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The Wire, Season 5 Release Date and Synopsis

In the projects. On the docks. In City Hall. In the schools. And now, in the media. The places and faces change, but the game remains the same. HBO presents the fifth — and final — season of this acclaimed drama series that focuses on the vagaries of crime, law enforcement, politics, and the media in Baltimore, MD. In the final season, the series expands its focus into the media — specifically the role of newspapers in big-city bureaucracy — as it follows a newspaper staff as they struggle to maintain integrity and meet deadlines in the face of budget cuts and staff reductions. The ensemble cast includes Dominic West, Lance Reddick, Sonja Sohn, Wendell Pierce, Clarke Peters, and Seth Gilliam.

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Great show, start with Season 1This is one of the best shows on television. But no one episode stands on its own, so start with the first season and watch them all. Yes, there is foul language and adult content. If you take offense, find a different show. But the show doesn't rely on these components to entertain. Plots are excellent, characters are believable, and nothing is predictable. This show easily ranks up there with Sopranos or Brotherhood..Score: 5/5

Keep this show goingThe Wire is one of the best drama series that HBO has put out along with OZ, Sopranos. Its go be sad to see another good series go off the network. Season 5 exposes the true political mater of how politics and drugs play a part in elections, economy and school system. The stories from Bubs the recovering heroin addict, Marlow the drug kingpin, and Bunk the homicide detective all shows the various storyline that relates to the cause and effect of various situation. The kid Michael who was raising his brother and selling dope to make ends meet displays the reality of the streets and the compromising positions of everyday people. HBO job well done and I hope you bring The Wire, OZ are something new that is this raw to your networks..Score: 5/5

The Wire is Great, but WHERE IS TRUE BLOOD?!?!?Please add TRUE BLOOD to the iTunes lineup!!!!.Score: 5/5

You don't get itJao7- You don't get it. I am sorry that your intellectual breadth to understand the very human side of this series is constrained by your incapacity to understand street language. It is necessary. Would I believe this whole milieau without the real words? On the other hand, I could only wish for a world you seem to live in..Score: 5/5

Ended to soonOne of the three best cop shows ever produced. Sad to see it end after only five years. The last episode brings so many things to a ending that can be a new start for the ones left..Score: 5/5

BrilliantThis is show is brilliant. I want 5 more seasons..Score: 5/5

Whole seriesAnyone not changed by this is dead. I watched all the seasons over the last 2 months. I will not be the same. This should be required viewing for every citizen of this country. The scope and detail of what is right and wrong with our society is documented here with searing emotion. I am astounded by the production values and message. I hope someone responsible for this act of beauty and honesty reads this..Score: 5/5

This show is definitely a repeat viewing!If you're smart, watch this show.Score: 5/5

The Wire is great but.....You have Dane Cook up on itunes but not Genartion Kill. Where's the love for the Vets?.Score: 4/5

Nothing needs to be said for perfection.....perfection, art at its best!.Score: 5/5

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One of the best TV shows ever made.The show is incredible, it sets the bar so high - it puts mainstream TV to shame. It's like reading a great book you'll never forget. Truly one of the best TV shows ever made. I've never written a review on iTunes and probably never will again, but what an under appreciated gem of a show, you can't help but want to shout about this masterpiece! It's not for the faint of heart, you need to commit to it, but you wont find that hard..Score: 5/5

Where are the other seasons?Season 1 is terrific but why do we have to jump to season 5? Bring it on as Bubs would say..Score: 5/5

The WireHBO hit a home run with this. Having worn a badge for 26 years I can say this is the best police series ever made. They captured the politics of policing a large city, life inside the office and on the street. Both street people and police are shown to be real people not the stereotypical Hollywood cop show stuff we are normally are fed. Somebody did their homework on this one !.Score: 5/5

Where are the other seasons?Season 1 got me hooked like Bubs on gel caps. Where are seasons 2, 3, and 4? If you liked the Sopranos you'll love The Wire. Same pacing and similarly interesting characters with serious faults. I'd rate the show higher if not for the fear we'll never see the other seasons on iTunes..Score: 4/5

