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Doctor Who, Season 3 Release Date and Synopsis

The moment the Doctor walks into the life of medical student Martha Jones he changes it forever. In Elizabethan London they meet William Shakespeare, in present day London 76-year-old Professor Lazarus recaptures his youth with grave consequences and the Daleks, hiding in 1930s New York, return with a terrifying plan for humanity.

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Doctor WhoThis series is probably one of the longest and best series to this date, plus David Tennant is the best doctor of them all, he pretty much embodies what I would think of as "The Doctor". Perfect mix of crazy, excitement, wonder, and knowledge..Score: 5/5

DON'T BLINK!!Oh, made the mistake of watching "Blink" at 11:30 p.m... and I'm completely unnerved! Wow! What a BRILLIANT episode! When the writers for this show get it right, they REALLY get it right. On a different note, where's the episode "Gridlock"? Am I just not seeing it?.Score: 5/5

Russell T. Davies...Thanks for bringing the show back, but your writing stinks...Series Three of the new Doctor Who continued the pattern of the first two series. A well-developed thread develops throughout a series of independent episodic adventures leading to a cohesive payoff in the final two stories. These final two stories are invariably a disappointment due to one reason: Russell T. Davies miserably written scripts. While I applaud his creative instincs and how he has re-invented and re-invigorated the charatcer of the Doctor, I find the necessity to ground the character in an almost primitive mysticism to be tiring. Enough with the pronouncements of "I am the Doctor!" and the spiritual connection that he has with humanity being capable of even remaking the most basic universal laws. Pish and Tosh! RTD seems to have only way of expressing emotional bonds in his stories: bald sexual tension. In that regard, the Doctor's relations with Rose, Martha and Donna have had an all-too common and derivative denominator. Surely a writer of his talents shoud be abe to write more comlex stuff than the drivel that was Last of the Timelords. Another critique is that the new series has become Death by deus...ex machina that is. Does the Doctor have a solution for any problem that does not involve simply pointing the sonic screwdriver, in an almost weaponised fashion, and letting it rip? I had no idea that a sonic wave emitter was the answer to all problems of physical, biological, and chemical nature. Usage of the Master must be torn asunder here as well. The build up to the character's return was handled masterfully, but the realisation was laughable. John Simms (usually a great performer) was allowed to go far beyond the bounds of camp. It did a great disservice to the character, the series and to those actors which had come before him. Roger Delgado, Anthony Ainley, ...even Eric Roberts for godssake. In the end, i must go back to the original point of this review, I suspect that it was the writing that failed Mr. Simms, not the reverse. Russell T. Davies: Thanks for all you have done. Thanks for bringing back the greatest show to grace the small screen. Thanks for getting great actors like Chris Ecclestone and David Tennant into the key role. Thanks for Rose Tyler. Thanks for bringing back the Daleks. But your time has passed. Please go!.Score: 3/5

Probably the best season yet!David Tennant reprises his role as the tenth Doctor, and let me say he is WONDERFUL. The character of Martha Jones joins him, and I quite like the character. It made me sad when she left at the end, but at least we know it's a happy goodbye (unlike the last season). I must admit that the episode that REALLY got me involved in watching Doctor Who was "Blink". It's exhilerating, and guess what? It's also highly quotable! "Wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff", "Don't blink. Blink and you're dead", "Sad is happy for deep people", etc. "Smith and Jones" was a good episode as well, with a sort of vampire in it. But guess what? They're ALL good episodes! "42" was slightly epic, although I found the villanous line "Burn with me" somewhat funny (you'll see what I mean). The three part finale was fantastic. Beyond words, actually. All in all, a fantastic season well worth your money. Enjoy!.Score: 5/5

Picture qualityThe episodes themselves are excellent, especially Blink. However, I was disappointed to find that the picture quality was worse than other standard definition shows available on iTunes. Other shows I have downloaded have a vertical resolution of 480 lines, however these episodes are only 360 lines. Full screen on a cinema display, the difference is noticeable..Score: 4/5

