave, having an even more perilous mission in mind.

The Emperor
From the very beginning of this new Era of Merchants, little has been known about the Capital, and the divine ruler who manages this complicated system of control. Who is this man, responsible for the rise of the Merchants, the energy trade, and the Bandits torment of the peasants? With sword in hand, Kambei is about to find out.

The Mutiny
Kambei's confrontation with the Emperor -- and Rikichi's wife -- has landed him in a prison cell, awaiting his fate as the purported assassin of the Imperial Envoy. But the turmoil at the Capital is far from over. A political whirlwind has engulfed the empire with Ukyo at its center... and the outcome could make him more dangerous than ever before.

The Execution
Ukyo's sudden rise to power has put Kambei at his mercy, and mercy is evidently not what this scheming clone has in mind. Kambei will be executed in a public display. Kikuchiyo and Katsushiro's rescue party arrive in the city just in time to hear the news of their leader's scheduled beheading. But can they battle quickly enough to save him?

The Rescue
In an unpredictable mix of heroics and political maneuverings, the rescue team finds a way out of the Capital alive, and takes refuge at the Firefly House. With Kambei pardoned, Sanae and Muzuki freed, and peace promised to Kanna, it seems the samurai's work is done. But the merchant Maro has a warning: the true struggle has only begun.

The Divide
Kambei's rescue has created deep rifts between Katsushiro and his sensei. Kambei believes the young samurai was too rash in his attempted heroics, and Katsushiro believes Kambei was arrogant to battle the Capital alone. At a time when every move is critical, with Ukyo's plot rapidly unfolding, can the samurai survive their team being split in two?

The Lies
Ukyo is brilliantly playing Kanna's success to his own advantage, calling on ronin samurai to defend other villages from the Bandits, while at the same time secretly ordering the Bandits to increase their attacks on the villages. But to achieve his two-faced goals, Ukyo has one essential caveat. Kanna must be burned to the ground.

The Oaths
Katsushiro, still acting on his own, has returned to Kanna to defend it from the approaching Capital. This will be a daunting task -- the massive air-ship's main weapon could level the village with a single blast. Unbeknownst to Katsushiro, Kambei and the rest of the samurai are racing toward the Capital as well, poised for the final showdown.

The Last Battle
In addition to the Capital's terrifying Mujou Gun, Ukyo has created a fleet of Nobuseri drones -- a mindless army numbering in the thousands that follow his every command. Undaunted by the impossible odds, Kambei drives the samurai directly into the heart of the massive fleet. The ultimate battle for the future of the peasants and the empire has begun.

The Era's End
The explosive fight against the Capital continues, with both sides suffering major losses. The mighty Capital has been downed, but its inertia continues to propel it toward the village at a disastrous speed. Saving the village now will take more costly sacrifices. As the dust settles, what happens to the survivors who must bury their fallen friends?

Episode TitleTime
The Master26:17
The Pupil26:17
The Entertainer26:18
The Loner26:18
The Drifter26:18
The Fool26:18
The Friend26:18
The Guardians26:18
The Bandits26:18
The Journey26:17
The Village26:18
The Truth26:18
The Attack26:18
The Offering26:18
The Gun and the Calm26:18
The Storm26:18
The Remembrance26:19
The Emperor26:19
The Mutiny26:19
The Execution26:19
The Rescue26:19
The Divide26:19
The Lies26:19
The Oaths26:19
The Last Battle26:17
The Era's End26:17

Samurai 7 Comments & Critics

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Samurai 7 Reviews

Payoneer 💰10 star

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- $4.995 star

Got it for $4.99. Great series.

- One of the greatest shows I have watched!!!4 star

Great show!!!!!!

- Great story5 star

I thought it was decent. I like it more than death note. Good action anime

- Review5 star

Well told for a new version of the classic Japanese movie!

- anime 5 star5 star

this is a right animation about the 7 samurai team. also i know that samurai 7 already been aired on adult swim on late night saturdays only.

- A Legend Retold5 star

This is a great anime of an old Japanese tale retold anime style. Must see for all. You'll be left wanting more.

- I am Samurai5 star

Yo, funimation?!? Bring dragon ball z to iTunes. Is already on playstation network. Why not here.

