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Psych, Season 2 Release Date and Synopsis

Psych returns for its second season. In the premiere episode, "American Duos," the requisite cruel British judge from an American Idol rip-off show finds himself in a panic after a series of near-miss attempts on his life. Shawn and his trusty sidekick, Gus, will contend with more foes in their sophomore season, including a rival psychic detective hired by the feds, a fictional murder that turns real on the set of Santa Barbara's most popular Spanish soap opera, and the return of the childhood bully who tormented the best buddies growing up.

Everything You Need to Know About Psych, Season 2

Psych is a quick-witted comedy starring James Roday as young police consultant Shawn Spencer, who solves crimes with powers of observation so acute that Santa Barbara PD detectives think he's psychic. Psych also stars Dule Hill as Shawn's best friend and reluctant sidekick, Gus, and Corbin Bernsen as Shawn's disapproving father, Henry, who ironically was the one who honed his son's "observation" skills as a child.

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Most underrated show, BRILLIANT!A show that no one seems to talk about, but is absolutely brilliant. Funny, witty, and extremely sarcastic, a show that makes you wish it it always Friday night..Score: 5/5

Psych You Out In The EndI love psych. It's my favorite TV show ever! If you want a recomendation for another great ABC family TV show, try MONK!! I LOVE PSYCH!!!!!!! d:).Score: 5/5

PsychShow=amazing absolute brilliance.Score: 5/5

PsychPsych is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome. I feel sorry for all the losers who think they are 2 good to watch the show. I have been with psych from the very beginning and it is the best show EVER!!!! Perfect if you are tired of CSI and Law & Order..Score: 5/5

Loving itPsych is one of the best shows ever and they funny thing is that no one i know watches it. dule hill is amazing, i love him and the guy who plays sean...dunno his hilarious. they are the perfect pair. i cannot wait for the christmas episode..Score: 5/5

Great show!!This is a great show, one of my favorite!!! i highly reccomend you watch it!!!.Score: 5/5

Psych is the best Show EVER!!:)This show is witty and it keeps me intriqued the whole time. Every episode i bust up laughing. This is the only show that does that to me..Score: 5/5

BrilliantPsych is a perfect blend of mystery and comedy with characters as funny as they are brilliant. Dialogue is witty, intelligent, and so natural you wonder if parts are really scripted. Everything about this show is fun, from the upbeat theme song to the unexpected ending. This show never seems to disappoint..Score: 5/5

Classic PsychGreat episode. Well written, funny... and with all the banter and non-sequiiturs..Score: 4/5

Live for it, watch it and love it. It's like air. The best show ever!Anyone would love and live for this show. It is well conducted and is basically a humorous detective show....What more can somebody ask for? It is off the charts and is the best show on television because it is unique in the way that it makes you think and builds suspense in who the suspect might be, the characters are so realistic and there is a perfect mix of them. There are suprises in every episode that continuously grab your attention. Each show has a little repition, which is good, and keeps the amazement in each one..Score: 5/5

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Uk store vs us storeWhy is it that tv series are uploaded to the us store and left out of the uk store? this is just one of many awsome tv series that has this problem surely, surely we should have the option of all thats available on itunes!.Score: 5/5

Is £1.89 correctWhat is going on with Itunes pricing ?.Score: 4/5

FabGreat show,very funny but where is season 3 iTunes?????.Score: 5/5

How to get Season 1The link to Season 1 has now disappeared again, and even when it was active it just brought up a message saying that the first season can't be purchased until May 2009!! Browsing for Season 1 also doesn't work BUT if you do a search for "psych" all the Season 1 episodes appear and are available for purchase, at least at the time of writing..Score: 5/5

First it was there....And I bought a couple of the first series, became hooked, and then it was gone!... is this iDealing?! Do you want me to beg? Please let me have the rest of series 1!!.Score: 5/5

Season 3?When season 3 coming?.Score: 5/5

Fantastic Show but...Where are season 2 episodes 1 to 9!!!.Score: 5/5

LOVE PSYCH BRING ON SEASON 3When's Season 3 On Itunes ? Its Out In America now !!! I Want IT !!.Score: 5/5

Erm I think Apple made a mistakeErm I think Apple made a mistake - I was sure to get my copy at £1.89 and I was only charged this price too! Get in there quick!.Score: 5/5

Best Show everThis is the best show, Season 1 is awsome and Season 2 is good as well. Well worth the pice..Score: 4/5

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Psych, Season 2 (2007) Series Cast & Crew

Psych, Season 2 (2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Psych: The characters of season 2. James Roday Rodriguez (Shawn Spencer), Dulé Hill (Burton Guster), Timothy Omundson (Carlton Lassiter), Maggie Lawson (Juliet O'Hara), Kirsten Nelson (Karen Vick), Corbin Bernsen (Henry Spencer), all returned for psych, season 2.