I love thisI love this season but I miss Rose 😭😭😭.Score: 3/5

Very ImaginitiveThe new Dr. Who is well done. I played an episode and sent the URL of the Dr. Who website to my boss Moray Black who has been a fan of the series since the beginning. Moray's father, Ian wrote 3 early Dr. Who episodes, The Macra Terror, The War Machines and The Savages. I played part of "Smith and Jones" for him the other day, and he was impressed with the quality of the production..Score: 5/5

The best season, by far; very smart, with incredible build-upOf the four seasons' worth of Doctor Who (2005) so far released, this is my favorite, without a doubt. 'Smith and Jones' and 'Gridlock' are a lot of fun. 'Blink' is also an incredibly well-written episode (and my favorite here), if you like to fiddle with time travel. The best-written episodes, though, are the three two-parters: episodes 5 & 6, 9 & 10, and most importantly, 13 & 14. Appearances by John Simm (Life on Mars), Harry Lloyd (Robin Hood), and Jessica Hynes (Spaced) are very good stuff. Note: I've always classified 'Voyage of the Damned' as part of this season, though, which is one of the reasons this season is my favorite. That said, head over to Season Four and grab that episode, as well. Season Three's Christmas Special, 'The Runaway Bride', is not as good, but is far more pivotal to the show (especially in Season Four.).Score: 5/5

AmazingAfter watching "Blink," I am still looking around corners and avoiding statues. Scared the bejesus out of me!!!!.Score: 5/5

Doctor Who roxxOk listen ppl Doctor Who is not a bad show I mean it's not really TV-14 ok so lyk lil 10 yrs old 2 watch it.So I mean lyk comon they could at least give it the rite rating!Well I wish they had the Christmas Invasion cus I've never seen that 1.It's a ok show 4 pretty much any person of any age..Score: 5/5

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Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant!Just a superb show. By far, my favourite sci-fi show. Clever writing, excellent acting and very well-designed special effects make this a great series to buy and watch..Score: 5/5

BlinkFabulous!! Excellent story and acting. Well worth the download.Score: 5/5

Allons-Y Alonso (you'll get it if you watch the show)Doctor who is one of the rare shows that can almost seamlessly alternate between a witty, clever comedy and a thought provoking drama. David Tennant is a brilliant actor, and the writing of the show will make you look at things in your life a little differently. "Blink" is my favourite episode, and I strongly encourage you to watch the show..Score: 5/5

Excellent!Series 3 is one of my fave seasons, mainly due to his new companion Martha Jones, whom I loved, loved, loved. Though the unrequited love aspect of their relationship could be a tad overbearing at times, not to mention a few less than stellar episodes, overall this is a pretty solid season..Score: 4/5

LOVE THIS SEASON!My favourite companion, my favourite episode (Blink), my favourite Doctor, it's perfect! Love it so, so much..Score: 5/5

Good but could be better..I did like series 3 but i didn't like martha too much.. She had big shoes to fill with rose but i dont think she did it. The chemistry just the same and martha seems ungrateful and her family are just boring. If Captain Jack wouldnt of been in the final 3 eps it would of been unbearable!.Score: 3/5

Can't you hear it?Fantastic series. One of the best. The series finale really express' Russell's brilliance..Score: 5/5

What?!!'s Marvellous Martha!!Finally the 10th Doctor gets a companion who was cast to act longside him, rather than his predecessor. I found series 3 a vast improvement on no2 but is let down by a couple of things; Martha's unrequited love for the Doctor which I found annoying in the extreme. Why does the obviously brilliant Martha act so stupidly? Also, it took RTD 6 episodes to get Martha in the Tardis full time and I found that spoilt the flow of the first half of the series. Favourite episode? Take your pick from The Lazerus Experiment onwards. I think Human Nature/Family of Blood is the higlight of the series; great story and beautifully acted. Blink is truly scary and the three part finale is awesome. John Sim is fab as The Master and his scene to I Can't Decide has to go down as one of the greatest. But despite the silly unrequited love story, this is Martha's series. Last of the Time Lords is her glory and brilliance and we see the Martha that we glimpsed in Smith and Jones. I also love this series for it's soundtrack; we first hear The Doctor Forever and All the Strange Strange Creatures (music behind series 4 trailor) and they are stunning as is Martha's Theme. The Runaway Bride is by far the best Christmas special and is worth a look, as is, in all honesty, the whole series. So, Allons y to 23rd December for series 4!.Score: 5/5