- Engaging series, interesting environment4 star

There is a lot going on, and the larger story unfolds during the course of this series. While not unique, the environment is interesting and the Samurai each have their quirks. The backstories of each are explored along the way to give a clearer picture of their motivations and how they became involved with the group.

- Great story but way too expensive3 star

Believe it or not.. you can buy the whole series on blu-ray disc for just $45 or so.. Why would anyone in the right mind buy this on iTunes?

- i bought this today3 star

im very disapointed in it i guess nothimg tops afro samurai get that highly recomended and if you like animes check the awsome vampire anime Hellsing

- Average......not great3 star

The anime is not bad but the plot lacks the depth. I felt the pace is a little slow and it is not as captivating as other anime I had watched like Deathnote and Gurren Laggen

- Loved it!4 star

This one is now one of my favorites! It fulfills my visuals expectations and managed to keep me interested in the characters and their struggles. It has a mixture of comedy, action and drama which makes for a really well balanced story. I'm glad I picked this one up, and I wish there was more.

- Very Good5 star

Very good anime. I think that it is kind of refreshing to find a good anime that doesn't reek of excessive gore, sex, and language. I would also like to see Bleach and Death Note on iTunes. Click yes if you want to see Bleach and Death Note on iTunes.

- I lost 4 pounds because of this5 star

I watch it on my I pod at the gym I got so addictied i would be on the tredmill for like 3 hours at a time I burned through all 26 episidos in like a week it is a great show lots of action and excitement gigantic robots what more could you want from animay

- Great Show, highly reccomend to any anime fan!! Great steam punk show.5 star

I first bought the first two episodes when Funimation came out on itunes "just to get it". I never really liked it. But I decided to re-watch it again and I found myself buying the next episodes, and the next ones etc. This is an AMAZING series. The character development is astounding and the setting of the anime is superb. It is a great action and quite funny too. I high reccomend this to anyone who likes Miyazaki or steam punk anime.

- Very good show4 star

This show is (to me) probably the best and only anime show I watch and its got a very good plot. Just wish Naruto was an Ipod show

- Petty Gewd4 star

it was an impresive seres and I think it deserves a 4 because it had a good plot and charicters. Its only draw back was the setting i think the guns could be a little smaller to.

- An Excellent Anime5 star

Samurai 7 offers a few twists and surprises while remaining faithful to the storyline and characters originally seen in Seven Samurai. It's a masterpiece anime, offering a unique, futuristic quality's just so darn good. Recommended for all ages. Hey, we can all learn something from it!

- Not the best but still a good anime4 star

This is not the best anime on itunes. Only get this if you don't like the other animes.

- YES!!! so excited5 star

even though I shovelled out an abserd amount to my the dvd i'm excited that my favorite anime show is on itunes. I really is the best i've ever seen. No abserd yelling like in Naruto, not weird manga facial expressions like in One Piece, just awesome anime!!!!

- Best Anime On Itunes!5 star

Got the first episode and now i need the second!! The dubs aren't that bad, but still....

- An amazing anime!5 star

I just so happen to like animes in english better than with subtitles. I know my friends do also. This is an amazing anime! It has good animation, a good story line, humor (a must-have), and a good voice cast. My favorite episodes are The Pupil (because of the young master) and The Journey (where three of the men have to dress up as women to fool the Nobuseri!!! I almost fell out of my chair laughing!). I would highly recommend this to anyone who hasn't seen anime to people who are obsessed with anime! It had me blown away! The price is fair for the episodes. You can't get them cheaper anywhere else. (Unless you get used DVDs, but who wants that?) Thanks for putting this on here, iTunes!!!! (next please get Naruto, InuYasha, Bleach, Blood+, and Full Metal Alchemist! Please!!)

