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David Tennant (Harry Potter movies) emerges as the regenerated Doctor Who in the second season of this updated sci-fi classic. In this new season catch the Doctor and Rose (Billie Piper) as they battle a cadre of cybermen, take on an army of ghosts and visit “the new Earth,” among many other out-of-this-world adventures. Doctor Who, Season 2 Wiki

Doctor Who, Season 2 Synopsis

1 - Christmas Special: The Christmas Invasion (2005)
David Tennant, Billie Piper, Camille Coduri, Noel Clarke and Penelope Wilton star in this special which first aired in the United Kingdom on Christmas Day 2005. Written by Russell T. Davis, this is the first specially produced Christmas program in the history of the Doctor Who franchise. In the scary one hour special, Christmas has become a time of terror on Earth as all of mankind falls under the shadow of the sinister alien Sycorax.

2 - New Earth
The Doctor and Rose board the Tardis for new adventures in time and space. But when they visit mankind’s new home, far in the future, they find gruesome secrets hidden inside a luxury hospital. And an enemy thought long since dead, the paper-thin Cassandra, is out for revenge…

3 - Tooth & Claw
The Doctor and Rose have to protect Queen Victoria, but can anything stop the Empire of the Wolf?

4 - School Reunion
The Doctor investigates a contemporary London school which is being haunted by strange, bat-like creatures at night. While at the school, the Doctor finds his old friend, Sarah Jane Smith, already working undercover. Both have old scores they must settle, and Rose discovers the true legacy of being a Time Lord’s companion. At the end of this episode, Mickey joins the regular crew of the TARDIS.

5 - The Girl In the Fireplace
The Doctor finds love – -and evil droids – in 18th-century France. Madame de Pompadour is being haunted by a stranger called the Doctor. Can he save her from the clockwork killers?

6 - The Rise of the Cybermen
The Tardis is trapped on a parallel Earth and Rose discovers that her father is still alive. But sinister forces are at work, and British society is being prepared for the Ultimate Upgrade. Meanwhile, an old enemy of the Doctor’s is about to be reborn…

7 - The Age of Steel
The Cybermen take control of London and start converting the populace. While Jackie falls under Lumic’s control, the Doctor, Rose and Mickey are reduced to fugitives in a world of terror. A last, desperate attack on the Cyberfactory is their only chance – but will they all survive?

8 - The Idiot’s Lantern
It is 1953, the Coronation year of HM Queen Elizabeth II, and the people of Great Britain huddle round their television and radio sets to witness the great event. But behind the celebrations there are rumors of monsters on the streets, and the tormented Mr. Magpie is hiding a strange and alien secret…

9 - The Impossible Planet
Rose finds herself further away from home than ever before, in the orbit of a Black Hole. Trapped with an Earth expedition and the mysterious Ood, the time-travelers face an even greater danger as something ancient beneath the planet’s surface begins to awake.

10 - The Satan Pit
Rose battles the murderous Ood and the Doctor finds his every belief being challenged to the core, as the Pit beckons. With the planet threatening to fall into the Black Hole, the Doctor must make the ultimate sacrifice – but can he save the entire universe from the Beast?

11 - Love & Monsters
An ordinary man called Elton becomes obsessed with the Doctor and Rose and their mysterious blue box. But when Elton’s investigations bring him to the attention of the enigmatic, cold and powerful Victor Kennedy, his harmless hobby suddenly plunges him into a living nightmare.

12 - Fear Her
When the Tardis lands in 2012, the Doctor plans to show Rose the London Olympics. But on a nearby housing estate, a desperate mother is hiding her daughter’s unearthly powers. Can the Doctor defeat the danger nestling at the heart of an ordinary British household?

13 - Army of Ghosts
The human race rejoices as the ghosts of loved ones return home in the latest adventure from the nation’s favorite time traveler. But as the Doctor, Rose and Jackie investigate the Torchwood Tower, the whole of modern-day Earth threatens to fall to an almighty invasion force.

14 - Doomsday
It’s the end of an epic journey as two mighty armies wage war across the Earth, with the human race caught in the middle. But as an unstoppable terror emerges from beneath Torchwood, the Doctor faces an even greater dilemma – does saving the world mean the death of Rose Tyler?

Doctor Who, Season 2 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Christmas Special: The Christmas Invasio59:10USD 1.99Download
2New Earth44:05USD 1.99Download
3Tooth & Claw44:38USD 1.99Download
4School Reunion44:18USD 1.99Download
5The Girl In the Fireplace44:46USD 1.99Download
6The Rise of the Cybermen46:07USD 1.99Download
7The Age of Steel45:58USD 1.99Download
8The Idiot’s Lantern45:15USD 1.99Download
9The Impossible Planet45:24USD 1.99Download
10The Satan Pit47:19USD 1.99Download
11Love & Monsters45:11USD 1.99Download
12Fear Her43:55USD 1.99Download
13Army of Ghosts43:25USD 1.99Download
14Doomsday46:27USD 1.99Download

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