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Scrubs, Season 4 Release Date and Synopsis

In the fourth season, the laughs are off the charts in TV's most surreal and sidesplitting show. Scrubs' hilarious fourth season does "an amazing job combining cheeky comedy . . . and honestly poignant drama," raves Newsday. Matthew Perry, Tom Cavanagh, and Molly Shannon are just a few of the guest stars joining the staff in Season 4. And the crew of Sacred Heart makes their biggest moves yet as Elliot leaves the hospital for a new job, and J.D. faces life on his own for the first time.

Everything You Need to Know About Scrubs, Season 4

Fresh out of medical school, new doctors John "J.D." Dorian, his best friend Christopher Turk, and Elliot Reid start their internship at Sacred Heart Hospital. There, they meet the harsh Chief of Medicine Dr. Bob Kelso, J.D.'s reluctant mentor Dr. Perry Cox, nurse Carla Espinosa, and the deceitful and prankish Janitor. Also at the hospital are the wide range of personalities of Sacred Heart's staff, including the religious nurse Laverne Roberts, incompetent lawyer Ted Buckland, and spiteful board member Jordan Sullivan who also happens to be Cox's ex-wife. Other interns make the cut, such as the high-fiving Todd Quinlan and nervous Doug Murphy. Over the next 9 years they face personal and professional highs and lows, realizing that they can't make it through life - much less a hectic job as a doctor - on their own.

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What's up i Tunes?I will purchase and watch when season 1, 2, & 3 are available..Score: 4/5

The best show on TvThis is a laugh out loud funny season. It proves scrubs has been a hilarious show! Can't wait till the first 3 seasons to hit.Score: 5/5

The Last Truly Great SeasonScrubs is a great show and all, but the first four seasons are far superior to the fifth and sixth. The interaction between JD and Dr. Cox is the best aspect of the show, and began to be featured less in season five and even less now. But the first four seasons are some of the best television you can find. Buy this now!.Score: 5/5

ItunesThank you itunes, thank you.Score: 5/5

OmgomgomgomgWow, itunes is my god. i praise you. now plezplezplezplez get the other seasons on here! i <3 you all who work on getting scrubs onto itunes.Score: 5/5

YESGOD BLESS iTUNES!! you need to put all seasons on but this is amazing! thanks!.Score: 5/5

Scrub Me Up!I officially love this show. Jd and Turk are the best in the Universe and they would make grea t gay lovers jk if you love a hospital setting with a twist and a bunch of laughter you will love this show!!!! I SURE DO.Score: 5/5

MORE SCRUBS.Thanks iTunes for adding a another season. Now can you please add seasons 1-3 (just like you did with south park)? I ready dont know what season it was when Dr. Cox best friend Ben died, but it was one of my all time favorite season. Just add Season 1-3..Score: 5/5

ThankyouthankyouthankyouAwesome, another season of scrubs to add to my collection! Great Job itunes! keep it up!.Score: 5/5

Love itYeah itunes you need to add the rest off the seasons please.Score: 5/5

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We want more!!!I bought most of the scrubs episodes but, I WANT SEASON 5,6,7. Especially 6 because the musical episode, C'MON ITUNES!!!!.Score: 5/5

ScrubsI love this show it makes me laugh every time :) But please iTunes can you put seasons five, six, seven and eight on..Score: 5/5

:SGreat show but why do america have all the seasons and the uk only have four :S.Score: 5/5

Love Scrubs but WhereEasily one of the best shows on TV but its on its 8th season. Why can we only get up to season 4?.Score: 5/5

Best TV Show BUTScrubs is da bomb ..... :) but apple ... u guys wud get loads of money if u put all the seasons not just till 4 in america they r doin season 9 .... we however just finished season 8 but still wud love to get it up to date like how i met your mother .... c'mon .... a BIG thumbs down for dat APPLE :(.Score: 1/5

I wish there were more series!Absolutely LOVE scrubs-its hilaurios, but the us store has all eight seasons!! i would buy all of the seasons if the uk store had them!ALL OF THEM.Score: 5/5

Brilliant!!!Awsome! Must buy!.Score: 5/5

MORE SESONSI love scrubs but i really want this episode that is my faverouite ever but you dont have the seson on the english itunes GET MORE SESONS prefibly at least up to seson six please!.Score: 2/5