Is it a joke ?Is it a joke ? Where is the HD version ? I haven't watched lame resolution shows for a long time now, and although I would gladly buy the whole season if it was in HD, now I am forced to download this in HD from the pirate bay instead of encouraging the people who work hard to make these shows... wake up and welcome to 2009 !.Score: 1/5

Poignant, important and ultimately addictive show.WHERE ARE THE SECOND, THIRD, and FOURTH SEASONS?!?!? I'm addicted to this show and having just finished the first season am now desperate for the next! Please Itunes Canada, get it happening..Score: 5/5

Wait for HDThis series, along with a few other HBO offerings, stands out as a true pearl amidst the vast wasteland of derivative, unrealistic and melodramatic TV. All technical aspects are superb, and the way in which the show gives life to the criminal, law enforcement and political subcultures is phenomenal. I would suggest waiting until the show is offered in HD to make your purchase, though - this show deserves it..Score: 5/5

"The Wire" is the best television show ever.The fifth season is not a good place to start, but if you can get it from the beginning you will not regret it. Truly the finest television ever, and one of the great works of art so far this millennium..Score: 5/5

HD VERSION wantedGood show can not buy because standard VERSION = ipod hd VERSION = apple tv.Score: 5/5

The greatest TV show ever madeWhen I finished watching The Wire, I felt incredibly sad, because nothing would ever live up to the standard it set. This show is a must - but note, it's got a lot of foul language and violence in it. There has never been an HD version of The Wire; it was filmed in SD from the beginning, and it's part of David Simon's vision to leave it in SD. Don't wait!.Score: 5/5

Bunk and McNulty for spin off ! - Spoilers below.I nearly cried when this finished. It was so moving, what an emotional rollercoaster! It should be complusory viewing in all our schools. Perhaps then kids might learn to stay away from drugs. When Dukie turned to drugs i felt like the i wanted to help him myself. Best parts? Bunk and McNulty saying M***er F***ker while solving a crime scene. And Bubbles continuely called McNulty, McNutty. Oh and Sergeant Jay Landsman, in every scene he was in. Sorry one last one, McNulty failing to tie any knots on his boat. Best Character? I thought Stringer Bell was pretty cool. Great acting throughout. Why this didn't win critical aclaim is beyond me. Its in the same league as the Sopranos if not better. BUY THIS, you won't be disappointed. When is the film version coming out?.Score: 5/5

Its all this and more!The commitment required and the investment to get into this incredible , um its more than a TV show … and will repay your investment 1000 times over.. it is as good as people say , but its not easy. You'll hate and love both drug dealers & police chiefs and you'll see that the fabric of life in this 'TV show' is just as it is in your / my country….Score: 5/5

OutstandingOne of the best TV shows of all time. It's authentic, subtle and dramatic. Great acting, great characters and great story. Everybody needs to watch this..Score: 5/5

BrilliantThis is a really great serise. wouldnt have got in to it but my wife had it on and I caught a few episodes. Luckey me. Watch the serise from the start as it will be much more enjoyable. The buy whole serise doesnt work so I had to buy them individually which costs more. That is a disgrace..Score: 5/5

Greatest Show Ever?I'm astonished at just how good The Wire is and, although it's good to go out on a high, i'm gutted this is the end because it's probably the best written show around. The characters are excellent, with no main star the story becomes the star. I've seen people say The Shield is better but you can't compare, The Shield is brutal quick paced show while The Wire slowly pulls all the strings together in a hugely satisfying way. The writers are all well known novelists so it's much more like a book played out in front of you than a episodic normal TV series. Simply put buy all the series as quick as you can because they are a pure joy..Score: 5/5

Top notch HBO stuff...Great series, but why is series 4 not available when series 5 is?????.Score: 5/5

