Specials: Comedy Central Stand-Up cast, spoilers, episodes and reviews

Specials: Comedy Central Stand-Up release date, synopsis and reviews

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Specials: Comedy Central Stand-Up Release Date and Synopsis

All your favorite stand-up stars will have you on your feet wherever you go when you download our full-length comedy specials. Check out hilarious performances from Carlos Mencia, Wanda Sykes, Demetri Martin, Patton Oswalt, D.L. Hughley, Christopher Titus, Brian Regan, and The Amazing Johnathan. Plus, we've got the extended and uncensored version of Dave Attell's "Insomniac Tour" featuring Greg Giraldo, Sean Rouse, and Dane Cook.

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Specials: Comedy Central Stand-Up Reviews

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OkayI'm seeing a lot of complaints about the specials. The only place I have been able to find many of them is looking up the stand up comedy features in the movies. Try that and you can get those there..Score: 5/5

Hilarious!These are all extremely hilarious, but yall are definately missing some of the best ones! Jeff Dunham's Achmed and Peanut with the Jalapeno on a stick. Also, George Lopez's. The man is genious!.Score: 5/5

Need Jeff DunghamThe best stand up act is dane cook and jeffdungham spark of insanity i loved the dead muslim puppet Achmead "I KEELL YOU ALL".Score: 2/5

Good but...Itunes ya need more specials!!!!.Score: 4/5

OMG!This is so fricken funny! i loved it so much that i wanted to buy more Comedy Central stuff... i think that everyone that loves to laugh should bye this becuase i was laughing off the walls all the way home in the car watching and listening to this! hehe:].Score: 5/5

Need Kyle Cease and Daniel ToshThese are two of the funniest guys and they're not on here.Score: 3/5

Carlos Mencia: No Strings AttachedThis had to be one of the funniest tv shows I have ever seen. I am gald i paid the 1.99 for this since it was so good I would recommend this show to everybody and their brother..Score: 5/5

FunnyThis is hilarious and worth the 2 dollars.Score: 5/5

Good stuff but NEEDS MORE JEFF DUNHAM!!!Title says it all. Needs Jeff Dunham's new stuff. The man is unbelievable lol. One of the greats of our time. Get on it iTunes this is like the millionth review asking for Jeff Dunham's new stuff. I'm not spending a penny on iTunes until you get this..Score: 4/5

I Just Have One Question:Why go out to a store and buy these specials on DVD for at least $15 when we can find them on iTunes for $2? Now, out of all of these, the only one I own is "Demetri Martin. Person." After I saw his half-hour special, I knew I had to find more by this guy. Watched something of his on demand and saw an ad for his DVD. I thought that I wasn't going to be able to get it, but I did a little reasearching thankfully. Now, if I ever want any of these other specials, I know exactley where to look!.Score: 4/5

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Comedy Central Stand-Up (Season Up) Full Episodes

In the time-honored tradition of Comedy Central's half-hour specials, Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents features the best and brightest emerging comedians performing thirty minutes of material.

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  • TV-MA
  • 2007
1Carlos Mencia: No Strings Attached (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Carlos Mencia: No Strings Attached

12 March 2006$-1

Catch Carlos's take on American diversity and the stupidity he sees all around him in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.  As Carlos would say, "If you ain't laughing, you ain't living."

2Demetri Martin. Person. (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Demetri Martin. Person.

14 January 2007$-1

Demetri Martin. Sound familiar? Aside from being a person, you might have seen him on "The Daily Show" as the resident Trendspotter. Now watch him in his one-hour special as he delivers even more offbeat one-liners.

4Brian Regan: Standing Up (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Brian Regan: Standing Up

10 June 2007$-1

Watch Brian Regan at his best as he unleashes his thoughts on the absurdities of ordering coffee, cooking pop tarts, and trying to buy a refrigerator. Plus, Brian ventures into the familiar world of family vacations, games you played at childhood birthday parties, and the dreaded world of science fair projects. It’s a guaranteed hour of side splitting, snow cone ordering comedy.

5The Amazing Johnathan: Wrong On Every Level (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

The Amazing Johnathan: Wrong On Every Level

18 November 2006$-1

Comedian/Magician The Amazing Johnathan shows the audience that convincing magic is harder than it looks.  Try to see if you can spot the fine line he crosses between illusion and comedy in this Comedy Central original one-hour stand-up special.

6Christopher Titus: The 5th Annual End of the World Tour (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Christopher Titus: The 5th Annual End of the World Tour

18 March 2007$-1

It’s that time again. The end of the world is approaching and Christopher Titus can read the writing on the wall. Just about everything is a sign of worse things to come -- Prince Charles seems to have married Mick Jagger, we have to re-conquer the moon, and even the animal kingdom is so pissed off that they have mad cows coming after us. Christopher Titus tells us how bad we all really have it in this one-hour stand-up special.

7Wanda Sykes: Tongue Untied (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Wanda Sykes: Tongue Untied

10 January 2003$-1

From making it in Hollywood to faking it in the bedroom, star of television and film Wanda Sykes lets loose and tells all when she takes to the stage for a full hour in this Comedy Central original stand-up special.

8Patton Oswalt: No Reason to Complain (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Patton Oswalt: No Reason to Complain

05 December 2004$-1

Patton Oswalt brings his biting view of life and people to the stage in this Comedy Central original one-hour stand-up special.  A popular and prolific comic, Oswalt has appeared on numerous TV shows, including "The King of Queens," "Seinfeld" and "NewsRadio."

9D.L. Hughley: Shocked & Appalled (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

D.L. Hughley: Shocked & Appalled

15 May 2005$-1

Dapper D.L. Hughley may look clean-cut but looks are deceiving when it comes to this highly outspoken, fearless comic. Join him as he takes on race, politics, and marriage in this Comedy Central original one-hour stand-up special.

10Rick Cleveland's My Buddy Bill (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

Rick Cleveland's My Buddy Bill

07 February 2008$-1

Some people have friends in low places and some have them in the highest place possible: The White House! From the 92nd Street Y in New York City, Rick Cleveland, former writer/co-producer for "The West Wing" and HBO's "Six Feet Under" as well as a breakthrough performer at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, brings viewers along on a fictional journey with his "buddy" Bill Clinton. Through the halls of Washington, to the beaches of Malibu and the coffee shops of Amsterdam, Cleveland's tale is one that is hilariously unforgettable.

11John Oliver: Terrifying Times (Comedy Central Stand-Up) recap, spoilers

John Oliver: Terrifying Times

20 April 2008$-1

With a mixture of political sound bites, still photos and schmaltzy 80's power ballads, comedian John Oliver takes a look at the moments that have defined our soul-sucking decade. From his take on the evolution controversy to imperialism to global warming, watching this extended and uncensored stand-up special may be your only way of surviving these Terrifying Times.


Specials: Comedy Central Stand-Up Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

Check out new photos from specials: comedy central stand-up. Comedy Central Stand-Up (2007) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. © 2006 Comedy Partners

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Specials: Comedy Central Stand-Up Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about specials: comedy central stand-up...

Has Specials: Comedy Central Stand-Up been confirmed? Will there be a specials: comedy central stand-up?
The countdown to Comedy Central Stand-Up [2007] Season Up Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Comedy Central Stand-Up is soon going to be released.

Specials: Comedy Central Stand-Up start date: When does specials: comedy central stand-up come back?
Specials: Comedy Central Stand-Up will air on Sunday 12th of March 2006.

How many episodes will be in specials: comedy central stand-up?
With the season now airing in March 2006. There will be 12 episodes in season Up.

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