Dulé Hill (Burton Guster)
Dulé HillBurton GusterScore: 8.6
Corbin Bernsen (Henry Spencer)
Corbin BernsenHenry SpencerScore: 10.6
Kirsten Nelson (Karen Vick)
Kirsten NelsonKaren VickScore: 10.4
Timothy Omundson (Carlton Lassiter)
Timothy OmundsonCarlton LassiterScore: 8.8
James Roday Rodriguez (Shawn Spencer)
James Roday RodriguezShawn SpencerScore: 10.0
Maggie Lawson (Juliet O'Hara)
Maggie LawsonJuliet O'HaraScore: 15.0

Mel Damski (Producer), Mark N. Tompkins (Standby Painter), all returned for psych.

Mark N. Tompkins (Standby Painter)
Mark N. TompkinsStandby PainterScore: 1.0
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Psych (Season 2) Full Episodes

Thanks to his police officer father's efforts, Shawn Spencer spent his childhood developing a keen eye for detail (and a lasting dislike of his dad). Years later, Shawn's frequent tips to the police lead to him being falsely accused of a crime he solved. Now, Shawn has no choice but to use his abilities to perpetuate his cover story: psychic crime-solving powers, all the while dragging his best friend, his dad, and the police along for the ride.

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  • TV-PG
  • 2007
1American Duos (Psych) recap, spoilers

American Duos

13 July 2007$2.99

When the latest incarnation of American Idol rip-off shows sets up shop at the Arlington Theatre, the requisite cruel British judge (Tim Curry) finds himself in a panic after a series of near-miss attempts on his life. Police protection has been barely sufficient and now he's taking matters into his own hands to ward off his inevitable attacker, hiring Santa Barbara's most reliable psychic detective to protect him.

2Sixty Five Million Years Off (Psych) recap, spoilers

Sixty Five Million Years Off

20 July 2007$2.99

Shawn finds himself alone out on a limb when he contends that a dead man who washes ashore was killed in a manner that misses the agreed death timeline- by approximately sixty five million years.

3Psy vs. Psy (Psych) recap, spoilers

Psy vs. Psy

27 July 2007$2.99

Following the trail of a counterfeiter, the "Feds" show up in Santa Barbara with their own version of Lassiter and their very own "Shawn," spawning a rivalry and causing our cast to ban together for the first time to save the integrity of the department and prove who has the better psychic.

4Zero to Murder In Sixty Seconds (Psych) recap, spoilers

Zero to Murder In Sixty Seconds

03 August 2007$2.99

After Lassiter's car gets stolen from in front of the police station, Shawn solves the case in record time. But he soon realizes that, even with his considerable talents, nothing's ever that easy, and must then drag Gus away from his vacation to further investigate a case he's already solved.

5And Down the Stretch Comes Murder (Psych) recap, spoilers

And Down the Stretch Comes Murder

10 August 2007$2.99

Shawn and Gus' childhood bully, Jimmy Nickels, who hasn't grown since sixth grade and is now a jockey, comes back into their lives when he hires them to find out why his horses keep losing. But a simple horse whispering assignment turns deadly when a rival jockey dies on his horse in the middle of a race. Guest starring Howard Hesseman.

6Meat Is Murder... But Murder Is Also Murder (Psych) recap, spoilers

Meat Is Murder... But Murder Is Also Murder

17 August 2007$2.99

When a chef is accused of killing a prominent restaurant critic with poisonous mushrooms, it's up to Shawn and Gus to make sure the real killer gets his "just desserts." John Amos guest stars.

7If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead? (Psych) recap, spoilers

If You're So Smart, Then Why Are You Dead?

24 August 2007$2.99

A group of genius teenagers from a school for gifted students claims one of their teachers is a murderer. After striking out with the police, their last hope is Shawn and Gus, who go undercover and soon discover the kids' imaginations might not be so wild after all.

