Back At the Barnyard, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

Back At the Barnyard, Season 1 release date, synopsis and reviews

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Back At the Barnyard, Season 1 Release Date and Synopsis

It's Season 1 of Back at the Barnyard and the animals are ready to par-tay! Find out what happens when Otis (mistakenly!) thinks he has only a week to live . . take a seat at the animals' new theme restaurant . . . be mesmerized by Otis' new ability to hypnotize . . . and try to catch up with the sheep as they go on the lam! Plus, watch Pig impersonate Snotty Boy, the chickens lay explosive eggs, and see the animals spring Mrs. Beady from a mental institution! You're bound to laugh 'til milk comes out your nose!

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Back At the Barnyard, Season 1 Reviews

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Back At the Barnyard, Season 1 (2007) Series Cast & Crew

Back At the Barnyard, Season 1 (2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Back At the Barnyard: The characters of season 1. all returned for back at the barnyard, season 1.

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Back At the Barnyard (Season 1) Full Episodes

What do farm animals really do when the humans aren't looking? Just ask Otis, a carefree "party cow" who inherited the job of keeping the barn... and it's residents... in order. But instead of responsibility, Otis is driven by an insatiable need for fun, fun, fun. Along with his barnyard friends Pip, Pig and Freddy, Otis will stop at nothing in his pursuit of a good time... which usually means a few close calls with humans and other threats to what really goes on behind closed barndoors.

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  • TV-Y7
  • 2007
1Escape from the Barnyard / The Good the Bad and the Snotty (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Escape from the Barnyard / The Good the Bad and the Snotty

29 September 2007$14.99

The Farmer gets what appears to be a bar-b-q grill in the mail.  The animals think he's given up his vegan ways and plans to eat them.  A betrayed-feeling Otis fashions a balloon using Pig flatulence to float the animals away from the barnyard forever.  They land in a grassy oasis, where everyone is happy…except Otis.  He vows to go back and get the animals they left behind.  He goes back and finds that the bar-b-q was really a tick killing machine and that their whole stupid escape was for naught. / Otis and the animals put on a fake commercial to trick the Farmer into going to the made-up "TurnipCon," allowing Otis to throw himself a giant birthday bash, but the plan backfires when Snotty Boy is hired to take care of the barn in the farmer's absence.  He proceeds to torment the animals and make their lives a living hell.  Otis realizes he got everyone into this and has to get them out of it.  He lures Snotty Boy to the barnyard with a corndog on a string, and the animals proceed to pummel him with various barn-made weaponry until he wants off the property.

2Cowman and Ratboy / Cow's Best Friend (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Cowman and Ratboy / Cow's Best Friend

06 October 2007$14.99

Otis and Pip form a superhero duo, but their heroic antics annoy everyone in the barnyard.  Otis and Pip sulk by a road when they save the Pizza Twins from falling off a cliff.  The story gets play on the evening news, convincing Otis and Pip that maybe they do have what it takes!  They try to foil a bank robber to Mrs., Beady’s house to arrest him, but Mrs. Beady teams up with the robber to unmask Otis and Pip.  Pip and the others have to dress up as the “Justice Brood” to save him./When Otis saves Duke's life, Duke pledges his service to Otis for the rest of his dog days.  This quickly becomes annoying to Otis, who stages fake life-threatening situations for himself so Duke will save him and even the score.  But these keep backfiring, resulting in Otis saving Duke several times more.

3Chez Pig / The Right Cow (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Chez Pig / The Right Cow

13 October 2007$14.99

When Otis sees that humans love Pig's truffle pies as much as they do, he convinces the animals to open a theme restaurant in which they pretend they're humans in animal costumes.  The place is a hit, but they end up working harder and harder to buy all the things they want.  Pig realizes that the pies used to be about joy, but are now making everyone greedy and miserable.  He quits.  Otis has to make the pie before the arrival of Sid Fripplehoot, who's coming to buy the recipe for a million-bajillion dollars. / A test chimp lands at the barnyard.  He thinks the animals a have a sweet deal there not being poked and prodded all day like him.  He insinuates himself into their good graces, then uses Otis's ambition to go into space against him - shooting him into space and taking over the barnyard!

