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Christopher Eccleston's Doctor is wise, funny, cheeky and brave. An alien and a loner, his detached logic gives him a vital edge when the world is in danger. However, when it comes to interpersonal relationships, he can be found wanting. That's why he needs new assistant Rose. Rose is a shop-girl from the present day. From the moment they meet, the Doctor and Rose are soul mates. They understand and complement each other. As they travel together through time, encountering new adversaries, the Doctor shows her things beyond imagination. She starts out as an innocent, unfettered by worldly concerns. But she ends up an adventurer who, by the end of the series, can never go home again... Doctor Who, Season 1 Wiki

Doctor Who, Season 1 Synopsis

Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, and realises Earth is in danger.
The Doctor takes Rose on her first voyage through time: to the year five billion, when the Sun is about to expand and swallow the Earth. She is cautious and soon starts to question her reasons for joining The Doctor. But amongst the powerful alien races gathering to watch on Platform One, a murderer is at work. Who is controlling the mysterious and deadly metal spiders?
Charles Dickens and the Doctor team up as corpses stalk the streets of Victorian Cardiff.
Rose is taken home, but a spaceship crashes in the Thames and London is closed off... Enter the Slitheen!
Time is running out for the Doctor as Downing Street announces mankind's first Interplanetary War.
The Doctor is shattered and Earth is in danger as he and Rose discover the Time Lords' deadliest enemy beneath Utah.
Adam catches a glimpse of the wonders of travelling in the Tardis, as they head to a future, where Satellite 5 broadcasts to the entire Earth Empire. But anyone promoted to Floor 500 is never seen again, and the Doctor suspects mankind is being manipulated.
Rose requests a trip back to the day her father, Pete Tyler, died. Reluctantly, the Doctor agrees, but he realises he has made a mistake, when Rose saves Pete from being run over by a car. This has now changed the timeline, and Reapers are transposing themselves all over the Universe. However, this time, the Doctor doesn't have a plan…
After chasing an unexplained capsule through time, the TARDIS lands in London, during an air raid. Rose investigates when a small child wearing a gasmask, standing on a rooftop, continuously calls out for his mummy. After floating above the city on a barrage balloon, Rose is swept off her feet by another time traveller – Captain Jack Harkness. Meanwhile, The Doctor follows a teenaged girl to a meeting of the homeless children of the Blitz. Here, the child in the gasmask is terrorising them with a parade of strange events, constantly asking for his mother.
After narrowly escaping the gas mask monsters, The Doctor, Rose, and Captain Jack try to stop the mutated people from infecting other victims. But it soon becomes apparent that one of the group may indirectly responsible for the virus. The answer lies at the bomb site, but time is running out...
The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack stop off in present-day Cardiff to recharge the TARDIS on the Rift they formerly encountered in 1869. Whilst there, they come upon a since-thought-long-dead enemy of theirs, who is hatching yet another plan to destroy Earth.
In a seemingly futuristic world, the Doctor wakes up in the Big Brother house during an eviction, Rose wakes up on the Weakest Link with the Anne-Droid, and Captain Jack gets a make over with Trin-E and Zu-Zana. But something unusual is happening, and the losing contestants are being disintergrated. Obviously, it's time for the Doctor to investigate. There could be only one monster behind this - the Daleks!
The fate of the Universe is hanging in the balance as the Dalek fleet begin their invasion of Earth. The Doctor must decide whether to sacrifice every human being on Earth in order to save every other living creature in the universe from the Daleks. Either way, he knows he must send Rose home...

Doctor Who, Season 1 Trailer

Doctor Who, Season 1 Episodes

Adventures across time and space with the time travelling alien and companions.

Episode TitleTime
The End of the World44:48
The Unquiet Dead44:54
Aliens of London45:05
World War Three43:00
The Long Game44:29
Father’s Day42:55
The Empty Child41:52
The Doctor Dances42:53
Boom Town43:21
Bad Wolf42:50
The Parting of the Ways45:33
The first appearance of Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor. Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, and her life will never be the same again. Soon, she realizes that her mum, her boyfriend, and the whole of Planet Earth are in danger. The only hope for salvation lies inside a strange blue police box…
The Doctor takes Rose on her first voyage through time, to the year Five Billion. The Sun is about to expand and swallow the Earth. But amongst the alien races gathering to watch on Platform One, a murderer is at work. Who is controlling the mysterious, deadly spiders?
The Doctor takes Rose back through time to Wales, Christmas 1869. In Victorian Cardiff, the dead are walking and creatures made of gas are on the loose. The time-travelers team up with Charles Dickens to investigate Mr Sneed, the local Undertaker. Can they halt the plans of the ethereal Gelth?
The first episode in a two-part story. The Doctor takes Rose home. But when a spaceship crash lands in the Thames, London is closed-off and the whole world is on Red Alert. While the Doctor investigates the alien survivor, Rose discovers that her home is no longer a safe haven. Who are the Slitheen?
Continuing the story from Episode 4. Downing Street announces mankind’s first Interplanetary War, but the real danger is much closer to home. When the Doctor, Rose and Harriet Jones race against time to unmask the villainous Slitheen, Rose’s mum and boyfriend hold the key to salvation. Can the missiles be stopped?
Beneath the Salt Plains of Utah, the billionaire collector Henry Van Statten holds the last relic of an alien race. When the Doctor and Rose investigate, they discover that the Doctor’s oldest and most deadly enemy is about to break free. It’s a fight to the death, with Rose caught in the middle.
Adam discovers that life as a Time Lord’s companion isn’t as easy as it looks. The Tardis’s latest destination is in the far future, where Satellite 5 broadcasts to the entire Earth Empire. But anyone promoted to Floor 500 is never seen again, and the Doctor suspects humankind is being manipulated. Nothing escapes the eye of the sinister Editor, but just who is he working for? While the Doctor and Rose investigate Floor 500, Adam realizes the material advantages of knowing the future and is determined to cash in.
Rose was just a baby in 1987 when her father, Pete Tyler, was killed by a car. So the Time Lord takes her back to the year in question, to the spot where the accident happened. Of course, Rose cannot stand idly by and just watch her dad die alone, so she pushes him out of the way of the on-coming car. But in doing so, she upsets the balance of Time and changes history. Suddenly, Earth is under threat from the Reapers, terrifying pterodactyl-like demons that swoop out of the sky to rectify Time anomalies.
The Doctor and Rose travel back to London in 1941, at the height of the Blitz. A mysterious cylinder is being guarded by the Army, while homeless children (living on the bombsites) are being terrorized by an unearthly child. Rose meets the dashing Captain Jack Harkness – has she found a hero even better than the Doctor?
The Child’s plague is spreading throughout the wartime London, and its zombie army is on the march. The Doctor and Rose form an alliance with intergalactic con-man Captain Jack, but find themselves trapped in the abandoned hospital. The answer lies at the bombsite, but time is running out…
When the Tardis crew takes a holiday, the Doctor encounters an enemy he thought long since dead. It soon transpires that plans to build a nuclear power station in Cardiff city are disguising an alien plot to rip the world apart. And when the Doctor dines with monsters, he discovers traps within traps.
The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack have to fight for their lives on board the Game Station, but a far more dangerous threat is lurking – just out of sight. The Doctor realizes that the entire human race has been blinded to the threat on its doorstep, and Armageddon is fast approaching.
Rose Tyler has faced danger and seen wonders alongside the Doctor, but now their friendship is put to the test as Earth plunges into an epic war. With the human race being slaughtered, the Doctor is forced into terrible action. Will the time-travelers ever be reunited?

Doctor Who, Season 1 Comments & Critics

Doctor Who, Season 1 Reviews

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- Great show, poor video quality1 star

Great show! Unfortunately, I think these videos must have been rendered/formatted for iTunes quite a while ago, because they are very poor quality, with lots of jaggy lines and and fuzziness. I know these weren't shot in HD originally, but these look worse than the DVDs and nowhere near as good as the Amazon versions of the same series, which I would have bought instead of these, had I realized the difference in time.

