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Jared Padalecki (Gilmore Girls) and Jensen Ackles (Smallville) star in this thrill ride which takes viewers on a journey into the dark world of the unexplained. Bound by tragedy and blood to a dangerous, otherworldly mission, two brothers travel from the Colorado wilderness to the Nebraska farmlands and on to the isolated Wisconsin lakes, encountering creatures that most people believe only exist in folklore, superstition, and nightmares. Supernatural, Season 1 Wiki

Supernatural, Season 1 Synopsis

1 - Pilot
Sam escapes to college to start a new, normal life, but gets pulled back in after Dean shows up on his doorstep to tell him their father is missing.

2 - Wendigo
Sam and Dean follow the coordinates left in their father's journal and land in the middle of the Colorado woods where they investigate the disappearance of several campers.

3 - Dead In the Water
In a small town in Wisconsin, Sam and Dean investigate a series of mysterious drownings officially explained as suicides.

4 - Phantom Traveler
On TransNational flight 2485, a man possessed by the spirit of the Phantom Traveler causes the plane to crash, leaving only five survivors.

5 - Bloody Mary
In suburban Nebraska, several partying high school teens jokingly dare their friend Charlie to look into a mirror and repeat "Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary."

6 - Skin
Sam and Dean help Sam's old college buddy after he is accused of a murder he swears he didn't commit.

7 - Hook Man
In a small college town in Iowa, Sam and Dean encounter the infamous "Hook Man," a vengeful spirit who kills his victims with a shiny hook that serves as his hand.

8 - Bugs
After a construction worker is killed by insects burrowing into his brain, Sam and Dean investigate a town's history and find that the new housing development is being built on sacred land.

9 - Home
Sam is haunted by a vision of a woman trapped in the brothers' childhood house and convinces a reluctant Dean that they need to go home.

10 - Asylum
Sam and Dean investigate an abandoned sanitarium and discover that the patients had held a revolt against the cruel and unusual punishments inflicted by the head doctor.

11 - Scarecrow
Sam and Dean finally make contact with their father, but he tells them to stop looking for him and sends them on another ghost-hunting job.

12 - Faith
While battling a demon, Dean is electrocuted, resulting in permanent damage to his heart and leaving him with only a couple of months to live.

13 - Route 666
Dean is contacted by his first love, Cassie, an African-American girl who asks him to come to Mississippi to investigate a string of racially motivated murders.

14 - Nightmare
Sam has a premonition in which a man is killed, but the murder is made to look like a suicide.

15 - The Benders
Sam and Dean head to Minnesota where a young boy witnesses a man vanishing into thin air.

16 - Shadow
While investigating a mysterious death in Chicago, Sam and Dean run into Meg (recurring guest star Nicki Aycox), who is thrilled to see Sam again.

17 - Hell House
Sam and Dean investigate a house haunted by the ghost of a man who killed his six daughters during the 1930s.

18 - Something Wicked
Sam and Dean investigate a small town in Wisconsin where children are falling into comas for no apparent reason.

19 - Provenance
A young husband and wife are killed in their home shortly after buying an antique painting of a family portrait from around 1910.

20 - Dead Man's Blood
After a vampire hunter who was John's (recurring guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan) mentor is murdered, Sam and Dean are surprised when John himself shows up to solve the case.

21 - Salvation
After Sam has a vision of a family being attacked in the same manner as his mom was, the brothers and their father, John (recurring guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan), head to Salvation, Iowa.

22 - Devil's Trap
On a mission to save their father, John (recurring guest star Jeffrey Dean Morgan), from Meg (recurring guest star Nicki Aycox), Sam and Dean seek help from an old family friend, Bobby (Jim Beaver).

Supernatural, Season 1 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Pilot43:21USD 0.99Download
2Wendigo43:12USD 0.99Download
3Dead In the Water43:29USD 0.99Download
4Phantom Traveler42:06USD 0.99Download
5Bloody Mary43:16USD 0.99Download
6Skin41:51USD 0.99Download
7Hook Man40:47USD 0.99Download
8Bugs43:20USD 0.99Download
9Home42:53USD 0.99Download
10Asylum45:34USD 0.99Download
11Scarecrow43:06USD 0.99Download
12Faith43:18USD 0.99Download
13Route 66640:37USD 0.99Download
14Nightmare42:58USD 0.99Download
15The Benders43:18USD 0.99Download
16Shadow41:42USD 0.99Download
17Hell House40:37USD 0.99Download
18Something Wicked41:55USD 0.99Download
19Provenance43:20USD 0.99Download
20Dead Man's Blood42:06USD 0.99Download
21Salvation40:45USD 0.99Download
22Devil's Trap42:59USD 0.99Download

