Doctor Who, Season 2

Doctor Who, Season 2 Summary

David Tennant (Harry Potter movies) emerges as the regenerated Doctor Who in the second season of this updated sci-fi classic. In this new season catch the Doctor and Rose (Billie Piper) as they battle a cadre of cybermen, take on an army of ghosts and visit “the new Earth,” among many other out-of-this-world adventures. Doctor Who, Season 2 Wiki

Doctor Who, Season 2 Synopsis

In the year five billion and twenty-three, after the destruction of the Earth, the Doctor takes Rose to the New Earth. There, in a hospital facility, the feline Sisters of Plenitude can mysteriously cure any diseases, but, in the basement, an old enemy of the Doctor is out for revenge.
Landing in 1879, Scotland, the Tenth Doctor and Rose meet Queen Victoria, travelling with her to spend the night at the Torchwood Estate. However, a group of warrior monks have sinister plans for the monarch, and the full moon is about to summon a creature out of legend.
There are strange goings-on at a comprehensive school - UFOs, over-intelligent children, and odd-tasting school dinners. This attracts the attention of the Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey Smith, as well as a couple of old friends…
On a seemingly abandoned spaceship in the 51st century, the Tenth Doctor, Rose and Mickey find time windows leading to 18th century France and a group of clockwork androids using them to stalk a young woman throughout her life.
After the TARDIS makes a crash landing on the Earth of another universe, Rose discovers her father is alive and rich, Mickey encounters his alternative self, and the Tenth Doctor learns one of his oldest and deadliest foes is about to be reborn.
The plans of John Lumic to convert the world into Cybermen are now in full force. The Tenth Doctor, Rose, Mickey and the Preachers must find a way to stop him from enforcing his "ultimate upgrade."
In 1953 London, the police are abducting people from their homes. The people of Britain gather around their new-fangled "tele-vision" sets to celebrate the new Queen's coronation - but something strange is affecting the signal.
Rose finds herself further away from home than ever before, on a desolate world in the orbit of a Black Hole. Trapped with an Earth expedition and the mysterious Ood, the time-travellers face an even greater danger as something ancient beneath the planet's surface begins to awake.
The TARDIS lands in a base on a planet orbiting a black hole, an impossible situation that stumps even the Tenth Doctor. The base crew are drilling to the centre of the world, to claim the power that keeps it in orbit for themselves. However, an ancient evil is down there too, and he is awake…
An ordinary man named Elton Pope becomes obsessed with the Tenth Doctor, Rose and their strange blue box, joining a group of like-minded people in hopes of finding him. But when the mysterious Victor Kennedy joins the group, the fun soon stops and Elton discovers a darker side to his hobby.
When the TARDIS lands in 2012, the Tenth Doctor plans to show Rose the London Olympics. However, ordinary children are vanishing into thin air, a mother living in a seemingly normal British household is trying to hide her daughter's unnatural powers from the world, and a demonic presence lurks in an upstairs cupboard.
Ghostly beings have been regularly appearing across the world and people, believing them to be their dead loved ones, are welcoming their visits with open arms. When the TARDIS arrives at the Torchwood Institute, the Tenth Doctor and Rose are taken prisoner. They are drawn into the investigation of a mysterious sphere kept in Torchwood Tower, and monstrous foes return as two universes collide.
Humanity is caught in the crossfire as the Cybermen and the Daleks wage war against each other. When the mysterious Genesis Ark opens, the Tenth Doctor is faced with an impossible decision: saving the world could mean losing Rose Tyler forever…

Doctor Who, Season 2 Trailer

Doctor Who, Season 2 Episodes

Adventures across time and space with the time travelling alien and companions.

Episode TitleTime
Christmas Special: The Christmas Invasion (2005)59:10
New Earth44:05
Tooth & Claw44:38
School Reunion44:18
The Girl In the Fireplace44:46
The Rise of the Cybermen46:07
The Age of Steel45:58
The Idiot’s Lantern45:15
The Impossible Planet45:24
The Satan Pit47:19
Love & Monsters45:11
Fear Her43:55
Army of Ghosts43:25
David Tennant, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke and Penelope Wilton star in this special which first aired in the United Kingdom on Christmas Day 2005. Written by Russell T. Davis, this is the first specially produced Christmas program in the history of the Doctor Who franchise. In the scary one hour special, Christmas has become a time of terror on Earth as all of mankind falls under the shadow of the sinister alien Sycorax.
The Doctor and Rose board the Tardis for new adventures in time and space. But when they visit mankind’s new home, far in the future, they find gruesome secrets hidden inside a luxury hospital. And an enemy thought long since dead, the paper-thin Cassandra, is out for revenge…
The Doctor and Rose have to protect Queen Victoria, but can anything stop the Empire of the Wolf?
The Doctor investigates a contemporary London school which is being haunted by strange, bat-like creatures at night. While at the school, the Doctor finds his old friend, Sarah Jane Smith, already working undercover. Both have old scores they must settle, and Rose discovers the true legacy of being a Time Lord’s companion. At the end of this episode, Mickey joins the regular crew of the TARDIS.
The Doctor finds love – -and evil droids – in 18th-century France. Madame de Pompadour is being haunted by a stranger called the Doctor. Can he save her from the clockwork killers?
The Tardis is trapped on a parallel Earth and Rose discovers that her father is still alive. But sinister forces are at work, and British society is being prepared for the Ultimate Upgrade. Meanwhile, an old enemy of the Doctor’s is about to be reborn…
The Cybermen take control of London and start converting the populace. While Jackie falls under Lumic’s control, the Doctor, Rose and Mickey are reduced to fugitives in a world of terror. A last, desperate attack on the Cyberfactory is their only chance – but will they all survive?
It is 1953, the Coronation year of HM Queen Elizabeth II, and the people of Great Britain huddle round their television and radio sets to witness the great event. But behind the celebrations there are rumors of monsters on the streets, and the tormented Mr. Magpie is hiding a strange and alien secret…
Rose finds herself further away from home than ever before, in the orbit of a Black Hole. Trapped with an Earth expedition and the mysterious Ood, the time-travelers face an even greater danger as something ancient beneath the planet’s surface begins to awake.
Rose battles the murderous Ood and the Doctor finds his every belief being challenged to the core, as the Pit beckons. With the planet threatening to fall into the Black Hole, the Doctor must make the ultimate sacrifice – but can he save the entire universe from the Beast?
An ordinary man called Elton becomes obsessed with the Doctor and Rose and their mysterious blue box. But when Elton’s investigations bring him to the attention of the enigmatic, cold and powerful Victor Kennedy, his harmless hobby suddenly plunges him into a living nightmare.
When the Tardis lands in 2012, the Doctor plans to show Rose the London Olympics. But on a nearby housing estate, a desperate mother is hiding her daughter’s unearthly powers. Can the Doctor defeat the danger nestling at the heart of an ordinary British household?
The human race rejoices as the ghosts of loved ones return home in the latest adventure from the nation’s favorite time traveler. But as the Doctor, Rose and Jackie investigate the Torchwood Tower, the whole of modern-day Earth threatens to fall to an almighty invasion force.
It’s the end of an epic journey as two mighty armies wage war across the Earth, with the human race caught in the middle. But as an unstoppable terror emerges from beneath Torchwood, the Doctor faces an even greater dilemma – does saving the world mean the death of Rose Tyler?

