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Planet Earth, Series 1 release date, synopsis and reviews

8.4 star

Planet Earth, Series 1 Release Date and Synopsis

This jaw-dropping, award-winning, landmark series from the BBC’s Natural History Unit presents the epic story of life on Earth. Four years in production, over 2000 days in the field, using 71 cameramen filming across 204 locations in 62 countries, this is the ultimate portrait of our planet. A stunning television experience that combines rare action, unimaginable scale, impossible locations, and intimate moments with our planet's best-loved, wildest, and most elusive creatures. From the highest mountains to the deepest rivers, this blockbuster series takes you on an unforgettable journey through the challenging seasons and the daily struggle for survival in Earth's most extreme habitats. Using a budget of unprecedented proportions, HD photography, and unique, specially developed filming techniques, Planet Earth takes you to places you have never seen before, to experience sights and sounds you may never experience again.

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Planet Earth, Series 1 Reviews

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So good!I love this series! Just buy it..Score: 5/5

Worth getting!!!This video pole to pole was just awesome!!!!! Tghe video in HD look very good, abd the cool thing it's free!!!!.Score: 5/5

Great ShowWonderful and beautifully photographed. Amazing what they have been able to capture as far as wildlife is concerned..Score: 5/5

Kakkoi!Absolutely Astonishing! Highly recommended for persons of all ages..Score: 5/5

Waiting for lifeI love this series and David Attenborough as the narrator. I have heard that Life is done by the same people but all I can find anywhere on blue ray is the Oprah version. I'm still holding out till I can get the original David Attenborough Life in HD. Come on iTunes why does it take you forever to add these series from when they've been aired. I want to watch life..Score: 5/5

Planet earthTruly astonishing show. Great picture quality. Helps me pass time when nothing is on tv just watch this.Score: 5/5

Fiinally!I am a documentary junkie. I love documentaries. I am always looking to see if iTunes is selling any, and am disappointed. Finally though they have the best documentary I've ever seen. We'll see if they'll keep adding to their list. I sure hope so..Score: 5/5

Whats with the pricing???A week ago this was $9.99, yesterday $19.99 and today $24.99. Hey iTunes, price gouge much?.Score: 1/5

Planet EarthExcellent camera work with great coverage of the animals and how the Earth is naturally beautiful at any angle. A lot of people seem to forget though, that most of this nature type TV series or movies started a long time ago with a guy who was named Walt Disney. This takes nothing away from this presentation. Because they did a really great job and must be commended for it!.Score: 5/5

Loved it!!I loved it!!! The picture and sound qualities. It made me feel as if I was there living with the animals in there enviroment. I just did not have to be in the weather conditions. My grandchildren and my mother enjoyed it also..Score: 5/5

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FantasticAbsolutely stunning. Plus... Sir David Attenborough narrates. What's not to love?.Score: 5/5

AhhmazingWow there is not much to say but if you like nature you will enjoy this. It makes you feel like you are there where they are filming..Score: 5/5

FantasticPlanet Earth is the best nature doccumentary in the world! If you like nature than you should buy this series..Score: 5/5

Best. Doc. Ever.Nothing comes remotely close to being as good as planet earth. NOTHING..Score: 5/5

AmazingThis series is some of the best have ever watched. Truly a masterpiece. The narrator is excellent and the camerawork in phenomenal. At 31.99 for HD, its a great bargain and a great gift..Score: 5/5

SplendideMerveilleux..Score: 5/5

Amazing seriesThis is an amazing... the film work itself is extraordinary, but the excellent commentary that accompanies it really makes the whole series perfect. I recommend it to everyone, not just nature lovers. My personal favorite is 'Ocean Deep.' The deep ocean has always fascinated me, because it's such an alien environment to humans. The creatures found far below the water are nothing short of spectacular. Overall, a wonderful series, well worth the money. Oh... and get HD. @ TNT... I am having a hard time understanding your comment. Why in the world would a series like this NOT be copyrighted? Duh..Score: 5/5