8Rob-A-Bye Baby (Psych) recap, spoilers

Rob-A-Bye Baby

07 September 2007$2.99

A highly accomplished burglary ring is hitting Santa Barbara homes, all in the middle of the day, leaving no trace of how they gained access. Shawn and Gus want on the case, but Interim Chief Vick has an even more important job for them: she needs them to find her a new nanny. A task they readily accept as a way into the burglary case.

9Bounty Hunters! (Psych) recap, spoilers

Bounty Hunters!

07 September 2007$2.99

When an accused murderer goes on the lam, Shawn and Gus play bounty hunter, racing "Midnight Run" style to bring him in before the cops and a real bounty hunter get him first. However, the chase gets complicated when Shawn realizes the guy they are bringing in is innocent. Guest starring Kevin Sorbo.

10Gus' Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy (Psych) recap, spoilers

Gus' Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy

07 December 2007$2.99

When Shawn and Henry are invited to have Christmas dinner with Gus' parents (guest stars Phylicia Rashad and Ernie Hudson), the yuletide cheer is interrupted by ... murder. A neighbor is found dead and all the evidence points to Gus' dad as the culprit. Can Shawn and Gus work their usual magic when the case is so personal?

11There's Something About Mira (Psych) recap, spoilers

There's Something About Mira

11 January 2008$2.99

Shawn and Gus are being followed by the worst P.I. ever. Shawn's actually taken pictures of himself being surveilled over the last few days. Finally they confront their stalker, who lights a cigarette and confesses that he was hired by Gus' wife. Gus admits to a shocked Shawn that he met Mira Gaffney when he was in Mexico on Spring Break in 1997. She was crazy and could get him to do things no one else could, like skydiving and getting married on a drunken binge. Shawn insists on coming with Gus to meet her and Gus agrees, making Shawn promise not to let him get sucked back into Hurricane Mira again.

12The Old and the Restless (Psych) recap, spoilers

The Old and the Restless

18 January 2008$2.99

Shawn and Gus have run into a problem on their latest case. They are investigating the disappearance of Oswald Chester in a place that is impossible to sneak into: Glorious Pines, the most exclusive retirement community in Santa Barbara. They convince Henry to go undercover as Talmadge McGulager, who has actually gotten in off the wait list.

13Lights, Camera...Homicidio (Psych) recap, spoilers

Lights, Camera...Homicidio

25 January 2008$2.99

The police have called Shawn and Gus down to the television studio. There has been a murder on the set of the telenovela "Explosion Gigantesca de Romance," Gus' favorite soap opera. But when they get to the set, Lassiter says Juliet jumped the gun calling them and the case is open and shut, in fact the whole thing was caught on tape. One of the actors, Jorge Gama-Lobo stabbed the victim during one of the scenes. But Jorge insists someone switched the prop knife for a real one without his knowledge.

14Dis-Lodged (Psych) recap, spoilers


01 February 2008$2.99

Henry is sick, Shawn tells Gus. He called to cancel their weekend camping trip in the mountains and Shawn couldn't be more thrilled, until he catches his dad driving through town, the picture of health. Now Shawn has to know why he was ditched, and he and Gus follow Henry to the Monarch Lodge, where they discover Henry is a member. After Shawn perfectly repeats the secret handshake, they enter the lodge to find Henry in a room full of robed lodge members, surrounding a dead body on the floor. The brothers have called Henry in for help, but he insists he's retired both from the force and the lodge and calls the police.

15Black & Tan: A Crime of Fashion (Psych) recap, spoilers

Black & Tan: A Crime of Fashion

08 February 2008$2.99

It's Gus's birthday and Shawn gets him the ultimate present. They are both on the VIP list for the fall launch party for Ciao clothing as the modeling team Black and Tan. Once in, Gus is excited to see his favorite unknown model, Berlinda Desidovicz, and as he goes over to talk to her, Shawn notices one of Ciaobella's owners, Ciaobella, berate her assistant and throw a green shake onto the ground. Just then, the other owner, Ciaboella's husband Gregor Uwe-Steeb, gets up to give a speech. He starts by saying he did all the designs for the new line, then as he reaches down to adjust the mic stand, he's electrocuted to death.

16Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead (Psych) recap, spoilers

Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead

15 February 2008$2.99

It's four a.m. and an alarm is going off at the Santa Barbara History Museum. Lassiter and Juliet rush in to find that the mummy from the exhibit that opened yesterday is missing along with Hastings, the night watchman, who it turns out has a criminal record. That, combined with the fact that the mummy, along with everything else in the museum, is of so little monetary value that the board of directors keeps postponing the overhaul of the security system, leads Lassiter to conclude this case isn't worth his time. He tells Juliet to put out an ABP on Hastings' car and goes to leave but Sophie, the assistant curator, insists there's more going on. The alarm was triggered from the inside of the museum and although the security isn't top notch, nowhere on any of the footage does the culprit or mummy appear. She thinks there's something potentially supernatural going on and she wants the paleosleuth who discovered Zippy the Dinosaur on the case. For once, Lassiter is happy to oblige.


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Fake psychic. Real detectives...

Psych, Season 2 — 2007

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Psych, Season 2 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about psych, season 2...

Has Psych, Season 2 been confirmed? Will there be a psych, season 2?
The countdown to Psych [2007] Season 2 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Psych is soon going to be released.

Psych, Season 2 start date: When does psych, season 2 come back?
Psych, Season 2 will air on Friday 13th of July 2007.

How many episodes will be in psych, season 2?
With the season now airing in July 2007. There will be 16 episodes in season 2.

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Psych Other Seasons
Psych, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych, Season 113 July 200615 Episodes

James Roday plays the somewhat eccentric Shawn Spencer, a police consultant who solves crimes with powers of observation so acute that the police think he's psychic — or so he lets them think. With the reluctant assistance of his best friend Gus (Dule Hill), Shawn opens up a P.I. agency, Psych, and together they begin solving cases even the most seasoned detectives cannot crack.

Psych, Season 7 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych, Season 727 February 201315 Episodes

PSYCH stars James Roday as police consultant Shawn Spencer who solves crimes with powers of observation so acute the precinct detectives think he's psychic. The show also stars Dulé Hill, Corbin Bernsen, Timothy Omundson, Maggie Lawson, and Kirsten Nelson. Season seven will explore Gus' personal life, feature the wedding of one of the main characters and deliver new 'Psych-isms' crafted for the series' legions of devoted fans, affectionately known as PSYCH-Os. Parminder Nagra will recur as Gus' girlfriend, exposing his romantic side and creating jealousy with Shawn. Additional guests include Katy Mixon, Garcelle Beauvais, Jeffrey Tambor, WWE's Big Show, as well as the return of Cybill Shepherd and Kristy Swanson. Season seven will also mark the 100th episode of USA's longest running series currently on air. PSYCH is produced by Universal Cable Productions.

Psych: the Movie cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych: the Movie05 December 20172 Episodes

Fake psychic detective Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and his best friend, Burton “Gus” Guster (Dulé Hill), will team up once again, returning to USA Network for the holidays, when "Psych: The Movie" premieres. "Psych" creator Steve Franks co-wrote the movie with Roday and will also direct the special. Lassiter (Timothy Omundson), Juliet (Maggie Lawson), Henry (Corbin Bernsen) and Chief Vick (Kirsten Nelson) will also return for the movie, which picks up three years after the series finale. The ambitious friends -- along with some returning fan-favorite characters -- come together during the holidays after a mystery assailant targets one of their own. A comedic thrill ride follows, as the wild and unpredictable PSYCH team pursues the bad guys, justice …and food!

Psych, Season 6 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych, Season 612 October 201116 Episodes

From vampires to super heroes, hippie communes to mental institutions, season six of Psych will thrill and delight fans of Santa Barbara’s favorite psychic crime-solving team. A bevy of top names in entertainment will make guest appearances this season, including William Shatner, Danny Glover, Wade Boggs, Kristy Swanson, Corey Feldman, John Rhys Davies, Joey McIntyre, Malcolm McDowell, Jason Priestley, Molly Ringwald and WWE Superstar The Miz. This season, when it comes to Juliet, Shawn is making some grown up moves in their relationship and best friend and partner Gus deals with being a third wheel. Also, whether or not Shawn is a “real” psychic is questioned. This cult and fan favorite series stars James Roday (“Shawn Spencer”), Dulé Hill (“Burton ‘Gus’ Guster”), Corbin Bernsen (“Henry Spencer”), Timothy Omundson (“Detective Carlton Lassiter”), Maggie Lawson (“Detective Juliet”) and Kirsten Nelson (“Chief Vick”).