Doctor Who, Season 2 Comments & Critics

Doctor Who, Season 2 Reviews

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- Nice show, poor video quality1 star

Great show! Unfortunately, I think these videos must have been rendered/formatted for iTunes quite a while ago, because they are very poor quality, with lots of jaggy lines and and fuzziness. I know these weren't shot in HD originally, but these look worse than the DVDs and nowhere near as good as the Amazon versions of the same series, which I would have bought instead of these, had I realized the difference beforehand.

- this should just go for everything1 star

make a option to buy all at once

- Best show ever!!!!5 star

My brother got me hooked on this show when I was 18 and I've been a die hard whovian fan ever since then! 10,11,&12 are my favorite doctors and I'm hoping the last doctor in the final season is just as epic as the ones before

- Absolutely brilliant!5 star

I discovered the magic of this British science fiction television show while looking for something to watch to entertain my ever bored mind. Season 1 didn't have me hooked, but I continued onto season 2 anyway. Needless to say it's one of the best choices I've ever made. As a science fiction fan since childhood, I absolutely fell in love with this show (at least since season 2). Not only is it about a madman in a blue box. It's about love, lose, death, destruction, heartbreak, and change and you constantly feel like it's ripping out your heart out and stomping on it (for reference to these emotions watch Doomsday) David Tennant brings a hyper and sort of childish energy to The Doctor. However, Tennant's Doctor can become merciless and cold which only adds to his already brilliant acting skills. My favorite episodes in this season are The Girl in the Fireplace, The Impossible Planets, The Satan Pits, and who could forget the epic and heartbreaking Ghost Invasion and Doomsday. Needless to say, watch this brilliantly written, fast paced television program with amazing acting and you won't be disappointed.

- Update Please2 star

A 5 Star season but a mediocre iTunes version. It’s time iTunes updated these early Dr. Who seasons to HD and the FULL BBC runtimes not the SD edited for BBC America versions. Netflix already has these in HD streaming and Hulu also.

- Doctor Who IS LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!5 star

What was life before doctor who???? I don’t even know… probably less stressful and painful… BUT NOT NEARLY AS AWESOME!!! This show is to good…. WAY BEYOND COMPARE!!! I love you 10!!!

- The Stuff of Legend5 star

I was a Sherlock fan first and since the Sherlock and Doctor Who fandoms are so connected I broke down and gave Doctor Who a try last summer. I am so very glad I did. From the very first Eccleston episode I sat with my jaw dropped asking myself ‘How did I not pick this up sooner?!’ But it’s alright… It’s alright… I have since devoured Season 1-7 and the Specials including Day/Time of the Doctor and delved into Classic Who as well… All is right with the world now that I have become a Whovian. And this Season is my personal favorite. Ten is my Doctor and joy of his time with Rose here is the Stuff of Legend.

- funniest seasons5 star

In my opinion season 2 has some of the funniest character interactions of the series. Despite serious storylines the writers were able to 'lighten' the mood a little with passing humor. Great examples of this would be the Mickey/Rickey/Jake interactions in 'Rise of the Cybermen' and 'Age of Steel', or Elton's video records in 'Love & Monsters'. Excellent episodes for fans who value humor and adventure.

- Love it!4 star

Awesome Sci Fi series. Wow, David T. is absolutely fantastic: pleasant to watch. Great actor!

- Amazing5 star

For anyone who loves Doctor Who will surely enjoy this! It is filled with both action and adventure! I loved it and it is defiantly worth every penny! I think that if you are deciding weather to spend your money on this, you should, you will not be disappointed. Rose and the Doctor have a bond like no other! You will feel the connection and pain they feel! It is absolutely breath taking and worth EVERYTHING!

- love it5 star

This is one of the best seasons of the series! a must buy.

- Best Season5 star


- it was great5 star

i am a big fan of doctor who and this season is one of my favorites its definitely worth the money

- Awesome!!5 star

I'm addicted. David Tennant IS the doctor!!!!! Billie Piper is awesome as Rose and I love the plot line of each episode!!

- Doctor Whooo!!!!!5 star

I love the Doctor Who series best ever and really creative!!!Its a must watch tv show so watch it.!

- Best Show Ever5 star

This is a must watch! Already have watched first 4 seasons in one month and bought at least a hundred dollars in Doctor Who merchandise. Best show you will ever see and is the most creative.

- Favorite show!5 star

I have just recently become a whovian (love that word! :) ) and though I haven't seen all the doctors, David Tennent is, for sure, my favorite! Was so sad to see him go :( A great show, and must watch for any SciFi fan. Oh and.... Don't blink. Don't even blink They're faster then you can believe Don't look away Don't turn your back And don't blink....good luck! Love, The Doctor (1969)

- Fantastic!5 star

I loved Chris Eccleston as The Doctor, but David has been the best one I have seen! This whole season is great and the season finale wraps it up perfectly!

- THANK YOU!5 star

You gave us a free Who episode with Tennent as the Doctor and Rose THANK YOU SO MUCH MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Lovely(:5 star

I am now in LOVE with David Tennant!! He's the BEST doctor, with Matt Smith close behind. I'm new to the world of Doctor Who, but I've become obsessed with it, thanks to the awesomeness of Tennant. This season is definitely the best, especially New Earth and The Girl in the Fireplace. Love it <3

- David Tennant... <35 star

I love this show so much! David Tennant is amazing, which is so great because I loved the 9th Doctor. I was sad to see him go and only be there for one season. But then he regenerated into David Tennant, who is simply brilliant and hilarious. "Girl in the Fireplace", "Love & Monsters" and "New Earth" are my favorites, definitely check those epsiodes out! :)

- Amazing!5 star

David Tennant does a wonderful interpretation of the Doctor. His teaming up with Rose us a great match that brings a lot to the series overall. So many great episodes to love, the last one really does end the series on a touching and very thrilling note.

- awesome5 star

the krillitanes are really cool as are the cybermen and the dalek cult of skaro. All in all this is the best season:) I'm not dissapointed in the least bit:)

- Best Season EVER!!5 star

I'm a huge Doctor Who fan and having seen all of the new series (and some of the original!) I have concluded this is pretty much the best season of the show. The dynamic between the Doctor and Rose is absolutely fantastic and I haven't yet seen it replicated with any other companion. I absolutely adore Rose. She's the best companion. The Doctor and Rose just genuinely enjoy each others company and it's just wonderful. Great season.

- Tooth and Claw5 star

One of my favorite Doctor Who episodes!

- Lolol4 star

Look at e:the saint pit click to 40:37 tha demon fire his lazar!

- AMAZING!!!!!5 star

I watched this for the first time last week, and now I'm hooked. My best friend used to tell me how amazing it is, and how amazing and good looking David Tennant is. I had only ever seen him in Harry Potter so I was like "ewww what the heck?!?" and then I watched this (my first episode was 'smith and jones' (is that what its called?)) and now I'm in LOVE with David Tennant. He is AMAZING!!!! So I went back and watched Harry Potter just for him lol, and he is hot/amazing as Barty Crouch Junior.... And I like him becAuse he's an amazing actor, too - not just for looks. This is a MUST SEE!!!