- AWESOME5 star

This series is awesome. I don't know why people are dogging it. The story is solid and the characters are likeable. You get to see the transofmation of a few of the characters which is awesome as well. If you enjoy certain shows like ghost in the shell or cowboy bebop then you'll enjoy this show

- You whiners are lame!4 star

Okay people, for the ones who who can't live without the stupid subtitles: Get over it! Jeez, Isn't it good enough that you have the anime at all? ANY anime for that matter!? Blah blah blah I want the subtitles and Japanese dialogue blah blah... Shut up already! And how can you see the subs on that tiny little iPod Video screen anyway? Yeah, I can see them on the iPod Touch and iPhone, but, give it up already! My God! They should take the anime off altogether if all you people keep complaining! Samurai 7 is great enough without subtitles, just as much as it is with them (even though I absolutely love Sean and Colleen). C'mon! Don't you just love it when Katsu screams: I am....indeed.....A SAMURAI!!! in episode 14 of the English dub? I sure as heck do. Heed my words people, for the sake of the four samurai and all they died for!!!!

- Pre-perceptions are great! ^_^3 star

After watching the first few episodes on DVD I was impressed by this anime. The adept storytelling takes up after dynamic action scenes leve off. A superb series.

- I love this show and so will you! >-<: Samurai 75 star

This is a good show for someone how loves Samurai's! It's got alot of action, love, and firendship! Oh and you can't forget Funny! I enjoyed the story line, its like slaver and the people, the rice crop people are wanting Freedom from the machines that the 7 Samurai and trying to kill. Some times I wish I was in an animed cartoon... My name in the cartoon would be...Um...Ari-san! What name would you pick? HA HA! will I hope I help you in your findings of a good Animation! To iTunes: When will you put Naruto, Bleach, Blood plue, Cowboy Bebop, And Wolf's Rain, and Dragon Ball threw DBZ-DBGT? Some of us would love to have them to buy, and all of the episode of the ones I listed! thank-you Enjoy you buying! =D

- 10/105 star

I rate this to be the best Anime ever. Samurai 7 in my book is 10/10.

- It's incredible5 star

I came by this show on accident and only ended up seeing the end of one of the first shows and I was automaticly hooked. Samurai 7 is an addicting show that never gets old <3333 :3

- Amazing5 star

The first time I saw this series was on a giveaway disk where I saw about 2 of the episodes. After that I began watching the series. It is simply amazing. The character relationships and how they develope, tons of action, and basically just many interesting points. I never saw the original 7 Samurai movie but from what I heard there are a lot of similarities. I recommend seeing this series for yourselves. very good plotline.

- One of the Best5 star

Where to start? Excellent animation, engaging plot, beautiful choreography for the fight scenes... Even the English voice-work is top-notch (seems to be a habit with Funimation). I've seen the original "Seven Samurai" and frankly, I prefer "Samurai 7." The characters are given much more focus, so by the end I can actually care what happens to them. And the secondary storyline of political intrigue doesn't hurt! Really, a brilliant show. (The music is excellent as well, something I'm always on the lookout for...)

- Samurai 7: Taste Better than Chicken5 star

This is THE BEST anime series ever. period. I first bought it in Japenese. Then I bought it in English. Now I'm buying it on itunes. Kurisowa plus animation? Only the best idea since Soichiro Honda invented the wheel.

- Go for it!5 star

This is probably one of my favorite animes of all time. Buy the episodes from itunes! The dvds are expensive, especially the special edition dvds (which woe-ingly I purchased). This is a great series! The action! The tortured romance! The ACTION!!! This may not be Basilisk, but its the next best! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll constantly be yelling at your tv for more!!!

- Dragon Ball Z rules3 star

PLEASE put Dragon Ball Z onto i-tunes it is one of the most popular anime shows, and almost everyone would buy it

- the pupil5 star

It was the best samuri show I ever saw

- hey4 star

i paid for the whole season but my connection was cut short so all the seasons that i didnt get to download was lost and i didnt get my collection which i paid for. i thought that was a little messed up.

- I love it!4 star

I really do love this anime, and although it is quite different from the original film, it's great in it's own unique way! I'm so excited to see it now on itunes! And I think that this is a great start to put anime into maintsream, or at least accommodate us die hard anime lovers!! :wink wink, nudge nudge: more anime on itunes!

