WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 release date, synopsis and reviews

7.5 star

WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 Release Date and Synopsis

We're on the air! WKRP In Cincinnati, classic TV's wildest, funniest, rock 'n' roll sitcom is here at last. Join WKRP's hilarious staff — program director Andy Travis, DJs Dr. Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap, neurotic newsman Les Nessman, sultry receptionist Jennifer Marlowe and the rest — both on and off the air, as they take their floundering station from hard times to hard rock. Starring Howard Hesseman and Loni Anderson, this is the one show that has it all. So, set that dial for WKRP In Cincinnati . . . and turn it up, man! PLEASE NOTE: We are using the raw, original broadcast material to deliver the most authentic experience we could provide. As a result, you may notice occasional glitches in video quality. Also: Some of the original music content has been edited for this release.

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WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 Reviews

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Bring back the original music, and I'll buy the seasonThis was one of my favorite shows growing up. So it pains me to download an episode or two and see that a) some scenes are edited (censored is more like it) b) all the original music is gone. It's like watching road runner cartoons with all the coyote crashing parts censored out (oh wait, that happened... and it sucked). You would think that someone, somewhere, namely whoever's making the bulk of the $2/per $34/season for this show would somehow negotiate the deal required to release this as the true original series, complete with music. This kind of stuff is just absolutely ridiculous. This is so sad. WKRP was such awesome escapism television, and greed and stupid licensing laws (and the lack of whil by the copyright holders to pay the new licensing fees) have ruined this show. I'll download this and all other available seasons once it's truly the original, uncut, uncensored series. Till then, pass..Score: 1/5

Greatest show ever, but...OK, having these on my iPod is great, and I also bought the DVD's last spring. Admittedly, this is my favorite show of all time. It appears that many others feel the same way based on the reviews here. But I take serious issue with the versions featured digitally, and think all of you who write "hey, it's not about the music" are missing a few key points. Many of the songs used originally were integral to scenes. ("Hot Blooded" in "A Date With Jennifer" comes to mind, and "Dogs" by Pink Floyd in "Turkeys Away" does too.) In some cases, entire scenes have been cut from this release where music can't be replaced! Even worse, some dialogue has been re-dubbed by different actors. This is a travesty of the highest order, and shows how little regard anyone at FOX has for the original show. Imagine "Goodfellas" with stock, schlocky music. It'd change the movie, wouldn't it? What if they re-dubbed "A Hard Days's Night" with non-Beatles music? What happens to future seasons? I recall music playing throughout the "Bomb Threat" 2-parter when Johnny & Venus are at the transmitter. Do they pay for that music, or cut the scenes? Or the episode where Carlson reads most of John Lennon's lyrics to "Imagine" for a censor-crazy Pastor? Can they use those? Look, I want to make this clear: I give the show 5 stars, more if I could. But what we're seeing here, with FOX cutting music, scenes, and re-dubbing lines, sets a dangerous example of how a company can somehow erase a show's history. For WKRP to live on and be recognized by future generations as brilliant, it needs to be the the original WKRP. Not these brutally sliced and diced versions. This is an insult to Hugh Wilson (who, allegedly approved these!), and the cast & creators of this great show. A travesty..Score: 1/5

One of the all-time greats, but...Do not get this. i've seen these and they are not good. i mean, sure, this is a comedy about great characters, and it's still as hilarious and heart-felt as ever, but it's also a show about music and radio. and they've almost completely butchered that brilliant premise by removing the music pretty much entirely. it's just too sad to watch. i'm hoping for someone like shout! factory to come along and save this classic show like they did with freaks and geeks, and publish this the way it HAS to be seen-- with ALL of it's original music intact (and the same goes for northern exposure!). don't give anyone your money for putting out a truly great show in a form that's a shell of it's former self..Score: 1/5