More plsI luvvvvvvvv scrubs but iTunes pls put 5,6,7+8 seris on I am gettin bored of seris 1,2,3+4! Pls wright back.Score: 5/5

Scrubs Pure ExcellentAbsolutely Fantastic, Its on the 8th Season But why can we only get to Season 4. Come on I-Tunes keep up..Score: 5/5

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Scrubs, Season 4 (2004) Series Cast & Crew

Scrubs, Season 4 (2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Scrubs: The characters of season 4. Zach Braff (John 'J.D.' Dorian), Donald Faison (Christopher Turk), John C. McGinley (Perry Cox), Sarah Chalke (Elliot Reid), Judy Reyes (Carla Espinosa), Ken Jenkins (Bob Kelso), Neil Flynn (Janitor), all returned for scrubs, season 4.

Sarah Chalke (Elliot Reid)
Sarah ChalkeElliot ReidScore: 23.7
Zach Braff (John 'J.D.' Dorian)
Zach BraffJohn 'J.D.' DorianScore: 24.1
John C. McGinley (Perry Cox)
John C. McGinleyPerry CoxScore: 21.3
Neil Flynn (Janitor)
Neil FlynnJanitorScore: 16.7
Judy Reyes (Carla Espinosa)
Judy ReyesCarla EspinosaScore: 21.0
Donald Faison (Christopher Turk)
Donald FaisonChristopher TurkScore: 23.7

Mark Stegemann (Producer), Zach Braff (Producer), Tad Quill (Producer), Janae Bakken (Producer), Mike Schwartz (Producer), Tim Hobert (Producer), Matt Tarses (Producer), Garrett Donovan (Producer), Neil Goldman (Producer), Eric Weinberg (Producer), Debra Fordham (Producer), Gabrielle Allan (Producer), Bill Callahan (Producer), Liz Newman (Producer), Randall Keenan Winston (Producer), Bill Lawrence (Executive Producer), Brett Benner (Casting), Debby Romano (Casting), Brad Quick (Transportation Captain), Peter Nusbaum (Supervising Sound Editor), all returned for scrubs.

Mike Schwartz (Producer)
Mike SchwartzProducerScore: 7.3
Zach Braff (Producer)
Zach BraffProducerScore: 24.1
Matt Tarses (Producer)
Matt TarsesProducerScore: 5.0
Randall Keenan Winston (Producer)
Randall Keenan WinstonProducerScore: 8.0
Bill Lawrence (Executive Producer)
Bill LawrenceExecutive ProducerScore: 10.1
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Scrubs (Season 4) Full Episodes

In the unreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital, John "J.D." Dorian learns the ways of medicine, friendship and life.

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  • TV-14
  • 2004
1My Old Friend's New Friend (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Old Friend's New Friend

31 August 2004$14.99

It's J.D.'s (Zach Braff) last week as a resident as he tries to smooth over his relationship with Elliot (Sarah Chalke) after their break-up. The former couple squabble over having to share time with newlyweds Turk (Donald Faison) and Carla (Judy Reyes), who have their own issues when Carla starts to change everything about her new hubby. Professional yet quirky new psychiatrist Dr. Molly Clock (guest star Heather Graham) starts her first day at Sacred Heart turning heads and forging new relationships with the staff. She befriends a lonely Elliot and tries her best to help J.D. and Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) with a patient offering profound and helpful insight. Meanwhile, when Turk's car blows up, Carla lets him pick out the new ride only to find that instead of a car, he buys a Vespa scooter further proving Carla's point that she needs to always be in control. Neil Flynn and Ken Jenkins also star.

2My Office (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Office

07 September 2004$14.99

Just when J.D. (Zach Braff) thinks he's landed the chief resident position, Dr. Molly Clock (guest star Heather Graham) convinces Elliot (Sarah Chalke) that she should apply as well. Carla (Judy Reeves) becomes green with envy as everyone starts listening to Dr. Clock's advice, leaving Carla feeling like she's losing control. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) and Turk (Donald Faison), find great difficulty in the removal of a light bulb from a patient's posterior. Ken Jenkins also stars.