- perfection5 star

you gotta admit 26episodes for under 40 bucks that's a steal.And props to itunes on their starting anime downloads.And Samuri7 is one next to ninja scroll and berserk.Wait let me take the Berserk one back.Can't no one compare with Berserk

- Great series.5 star

Well, I really enjoyied this series, it's a very dynamic story, that i'm very happy they bothered to expand on the original movie (which was live action). The animation is great, and, while alot of these jerks love to harp on the dubbing, the dubbing is pretty well done. I'd love to see them try it. It's not easy to do. That aside, for those who'd like to "keep it pure" or whatever, you can spoil yourselves with the DvD set. I don't really understand what's so bad about dubs, but i guess most of these 15 year olds would rather be cool and listen to it in Japanese with dubs then english, and look at the art and listen, instead of getting stuck reading letters blazing by on the bottom of the screen. Anyways, I prefer being able to watch my anime whenever, where ever i want, DVDs are kind of cumbersome on a plane or train ride.. I'd say the ease of use by getting anime like this overweighs any factor of "bad" dubbing or "lack of subtitles". :3 Just a bunch of spoiled fans.

- Simply Amazing5 star

While keeping the plot in an action oriented state, Samurai 7 also succeeds in creating real characters. Except for one, every character under goes some change that benefits the story and an unsaid friendship is created between all of them. A must buy for anime fans.

- Great Work5 star

This is a very good anime, and viewers who like Naruto will espically like this. It has a couple themes that younger viewers may have trouble understanding such as why Kirara was taken, but overall it is orinted twords people around 12 years old. It is a very good addition to any anime lovers collection.

- The reason for no subtitles5 star

This series is amazing one of the better animes to come out in recent years. The dub job is good, but not he best out there, but if you ask most people english dubbing loses some mystique of what the anime is about, but these files are really meant to be played on an ipod video, with a three inch screen. Could you really imagine trying to read subtitles on a ipod video. I don't think you would because you would pass out from eye strain. Also the likelyhood of their ever being japanese dubbed, with english subtitled anime on Itunes is very slim, because all the anime will most likely be supplied by US companies, that want to promote the dubbing they have done and not the original. It would just be strange if you have one choice on language and you are charging a cheaper price for the show than buying the normanl domestic DVD, to put the original track down instead of the one you put a lot of money into. Lastly, this anime is great, Kurosawa estate gave the director permission to adapt the story into an anime, and it does lose somethings in the telling, but it is not trying to tell the same story. It is just trying to tell another person's adaptation through an animated TV series. This is also one of the first animes to be produced through high definition.

- excellent series5 star

Samurai 7 is an excellent series for most anime fans. Each of the seven samurai have there own deep personities that are revealed throughout the season, and while the translation from japanese to english of course lead to some....odd doesnt take much away from the series. only complaint is that WE WANT JAPANESE AUDIO!

- It's Awesome5 star

This show is great just to put it simple. There are few things that I didn't like about it. Most of them were pretty minor except for the fact that the whole series is based on the 7 Samurai trying to protect the village. But other than that, this show is great. It has lots of action and an in depth storyline. I highly recommend it. I agree with a lot of the people here about getting new anime. iTunes should get more shows such as Trinity Blood(Great Show) and Blood +. I don't agree about the other ones like DBZ and Bleach. They're great shows it's just that they're too long and the price can add up. Bleach already has 122 episodes. For $2.00 an episode thats $244. Just stick to watching them on the internet or TV. -Cykonn

- Well written, well directed, and well worth your purchase.5 star

I hadn't really cared to watch any anime in a number of years because the writing of recent series just hadn't "captured" me. On a friend's recommendation, I downloaded this series and I was hooked from the very first episode. You are introduced to the characters one by one as they are selected to form the "7", and the many sub-plots that develop along the way are riveting. The voice acting is top-notch, although a few characters are a little over the top at times. There's not a single episode not worth watching. I watched nearly the entire series from start to finish in a few sittings and I was left with something I haven't had in a long time... a longing for MORE MORE MORE. I fell in love with the story, the characters - even the villans. This is a series you can watch over and over again and take something different away each time. Highly recommended!

- Not too bad.3 star

I don't know if the anime giant robot treatment was the best choice for a retelling of Seven Samurai. It's a bit hard to accept the ease with which swords can slice up mechs. There are a few interesting twists on the original, but the ending lacks the solemn irony of the last scene of Kurasawa's masterpiece.