A Pale Shadow...Take it from a child of the 70's and a Cincinnati resident, the music is absolutely integral to the show. Removing it degrades the overall experience greatly. WKRP was a source of pride for me as a kid. I guess I will have to live off of fond memories until I am able to buy the shows in their original uncut form with music included..Score: 1/5

Turkeys AwayI first saw Turkeys Away when it was released YEARS ago during the regular series season. I saw it a couple of times after that on replays. It is the single funniest episode I have ever seen for any TV program. I watched it again the other day when I purchased it and was crying by the time it was over..Score: 5/5

My mom loves it, ergo, I love it.Wish they’d put all 4 seasons, instead of just the one..Score: 5/5

Turkey's Away is One of the Best Sitcom Episodes of All TimeI am an animal lover, but with all due respect to turkeys everywhere, this episode is one of the funniest comedy pieces in TV history, especially if you know the show's characters well. In fact, it's one of the few episodes of this almost-great TV series in which every character has a line written perfectly for them -- most of them funny. And the overall concept for this episode ranks up there with the "Chuckles Bites the Dust" episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. This is definitely one you should buy..Score: 5/5

Missing segments and generic musicDon’t waste your time with this edition, it’s missing the original music which was often part of the jokes. Likewise, entire segments are missing. Why do I know this? Because I bought the Shout factory DVD which has restored what was missing..Score: 1/5

So happy to have the gang backJust finished watching "Pilot, Pt. 1" and boy is it great to have the WKRP gang back. Because of this music rights fee issue show hasn't been in reruns in the LA market since the early 90s (wore out my old VHS tapes years ago) and I'd forgotten how much I missed it. The outstanding ( and groundbreaking) writing, the wonderful ensemble play among actors who relished their roles and simple direction made me laugh all over again, especially since the episodes are original broadcast complete. Yes, the original music has been replaced by awful noise but, in the long run, you're going to enjoy the comedy a lot more than you're going to miss 15 seconds of Grover Washington or 20 seconds of Pink Floyd. So lets order up these episodes so the next two seasons will be released. Addendum after viewing one of the episodes. At the beginning of the "Bailey's Show" episode Venus puts on a record and, low and behold, it is not the crappy replacement music but the actual song "Boogie Oogie Oogie" by Taste of Honey. Was this a slip up or will there be other instances of the original music showing up? Stay Ituned..Score: 5/5

Incomplete seriesI recommend to anyone who is new or old to iTunes! Do not purchase any TV seasons or movies without checking to make sure the entire series is there. iTunes seems to have a good habit of not completing TV series it’s a waste of money!.Score: 5/5

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A travesty to a great sitcomThis show was about raw rock & roll. Music was central to making this a brilliant sitcom. The music industry wanted to renegotiate their contract for digital rights and thus greed destroys a classic. The great cast still shines but what's the point when generic alt rock is playing in the background? I only bought the pilot (thank god) but I do wonder what they will do for the John Lennon Imagine episode. This is worse than Lucas inserting crappy digital dinosaurs into star wars claiming he wanted them there originally! Please please redo with original music. Screw the greed and come to an agreement to restore the original wonderful, if dated, classic I love..Score: 1/5

WKRP in Cincinnati: "Commercial Break"I was very disappointed with the quality of the video; not remastered at all as one would've expected. Addtionally, there are portions of the original episode which have been edited. I remember wll the original series well, and was quite annoyed to see that the episode I purchased was not provided in its entirety..Score: 1/5

Where are the rest of the seasonsAwesome show. Loved it as a kid love it now..Score: 5/5

As god as my witness.....I thought turkeys could fly! What a great series. Looking forward to more WKRP on itunes!!.Score: 5/5

FantasticI remember watching this show as a kid, I loved it then and I love it now. I just finished watching 4 episodes back to back. Itunes please bring back more old shows!!.Score: 5/5

Classic show, but missing the classic rockThis release of one of the funniest sitcoms of all time is let down by the fact that they couldn't get the rights to the classic rock tunes used in each episode when the show first aired. Those classic tunes were integral to the shows comedy and timing and unfortunately the generic music that has replaced them just doesn't cut it..Score: 3/5