- Fantastic5 star

A great first season to a great series

- Not HD3 star

Be awere this is not in HD. The quality is poor watching on a TV Set. I watched less than 2 minutes and knew I made a mistake buying it. Don't purchase if quality is important to you as it is to me.

- Christopher Eccleston is a babe😍5 star

By far the best doctor on the show. This is a must watch! Watched all of them and this Christopher Eccleston will always be my favorite, he's so sassy!😍😂

- It's awesome.4 star

I'm glad I now have the means to watch Doctor Who anywhere on the go :)

- A Classic Revived5 star

The revival of doctor who was amazing!

- HD Please3 star

I Would Love To Be Able To Watch This In HD On My IPhone 6 Plus ! Please Make This Fantastic TV Show Available In HD!

- I can't buy it1 star

I've loved this series for years and I finally get a Apple phone so I go onto iTunes and it comes up on the search bar, and then! I can't buy it! What?! I'm sorry, but don't put up series if you can't even buy them! I feel tricked and cheated.

- Poor video quality1 star

I love this show. Christopher Eccleston is not my favorite Doctor, but i love the show nonetheless. I was willing to put forward 25 dollars to own the series despite the fact that it is playing in perpetuity on netflix. I thought the video quality and sound would be better. Imagine my surprise when i discovered that Apple's product was much the inferior to Netflix's. It's an embarassment, really. I understand the series was not filmed in HD, but why is does the entire screen look pixelated on my ipad mini? Can't you do better than that?

- not the respect...4 star

This is my favorite doctor and he only got 13 episodes! Not fair! any ways i wish i could do 4 and a half stars cause thats my rating

- Christopher Eccleston & Billie Piper: top notch fun5 star

Episode 1 “Rose” is my absolute favorite episode of all time… Old Dr Who, new(er) Dr Who… this one is the best… Silly enough to grab you. Rose is eternally endearing, and Eccleston is the best “alien” the series has given us… … Looking forward to Season 8 with anticipation.

- I love doctor who!!!5 star

I'm so happy they have this is on iTunes and i downloaded this season and the next three!!

- Ahh memories ;)5 star

I miss the old doctor! I miss rose! Great job by piper and eccleston!

- A must watch5 star

I would recommend this show to pretty much ANYONE, except for small children, who might be a bit frightened of episodes such as the Empty Child. I wasn't sure what to expect when i started this show, but i got totally hooked; I love it! This is my favorite season, and i really enjoy this Doctor the most.


Honestly when I first heard of Doctor Who I thought it was going to be lame. A week later I'm sitting glued to the tv because nothing else mattered in life except for Doctor Who. It's so easy to get addicted to. If you want your life to be amazing and changed, buy this season to start your life. <3

- Best TV season ever!5 star

So easy to understand yet an amazing fluent storyline. It all works together for an amazing series with a jaw dropping finale

- Favorite!5 star

Christopher Eccleston was my absolute favorite doctor! He definitely doesn't get the credit he deserves! This is one of the best seasons, no doubt! c:

- Hmmm let's see2 star

You can pay for a subscription to Netflix for less money than this

- Doctor Who is the Best Sci-Fi Show Ever!5 star

Now I never saw the original series but this show is absolutely amazing. It's just as good as Star Wars or Star Trek. It delivers a unique storyline with fascinating adventures and wow moments and unique characters you can never forget like the Daleks! A+

- Outstanding5 star

This show is simply outstanding. You are with the characters from the beginning and you will love the journey to the end. If you could only watch one show for the rest of your life, this is the one for you. I cannot tell you how good the show is all I can to is tell you to watch it. Simply amazing.

- Dr who5 star

Dr who is the best :)

- Doctor Who5 star

I love the action, adventure, and the excitement in Doctor Who

- <35 star


- Love Doctor Who5 star

Series ninth and tenth Doctor are the best, but 11 is pretty good too.

- best5 star

please buy,you will not be sorry, Christopher Eccleston is SO GREAT!

- Best show ever!5 star

Amazing show! Finally TV has a show that is funny, interesting, and even though almost everything on that show probably will never happen, doctor who makes it all seem real! You must watch this show, every season is great, and every episode is so well thought out! :D

- :/1 star

iTunes won't let me buy it

- Weakest Season of them all5 star

Bad special effects hurt this season

- Fantastic!5 star

This is a great relaunch of a classic. Chris Eccleston as #9 and Billie Piper as Rose really give this series a special dark yet playful tome that isn't likely to be matched again...(aside from #10 & Rose in Series2). Great adventures, great villains, great emotions--all in all fantastic writing and acting. You wont be disappointed!!

- Best show!!5 star

Love this show!! Just finished Season 1 in about a week because it was addicting!!

- Love it!5 star

By far one of the best shows ever, I HIGHLY recommend this to any and all people. It has the perfect blend of humor and scare, love and hate, fun and danger, and it goes on and on through all space and time. If you want an experience Get It Now!

- Dr Who!5 star

Super cool! Love him so much!

- Very good!5 star

Episode: The End of The World is by all means very good. Not to mention towards the end it was very moving. One day earth will be gone. So let's enjoy it for today.

- Nine5 star

I'd seen a handful of Doctor Who episodes before I got to season one, and I'd liked it up to that point, but I was definitely hooked for good after this. Nine is the best Doctor. Christopher Eccleston really should have done more than one season. I wish he'd come back.

- Wow.5 star

My friend told me about this so I watched the first episode and I was instantly hooked!!!

- Fantastic!5 star

Season 1/27 sets the tone of a modernized Doctor Who with snappy dialogue, an updated score, and CGI effects. This is a great continuation of the Classic Series

- Absolutely wonderful!5 star

It is THE BEST tv show in the universe! The ninth doctor (the one in this) is the best. Note: DON'T READ THE BAD REVIEWS!!!!!!!!!!

- WOW!!!5 star

I'm hooked... I can't stop watching!!! I'm going to go back and watch the classic episodes.

- Doctor Who5 star

I love doctor who it's my favorite tv show I love all the doctor's there awesome and funny

- The Doctor's future companion right here5 star

I LOVE Doctor Who, and basically anyone you ask will tell you they do, too. I just... Ugh I can't say enough!! Just watch it!!

- Love the show5 star

To skyr "inane pap" post. First everything you said could be applied to the Simpson's or family guy, with the exception but it's not sci-fi. I'm not only older than 12 I'm 22 and completed my bachelors in physics. To reach the widest demographic possible they employed the use of a very common theme. That is the show is both simple and complex at the same time. It's extremely fascinating to me as a physicist because I see so many concepts of physics finish up that I believe that they consult a physicist. I don't remember the episode but I know that David Tennant was the doctor. This episode explored the contradictions or paradoxical relationship that exists between two truths, those two truths are general relativity and quantum mechanics, AKA Quantum Physics. these are extremely complex principles the viewers may not have known the names of what was happening, but was aware of "it". In no way am I saying that every thing in the show is scientifically accurate because it's not. Typical science fiction does not have a strong plot or even good character development. This is a incredibly great show. The last thing I want to say is when I was a freshman in college I had a professor who told me to be a physicist there are 3 essentials. Number one was that you have to posses a child like sense of curiosity. There is no such thing as a genius who doesn't have that kind of curiosity. I believe that every fan of this show has that curiosity, fans of the show may not have a college degree in the sciences but they possess something which cannot be taught, the curiosity and imagination to see what others cannot. Just because you cannot see it does not mean it does not exist. I haven't seen every episode but I have seen the majority of them. I cannot recollect a single fart joke which is one of the things which you alleged. Dr. who is an incredible show.

- Warm, timely update of sci-fi classic.5 star

Satisfies both old fans and those new to the storyline!