- Itunes get This5 star

ITunes this is a pretty good show but can u plaese download FullMetal ALchemist its Funimation so plz get it

- Excellent!5 star

This is a brilliant re-invention of the original "Seven Samurai!" True to the original but entirely it's own story. Characters with character and a story that will have you watching the whole thing straight through!

- Awesome but a little weird4 star

This show is awesome a little weird but come on its Japennese Anime. So if you are looking for a show with a good story and great action this is the show for you.

- Disappointing2 star

The show is bogged down with the usual bad voice acting and lame character archetypes that plague the genre. This series does nothing to honor the classic "Seven Samurai" movie that inspired it.

- keeps you coming back, very good show5 star

I don't have a conventional itunes acount, i a get twenty dollar a month allowence to spend on whatever i want in the itunes store, so obviously i couldn't download the whole season, I did it one episode at a time and not once could i stop myself from going back and downloading the next one. Excellent story line, excellent character development and excellent animation. (One minor complaint though, episode 7 "The Friend" has no where near the degree of polish with regards to animation as any of the other episodes, not crippling, just frustrating)

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Foxgirl - Great anime, price complaints bogus, and stop whining about English Dubs!!!!5 star

Preach it VorlonKiller! yes the price complaints are very bogus to whine about to all the ones that are complaining about that. I don't know where your getting your figures from but Anime in General costs 2x more than your regular American cartoons. In General Anime Series like Samurai 7 in DVD's costs usually from $14-$19 dollars a disc. but the entire DVD set runs around $80 and $132 atleast if you get the collectors edition. So stop whining about cost! $40 dollars for digitial download of it isn't all that bad considering though it's a digital download. But despite that, Samurai 7 is a very good anime and very well worth the watch since it's based after the original 1954 film Seven Samuai directed by Akira Kurosawa. After viewing the original this one has several similaritys yet follows it's own path to stay an original work all on it's own. And it does so very well. Though I've not heard the original Japanese for Samurai 7 the English dub is acted out superbly and isn't quiet as horrible as other english dubs. The original Japanese with subs would have been great to watch! I'd have loved it! But I guess we got to wait till Apple develops up their own container format before we can get japanese dub and some subs ;) (You Anime fans out their know what I'm talking about too lol.)

Tankmp4 - Well done... but not the peak4 star

Many have discussed various + and - to the series but none together. +: It is anime, is a very respectable representation of the original film, actually fleshes out the characters more than the movie. is cheaper than the dvd set either individually or boxed. -: Can't get the Japanese audio and English subtitles, costs quite a bit more than other series, But overall this series is awesome, especially the story though it doesn't follow the original to a t it does keep the essence of the movie.

Jacqke - Episode 23 fixed5 star

In an earlier review, someone wrote that Episode 21 was actually being sent to buyers when they bought Episode 23. This was true, but the problem is now fixed. I contacted Apple, letting then know that there had been a mixup. They credited me with a new download and told me to wait 2 weeks before redownloading the episode. Today I downloaded it and it works fine.

nemuidegansu - Excellent Series - Dub is lacking...2 star

Much is lost in translation and the voice acting is par for English dubs. Which means it's really pretty bad. I wish Apple would release things in original language with subtitles. Can't give it more than 2 stars as-is. I rented the series from NetFlix and the DVD's are great. And I've pre-ordered the box-set from Amazon. It might be cheaper here, but you're getting an incomplete product.

265LY - not as bad as I thought4 star

I origanly saw samurai seven a few years back using fansubs. I got up to episode 12 and it got liceansed so I stopped there. I never had enough money to get all of the dvds so I never tried. Now that itunes offers it I can finally afford it. The english dub is not that bad the voices actually go along with the characters. I have seen much worse dubs inital d comes to mind. So until iTunes gets it act together and offers anime in english and japanese with subs, this will do fine. I'm also glad they kept the widescreen asspect ratio I defenitaly was'nt expecting that for the price.