It doesn't get better than this..The wire is quite simply the best cop drama ever. I have watched them all, loved them all - NYPD Blue, Brooklyn South, Hill Sgt Blues to name but some. The wire takes it to a whole new level. You really do not know what is coming from one minute to the next. Every character is deep and completely believable. Every character drags you into their world and doesn't let go. Someone gets killed - you feel it - someone gets into trouble - you hang in there with them. There is no such thing as a week season in this drama, every one is different - sees the world from a different perspective and ties in superbly with the whole story. If you have never seen this and you love gritty, on the edge dramas with superb plots and characters then you have no excuse but to get this. Not cheap but who cares. You will love it and talk about for years to come..Score: 5/5

Poor EndThe Wire is undoubtably a great show and as a whole fully deserves five stars however I feel this is a poor conclusion. It must be watched to conclude the previous four seasons, not watching the fifth is unthinkable, and yet, without giving anything away, The Wire has got away from itself. The main police plot is bordering on ridiculous, miles away from the realism established by previous series whilst the impressive array of established characters are now mostly living their own unconnected storylines. I appreciate it would be trite for all of the storylines to come together but Bubbles could be in his own spin off show based on the amount of interaction he has with other main characters like Greggs and McNulty. Omar also seems to pander to what fans of the show wanted him to be rather than what he was - a criminal stick up man, a thug who was interesting but in previous series' never in fact supposed to be rooted for. In conclusion The Wire remains essential viewing but I feel this was a poor way for the show to go out especially when it follows Season 4, perhaps the pinacle of The Wire's 5 years..Score: 3/5

Buy or rent the boxsetIn this case don't bother with the supposed "convenience" of "I-Tunes". It's got to be THE most expensive way of consuming television ever devised.You are discriminating enough to know about,and want to see "The Wire" buy the boxset or rent it from "LoveFilm".Score: 5/5

Come on itunesThis is apparently available in the UK but you cannot buy it - come on itunes - if this is not yet available in the UK dont advertise it!!!!!! Im sure this is great, but poor work apple.Score: 1/5

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The Wire, Season 5 (2008) Series Cast & Crew

The Wire, Season 5 (2008) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. The Wire: The characters of season 5. Dominic West (Jimmy McNulty), Lance Reddick (Cedric Daniels), Sonja Sohn (Kima Greggs), Wendell Pierce (Bunk Moreland), Michael Kenneth Williams (Omar Little), Deirdre Lovejoy (Rhonda Pearlman), J.D. Williams (Bodie Broadus), Jamie Hector (Marlo Stanfield), Andre Royo (Bubbles), Aidan Gillen (Tommy Carcetti), John Doman (William Rawls), Seth Gilliam (Ellis Carver), Domenick Lombardozzi (Herc), Corey Parker Robinson (Leander Sydnor), Isiah Whitlock Jr. (Clay Davis), Michael Kostroff (Maurice 'Maury' Levy), Reg E. Cathey (Norman Wilson), Clark Johnson (Augustus Haynes), Tom McCarthy (Scott Templeton), Gbenga Akinnagbe (Chris Partlow), all returned for the wire, season 5.

Seth Gilliam (Ellis Carver)
Seth GilliamEllis CarverScore: 10.5
Clark Johnson (Augustus Haynes)
Clark JohnsonAugustus HaynesScore: 6.0
Neal Huff (Michael Steintorf)
Neal HuffMichael SteintorfScore: 25.0
Wendell Pierce (Bunk Moreland)
Wendell PierceBunk MorelandScore: 19.3
Tom McCarthy (Scott Templeton)
Tom McCarthyScott TempletonScore: 28.7
Gbenga Akinnagbe (Chris Partlow)
Gbenga AkinnagbeChris PartlowScore: 7.8

Nina K. Noble (Executive Producer), Joe Chappelle (Co-Executive Producer), George Pelecanos (Producer), Eric Overmyer (Producer), Ed Burns (Producer), David Simon (Executive Producer), all returned for the wire.