Wow! Is there much more to say?Blink is great! The Weeping Angel is a very haunting image!.Score: 5/5

Brilliant but watch outThese appear to be the american ones why i have no idea. last of the timelords has 10min taken out. the part where martha goes back to see the proffeser locerty n when she phones tom. also voodoo child and i can't decidde are not in these versions either. quite annoyed at that tbh. fantastic series though, shows how much the doctor changes after rose left. mid u with david tennant in it i think its great :).Score: 3/5

Great seriesGreat series, although not my favourite. My favourite episode was blink. I'll admit it was a little creepy but why is everyone saying it's terrifying? It's not! I also enjoyed Human nature/the Family of Blood, a good two parter. I wouldn't recommend the last two episodes though. John Simm did a great job, but for me the whole thing was just a bit stupid and overdone (the Toclafane were awful monsters, in my opinion - if you can call them monsters - just a sphere with spikes coming out of it isn't exactly the most creative thing ever). I preffered the second half of the series all in all, wasn't a big fan of Gridlock, although I did like the Shakespeare code. 42 had you on the edge of your seat 90 percent of the time, and was also quite frightening, and the same can be said for the Lazarus experiment, but the special effects were not the best I've seen in doctor who. As someone else has said, I didn't like how at the beginning, Martha wasn't a very definite character. She was never really with the Doctor properly in the TARDIS until the sixth or seventh episode, and this annoyed me quite a bit. Martha is probably my least favourite companion (although she did act the part well in Human Nature/Family of blood), as she didn't act the part amazingly well, like Billie Piper. She wasn't really anything special or different that particularly added to the show, but then again, I don't think anybody could really match up to Rose. Well, maybe Amy Pond in the new series? We'll just have to wait and see. So, all in all, I did quite enjoy this series, but if you are only buying one series, I would reccomend series 2..Score: 4/5

The Sound Of DrumsA fantastic episode of Dr Who 5 star......Score: 5/5

BrillliantThis is my favourite series of nu-who but why is the master singing i can't decide cut from last of the timelords.Score: 5/5

Series 3Sounds harsh to say it but this is easily the worst series of the four. Really not quite sure what happened?! If I had to pin it down it would be the angst and the heaviness that Martha's unrequited love brought to the show which never quite worked for me. When Catherine Tate came into Series 4 the fact that they were just great mates really gave it a new, fresh direction. The Runaway Bride is great and the guy that plays Donna's would be husband is rather attractive it has to be said. The best episodes are: The Runaway Bride, The Shakespeare Code (amazing, my sister the English teacher who hates Doctor Who loved it!), Gridlock, Blink (ironically it's probably the best of the series and the Doctor isn't even in it,hhhmmmm), Utopia and The Sound of drums. Last of the Time Lords is a bit far fetched for me and went a bit wonky. However it's watchable just for Jon Simm's AM-A-ZING performance, absolutely astonishing, possibly outacts David Tennant. Top marks to DT and Freema tho! But if you're short of cash then just download a few eps or wait for series 4 to come out and buy that!.Score: 3/5

Good series - really bad picture qualityFor some reason, the picture quality is really poor on this series. It looks really grainy and pixelated..Score: 3/5

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Doctor Who, Season 3 (2006) Series Cast & Crew

Doctor Who, Season 3 (2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Doctor Who: The characters of season 3. William Hartnell (The Doctor), all returned for doctor who, season 3.

William Hartnell (The Doctor)
William HartnellThe DoctorScore: 12.3

John Wiles (Producer), Bernard Lodge (Main Title Designer), Delia Derbyshire (Theme Song Performance), Ron Grainer (Main Title Theme Composer), all returned for doctor who.