Abel_N. - Episode 23 has been fixed. reasonable price.5 star

iTunes staff has fixed the issue of 'episode 23 == episode 21'. I've bought the real Episode 23 (The Lies) to replace the wrong one. Also, in response to comment that DVD is much cheaper, I really don't get it. The price of DVDs in Amazon for the whole 26 episode (volume 1-5) will be ~2.5 times the price here.

wawawabahba - INCREDIBLE5 star

this show is the most briliantly amazing masterpiece on itunes a must buy

Subey - One of The Best Anime Series5 star

This a good series for anyone who likes anime. It has plenty of action in it and a love story sort of sprinkled in. Some people say it's bad because it doesn't give the customers the option to hear the Japanese voice actors. Well that shouldn't matter because it's perfect just the way it is. So if your looking at itunes for an anime series this should be the one to take a look at.

carR8cer - We finally get anime!!!!4 star

Ive been waiting for anime to come out on itunes for the longest time and its finally here and what better way to start than with samurai 7, the animation quality is good along with a good plot and character development, all this allows for a great anime series that i highly recomend to any anime fan!!

Reeneebug - AWESOME SHOW!!!!!5 star

well i gotta tell you one thing, i wasn 't in to any anime other than naruto. I bought this because a friend told me it was good, and after watching the first episode, i bought the whole season. this show is great and a must buy!

Youngfield - Samurai 7 isn't Samurai 7 with English.4 star

Samurai 7 is an awesome series, however for one to truly enjoy it you should watch it in Japanese with English subtitles. The English subs are just that substitute. It feels as if they are just reading a script without emotion. I purchased the first episode in hopes that it might be worth my money. I would have to say go for the DVD's until itunes changes it tune.

YoMaMa562 - i love this show5 star

it is so awsome buy it you will love it!

mickeychelly - I have to disagree...4 star

...With the top reviewer. As English dubbing goes, Samurai 7 is not horrible to watch. It's just as absorbing no matter what language you watch it in. The art and music are beautiful and the characters bounce from being humorous to dead serious while still seeming real. Sure, it may not be the best anime out there, but it's 26 episodes, which means there is an end in sight, unlike some popular shows out there.

Hokie fan - This is show is the coolest ever!5 star

This show is so amazing! The art work is beautiful and the plot is interesting! I used to watch it ontv when ever I could and now I can get it on Itunes! This ROX to the max! If you don't buy it your either crazy or you had fun things! It is just a fun tv series!! If you don't believe me the ratings speak for themselves!!! At least give it a chance and watch at least one episode! Your always fun re-viewer, RoninGirl ^.^ P.S. It's still awesome soonce again consider it! Have an awesome day!!!!

Mao Yenrai - Amazing show!5 star

Excellent interpretation of Kurosawa, while funny and innovative enough to stand on it's own. Beautiful art and well developed characters make this a GREAT SERIES!

RedwoodTree5 - Price complaints are bogus4 star

The complaints above about the price of the entire series are neither fair nor justified. iTunes is charging US$38.99. That's for ALL 26 episodes. On Amazon, the DVDs vary between $26-$59 for each *volume*, of which there are seven. To acquire each individually would be close to two hundred dollars. There is a consolidated box set, but even that is $79. Unless you want to go the used DVD route, iTunes is by far the least costly way to own all 26 episodes. Please, no more complaints about the price based upon fictional numbers!

panson77 - awesome!!!4 star

this is what i've been waiting for, we (anime fans) need more of this stuff, this is a great show and i just hope that movies are next...

Gronkey Kong - Impressive Samari 75 star

I've only seen the first 3 episodes and I'm hooked! There is inspiring character development, an epic plot that makes you wonder “how could they possible win against such a powerfully evil enemy force”, and I like the fact that so far there hasn’t been any explicit content (if I have kids someday I would be ok with them watching this series). The story is moving kind of slow, but personally, I like that. If you're an anime connoisseur, take my review lightly because I'm no anime expert.

ish'mael - siguend fumph5 star

isch bein eign berliner, in english, : I am a jelly doughnut.... Samurai 7 put the filling in my tasty pastry of doughnutty goodness. gibinse mir das brot... bitte. dises erscheinen ist die scheib, die ich mein kugelbumsen sauge!!! oh ya!

Aika - Great show, bad cost2 star

First of all, Samurai 7 is one of the most creative Animes to have come out in quite some time. Modeling itsself after Seven Samurai by the great Akira Kurosawa, this show manages to take artistic liberties while staying true to the inspiration. However, for $39.99 you could buy the DVD box set which features both dubbing and original audio with subtitles, lots of extras and goodies, and go home and rip your DVD with handbrake into .mp4 Thanks for the effort Apple, but the price is NOT right.