George Pelecanos (Producer)
George PelecanosProducerScore: 2.5
David Simon (Executive Producer)
David SimonExecutive ProducerScore: 14.0
Ed Burns (Producer)
Ed BurnsProducerScore: 4.8
Eric Overmyer (Producer)
Eric OvermyerProducerScore: 6.5
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The Wire (Season 5) Full Episodes

In the projects. On the docks. In City Hall. In the schools. And now, in the media. The places and faces change, but the game remains the same. In the fifth — and final — season, the series expands its focus into the media — specifically the role of newspapers in big-city bureaucracy — as it follows a newspaper staff as they struggle to maintain integrity and meet deadlines in the face of budget cuts and staff reductions.

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  • TV-MA
  • 2008
1More With Less (The Wire) recap, spoilers

More With Less

31 December 2007$2.99

Season Five premiere. As McNulty and the detail continue staking out Marlo's crew, recently promoted Sergeant Carver is welcomed by a cauldron of discontent from officers coping with unpaid overtime. Though he wants to keep his campaign promise to lower crime, Mayor Carcetti is strapped by his commitment to schools, and faces some tough choices. Col Cedric Daniels is forced to reallocate his resources, retaining Freamon and Sydnor for the Clay Davis probe. Meanwhile, City Editor Haynes and the staff of a local newspaper are reeling from corporate cutbacks, losing key personnel from both the metro and international divisions. Still, with the help of reporters Gutierrez, Price and Templeton, Haynes is able to break a front-page story that links a politician to a co-op drug dealer. Proposition Joe, Marlo, Fatface Rick others meet in a hotel conference room to discuss divvying up drug frontiers across East Baltimore's county line.

2Unconfirmed Reports (The Wire) recap, spoilers

Unconfirmed Reports

07 January 2008$2.99

Although he tells Sydnor the Davis investigation could be a 'career case,' Freamon keeps a wary eye out for Marlo, who takes care of some unfinished business and strikes a business deal with Barksdale. Carcetti throws the police a bone by removing the cap on secondary employment, sending the detectives into fantasy-job reveries. With an eye on the state house, Chief of Staff Steintorf tries to find good news for the mayor while blaming the Royce administration for the Campbell revelation. Davis turns to Burrell for help with his problem, but the commissioner's hands are tied. At the newspaper, Executive Editor Whiting outlines a Pulitzer-worthy series in broad strokes, trumping Haynes while liberating the ambitious Templeton. Fed up with broken-down cars and unsolved serial murders, McNulty decides to take matters into his own hands.

3Not for Attribution (The Wire) recap, spoilers

Not for Attribution

14 January 2008$2.99

Carcetti's master plan for the police department is leaked to the press, sending the brass into a panic. Marlo turns to Proposition Joe to help with an enviable problem. Whiting and Klebanow drop a bombshell on the newspaper staff. Michael finds temporary respite from his life on the corner by taking Dukie and Bug on a trip. McNulty shares some inside info with Alma, but her subsequent story doesn't cause the splash either envisioned. Undaunted, McNulty looks for a new ally in Freamon.

4Transitions (The Wire) recap, spoilers


21 January 2008$2.99

Campbell tries to smooth out the transitions in the police department. The newspaper scrambles to confirm surprising news from City Hall, but lose out to the TV media in scooping a high-profile Grand Jury appearance. As Marlo tries to win favor with the Greeks, Proposition Joe pays his last respects to a fallen colleague, and prepares to make himself scarce in anticipation of a showdown. Freamon enlists the help of a past partner to help with the investigation.

5React Quotes (The Wire) recap, spoilers

React Quotes

28 January 2008$2.99

Marlo forges an alliance with a drug connect, who shows him a new communications trick. McNulty's case gets increased attention from the newspaper, in large part thanks to the addition of Templeton to the reporting team. Dukie turns to Cutty and Michael to hone his self-defense skills; Clay Davis finds a new ally; Bond raises his public profile; Levy and Herc prepare for litigation; Elena confronts McNulty about his behavior; Bubbles fears new opportunities; Greggs gets some overtime work; Omar shows patience as Marlo throws out his bait.