3My New Game (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My New Game

14 September 2004$14.99

J.D. (Zach Braff) has become chief resident and is flaunting his new title and pay check all over the hospital. J.D.'s new sense of pride seems to be especially hurtful to Turk (Donald Faison), who is still a resident and currently being denied more difficult surgeries by his new attending physician. Turk's ego is further hurt when J.D. doubts his abilities as a surgeon. J.D. and Elliot's (Sarah Chalke) relationship has taken a turn for the worse when J.D. is accidentally called the co-Chief Resident and Elliot the Chief Resident. This mix-up lifts Elliot's post break-up spirits. Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) and Jordan (Christa Miller Lawrence) are having relationship problems as well when they find out that their divorce was not final. Dr. Cox's other annoying woman in his life, Dr. Molly Clark (guest star Heather Graham), faces off with him over a plastic surgery patient.

4My First Kill (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My First Kill

21 September 2004$14.99

When J.D. (Zach Braff) asks Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) to give the residents a pep talk, Dr. Cox takes things a little too far by telling them that inevitably, they will eventually kill a patient or two, which throws the staff into a frenzy. Meanwhile, Carla (Judy Reyes) becomes so annoyed with Turk's (Donald Faison) stuffed dog Rowdy, she takes drastic measures to get rid of him. Elsewhere, Elliot (Sarah Chalke) fights for a patient to receive a heart valve, and becomes frustrated when Molly (guest star Heather Graham) steps in to thwart her efforts. Neil Flynn also stars.

5Her Story (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

Her Story

28 September 2004$14.99

When J.D. decides to use a tape recorder to gather his thoughts, the voice-overs transfer to Elliot (Sarah Chalke), who makes new friends with Molly (Heather Graham) and gets the courage to tell-off her foil Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley). However, Eliot soon realizes that Molly is not quite the person she thought she was when her felon boyfriend is admitted to the hospital after stealing a car and crashing it into a telephone pole. Meanwhile, in the world of the newlyweds, Turk (Donald Faison) is constantly waking up Carla (Judy Reyes) when he goes to bed; and J.D. has concerns that Dr. Cox may have ruined his credibility with the new residents. Ken Jenkins and Neil Flynn also star.

6My Cake (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Cake

12 October 2004$14.99

J.D. (Zach Braff) dismayed when his brother (guest star Tom Cavanagh) Dan shows up with news of their father's recent death. Everyone faces the challenge of how to be sensitive to J.D. and stumbles over their words of condolence. Meanwhile, Turk (Donald Faison) has symptoms of diabetes but in his stubbornness, refuses to admit it or visit a doctor as Carla (Judy Reyes) wishes. Molly (Heather Graham) must employ some advanced psychology to force him to face the issue. Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Ken Jenkins and Neil Flynn also star.

7My Common Enemy (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Common Enemy

19 October 2004$14.99

J.D. (Zach Braff) decides he won't start dating again until Elliot (Sarah Chalke) does, but doesn't expect the person she starts dating to be his brother Dan (guest star Tom Cavanagh), who's still sticking around after the recent death of their father. When J.D. catches them sleeping together in the on-call room, things get a little awkward between the three. Meanwhile, after Turk (Donald Faison) is diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, he milks every ounce of sympathy out of his friends. Elsewhere, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) and Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) get fed-up with Molly's (guest star Heather Graham) perception that everyone is good at heart and seek to prove her wrong. Judy Reyes and Neil Flynn also star.

8My Last Chance (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Last Chance

26 October 2004$14.99

Molly (guest star Heather Graham) announces to everyone that she's moving away for a new job opportunity, which stirs the waters of the triangle between herself, J.D. (Zach Braff) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke). When J.D. and Molly end up making-out at her going-away party, Elliot plays games with J.D. when he asks for her blessing for him to sleep with Molly before she leaves town. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) has to fulfill community service hours and gets stuck riding around with a neurotic ambulance driver (guest star Molly Shannon) who drives him insane. Donald Faison, Judy Reyes and Ken Jenkins also star.