Delia Derbyshire (Theme Song Performance)
Delia DerbyshireTheme Song PerformanceScore: 5.0
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Doctor Who (Season 3) Full Episodes

At twelve episodes, The Daleks' Master Plan was the longest story in the show's history until superseded by the fourteen-episode The Trial of a Time Lord in 1986. The season also had the greatest number of different companions (seven) and producers (three). This was the longest season in the history of the franchise to date, at 45 episodes. It also featured the first appearance of actor Nicholas Courtney, although not in his most famous role as the Brigadier. The Daleks' Master Plan also saw the return of Peter Butterworth as the Monk, who became the second Doctor Who enemy to make a return (after the Daleks themselves) to the show. This was also the season of The War Machines, to date the only televised story in which the taboo of never referring to the Doctor directly by the name "Doctor Who" is broken, with the exception of Missy's teasing in World Enough and Time.

BBC One logo
  • TV-14
  • 2006
1Christmas Special: The Runaway Bride (2006) (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers

Christmas Special: The Runaway Bride (2006)

25 December 2006$14.99

No sooner has the Doctor said a tear-stained farewell to Rose Tyler, he finds himself face-to-face with a woman, played by comedienne Catherine Tate, dressed in a fluffy white wedding dress. Who is she? Who is she supposed to be marrying? And how did she get on board the TARDIS?

2Smith and Jones (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers

Smith and Jones

31 March 2007$14.99

The Doctor meets Martha Jones, a medical student in London, under unusual circumstances when her entire hospital is transported to the Moon. Can she learn to trust this mysterious stranger to save them all?

3The Shakespeare Code (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers

The Shakespeare Code

07 April 2007$14.99

For Martha's first trip in the Tardis, the Doctor takes her back in time, to Elizabethan England. When they find William Shakespeare with a lost play, suspicions of evil are confirmed when deadly witch-like creatures are discovered. Can history be saved?

4Gridlock (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers


14 April 2007$14.99

The Doctor takes Martha to the planet New Earth, in the far future. But when Martha is kidnapped, the mysterious Motorway must be traveled in order to discover the terrible secrets of the city.

5Daleks In Manhattan (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers

Daleks In Manhattan

21 April 2007$14.99

The TARDIS lands in 1930s New York. In the midst of the Depression, people are disappearing off the streets. Meanwhile, at the very top of the Empire State Building, the Doctor's oldest enemies are at work, plotting their largest scheme yet.

6Evolution of the Daleks (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers

Evolution of the Daleks

28 April 2007$14.99

Dalek Sec is reborn in human form and plans to build a Dalek empire in 1930s New York. While Martha fights for her life at the top of the Empire State Building, the Doctor must enter into an unholy alliance in order to change Dalek history forever.

7The Lazarus Experiment (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers

The Lazarus Experiment

05 May 2007$14.99

Martha returns home and discovers her family is caught up in the scheming of Professor Lazarus and his Genetic Manipulation Device. It becomes a fight for survival, as human DNA twists into monstrous form.

842 (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers


19 May 2007$14.99

A spaceship hurtles out of control towards a boiling sun with the Doctor and Martha trapped on board. They have only 42 minutes to uncover the saboteurs, but, with a mysterious force starting to possess the crew, they had better work quickly.

9Human Nature (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers

Human Nature

26 May 2007$14.99

It is 1913 in England, and an ordinary schoolteacher named John Smith dreams of adventures in time and space. But when lights in the sky signal the arrival of something terrible, Smith’s maid, Martha, has to convince him that he can save the world.

10The Family of Blood (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers

The Family of Blood

02 June 2007$14.99

The terrifying Family hunt for the Doctor, but John Smith refuses to accept his destiny as a Time Lord. Meanwhile, the women in his life – Martha and Joan – have to take drastic measures to save the whole of history.

11Blink (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers


09 June 2007$14.99

When people start disappearing, a young woman called Sally finds cryptic messages bleeding through from 1969, from a mysterious stranger called the Doctor. Can she decipher them before the Weeping Angels claim their prize?