Amazing way to show us how animals live!I fell inlove with this Planet Earth Tv Show! its so amazing! you must get ALL the episodes during earth day/week! they are giving it out for free! its amazing! must watch! get it in HD too!.Score: 5/5

To keep for ever!I am buying one episode after an another one, and I can't believe it! It is a masterpiece. The photography is marvelous. The narrator is very good. You learn so much. Planet Earth is so beautiful that I often cry watching it. I hope we will keep our world as it is magnificent in this documentary. I think you must own the whole season for ever. I cannot be tired of watching it..Score: 5/5

Planet Earth for EveryoneIf you like documentaries, or even if you don't, planet earth is an amazing experience. This series is definitely rewatchable, and it looks stunning in HD. If you have the money, this is a collectable everyone should have..Score: 5/5

I know I'll be kicking myself if I buy this nowFirst of all, there is no way that this is anything other than a 5 star programme, my rating, however, relates to the package as a whole. It's inevitable that eventually this will appear on the store in High Definition, and I know I'll be kicking myself if I buy it in the current sub-PAL resolution before then. For old archive TV programmes, the current resolution is fine, but for a televisual feast like Planet Earth, something better is needed. It's near impossible to buy a new television set these days that is designed for standard definition, so Apple really need to get their act together and start selling programmes and films in an HD format. I'm reluctant to go down the Blu-ray route, as I much prefer the ease of use offered by the iTunes Store/Apple TV combination, but until they start selling in HD (and sort their prices out) there are certain programmes that I am going to do my damnedest to resist buying..Score: 1/5

No Planet Earth Diaries!5 Stars for this AMAZING TV series but, only 4 stars as the 10 minuute Planet Earth Diaries are missing from the end of each episode! Please put the diaries back in!.Score: 4/5

Is it really HD? i think not...But is it really HD? I mean, is it really 1080 HD? Save your money and buy it in the shops on BluRay. You wont look back, i promise. These so-called HD downloads from i-tunes are nothing of the sort! How can they get away with putting HD next to something that is blatantly not HD? I really dont understand.....As for the documentary itself, You can never go wrong with Attenborough, The Man is a god..Score: 2/5

Download SizeThis series is one of the best and i would like to download the whole series so can anyone tell me the download size, HD or standard. I am unable to find it on itunes and after sending several emails the support staff cannot tell me either..Score: 5/5

EducationalThis is an absolute treasure to download especially educational for my kids who have their i pads while we travel around in summer. Mesmerizing voice and amazing images- forget the comments about hd quality it is just amazing. To have this close look of what is happening on our planet ! , and knowing that our kids are unfortunately little exposed to it. Our children are our future, they will change our world and will restore balance..Score: 5/5

Utterly poorThis is NOT true HD, just a really poor rip. At bets on par with an upscale DVD and in parts only as good as DVD. There is an occasional moment where it looks like it’s in HD but it does not last. Picture quality of Planet Earth II is exceptional by comparison..Score: 1/5


What a programme!!!This is a brilliant programme that takes you to all lengths to show you the best wildlife in the world..Score: 5/5

Planet EarthBest biological series of all time! David Attenborough is a legend! Buy it and you won't regret it :).Score: 5/5

AmazingAmazing full stop.Score: 5/5

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Rakesh_pulapa ompsyram: Yes this is our Planet Earth It is shot by my friend rakesh_pulapa Garu and it’s his last piece available on his brand new….Rakesh_pulapaScore: 3/5

OmpsyramYes this is our Planet Earth It is shot by my friend rakesh_pulapa Garu and it’s his last piece available on his… .OmpsyramScore: 3/5

MiniMeGeologyDig through the layers of our great planet in our four-part series Earth's Fascinating Layers. Up next, the Inner C… .MiniMeGeologyScore: 0/5

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Planet Earth, Series 1 (2006) Series Cast & Crew

Planet Earth, Series 1 (2006) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Planet Earth: The characters of season 1. David Attenborough (Self - Narrator), all returned for planet earth, series 1.