- I love Doctor Who!!!!! :)5 star

I just love to watch Doctor Who and this a great additon to any Doctor Who fan! I think that the price is great because the seasons are so expensive! I highly reccommend it to anyone! :)

- So sad...5 star

David Tennent is by far my favorite doctor. I honestly had tears in my eyes in the end of doomsday. So sad that Rose got stuck in the parallel universe. My favorite season ever.

- Love it.5 star

I like this doctor. I never saw much of his episodes, but after buying a couple episodes, I love this doctor. But as much as I like him, I like the newest one best. Matt Smith. I like David Tenant or however you spell it, but I think that the newest doctor really captures the whole thought of the doctor. Kinda like over excited. I just love doctor who in general though.

- Excellent series5 star

Excellent series and one of my favorite seasons. I just wish the sci-fi channel would pick it back up here on the states.

- Still got it5 star

Tom Baker is still the best Doctor and I wish Christopher Eccleston had stayed the Doctor longer. But this series is still excellent.

- Sale??1 star

Didn't buy the 9.99 sale in time. Dumb, not buying any seasons until they are on sake again.

- Doctor Who at its Best5 star

This season was incredible. There wasn't a single bad episode on this compilation. The storylines were great, the dialogue was witty - - and the monsters were for the most part, terrifying. If I had to choose a favorite episode, it would be The Girl in the Fireplace. That episode was terrifying, really sad, and completely worth a buy. There are other gems on here, such as School Reunion, The Idiot's Lantern, and Doomsday. David Tennant and Billie Piper really played their roles well, and it definitely shows here. Even episodes that many people consider terrible, I liked a lot (Love and Monsters, Fear Her). So all in all, this season is completely worth buying, even though some of the monsters, well... are freaky....

- School Reunion5 star

This was a great episode! It is one I had not seen before. The Doctor was a wonderful teacher and I liked the way he helped the students by stopping the aliens. It made me wonder whether there really are aliens teaching in our schools. I had a teacher I thought maybe.........

- NEW EARTH & new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new new York.5 star

Season 2!!! A season full of Magic! We meet 10!!!! David Tennant, did a beautiful job at bringing 10 to life. I Adore 10. 10 is my doctor. All the episodes in season 2 do not fail to impress they are all works of art. The Christmas Invasion - WE MEET 10!!!!!!! and you know that quote "THIS EARTH IS DEFENDED!" it was born in this episode. Watch it. New Earth - Cassandra is back, and she is wicked! OH and if you are a fan of Tom Milsom, he wrote a song about this episode and it's up on iTunes, it's called "New Earth" warning, it will get stuck in your head. Skipping a lot of episodes.... The Impossible Planet - Scared the living daylight out of me. Satan Pit - Also scared the living daylight out of me. Best three episodes in season 2. <3 Doctor Who.


I love Dr. Who it is the best show ever. I started watching it and I could not stop. Dr. Who will keep wanting more. The first episode I watched was BLINK and I got to say it is my favorite, it is suspenceful and scary you will love it

- TARDIS, not Tardis5 star

Doctor Who is one of the best Sci-Fi shows ever on television, rivaling the relaunch of Battlestar Galactica in scope and plot arcs, rivaling Farscape in irreverence and ebullience, and Star Trek and Stargate in technobabble. But that's not why I'm writing this review. In the episode descriptions, sometimes they reference the TARDIS, the Doctor's space and time ship, as the Tardis, which is incorrect, as TARDIS is an acronym for Time And Relative Dimension In Space. It would be nice if you would correct this, iTunes.

- David Tennant IS the Doctor!5 star

I'd heard good things about Dr. Who from a bunch of different sources, but I didn't decide to check it out until I found out that Anthony Stewart Head (AKA Giles from BtVS) was in the episode "School Reunion." I began watching for his sake, but immediately fell in love with David Tennant as the Doctor. "Girl in the Fireplace" is, if possible, even better. The show is wonderfully written and brilliantly acted. It will make you laugh out loud, sit on the edge of your seat, and possibly want to sleep with the lights on (clockwork robots from "Girl in the Fireplace", I'm looking at YOU!). If you've never watched Dr. Who, do yourself a favor and check it out! It's surprisingly easy to follow, even for someone who's never seen the show before.

- The Girl in the Fireplace5 star

Okay, so i'm not an extremely hard reviewer *sp? but this is deffinately one of my favorite Doctor Who episodes. Sure, some of the animation (like when the doctor crashes through the mirror on a horse) needs work. But the plot is a turning and alive one. It keeps you wondering how and if the doctor can save the day, if he will fall in love, how he will get back, and how he will keep his promises. While the doctor is jumping from world to world Rose and Mickey are creating their own adventure of trying to stay alive on the ship that is trying to kill them, and is inhabited by "the bad guys". Overall, this movie was not much to look at with the eyes, various times, but the plot (and the charming David Tennant) keeps you from flipping the off switch.

- The Best5 star

If your looking for the greatest sci-fi show on this earth, look no further!!! David Tennant puts his heart and soul into this role and you can really tell at certain moments. Its suspensful, its funny, its timeless, its DOCTOR WHO.

- Best Show in the Universe5 star

It truely is, it's funny,sad,action,adventure,romance,drama all in one sci fi show! it opens your mind up to a whole new world! anybody can watch it its a show for everybody!

- best show ever!!!5 star

i've been a fan of Doctor Who for decades. tom baker was my favorite doctor till david tennant came along. he is awsome!!! the show does what the classic who could never do, really put a great story and great special effects together.

- Great Doctor, not so great companion5 star

Nothing against Rose Tyler, or any of you that like her, but I just don't think she's that special at all in any way shape or form. Actually, I think she's pretty concieted. Here is my evidence. She is so convinced that she's the Doctor's one and only. Like in the episode "Fear Her" when the Doctor said "I've been a father" she was like "What!?!" probably thinking "He's loved people before me? No way! I'm just soooo special!" In the episode "School Reunion" When they meet Sarah Jane Smith, Rose is shocked that she's not the Doctor's first and only companion. She knows that he's 900+ years old, and that he's been travling a while and stuff. And in "The Age of Steel" they go to that parallel world and she was never born. It's all like "OMG how could my parents or any of this world have gone on without a Rose Tyler! Waaaaaaaah!" That's my proof, make of it what you may.

- David Tennant is my favorite Doctor5 star

And I know many agree with me! Although Eccleston before him did well, David Tennant manages to make the Doctor alive, fun, charismatic, and extremely lovable. He is very funny, too. It's a great season for many reasons. One of those reasons is that it combines my two favorites of the show: Billie Piper and David Tennant! They work wonderfully together and have real chemistry. I also really liked seeing Sarah Jane Smith reunite with the Doctor. She and Rose were hilarious together. (It was almost like seeing Sharona and Natalie from Monk, but different.) "School Reunion" is probably my favorite episode off of the season, but "Doomsday" is very emotional. A great season.

- The Girl In The Fireplace5 star

This episode is a personal favorite of mine. I have grown up around Doctor Who and I am a BIG fan. The characers worked together amazingly in this episode, the villains are simple yet complex at the same time, and best of all there is plenty if romance in this episode which sometimes you don't get in classic Doctor Who episodes. To all Doctor Who fans, The Tardus lives on and to David Tennant, you are in my opinion the best Doctor that has ever been!! Not to take anything away from the awsomeness created by previous and legendary Doctors. :)

- Doomsday- ***** (5 stars!)5 star

This past season has been great, with David Tennant being the hyper, lovable doctor, and Billie Piper as the charming Rose Tyler! This last episode was written BEAUTIFULLY, I cried at the end (well, every time I see this episode I cry). This has always been one of my favourite series! Enjoy!