12Utopia (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers


16 June 2007$14.99

When Captain Jack tracks down the Doctor, the TARDIS is thrown to the end of the universe where a surprising fate awaits the human race. The Doctor, Martha, and Jack try to help a mysterious professor send the last of the humans to utopia.

13The Sound of Drums (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers

The Sound of Drums

23 June 2007$14.99

Harry Saxon becomes Prime Minister of Britain and his reign of terror begins. The Doctor, Martha, and Jack begin to unravel his true identity and a plot to destroy the Earth that stretches to the end of time.

14Last of the Time Lords (Doctor Who) recap, spoilers

Last of the Time Lords

30 June 2007$14.99

All hope seems lost as Earth has been conquered by the Master and his strange army. The Doctor remains his prisoner, so Martha alone must save the world.


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Doctor Who, Season 3 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about doctor who, season 3...

Has Doctor Who, Season 3 been confirmed? Will there be a doctor who, season 3?
The countdown to Doctor Who [2006] Season 3 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Doctor Who is soon going to be released.

Doctor Who, Season 3 start date: When does doctor who, season 3 come back?
Doctor Who, Season 3 will air on Monday 25th of December 2006.

How many episodes will be in doctor who, season 3?
With the season now airing in December 2006. There will be 14 episodes in season 3.

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Bigger and bolder than ever, this season marks the arrival of Jodie Whittaker, the Thirteenth Doctor – a super-smart force of nature – alongside a team of new and delightful characters.

Doctor Who, Christmas Special: Twice Upon a Time (2017) cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
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Doctor Who, Season 10 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
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Doctor Who returns in an all new Christmas Special in which the Doctor and Clara face their Last Christmas. Trapped on an Arctic base and under attack from terrifying creatures, they find themselves calling for help from a familiar Christmas hero – Santa Claus (Nick Frost)! You can also see the documentary Doctor Who: Earth Conquest – The World Tour, in which the stars of the show (Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman) circumnavigate the earth for fan events and publicity appearances in Cardiff, London, Seoul, Sydney, New York, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. In addition to this, Steven Moffat discusses Time Travel and gives us a behind the scenes look at the Christmas Special - Doctor Who: Last Christmas.

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Doctor Who, Special: The Power of the Doctor (2022) cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Special: The Power of the Doctor (2022)23 October 20222 Episodes

Her final battle. Her deadliest enemies. The Thirteenth Doctor faces multiple threats from Daleks, Cybermen and the Master in a fight for her very existence.

Doctor Who, Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor (2013) cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Christmas Special: The Time of the Doctor (2013)25 December 20136 Episodes

Featuring the 2013 Christmas Special, this collection celebrates Matt Smith’s tenure as The Doctor as we prepare to say goodbye. Revisit his first appearance in “The End of Time”, see the newest Doctor, Peter Capaldi, revealed in “Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor”. Say a fond “Farewell to Matt Smith” and, of course, watch as The Doctor sacrifices everything to save a town called Christmas from the Time Lord’s greatest enemies in “The Time of the Doctor”.

Doctor Who, New Year's Day Special: Eve of the Daleks (2022) cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, New Year's Day Special: Eve of the Daleks (2022)01 January 20222 Episodes

New Year's Eve. Sarah is working - again. Nick is her only customer - again. Same old same old. Except this year, their countdown to midnight will be the strangest and deadliest they have ever known. Why is an executioner Dalek targeting these two people, in this place, on this night? Why are they having to live through the same moments again? Can the Doctor, Yaz and Dan save them and survive into the New Year?

Doctor Who, Special: Legend of the Sea Devils (2022) cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Special: Legend of the Sea Devils (2022)17 April 20222 Episodes

In a swashbuckling special adventure, the Doctor, Yaz and Dan come face to fin with one of the Doctor's oldest adversaries: the Sea Devils. Why has legendary pirate queen Madam Ching come searching for a lost treasure? What terrifying forces lurk beneath the oceans of the nineteenth century? And did Yaz really have to dress Dan up as a pirate?