David Attenborough (Self - Narrator)
David AttenboroughSelf - NarratorScore: 5.3

Tom Hugh-Jones (Executive Producer), Hans Zimmer (Executive Music Producer), Michael Gunton (Executive Producer), Alastair Fothergill (Executive Producer), George Fenton (Music), Maureen Lemire (Executive Producer), Gary Parker (Writer), Alastair Fothergill (Producer), Mark Linfield (Producer), all returned for planet earth.

Alastair Fothergill (Producer)
Alastair FothergillProducerScore: 0.8
Alastair Fothergill (Executive Producer)
Alastair FothergillExecutive ProducerScore: 0.8
Michael Gunton (Executive Producer)
Michael GuntonExecutive ProducerScore: 0.7
George Fenton (Music)
George FentonMusicScore: 2.2
Hans Zimmer (Executive Music Producer)
Hans ZimmerExecutive Music ProducerScore: 11.2
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Planet Earth (Season 1) Full Episodes

David Attenborough celebrates the amazing variety of the natural world in this epic documentary series, filmed over four years across 64 different countries.

BBC One logo
  • TV-PG
  • 2006
1From Pole to Pole (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers

From Pole to Pole

05 March 2006$2.99

The lives of animals and plants are dominated by the sun and fresh water which trigger seasonal journeys. The latest technology and aerial photography enable the Planet Earth team to track some of the greatest mass migrations.

2Mountains (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers


12 March 2006$2.99

Tour the mightiest mountain ranges, starting with the birth of a mountain at one of the lowest places on Earth and ending at the summit of Everest. One of Earth's rarest phenomena is a lava lake that has been erupting for over 100 years. The same forces built the Simian Mountains where troops of gelada baboons live, nearly a thousand strong. In the Rockies, grizzlies build winter dens inside avalanche-prone slopes. The programme also brings us astounding images of a snow leopard hunting on the Pakistan peaks, a world first.

3Freshwater (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers


19 March 2006$2.99

Follow the descent of rivers from their mountain sources to the sea. Watch spectacular waterfalls, fly inside the Grand Canyon and explore the wildlife in the world's deepest lake. Planet Earth captures unique and dramatic moments of animal behaviour: a showdown between smooth-coated otters and mugger crocodiles; deep-diving long tailed macaques; massive flocks of snow geese on the wing and a piranha frenzy in the perilous waters of the world's largest wetland.

4Caves (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers


26 March 2006$2.99

The Cave of Swallows in Mexico is a 400m vertical shaft, deep enough to engulf the Empire State Building. The Lechuguilla cave system in the USA is 193km long with astonishing crystal formations. Caves are remarkable habitats with equally bizarre wildlife. Cave angel fish cling to the walls behind waterfalls with microscopic hooks on their fins. Cave swiftlets navigate by echo-location and build nests out of saliva. The Texas cave salamander has neither eyes nor pigment. Planet Earth gets unique access to a hidden world of stalactites, stalagmites, snotites and troglodytes.

5Deserts (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers


02 April 2006$2.99

Around 30% of the land's surface is desert, the most varied of our ecosystems despite the lack of rain. Saharan sandstorms reach nearly a mile high and desert rivers run for a single day. In the Gobi Desert, rare Bactrian camels get moisture from the snow. In the Atacama, guanacos survive by licking dew off cactus spines. The brief blooming of Death Valley triggers a plague of locusts 65km wide and 160km long. A unique aerial voyage over the Namibian desert reveals elephants on a long trek for food and desert lions searching for wandering oryx.

6Ice Worlds (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers

Ice Worlds

09 April 2006$2.99

The Arctic and Antarctic experience the most extreme seasons on Earth. Time-lapse cameras watch a colony of emperor penguins, transforming them into a single organism. The film reveals new science about the dynamics of emperor penguin behaviour. In the north, unique aerial images show a polar bear swimming more than 100km. Diving for up to two minutes at a time. The exhausted polar bear later attacks a herd of walrus in a true clash of the Titans.