9My Malpractical Decision (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Malpractical Decision

09 November 2004$14.99

Trouble abounds for J.D. (Zach Braff) and Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) when they feel threatened by a patients' daughter, Neena Broderick (special guest star Julianna Margulies), a malpractice attorney with seemingly evil intentions. J.D. finds great difficulty in escaping her flirty and conniving ways. Meanwhile, Elliot (Sarah Chalke) attempts to hide Doug (guest star Johnny Kastl) from Neena due to his tendency to cause medical malpractices. Elsewhere, Turk (Donald Faison) pulls a fast prank on the Janitor (Neil Flynn) and doesn't like the payback he receives from him and Mr. Korman (guest star Richard Kind, "Spin City"), a former patient who tries to get retaliation. Judy Reyes and Ken Jenkins also star.

10My Female Trouble (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Female Trouble

16 November 2004$14.99

J.D. (Zach Braff) stirs things up with his newfound relationship with Neena (Julianna Margulies) the ice queen, who treats him with no regard and threatens everyone around her with her cold-hearted ways. Meanwhile, the battle in court continues between Mr. Korman (Richard Kind), Neena, and Turk (Donald Faison) over the allegations that Turk destroyed Mr. Korman's tennis serve as a result of the shoulder surgery Turk performed on him. John C. McGinley, Judy Reyes and Sarah Chalke also star.

11My Unicorn (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Unicorn

23 November 2004$14.99

When one of J.D.'s (Zach Braff) favorite patients Harrison Marks (guest star John Bennett Perry) is in dire need of a kidney transplant, J.D. takes matters into his own hands by finding his long-lost son Murray (guest star Matthew Perry) in hopes that he'll donate his kidney. Despite Dr. Cox's (John C. McGinley) warning to J.D. not to interfere with family business, J.D. persists and complications arise. Meanwhile, Elliot (Sarah Chalke) is fed-up with co-workers not taking her seriously, and discovers she can get her way by flaunting her femininity with some help from Carla (Judy Reyes) and Jordan (guest star Christa Miller). Donald Faison, Neil Flynn and Ken Jenkins also star.

12My Best Moment (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Best Moment

07 December 2004$14.99

When J.D. (Zach Braff) must address a bunch of pre-med students about what it's like to be a doctor, he strays off the beaten path and chooses to discuss his best moments as a doctor instead. When he challenges the rest of the staff to do so, they all reminisce about their fondest memories in the medical field. Meanwhile, Elliot (Sarah Chalke) is forced to face her fear of children when she must befriend a ten-year-old boy, whose father is being treated in the I.C.U. Elsewhere, Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) gets a dose of Christmas spirit and stuns the staff with his change of heart. Donald Faison, John C. McGinley, Judy Reyes and Neil Flynn also star.

13My Ocardial Infarction (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Ocardial Infarction

18 January 2005$14.99

J.D.'s (Zach Braff) ego gets in the way of his learning when Elliot (Sarah Chalke), his Co-Chief Resident, continually outperforms him with their patients. Meanwhile, Turk (Donald Faison) makes light of his diabetes by inventing a guessing game of his insulin levels with the nursing staff, leaving Carla (Judy Reyes) flustered. Elsewhere, the Janitor (Neil Flynn) feels rejected by his secret crush Elliot, when she runs off quickly from their "coffee date." Assuming his nice dress attire scared her off, he makes up a story that he was dressed to impress for his a capella band practice which leads to Elliot requesting an impromptu performance. Ken Jenkins and John C. McGinley also star.

14My Lucky Charm (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Lucky Charm

25 January 2005$14.99

Billy Callahan (guest star Colin Farrell) is a life-loving Irishman who comes to Sacred Heart Hospital after being injured in a bar fight and teaches Turk (Donald Faison) and J.D. (Zach Braff) a lesson about living life to its fullest. Meanwhile, Carla (Judy Reyes) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke) attempt to make social plans with each other but can't seem to stick with them, which creates tension between the two friends. Elsewhere, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) gets a vasectomy behind Jordan's (Christa Miller) back and is stunned by her reaction when she discovers the truth. Ken Jenkins and Neil Flynn also star.