6The Dickensian Aspect (The Wire) recap, spoilers

The Dickensian Aspect

04 February 2008$2.99

Mystified by Omar's disappearance, Marlo and Chris ramp up their efforts to locate their nemesis. After attending a sparsely attended waterfront ceremony, Carcetti fires away at a larger press event--and recasts himself as a champion for the homeless. Bunk revisits some old leads in the rowhouse cases, but is frustrated in his attempts to get bloodwork from the crime lab. Templeton looks for a perfect follow-up to his latest, nationally covered story, which has replaced the city's educational crisis on the paper's priority list. After the detail gets more manpower, Freamon presses McNulty to get new surveillance equipment, but the resources aren't as deep as both hoped. Pearlman discovers new clues pointing to corruption in City Hall; Marlo makes new appointments at the latest co-op meeting; McNulty takes a peculiar interest in a homeless man.

7Took (The Wire) recap, spoilers


11 February 2008$2.99

An unexpected call puts Templeton back in the spotlight--and gets McNulty more attention than he expected. Bunk bucks at Landsman when ordered to help with the force's most recent red ball. Omar sends Marlo a message; Carcetti proves he's still an adept fundraiser; Carver gift-wraps a witness for Bunk; Bubbles shows a reporter the ropes; Freamon tries to crack a clock code; Greggs prepares for a visit from her son; Michael has a close call; Hayes can't shake his suspicions about Templeton. Assisted by the top-drawer lawyer Billy Murphy, 'cash and carry' Davis makes his day in court a memorable one.

8Clarifications (The Wire) recap, spoilers


18 February 2008$2.99

Baltimore's renewed police commitment brings fresh recruits to Daniels and McNulty, starting with Carver. Facing a new political challenge, Carcetti is forced to make dangerous political deals. As the Pulitzer season winds down, Haynes approaches Templeton about his sources. Bunk returns a McNulty favor; little Kenard makes a big score; Dukie finds work; Fletcher continues his interview with Bubbles; Freamon presents his latest plan to a prosecutor; Sydnor uncovers the missing piece to a puzzle; McNulty comes clean.

9Late Editions (The Wire) recap, spoilers

Late Editions

25 February 2008$2.99

With Steintorf ordering Rawls to initiate 'creative' remedies for the rising crime rate, Freamon's vigilance pays off with a promising lead, sending Sydnor and the department into overdrive. Although Daniels is originally delighted, a further probe with Pearlman reveals some troubling source information. McNulty, feeling betrayed, doesn't feel like sharing in Freamon's celebration; Michael is suspicious about his latest assignment; Haynes gets some fresh eyes to help with fact-checking; Namond's debating skills make Colvin proud; Davis points a finger at Levy and the courts; Bubbles recounts a recent temptation overcome.

10-30- (The Wire) recap, spoilers


09 March 2008$2.99

In the series finale, Carcetti maps out a damage-control scenario with the police brass in the wake of a startling revelation from Pearlman and Daniels. Their choice: clean up the mess...or hide the dirt. With his leads predictably drying up, McNulty asks Landsman to pull police off the homeless case--until a fresh homicide ramps up the investigation. A frustrated Haynes finds his concerns about Templeton falling on increasingly deaf ears. Convinced he has the upper hand but caught in a legal quandary, Levy plays a cat-and-mouse game with Pearlman. Bubbles debates whether to greenlight a newspaper story about his life; Dukie seeks out an old mentor for a loan; Marlo oversees a new co-op order as he maps out his next move. As the officers stage an Irish wake for another dearly departed officer, the seeds of the future are sown throughout Baltimore.


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The Wire - Behind the scenes S5 - The Last Word part 1▶ The Wire - Behind the scenes S5 - The Last Word part 1
The Wire Odyssey▶ The Wire Odyssey
The Wire Season 5 Trailer | by JPB▶ The Wire Season 5 Trailer | by JPB

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The Wire, Season 5 — 2008

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The Wire, Season 5 Spoilers

Here's everything we know so far about the wire, season 5...

Has The Wire, Season 5 been confirmed? Will there be a the wire, season 5?
The countdown to The Wire [2008] Season 5 Episode 1 begins. An all-new episode of The Wire is soon going to be released.