7Great Plains (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers

Great Plains

16 April 2006$2.99

After filming for three years, Planet Earth finally captures the shy Mongolian gazelle. Only a handful of people have witnessed its annual migration. Don't miss the bizarre-looking Tibetan fox, captured on film for the first time. Over six weeks the team follow a pride of 30 lions as they attempt to hunt elephants. Using the latest night vision equipment, the crew film the chaotic battles that ensue at close quarters.

8Jungles (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers


23 April 2006$2.99

Jungles cover roughly three per cent of our planet yet contain 50 per cent of the world's species. High-definition cameras enable unprecedented views of animals living on the dark jungle floor. In the Ngogo forest the largest chimpanzee group in the world defends its territory from neighbouring groups. Other jungle specialists include parasitic fungi which infiltrate an insect host, feed on it, and then burst out of its body.

9Shallow Seas (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers

Shallow Seas

30 April 2006$2.99

A humpback whale mother and calf embark on an epic journey from tropical coral paradises to storm ravaged polar seas. Newly discovered coral reefs in Indonesia reveal head-butting pygmy seahorses, flashing 'electric' clams and bands of sea kraits, 30-strong, which hunt in packs. Elsewhere plagues of sea urchins fell forests of giant kelp. Huge bull fur seals attack king penguins, who despite their weight disadvantage, put up a spirited defence.

10Seasonal Forests (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers

Seasonal Forests

06 May 2006$2.99

Discover the Taiga forest, on the edge of the Arctic - a silent world of stunted conifers. The trees may be small but filming from the air reveals its true scale. A third of all trees on Earth grow here and during the short summer they produce enough oxygen to change the atmosphere. In California General Sherman, a giant sequoia, is the largest living thing on the planet, ten times the size of a blue whale. The oldest organisms alive are bristlecone pines. At more than 4,000 years old they pre-date the pyramids. But the baobab forests of Madagascar are perhaps the strangest of all.

11Ocean Deep (Planet Earth) recap, spoilers

Ocean Deep

20 May 2006$2.99

Life goes to extraordinary lengths to survive this immense realm. A 30 tonne whale shark gorges on a school of fish and the unique overhead heli-gimbal camera reveals common dolphins rocketing at more than 30km an hour. Descending into the abyss, deep sea octopus fly with wings and vampire squid use bioluminescence to create an extraordinary colour display. The first ever time-lapse footage taken from 2,000m down captures eels, crabs and giant isopods eating a carcass, completely consuming it within three hours.


Planet Earth, Series 1 Trailers & Teasers

THE MAKING OF PLANET EARTH - Exclusive Sneak Peek at World Premiere Special▶ THE MAKING OF PLANET EARTH - Exclusive Sneak Peek at World Premiere Special
Planet Earth Trailer - 2006▶ Planet Earth Trailer - 2006

Planet Earth, Series 1 Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

Check out new photos from planet earth, series 1. Planet Earth (2006) 1920x1080 HD wallpapers and high quality background images. © 2006 BBC

Planet Earth, Series 1 - From Pole to Pole image
Planet Earth, Series 1 - Ice Worlds image
Planet Earth, Series 1 - Deserts image
Planet Earth, Series 1 - Caves image
Planet Earth, Series 1 - Shallow Seas image
Planet Earth, Series 1 - Jungles image
Planet Earth, Series 1 - Mountains image
Planet Earth, Series 1 - Freshwater image
Planet Earth, Series 1 image 0
Planet Earth, Series 1 image 1
Planet Earth, Series 1 image 2
Planet Earth, Series 1 image 3
Planet Earth, Series 1 Screencaps, Images, & Pictures

Prepare to see it as never before...

Planet Earth, Series 1 — 2006

Planet Earth, Series 1 Posters

Planet Earth, Series 1 poster 0
Planet Earth, Series 1 poster 1
Planet Earth, Series 1 poster 2
Planet Earth, Series 1 poster 3
Planet Earth, Series 1 Posters
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Planet Earth, Series 1 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about planet earth, series 1...