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The good times  DOGLOVER101🐶  5 star

1-5 are the best season I feel like these actually have meaning behind it, like they have a actual plot idk about 6-13 but I love 1-5 can’t wait to watch the rest

Best Season  R4ndomRandy  5 star

This was the season that got me hooked on the supernatural lore. I really like the dark and gritty tone in this season, then as the show went on they decided to go for a lighter tone and add more humor. I don’t have a problem with it but I still prefer the dark atmosphere from the first season of the show, which is why it’s my favorite season.

michae 👍🏽
Supernatural  michae 👍🏽  5 star

Supernatural has to be the best show that has ever aired! I completely encourage anyone to watch it!

Surprised by Kitten
For years, people have been telling me to watch  Surprised by Kitten  5 star

I just started this series, and I am hooked. It is so good. A bit scary, but the relationship between Sam and Dean is what has me hooked.

Rita Gh
Rita G  Rita Gh  5 star

It is an addictive TV series the best one in years; when others are too caught up in the trending topics of politics&power&celebrity, it is nice to find a series that tackles great topics as family/pure love/courage/dedication and sacrifice. With a great cast, perfect lead actor Jensen, and a great script, prepare yourself to be hooked forever on Dean Winchester and his kid brother Sam.

Kyle Donovan
No original soundtrack  Kyle Donovan  1 star

I purchased the first season of supernatural twelve years after it aired and am severely disappointed. None of the original soundtrack carried through with iTunes and am not going to be purchasing any more content regarding supernatural and iTunes.

fantastic  amxxoxo  5 star

happiest season on the show, but all the seasons are amazing

MY GOD..  S.ALM97  5 star


Great show👌  Wearuv______fdr  5 star

This show is really interesting and the monsters they hunt look pretty cool. Sam and dean hunt monsters most of the time while also looking for their dad. I absolutely love the storyline and can't wait for next season.

Love it  That-1-Fangirl  5 star

This is my favorite show! Season 10 is on TV now on Tuesdays at 9 pm, on the CW. Watch it! You will not be disappointed!

The best tv show ever  Goddesshorror  5 star

This show hands down has a huge fallowing and we are going into season 12!! Obviously they know what they are doing. Look at "daytime" it can go for 40 years. No one says you have to go until you want to stay on boys. We all want to see you. SPN forever! This s a series about two very cool brothers, hunting and fighting the good fight against all evil. Each episode so unequally the same. There's scares, screams, massive guttural laughs! The Chemistry on the entire series is like no other. Keep SPN alive! I'd give anything to just star on one episode with them. It's been on my bucket list my whole life!

um 14.99 for the bluray at futureshop  garthvaderrader  1 star

i like the idea of digital ease but 30$ nore than picking up a copy from futureshop, why?!?

#1 stealth game
Supernatural rocks  #1 stealth game  5 star

I first watched the show when I was ten and I've been hooked ever since. I lost track and stopped watching the show for two years. When my friend told me it was on Netflix I ditched school and ran home. Ever since then I've been sitting on my couch every day because of how much the show rocks

Perfect in every way!  Carlooo48  5 star

I love Supernatural, it's an amazing series and a must-watch! :) Makes me cry sometimes even... I'm not sure why. But yeah. It's so great.

hell house  audrey_84  3 star

what happen to the b.o.c. of unknowned so disapointed...

music change...seriously?  Nothingoriginal55  1 star

So, the show is still one of my all time favourites, and I want to love it on itunes, but why for the love of Cas are you constantly changing the music? The classic rock and roll tunes are as much a part of the show as Sam and Dean are. Just my two cents worth.

Best tv show  M.300  5 star

One of the best TV show in the world

music  EmmyH88  5 star

I love supernatural and the first season is great. I wish that the original music was able to be kept the same in the show as in the iTunes version. Even though there is one song that I really like that plays in the 'Then' part of Devil's Trap. In the original version it is Fight The Good Fight by Triumph. I can't figure out or find what the iTunes version of the song is that plays at that part. Can anyone help me out and tell me what song this is? Any help is appreciated.