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WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 (2007) Series Cast & Crew

WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 (2007) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. WKRP In Cincinnati: The characters of season 1. Gary Sandy (Andy Travis), Howard Hesseman (Dr. Johnny Fever), Tim Reid (Venus Flytrap), Loni Anderson (Jennifer Marlowe), Frank Bonner (Herb Tarlek), Gordon Jump (Arthur Carlson), Richard Sanders (Les Nessman), Jan Smithers (Bailey Quarters), all returned for wkrp in cincinnati, season 1.

Gary Sandy (Andy Travis)
Gary SandyAndy TravisScore: 8.2
Loni Anderson (Jennifer Marlowe)
Loni AndersonJennifer MarloweScore: 19.6
Frank Bonner (Herb Tarlek)
Frank BonnerHerb TarlekScore: 9.1
Gordon Jump (Arthur Carlson)
Gordon JumpArthur CarlsonScore: 8.0
Howard Hesseman (Dr. Johnny Fever)
Howard HessemanDr. Johnny FeverScore: 12.7
Richard Sanders (Les Nessman)
Richard SandersLes NessmanScore: 6.7

Grant Tinker (Producer), Steve Marshall (Producer), Rod Daniel (Producer), Dan Guntzelman (Producer), PJ Torokvei (Producer), Blake Hunter (Producer), Max Tash (Producer), Steven Kampmann (Producer), Hugh Wilson (Executive Producer), all returned for wkrp in cincinnati.

Hugh Wilson (Executive Producer)
Hugh WilsonExecutive ProducerScore: 8.8
Steven Kampmann (Producer)
Steven KampmannProducerScore: 5.9
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WKRP In Cincinnati (Season 1) Full Episodes

When a Cincinnati radio station switches from sedate music to top-40 rock 'n' roll, its staff of oddball characters is forced to switch gears quickly. New programming director Andy Travis brings in a new DJ named Venus Flytrap to work with the station's burned-out veteran, Dr. Johnny Fever. Neurotic newsman Les Nessman, eager beaver Bailey Quarters, sleazy salesman Herb Tarlek, blonde bombshell Jennifer Marlowe, who serves as the station's ultra-capable receptionist, and station manager Arthur Carlson, whose domineering mother owns WKRP, round out the eccentric bunch.

CBS logo
  • TV-PG
  • 2007
1Pilot, Pt. 1 (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Pilot, Pt. 1

18 September 1978$9.99

New program director Andy Travis shakes things up at WKRP when he changes the floundering radio station's format from "beautiful music" to hard-driving rock'n'roll.

2Pilot, Pt. 2 (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Pilot, Pt. 2

25 September 1978$9.99

Andy is in dire straits when angry listeners and advertisers protest the station's new format.

3Les On a Ledge (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Les On a Ledge

02 October 1978$9.99

Timid news director Les Nessman goes out on a ledge after having his reputation as a newsman -- and his manhood -- questioned.

4Hoodlum Rock (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Hoodlum Rock

09 October 1978$9.99

Andy's career is jeopardized when he arranges for the station to sponsor a concert by British rock group Scum of the Earth, whose name says it all.

5Hold-Up (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers


16 October 1978$9.99

When an armed robbery disrupts a live broadcast from a stereo store, D.J. Dr. Johnny Fever is left to contend with the gunman on the air.

6Bailey's Show (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Bailey's Show

23 October 1978$9.99

An inexperienced Bailey faces the resentment of the staff when she's allowed to produce her own show, which draws the biggest crowd of freaks, weirdoes and losers the city has ever seen.

7Turkeys Away (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Turkeys Away

30 October 1978$9.99

Station manager Arthur Carlson comes up with a big idea for a unique holiday promotion involving live turkeys and a helicopter.