Psych, Season 8 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych, Season 808 January 201411 Episodes

Psych, USA's longest-running series, returns for Season 8! Psych stars James Roday, Dulé Hill, Corbin Bernsen, Maggie Lawson, Timothy Omundson and Kirsten Nelson, who makes her directorial debut. In the premiere episode Santa Barbara’s favorite faux psychic and his sidekick travel to London and come face-to-face with Despereaux (returning guest star Cary Elwes). The 10-episode season also includes the fan-selected "A Nightmare on State Street," directed by Roday, and a special remake of the season one episode "Cloudy with a Chance of Murder."

Psych: The Musical cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych: The Musical15 December 20133 Episodes

Shawn (James Roday) and Gus (Dule Hill) dive into a world that's equal parts mystery and melody to track down an escaped playwright mad man, Z (Anthony Rapp, "Rent"), who six years earlier was deemed criminally insane after locking a critic in a back room of the theatre that he burnt to the ground.

Psych, Season 5 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych, Season 514 July 201016 Episodes

PSYCH, the hit original series starring James Roday (“The Dukes of Hazzard”), Dulé Hill (“The West Wing”), Corbin Bernsen (“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang,” “L.A. Law”), Timothy Omundson (“Judging Amy,” “Deadwood”), Maggie Lawson (“Crumbs,” “Inside Schwartz”) and Kirsten Nelson (“Everwood”), returns with the fifth season on USA Network. In the season premiere called “Romeo & Juliet & Juliet” Shawn and Gus find themselves caught between two rival Chinese Triad families as they search for one of the leader’s abducted daughter. PSYCH’s fifth season continues to attract a strong line-up of guest stars including multiple Emmy award winner Jean Smart (“Samantha Who,” “24”), Freddie Prinze, Jr (“She’s All That,” “24”) John Michael Higgins (“Yes Man,” “Arrested Development”), Nestor Carbonell (“Lost”), Carl Weathers (“Rocky”), William Devane (“Knots Landing”) and more.

Psych, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych, Season 318 July 200816 Episodes

Psych follow the adventures of young police consultant, Shawn Spencer, who solves crimes with powers of observation so acute the precinct detectives think he's psychic. Spencer is joined by his best friend Gus and his disapproving father Henry. In the premiere episode we meet Shawn's mother, Madeleine, played by TV legend Cybill Shepherd. During the season, we see the Spencer family focus with the dysfunction of Madeleine and Henry's divorce as Shawn deals with the two of them back in his life.

Psych, Season 4 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych, Season 407 August 200916 Episodes

Psych, the hit original series starring James Roday, Dulé Hill, and Corbin Bernsen, returns with its fourth season on USA Network. Always a mix of romance and plenty of mayhem, Psych ratchets up the action this season as the crime-fighting duo of Shawn and Gus save old-western towns, battle an international art thief, and even perform an exorcism or two. The fourth season guest stars include Cary Elwes, James Brolin, and Sendhil Ramamurthy, plus a return appearance by Rachael Leigh Cook.

Psych: Twelve Episodes That Will Make You Happy cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych: Twelve Episodes That Will Make You Happy02 February 200912 Episodes

"Hey Psych Fans, show creator Steve Franks here. When they told me that they wanted me to select my favorite 12 episodes of Psych for iTunes I immediately thought of only the episodes that I wrote. Without any other people. Then I thought that doing that might come across as self-absorbed, so I broadened my criteria and considered the episodes that I wrote WITH other people. While that might help my public perception a bit, it seems to be too little of a gesture (especially after the debacle of the New Yorker piece I wrote last year entitled 'Clever Things I Said To My Cat That Went Unappreciated'). In the end, I decided to just choose the episodes I like best, which, as it turned out, happened to be a lot of the ones that I wrote. So here they are with a short description of each...Twelve Psych Episodes That Will Make You Happy High School Musical Jessica Alba (I added the last part so we could get tagged in a lot more searches... I'm sure you understand, we are a cable show, after all.)"

Psych: James and Dule's Top 20 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Psych: James and Dule's Top 2025 February 201320 Episodes

What are the Top 20 all-time best episodes of Psych? It’s a tough - almost unanswerable - question, but if anyone can tell you, it’s series stars James Roday and Dule Hill. In this special digital collection, you’ll get James and Dule’s personal favorites – complete with specially-recorded intros in which the pair share the reasoning behind their picks. That’s right, each episode in the playlist has unique bonus content that no Psych fan should miss.

Psych, Season 2 (TV series) Languages

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