- AMAZING5 star

I am a total Dr.Who FANATIC!!!!!!!!

- Rent4 star

I have never seen the show before, but have been told many times it is a great show. But I don't want to buy it if I don't know for certain I will love it. So please add renting.

- cool5 star

the empty child is AWESOME, still my least favorite season though

- Great show, bad quality3 star

picked these up to have a "real" non streaming copy to keep - and like others have noted the quality is among the worst I've seen on iTunes - jaggy and grainy :(

- He Was Ok...3 star

I'm a mega who-vian, even though I only saw my first episode this past summer. I remember it well, I was the 10th Doctor's 'Fires of Pompeii'. To this day, the 10th is my favorite Doctor and Donna is the best companion, because she was interested in the mushy gushy stuff and she wasn't afraid to speak her mind. Anway, the 9th Doctor is ok, but I don't really think he go the feel of the Doctor, he mostly just stood around talking and getting in angry fits. The story lines of his season were great, but would've been done much better by the 10th or 11th Doctor. Oh well, he at least got the job done...

- One Complaint5 star

I love how they introduced the doctor here and allowed the rest of us to catch up to the Doctor's history. The ending of the season (series?) is amazing and I am glad they've included the David Tennant specials to the list of available downloads. The only issue I have is I now have Season one episode one "Rose" alongside "The Christmas Carol" episode from the beginning of Season 6. Any way to fix this? The show is great and worth watching again and again to anyone interested in great scifi and fun characters that will stay with you for years to come.

- Inane pap1 star

If you're under 12 - or buying for someone who is - there's nothing fundamentally wrong with Doctor Who as children's television. Simple, inane plots, silly dialogue, and fart jokes. Just don't expect to enjoy it as adult drama (or even simply "good sci-fi"). I was as excited as the next geek about the idea of a "reboot" of the classic series I enjoyed as a child, but this takes all of the "bad" of that era - relabeled as "quirky" - and keeps none of the genuine mystery and menace of the original run. Which is not even to begin to talk about the lead actors. Ecclestone does nothing but munch scenery, and Piper plays some kind of brainless female chav. Which, as I said above, is fine if you're twelve, but actually painful to watch if you can vote. I deeply regret forking over money for this, and wish I'd found some way to preview before I let nostalgia take over and clicked "buy". Don't make my mistake!

- Amazing5 star

Amazing but doctor who is not tv 14. I watch it on bbca each day and it says tv pg. It's probably another mistake. Like Peggy sue got married is pg 13 but it said pg

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SupermanFan97 - What a Fantastic Season5 star

Christopher Eccleston is a fun and cool Doctor and will always be a Fantastic Doctor

okapaladin - the parting of the ways was epic5 star

i loved how the daleks had a new leader named the dalek emperor. it's a kinda great episode that teased out the invasion of the world. loved the daleks.

Graceful Being :) - I love the Empty Child so EPIC!!!!!4 star

I have never seen such a bone chilling episode except for Blink in season three!

TheMuskox44680 - Well, I guess this is doctor who.4 star

For anyone who wants to start watching doctor who, it's an amazing show, and I really do love it. Having said that, the first couple episodes of this season are a bit cheesy, and don't seem very original, but don't panic. It gets so much better than the first episode, and if you're second guessing watching this show because of the first episode, don't. Because you will love this show so much after you get into it, I promise you. The season one finale was so amazing, and I really loved rose as a companion, and Chris Eccelston as the doctor. I am hooked on this show and recommend it to science fiction lovers, as well as the average person who wants a great tv show to watch.

scouter.johio - Disappointing Quality2 star

I understand that it is Standard Definition, but the quality is very poor. Any way to improve?

13th doctor - Amazing!!!5 star

It was a very good season! I love Bad wolf and the parting of the ways. The daleks were cool but too much cruel. Captain Jack was really cool and Rose to.

Persaphone - Christopher Eccleston2 star

The mystery of the Time lords feels too casual. Rose pairs well this Doctor and the relationship they have suits both of them. When David Tennant takes the role that balance is shifted and Rose seems very unintelligent and boring. Plots are good but Eccleston costs us.

Lukey123 - Doctor Who!5 star

for any newcomers to the series, its incredible! Probably one of my favourite shows. -and if the guy talking about how the season is cheaper in the US is right, then that just isn't fair… i mean, it's not like they are shipping us the season where we would have to pay extra shipping charges…. it just doesn't make sense to me.

Jason prax - Cost of this Season?4 star

Why is this Season 24.99 To Canadians but onlu 10.99 to US Folks? This does not make any sense to me. Do you hate canadians?

JeffDJ - Fantastic!5 star

Series 1 of the show's revival was such a joy to watch. Christopher Eccleston was excellent as the 9th Doctor, as was Billie Piper as his plucky companion Rose. With memorable supporting characters like Captain Jack, Linda-with-a-Y, and the Face of Boe, plus alien baddies like the Daleks & the Slitheen, this season features classic episodes and a Doctor that deserved a longer stay.

vikings_love_spam - Finally!4 star

Yes! itunes finally has Doctor Who! I enjoy all of the series (seasons), but series 1 with Eccleston will always have a place in my heart. I especially enjoy the episodes Dalek and Bad Wolf

M!!M!! - Show great - file quality not so much2 star

Bought the 1st season because I’ve been watching it on a streaming service and loved it but I found that the iTunes version (even when downloaded) had not nearly as high quality as the streaming service I was watching it on. Higher resolution version needed desperately!

ggassdjjd - To out of sync1 star

Terrible so out of sync

Mrtjripley - Absolutely appalling quality1 star

The show gets 5 stars. This iTunes version doesn’t appear to be even standard definition. Terrible picture quality and dodgy 2.0 audio track. Come on iTunes - release the HD versions. They’re available remastered on Blu Ray.

Tree958 - Really exciting!5 star

I watched the first episode kind of expecting not to like it heaps, but now I'm not even half way through this season...and I LOVE IT! To everyone who isn't a massive fan of sci-fi, with Doctor Who you have to look past the sci-fi and think of every adventure and every episode as exciting, because that's what they are.

The dales - Exterminate the doctor1 star

Bad news earth exterminate the doctor now!

GAMESuiteGuides - HD quality?4 star

I really like Doctor Who. However will there be a HD quality for this 2,3 and 4 Seasons?

drwho1966 - Only Standard Devinition2 star

This is only available in Standard Definition. Watching on 1080 and above is very ordinary.

Tmcf - Awesome content / Sub-standard video resolution5 star

Excellent enjoyable series. However, the image quality is not so hot, sub standard-def? Lots of jagged edges and artefacts. Don’t know if the image quality was originally like this or it suffered going to iTunes.

Minecrafter 44 - :)5 star

As a a long time fan of doctor who, it sure was good to get a classic series on my iPad :D

tasha&george - amazing5 star

they say the first of movies or tv series is the best and it is certainly true of this. kudos to billie piper and christopher eccleston for their amazing acting but it is the plot and the monsters that make this show. truly amazing

Smiley face : ). : ) - Amazing kitty5 star

I love doctor who it's awesome!!!!!!!! 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Sarah Binney - Never gets old <35 star

Even in 2012, this series NEVER gets old. Huh, if only Christopher had chosen to stay as the doctor. I wonder if there is actually an Alien museum under Utah right now!!!!! If so, i'm off to Utah to see the Doctor :D

QuantumPelican - Very Well Done4 star

Very well done. Eccleston portrays the Doctor very well. The wrapping up of the series was a bit weak, though and Rose Tyler is just annoying.

Batmantaptapqueen - how can anyone give doctor who anything less than 5 stars!?5 star

i just wish it didnt cost so much but well worth the money!!