Doctor Who, Christmas Special: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (2011) cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Christmas Special: The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe (2011)25 December 20112 Episodes

Evacuated to a house in Dorset from war-torn London, Madge Arwell and her two children, Lily and Cyril, are greeted by a madcap caretaker whose mysterious Christmas gift leads them into a magical wintry world.

Doctor Who, Season 7, Pts. 1 & 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Season 7, Pts. 1 & 230 August 201318 Episodes

Matt Smith’s third and final season as the Eleventh Doctor including thirteen big, blockbuster-episodes. In season 7 we see the Ponds return for their final adventures with The Doctor all leading up to their heart-breaking farewell. The Doctor then continues his adventures with the mysterious Clara – an Impossible Girl he’s already lost twice.

Doctor Who, Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol (2010) cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol (2010)01 January 20102 Episodes

The Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith) continues his thrilling adventures through through time and space in this collection of specials, beginning with his first - 2010's "A Christmas Carol."

Doctor Who, Special: The Day of the Doctor (2013) cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Special: The Day of the Doctor (2013)01 January 20132 Episodes

The Doctors embark on their greatest adventure in this 50th Anniversary Special: in 2013, something terrible is awakening in London’s National Gallery; in 1562, a murderous plot is afoot in Elizabethan England; and somewhere in space an ancient battle reaches its devastating conclusion. All of reality is at stake as the Doctor’s own dangerous past comes back to haunt him.

The David Tennant Specials, Vol. 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The David Tennant Specials, Vol. 211 April 20098 Episodes

Scottish actor David Tennant, known for his theater work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and performances in the films Casanova and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, became the tenth Doctor in 2005. This collection of special HD episodes represents some of his finest work as the adventurous time-traveler.

Doctor Who, Christmas Specials cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Christmas Specials25 December 20057 Episodes

The Doctor Who Christmas special is essential viewing in millions of homes every year. Now you can enjoy them together in this special collection featuring both David Tennant and Matt Smith as the Doctor. These memorable Christmas Specials feature the Doctor battling a band of Santa-shaped assassins; the spaceship RMS Titanic on the verge of catastrophe; the Cybermen stalking the streets of Victorian London, the angry bride who mysteriously appears inside the TARDIS, and a captivating song unlocking the planet’s atmosphere just in time for a snowy Christmas Eve.

Doctor Who, The Christopher Eccleston & David Tennant Years cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, The Christopher Eccleston & David Tennant Years16 December 201960 Episodes

Climb in the TARDIS for the adventure of a lifetime with this enormous Doctor Who collection featuring every episode of the first two Doctors of the modern era, Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Alongside companions Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), Donna Noble (Catherine Tate), Martha Jones and others, it’s a non-stop thrill ride as the Doctors battle all the evil forces of the universe including Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, and much more.

Doctor Who, The Matt Smith Years cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, The Matt Smith Years17 April 201044 Episodes

From writer and executive producer Steven Moffat, this BAFTA-winning series follows the adventures of the Doctor along with his human companions, as they journey throughout all of time and space, facing a variety of foes and righting wrongs. Acclaimed actor Matt Smith portrays The Eleventh Doctor in this definitive Matt Smith collection.

Doctor Who, Animated cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Animated01 January 20072 Episodes

The BBC first aired Doctor Who on November 23, 1963. A cult classic was born. It is so popular it now boasts an estimated 100 million viewers in 54 countries. With a rare blend of cleverly-crafted science fiction and high camp, Doctor Who is one of the longest running and most successful programs in television history. Now, the Doctor and his cohorts are animated!

The David Tennant Specials, Vol. 1 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The David Tennant Specials, Vol. 127 June 20094 Episodes

Scottish actor David Tennant, known for his theater work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and performances in the films Casanova and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire became the tenth Doctor in 2005. This collection of special episodes represents some of his finest work as the adventurous time-traveler.

Doctor Who, The Peter Capaldi Years cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, The Peter Capaldi Years31 July 201487 Episodes

Peter Capaldi's tenure as the Twelfth Doctor has been one of the most epic eras in the rich history of Doctor Who, filled with mad adventures and exhilarating storylines! Now all of his episodes are included here with bonus features!