To have Doctor Who back was awesome. But to have come back so damn good was almost perfect. Season 1 was great but Season 2 was even better. The "Girl in the Fireplace" was one of the best episode ever. Loved the Cybermen and of course the Daleks. It is rare to have a show on T.V. that you can watch with your children. Yes, they are Doctor Who fans now.

- Amazing5 star

I have to say this is one of my favorite shows ever. David tennant is a great doctor and has very good chemistry with Billie piper. I think this season is my favorite because it has the most incredible season finnally. I definetly reccomend this show to everybody.

- A sad ending, but a fantastic series!5 star

While some of the themes of this season are dark, the second season is fantastic. I actually have not seen all the episodes (I started watching it on TV starting with The Satan Pit), but the ones I have seen were fantastic. The finale is chalked full of raw emotion, and hard to watch for any Doctor Who fan, but it is definately the best episode of season 2.

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dale.k - Doctor who season 2 review5 star

This is one of the best seasons of doctor who

okapaladin - doomsday rocks!5 star

it's a great episode i admit,i love how the daleks and cybermen mesh together in this season finale,also i love the cult of skaro.

Shiriya - Brilliant!5 star

David Tennant is epic!

Betty Hollister - Rude and not ginger.5 star

Justa a fantastic show. Very clever, and David is by far my favourite doctor.

Maggie#1fandoctor - Allons y5 star

David Tennant is the best doctor and way better then Matt Smith. DAVID TENNANT ROXS!!!!!!!!!!

memei456 - The New new Doctor5 star

David tennant is amazing!! I think David is the best doctor yet the funniest!!!

David Tennant IS Dr. Who - Seen em all - this was the best season5 star

I have seen all of the seasons up to the end of David Tennant (very sad to see him leave as the Doctor!). This was the best - mostly due to the great chemistry between Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) and David Tennant. And what could be better than Darlicts vs. Cybermen? Delete! Exterminate! A great purchase.

Schaduwen - Incredible!5 star

Doctor Who is the longest running science fiction TV series EVER, so obviously it's done something right! And David Tennant (my favourite Doctor) is incredible. He puts so much emotion into his acting that you can't help but be drawn in! (Even when the effects are a wee bit hokey- but that's ok, that's part of the spirit of the show!) Amazing, addicting, endearing, a great show. And totally worth the price. And like Kirin mentioned: the script is hilarious! Many memorable quotations. Go on! Buy it! ALLONS-Y!

kirin - The David Tennant Effect5 star

Though I must admit to being extremely fond of Christopher Eccleston, (seeing as he was my first Doctor), I was blown away by David Tennant's ability. He was in fact, so good that they kept they for another two seasons :) If you ask any Doctor Who fan -be it of the old series or the new- who their favorite Doctor was, they will most likely say David Tennant. "Wibbly, wobbly, timmey, wimmey....stuff" :) If you like Sci-Fi and aliens you will LOVE Doctor Who!

thom:) - DOCTOR WHO AND ROSE!!5 star

This is definitely my favourite season of Doctor Who so far! Rose is awesome and I highly recommend this season! GO DAVID TENNANT!!

🐑🐮🐮🐰🐽🐻🐨 - AHHHH DOCTOR WHO5 star

basically that

QuantumPelican - Not As Good As The Others3 star

I'd say this is the worst series out of the new ones (mainly thanks to Billie Piper's character). There are some pretty good story lines, but in the end, I'm just glad Rose is now gone.

khaitch - Great5 star

I'm going to pretty much say the exact same thing as i did for the other seasons: This is one of the few times that itunes beats the major retailers for price. JBHIFI is nearly $100 per season, and ABC is about $70. So you can imagine i was so happy to find it around $40 here! :D I love David Tennant, he is awesome!

allllllllllllly - LOVE!5 star

One of the best new Who series! Tennant is a God on earth IMO. Great acting and great episodes. just as annoying point though - the preview for Army of Ghosts is pretty much just the opening titles. Wanted to see if it was the episode I remember before that was utterly useless iTunes.

Nutmeg777111 - I love it5 star

This series is AWESOME! i get 1 ep a week and im now in between the impossible planet and satans pit and its driving me NUTS!!!! best series ever

Vect14 - doctor addict5 star


derfred - Better than the first!5 star

The second can they make this better than the first. I don't know how they did it, but they did. Bringing back Sarah Jane was great, amazing episodes like Satan Pit and Doomsday, David Tennant and Billie Piper are amazing. The 10th doctor works better with Rose than 9th doctor with Rose. The Oods first apperanece in The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit is their best apperance to date (planet of the ood's ok), with that story being on the best in the history of who. AWESOME!

Olivia.C.Jones - Long live Doctor Who5 star

Love Doctor Who. So happy its finally on Itunes.... some of my favourite epsiodes from seeries/season 2 are The Girl in the Fireplace, Rise of the Cybermen, The Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts and Doomsday

Smelly&Stinky - Absolutely fabulous!!!!!5 star

I love Dr Who!!!!! It's way cool it's on itunes! My fav episodes are Tooth and Claw and Fear Her!!!!! Buy it! You'll love it! Go Doctor!

Bobby00 - Doctor Who5 star

this is so coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DarrellT1 - Dr Who - all series5 star

Dr Who is great! We love watching it, Clauds favourite episode is Blink and Oscar T's favourite is The Lazarus Experiment. Dr Who rules!!

lollieloz - doctor who5 star

ohh my gosh i can't believe Doctor Who has made it on to itunes i searched everything but i couldn't find it know i can. Doctor Who rocks

Olivia A - Hells Yeah!5 star

This is the best season. Woooooooo Rose is the best. Wooooooooooooooooooooooo. David Tennant is the best. Doctor Who is the best!

Larry Bird '08 - 6 stars!!!5 star

David Tennent is the best person to ever play the doctor Dr.Who................THE BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!

duranidol - Forever Who5 star

This season is awesome, what am I on about they're all awesome. Buy it watch it. This show cannot just be watched, its like an obsession, and it's never ending, since the 60s theres been episodes, comics books movies merchandice behind the scenes toys spin offs. It just wont quit, and lets hope it never does (again I mean) Absoulutly brilliant, fantastic! Love David, love Billie. Long live the Doctor

Jim Presto 43 - Great but could’ve been perfect4 star

Series 2 was one of my favourites when it came to its episodes. Tooth and Claw was an excellent second episode, School Reunion was nostalgia for classic fans, The Girl in the Fireplace was a beautiful love story, Rise of the Cybermen and The Age of Steel was an excellent two-parter and Army of Ghosts and Doomday were heartbraking. But probably my favourite episodes were The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit. That two-parter was truly something else, heck it was almost perfect. In my opinion, New Earth is underrated and it was actually quite fun. Nevertheless, Series 2 has a bit of a large compilation of bad episodes: The Idiot’s Lantern, Love and Monsters and Fear Her. If they had scrapped these episodes and replaced them with some much better episodes, it would make Series 2 on par with Series 1. Out of the 4 series’s in the RTD era, this ranks as third. I loved the development of The Doctor and Rose’s relationship though. Ten and Rose have something quite special. Other than that, a very good series.

