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The moment the Doctor walks into the life of medical student Martha Jones he changes it forever. In Elizabethan London they meet William Shakespeare, in present day London 76-year-old Professor Lazarus recaptures his youth with grave consequences and the Daleks, hiding in 1930s New York, return with a terrifying plan for humanity. Doctor Who, Season 3 Wiki

Doctor Who, Season 3 Synopsis

1 - Christmas Special: The Runaway Bride (2006)
No sooner has the Doctor said a tear-stained farewell to Rose Tyler, he finds himself face-to-face with a woman, played by comedienne Catherine Tate, dressed in a fluffy white wedding dress. Who is she? Who is she supposed to be marrying? And how did she get on board the TARDIS?

2 - Smith and Jones
The Doctor meets Martha Jones, a medical student in London, under unusual circumstances when her entire hospital is transported to the Moon. Can she learn to trust this mysterious stranger to save them all?

3 - The Shakespeare Code
For Martha's first trip in the Tardis, the Doctor takes her back in time, to Elizabethan England. When they find William Shakespeare with a lost play, suspicions of evil are confirmed when deadly witch-like creatures are discovered. Can history be saved?

4 - Gridlock
The Doctor takes Martha to the planet New Earth, in the far future. But when Martha is kidnapped, the mysterious Motorway must be traveled in order to discover the terrible secrets of the city.

5 - Daleks In Manhattan
The TARDIS lands in 1930s New York. In the midst of the Depression, people are disappearing off the streets. Meanwhile, at the very top of the Empire State Building, the Doctor's oldest enemies are at work, plotting their largest scheme yet.

6 - Evolution of the Daleks
Dalek Sec is reborn in human form and plans to build a Dalek empire in 1930s New York. While Martha fights for her life at the top of the Empire State Building, the Doctor must enter into an unholy alliance in order to change Dalek history forever.

7 - The Lazarus Experiment
Martha returns home and discovers her family is caught up in the scheming of Professor Lazarus and his Genetic Manipulation Device. It becomes a fight for survival, as human DNA twists into monstrous form.

8 - 42
A spaceship hurtles out of control towards a boiling sun with the Doctor and Martha trapped on board. They have only 42 minutes to uncover the saboteurs, but, with a mysterious force starting to possess the crew, they had better work quickly.

9 - Human Nature
It is 1913 in England, and an ordinary schoolteacher named John Smith dreams of adventures in time and space. But when lights in the sky signal the arrival of something terrible, Smith’s maid, Martha, has to convince him that he can save the world.

10 - The Family of Blood
The terrifying Family hunt for the Doctor, but John Smith refuses to accept his destiny as a Time Lord. Meanwhile, the women in his life – Martha and Joan – have to take drastic measures to save the whole of history.

11 - Blink
When people start disappearing, a young woman called Sally finds cryptic messages bleeding through from 1969, from a mysterious stranger called the Doctor. Can she decipher them before the Weeping Angels claim their prize?

12 - Utopia
When Captain Jack tracks down the Doctor, the TARDIS is thrown to the end of the universe where a surprising fate awaits the human race. The Doctor, Martha, and Jack try to help a mysterious professor send the last of the humans to utopia.

13 - The Sound of Drums
Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister of Britain and his reign of terror begins. The Doctor, Martha, and Jack begin to unravel his true identity and a plot to destroy the Earth that stretches to the end of time.

14 - Last of the Time Lords
All hope seems lost as Earth has been conquered by the Master and his strange army. The Doctor remains his prisoner, so Martha alone must save the world.

Doctor Who, Season 3 Episodes

Episode TitleTimePrice
1Christmas Special: The Runaway Bride (20 1:00:17USD 1.99Download
2Smith and Jones44:31USD 1.99Download
3The Shakespeare Code45:39USD 1.99Download
4Gridlock45:15USD 1.99Download
5Daleks In Manhattan46:58USD 1.99Download
6Evolution of the Daleks46:29USD 1.99Download
7The Lazarus Experiment43:05USD 1.99Download
84245:28USD 1.99Download
9Human Nature45:06USD 1.99Download
10The Family of Blood43:21USD 1.99Download
11Blink43:54USD 1.99Download
12Utopia45:55USD 1.99Download
13The Sound of Drums46:18USD 1.99Download
14Last of the Time Lords46:21USD 1.99Download

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