15My Hypocritical Oath (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Hypocritical Oath

01 February 2005$14.99

When J.D. (Zach Braff) and Turk (Donald Faison) spend a boy's night out clubbing, J.D. falls for a bartender who seems fascinated by his profession and asks if she can stop by the hospital. Unfortunately, she shows up with her boyfriend who has a secret that J.D. struggles to keep in order to win his new crush over. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) anxiously awaits the Lakers/Heat game but must tape it to watch after his shift. His patience is tested when the Janitor (Neil Flynn) threatens to reveal the final score. Sarah Chalke, Judy Reyes and Ken Jenkins also star.

16My Quarantine (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Quarantine

08 February 2005$14.99

J.D.'S (Zach Braff) efforts to make a good impression on a first date reach desperate levels when he and Kylie (Chrystee Pharris-Larkins) get caught in a hospital quarantine. A series of unfortunate events bring J.D. and Kylie to Sacred Heart on their first date, where J.D. accidentally initiates a SARS quarantine and is forced to resort to desperate measures to make a good impression. While the hospital is in lockdown, the rest of the staff recounts various first date stories leading to the revelation that Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) and Carla (Judy Reyes) dated in the past. Tara Reid guest stars as J.D.'s ex-girlfriend.

17My Life In Four Cameras (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Life In Four Cameras

15 February 2005$14.99

J.D.'s (Zach Braff) imagination is sparked by a patient, a sitcom writer, who is about to receive some very bad news. J.D. ponders how the lives of everyone at Sacred Heart, including his patient, would turn out if left in the hands of the writer. Elsewhere, Turk (Donald Faison) and Carla (Judy Reyes) are struggling to keep the romance in their relationship while Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) and Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) continue their one-upmanship over whose job is harder. Portions of this episode were shot in front of a live studio audience in the manner of a traditional sitcom. Clay Aiken guest stars as a talent show participant. Sarah Chalke also stars.

18My Roommates (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Roommates

22 February 2005$14.99

Turk (Donald Faison) and Carla (Judy Reyes) ask J.D. (Zach Braff) to move out to give them some space to rekindle the romance in their relationship. Suddenly homeless, J.D. tries to use the situation to his advantage by asking his girlfriend Kylie (guest star Chrystee Pharris-Larkins, "Passions") if he can stay at her place. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) gets a visit from his high school friend Ron (guest star Michael Boatman, "Spin City"). Dr. Cox and Ron's relationship has always been highly competitive, and just when Dr. Cox thinks he has the upper hand, the discovery that Ron's son may be autistic sends them into unfamiliar territory. Sarah Chalke, Ken Jenkins and Neil Flynn also star.

19My Best Laid Plans (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Best Laid Plans

01 March 2005$14.99

J.D. ditches a seemingly uninterested Kylie for Dr. Clock, who just returned from Milwaukee; Carla fumes over Turk's frequent phone calls to an ex-girlfriend; Janitor and Cox make a wager over Elliott.

20My Boss' Free Haircut (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Boss' Free Haircut

29 March 2005$14.99

When Carla (Judy Reyes) and Turk (Donald Faison) are experiencing marital difficulties, JD (Zach Braff) and Elliot (Sarah Chalke) do their part to try and cheer up their friends. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) challenges Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) to lead by example and take on a few patients of his own after Kelso criticizes his bedside manner -- but nothing works out quite as planned.

21My Lips Are Sealed (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Lips Are Sealed

05 April 2005$14.99

At his best friend's request, J.D. (Zach Braff) agrees to take Carla out to convince her that Turk is trustworthy and that she should move back home. What starts out as a friendly drink takes a turn into unknown territory when J.D and Carla take things a little too far and share a "friendly" kiss, something they both decide that Turk does not need to know about. At the hospital, Elliot (Sarah Chalke) and Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) struggle to maintain their professionalism when faced with a young patient who is suffering from complications after experimenting with erectile dysfunction pills. Meanwhile, Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) tries to find the balance between being an over-protective father while still trying to be the cool dad after his son falls off the jungle gym. Neil Flynn also stars.