TheDoctor64 - Should Have Stayed Longer4 star

I loved this new season!!! I truly thought doctor who was finished after Curse of the Fatal Death. But NO, it wasn't. Christopher is great as the new doctor, same as billie piper the new companion. I really recommend this to any one. I wish Chris could of stayed longer though:(:(:(

MjayW - Eccleston's the best.5 star

Just rewatching season 1. Love the way Christopher portrays the doctor. He got me hooked!

Another Superhero - Fantastic!5 star

After watching a couple of the one-off episodes of David Tennant as Doctor Who, I thought I'd start from the beginning with Season One. I am very glad I did. Christopher Eccleston is fantastic! His portrayal of the Doctor is very well performed, and Billie Piper is his 'perfect match'! The first couple of episodes ease in and are a little awkward as the characters and relationships get established. However the writing of all the episodes are incredibly good. The episodes are well paced and Christopher's timing is excellent. He convincingly manages the tension of the episodes and with intensity and well placed humour. Fantastic season, well worth the investment, great acting and writing, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Looking forward to Season 2!!

NamelessWanderer - Great series, terrible price.4 star

Doctor who is an awesome show! This is the start of what is to become a much loved reboot! But really apple, charging nearly $40 dollars for a DIGITAL copy of a SIX year old show is pretty lame! Put the price down!

keep it new - Great Start4 star

Don't let the first episode through you off the rest of the series. The whole season, especially from half way onwards, is brilliant! It starts off a Doctor/Rose romance that fanboys and fangirls still can't get enough of with lively action every episode to keep up the pace. Also look out for Cpt Jack Harkness, that's one wildcard that'll just keep on giving. This revival of Doctor Who does it complete justice and is a great intro to the next few seasons.

derfred - WOOOO!5 star

WOOO! NEW SERIES! And fantasticly awesome series it is. Christopher Eccelston, my fave doctor is superb throughout the entire series and should have stayed for longer. Billie Piper is also very good, and the best companion so far. Its the start of many new things (bad and good), and this series will not dissapoint.

what im a nerd - the horror5 star

thanks for this im a cheezel's fan love the unquiet dead episode well im off to eat pie

Faulkner01 - Great Series | Definitely Recommended5 star

This is such a good series. However, it would be good if the quality was better than 360p/480p. Still recommending though.

YTVP - A Great Series Restart5 star

I have got a lot to say about this series which is brilliant. Christopher Eccleston as the 9th Doctor, Billie Piper as Rose Tyler, Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler, Sean Dingwall as Pete Tyler and Noel Clarke as Mickey Smith. All brilliant actors. Rose: Introduces the 9th incarnation of the Doctor, his brand new version of the Tards, Rose Tyler as the companion, Jackie Tyler and Mickey Smith with the re-introduction of the Doctors old enemy the Autons who first appeared in the episode Spearhead from Space in 1970. The End of the World: This episode introduces the younger generation of viewers to the fact that the Tardis is a spacetime machine that can travel everywhere and anywhere. It introduces the concept of a last surviving human, the trampoline known as Cassandra who's body has been nipped and tucked until she looked like a trampoline. It also looks at how the Earth may end which makes the episode all the more interesting. The Unquiet Dead: The Doctor and Rose travel back in time to Cardiff in the year 1869 and this is interesting to me as I love the history of the Victorian era. They meet Charles Dickens and fight the Gelth, a bodyless species that inhabit dead bodies and live inside gas, inside Sneeds Undertakers. Its also an interesting episode as it introduces Gwyneth, the girl who can communicate with the Gelth and she uses this ability to help the Doctor, Rose, Charles and Mr Sneed to try and understand why the Gelth have come to Earth. The Gelths purpose relates to the Doctors past in the Time War. Aliens of London (Part 1): The Doctor and Rose travel to London in the year 2006, 1 year past when they had intended to go to. The Doctor meets Jackie Tyler for the 1st time and Mickey Smith for the 2nd time. The Doctor and Mickey are hardly friends for a while after everything that the Doctor did during their 1st encounter when he and Rose were fighting against the Autons. There is an alien invasion caused by the Slitheen. The Slitheen kill human politicians and disguise themselves in the skins of their victims making their victims look alive and well. This episode is interesting as it introduces the concept of aliens disguised as humans and blending in with their surroundings. This intrigues the Doctor also as he wants to get in on all of the action to see whats going on and he knows there is something wrong as this isn’t just mankinds first contact with an alien race. There is more to this alien invasion than meets the eye. World War Three (Part 2): The Doctor, Rose, MP (Member of Parliament) Harriet Jones as played by Penelope Firth, Mickey Smith and Jackie Tyler have oncouvered the Slitheen in secret as the Human race are still oblivious to the fact that the aliens invading Earth are disguised as UK politicians who have now warned the world of an incoming attack from other alien species but the Doctor is suspicious of this warning as the Slitheen have got a reputation as intergalactic criminals and so he, Rose, Harriet, Mickey and Jackie delve in further to find out more about the Slitheen, where they come from, how to defeat them and with very little time left in there hands to stop the Slitheen. This episode continues the interesting concept of aliens on Earth disguised as humans only to infiltrate the government to destroy Planet Earth. Dalek: I love this episode as it re-introduces the Doctors oldest enemies the Daleks only with 1 surviving Dalek from the Time War. The Doctor and Rose travel to underground museum in Utah in the year 2012 as the Tardis has received an SOS originating from somewhere within the museum. The Doctor and Rose meet Henry Van Stat, the owner of the museum and a young British employee called Adam Mitchell as played by Bruno Langley who plays Todd Grimshaw in Coronation Street. The Doctor discovers that Henry is holding a living Dalek as a museum piece and torturing it to within an inch of its life. The Doctor also discovers that it was the Dalek that sent the SOS to anyone who would come to its rescue. The Dalek is accidentally freed by Rose which puts lives of the meuseums occupants at risk as well as the lives of everyone in America and the world as a now fully repaired Dalek is enough to wipe out the Human Race. The Doctor has never really trusted Henry for keeping the Dalek alive as the Dalek is a reminder of how the Daleks destroyed Gallifrey in the Time War, the Doctors home planet. There is also mention of Davros, the creator of the Daleks who was supposedly killed during the Time War. The Dalek takes Rose as a hostage but oddly develops an emotional attachment towards Rose. The Long Game: The Doctor, Rose and Adam travel to Satelite 5 in the far future to see the Human Race evolve technologically and to see them try and reach for the stars but along with this the Doctor, Rose and Adam see that the Humans have developed a strange piece of technology that can transmit data in the Human Brain via a hole in the Human forehead that can open and close. This makes the Doctor suspicious especially as the Doctor has been told about floor 500 which makes the Doctor more and more curious and he notices how odd the space stations cooling system is as the all of the floors except for floor 500 are all hot and floor 500 is freezing cold. Now why would that be? Adam proves himself to be an utterly useless companion as he breakes the Doctors rule about not informing Humans in the past about events in the future as history could easily be changed dangerously. Fathers Day: The Doctor and Rose travel backwards in time to London in the year 1987. This is interesting as this introduces the viewer to Roses history as a baby to try and find out more about Rose as a character and thus we meet Roses father Peter Alan Tyler, an unsuccessful business man who trying to sell water as his business but is struggling with every attempt. Her father is killed but she changes history and saves him much to the dismay of the Doctor. Great series

samlt1985 - Doctor WHO Series 15 star

The best doctor ever, even after ten years. What Eccleston and Piper achieve with what was available to them was amazing. The special affects arent the best by todays standards but they were good at the time. I doubt the ressurection of the series would have worked had Eccleston not been the first in the new series' (ninth over all) his enthusiasm is possatively contageous.

Scott 91422 - Great Series!4 star

Fantastic series, perfect way to start DW all over again! People moaning it being SD, there was no HD until 2009! Also, I had to download most of my episodes again after a month. They just disappeared.

dwfan234 - Price increase from 9.99 to 20.99 overnight!1 star

The drastic increase in price borders ridiculous, I was intending to purchase but with the price increase I now no longer intend to. Its not only this season but all the season have increased in price at a disproportionate level. The price of this season is more than the newest season of doctor who, which makes no sense. The BBC need to sort their prices out before they lose a loyal customer.