Stuffed animal is not the King - Meh3 star

The Christmas invasion: Good episode though the doctor did spend 3 quarters of it asleep. Sycorax are a good villain and overall 7.5/10. New earth: NO NO NO NO NO NONONONONONONO!!! My third least favourite episode EVER. The ONLY highlight is Cassandra coming back. Terrible plot line and the catkind are ridiculous. Overall 2/10. Tooth and claw: Meh

Chopdog in Surrey - Frustratingly still not HD5 star

Still waiting for the upscaled versions.

Geolowiser - Absolutely awful quality1 star

Fantastic season, although the quality in standard definition is absolutely appalling. I am watching it on a 13” 2015 macbook pro retina screen so it certainly isn’t the screen quality. If you are going to buy, buy HD as that is the only type which comes close to having good enough resolution to make it properly enjoyable. Very disappointed.

samlt1985 - Doctor WHO series 25 star

Not my favourite Doctor but definitely my favourite series, I've never been braught to tears so often by a series before in my life. It doesnt matter how many times I see Micky say goodbye it still gets me everytime. So much covered in so little time.

Charliieee3110 - LOVE DW5 star

I love Dr who too pieces, but why is this series and Christopher Eccelson's so expensive! The later ones (though i agree they are much worse and quite frankly boring) are priced much more reasonably.Love Doctor who though, and David Tennant is definatly the best!

Domdjd - I love Doctor Who but...3 star

I must say, I prefer Martha Jones to Rose Tyler, but the pairing of Tennant and Piper works better than any other since the show returned in 2005. Their only series together I find infuriating, though. At times it soars (Tooth and Claw, The Girl In The Fireplace) and it couldn't be better. But it is an inconsistent series, with Fear Her being possibly the most painful 45 minutes of television ever made. The prominence of the Cybermen in this series annoyed me. I have never been a fan of them and the story they were introduced in was weak. But the series also introduced the Ood - a species that has served the series well since it returned. I can imagine that after the 50th anniversary special, that this will be the series that newcomers will turn to. Some will return to never again watching the show, despairing of series 2's weaker moments. However, I hope a good portion will be hooked by the interplay between the leads that worked so effortlessly.

Greenchimp - Doc who best5 star

This is awsome never doubt the doctor and rose( David tenant and billie piper) and its snowing

Scott Irving - World Class5 star

Without a doubt The best doctor who series. Rose is the best companion and David Tennant is in my opinion the best actor to play the doctor ever

Jon Dunford - Doctor Who5 star

Bought this purely for the monk scene at the start. However for my view on Doctor Who, for me it died when Matt Smith became the Doctor, something about the show changed, I can't quite put my finger on it but it's like they are aiming at a rather different audience with Matt Smith - an audience that unfortunately I am not a part of. Still, this doesn't mean the old episodes are any less good, does it!

Robron2017 - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!!!!5 star


teddy-sheeranlove - Tooth and claw5 star

This is such a good episode!! I love it!!! It's not the same without rose - I really miss her!!! David was the best doctor ever!!! <3 :) I hope they bring rose back :)

Lego nutter - Best series ever!!!!!!!!5 star

Love this best series for Billie piper cybermen and Darlek episodes are the best but a bit too much money nearly got all episodes separately !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Snail Laces - DR.WHO?5 star

Incredible..... Nothing else to say. Except for. ALLONSY!!!!

Laurentz1 - Tooth And Claw5 star

How Mr T Davies thought of that idea I'll never know. Tooth and claw is a must buy.

V1n99 - Cool5 star

It's an awesome series one of my favourites the tenth dr is probably the best dr there is.

Tiggggermel - Dr Who series 25 star

Without a doubt the best series of Dr Who ever - funny, sad, everything you could wish for in a 'Saturday Night' series. I loved it and now can watch it again and again - Brilliant!

Harry Heer - Another amazing series!5 star

Series 2 is very good! i especially like the battle between the cyberman and the daleks! I will have to give this a 10/10.

Black al bigfatguy yoshi lugi jannice spears - BEST5 star


bobble173 - Best Series Ever5 star

By far the best series, tooth and claw, the age of steel and the dramatic finale, I love every episode. It's not the same without rose, and though I like matt smith, David was the coolest doctor ever. 8)

doctor who fan 22 - one of the best series5 star

I thought that this series was brilliant with David as the doctor and Billie piper acting as rose it was sad that she had to leave but my favorite episode would have to be near the end

purebrapage - a bit to much money3 star

if it was like only £1.20 it would be perfet

JudgeFredd - Series 2 NOT 'Season' 25 star

I wish these foreign companies would stop imposing Americanisms on to a British product. It shows a lack of respect for our cultural identity and cheapens us with this overbearing hegemony. Five stars are for the excellent second series which introduced us to one of the best ever Doctors.

ry87 - best series of any programme ever5 star

personally i never did like doctor who,found it so stupid when i seen the original series,never even liked the new series until series 2 came along ,with david's hyper always happy attitude and billies lovliness towards im this makes for amazing tv,as stand alone episodes or as a whole series to follow on.the final episode is specacular but with rose not being the companion in series 3 or 4 and david not even being the doctor in future series i know series 2 will be the only series past present or future i will ever watch of doctor who so its a good thing its so amazing

Lannurst - BEST NEW SERIES5 star

I think that this is the best new series so far when Rose went it just wasn't the same there was only one or two episodes I enjoyed with Martha. I like Donna alot but it's not the same without Rose.

HanBowGD - Coolest eva!5 star

This is the best series by far and i would buy the whole thing if i could be bothered to spend that much on it but billie and david make it the coolest series and the funniest series yet. The get season 4 that is the second coolest!

hejones95 - BRILLIANT!4 star

I think all the doctor who series is brilliant! Although they could add some more detail

shannon 101 - dr who5 star

I think that this is the best series by far because the doctor is so happy because he is madly in love with rose so he always smiles!It is beta than him being all depreased and stuff.any1 agree?let me no wot u think just put a reveiw on and adress it to me!thanx shannonxx

Trisha1093 - BEST EVER !!5 star

i think that this is the best series but series 4 was good too but this is definatly my favourite !! love billy and david thay are the best ever !! lol love luby lui xxx

Bobsleigh456 - Best series by far4 star

This is certainly my favourite series of the new doctor whos (series 4 coming fourth, series 1 coming 3rd and series 3 coming 2nd). I think nearly all of the episodes are pure genius. I was a little unsure about The Impossible Planet and the Satan Pit at first becuase the whole concept seemed a little far fetched, however when you watch it back it seems more and more brilliant each time. In my mind, this series is five stars, but only if you take out one episode and that is why i have rated it four stars on here becuase that episode is included. That episode is Love & Monsters. Watch it and you'll find out what I mean. It seriously tries to drag down the whole series (but luckily doesn't). The whole plot, acting, atmosphere, everything is just plain Stupid (with a capital S). However, besides that a truely ausome series!