Has Planet Earth, Series 1 been confirmed? Will there be a planet earth, series 1?
The countdown to Planet Earth [2006] Season 1 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of Planet Earth is soon going to be released.

Planet Earth, Series 1 start date: When does planet earth, series 1 come back?
Planet Earth, Series 1 will air on Sunday 5th of March 2006.

How many episodes will be in planet earth, series 1?
With the season now airing in March 2006. There will be 11 episodes in season 1.

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Planet Earth Other Seasons
Planet Earth, The Complete Collection cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Planet Earth, The Complete Collection05 March 200618 Episodes

In 2006 Planet Earth redefined natural history filmmaking, giving us the ultimate portrait of life on Earth. Ten years on, the unprecedented advances in both filming technology and our understanding of the natural world means we can once again reveal our planet from a completely new perspective. Planet Earth II allows us to experience the world from the viewpoint of the animals themselves. From spellbinding wildlife spectacle to intimate encounters, Planet Earth, The Complete Collection will take you closer than ever before.

Planet Earth Diaries cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Planet Earth Diaries01 January 200611 Episodes

Planet Earth Diaries goes behind the scenes of the highly acclaimed natural history series to tell some of the amazing stories from the production team. Four years in the making, it involved over 2000 days in the field, using 71 cameramen filming across 204 locations in 62 countries. From diving with piranhas in Brazil to flying a hot air balloon over the trees of Madagascar, every filming assignment provided its own unique challenges.

Planet Earth: Original Specials cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
Planet Earth: Original Specials22 April 20125 Episodes

Four years in production, over 2000 days in the field, using 71 cameramen filming across 204 locations in 62 countries, Planet Earth created the ultimate portrait of our planet. Now, in these original specials, go behind the scenes to meet the people who made the show possible. Hear their stories and re-visit the best moments of the ground-breaking series. A stunning experience that combines rare action, unimaginable scale, impossible locations and intimate moments with our planet's best-loved, wildest and most elusive creatures.

Planet Earth, Series 1 (TV series) Languages

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Es la historia definitiva de la vida en la Tierra, una impresionante experiencia televisiva que combina escenas nunca vistas antes, localizaciones imposibles y momentos íntimos de las criaturas más queridas, salvajes y esquivas del planeta.

Season 1
Pianeta Terra è la prima serie naturalistica girata interamente in HD (alta definizione); un viaggio tra i diversi habitat della Terra, alla scoperta delle forme di vita più affascinanti e dei fenomeni naturali più spettacolari. In oltre 4 anni di riprese sono state realizzate sequenze che mostrano luoghi meravigliosi ma inaccessibili, e animali colti in atteggiamenti mai filmati prima. Innovative tecniche di ripresa aerea, e persino dallo spazio, permettono di ammirare fenomeni che interessano aree molto vaste, come l'Himalaya o il bacino del Rio delle Amazzoni.

Seizoen 1
Van de grootste rivieren tot de hoogste bergen, van verborgen ondergrondse grotten tot uitgestrekte woestijnen: deze serie neemt je mee op een onvergetelijke reis langs de meest extreme leefomgevingen van dieren. Meer dan vijf jaar filmen, met ruim veertig high definition – camera's, op tweehonderd locaties: Planet Earth is niets minder dan het ultieme portret van onze aarde. Een monumentale documentaireserie waarin zeldzame gebeurtenissen, onmogelijke locaties en intieme momenten van dieren zijn vastgelegd.

Niesamowity serial wykorzystujący wyjątkowe, opracowane specjalnie na jego potrzeby, techniki filmowania. „Planeta Ziemia” zabiera nas w miejsca, jakich nigdy dotąd nie odwiedzaliśmy, w świat widoków i dźwięków, jakich prawdopodobnie nigdy nie mielibyśmy okazji doświadczyć.

1ª Temporada
A série é composta de onze episódios, e cada um contém uma visão geral de um bioma ou habitat do planeta Terra.

Säsong 1
Från frusen tundra i norr till uttorkade skogar vid ekvator. Sir David Attenborough presenterar en fänglande syn på jordens extrema förhållanden.


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