OPRB - Great series5 star

This series is very good and Christopher Eccleston makes a great doctor. Rose, the companion is awesome and so are the monsters. Russel T Davies is an immense writer with lots of good episodes. I didn't really like Boom Town though but there's always one. The awesomeness of Dalek makes up for it.

nephtrys - TERRIBLE RESOLUTION - Great show tho1 star

This is shocking that Itunes is charging a regular price for such a low quality product. The Show is great, naturally, but Itunes are taking their customers for a bunch of idiots.

Josephed - True Who5 star

This is Doctor Who at its absolute best. David Tennant was very good, but Christopher Eccleston? Even better I say. Well done to everyone involved in this series; each episode is true genius, unlike the wholly unlikeable Matt Smith, who's episodes cannot even be compared one bit to these ones.

Chopdog in Surrey - Upgrade to HD please5 star

It has been given a decent step up to HD and now out on bluray, so let’s have that.

Polkadots99 - Amaaazzzing!4 star

I wish the new series of Dr Who with Matt Smith as the Doctor were this good!!! I absolutely love this TV show but I do agree with other comments about the resolution :( it's a shame that a show as good as this isn't in it's best form!!!

isabelladowne - It's gone up in price5 star

I LOVE the series BUT it has gone up in price? Why? I bought it for £15 and now it's gone up to twenty? The same for all the other series of new who...

Ollie Pajak - Series 14 star

The well deserved first series of the reboot to Doctor Who. This is really great series. What's interesting is that it is a more up to date version of Doctor Who. This series is as much about Rose(Billie Piper) as The Doctor(Christopher Eccleston). The aliens all look very real which is great there is cgi but it is not overused which is great. Billie Piper steals the series as Rose Tyler who is given really interesting stories and plot lines to deal with. Christopher Eccleston is ok as The Doctor, he's not terrible but he could do so much better he comes across as being rather plain. The supporting characters are good; Jackie Tyler(Camille Coduri) fits in with the drama as Rose's mother also Mickey Smith(Noel Clarke) is a character who fits in nicely with the plot when used. Captain Jack Harkness(John Barrowman) is the best of the supporting cast and has great chemistry with Eccleston and Piper. The episodes are really entertaining and make a great 45 minutes each. The best of the show was yet to come but this is a welcome return to form and Doctor Who was here to stay. :)

Frey333 - Fantastic :D5 star

I bought the single end of the world episode, it was fantastic! Not one of the most "famous" episodes but one of my favorites. Good quality, no buffering however there were subtitles, which I did find quite annoying at times. If there was a way to get rid of them then it would be perfect!

Me ginger - Hazzahook5 star

Oooh how snazzy!

anst051197 - 'Fantastic'!!!4 star

The reason I gave this series a 4 star is because the story lines aren't always very interesting. But, most of them are good and they get more and more interesting towards the end of the series. I am personally a David Tennant fan, so it could just be making his series' my absolute favourites! I would say the price for this sweries is too expensive, and I think I've seen it cheaper inside a shop! Billie Piper was brilliant as usual, but it is only an introduction to her full potential which comes out in the next series with David Tennant! Christopher Eccleston was quite funny at times and quite depressing at other times. Some episodes are scary, and other episodes are really funny!!! I would get this, but I would definitely get it if they reduced the price to about £15!!!

Lego nutter - Doctor who is the best but...4 star

I hate the empty child episodes they are so creepy they even make you think you see the empty child really creepy episodes do not by also way to much money .

Laurentz1 - Fantastic5 star

Says the 9th Doctor. The Empty Child two parter is the best ,finale unbelievably amazing. Doctor Who didn't have an episode for 9 years and then they made episode one: Rose. Pure genius!

DalekUniverse Heaven - Father's Day!!!:)5 star

I love all the Doctor Who episodes that I've seen but my favourite from series 1 is Father's Day!! I cried when I watched that the second time cos the last time I watched it I wasn't too bothered about what was happening!? I was about 8 or 9 so I didn't care too much... Ive just realised it's a 12 rating...:/ (please mean 12A:///)

Georgina Fletcher - Never forget number 94 star

YES!!! Even though i was in love with tennent's doctor (10th doctor) and am facinated by the 11th-Matt Smith's docotr. We shouldn't forget the 9th, he was just as amazing. And coming from the era where i grew up and there was no doctor who, until Russell brought it back in 2005 when i was 16. Eccleston's Doctor is the doctor that got me hooked on the show and i still am, at 22. . He was the doctor that got the majority of people back in love with the funny, brilliant and emotional Doctor Who.

Hoganscrogan - Rubbish picture quality - 640x3602 star

Love Doctor Who, no complaints there great episodes. However the iTunes version resolution really bad (640x360). Watching on iPad or apple tv on 40" inch screen and you get loads of 'jaggies' on edges, really distracting. It looks like series 1-4 are all this below VHS quality. Cannot see anywhere on iTunes where it gives resolution, only way to tell is via the preview (I think) look at a series 1 preview then a series 5 in SD and you'll see 5 is about twice the resolution! Was caught out as I had bought the latest series 5 Dr Who first and also Battlestar Galactica In the SD versns and all are great quality (did not purchase HD versions as they are so good)

SEGAfan525 - Bad wolf and the parting of the ways4 star

Soooooooooo good just a bad picture

Harry Heer - Abosultatly outstanding series!5 star

This is one of the T.V. shows of all time. Series 1 has gone off to a great start and will continue to be even more execting in the future. I will give this a defenite 10/10.

Oldjonny - Dr who5 star

Brilliant , loved them all , well done but when next series available ?

Durkadurkastan - Wrong4 star

To the person who said that this series of doctor who isn't series 1, it is. The series in the 60's was called Dr Who not Doctor Who.

hawk072 - Brilliant stuff, why so long to put on itunes uk?5 star

This is the best series of doctor who ive seen. The two part finale is just epic. Flawless stuff.

Papa Noelie - Doctor who at it's best5 star

David Tennant is a bit lighter than Christopher Eccleston, but Christopher Eccleston is still excellent as the doctor and this is by far Billie Piper's best season. My favorite epesodes would be "Bad Wolf, aliens of london, world war three and the doctor dances" but they are all more than worth a watch.

Football Fan - Not Series !5 star

This is hardly serie 1, the first series was in the sixties, in B&W and starred William Hartnell. If you like Doctor Who it's great but let's get the description right.

Echo 19x - space on ipod5 star

How much space does it take on ur ipod :)

Dalesk94 - Brilliant!5 star

This is a brilliant episode of Doctor Who starring Christopher Eccleston as the titular role. This episode is full of suprises, based in a wartime town. This episode also features the huge methane filled green monsters that are the Slitheen.This whole series is well worth 99p. Well Done iTunes!