Doctor Who: 10 Years of Christmas with the Doctor cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who: 10 Years of Christmas with the Doctor25 December 200510 Episodes

Celebrate 10 years of Doctor Who Christmas Specials with this compilation. From Santa-shaped assassins and deadly Christmas trees to a crashing RMS Titanic and carnivorous snowmen (maybe a cyberman or two thrown in there), life is never dull on Christmas when you’re with the Doctor.

Doctor Who, Best of Specials, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Best of Specials, Season 204 August 20125 Episodes

BBC America’s celebration of Doctor Who continues with a second season that captures the best of everything Doctor Who.  Comedians, fans from the celebrity world and beyond have weighed in on their favorite destinations and female characters of Doctor Who as well as if they’d rather stop time, go back in time or look into the future.   Our Doctor Who aficionados also weigh in on their favorite Doctor Who gadgets and how they would use them given the opportunity and explain what makes them the ultimate Doctor Who fan.

Doctor Who, Best of Specials cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Best of Specials21 August 20113 Episodes

BBC America is celebrating the phenomenon that is Doctor Who by asking fans from the celebrity world and from the floor of Comic-Con about their favorite Doctor, Monster, and Companion moments from the Eleventh Doctor’s tenure to date. Listen to Alison Haslip, Chris Hardwick, Reggie Watts, Mark Sheppard and other celebrity Doctor Who fans answer questions that range from what they think of the Doctor’s sense of style, what they would do if they had to choose between having a pool in the TARDIS or a Vortex Manipulator on their wrists and if they think the Weeping Angels are the scariest monsters ever.

Doctor Who, Monsters: The Daleks cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Monsters: The Daleks21 December 19638 Episodes

Created without any ability to feel compassion or pity and motivated only by hate, fear and an implacable belief that they are the superior creatures in the Universe, the Daleks are the Doctor's oldest enemy. From the moment the First Doctor encounters them on their home planet of Skaro, their ruthlessly destructive nature is clear. Then when Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor is captured by them in Asylum of the Daleks, he is sent on an impossible mission to a place even the Daleks are afraid of.

Doctor Who, The Companions cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, The Companions31 March 20131 Episodes

As the Doctor’s newest companion, Clara Oswald, steps into the TARDIS, take a look back at previous companions that have won over The Doctor’s hearts in Doctor Who: The Companions. Along the way, companions past and present talk about how the show has changed their lives, and how they've never quite managed to leave the TARDIS behind. The current Doctor Matt Smith and the Tenth Doctor David Tennant are joined by fellow contributors including John Barrowman (Captain Jack), Arthur Darvill (Rory) and Noel Clarke (Mickey).

Doctor Who: The Jodie Whittaker Collection cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who: The Jodie Whittaker Collection08 October 201831 Episodes

Jump on the TARDIS for an adventure through time and space with the Thirteenth Doctor, Jodie Whittaker.

Doctor Who, Monsters: Davros cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Monsters: Davros08 March 19758 Episodes

The evil genius who created the Daleks is one of the Doctor's most formidable foes. A scientist from the planet Skaro, he created the Daleks in order to ensure the survival of his race and, ultimately, to help him become master of the Universe. In these episodes, the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker, travels back in time in an attempt to prevent the Daleks from ever being created. But Davros returns to threaten the Earth once more in two episodes featuring David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor.

Doctor Who, Monsters: The Weeping Angels cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Monsters: The Weeping Angels09 June 20074 Episodes

Possessing a natural and unique defence mechanism, the Weeping Angels are quantum locked. This means that they can only move when no other living creature, including their own kind, is looking at them. As soon as they are observed, they instantly turn to stone and cannot be killed. They are also able to transport other beings into the past, allowing them to feed on the potential time energy of what would have been the rest of their victim's lives. The Doctor must always remain on his guard against these beautiful but merciless killers.