4The Farmer Takes a Woman / Saving Mrs. Beady (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

The Farmer Takes a Woman / Saving Mrs. Beady

20 October 2007$14.99

The animals' Saturday night dance parties keep being ruined by the farmer, who comes in to listen to sad music and cry about his former wife.  Otis and the gang decide to go online and get him a girlfriend so they can party again.  Their ad is answered by Ivana Sugardadski, who sweeps the farmer off his feet.  All's well until the animals learn that Ivana intends to take the farmer for all his money!  The animals dress Pig up as an Italian billionaire to con her off the barnyard. / The animals accidentally get Mrs. Beady committed to a mental institution, which makes Otis happy until he hears what happens to people in those places.  He vows to spring her, but when she sees them, she starts ranting and raving.  The doctors decide to remove her brain.  Otis, Pip, Pig and Abby disguise themselves as surgeons to spring her from the O.R.

5Hypno-a-Go-Go / Fowl Play (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Hypno-a-Go-Go / Fowl Play

24 November 2007$14.99

Otis has a blast hypnotizing his barnyard pals into doing silly, demeaning things.  The animals’ attempts to get him back backfire when Otis is hypnotized into destroying the farmer whenever he hears a bell.  The animals have to deprogram Otis before it's too late! It looks like Freddy the ferret's finally eaten his best friend Peck the rooster.  Otis refuses to believe it, even though Freddy has no memory of the time in question.  Otis takes the case with Pip and Pig, and solves it in this homage to Dick Wolf's Law and Order.

6The Barnyard Games / War of the Pranks (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

The Barnyard Games / War of the Pranks

19 January 2008$14.99

The animals stage a Barnyard Olympics, with Otis letting Abby the cow compete out of the kindness of his heart.  She whips him in event after event.  He can't believe a girl is beating him and tries to ascertain her weaknesses to take advantage of the one thing he has over her in spades - his sneakiness and deceit! When Bessy sees through Otis's fake crop circle prank, he vows to prank her but good!  Annoyed by his childish behavior, Bessy decides to teach him a lesson by pranking him into thinking that aliens have kidnapped her with the intention of sucking out her brains.

7Lights, Camera, Moo! / Animal Farmers (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Lights, Camera, Moo! / Animal Farmers

02 February 2008$14.99

Otis injures the farmer making an audition tape of himself for his favorite country-western singer, who needs background animals for his next music video.  And it's the week of the big Farmer's Market!  Otis and the other animals have to bring in the crops themselves so the farm doesn't go bankrupt.  (Otis attaches himself to the milking machine and milks himself wrinkly; they make the chickens drink an energy drink with TNT which makes their eggs explosive, etc.)

8Raging Cow / Great Sheep Escape (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Raging Cow / Great Sheep Escape

16 February 2008$14.99

Otis uses his patented wrestling moves to toss a heckling horse out of the barn.  A fight- promoting hedgehog sees this and grooms Otis to be his next star!  Otis creams his opponents one after another.  Sadly, the fights turn out to be fixed, and the promoter holds Pip and Pig hostage to make sure Otis loses the championship bout.  Will he take the fall or will his ego get in the way?

9The Big Barnyard Broadcast / Dead Cow Walking (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

The Big Barnyard Broadcast / Dead Cow Walking

15 March 2008$14.99

Mrs. Beady videotapes the animals walking and talking and is going to air her footage on live TV! Otis and the crew pirate the TV signal and broadcast their own show to bide time while they try to steal back the incriminating tape. / When Otis misunderstands the vet talking to the Farmer, Otis thinks that he has only one week to live.

10Otis Season / Cow's Night Out (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Otis Season / Cow's Night Out

29 March 2008$14.99

It’s Moose Appreciation Week, so Otis disguises himself as a moose to get in on the freebees and handouts.  Unfortunately, by the time gets his costume together, it’s the next day -- the official start of Moose Hunting Season.  Snotty Boy and his two friends decide to hunt Otis and Pip for their horns.  They nearly succeed, but Otis’s friends at the barnyard build a Trojan Moose to scare Snotty Boy away.

11Bigtop Barnyard / Pigmalion (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Bigtop Barnyard / Pigmalion

12 April 2008$14.99

After accidentally injuring an entire troupe of circus performers, Otis enlists his friends into replacing them so the show can go on.   But when Abby refuses to do her signature Triple Flipperoo out of fear of hurting her partner Otis, Otis and Pig agree to assay the dangerous stunt.