Daniel Ayres - FINALLY!!5 star


BedTomWell - ... Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?5 star

Great Series.. Clever and did anyone spot the taunting pun? Doctor Who is scared of the Bad Wolf.. (: Thankyou itunes

Will_320 - Brilliant5 star

Christopher Eccleston makes a great Doctor in this series and it is a real shame that he quit after just 13 wonderful episodes. Eccleston's Doctor was in my opinion the best and better than Tennant. Eccleston's doctor was witty and very entertaining but when faced with situation his Doctor took it seriously, especially in Episode 6. Tennant's Doctor is too silly and Tennant himself overacts too much.

jimboy999 - the wait is over5 star

i looked on itunes one day and found this the best season of doctor who

xperson - Who is the best Who?5 star

This has become the forgotten series of the new Doctor Who. Personally, I think Chris Eccleston has the edge in that his portrayal has the more sinisiter edge that gets watered down in the later series. It's a shame that he didn't go on to do more of the subsequent series. David Tennant is good, but he has some really good material and supporting actors to work with in the later stories. Put it to a vote and I would pick Chris and Billy. Shame we never got Chris and Catherine Tate.

nirvanakid - Good, but buy the DVD4 star

First of all, this is an excellent revival, especially in the days where people use revivals as cheap ways to make money, but thankfully Doctor Who has managed to avoid this, all o it's writers were fans of the show, the actors do an incredible job, great plots, clever, funny dialogue, clearly it is TV perfection (you could say this about all 4 series). However there is one downside with downloading it on iTunes, there's a lack of extras.... I have the DVD which is filled with commentaries, making of documentaries and video diaries, plus it's now only £5 more, so it's worth the cost

edelweiss evolved - I DO love doctor who, but...3 star

putting it on itunes spoils it a little, I think. No offence to itunes, of course.

banana train - Best Doctor?5 star

This is arguably the best series along with Series 4. Christopher Ecclestone was a brilliant casting decision by the genius Russell T Davies. He was the perfect regeneration, a Doctor completely different from all the others to really mark out the difference between the old and new series. I can't think of a weak episode here, they're all great (apart from Bruno Langely who does ruin a couple of eps but they're still great). John Barrowman's Cpt Jack is introduced in this series and he's truly magnificent, absolutely fantastic in Stephen Moffat's double bill. Really great value here but for just £5 extra you can get the DVD boxset with loads of great extras - bargain!

Destrii - At last! Thank you so much iTunes!5 star

Yay! Doctor Who is at last available! It would be nice to have some of the episodes from the more recent series but it's fantastic to at least have this! Doctor Who is easily the best show iTunes is offering, even counting Torchwood. Thanks, Apple!

anonymous1279 - Finally - took you long enough Itunes!5 star

This first series of the relaunch of Doctor Who was awesome. Although he only stayed for one series Christopher Eccleston was a fantastic Doctor. And the introduction of Rose and when she first met the Doctor was something special. Brilliant episodes. My favorite episode by far is The Long Game. Hiliarious and terrifying at the same time! Although, I do love Aliens of London and World War Three, just because of the Slitheen. The Empty Child and The Doctor Dances episodes still haunts me. ''Are you my mummy?" *shivers*

Hamish Murray - Thank You iTunes! :)5 star

Thank you soo much iTunes! after several year i have had to use alternitave methods in order to view Doctor Who and transfer to iPod. Now I can!! Series 1 is just amazing 'Classic Chrisopher Eccleston' and the first look at Billie Piper! Just Legendary!

riosfinest - FIINALLY5 star


Twelfth Doctor - Absolutely brilliant!5 star

Yes David Tennant has become our favourite Doctor but let's not forget this was the series that started our love of Doctor Who again and this series if the most consistent in terms of a classic adventure week after week. Chris Eccleston's portrayal of a Doctor fresh from the Time War with all the pain of losing his people was one of the best performances in Doctor Who for me and I still miss him even though David is so good. The Daleks are the highlight of this series for me. Rob Shearman's "Dalek" is nothing short of perfect and Joe Aherne's direction throughout the series is superb, especially the brilliant camera work on "Parting of the Ways" where we appear to have a whole army of Daleks moving through the space station that aren't done using CGI. Perfect television in my opinion!

i am elphaba - Finally5 star

I don't know how many times I have written reviews about a dr who podcast or album when my underlying message was please get the episodes. Thankyou so much but now that davis tennant is leaving i am all sad and don't feel like watching.

wastedyuthe - Fantastic show- POOR picture resolution as usual!3 star

I love this show, and shared others opinions, being frustrated it wasn't on the UK store when it was on the US one. This show is well worth buying. However, when I spend £20 on a series, I expect it to be close to DVD quality. Films from iTunes are great quality and as close to DVD quality as I'd expect for their file size- they are well worth buying. However, I can't recommend most TV shows from iTunes simply because of the poor encoding- namely the resolution. Watching these shows on an iPod is great, but watch them on your computer or on the AppleTV and you will see how blocky and pixelated they are. If the films can be close to DVD quality AND be able to play them on the iPod, why can't the TV shows? Shame.

tuckers1987 - What took so long??!!!4 star

I could hear Handel's Hallelujah chorus playing when I saw this was finally on iTunes. Hurry up and get the rest on, we've waited long enough! Dalek, The Empty Child, The Doctor Dances, Bad Wolf, and Parting of the Ways come best recommended from this series :)

1991lauren1991 - Fantastic!!!5 star

Finally this has come to UK iTunes! series 4 is on iTunes USA so i'm hoping they will catch up here. this series is fantastic and sometimes Christoper Eccleston is completely underated but he's a brilliant actor! xx

g3m5a - yay5 star

i am so happy that doctor who in on itunes, i have been waiting for this since the day they started putting tv shows on here, thank you itunes, and i can't wait for the other series.

*Torri* - Finally5 star

It's about time. Doctor Who is stupidly expensive to buy on DVD, thank God for the cheap(er) downloads. They say you always remember your first Doctor more fondly than the rest and I have to say that is true (And it pains me to say that cos I adore David Tennant with a passion) but Chris was my first Doctor and is my favourite Doctor (Beating Tennant by like a millimetre) and of course this season is where we first meet the very handsome Captain Jack and the storyline which lead to his own spin-off show Torchwood. Brilliant season all round, an excellent way to restart Doctor Who.

Peter Piper's Pickles - At last!5 star

I'm so pleased that this excellent series is finally available for download. I hope the BBC, inspired by reviews and download figures get the rest on here as soon as possible; including twenty-six years worth of the 'classic' series.

94WC - at long last5 star

how can itunes possibly put torchwood on the store and not dr who? They finally understand

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Bibbelley boo - Wonderful!!!! :)5 star

I love this season! I think its the most action packed one I've ever seen! I highly reccommend this, or any season, to anyone who is a Doctor Who fan! :)

Bryan024 - To the Skeptics5 star

I watched the first couple episodes of doctor who and decided that I didn't like it. The show's plots felt corny and so did the characters (not including The Doctor and Rose). So after two episodes i just stopped watching for a couple months. I then found season 5 on On-Demand (television service) I got all of season 5 for free and I was bored and said screw it there really wasn't much else to watch. Now the storyline is a bit more progressed in the later seasons than it is in the first two or so, but all seasons tie together. I really really liked season 5 but remembered how I didn't like the first season so I only watched season 4. I liked season 4 so much I watched season 3 and so on. I watched every season in reverse and I became hooked. I love Doctor Who and I wish that I could have found this sooner. I promise you that if you are a Sci-Fi fan you WILL like this show. Start from season 1 though and don't go backwards like I did LOL. DON'T LET FIRST IMPRESSIONS STOP YOU FROM WATCHING THIS SHOW YOU WILL LOVE IT.

oogpunt - hm2 star

Never have seen anything of doctor Who before. So for me no melancholy. Wanted to see what the fuss was all about and checked the first two episodes of season 1. The effects look extremely cheap (2005?) and overall it feels like a children's show. My questions: will it get any better? Should i watch on?

Just Apples - Meh2 star

I'm the greatest whovian ever but this is the worst doctor of all.