Doctor Who, Monsters: Cybermen cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Monsters: Cybermen02 September 19676 Episodes

Steel giants with the strength of ten men and a menace to the Doctor in two different universes. Humanity faces a choice - become like the Cybermen - or be deleted! The Cybermen were originally human beings, but gradually they replaced their weak mortal flesh with metal and plastic. In the process they lost their compassion, along with all other emotions. See the Doctor do battle with one of his most fearsome enemies in this special collection.

Best of the Christmas Specials cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Best of the Christmas Specials24 December 20111 Episodes

Doctor Who: Best of the Christmas Specials takes an inside look at the very best moments from the incredible Doctor Who Christmas specials that have captivated audiences around the world. A collection of fans from the celebrity, comedy, sci-fi and digital worlds discuss their favorite moments from both David Tennant and Matt Smith era holiday episodes

Doctor Who, Monsters: The Sontarans cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Monsters: The Sontarans28 October 20136 Episodes

Sontarans thrive on combat and delight in the rigours of warfare. They reproduce through cloning programmes meaning they can be created in huge numbers - ideal for a race of soldiers literally born to fight. When Sarah Jane Smith makes her first appearance as the Doctor's companion in The Time Warrior, she must help confront a Sontaran in the Middle Ages. Back in the modern-day, David Tennant's Doctor is reunited with Martha Jones for a two-part story where the Sontarans threaten humanity with a deadly poison.

Doctor Who, Monsters: Silurians cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Monsters: Silurians30 January 19709 Episodes

The Silurians (Homo reptilia) were Earth's first intelligent inhabitants, cold-blood reptilians with a lifespan of over three centuries, who developed a civilisation at least 300 million years before human beings evolved. Silurian astronomers predicated the arrival of a minor planet would devastate Earth, and so the species went into hibernation, with one genetic line being left as caretakers while the others slept. Now they are awake and ready for war. And only the Doctor can stop them.

Doctor Who, Monsters: The Master cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Doctor Who, Monsters: The Master02 January 19716 Episodes

A renegade Time Lord and archenemy of the Doctor. The Master brings death, danger and chaos to every story in which he appears. The charismatic villain first appeared in 1971 in Terror of the Autons, immediately establishing himself as a worthy opponent. He was merciless, highly intelligent and willing to use futuristic firepower whenever he felt threatened, shrinking victims with his lethal 'tissue compression eliminator'. In The End of Time, an unstable Master returns to unleash a deadly plan in David Tennant's final episodes as the Tenth Doctor.

Doctor Who, Season 3 (TV series) Languages

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ซีซั่น 3
ในสิบสองตอน The Daleks' Master Plan เป็นเรื่องราวที่ยาวที่สุดในประวัติศาสตร์ของรายการจนกระทั่งถูกแทนที่ด้วยตอนที่สิบสี่ The Trial of a Time Lord ในปี 1986 ซีซั่นนี้ยังมีเพื่อนร่วมทางที่แตกต่างกันจำนวนมากที่สุด (เจ็ด) และโปรดิวเซอร์ (สามตอน) ). นี่เป็นซีซั่นที่ยาวนานที่สุดในประวัติศาสตร์ของแฟรนไชส์จนถึงปัจจุบันที่ 45 ตอน นอกจากนี้ ยังเป็นการปรากฏตัวครั้งแรกของนักแสดงนิโคลัส คอร์ทนีย์ แม้ว่าจะไม่ได้อยู่ในบทบาทที่โด่งดังที่สุดของเขาในฐานะนายพลจัตวาก็ตาม แผนแม่บทของ Daleks ยังได้เห็นการกลับมาของ Peter Butterworth ในฐานะพระ ซึ่งกลายเป็นศัตรูตัวที่สองของ Doctor Who ที่กลับมา (รองจาก Daleks เอง) ในการแสดง นี่เป็นฤดูกาลของ The War Machines ด้วย จนถึงวันนี้เป็นเรื่องราวทางโทรทัศน์เพียงเรื่องเดียวที่ข้อห้ามในการไม่อ้างถึงหมอโดยตรงด้วยชื่อ "Doctor Who" ถูกทำลาย ยกเว้นการล้อเล่นของ Missy ใน World Enough and Time

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