C009 - One of the Greatest5 star

This is one of the best anime series I have ever seen. It has great action sequences and a great plot. Finally itunes has figured out that they need to get anime.

Himmy Hames - incredible series almost incredible iTunes version4 star

This is an amazing series that fans of anime and kurosawa will love. the encoding is pretty good, but one episode is repeated toward the end (lies is encoded as the rescue) of the series and I think that at least one is missing. However, this is a hard to find series and I think it was very much worth the ~$40 to watch it in it's entirety.

Uchihafan - Finally!!5 star

Finally some Anime! Now all iTunes needs is Naruto, Trigun, and the like.

moongdss - Excellent series!5 star

I can't recommend this enough if you missed the airing on Cartoon Network. A great anime with fantastic artwork, gripping story and superb characters. I agree with the other reviewers, it'd be nice to have a choice between dub and sub, but hey, it's here at least!

gv1229 - RE: Wounded's review4 star

Akira Kurosawa was never an anime writer at all ... granted, this series is obviously based on The Seven Samurai film that he wrote, but to call him "one of the greatest writers of anime" is incredibly misleading. The actual writer of the series is Atsuhiro Tomioka.

drooble - We want subtitles!5 star

This anime show is excellent, but most anime fans that I know, want to hear the original Japanese voice actors/actresses, which means we want subtitles. I won't buy this until I know I can get subtitles with the original soundtrack

just some otaku - Samurai 7 Power Owns5 star

Samurai 7 is an anime for all ages. Though the subject matter may be a little too heavy for younger viewers to understand, this is one of the few anime shows that are not filled with overly explicit content. Samurai 7 is an animated version of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai filmed way back in the day. Samurai 7 fallows the exact same storyline only set in an alternate reality. The personalities of the characters are exactly like in the live action movie. The characters even keep the same names. The animation is incredible. It is quite possibly just as good as the original live film. I am a big fan and would recommend Samurai 7 for any anime viewer regardless of their preferred genre.

flargh - Fantastic, engrossing, and original4 star

Of all the movies and shows that have been inspired by (or remakes of) Seven Samurai, this is by far my favorite. It's stylish and gorgeous to look at, but it's also very well written and well acted. It sticks close enough to the original story to keep its core elements, but also goes in some really unique directions that make it fun for sci-fi fans and anime enthusiasts to enjoy.

[Soren] - Disappointed about many faults: from Samurai 7, to lack of Japanese audio.3 star

Based on Akira Kurosawa's "The Seventh Samurai," Samurai 7 delivers a mediocre performance. With good artistic direction, a solid, coherent plot, and interesting character developement, you're in for another solid anime series. But, there is also nothing horribly impressive about the show, either. It can drag at times, and the action can become replete with redundancy. iTunes does not give us the option to change the audio language to Japanese, or put English subtitles on. Which is going to lose a vast amount of customers, because most of us don't like the terrible English dub jobs. If you're at all an anime fan, don't buy Samurai 7 here. Go get the DVD so you can enjoy it in the language you prefer.

AncientManBeast - Excellent, one of the best animes....5 star

I watched this subtitlted so I can't attest to the english acting but everything else is superb. This is problably the best incarnation of 7 Samuria I have seen even though it has a good amount of it's own original flavor. The sci-fi element is blended in beautifully and is a fully fleshed out world with alot of depth. The characters are also well developed and nearing the end of the series, I [and my friends that watched it] had a significant emotional attachment. All in all I can't recommend this show enough and implore anyone, even people who don't usually watch anime, to give this show a shot.

mrfett - Almost double the price of the DVD2 star

It's hard to understand why some tv show seasons are priced so outrageously. This is a great series, but once again, it seems to be a poor value at the price asked here in the iTS.

TheWalkingWounded - Its About Time5 star

Finally, iTunes hooked up with Funimation! Samurai 7 is a magnificent anime specimen and comes highly recommended. For those who already share a love of anime or even those who know nothing about it, this series will prove fun, exciting, and meaningful all at once. Akira Kurosawa is one of, if not THE, greatest writers of anime and Samurai 7 is proof of that statement.

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