The Wire, Season 5 start date: When does the wire, season 5 come back?
The Wire, Season 5 will air on Monday 31st of December 2007.

How many episodes will be in the wire, season 5?
With the season now airing in December 2007. There will be 10 episodes in season 5.

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The Wire Other Seasons
The Wire, Season 1 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Wire, Season 112 May 200813 Episodes

On the drug-infested streets of West Baltimore, there are good guys and there are bad guys. Sometimes you need more than a badge to tell them apart. From HBO comes Season 1 of this highly realistic drama series that follows a single sprawling drug and murder investigation in Baltimore — one that culminates in a complex series of dangerous wiretaps and surveillance. Told from the points of view of both the police and their targets, the series captures a universe where easy distinctions between good and evil, and crime and punishment, are challenged at every turn. The ensemble cast includes Dominic West, John Doman, Idris Elba, Frankie R. Faison, Larry Gilliard Jr., Wood Harris, Domenick Lombardozzi, Deirdre Lovejoy, Wendell Pierce, Lance Reddick, Andre Royo, and Sonja Sohn.

The Wire, Season 2 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Wire, Season 202 June 200812 Episodes

McNulty's on harbor patrol. Daniels is in the police-archives dungeon. Prez is chafing in the suburbs. Greggs has a desk job. The detail may be on ice, but corruption marches on . . . and a horrific discovery is about to turn the Baltimore shipping port inside out. HBO presents Season 2 of this gritty drama series that focuses on the vagaries of crime and law enforcement in Baltimore, MD. Setting up in the wake of the first season's joint homicide/narcotics detail that exposed a major drug operation — and left its members stigmatized and reassigned — the second season expands to include not only familiar drug dealers, but a group of longshoremen and organized crime members who are caught up in a major homicide case. The cast includes Dominic West, Chris Bauer, Paul Ben-Victor, John Doman, Idris Elba, and Frankie R. Faison.

The Wire, Season 3 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Wire, Season 307 July 200812 Episodes

The heat is on in Baltimore. The drug war is being lost, bodies are piling up, and a desperate mayor wants the tide turned before the election. But the police department hasn't got any answers. Wiretaps haven’t worked. Neither have stakeouts or street busts. With the demolition of the Franklin Terrace towers, Stringer Bell and the Barksdale crew have been forced to improvise. But no matter how hard McNulty and the detail try, the dealers always seem to be one step ahead of the game. It’s time to change the rules. A new story begins in Season 3 of the acclaimed HBO drama series that focuses on the vagaries of crime, law enforcement, and politics in Baltimore, MD. As told from the points of view of both the police and their targets, The Wire captures a universe of subterfuge and surveillance, where easy distinctions between good and evil, and crime and punishment, are challenged at every turn.

The Wire, Season 4 cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Wire, Season 421 July 200813 Episodes

In the projects. On the docks. In City Hall. And now, in the schools. The places and faces change, but the game remains the same. A new story begins — on the fourth season of HBO's acclaimed series The Wire. This year, while expanding on storylines introduced in previous seasons — including the new vocations of several characters, the rise of a new drug empire, and the city's imminent mayoral election — the series expands its focus into Baltimore's school system, providing an inside look at the role of the urban educational system in shaping young people's lives. This storyline is played out through four new young characters, each of whom faces difficult choices amidst the temptation of crime and easy money. Dominic West, John Doman, Frankie Faison, and Aidan Gillen lead the tremendous ensemble cast.

The Wire, The Complete Series cast, spoilers, episodes, reviews
The Wire, The Complete Series03 June 200263 Episodes

Life on the streets of inner-city Baltimore will never be seen the same way again in the wake of The Wire, the gripping and emotionally involving HBO drama series. Download this special collection featuring all five seasons now and experience the compelling twists and turns as cops and criminals alike navigate the vagaries of law and order in a city overflowing with drugs, crime and corruption.

The Wire, Season 5 (TV series) Languages

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Nella quinta e ultima stagione, l'attenzione si concentra sui media, e in particolare sul ruolo dei giornali nella burocrazia di una grande città, e segue il personale fittizio di un vero quotidiano.