12A Barn Day's Night / Meet the Ferrets (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

A Barn Day's Night / Meet the Ferrets

26 April 2008$14.99

Otis and the gang becomes overnight pop sensations when Pip broadcasts a performance of a song they wrote and performed at the Saloon on the spur of the moment.  But when Peck quits in disgust over the band members’ burgeoning egos, the animals realize that Peck’s triangle was what held their sound together./Otis invites Freddy’s parents to Freddy’s birthday party, causing Freddy to freak out.  He can’t let his barnyard pals to find out his parents are carnivores!  And he can’t let his parents to find out that he’s not one!

13Tale of 2 Snottys / Snotty's New Pet (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Tale of 2 Snottys / Snotty's New Pet

10 May 2008$14.99

After Snotty Boy is knocked unconscious while terrorizing the barnyard, Otis sends a disguised Pig over to the Beadys’ as Snotty Boy so they don’t get suspicious.  But Pig prefers living there and refuses to come home.  Otis and the animals are stuck with Snotty Boy, who’s becomes sickeningly sweet due to his amnesia, while they try to figure out how to get Pig kicked out of the Beadys. Pip gets caught in one of Snotty Boy’s mouse traps!  And then bad goes to worse when Pip discovers that he isn’t going to be a pet for long – Snotty is planning on feeding Pip to his snake, Stinky.  Scheming every way he can to buy time, Pip tries to convince Stinky that he’s abused and that if he’s willing to help Pip escape, he’ll free Stinky too.  Meanwhile, when Otis and the gang realize Pip has been captured, they plan a sneak attack on Snotty’s house – will they be in time to save Pip?

14Home Sweet Hole / Otis's Mom (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Home Sweet Hole / Otis's Mom

24 May 2008$14.99

Otis discovers that Bessy is his long-lost mother!  Otis is okay with it until Bessy starts infantilizing him and cramping his style.  Things get worse when Bessy decides that Otis could use a daddy and becomes engaged to Pip.  Otis has to stop the wedding before this nightmare scenario is realized.

15Club Otis / Chronicles of Barnia (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Club Otis / Chronicles of Barnia

07 June 2008$14.99

Otis and his guy friends pretend that their social club is really boring to keep girls out.  When Abby finds out, she starts her own cooler club and woos Otis’s club brothers away in the process.  Otis tries to win them back, but overreaches, placing the barnyard in danger from his club’s latest gimmick – the remote-controlled, lava-spewing volcano. Snotty Boy stumbles on the animals playing “Dungeons and Barn Animals.”  Fearing he’ll go to the authorities, Otis convinces Snotty that he’s entered the magical realm of Barnia.  Complications ensue when Snotty storms the farmer’s house, deposes the “Troll Wizard” and declares himself Dark Lord Maldork, ruler of Barnia.

16Barnyard Idol / The Haunting (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Barnyard Idol / The Haunting

22 July 2008$14.99

When the animals overhear Pig singing to his pet skunk in a beautiful tenor voice, they enter him on “Do You Gots It?”, a popular singing competition.  But Otis gets such a vicarious thrill from Pig’s progression to the finals that he pushes him too far, causing Pig to lose his voice minutes before the final round. Otis builds a fun shack on the site of a pet burial ground, causing a bunny named Winky to haunt the barnyard.  Soon, it possesses Pig!  Otis tries to exorcise the ghost out of Pig’s body before Pig is lost forever!

17Brave Udders / Otis' 11 (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Brave Udders / Otis' 11

24 July 2008$14.99

Otis gets a letter from his childhood bully saying he’s “coming” for him.  Otis freaks remembering all the beat-downs at his bully’s hands.  With the help of his friends, Otis decides to confront the bully.  When the bully arrives, the animals are surprised to find the bully is just a little duck.  They soon find that the little guy can pack a wallop. Otis loses the saloon in a game of Fizbin to Chubs Malone, the head of the Gopher Underground.  Otis discovers Chubs cheated and decides to cheat back, but gets caught.  Otis confronts the gopher with proof that he cheated, too, and asks for one honest game.  Otis loses again, but ends up saving Chub’s life, canceling his debts.