Will_320 - OK, But Nowhere Near as Good as Series 1 and the 9th Doctor3 star

Firstly, The Christmas Invasion was a very disappointing episode for me, in 2005 when the episode was first broadcast I'm sure many Dr. Who fans were very excited to see the new Doctor after the 9th and in my opinion the best Doctor's regeneration but all we had was the new Doctor Number 10 sleepin for about 45 minutes and actually saving the world for only 15. The rest of the Series however is not bad at all and David Tennant's only good series, The best episodes being 6 and 7. after this series David Tennant's Doctor has become too zany and wacky and is why I am no longer a fan but on the whole this is a good series

ilurvesindie - best series ever5 star

In my opinion this is by far the best series out of all of the new series. rose and the doctor are sooo adorable together, all the episodes are fantastic, the series finale is amazing and heartwrenching. much better than the shoddy thing they made for series 3. 4 is pretty good too (due to rose's return) but this is the best. ROSE AND THE DOCTOR FOREVER. buy this now! best episodes are The Girl In the Fireplace, Tooth & Claw, The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit and of course the last two finale episodes. They all deserve to be watched!

LadyJane932 - Genius.5 star

Personally i must say that i think this is actually the best of the four new series'. Tennant and Piper are a delight to watch as a brilliantly working doctor / companion double act, and a few particular episodes are simply outstanding. 'The Girl in the Fireplace', partly thanks to Steven Moffat's wonderful writing, is just brilliant, 'Tooth & Claw' is a classic doctor who-style mix of tension, monsters, comedy, background plots and the odd famous historical character thrown in (!), and the two part finale is a real epic. Oh and the Christmas Invasion, what an introduction for a fantastic new doctor! Great episode. I really do strongly recommend the whole series!

Skyelark - Tennant's first series.......and worst?4 star

'Worst' probably is a bit harsh but for this is no 4 on my list of my favourite Nu Who series. It took me until The Rise of the Cybermen to really accept him as the Doctor and the two Cybermen stories stand out as the best of this series for me. Billie Piper is increasingly irritating as the smug Rose Tyler; she must have had a personality change since the sweet Rose of series 1 but that isn't the actor's fault. DT is fab as the Doctor who has now come to terms with the devastation of the Time War and you get the feeling he's really living in this series, until the trama of Doomsday that is. Rose was there to help him and you wonder where she fits with the 10th Doctor but she is still likeable, just not as sweet and innocent as in series 1. Despite not being a favourite this series is definately worth a delve, especially to see Sarah Jane Smith, my favourite companion from my childhood. It's also interesting to watch this in light of the events in series 4 as we see the end of storylines that begin in series 2.

banana train - Series 24 star

This is probably the third best series (I know that makes it 2nd worst but hey ho) behind series 1 and 4. The best episodes are Xmas Invansion, New Earth, Tooth and Claw, School Reunion, The Girl in the Fireplace and the series finale 2 parter. All the others really aren't very good at all. However the saving grace of this is, of course, David Tennant, which is why I'm giving this series 4* instead of 3*. His first outing as the Doctor really is brilliant and the chemistry between him and Billie Piper is great. Rose is a great companion and I defy anyone not to cry at Doomsday - possibly one of the saddest scenes I've ever seen - beautifully written and even better executed. Good Job

SimpleAB2020 - Only thing Missing5 star

The only thing that really lets me down after every time I see this season released is the missing Children in Need Special that fills the gap between, The Parting of The Ways and The Christmas Invasion, such a shame to miss out on how David Tennant decides he needs to head to Earth and how Rose reacts.

Tooner07 - Serriously good!5 star

David Tennant is an awsome Doctor Who and that's why this is such a good series. I'm deverstated he's not doing it anymore! The price for 14 episodes seems pretty reasonable to me aswell.

starlight. - Finally5 star

Amazing value, as the boxset was priced around £50.00 when new. This is a fantastic series, where you can really see the relationship between Rose and the Doctor come to life with David Tennant. He's my favourite Doctor so far (: All these exciting and emotional episodes, including a reunion with an original Doctor Who companion from the mid-70's, lead up to the explosive and heartbreaking series finale, which will leave many in tears and will change the Doctor forever. Definitely worth £19.99.

Chugs ( Badwolf ) - DOCTOR WHO IS THE BEST IN THE GALAXY !!!!!5 star

Being one of the Biggest Doctor who fans you can imagine how excited I was when series one was put on itunes! Then you can understand how ecstatic I became when series two followed!! David Tennant is brilliant as the Doctor and no one could do better. My Favourite Doctor Who episode is The Satan Pit ( who am I kidding - there all my favourites!) and can't wait for this years christmas special to roll on up!

AirBNB 🎁10 star

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Comicboy3 - David Tennant as The Doctor= Very Good Thing5 star

I was a little upset when they put him in after Christopher Eccleson left. I distinctly remember thinking "Who the hell is this guy?" and thinking he'd make a horrible Doctor. Boy, was I wrong. The season starter (The Christmas Invasion) was one of the best episodes I've seen in a long time, and even now still ranks quite highly. I got chills at the part in TCI when [SPOILER ALERT] the translator and the alien both are speaking english and Rose finally figures it out. Also, the season finale (Army of Ghosts, Doomsday) was particularly strong. Gotta love them cheesy Dalikses!

jessephillup - Thank You for Christmas, Itunes!4 star

You guys rock for getting the Christmas Episode. You've got to get the word out that it's available. Watch the Xmas episode first, even though it's listed last!

Ore_gonz - They've added the Christmas Invasion!5 star

So here I am scrolling through the Doctor Who episodes, lamenting the fact that I've yet to see the Christmas Invasion episode that begins David Tennant's tenure as the Doctor, when what do I find at the bottom of the list for season two? That's right... The Christmas Invasion. I couldn't click on the "Buy Episode" button fast enough.

likemikeandike - Yay!!!5 star

I absolutely love Doctor Who but I was so sad because the Christmas specials weren't available and they're my favorites, especially The Christmas Invasion. But now they have it!!! Yay!!! Good job iTunes!!

ally102 - DavidTennantfan5 star

He is soooooo cute!!!!^_^ i mean in Harry Potter he looked kinda funny but in this show he is cute. I love his suit it is so cool.

Masipag999 - Astounding5 star

Having been a fan of Dr. Who since the Tom Baker run in the 70's, I was excited for the new and bigger budgeted doctor. I was not disappointed when I downloaded this well written and well produced upgrade. Well worth the money and much cheaper on iTunes than on Amazon.

Chicago Groove - WOO HOO - Doctor Who on I Tunes!5 star

Kudos to David Tennant for stepping in some pretty big shoes (sneakers for him) and making them his own! Billie Piper and David Tennant are fabulous - smart dialogue, funny jokes, scary plotlines, how are they going to get out of this one. The way this season plays out is amazing, and Doomsday, while heartbreaking was so tremendous. This is my favorite show on TV and I'm so glad that I Tunes has it for those shows that I love the most!

sound recorder. - c: Perfection5 star

Thank you itunes, Doctor Who is the best!

malltunes - the best thing that itunes has done in a while!!!5 star

I have literally been waiting for months for itunes to add this series on! I've been a Doctor Who fan since I was a very little girl, and I just adore the new series' as well! THANKS ITUNES!!!!

ash o - A Suprisingly Addictive Show5 star

I just happened to catch half an episode of this show on sci-fi one day when I was off work but ended up sitting through three more, hardly able to tear myself away. Once you accept the premise for this show, it can take you everywhere, you find yourself in the past, future and everywhere in between. The characters are depthful, well acted, and mysterious enough to keep you constantly coming back for more. I'm hooked, I freaking love this show! I hope they get season 4 soon!! THANK U iTunes!!! WOO!