22My Big Move (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Big Move

12 April 2005$14.99

Reeling after the news that J.D. (Zach Braff) and Carla (Judy Reyes) kissed after a night at the bar, Turk (Donald Faison) lets the two of them decided who will take responsibility and have to deal with the silent treatment indefinitely. Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) reluctantly turns to Elliot (Sarah Chalke) for help getting through to a young, female patient (guest star Sarah Ramos, NBC's "American Dreams"). Meanwhile, Janitor (Neil Flynn) petitions Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) for a new janitor's uniform, only to find his co-workers no longer fear him in his new threads.

23My Faith In Humanity (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Faith In Humanity

19 April 2005$14.99

When the brother of an elderly patient tries to sue his sister's well-intentioned neighbor (guest star Josh Randall, "Ed") for helping her decide what course of treatment to take, J.D. (Zach Braff) begins to question his faith in humanity. Meanwhile, Turk (Donald Faison) struggles with sharing his true feelings about his relationship with Carla (Judy Reyes) when the two begin couples therapy. On the verge of giving up on men altogether, Elliot (Sarah Chalke) reluctantly seeks advice from Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) on how to catch the eye of the handsome hospital visitor. Ken Jenkins and Neil Flynn also star.

24My Drive-By (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Drive-By

26 April 2005$14.99

When Turk (Donald Faison) saves a man's life at the local taco stand, he tries to keep his ego in check as Dr. Cox (John C. McGinley) takes all of the credit. To avoid ruining her new relationship with Jake (guest star Josh Randall, "Ed"), Elliot (Sarah Chalke) enlists J.D.'s (Zach Braff) help to prevent her dates from becoming too intimate. Meanwhile, Dr. Kelso (Ken Jenkins) terrorizes the hospital from the seat of his new Rascal motorized wheelchair until Janitor (Neil Flynn) takes matters into his own hands. Judy Reyes also stars.

25My Changing Ways (Scrubs) recap, spoilers

My Changing Ways

10 May 2005$14.99

With their residency over, there are big changes at Sacred Heart. J.D. (Zach Braff) moves out to live on his own while Turk (Donald Faison) and Carla (Judy Reyes) consider a family change. Meanwhile, one of the residents receives a job offer from another hospital. Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley and Ken Jenkins also star.


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Has Scrubs, Season 4 been confirmed? Will there be a scrubs, season 4?
The countdown to Scrubs [2004] Season 4 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Scrubs is soon going to be released.

Scrubs, Season 4 start date: When does scrubs, season 4 come back?
Scrubs, Season 4 will air on Tuesday 31st of August 2004.

How many episodes will be in scrubs, season 4?
With the season now airing in August 2004. There will be 25 episodes in season 4.

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Scrubs heads into its fifth season with four Emmy nominations including one for "Outstanding Comedy Series." Winner of a prestigious Humanitas Prize and nominated for a Producer's Guild Award in 2004, two Emmy Awards and a People's Choice Award in its debut season. Scrubs focuses on the strange experiences of fresh-faced medical resident John "J.D." Dorian (Zach Braff, Garden State) as he embarks on his healing career in a surreal hospital crammed full of unpredictable staffers and patients — where humor and tragedy can merge paths at any time.Joining the rumpled J.D. at Sacred Heart Hospital are fellow residents Chris Turk (Donald Faison, Remember the Titans, Felicity) — J.D.'s college buddy who is part of the more elite surgical group, and the beautiful but socially awkward Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke, Roseanne).Keeping a watchful eye over these young doctors are the caustic chief of medicine, Dr. Bob Kelso (Ken Jenkins, Courage Under Fire); the abrasive but caring Dr. Perry Cox (John C. McGinley, Wall Street, Platoon), and no-nonsense nurse Carla Espinosa (Judy Reyes, Oz). Neil Flynn (Magnolia) the hospital janitor, portrays J.D.'s nemesis, and he never seems to miss an opportunity to harass his target.Click here to get our exclusive Scrubs soundtrack featuring Rhett Miller, Elefant, the Coral, and more.

Scrubs, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Scrubs, Season 102 October 200124 Episodes

Check into the surreal world of Sacred Heart Hospital, where the staff is bizarre and the laughter is contagious. Fresh-faced J. D. (Zach Braff) and his fellow new medical residents weave their way through each unpredictable day with hilarious results. Watch it again, Scrubs — off-the-charts funny entertainment you'll want to watch over and over again.