La quinta y última temporada, trata sobre la prensa escrita y otros medios de comunicación.

לאחר שנה של מעקבים, היחידה לא מצליחה לגבש ראיות נגד מרלו. כתבי ה-"בולטימור סאן" עולים על חשד לשחיתות בעירייה. קיצוצים בתקציב המשטרה מאיימים על המשך פעילות היחידה.

Un an est passé depuis la découverte des 22 cadavres et la police espère toujours résoudre l’affaire. Mais lorsque le maire Tommy Carcetti est dans l’obligation de dissoudre la Major Crimes en raison de coupes budgétaires, McNulty fabrique de toutes pièces un crime macabre dans l’unique but d’obtenir une équipe pour coincer Marlo. Au Baltimore Sun, Gus Haynes s’efforce quant à lui de maintenir son intégrité journalistique et de respecter les délais malgré les restructurations ainsi que la montée en puissance d’un jeune journaliste ambitieux.

Azóta is folyik a nyomozás Marlo Stanfield és bandája után, az üres házakban talált 22 holttest miatt. A városi költségvetés rossz helyzete miatt azonban a rendőrségen megszorításokat vezetnek be, és a Kiemelt Bűnügyek Egységét is feloszlatják. Bunk, Greggs és McNulty a gyilkosságiaknál folytatja a munkát, Lester Freamon és Sydnor pedig Clay Davis szenátor korrupciós ügyei után nyomoz az államügyészi hivatalban. Az 5. évadban bepillantást nyerhetünk a Baltimore Sun újságíróinak munkájába is.

Сезон 5
Спустя 15 месяцев расследование дела Марло прикрывают. Дэниэлс инициирует расследование коррупции сенатора Дэвиса. МакНалти возвращается в убойный отдел и расследует серию смертей среди бомжей. Чтобы доказать вину серийного убийцы, он идет на подделку улик. Газета Baltimore Sun пытается выжить, создавая громкие скандалы. Они начинают раскручивать историю о маньяке, убивающем бомжей. Карсетти также использует эту историю в своей борьбе за пост губернатора. Фримон помогает МакНалти поддержать версию. Параллельно он собирает досье на Стэнфилда и его людей. МакНалти рассказывает правду Греггс, она делится информацией с Дэниэлсом, который доводит ее до Карсетти. Тучи над МакНалти сгущаются, но ему удается арестовать преступника. После завершения дела МакНалти и Фримон выходят в отставку, чтобы избежать публичного скандала. Карсетти вынуждает Дэниэлса подделать статистику по преступлениям для своей кампании. Тот отказывается и также уходит из полиции, предпочитая стать адвокатом. Карсетти в итоге становится губернатором.


In een stad die zijn eigen problemen niet meer kan herkennen, laat staan ze oplossen, doen politieagenten een laatste, dappere poging om een zaak tegen een gewelddadige groep drugshandelaren op te lossen. En als de zaak wordt bedreigd door bureaucratie en een interne machtsstrijd, zet een detective alles op het spel. Hij organiseert een bedrog waar de stadskrant, die verzwakt is door verminderde oplagen en lagere inkomsten uit advertenties, bij betrokken zal raken. Als de journalistiek zelf zo kwetsbaar en wanhopig wordt, kan een ambitieuze verslaggever zonder scrupules een verhaal sturen waar het ook maar gaat —– of waar hij het naartoe wil sturen.

Projelerde. Rıhtımlarda. Belediye Binasında. Okullarda. Ve şimdi, medyada. Yerler ve yüzler değişir, ancak oyun aynı kalır. Beşinci ve son sezonda, dizi, bütçe kesintileri karşısında bütünlüğü korumak ve son teslim tarihlerini karşılamak için mücadele eden bir gazete çalışanını takip ederken, odak noktasını medyaya - özellikle gazetelerin büyük şehir bürokrasisindeki rolüne - genişletiyor. ve personel indirimleri.

大結局,起於 McNulty,終於McNulty

大結局,起於 McNulty,終於McNulty

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