Canadian and loving it
Awesome  Canadian and loving it  5 star

This is an awesome show. A friend recomended this show to me and i've been hooked ever since. GReat story line that keeps you on the edge of your seat and great acting <3

awseomenness  Spencerpag  5 star

its awesome i like sam he's coolio

Great show!  Lynn+A  5 star

Gotta catch up on more

I'm gonna need a bigger mouth.  rstarcev  5 star

Season 1-5 are amazing. Any other season is actual poop.

Alpha CTC
SPN S1  Alpha CTC  5 star

Supernatural was never a better show than it was in its infancy. It is complex, we'll thought out and while some of the supporting cast might be left wanting - Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles prove at the very inception of a Titan of a show - that this was always going to be a smash hit.
Love it !!!  5 star

Love Supernatural!!

Best show ever  Justin_bendo  5 star

Watch it :)

AHHH  Chachaisgod  5 star


Best beginning  B.L.G101  5 star

Best way to start a show, doesn't fall short from the hype 7 stars out of 5.

Supernatural - An Excellent Series  PeterMarkham  5 star

This is probably one of the best television series I have ever seen. Acting, scripts and the stories are very well done. Follow Dean and Sam on their journey to find their father. An excellent and well presented series. I will be buying all seasons of Supernatural very soon.

Shan Knaus-Winchester
Fantastic!  Shan Knaus-Winchester  5 star

Best show ever. Watched two episodes and was totally addicted. Jared and Jensen and just brilliant! Every season is well worth it!!

affffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff  howhardisittofindanickname!  3 star

awesome tv show! but you can get it from cashcoverters for $10 ??????????

Best TV show ever!!  Nitzrokr  5 star

Supernatural is teh best TV show in its class.. it has everything from suspense to drama in it.. its a shame that its ending this season.. The cast and crew.. awesome. The story line Double awesome.. own it.. watch it

Darth Rater
Slow start, Solid finish  Darth Rater  3 star

A TV series needs the first episode(s) to be engaging enough to keep the viewer interested, like a book's first pages need to draw you in. The opening 3 or 4 episodes in this season are a bit on the weak side in plot - the overarching story, "let's go find dad", did not really engage my attention, and I almost stopped watching it, and the formula for each episode of killing the monster seemed likely to get boring fast. But the character development was excellent, and by episode 5 I was absolutely hooked just to see what happened to the brothers. By that point the main plot has picked up some weight and improves the overall show, and variations to the episode formula start to appear (i.e., The Benders). By the end of the series, there's been enough substance injected into the season to make it riveting and well worth the watching. Most of the reviews I've seen indicate the music has changed; I haven't seen the show with the original music so I can't say how this affects it, but I don't like this soundtrack all that much. Good series so far, but not the best opener. Stick with it to the end and you'll enjoy it more as it goes on.

Nickelback 123
Supernatural rocks!  Nickelback 123  5 star

This is their best season... It has all the spirts, monsters, and killers that make supernatural what it is. One of my favorite episodes is "Skin".

Why?  Supapod  5 star

Why supernatural why would you come out with such a great show that I would be addicted to I've started selling little house hold items just to get my little $1.99 hit of supernatural now my wifes wondering where her blow dryer went thanks alot I blame u supernatural

AMAZING....... I <3 Supernatural........ :)  ><":.,';+_)(*&^%$#@[email protected]!#@%$&^(*_)  5 star

this is the most epic show that i have seen in a while and the characters go into the story line perfectly! it is an absolutley AMAZING show and it shouldn't stop any time soon..

WOW!!!!!!!!  ramon2010martinez  5 star

i love this show!!!! It's the best out there. Good storys!

premise vs. execution  qsource  1 star

Interesting premise. Dreadful execution. Lame dialogue. Predictable effects. Cheap shots of women showing skin with no artistic or thematic purpose. Too bad. Maybe someone with an imagination can implement the premise next time with some actual creativity.

Terrific Series  123Countonme  5 star

You will not be disappointed with watching Dean and Sam; witty, serious, scary all in one package. Great acting and writers!

Classic  polo606  5 star

No other show can undo or beat the greatness this show created. Amazing cast and plot and just overall...the best show out there! Greatest episodes: Pilot, Phantom Traveler, Hell House, Provenance.

so good..  accd21..  5 star

It just trapped me into this fantastic story .... ah. soo gooodd~!^^

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