18School of Otis / Top Cow (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

School of Otis / Top Cow

24 September 2008$14.99

Otis is forced to take over teaching the kid animals after he injures their teacher in a scooter stunt gone wrong.  Not big on book-learnin’, Otis tosses away the lesson plan and decides to teach the kids how to have fun.  But when the kids take his teachings too far and they blast the silo into the sky with the animals in it, Otis and the kids use book smarts to save the day. Otis becomes the county’s new crop-dusting ace, but freaks out his friends/flight crew with his hot-dogging moves.  When he almost crashes, he spirals into a morass of guilt and vows off flying forever – just as a swarm of locusts is headed to town!  Otis has to face his fears and fly a plane called Ol’ Death Trap to save the county.

19Otis for Mayor / Dummy and Dummier (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Otis for Mayor / Dummy and Dummier

26 September 2008$14.99

When Mrs. Beady decides to run for Mayor, Otis realizes he has to run against her or face her anti-talking animals policies.  Posing as glad-handing candidate Ned Bovine, Otis runs a spirited campaign that quickly devolves into a festival of mud-slinging.  The negativity turns off the electorate and creates an opening for the independent candidacy of Bigfoot. When Freddy gets depressed over his lack of talent, Otis and the others decide to make him a ventriloquist dummy.  When the dummy comes to life and tries to do away with the other animals, Freddy gets blamed for the attempts.  In the end, Freddy saves everyone from the dummy using his one true talent -- dislocating his bones!

20Uddered Avenger (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Uddered Avenger

29 November 2008$14.99

Cowman is assigned the task of guarding the Jurassic Corn Kernel at the county fair.  In an effort to keep the kernel from the villainous Professor Twiny Vines, Otis takes the kernel himself.  Thinking he stole it, the town brands Cowman "Public Enemy #1." Even Otis's friends think he's gone to the dark side. Cowman and his sidekick Ratboy vow to do whatever they can to clear their names, save their friends and stop Professor Twiny Vines, who's teamed up with Mrs. Beady to destroy the town.

21Otis vs. Bigfoot / Pecky Suave (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Otis vs. Bigfoot / Pecky Suave

18 November 2008$14.99

The animals go Bigfoot hunting, but Abby finds on capturing him that he's harmless and deserves to be sheltered from humans at the barnyard. Otis reluctantly agrees, but soon grows jealous over the attention Abby is paying Bigfoot.

22Doppelganger / Save the Clams (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Doppelganger / Save the Clams

23 January 2009$14.99

Duke is sprayed by Skunky and taken to the vet for his treatment. While there, he brags to a Beagle about how great his life is on the barnyard. The beagle switches their charts, paints himself to look like Duke and goes to live at the barnyard. The animals have a blast with the new fun Duke until the real Duke arrives back at the barnyard, but will the animals choose the right one?

23Adventures In Snotty Sitting / Cowdyshack (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Adventures In Snotty Sitting / Cowdyshack

25 February 2009$14.99

After Otis breaks the farmer’s classic video game system, the animals need to make some quick cash to replace it.  Seeing an ad to babysit, they dress up as British nannies and show up at the address on the ad.  Only when Mrs. Beady answers the door do they realize they’re babysitting Snotty Boy!!!

24Pig Amok / Sun Cow (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Pig Amok / Sun Cow

21 January 2009$14.99

When Pig starts acting crazily to his barnyard friends, he explains that the behavior is caused by his hormonal need to return to his spawning grounds and marry.  The animals accompany him to his birthplace and meet his bride, the rude and mean-spirited Brunhilda.  It’s up to Otis to go through the ancient ceremonial challenges to free his friend from a life of marital woe.

25Some Like It Snotty (Back At the Barnyard) recap, spoilers

Some Like It Snotty

24 October 2008$14.99

Otis tells Abby that girls get all the breaks, then sets out to prove it by dressing as a girl to go bowling with his pals.  But they run into Snotty Boy and his friends, who pressure them into going on a pizza date.  Fifty dates later, Otis is still dating the horrible Snotty, who’s loading him up with gifts!


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Back At the Barnyard, Season 1 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about back at the barnyard, season 1...

Has Back At the Barnyard, Season 1 been confirmed? Will there be a back at the barnyard, season 1?
The countdown to Back At the Barnyard [2007] Season 1 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Back At the Barnyard is soon going to be released.

Back At the Barnyard, Season 1 start date: When does back at the barnyard, season 1 come back?
Back At the Barnyard, Season 1 will air on Saturday 29th of September 2007.

How many episodes will be in back at the barnyard, season 1?
With the season now airing in September 2007. There will be 25 episodes in season 1.

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