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Skip the chocolates this holiday — instead, grab a handful of Peanuts! Re-mastered with an updated look that still maintains the integrity and feel of a true Peanuts classic, "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" is packaged with two additional episodes and a bonus featurette, making it a truly special offering. The Peanuts gang brings sweetness to matters of the heart. Will Schroeder ever notice Lucy? Will Linus find a Valentine gift for his favorite teacher? What about Charlie Brown? Aside from his continual fear of approaching the Little Red-Haired Girl, will he ever be confident enough to connect with that football? "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" originally aired on January 28th, 1975 and was nominated for an Emmy Award. It was later re-mastered in 2008. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown Wiki

Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown Synopsis

1 - Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown / It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown / You're In Love, Charlie Brown
Whether you are a Peanuts fan or not, the affection and nostalgia the gang offers with Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown; bonus episodes It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown and You're in Love, Charlie Brown, and the special documentary featurette, Unlucky in Love: An Unrequited Love Story will warm you like Linus's blanket.

2 - Documentary Featurette: Unlucky In Love - An Unrequited Love Story
The theme of love typified in the perennial Schulz tale stands as a touchstone for the gamut of emotions audiences feel when they experience his classic stories. From Charlie Brown's infatuation with "The Little Red Hair Girl", to Lucy's longing for the pianist Schroeder, the unrequited sense of love will be revealed through the eyes of the Peanuts characters, only to manifest that at the end the message is something universal, something to which we can all relate.

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Episode TitleTimePrice
1Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown / It's Yo 1:15:57Season OnlyDownload
2Documentary Featurette: Unlucky In Love 15:06Season OnlyDownload

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Safe the Earth
:)  Safe the Earth  4 star

I just luv the Peanuts

Too modern  mypreciousgollum  3 star

It was good, but way too going away from the original loveable peanuts. christmas halloween and thaksgiving were better.

Cheap  Paige282002  2 star

I think it needs to be cheaper

I love the peanuts  Hoan75  5 star

I was sooo happy to see it's on iTunes

Carter Melott
Harvey  Carter Melott  5 star


ADORBALE !  Jan9flygirl  5 star

must gett . so cutee(; <3

Valentines  Robert1117  5 star

Luv valentines they make it so much funnier!!!!!!!!!!!

Jack face sukes
The food  Jack face sukes  5 star

A fun and cool show.

good  jeffreybiggles21  5 star

I love the whole Peanuts gang, so, of course, I'm going to give it 5 stars. Although I must say, it's not as good as the others. It's better than "It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" but it definetely isn't better than the Halloween, Christmas, or Thanksgiving episodes. It is a very delightful show though.

No way, DrMitch.  ForeverMine9  5 star

This is for DrMitch; the guy who thinks all movies in iTunes should be $2.99. Ok, first of all, buying the device is only a one-time purchase. Appple needs to KEEP making money on a regular basis. And second, I bet the copyright cost is ALONE $2.99 for each movie, and it would be impossible to sell them for that much. Thirdly, iTunes is one of the more reasonable stores out there. They sell the Charlie Brown Collections for only $9.99 while others price them at $15-20. And lastly, you shouldn't post a review complaining about the price. That being said, this is a VERY cute show! One of the best Charlie Brown Collections out there. Thanks for making this avaliable, iTunes! Now how 'bout some Tom and Jerry?









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