Lacny - Best Season EVER5 star

Season 1 is the best

Shireman1 - Great Dr5 star

This season was awesome! CE is my favorite Dr since Tom Baker! Wish he would have done more than one season!

apps gone great - Amazing5 star

I honestly think that Christopher is above David Tennant in the top ten doctors!! :) I just wish they had kept him around for another season!! but still I love doctor who in general so I'm not complaining!! :))

Ruby_Lestrange - More than a season one review, it's also a 9 review.5 star

Season 1 of the new Doctor Who. Rose - What a brilliant episode, the living plastic makes you look twice at those mannequins in the store windows. It's a great way to start the new series of Doctor Who. In this episode (NO Spoilers) we meet 9's companion, Rose, and really what's not to love about Rose? Everyone loves Rose. The End of the World - This eppy here, has 6 plays on it. I love, love, love this episode. We get to learn more about who Rose is going to be as a person, we also get to learn a little more about The Doctor. The face of Bo, The Trees, and the last pure human, Cassandra. This episode even takes aim at Apple. Watch it. The Unquiet Dead - Doctor and Rose travel back in time. Just three episodes in, and you will be on the edge of your seat for this one. Aliens of London/World War Three - Not one of my favorites, but still a really really good one. This episode we get to meet some super sneaky aliens. Can't say too much more because I do not want to spoil. Dalek - The title here says it all. If you are a new doctor who fan, this episode is one you have to watch at least twice. The Long Game - I love this episode, if I could rate this one i'd rate it a 10! Rose picks up a new friend, and well he's not so smart. This episode is full of adventure, and beauty. I Love this episode. Fathers day - This episode is a work of art. It really really tugs at your heart, we get to learn so much more about Rose, and so much more about her family. The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances - Fantastic episodes, we get to meet Captain Jack Harkness. Captain Jack Harkness..... The phrase "Are You My Mummy?" was born in this episode. This one is legendary. Boom Town - MORE sneaky aliens... Bad Wolf/Parting of the ways - Magic. Doctor #9. I've never seen any of the old doctor's, 9 was my first doctor. I adore him, SPOILERS. On the episode titled "The parting of the ways" I cried, I never thought anyone could make a better doctor than Christopher. He was so easy to get attached to, he was so nice, and caring.... 9 is my second favorite doctor. :) Chris did an amazing job. <3 Doctor Who.

Mester79 - Great5 star

Great season love the doctor in this season kinda sad they twitched him out with the other one

Nightrise 1 - Season 1 of awsomeness5 star

The show is mind boggling. I still think the next dr. Is cooler. Best show ever made! Better than any of these American shows.

n0nicknam3 - FREE?!?!?!?!?!?5 star


frozen01 - You never forget your first Doctor5 star

For many, Baker was their first. For some, Tennant will always be their Doctor. For me, it was Eccleston. The 9th Doctor embodied the smarts, the energy, the passion, and most importantly, the danger that others before and after did not exactly pull off. When he was angry, you actually felt like there was something to be afraid of! I loved his dynamic with Rose, and much preferred their relationship than the one between Rose and the 10th Doctor. For those wishing to dive into the Whoniverse without going too far back, this series is a really good place to start. There is a spark of imagination in this show that is difficult to describe, and even harder to find elsewhere. I started at "Rose" and was almost instantly hooked. Doctor Who spans nearly every genre out there, and is equally comfortable in drama as comedy, in realism as campiness. Absolutely brilliant... I could not recommend it more!

Te Amo (: - Amazing(: Just amazing.5 star

Wow. My mom started watchingg Doctor Who first, & I didn't know if I'd like it. But from the 1st episode I was hookedd(: This show is my favorite ; & I honestly don't think I could do withoutt the Doctorr(: Both Season 1 & 2's Doctors are amazing ~ :DD They did a fantasticc job with this show ; amazingg(: But, Yes, I am happy to say that I am a Doctorr Obsessed personn(: Can't go a day without watching at least 1 episodee <33

AynRandFreak - Doctor Who is the BEST!5 star

I've been a fan of the Doctor my entire life. My parents (who are Trekkers) could never figure out why. I downloaded a few eps to show them. Needless to say... they now understand! This is quite possibly the BEST show ever aired on television, and I urge anyone and everyone to buy episodes or series! It's impossible not to get addicted quickly!

Iccengi - Epic4 star

Even thou they had some budget probs on this season it was awesome... of course its hard not to be awesome with the doctor. Mind you did anyone else notice the flashy thing at the top of the TARDIS is missing above

Not So Mad Hatter - I'm glad they did it.4 star

I'm also glad they got rid of this guy and got Devid Tennent

RosyRainbow - Speechless4 star

Christopher Eccleston had the honor of reviving the Doctor, a wonderful alien that travels through time and space. This is NOT your average sci-fi show; it is much more. It is beautifully done. The emotions run through the body of the show like blood, pulsing to two hearts. Adventure runs deep as well. The fun and excitement of adventure and risk are wonderfully captured. This show, unlike many recent shows, really makes you feel. You will find yourself enjoying and loving the show. It's charismatic. Billie Piper is wonderful as Rose Tyler. Her portrayal is great. Christopher Eccleston did fine as the Doctor. He played it well, but David Tennant did much better. The acting in the show is very good. Overall, this show is one of my favorite. It has adventure, excitement, humor, and moments that tug on your heart. I find myself crying every now and then, but I find myself laughing even more. A wonderful blend of every wonderful entertainment element that obviously took some time ;).

disneyfreak627 - Not Bad...4 star

I LOVE DOCTOR WHO, don't get me wrong. But, Christopher Eccelston was never my favorite (David Tennant fan). To me, Chris doesn't have all the facets of the Doctor. He could be somewhat funny and serious. He did an OK job. I do love Billie Piper, though. GREAT JOB!!! Any Doctor Who fan should buy this, but there is a better Doctor out there...

Vamp Noir - Fantastic!!!5 star

At first when I started to watch the series, I was afraid that I wouldn't like Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor since I was so used to David Tennant being advertised as the character. Thankfully, that worrying was all for nothing because he was great and made the character his own. I was sad to see him go! (At least I got to see him in Heroes, if only for a little while!)

SouthtownKid - Five stars for series, negative four stars for video quality1 star

Great show, but horrible, horrible video quality. I've bought episodes of other series on iTunes with no problems, but the Doctor Who episodes here are a blurry, low resolution mess. On any screen larger than an iPhone, they are completely unwatchable. Really disappointing and completely inexcusable. At first, I was sure it must only be a problem with the first episode... Surely, iTunes wouldn't be charging full price for something so shoddy. But nope, they are all like this. I tried one episode each from seasons 2, 3 and 4, and they're just as bad. What happened?

yo doe - Dalek5 star


Doctor Who Fanatic - DWF5 star

I recently downloaded the episode, The Empty Child, but for some reason the last part is missing. What happened to it, or what happened to my downloading process? Anyone encountering the same problem?

rpatton4 - Great show, poor quality video3 star

The new Dr. Who is quite engaging, and seems to keep to the spirit of the original shows. I would give it a 5 easily except the videos of it here on iTunes are miserably poor quality, suitable only for watching on an iPhone (which I have done) but not on any 15" + monitor as they are extremely grainy. I was surprised since I do not have this issue with other shows from iTunes.

rrice50 - Billie5 star

I love doctor who and itunes please make The Best of Billie Piper available in america next, check yes if you agree.

annieann16 - Awsome Show!!!5 star

Im in love with this show!!! sad to hear that David Tennant is leaving the show! but oh well things gotta change!!! Anywayyy you gotta buy!!!!

MangoDoom - Doctor Who at it's best5 star

I think the only thing I didn't like about this season was the fact that it is the only one starring Chris Eggleston. He did a splendid job as the Ninth Doctor, and it's a pity we couldn't keep him around longer. I have to say, I'm confused as well by the TV 14 rating. This show is very clean compared to most on the market.

mikachu - Bringing back the Doctor5 star

As one of the few who love the original series I was a little hesistant to get into the new rehashed version. Feeling that nothing could replace the cheesey campy show I loved. But I was presently surprised with RTD & Co. The only shame was Chris had such a short run as the Doctor. To quote him; "Fantastic"

J0R0J0 - Yes!!5 star

Doctor Who is amazing I am so happy its on iTunes.

Doctor Why? - Doctor Who rules!!!5 star

This is the best sow ever!!!! You have to watch it!!!