Mighty Jagrafess - Brilliant!5 star

Such a good season! The Girl in the Fireplace is one of the best episodes of the series--a must see! (Check out any episode by Stephen Moffat. You won't be dissapointed.)

celerystick267 - where are the christmas specials hiding?4 star

the christmas episode is supposed to be the first episode of the second season. it explains all about the new doctor's personality and quirks and stuff. "can i just ask you one thing, am i ginger?!", and darn it all its my favorite episode. i wouldn't have even bought the second season if i had realized that episode wasn't on it. could someone please do something about this? it makes me sad inside.

Michael Fredrickson - The legendary Doctor.5 star

I must say, out of all the dr. Who's Ever, David Tennant, is my favorite. The young scott has seemed to capture who the doctor is. He is the doctor. With the right feelings and everything! Any season of dr.who I would recomend, but out of all of them, I would say any one with david. Its great fun! Sometimes you laugh and other times are on the edge of your seat, or restraining tears... Worth every star.

galadriel3562 - A smashing season5 star

I must admit I was a little worried with the change of lead actor after season one, but David Tennant is certainly off to a roaring start. Especially the christmas special that preceeds the first episode listed here (The Christmas Invasion). The 'what kind of man am I' speech is absolutely brilliant. I highly recommend you look it up on the web, before you start in on season two. Oh and for those of you who fell in love with the bit of soundtrack under the closing scene of Doomsday - like I did - it's on the season two soundtrack!

Hawkeye12 - The greatest show EVER!!!5 star

I think they should continue the series one more time. Its so fun to watch.

Else10 - Brilliant!5 star

Doctor Who engenders all that is good and fun in science fiction. David Tennant is brilliant and Martha Jones is an awesome companion. This season totally rocks. Don't miss it!

ipsion - Super!5 star

A worthy recreation of our noble hero & his heroines!

Arix2010 - Just What the Doctor Ordered5 star

I’ve seen all of the seasons of this new series of Doctor Who, including the newest fourth season and some of the old series, and this is my all time favorite season! If you love Doctor Who like I do you’ll love this season. It brings in elements of love, loss, adventure and suspense. Even from the first episode you are pulled into the story, which makes it a good season to watch even if you’re a Doctor Who beginner. I also believe Rose to be the best of all of the Doctor’s companions because she really obviously cares for the Doctor and that makes the whole season feel like a real honest to god story, not just a series of adventures like in the original series from the 70s. I’m a huge Doctor Who fan and this season really sucked me into the Who world and made me possibly the biggest Doctor Who dork ever!

davejesc - OMG!!! You HAVE to buy this!5 star

I've been waiting so long for iTunes to add Doctor Who!!! YAY! OK, you HAVE to buy this. No kidding. This is THE ONE AND ONLY show that I can re-watch episodes on. Usually I don't like to see things a second time, 'cause it's never as good as the first, but in this case...each time you watch it is just as awesome as when you first laid eyes on it! You'll LOVE this show. I don't even like Sci-Fi! But I'm totally obsessed with Doctor Who now. This is the best show on the face of the earth. I shall watch it again and again. If you buy it, you'll probably find yourself doing the same. :D

pythonlover - Who needs a Doctor?5 star

i dont. after watching any episode from this series i am suddenly really happy and excited! i LOVE the way the doctor can be mad and yelling one minute but cheery and hyper the next. also, this doctor who team has to be the best one yet: Rose and the Doctor. this pair brings both playful sarcasm and kindness towards eachother in every episode. even if you dont like sci-fi, try an episode of Doctor Who!

Sian Gledhill - Finally! The Doctor is back!5 star

For the first time Dr. Who is avaliable on the USA itunes. It made me so happy because i can now watch it on the go instead of waiting for episodes to show up on BBC America. Dr. Who is a very well rounded show that never gets old. David Tennent is a brilliant 10th Doctor and i really don't want him to leave. Let's hope he sticks around for a few more seasons. Anyone who watches this will become addicted and will HAVE to watch it more :) If you like Dr. Who watch Torchwood. Its a spin off of Dr. Who. And if you have already seen a few episodes of Dr. Who you may of noticed they usually refer to Torchwood at least once in most episodes. Now all they need is to get Top Gear!

kayttea - Christmas specials...5 star

I was so excited to have Doctor Who on iTunes that at first I was going to be okay with it not having the Chrismtas specials. But then I remembered the special between season one and two. Its the episode that introduces David Tennant as the Doctor! Come on, its only three more episodes iTunes. You can do it. :]

fobwatch28 - thank you5 star

thank you itunes for finally putting doctor who on itunes!!!! i love this show!!!!!!!!!!

MISS ASHLEY - The Doctor on iTunes!5 star

Brilliant! I do wish the Christmas Specials were available as well, but these episodes are a wonderful addition to the iTunes store. I've been waiting for this for a while. Cheers to iTunes and the BBC!

cooldude58 - finally!5 star

I have been hoping for years for iTunes to get Doctor Who! I discovered it while in England, and am hooked now. I can't wait for the 4th season to come. Buy Doctor Who! It is the best show you will find on iTunes.

wii4evr - awesome5 star

I have watched everey single doctor who show so far right up into the end of season 4 and it is the best tv show in the universe.

Hotaru-chan - THANK YOU ITUNES!5 star

I knew whenever Torchwood was added to itunes it would be a turning point. Now we can have Who too! :D

blakeolas - Hitting its Stride5 star

Doctor Who does not revel in guns, special effects and over-sexualized characters like American SciFi. Instead it focuses on smart, funny, well-written and fast-paced adventures. Season 2 is when the show begins to mature, and has some of the best stories so far. Highlights (aside from Rose's character arc): The Girl in the Fireplace, Love & Monsters, and of course the stellar Army of Ghosts/Doomsday. School Reunion is also excellent for followers of the old show.

Nano - Finally Doctor Who on iTunes5 star

Doctor Who is the best sci-fi series to come from BBC and im happy its finally on iTunes.

lollipop68 - OMG! LOVE IT!!!!!5 star


publius_enigma - FINALLY!!!!5 star

The greatest show and story ever told is on itunes!! Only the bible comes close to this great saga!!!! I'm a loooong time diehard know it all Who fan! And yes I'm related to the original Master!!!!!!!

Castellan - Fantastic!!5 star

The best show on television.... ever! And this season has without a doubt one the best episodes 'The Girl In The Fireplace' is a wonderful story, full of adventure and i couldn't help crying like a baby at the end. It was also really great to see the return of the Cybermen, I always liked them more than the Daleks and they were just as scary and probably more tragic than they ever were in the past. I remember a poster I used to have from the early nineties of a painting of Daleks and Cybermen clashing in space, it always sent my imagination spinning and to see that played out on screen, well, to quote the ninth Doctor, 'Fantastic!'

nanie & pops - Like said before, what a lovely surprise!!5 star

I'm super amazed this was put onto itunes. I love this season, there is great chemistry between this 10th doctor and rose. the girl in the fireplace is one of my favorites

wyobeachy - YES!!!!5 star

I Have waited for this forever! You MUST get this it's the best TV show EVER! Everything is wonderful! You will not have to worry about anything sleazy in these ^.^ BUY IT!