Scrubs, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Scrubs, Season 302 October 200322 Episodes

Get ready for one wacky house call with the hilarious third season of Scrubs. It's a whole new year for the staff of Sacred Heart as Elliott undergoes a complete makeover in an attempt to change her luck, and the residents discover the incredible healing powers of an epiphany toilet. Joining J.D. and the gang are a host of hysterical guest stars, including Tom Cavanagh (Ed), Tara Reid (American Pie), and the legendary Michael J. Fox.

Scrubs, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Scrubs, Season 226 September 200222 Episodes

Fill your prescription for laughs with a second dose of Scrubs. Nominated for two Emmy Awards® in its second year, the doctors of Sacred Heart Hospital make their rounds in the most surreal comedy on television. Will J.D. get together with Elliot, and will Carla finally accept Turk's wedding proposal? The wacky staff of Sacred Heart Hospital is back and they've brought along some guest stars (Heather Locklear, Tom Cavanagh, and John Ritter) for a booster shot of laughs.

Scrubs, Season 8 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Scrubs, Season 806 January 200919 Episodes

Surprise! Scrubs is back for an eighth season and the prognosis for laughter looks good. This year, John, “J.D.” Dorian and his fellow residents have their hands full with a group of bumbling new interns. Now that Dr. Kelso is out as Chief of Medicine, Sacred Heart pumps in new blood with the hilariously ruthless Dr. Taylor Maddox, (guest star Courtney Cox Arquette, Friends), who quickly has the hospital staff — and patients — begging for mercy as she tries to bleed the insurance companies for all they’re worth. Luckily, J.D. gets comic and emotional relief in his continuing bro-mance with Turk, his growing feelings for Elliot and his surprising bond with his mercurial mentor, Dr. Cox. J.D. just might finish out his residency, if he can avoid Jimmy, the overly touchy orderly, and his nemesis, the Janitor.

Scrubs, Season 9 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Scrubs, Season 901 December 200913 Episodes

The doctors are ready to see you now. And this season, there are old favorites . . . and new blood. J.D. returns to Sacred Heart, but this time to teach med school, along with Turk, Drs. Cox and Kelso, and Intern Denise. Unfortunately, the new med students, Lucy, Drew and Cole, are every bit as green as J.D. and Turk were when they first started out. With so many new, quirky personalities to deal with, this is definitely going to be a tricky operation. Can J.D. and Turk show them how to handle life-and-death situations without taking life too seriously? Of course they can! And as the camaraderie grows between our new med students, they might just teach these old doctors a trick or two. Get ready to examine one of the funniest and most unique shows on television.

Scrubs: The Complete Series cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Scrubs: The Complete Series02 October 2001182 Episodes

Check into the quick-witted world of Sacred Heart Hospital and experience all nine hilarious seasons of Scrubs, the show that redefined television comedy. Zach Braff, Sarah Chalke and Donald Faison head an all-star cast in this award-winning series. From their first days as “newbie” medical residents to their unforgettable final rounds, J.D., Elliot, Turk and all your favorite characters administer a healthy dose of contagious comedy. Relive every clever and quirky moment of the series that was a hit with both fans and critics. Scrubs’ brand of contagious comedy is just what the doctor ordered!

Scrubs, Season 4 (TV series) Languages

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Сезон 4
В четвёртом сезоне Джей Ди наконец заканчивает ординатуру и становится полноправным врачом. Карла и Тёрк, вернувшиеся из медового месяца, сталкиваются с проблемами во взаимоотношениях. Напившись, Карла и Джей Ди целуются. Кокс и Джордан узнают, что официально все ещё женаты. Эллиот продолжает сердиться на Джей Ди, разбившего её сердце. Она завязывает отношения с братом Джей Ди, а сам Дориан знакомится с доктором Молли Клок. Сама же Молли становится наставницей Эллиот.

La cuarta temporada de Scrubs comenzó el 31 de agosto de 2004 y finalizó el 10 de mayo de 2005 con un total de 25 episodios.

Джей Ді закінчує ординатуру. Разом з ним продовжує працювати в клініці його кращий друг з часів коледжу Кріс Тьорк, дружина Тьорка - Карла та їхня спільна подруга Еліот.

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