Rocklin Girl - Not Just for SciFi Fans5 star

This TV show, one of my all time favorites, is not just for Brits, guys, or SciFi fans. I am none of these, but I still love this show! Rose, a South Londoner, meets the Doctor, the last of the famous Time Lords, the most ancient race in the universe. As they save worlds time and time again, they become great friends. I recommend it to anybody.

daringpeach - FINALLY!!5 star

Christopher Eccleston is endearing and clever as the Doctor, and I am utterly ecstatic that I can support this show by legally paying for rights to watch it, rather than squinting at a grainy screen from some random video-streaming site!

sound recorder. - C: GREAT price for one of the greatest scifi shows ever!5 star

I already own all available seasons of the new Doctor Who series and for $90 on dvd, I wish itunes had gotten this earlier. The dvds are only owrth it if you plan to watch it with other people, as it is a great series to watch with other people, since it is purposefully something that young kids can watch.

Mike T (Colorado) - I'm Hooked!5 star

I grew-up with Dr. Who (the original series) and just watched the first episode of the new series (Rose) and I'm completely hooked! I haven't laughed so frequently while watching any TV show in more decades than I can remember. This is well produced, funny and well worth the price.

Boyfromthedwarf - DOCTOR WHO!5 star

Everybody LOVES doctor who. The people that dont, have obviously never seen it! Its an addictive show where the action never stops. :) GO DOCTOR WHO!

galadriel3562 - One of the very best in recent (revamped) Sci-fi out there5 star

I'm normally not too generous with my ratings - or praise - but this show is simply one of the very best in Sci-fi out there. A friend of mine introduced me to it and I've taken less than two weeks to blast my way through four seasons and three christmas specials, well four if you count the 'children of need'. I'm dissapointed to see the christmas specials aren't listed here, it's an aweful shame and I'd recommend to anyone new to the series to go onto the web and find them (most are posted on youtube). All in all it's all definitely worth your time and money!

neolije - AWESOME!!!5 star

Ever since I was very little I would watch Doctor Who with my dad and really liked and these new seasons are no exception! I love these shows and have been waiting for itunes to get for a couple of years... I am really glad I wrote that letter to them, although I probably didn't do anything, with there being so many people loving the Doctor. I am also very happy they got the older episodes on here too!! Thanks apple!

Alec92 - Finnaly5 star

My mother is from scotland and she would watch the original show in the 60's, and she got me hooked on the old DVD's at a very early age. Now that the new show is on, it is my favorite show and was wondering why it wasn't on with the other great BBC shows on iTunes. Now that it is im buying my favorite episodes. If you havent seen the show, see if you can find it on TV first, but if not then definently buy the show it is awesome.

sleep fan - finally on i-tunes5 star

im glad to see this is on i-tunes. i written to i-tunes to put this on and its here. i love the series and is great to watch again and again. a must have in your ipod. i got the 8Gb nano so not alot of space for them all.

Sophiana - Gotta love Rose!5 star

I adore the seasons with Billie Piper, she is an amazing actress. I cried when she was sucked into the time vortex, man that was sad. It has to be one of the best shows on air today, thanks iTunes! I suggest Bad Wolf and the Parting of the ways. They are probably the best with Christopher.

Else10 - Thank you ITUNES!5 star

Thank you for adding Doctor Who. You guys are the best! Chris Eccleston is brilliant in this series.

Trigger_happy_gurl - I've been waiting for this for a long time!5 star

This is the best sci-fi show i've seen! I wonder why no one had put this up earlier? I recommend this to anyone who likes a good getaway from the real world and into something more mind-boggling. The stories are priceless, the characters are golden, the places he travels are just crazy. It makes you wish you were on the TARDIS with him. I envy rose and all his companions! They got the best of the whole universe. You should watch this show. It's the best you'll find anywhere it's just what people need for a good getaway. Thanks for putting it up. vic

travisja - What an outstanding series5 star

I remember seeing episodes from season one a few years ago and thought it looked great. I have seen most off all 4 seasons now. I am very impressed with this show. The acting, the cinematography, the musical score, the special effects and just about every aspect of this series is top notch, proffesional grade quality. I admit, I was hesitant at first to watch this series, but I now feel it is one of the great broadcast series out there. I recommend this Doctor Who series to everyone.

CSky - FINALLY!!!5 star

Thank you ITUNES for finally making the best show available!!! If you've never watched Doctor Who, try it out you'll fall in love with it. Season 1 is fantastic, Season 2 is even better and Season 3 is my favorite. For Season 1 I'd definitely recommend watching the episodes "Father's Day" and the two parter starting with "The Empty Child." It's a brilliant show, and I never get sick of watching it.

Abigail423 - Great but small problem5 star

aliens of london keeps getting corrupted even whe i redownload it, other than that it's brilliant

PHNXREX - The Doctor is In!!!5 star

Even the BBC will not air episodes of the Doctor online, ITunes your the Greatest!!

The G Family - The DOCTOR!!!5 star

It's about time that the best tv show on the planet EARTH came to iTunes.

L-string - Fantastic!...... but TV- 14?!5 star

The concept of Doctor Who is fantastic. Every episode except for Boom Town and the Parting of the Ways is incredible. My quibble with itunes is the rating of TV- 14. 8 year olds watch this show. And I don't recall there ever being a worse word than damn in the show and i don't recall there being any sort of blood shown either. Anyway I was also dissappointed the doctor never traveled to other planets. However I think Eccleston although only participating in one season is the second best Doctor ever in the series. Only losing out to Tom Baker. Best episodes are The Empty Child and The End of the World.

NoxyTrot - Finally!!5 star

Yes Yes Yes. Yes. Yes....YES!!!!!!!

hogwartsgrl - Thanks!5 star

Thanks for putting this up iTunes! I've been waiting since the ast episode of season 3 for it to be on sale here!

B3boy2 - I love this show!5 star

I was soo mad that they didn't have doctor who but now im happy cant wait til they have season 4!

5 star

@CaptKarnstein: And my top 4 [since I didn't do one] from season 1 of Doctor Who:

5 star

@CaptKarnstein: And my top 4 [since I didn't do one] from season 1 of Doctor Who:

5 star

@CaptKarnstein: And my top 4 [since I didn't do one] from season 1 of Doctor Who:

5 star

@CaptKarnstein: And my top 4 [since I didn't do one] from season 1 of Doctor Who:

5 star

And my top 4 [since I didn't do one] from season 1 of Doctor Who:

5 star

Season 2 of Doctor Who was enjoyable, with only one stinker. Season 3 is up next. Will be mostly an audio experienc…

5 star

miss rose tyler from doctor who (specifically in s1 because she had the best looks that season)

5 star

@McLarenF1: Best of luck to the @ArrowMcLarenSP team ahead of their #INDYCAR season opener at @TXMotorSpeedway tonight. 🧡👊 Here’s an F1…

5 star

@SeaDevilLagoon When Doctor Who became made for the CBBC audience. Awful in every respect. Played for laughs. 10…

5 star

@stories_who: Episode 1 of our new Seventh Doctor series, Warriors Game Part 1 is live! #DoctorWho .…

5 star

Where can I find the trailer for "Doctor Who: The Complete First Series" DVD? A trailer for the Season 2 DVD is on…

5 star

@kindasketchyguy @DrOho Curse you season 6 homer head! Why can’t you be more like Doctor Who?

5 star

@RozeColoredBoy: The best part about the ending of Doctor Who season 4 was seeing this middle class bitch have to experience poverty htt…

5 star

The best part about the ending of Doctor Who season 4 was seeing this middle class bitch have to experience poverty

5 star

Got curious by some screencaps on my TL, so I decided to watch a bit of "Guardian", [loosely] based on a novel by P…

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Doctor Who, Season 1 images
Doctor Who, Season 1 images
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Doctor Who, Season 1 images
Doctor Who, Season 1 images
Doctor Who, Season 1 images
Doctor Who, Season 1 images
Doctor Who, Season 1 images
Doctor Who, Season 1 images
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