8Love Returns (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Love Returns

06 November 1978$9.99

An old flame is rekindled for Andy, while Johnny Fever and Venus Flytrap are offered as prizes in the station's "Win a Date with a D.J." contest.

9Momma's Review (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Momma's Review

15 January 1979$9.99

Mr. Carlson's tyrannical mother -- and WKRP's owner -- arrives to review the station's recent changes.

10A Date With Jennifer (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

A Date With Jennifer

22 January 1979$9.99

After winning the coveted Silver Sow Award for farm news reporting, Les asks Jennifer to be his date for the banquet...and she says yes!

11The Contest Nobody Could Win (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

The Contest Nobody Could Win

29 January 1979$9.99

An on-air slip of the tongue could cost the station $5,000 and cost Johnny and Andy their jobs.

12Tornado (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers


05 February 1979$9.99

A tornado unexpectedly hits Cincinnati, allowing Mr. Carlson to demonstrate his leadership abilities and allowing Jennifer to reveal a hidden talent.

13Goodbye, Johnny (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Goodbye, Johnny

19 February 1979$9.99

A lucrative offer at another radio station has Johnny packing his bags for California.

14Johnny Comes Back (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Johnny Comes Back

26 February 1979$9.99

Johnny's return to Cincinnati is far from triumphant as he soon discovers that he has no job and no place to live.

15Never Leave Me, Lucille (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Never Leave Me, Lucille

05 March 1979$9.99

Herb's separation from his wife, Lucille, has him anticipating a new, swinging lifestyle, but everyone else is bent on getting the couple back together.

16I Want to Keep My Baby (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

I Want to Keep My Baby

12 March 1979$9.99

Johnny gets a chance to play daddy when a desperate young mother abandons her baby in a basket on the doorstep of WKRP.

17A Commerical Break (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

A Commerical Break

26 March 1979$9.99

An advertising campaign for funeral packages clashes with the station's rock and roll aesthetic.

18Who Is Gordon Sims (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Who Is Gordon Sims

02 April 1979$9.99

Venus's past comes back to haunt him after he refuses to allow a photo of himself to be printed in the newspaper.

19I Do, I Do... for Now (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

I Do, I Do... for Now

23 April 1979$9.99

When her childhood sweetheart arrives, determined to marry her, Jennifer makes matters worse by pretending that she's already married to Johnny.

20Young Master Carlson (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Young Master Carlson

30 April 1979$9.99

Arthur reluctantly agrees to let his eleven-year-old son hang around the station, but it soon turns out that the boy and Mama Carlson are cut from the same abrasive mold.

21Fish Story (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

Fish Story

28 May 1979$9.99

Andy's interview with a magazine writer goes horribly awry when Johnny and Venus conduct an on-air drinking experiment with disastrous -- and hilarious -- results.

22The Preacher (WKRP In Cincinnati) recap, spoilers

The Preacher

04 June 1979$9.99

When a former wrestler turned reverend uses his evangelical show to rip-off the public, Andy finds out the hard way that the 300 pound shyster is not one to be trifled with.


WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

Check out new photos from wkrp in cincinnati, season 1. WKRP In Cincinnati (2007) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. © 1978-1979 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 - Preacher image
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WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

So just sit right down, relax, open your ears real wide and say, "Give it to me straight, Doctor. I can take it!"..

WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 — 2007

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WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about wkrp in cincinnati, season 1...

Has WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 been confirmed? Will there be a wkrp in cincinnati, season 1?
The countdown to WKRP In Cincinnati [2007] Season 1 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of WKRP In Cincinnati is soon going to be released.

WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 start date: When does wkrp in cincinnati, season 1 come back?
WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 will air on Monday 18th of September 1978.

How many episodes will be in wkrp in cincinnati, season 1?
With the season now airing in September 1978. There will be 22 episodes in season 1.

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WKRP In Cincinnati Other Seasons

Other seasons of WKRP In Cincinnati, Season 1 are not ready yet!

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