TheDoctorsRose1 - It's about time!!!5 star

Finally! Billie Piper and David Tennant are brilliant together and the writers and actors really make this season (and the entire show) worth watching. Though I like season 4 more, it's not on itunes yet but the entire show is amazing. Thank you itunes!

BRT722 - Brilliant!5 star

This is my fave season with David Tennant in Doctor Who; and both him, billie piper and all other actors are fabulous.

Red Devil 1879 - Dr. Whoooooo !!!5 star

What a surprise!!! I checked BBC America tonight and boom !! Dr. Who is now available. David Tennant is my favorite Dr. to date. Great charisma and funny. These new episodes are fantastic and they tie in to the new Torchwood Series (which is excellent). It took me 0.03 seconds to decide on downloading this series. I would have decided quicker but I was stunned it became available. Enjoy !

Capra124 - Wow.5 star

This season of Doctor Who is amazing. You've got the introduction of a new Doctor, as well as the return of a few of the Doctor's past companions. Not to mention some of his old enemies too...... A truly wonderful season of one of BBC America's great shows. I completely recommend this series, not just this season for any fan of sci-fi, as well as Torchwood, David Tennant, and John Barrowman.

shazi - Simply the best programming I've seen in the past 15 years5 star

Nothing compares to it. Sherlock Holmes meets Agatha Christie with a pinch of humor and throw in a time machine for good measure.

Meelimonster - I Love Dr Who!!!!4 star

i love this show!!!!its sooo exciting and cool!

Jenn F. - It went from good to GREAT!!!!5 star

So I loved Christopher Eccleston as the darker Doctor and was skeptical with the regeneration into David Tennant. That was true until I saw the first episode and fell in love with the new, quirky Doctor! You can feel that heat between the Doctor and Rose jump off the screen, and can't help but root for them the entire season. And in the end, you just want to cry it's so good!!

Nathaniel928 - The Greatest SciFi show on television5 star

I have been waiting for doctor who to turn up on itunes since they put torchwood. I got so excited as soon as it appeared on here. "New Earth" in my opinion is def the best of the lot. Cant wait for them to upload season 4 so i can get the OOD episode.

D0C70RWH0 - The year the Doctor got his groove back5 star

I've been a "Doctor Who" fan since the 70s, and I was thrilled when the series was relaunched by Brit Uber-scribe Russell T. Davies in 2005 with Christopher Eccleston ("The Others," "28 Days Later," NBC's "Heroes," "The Seeker: The Dark is Rising") as The Doctor. In its second season, though, NuWho really hit its stride with leading man David Tennant ("Blackpool," "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire"). Tennant brings an energy to The Doctor that I've never seen, and the team of writers penning the episodes are among the best sci-fi writers going in the U.K. The show manages to blend its sci-fi premise with real human drama and humor in every episode, and even a "bad" episode is better than two-thirds of anything else on television. Pay particular attention to Episode 3, "School Reunion" (featuring two classic-era "Who" characters, and "Buffy" star Anthony Head as the villain), Episode 4, "The Girl in the Fireplace" (written by "Coupling" and "Jekyll" creator and soon-to-be "Who" showrunner Steven Moffat, and starring Sofia Myles of "Tristan and Isolde" and "Moonlight"), Episodes 5 & 6, "The Rise of the Cybermen" and "The Age of Steel" (which, in addition to pairing Tennant up again with his "Goblet of Fire" father, Roger Lloyd Pack, introduce a storyline that pays off big in season 4), and the two-part finale, "Army of Ghosts" and "Doomsday" (which is set up so brilliantly that it still punches me in the gut after repeat viewings). I love that iTunes is carrying the series, but new viewer beware: between each season of NuWho is a one-off Christmas special that connects some really important dots between one season's finale and the next's premiere, and they're not available (a temporary omission, I hope). Despite this, I can't recommend the series enough. Allons-y!!!!

natural law - the_natural_lhp_law4 star

david tennant ads somethin different to the doctor and rose is pretty good i hope this show can be on for years to come

I-rate - Doctor Who5 star

Best Tv show ever. In this season the best episode is the girl in the fireplace. to see my full review of the tv show as a whole look at the third season.

rehbda - Dr Who is Awesome!! But where are the XMAS specials????5 star

I can't say enough about this show, From Sarah Jane's reappearance to Rose's leaving a near perfect season

AppleRocks - David Tennant a great Doctor!5 star

David Tennant is [after Tom Baker, of course] the best Doctor ever!

superdooperparatrooper - Thank you iTunes!5 star

Doctor Who is an AMAZING tv show with lots of history, and David Tennant is by far the best Doctor! He is also the sexiest! This is a season that has a great plotline, and great actors, and is always fun and intriguing to watch!


i cant believe itunes finally put doctor who on here, i'm so happy, i've been dying to know when they were gonna put this show on here and now they did!!!!!

acorn_jerry - 1st review again!=)5 star

THE IMPOSSIBLE PLANET and THE SATAN PIT are genius episodes and DOOMSDAY sent chills down my spine. but TURN LEFT from season 4 (which they should have on iTunes) was the best episode they've ever made besides the 2nd 2 last episode in season 1 BUYBUYBUY

5 star

I just started watching doctor who and yesterday I finished the last episode of season 2 and I'm COMPLETLY SO FUCKI…

5 star

@Grania64156311 @chrislongview @VeeCeeMurphy76 @Drea_got_rage @Rhinocerization @jamiesbowen @CMargaronis…

5 star

@elsonofkrypton @BacchusFan @CallyGingrich Doctor Who, season 1, episode 2 (modern seasons) - The End of the World.…

5 star

➸Doctor who - season 2

5 star

In "Doctor Who" Season 7 Episode 2, what code is guiding the missiles? @bbcdoctorwho @DrWhoOnline

5 star

@Gwynstato: pause for thought: “Doctor Who: You want weapons? We're in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room's t…

5 star

@Rob_Z_Tobor @jk_rowling This reminds me of the star whale from Doctor Who. Season 5, Episode 2. The Beast Below.

5 star

@Gwynstato: pause for thought: “Doctor Who: You want weapons? We're in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This room's t…

5 star

pause for thought: “Doctor Who: You want weapons? We're in a library. Books are the best weapon in the world. This…

5 star


5 star

The parallels in Doctor Who season 2 and the first episode of season 3 with real life right now are striking

5 star

Rewatching and starting from Season 2 of Doctor Who because David Tennant is *THE* Doctor.

5 star

@LukeSmithF1: F1 confirms opening eight races of 2020 season, including new race names 1. Austrian GP - Jul 5 2. Steiermark GP - Jul 12…

5 star

@Nerdrotics Glad you're enjoying, Gary! Blake's 7 is my 4th all time favorite show (after 1. The Prisoner, 2. Star…

Doctor Who, Season 2 Images & Pictures

Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images
Doctor Who, Season 2 images

Doctor Who, Season 2 Posters

time traveltime machinephone boothalientime travelerpolice box

Doctor Who, Season 2 posters
Doctor Who, Season 2 posters
Doctor Who, Season 2 posters
Doctor Who, Season 2 posters
Doctor Who, Season 2 posters
Doctor Who, Season 2 posters
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